Ashley's House

I’ve been lurking on ABDL Story Forum for about 2 years now and thought that now would be a good time to create an account and post a story that I’ve written over the last few days. This is my first time writing, so some constructive criticism would be nice. The beginning part of this story is inspired by true events, but everything else is fiction afterwards.
But anyway, here’s the story:

Ashley’s House
I’d been friends with Ashley for about 2 years when this happened. We used to hang out at her house all the time after school and during the summer. Ashley had light blond hair and was a little under 5 feet at the time and I was around 5’ 2" with light black hair, keep in mind that we were in the 4th grade at the time. Most of the time her parents were still at work when I went over, so we were usually alone. We never did anything bad because at that age we were to young to really know anything about that kind of stuff.
Anyway, one day I went over to her house after school just like every other day. After I got there she told me that she wanted to show me something, so we went to her room. When I went into her room she told me that she took some diapers from the girls bathroom at school (they had diapers in there because it was the bathroom that the special ed. kids used). She then pulled out 5 diapers from her backpack and put them on the floor. The diapers were a light yellow color with random multicolored lines and squiggles decorating the front. I looked them over for a few seconds and admired how nice they felt on my hands.
I have always had a thing for diapers and babyish things for as long as I can remember.
She then asked me if I wanted to try them on, and I said sure. I didn’t want her to think I was freak so I paused for a second after she asked me. After that she handed me a diaper and told me I could use the bathroom to change into it and that she would change into one in her room. I went to the bathroom and got naked and started to find the best way to put the diaper on. After about 4 minutes of trying I found that I couldn’t get the diaper on nicely by myself, so I put my clothes back on and went back to her room to ask for help.
When I got there she had already gotten her diaper on perfectly and was wearing nothing but that and a pink T-shirt. After I entered the room she asked if she could see my diaper and I admitted that I needed help getting it on. She said that she would help me and to take off my clothes and lay on the floor. I was really embarrassed at the fact that she would see me naked, but I didn’t want to pass up the chance to wear a diaper.
After I had undressed I laid on the floor covering my privates because I didn’t want her to see them. She told me that she couldn’t put the diaper on with my hands there and to move them. After a few seconds I hesitantly obliged and moved my arms above my head. Shortly after she told me to raise my butt and then she slid the diaper under me. After that she taped both of the ends up and I was snugly secured inside of the diaper.
When she finished I stood up and tried to walk around. Keyword: tried. Right as I moved I fell down because of how thick the diaper was. After about 2 minutes of trying I decided to crawl just like a baby. Some how Ashley was able to actually walk around, but with a waddle. We made our way to the living room and decided to watch some cartoons. Because we were in diapers we decided that we should watch baby cartoons because it was more appropriate.
Around 10 minutes later my legs were getting cold, so I went to go get my pants and put them back on. I crawled back to her room where my shorts were and tried to put them on only to find out that they were to small to fit over my diaper! I crawled back out to the living room and asked Ashley if she has anything to warm my legs up since my shorts didn’t fit. We went back to her room and she looked through her closet for a minute or two. I thought she was looking for a blanket or something, but to my shock she pulled out a pair of pink shortalls. I asked her if she had anything a little less girly, but she said it was all she had. I slipped the girly garment on and surprisingly it fit rather well. I tried walking again with it on and found it to be a little easier, so I was able to walk, but with a large waddle. After that we went back to the living room and watched babyish cartoons for a little while longer.
Later, we started to get hungry so we got up to go get something to eat. Ashley apparently had some amazing idea and went into the garage to look for something. A moment later she came waddling back in with a high chair that they use whenever her aunt and baby cousin come over. “Do you want to go first, or do you want me do go first?” She asked. I told her that I guess I would go first, so I hopped into the chair and she secured the tray in. She went back into the kitchen for a minute and then came back with a bib, a bottle full of chocolate milk, and a jar of real baby food! She tied the bib around my neck and took the lid off of the baby food jar and slid a tiny spoon into it. She then proceeded to move it towards my face while saying “Here comes the airplane!”. I opened wide and she slid the mush into my mouth. The taste wasn’t as bad as the consistency, but it was still bad. I swallowed it as fast as I could to try to get it out of my mouth, but seconds later came another spoonful. This continued for another 2 minutes until the jar was empty. After that she put the nipple of the baby bottle in my mouth and told me to “finish it like a good baby”.
After I finished sucking down the bottle she undid the bib and slid the tray off of the high chair to let me down. She then got up onto the high chair and slid the tray back on. She said “There’s some more food and another bottle in the kitchen.”, So I went and grabbed it. I came back with another jar of baby food and a bottle with more chocolate milk in it. I set the items on the tray and secured the bib around her neck. I then opened the jar and started feeding her the gloup, but she didn’t seem to mind the flavor or consistency and happily ate it. After she was finished with it I handed her the bottle and she gulped it down. When she was finished with her bottle she unlatched the tray from the high chair and hopped down. She then put the high chair back in the garage and came back and started rummaging through one of the cabinets in her kitchen. She pulled 2 pink pacifiers out of it and handed one to me and put the other in her mouth and started sucking on it. I stuck my pacifier in my mouth and started trying to get used to the weird rubber taste.
When we were done we went back into the living room to watch more cartoons. After 5 minutes I found that I had to pee really bad from all the chocolate milk I drank. I got up and started waddling to the bathroom when Ashley asked what I was doing. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom, but she replied with “Silly, you’re wearing a diaper.”. I said “But only babies use diapers” “And only babies eat in high chairs and suck on pacifiers, but we’ve been doing both of those things” Ashley said. I sighed in defeat and went back over to the couch and tried to wet my diaper, but nothing came out. I kept trying for 3 minutes until finally a small stream came out. I continued peeing for 30 seconds until I was finished emptying my bladder. When I was done I stood up and admired how nice the warm and squishy diaper felt on my butt. I continued playing with the wet diaper for a few more moments when I noticed that Ashley was wetting her diaper as well.
After a few more minutes of playing with our wet diapers she suggested we change out of the so that we don’t get a diaper rash. We waddled back to her room and got 2 more diapers out from her bag and I asked her if she could change me because I couldn’t do it myself. She said that she would but only if I would change her. I said that I would and laid down on to the floor after taking off my pink shortalls and putting my pacifier back in. She put a towel under me and started undoing the straps on my saggy wet diaper and removed it from under me. She then got some baby wipes and wiped me down all over, then applied a generous amount of baby powder all over me. After that she slid the diaper under me and taped it up, securing me into the soft garment once again. I got up and put the shortalls back on and had Ashley lay down on the ground. I had never changed a diaper before, so all I had to go off of was what she did to me. I started by removing her diaper and wiped around her crotch area with a few baby wipes. It was really weird seeing my friend naked, but I just ignored that and continued with her changing. After I was done wiping I powdered her crotch with a little less baby powder than she used on me and put her new diaper underneath her bottom and taped it up. She stood up and said “You did a good job for your first time changing a diaper”. I thanked for the compliment and we sat back down in the living room for a little while longer.
A while later I looked at the time and thought that I should be getting home soon. I told her that I should go and asked her what I should do with the diaper and her shortalls. She said that I should wear them home. At first I though “No way!”, but then I thought about how fun it might be. I thanked her for the fun day and told her that we should definitely do this again sometime. I placed the pacifier back into my mouth and got on my bike to ride home, hoping deeply that my parents weren’t home yet and that no one saw me. When I got home I was relieved to find that no one was home yet, so I went to my room and removed the diaper and shortalls and hid them in my closet along with my pacifier. That was one of the best days of my life!

The End

Re: Ashley’s House

I like the story for ur first time its not bad a little fast paced but still very good :slight_smile:

Re: Ashley’s House

Not bad for a first attempt. A space between paragraphs might be good, and if you want to go all the way, any speech in quotes should be a separate paragraph.

I assume that both Ashley and the writer are girls, not that it matters!