Ashlyn's Secret chapter 2

Here’s the second chapter i know its kinda short but i just kinda had a burst of creativity but then it kinda died…. lol but since i don’t always know when I’ll finish something i decided to go ahead and post it. Thanks for all the feedback keep it coming i really like hearing how to improve my stories. :slight_smile: and just a note on the the story, some might not have noticed but i’d like to say i changed the spelling of ally’s nickname. from aly to ally because when ever i spell checked last time it was lighting up like a Christmas tree and made it very difficult to spell check so just a note yes i do know that its changed and did it on purpose. thanks to all who posted and lmk what you think :slight_smile:

Ally sat playing with her dolls she loved dressing them and brushing their hair it was soo much fun she remembered the times before…… Some of the memories were happy but she hated dwelling on the past she couldn’t change it. Though neither could she put it off much longer… but for now she just wanted to enjoy playing which she did until her daddy came in almost an hour later.

The phone rang Brad looked at the caller ID and had a sinking feeling… “hey Charlie what’s up?” Brad said hesitantly " hey Donny!" brad cringed at the awful nickname his best friend and also co worker had given him in college. Charlie was a good man they had gone to the academy together, and now both worked for the CIA. They worked in the branch that dealt with American based terrorists support groups, and things concerning the drug trade. “Brad we need you in the office something big has broken through In the case.” Charlie said excitedly! Brad was excited too they had been working on this case for a little over two years now, and by the way Charlie was talking it sounded big. He couldn’t wait to get started but something gave him pause. He remembered Ally had a doctor’s appointment the next day her wrist had been bothering her for some time now, but she absolutely refused to get it looked at. Brad thought how stubborn she was at times. He was afraid she had fractured it but she refused to get it looked at and wouldn’t go own her own. It would be tight time wise but he could take her during lunch. Normally they didn’t take one but since Brad was head of his division he could make the exception. He couldn’t trust Ally to do it on her own since she was terrified of doctors. Somehow she had managed to avoid all 10 of the appointments he had made for her in the last few months. This time he would make sure she went. He told Charlie he’d be there at 8 am sharp and hung up the phone. He looked at the clock it was almost 11 now he better get Ally ready for bed they both had a busy day tomorrow.

Brad walked in the playroom and watched his little girl color for a minute she was laying on her stomach with her favorite doll cradled in her arm while coloring a picture of Maximus repunzel’s horse, she sat swinging her legs back and forth humming one of the many Disney songs she so adored. She was so adorable that way he hated to disturb her but it was getting late and she really didn’t get much of a nap either.
“Ally sweetie it’s bath time it’s getting late baby girl”
“awwwwww but daaddy I wanna pway……” ally whined
“I know sweetheart but if your a good girl and come now you can have a bubble bath”
Ally squealed in delight! “yay!! Bubbles!” before Brad could say any thing else she was gone, he chuckled to himself “works every time” he thought. He smiled to himself as he heard giggles coming from the bathroom he turned the corner and she was already trying to get in the tub. Brad laughed “whoa hold on there baby girl you can’t get into the tub like that.” He tickled her as he grabbed her and softly sat her down, he pulled off her Disney princess T shirt and her little Jean skirt that she loved. Next he layed her down on the floor, and untapped her now very wet diaper. “Looks like daddies little girl had an accident didn’t she” Brad cooed sweetly.
“Yeth daddy” Ally lisped through her paci
Brad couldn’t help but think how cute she looked. She was just so adorable laying there with her paci in her mouth hugging her swim with me Ariel doll. He picked her up and put her in the tub. Ally’s gales of laughter could be heard through the house as she put a bubble beard on her daddy which she thought was just “so funny”. Brad couldn’t help laughing in spite of himself, there really was no time he didn’t think she was absolutely adorable.
“daddy can we use the Dora one” Ally asked hopefully
“of course sweetheart, I’ve got it right here”
Brad smiled at what she called the strawberry shampoo he had for her. She called it that because of the Dora cartoon on the front. At least that nickname was easier to figure out than their nicknames. He smiled at the memory of how they had gotten them. When He and Ally had first started talking he had misspelled his name and had spelled it Bradon. So she had started calling him brad for short. He asked why she always called him that and she told him it was short for his name. He thought it odd and he couldn’t figure out why she thought that, so he made one up for her as well thinking it made them even for a little off nicknames. It wasn’t till a lot later they both realized the mix up which was quiet comical when they looked back. Some how the names just stuck so that’s just what they ended up calling each other. He was brought back to reality by a big splash of water that got him soaked.
“Ashlyn Elizabeth!” brad said with more force than he intended “you know better than to splash like that!”
Ally stuck her lip out in her signature pout which melted Brad’s heart at the sight of it.
“I’m sowwy daaddy” she said her voice very contrite. “Ariel was diving and she splashed super duper big” she waved her arms to show him just how big it was.
Brad smiled he wasn’t to angry how could he stay mad at her. She was just a little girl afterall. "it’s ok baby, “but next time try to make sure Ariel doesn’t dive so big ok?” he said sternly
Ally’s lip quivered she hated when she upset daddy “okay…” she finally managed to say in the smallest voice she could muster
"Brad smiled at her “sweetie daddy’s not mad you just have to be more careful all right?”
She nodded her head vigorously she was glad he wasn’t mad at her and went back to playing with Ariel. Much more softly this time. He finished washing her and by the time he let her play for a few minutes, he could tell she was wilting so he drained the tub and wrapped her in her pink and fluffy hooded towel. She laid her head on his shoulder as he carried her to the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed as he got out some Jammies for her to wear and all the other things he would need.
Ally layed on the bed looking up at man she had come to care so deeply for he was so strong yet oh so gentle she loved the way he made her feel. How safe she felt with him. She loved how much he cared for her he was never cruel she couldn’t believe how much she cared for him. He came and stood over her he started rubbing in the lotion (she knew this was one of his favorite things to do) His breathing was getting heavy and he paused his eyes held hers she couldn’t look away even if she had wanted to. He bent down and he brushed her lips ever so softly she returned his kiss with all the love she felt. He pulled away and looked at her she smiled and kissed him again…
Brad loved how soft she was and loved the way she fit in his arms he enjoyed holding her close as they shared in the warm embrace. Normally he would let this take it’s course but it was already close to midnight and they both had to be up in the morning. She had a doctors appointment, and he had to go into work. He still didn’t know what that was so urgent but he couldn’t wait to find out. He finished dressing Ally for bed and he made sure he had doubled her up and made the diaper nice and snug. Since she had been wetting a lot in her sleep lately and tended to be a restless sleeper. Brad got ready for bed himself and slipped into bed next to her he kissed her on the forehead and before long they both fallen fast asleep.

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Interesting twist on the goof for the names.

And on another note the Muse has struck a wall of silence…. Yes I hate it when that happens as I was 14K words into a story when my muse decided to take a vow of silence.