Ashley (Chapter 2 added 6/17/12)

This is my first attempt at a story. I don’t really write much, please let me know if there’s an error or something I could do to improve the story.

Chapter 1

George looked at the sullen excuse for a child that had just been dropped off at his house, and thought hard about what to do. He had nowhere left to run, she had no other living relatives, and she was his “fault” as her mother had called her.

He wished more than anything else that he could undo that night, but that wasn’t going to happen, and now he had to face the consequences.

“Hello Ashley, how’ve you been?” he asked, trying his hardest to look like he really cared, and wasn’t just the man who had left her all alone with her crack addicted mother.

“Fine,” she said, not making eye contact, and not even bothering to move her long, dirty blonde hair out of her eyes. Standing at only 4’2, she tried her hardest to hide behind it.

“Come in,” he said warmly, “I have a place set up for you to sleep.”

She cautiously followed him inside, trying hard to keep up with his long strides.

“It’s late now, but in the morning we’ll try to get to know each other better, okay?” he said, before quickly departing the room and leaving her to undress. He hoped she would be comfortable, the guest room was not well furnished, but he had been single and without the kind of guest that stayed in a separate room for at least 10 years, so he figured it would be forgivable. Certainly it had to be nicer than her mother’s place, at least it was clean.

He felt a moment of regret for what he had done to her mother, and knew he would not be sleeping easy that night. He had really been hoping that he was getting over this long time regret and would be able to move on, but apparently it wasn’t meant to be so, now he had a live in reminder of his teenage self’s stupidity.

He sighed to himself as he took off his formal black suit, throwing it casually in his laundry basket with the others and making a mental note to take all the laundry to the dry cleaners tomorrow. He combed and smoothed the little bit of jet black hair that jutted up at all sorts of odd angles from his head before climbing into his California king bed and praying for sleep.

Sleep did at last come, but it was not an easy sleep. It was that kind of sleep that you wake up from wondering if you really slept at all, or if perhaps your body went into some kind of temporary hibernation that vaguely resembled sleep.

George groaned and stood up; a quick glance at the glaring red letters of the clock told him it was just after six. He wished he had awoken for his fake sleep just a tad earlier, he had really wanted to shower, but had too much to do to waste any time. He then remembered his young charge down the hall, and was about to knock on the door when it dawned on him that it might not be a bad idea to get dressed prior to checking on a girl several years his junior.

Slipping away as quietly as possible, he returned several minutes later wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red shirt decorated with a Red Sox logo. His hair was still a mess, and he really needed to shave or at least wash his face, but he figured at least he wouldn’t scar her for life since he was dressed now.

A gentle knock on the door brought no response, and after several more of growing insistence, he at last gave up and twisted the bronze handle, revealing an empty room.

He cursed both his luck and his own stupidity, figuring he should’ve thought that she may not stay put through the night. He wasn’t at all fond of the thought of her wandering the house alone, considering her recent experiences she could be a danger to herself.

“ASHLEY!” he called, hoping beyond hope he would get a response. None came.

“Should I report her missing…” he wondered to himself. He wasn’t quite sure what the procedure for a missing child was, especially one that he had just acquired. He stood for several moments, wondering what he should do, or if he should do anything at all. Part of him argued that she was just a child, barely a teen at that. The other part of him argued that she was almost an adult, already a teen at that.

“I’m sure she’ll come back eventually,” he at last said out loud, hoping that hearing the words would convince the shattered remains of his moral integrity that they were true. It seemed that they did, and George wandered off to take a shower, his mind now at a state of forgetfulness that many believe is actually ease.

He hadn’t been in the shower but maybe ten minutes, and was just really starting to enjoy the feeling of the hot water pounding on his back when a harsh knock sounded throughout the house.

“Who the hell would be calling at this time of day?” George wondered, hurrying to grab his blue silk robe and tie it around his slender body. He hurried to the door, the tile freezing the soles of his feet as he rushed through the hall and into the living room with its’ blessed carpet.

At last he arrived at the grand entry hall, and only the dark stained oak door stood between him and whoever had disrupted his shower. He fumbled through the drawers of the antique desk that stood to the right of the door, searching for the spare key he kept there. He found it and stuck it into the door, wondering whether the people who had come knocking had already left simply because he had taken so long to get there.

Unfortunately for him, they had not. A patrol officer stood at the door way in a sharp blue uniform, standing, though just barely, next to him was Ashley. Her blonde hair was even dirtier than the night before, and she was sopping wet from head to toe.

“Is this… umm… yours sir?” the officer asked, seeing the momentary confusion on George’s face.

“Yes, she just came to live with me last night, I didn’t think she would run off. I’m very very sorry for any trouble she caused,” George answered, his face falling as he realized what a huge responsibility this child was going to be.

“I caught her drinking behind the dumpster on 12th and Rogue, it’s not the first time for her either. We’re technically suppose to take em’ down to the station and book em’, but it doesn’t do any good. I heard from one of the other officers that her mom OD’d and figured I may as well take her to her new home, which apparently is here.”

“Yes, she’ll be staying with me,” George said, wishing with all his heart that it wasn’t true.

“Well, this is a mighty nice house you got here sir, I certainly hope she don’t cause no more trouble for you.”

“Thanks, officer. I better get her inside and showered, she certainly is a mess.”

“Oh I wouldn’t do that yet sir… let her sleep a wink first. She mighty hung over and could slip and fall.”

“Oh… that’s true,” George said, feeling a little stupid.

With that George took Ashley’s hand and led her inside, wondering where he could put her where she couldn’t run off. The front door had still been locked this morning, so that meant Ashley had to have climbed out her window. He finally settled on a room on the third floor, there wasn’t a bed, but there was a couch, and she could sleep there. If she came downstairs George would know, and be able to stop her. The windows in that room were also much harder to open, especially in an intoxicated state.

“Alright Ashley, you just sleep here,” George said as he led her to the couch, holding her hand until she had laid all the way down.

Ashley fell asleep pretty quickly, and George cleared his long to-do list as he slowly realized that this was a situation that had to be dealt with. Should he punish her for this? How could he? It wasn’t like he could ground her. He could yell at her, but what good would that really do? This was probably what she had learned her whole life, she really didn’t know any better. Being there for her would surely work better.

With this fresh in his mind, George wondered if he could finish his shower before Ashley woke and consequently snuck out or got hurt. He decided he really didn’t want to risk it, and wandered back across the freezing floors to get dressed for the day.

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Sorry for the long wait! Hopefully you guys will enjoy the story, comments are welcome.


“The fuuu….” Ashley thought as she sat up, glancing around the room to see that she was laying on an ugly green couch with pink fringe.

“A truly hideous combination,” Ashley muttered to herself, stretching and sitting up. As she sat up everything slowly seemed to come back to her. She remembered that she was at Rick, Tom, Tony, something like that’s house- the asshole who was her biological dad. She wanted nothing to do with him- she didn’t even understand why she had to stay here. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and this guy was just going to try and control her.

That was one thing Ashley truly couldn’t stand. She hated being controlled. It made her feel so nervous; she wanted to be in control of herself. On that note, she figured she’d better find a way out of here before asshole came back to “check” on her. She stood up, but quickly regretted it. The dizziness hit immediately, and she fell down on the floor with a plunk.

Shortly after that, she could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, hurrying it sounded like. She didn’t have to look up to know that asshole was now standing in the door way, looking at her sitting on the floor and no doubt wanting to “talk”.

Another thing she couldn’t stand- talking. No one was ever honest, so there was no reason to even bother talking. Ashley honestly couldn’t have cared less if she had gone her whole life without talking.

Her suspicion was quickly confirmed as asshole sat down and patted the spot on the couch next to him.

“Does he think I’m some kind of pet that will just jump up at his call or something?” Ashley thought furiously. She looked up at him with a look that she wished would’ve killed. He looked back at her, not seeming phased, and patted the couch again. Ashley continued to look at him, trying to make it clear that she had no intention of sitting next to him.

He gave her one more impatient look, then said, “Come on, hop up. No reason to sit on the floor like that.” She continued to stare up at him, not saying a word.

He finally lost his patience, and sat down on the floor next to her.

“I just want to talk to you Ashley.”

No response.

“I’m worried about you, I’m here to take care of you. I want to make sure you’re ok.”

No response.

“You can talk to me. I’m not going to hurt you.”

No response.

“You can hear me right?”

“Damn right,” Ashley thought to herself, but decided it might be fun to mess with him.

“I guess we can take you to the doctor tomorrow and have him check your ears, but is that really what you want,” asshole said, clearly becoming a little impatient with her.

“All the better, sooner he loses his temper and throws me out sooner I can be the hell out of here,” Ashley thought to herself, maintaining her angry, no way in hell I’m going to talk to you look the whole time.

“Alright, until then… I guess you can just stay in here… if you can hear me that is,” asshole said and left the room.

“Hmph, some guy,” Ashley thought, “definitely really determined to talk to me. I wonder how much fun I could have pretending to be deaf…” She hadn’t even considered that her medical records would show that she is surely not deaf, or that if she actually went to the doctor that he would figure it out, or that she would have to go to the doctor at all- she highly disliked doctors. They were another group of people that always wanted to talk, which meant lies, which she hated. Not that she didn’t lie- she just didn’t like being lied to.

With that Ashley once again attempted to stand up, and being semi-successful this time, laid down on the ugly couch and fell asleep.


While Ashley managed to successfully fall asleep, George had no luck at even getting himself to settle down enough to sit. He knew Ashley wasn’t deaf- was absolutely positive actually. Despite her refusal to respond, she had done all the talking really needed with her eyes.

Talking with the eyes was something George was very familiar with- it was how you could sit in a meeting and tell your secretary that you thought that the graphic design on the front cover of the potential multi-million dollar project was ridiculous looking without offending anyone. It was how you could sit in a consultation with a customer and know that they had already made up their minds to go with a different company. It was how you could just look at the cashier at the grocery store and know that she dreaded going home. Yes, talking with the eyes was certainly something George was very good at- probably better at than talking with the mouth.

And what Ashley’s eyes had told him was most definitely not what he wanted to hear. Her eyes said that she hated and wished him dead, that she wanted no contact with him, that to her he was just some asshole who would never know or understand her… Her eyes showed her hate as clearly as cuss words or screaming and kicking would have.

“That’s probably exactly what she wanted…” George mumbled to the walls. She wanted to tell him that she hated him and that he wasn’t good enough, and that no matter what he did she was going to remain the defiant creature her mother had turned her into.

George continued to pace back and forth as he pondered all that was unfair in the world. It was one stupid mistake he had made as a teenager, and now the results were going to cost him how much? His time, his energy, his company, maybe even his jet black hair? How much would he have to give to the damn world before it would forgive him for his one mistake?

Feeling exhausted and extremely sorry for himself, George realized that he would eventually have to decide what to do about Ashley. He could not take care of a child who hated him to the point that she wouldn’t even speak to him. He also couldn’t throw her out of the house… well for at least a few more years.

He wondered if he should actually take her to the doctor. It would show her that he was true to his word, but it would also make him appear as a complete idiot to the doctor and possibly Ashley too. Maybe the doctor could refer them to a medicine that would stabilize Ashley’s mood though… there was a magic pill for everything these days.

What else was he supposed to do anyways? It wasn’t like he could just sit around and wait for her to decide she no longer hated him.

With that thought, George pulled out his cell phone, the grandfather clock announcing noon as he did so, and tried to decide whether to call a pediatrician or a regular doctor.

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