Ashlyn's secret chapter 3

Sorry it took so long for this chapter I kept having trouble deciding how I wanted to bridge this to the next part. As always let me know what u think I’ve really apreatiated all the feedback ik it will take awhile to get there but hopefully my stories will get better. Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile:

Brad awoke the next morning to the sun streaming in his window. He stretched and looked over at the clock 7:00, “better start getting ready to go” he thought. He looked over at Ally she was still sleeping so peacefully for the first time in a while. He decided to check her he leaned over,he stuck two fingers in she was soaked. Which didn’t surprise him that was quickly becoming the norm for her. That he had to admit he kinda liked. He decided to let her sleep while he got ready, lord knew she needed it. He kissed her on the forehead and headed for the bathroom to get ready.

Ally awoke to the sound of the shower being turned on as the pipes were always very loud. She rolled over and once again realized she was wet. This was really starting to bother her what was she sopose to do when she was by herself…… She would just have to pay more attention that much was certain. One thing she did know she had to start acting her age at least for now. She got up and debated getting dressed but she didn’t know how well that would go over. so she just decided to wait till he left she could change, and accomplish her “errand.”
She got out of bed her bare feet hit the cold floor. She decided her Winnie the pooh nightgown wasn’t warm enough for this chilly fall morning. She grabbed her favorite blankie and snuggled down on the couch. She switched the TV on and started looking through what was on. She decided on little Einstein’s she always loved Disney channel. She thought again and realized she was 19 years old she was leaving soon she shouldn’t be watching this. Let alone enjoying it…. She flipped the channel to USA and started mindlessly watching what was on. How she wished she could relive this past year forever… This had been the best year she had ever had in her short life. She realized she had gotten attached but he wouldn’t take it back for any thing. At least she knew that one day if it blew over she might still have something to come back to. But leaving would be the hardest thing she ever had to do. She kept telling herself she would come back when she had dealt with things…. But even she didn’t know if she could deal with things… She was so preoccupied she didn’t even hear Brad coming into the room. She realized a little to late what she was watching and so did brad. “Ally……” Brad said warningly “you know your not suppose to watch this……”
Ally felt guilty he had told her many times he didn’t like her watching this channel.
“I know….” ally managed to squeak out
“I don’t want to catch you watching this again” brad said sternly.
“ok daddy…” she said reluctantly… Ally knew he was being more than fair, he had caught her just two days ago watching sex in the city. She really didn’t want to end up in trouble again.
“alright sweetheart let’s get you ready. I have to go to work but I’ll be back at lunch time and I’m gonna take you out”
“where?!” ally squealed excitedly she loved surprises!
“well it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you now would it”
Brad felt guilty for not telling her but he was afraid she would do something stupid. With how much she hated the doctors. He would make it up to her and take her somewhere special later. He carried her into the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. He decided to let her chose her outfit today it might make later go over a little easier. So he gave her a choice between her baby pink short alls with a Winnie the pooh design on the front, and a pale yellow T under. and her yellow sun dress she loved. it had pink flowers patterned all over it, and had a white shirt underneath with ruffled sleeves. She picked the dress which he was also happy with he loved it on her. It made her look so adorable. He changed her now saturated diaper and dressed her in the sun dress she had picked out. Then he finished off the outfit with white ruffled socks and her pink sparkly tennis shoes, she loved so much. He gathered her curly brown hair into to pig tails that completed the look. He stood back and admired his handiwork. He smiled with satisfaction “what do u think sweetie” he asked her gently
Ally looked in the mirror and beamed with excitement she loved the outfit it was her favorite! She hugged her daddy tight “thank u daddy I love it!” she said very excitedly
He hugged her back “your welcome sweetie. Now why don’t you go play daddies got to go to work but I’ll be back later ok?”
“alright” she said as she kissed him on the check and ran off to play
Brad laughed at her antics and left. He was still very anxious to see what was happening with the case they had been working on. He couldn’t wait to see what was going on.

Zachary Stevens sat in a black Sudan wondering how he always got himself into these situations. He sat watching the same house he had been for weeks now. The job was boring for sure but he got paid well. He hated what he had to do though, he could never get those faces out of his mind. At least this time that wouldn’t be a problem. His boss was a cruel man and he hated working for him. He needed the money though he owed lots of dangerous people to much to just walk away. So he sat waiting for the call he knew would be coming any time now……

Aly watched his silver genesis drive down the street. She waited till he had been gone ten min and jumped off the couch, and ran into the bedroom. If she was gonna get this done she had to do it now. She changed out of the clothes her daddy had dressed her in and she felt a pang of guilt wash over her. She knew she wasn’t suppose to, daddy wouldn’t be happy at all…. He had told her she wasn’t allowed to do those things by herself, but she had to risk it. It was important and she could be back and change and he would never know hopefully… So for the first time in months she pulled out her suitcase and found all her “big girl” clothes. She slipped on a pair of her Disney princess panties. Hoping that she could be a “big girl” at least for today. She laughed at how even her big girl clothes still didn’t look like any thing older than what a 6 year old would wear. Next she pulled on a pair of light blue jeans and a pale yellow hello kitty Ruffled shirt. Then she grabbed a pink jacket and the outfit was complete. She looked in the mirror satisfied she grabbed her shoes and ran out the door. She was going to have to take the bus.

Ally walked out the front door and started walking down the street to the nearest bus stop. Which wasn’t far, about two blocks. She kept getting a strange feeling she was being watched. She looked around she didn’t see any one… So she kept moving. She made it to the bus stop just as the bus was pulling up. She hoped on the bus and headed for down town. She sat staring out the window, she could help but feel awash with guilt if brad knew what she was doing…. Well to say he wouldn’t be happy would be putting it mildly. He would be furious with her she knew she wasn’t allowed to leave the house without permission or at least leaving a note… She had broken so many rules today all she could hope was that he never found out. She was pulled out of her thought by the bus driver announcing the down town stop. She got off the bus she felt so little standing there she realized how little she had been without him this past year. She felt so vanurable without him. She started walking down the street, and right into the Central intelligence agency headquarters. She was never more happy brad was at work far away from here he worked at a motor shop across town. He had showed her a few times she thought it was pretty cool but for this mission she had to be as stealthy as possible.

Brad walked into the office exactly at 8. Charlie ran up to him and slapped him on the back
" hey Donny!" his friend said enthusiastically. Brad sighed “charlie I told you it’s” Charlie cut him off “it’s brad I know” he said winking “speaking of that how’s ur little lady doing these days? You told her yet?” brad took a deep breath “first off” he started slightly irritated “it’s Brandon not brad not don not Donny Brandon. And second no I have not told her yet I just don’t feel like I can fully trust her yet…” geez sorry Donny I didn’t mean to upset you. Why haven’t you told her yet?" Charlie asked undeterred Brad laughed there really was no one like Charles Walsh he was the sweetest guy you’d ever meet, but he could be very nosy. “Charlie, have you ever felt like someone was keeping something from you? And I don’t mean like that they bite there nails or something but like a life changing secret?” brad asked softly.
" what do u mean?" Charlie asked now curious. “well I mean it seems like she’s keeping this big secret from me. But I can’t figure out what it is, and until I do I can’t tell her about me. I have to know i can trust her. brad said Dejectedly “you have to be careful who you tell about your job I don’t blame you for not telling her it could be the difference between life and death you have to make sure you can trust her. Besides I know what ya mean bro there was this chick once pretty as hell (god she was beautiful) but she wouldn’t sleep with me so sad…” Charlie said in a forlorn voice
“Charlie!! What in the world does that have to do with any thing??” Brad said now really starting to get angry.
" well I was I was sympathizing with you… Plus I was trying o make you laugh…. Sorry bad timing.”
" Really?… sigh You know what lets just get to work. What’s the big break in the case you were telling me about??" Brad asked enthusiastically
“well you know the Irish mob we’ve been keeping our eyes on. Well we recently made a bust on one of there hideouts, and gathered some very valuable information. Charlie said almost breathless
“well don’t keep me in suspense” brad said growing impatient
" alright I’m getting to the good part hold your horses. so we took down the bosses nephew and he told us he would be willing to make a deal for his freedom.”
“He’s in interrogation we thought you would like to do the honors” charlie beamed
Brad thanked his friend and headed towards the interrogation room he was ready, he was going to find out about the man who killed his mother……

Ally carefully walked into CIA headquarters she had to be careful but she was good at not being seen. Ally knew the best way to not be seen was to blend in to act like she wasn’t a threat. Nothing was less threatening than a little girl which she happened to be, or at least was pretending to be. She made her way through security with the help of a impeccable Fake. She made her way to the elevators headed to the 5th floor. Once there she snuck into the office that awaited her then she started dialing the phone.
“hiya billy” Ally said albeit hesitantly

“ally what are you doing?!? What are u still doing in Washington?? You should’ve left for L.A. By now! Are u safe? have you been compromised? are you using a secure line??” billy exclaimed getting angry

" calm down billy I’m safe and this is a secure line I made sure. But u wouldn’t be the worlds best hacker if u didn’t already know that. Listen I need your help billy…."

“Ally you should’ve moved on by now what are you still doing there? you know he’s looking for you.”

“billy I’ve met someone… I’ve made a life here I’m tired of running I’m ready to face him…”

“Ally there’s no reasoning with him you know that you’ll either be dead or worse”

“Billy I can’t live like this any more this isn’t living. theres isn’t much worse than what i have right now its not life when you can never settle down always on the run… I’m tired of running never staying in one place more than a yr at the longest I can’t do it any more billy you have to help me your the only one that can…”

“ally I don’t know… it’s gonna be risky….”

“Believe me billy I know……. but if any one can help me it’s you, you’re the only family I’ve got……”

You know I’d do any thing for you kiddo… But this is where I have to draw the line it’s to dangerous I can’t let you get hurt again…. It’s my fault your in this mess to begin with…"

“Billy I’m going to do this with or WITHOUT your help!”

“chill little sis I’ll help you out after all what kind of brother would I be if I didn’t help my little sis in her time of need”

“thanks billy so we’ll have to come up with a plan but not now I can’t talk for long the reason I’m calling is I have to know how long do I have here b4 we’re in the red zone?”

"Ahh… I don’t know kiddo…. Could be two weeks could be two months but i’d say as long as you keep a low profile I think a month should be safe but I have to warn you. You can’t go ANY where that they require physical information heck information of any kind. He’s got hordes of the top private investigators and bounty hunters after you and I’ll bet moms watch the second any information even an Alias information they’ll be here within 24 hrs they r closing in fast so no goof ups or it could be fatal for you. So to clarify no doctors, dentists, cars houses, police. Nothing that gives your identity away. By the way how’s the wrist?

“alright billy thanks, and it still hurts he fractured it for sure I’ve avoided going to the doctors though so don’t worry.”

“Ally see what I mean he’s dangerous look what happened last time…… Please say you’ll reconsider…?”

“no billy I have to do this it’s important I have to I love him billy….”

“you haven’t told him have you??!??”

“no i haven’t told him i wanted to sooo badly but i would NEVER put him in harms way… he’s not used to this stuff he’s from a nice background with a nice family and it would be to much to put on him I can’t do that….”

" good it’s better this way you’ll see every thing will work out ally I promise I’ll get some word to my buddies and see if I can’t come up with a plan in the mean time stay put and lay low! Don’t contact me again till you leave the city it’s to risky and Ally…. I love you kiddo stay safe… I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you."

“I will billy I promise and I love you too…. Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon I’ll call you when I get to L.A. Bye billy” a tear trickled down ally’s cheek as she hung up the phone. No use crying now she had to get out of here before any one saw her….

Re: Ashlyn’s secret chapter 3

The two lives unfold, but this last chapter doesn’t make sense.

How can she walk into CIA headquarters if she is not supposed to be there. Why would she use that location to make a phone call? Her going there, getting through security, and making the call she did, doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem realistic or even slightly possible unless she or her hacker brother were CIA agents.

Everything else about the story is good. You have set up mystery, in this chapter you finally provided a timeline for her stay there from the arrival in the airport. (although one year later does bring up a few questions about the wrist injury)

Re: Ashlyn’s secret chapter 3

Love it!! Can’t wait for more!! :slight_smile: