As far as stories are concerned I'm grateful to be part of the "ABDL" community

I suppose it could be said that often times ABDL isn’t one fetish it’s a mishmash of different fetishes/kinks fused together and can include stuff like diapers, age-play, spanking, BDSM and so on.

ABDL authors have a lot of interesting directions and ideas to include in a story (and they do) which keeps things interesting, something I noticed you really don’t get on other, none-ABDL kink/fetish related story forums I’m on.

It definitely does seem that ABDL is an umbrella for a variety of related aspects of it. I’ve had the privilege of reading stories from some really good authors who could have published their work on Amazon, for example.

I’m thankful for sites that continue to keep going as a place for the writers to share their creations.