Ashe; Maybe, just maybe. (First story!)

Please note ; This is my first story! Please give me harsh feedback if you want, at least it would help me as a writer! (Please note, I will use things that are coming out later in the year/next year)

Ashe; maybe, just maybe.; An ABDL story

Hi, my name is Ashe…
This, is my story, how I became a baby. Very strange eh? You never hear about this, especially when they’re 22. I came to be like this when I was 8, and you know what, maybe this is a story worth sharing, maybe, just maybe, I’m not so strange.

~ Chapter: Prologue
“Ey! Sleepy! Ya’ gotta get up! We’re going to the mall today for school shopping! If you don’t get up I’ll tell mom!”

I got up, went downstairs, did my daily routine. Cereal, shower, get dressed. If I could kindly introduce myself, I’m Ashe, I’m 8, I have friends, though, not very social. I have brown hair, I’m not very tall. If I could change one thing about myself, I would make myself more, how should I say, “friendly”.

Recently, people tell me, I’m not social, I mean, I’m 8! Why expect some little nerd to have good social expectations, I mean, I play on my SteamBox all day, but who cares? Why would people like some 8 year old little girl. Yet, later in life, I’ll meet someone who does, and maybe, they’ll change my life.

By the way, the person earlier was my older sister, her name is Bailey, she’s 11, I’m 8, we’re not comparable at all, she doesn’t have many friends, and is extremely friendly, plus social, aint’ that weird? I would be starting 4th grade this year, she would be starting 6th. Much older, friendlier, and social than me, why are we sisters if we’re so different?

After I did my daily routine, I went back to the kitchen, my mom and sister were sitting there,

“Hey mom, hey Bailey,” I mumbled in my tired voice, “When are we going to the mall?”

“Hey Your Tiredness, we’re leaving at 4, it’s 1, you’ve been sleeping all day!” said mom.

Once she said that, I felt bad, it was the end of summer, and I have friends to, “Hang out” with, I hope they didn’t care anyways.

I spent 3 hours lazing around, playing games, and eating, aint’ it strange how I’m not unfit? Once it was 4, I got shooed to the car, I buckled in and we headed off to the mall, not knowing something big would happen that day.

As I said, please give ANY advice! I hope you guys liked it, and I would love feedback!
P.S. sorry for it being so short at the end, I was kinda rushed!

Re: Ashe; Maybe, just maybe. (First story!)

Sorry for the rush! I wanted to sleep at ease!
Chapter: 1; The Mall

“Well, we’re here, you girls ready for some shopping?” mom said as we started to hop out of the car.

Little did I know, this would be where I met him. Him, the boy who changed my life.

“So, where to first mom?,” said Bailey,

“Where do you want to go first?” replied mom “Personally, I would like to go to Kohl’s first!”

I replied, “Why not go to Hot Topic? I prefer their shirts anyways.”

Without any answer except two nods from Bailey and mom, we headed off to Hot Topic, still not knowing. When we got there, I saw some things I liked, one mainly a blue and white hoodie, but I knew my mom doesn’t like those kinds of things, nor my sister.

When we left Hot Topic, my mom took me and Bailey to Kohl’s, where I would finally know. Know who he was, and his impact.

We headed into Kohl’s, the moment we got there we headed to the women’s department, seeing as that’s where Bailey and mom needed to go. They said I could head to the girl’s department, and I could wait for them. Could this be it?

When I headed to the jeans section of the girls’ department, I noticed a cute boy following me, maybe 1 or 2 years older. Why was he doing this?

When I finally reached the section, I found a cute pair of black jeans, when I was waiting for mom, I noticed the boy was looking for something, could it be me? If so, today could be quite swell.

When my mom finally arrived, I told her I didn’t really want anything, so she said,

“Well okay, but don’t say anything if you forgot something.”

Of course, I responded with a simple “Ok”

But, on the way out, the boy was holding a bag, he came up to me, it startled me when he put his hand on my shoulder and said,

“Hey, you forgot this, I didn’t want you to lose it with me noticing, I would’ve felt guilty.”

When he said that, I didn’t know who he was, but I would soon, and that soon would be a few years later, when I was 17.

~ Chapter 1, Part 2 ; 9 years later.

Well, it was 9 years, I don’t know what to say, except for one thing, I was in trouble, social trouble. Later that day, 9 years ago, is when it started, I thought about him. Which caused me to start the bedwetting.

Things got out of hand, I wondered who he was, what he was like, and if he liked me. The answer is, I would never know. Not until Senior year of highschool. When that year happened, we toured colleges, finished studies, took tests, and most importantly, I met him again.

When we met again, we were touring colleges, we actually, were going to the same university. Aint’ that a coincidence? Well, it started again, my heart was fluttering, I was overjoyed, but it started to happen again. But, it would happen with his help. He would know me, and I would know him, we somehow pulled it off. Maybe, just maybe.

Well, I got anxious, I had an idea, I went with it! Sorry! I just wanted to sleep knowing I was done for the night! Time to hit the hay, feedback is appreciated also! And I also promise a longer chapter next time! Sleep is my main priority right now though!