Art and Zen

Okay guys, guess I am back with another. This is obviously “stolen” if you will by someone else who used to post to this forum on another site, and I can’t for the life of me figure out who it was or how to contact them.

So, if this sucks, or if you’re out there and want me to stop, I will. But until then, let me know what you think.

The story was called “The Art and Zen of Teen Babyhood” and I don’t think it was ever finished. I’ve kinda re-drawn the story utilizing a different format, and it’ll deviate a bit in places but still remain kinda the same overall thing. And I hope to finish it, sometime.

Hope you like.


Jenessa stood at the podium in front of all her peers, she made a mental note of her wetting as she continued to deliver a speech. “The time we have spent here in high school will indelibly live on in our hearts and minds forever. Some of us overcame some challenges, others are just now facing some, but one thing is for sure. Many of us will continue to strengthen our bonds as we head out of the safety of early adult hood and march forward into college.”

Everyone clapped as Jenessa threw her cap high into the air, the rest of the class stood and tossed there’s as well. It had been one strange ride from here to there, but today Janessa was officially through with the confines of high school. Now the real world started, and she was a little apprehensive like most young women her age. More so because she had transitioned back to diapers full time when she was just a freshmen, as long as switching schools at the same time. But overall, it didn’t consume her entire personality.

Jenessa walked down from the podium and began to be immersed in a bevy of hugs from her mother and father, as well as her two step mothers. Oh yeah, there was that whole her mother was a lesbian thing. But that, too, was nothing of a problem anymore.

Then there was Joe, who swept her into his arms and hugged her deeply, patting her crinkly butt. “I’m proud of you, kiddo.” He had graduated a year and a half before.

Yes, this was going to be a strange new world. A world Jenessa never saw coming but for a few years ago, and a world she didn’t mind at all.

The Art and Zen of Teen Babyhood Chapter 1

There she was, dressed in pumps, blouse, and business casual skirt. The cut was good enough to hide any presence of a diaper. She rounded the corner and saw a man in his late twenties motion her into a room. Her pace quickened and she arrived at the door to shake his hand “Janessa McIntyre.”

The man smiled warmly, his glasses looked nerdy but patently cute for his facial structure. “Kyle Schwartz, nice to meet you.”

She walked in and he motioned to a table, an Olympus recorder was sitting on it. “So, Joe’s told you what I’m doing, right?” He asked.

Janessa sat her messenger bag down and took a seat, then nodded. “Um, yeah, something about a thesis or something.”

“Yeah,” Kyle said, taking a seat opposite her and hitting record. “I’m doing a thesis about alternative life styles, for psychology. I want to see if there’s commonalities in people who practice this lifestyle or that.”

Janessa shrugged. “Sounds kinda boring, but okay. What do you wanna know?”

Kyle smiled. “Well, he said you’re basically a teen baby?”

Janessa nodded. “Yeah…” she blushed. It was strange talking about it in the open. Plus, why was he recording her? “I…do like to wear diapers, I have some baby things…you know.”

Kyle nodded. “Good, good. That’s really interesting, and you’re so young…do your parents know?”

Janessa shifted a bit, crossed her arms over her chest. “Yeah, they’ve always been kinda supportive, at worst…tolerating. I wet the bed until I was 15. I do again today, anyway but I’ve always had access to diapers I guess.”

Kyle listened attentively. “Fascinating. You mention you bedwet again, how long has that been happening?”

Jenessa shrugged. “I don’t know, maybe a couple of years since I’ve gone back wetting every night.”

Kyle nodded, made some sort of notes. “And how do you feel about that? Have you had it checked out by a doctor?”

Jenessa looked down for a second, she had felt the need to pee a second prior but her bladder had already begun to instinctively empty into her diaper. She was blushing a lot now, but she didn’t feel entirely as uncomfortable than when she began. “I still see an OB/GYN but I don’t really see an expert in urinary issues. I’m pretty much okay down there, I just have gotten used to diapers.”

Kyle looked up, wide eyed. “Really? Are you wearing now?”

Jenessa laughed, she couldn’t help not to. “Yeah, I am. I am not very reliable during the day at all anymore.”

Stroking his goatee he wrote another couple lines down in a scribbly fashion. “So, you wear all the time?”

Jenessa nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been 24/7 since I was 15.”

“Hmm,” he asks. “This isn’t normal, from what I’ve read, is it?”

Jenessa shook her head. “No, of course not. It’s rare. I’ve had a lot happen to me…”

Intrigued, Kyle’s eyes focused in on his research subject. “Well, if you don’t mind, I’d like to hear it all from the start.”

Jenessa thought for a second, then shrugged. “Okay, here goes…”

Art and Zen of Teen Babyhood: Chapter 2

It all started when I awoke to my parents fighting. I was diapered, like usual, even though I had quit wetting the bed every night months ago. It was down to a trickle, but I had grown up with diapers and baby things. I have always felt comfortable with my baby side, my parents only perceived it to be a phase, slight personality quirk at worse.

Before getting up I wet my diaper, then unfolded the covers to slink out of my room and down the hall. My parents still speaking quite loudly were busy in their room fighting. Cracking open the door I witness my mother standing with her back turned to me, most likely crossing her arms over her chest. My father was bright red, yanking at his hair. “A lesbian Mary?! After all this work in building this family, you want to leave me and my children?!”

My mother fired back. “Look, I’m sorry, I just can’t keep on living this lie. We’ll still always be great friends and I will always be their mother, but I can’t stand to be in this type of relationship anymore.”

My father looked desperate, confused. I spoke up. “Mom, Dad, what’s going on?”

They both turned to me and yelled “GET TO YOUR ROOM!”

I obliged quickly, taking the time to change my diaper. It was the weekend and it wasn’t rare for me to stay diapered if I wasn’t going out anywhere. And even then, sometimes I’d be diapered out to eat or to the movies even with some AB friends. I had regular friends, too. No one really cared who knew. My parents, again, didn’t mind generally. No, I never had a group of “normal” friends try diapers, but we convinced one of my friend’s mothers once that not only was I a bed wetter, but I wasn’t very good at making it to the bathroom to pee during the day either.

I remember spending a whole weekend there diapered, then the following week I was sent to school in them. I wouldn’t have been punished had the mother mentioned it to my mother. So, I wore diapers for basically an entire week as punishment. You can guess it wasn’t, even though I freaked out during class hoping no one would find out.

Anyway, my parents came in later and told me not to tell my younger brother Mikey just yet about her being a lesbian. I understood my dad’s feelings, I was confused too. My mother, a lesbian! How could she have been? She was the model of every woman, juggling law and two kids. But no, come to find out, she wasn’t attracted to my dad at all. She made it clear she still loved him, and us, but they were going to separate and file for divorce on Monday.

My mother, a lesbian. That would cause a lot of problems along the way for me.

Art and Zen of Teenbabyhood: Chapter 3

So as summer let out my parents seperated and moved out. One day I was helping my mother move and we had stopped in at McDonald’s. Even at thirteen I still got the little kids meal proudly. In between bites of hamburger and fries I flooded my diaper and absent mindedly mentioned I should change when we got back to the house–or my house, anyway.

My mother gave me a look of concern. “Jenessa, are you still wearing diapers for fun?”

I nodded meekly, realizing for the first time my parents were growing more concerned with my infantilism.

“Don’t you think it’s about time to stop that? You’re going into high school soon.”

I would agree, promising to use up the ones I had left for night only. When I ran out, I never bothered to mention gettting more.

As the summer progressed on my dad found a new love interest, and this one had baggage about my age, just slightly older. She was fifteen. Her and I would come to a fundamental disagreement at some point, but that’ll come later.

The end of my summer was tragic. Since I had abandoned my TB stuff my TB friends went with it, I barely even talked to them online anymore. My pacifiers were gone, my footed pajamas, too, were in the trash. All that was left of my baby stuff were stuffed animals, which I thought were most appropriate for my age still.

Near the end of high humidity and pool play that is afforded by summer I ended up going to a party with my cousin Joanie and her brother John. John was a college boy, which meant this would-be freshmen, Y.T., was hanging out with more mature guys who weren’t all about sex and fart jokes. Or so I thought.

We drank beer out of a keg and whiled away the night amidst movies, music, and cigarette smoke. That is until one beefy party member slapped my ass as I was pouring another drink. “We’ve given you girls tons of beer, how about at least a titty show?”

I stared at him disgusted, then poured the beer over his head. “Okay, I won’t drink anymore then.”

Then the guy clocked me, prompting me to run to Joanie and John. I convinced them both that it was time for us to leave and although John looked pretty sloshed he managed to find his keys and get us the hell out of there.

On our way home John would see yellow, red, or green as one hazy grey spectrum and all I remember is screaming as we came into oncoming traffic.

I would later awake in the hospital suffering from severe injuries and a concussion that made things pretty hazy. I was also diapered, because I was pretty out and had returned to wetting myself in my sleep. It felt good, actually, and I didn’t mind. Even if some older nurse lady changed me.

My parents were called as soon as I came to and everyone was there, including my mom and her new girlfriend Barbara.

I didn’t have to ask about Joanie and John, I knew they were dead.