Apex Universe

**Apex Universe where some of the characters are diapered, Normally close 3rd person on Wattson but other characters **

This story will contain nsfw aspects but will be noted at the top of each chapter

Who is in diapers and or how do they feel about them:

Not diapered, Doesn’t care about who is.

Bedwetter sometimes has accidents when she goes through the void so wears training Panties. Helps Wattson with her diapers, and asks Wattson to make sure she doesn’t get too wet.

Only happy with diapers since Wraith wears them, doesn’t like changing, or the idea thinks is disgusting but lies to Wraith

Doesn’t like diapers, thinks there to slow, makes fun of people who wear them

Makes fun of Loba for being a Dom to Valk and Watson, doesn’t care about them, he’s revenant he just wants to die.

Doesn’t care about who wears diapers, doesn’t want to wear diapers, will help teammates if there diapered. Bought Wattson a baby onesie for her birthday, helps Wattson since she is friends with her.

Doesn’t like diapers, doesn’t make fun of people but judges them for doing it.

Makes fun of Watson for wearing diapers, Actually cares, and thinks it’s disgusting for people to wear diapers but keeps her mouth shut to anyone but Watson.

Mad Maggie
Doesn’t even wear panties, makes fun of fuse saying he should be in them for acting like a baby

Doesn’t care about people who wear diapers but refuses to touch one finds unhygienic

Only fine with them since Watson wears them, has changed her diaper when on her team but other than that doesn’t care, or interact with them

One of Lobas subs, called “Her electrocute wetter” In diapers by choice, loves being changed but doesn’t really messy diapers but after wearing them for so long she lost some control. Always diapered and loves the Nessie onesies she got from Horizon, doesn’t like public humiliation. Checks Wraith’s diapers, changed by Wraith and lifeline mostly but is dommed by both as well. Poly, and wants to be dommed, lets all have control 3 have control at most points.

Makes fun of Wattson, Wraith, and Valk for being in diapers, not to mean but just making jokes, sometimes upsets Wattson, doesn’t really want to help teammates who are diapered but is fine to help if she has to. Has tried diapers and didn’t like them.

Doesn’t care or know about diapers, sometimes wears them in games, is happy to help with teammates, gets artur to help with the changing, tries to stop Fuse from Judging people who wear diapers.

Is a robot, doesn’t know what diapers are, doesn’t care, cant help with changing.

Changes Wattson’s diapers when Loba isn’t there doesn’t admit he likes diapers but thinks Wattson looks cute in them, likes to take care of her as well.

Is one of lobas other subs, loves messy diapers as well as public, and only likes to be changed by loba, often in a leaky diaper by the end of a game if Loba isn’t on her team.

Doesn’t care about diapers, will change if needed. Doesn’t want to wear diapers

Thinks diapers are cute, wears them but no one knows, the only person who does know is Wattson, normally wears pull-ups, doesn’t use them often when not alone, changes Wattson a lot, happy to change in the games (She is a medic duh), thinks diapers on other people are cute as well

Dom for Wattson and Valk loves changing diapers, doesn’t like wearing them but loves being a dom for people who are in them. Often embarrasses Valk, closer with Valk than Wattson.


Couples: Valk and Loba, Wattson and Crypto

Poly: Wraith, Rampart and Mirage, Loba, Valk, and Wattson (Dom relationship)

Semi-couple: Wraith and Watson, Watson and Lifeline.


Ash: None

Bangalore: Loba and Valk

Bloodhound: Fuse

Caustic: Wattson

Crypto: Wattson

Fuse: Bloodhound

Gibraltar: Pathfinder

Horizon: Wattson

Lifeline: Wattson, Octane and Wraith

Loba: Valk, Wattson and Bangalore

Mirage: Wraith and Rampart

Octane: lifeline

Pathfinder: Gibby

Rampart: Mirage and Wraith

Revenant: None

Seer: None

Valkyrie: Loba and Wattson

Wattson: Valk, Lifeline, Loba, Caustic, Crypto and Wraith

Wraith: Mirage, Lifeline, Rampart and Wattson.

I’m assuming this is the intro to something yet to come? Otherwise I’m very confused.


Ye this is meant to be just setting up the characters and everything.

I’m going to agree with @Vearynope here. This feels like the kind of character notes I make before I start writing a story with a new setting. I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing, but wouldn’t it be better to reveal this information organically through the story itself? Kind of “show, don’t tell”?

On the other hand, what do I know about good storytelling? I still think the Star Wars movies should have given us background information in a better way than the now-iconic text-crawl/infodump at the beginning. :person_shrugging:

As others said, character introductions and setting up the story world etc usually happen within the exposition of the story itself. It’s fine to share your pre-writing notes, but when you show who your characters are in the story through their words and actions, that engages the reader’s imagination and feelings, gets them involved and immersed in the story so they actually start to care about the characters. Pre-writing character notes can feel like laundry list to readers who, once or if the story starts may not read it at all- they’ll skip the notes and go right to the story.

That said, character notes can serve as a good reference if you have a wide cast of characters. They’re a nice reference to have if that is the case. It can be good supplemental material.

Part of the point of it is it since is not going to be linear at all points, they’ll be multiple stories going on at one point, and since I won’t always be following one character it’s hard to set up multiple peoples stories without having something like this, and they’ll be development past this, with different relationships developing later on, since the only character-building past this is going to be the small stories about how all of the characters end up in diapers.

I appreciate the support and would love for it to continue as I release more parts :smiley:

Well, I’m always in favor of giving something a shot and trusting your audience to work through it. I think the payoff of actually managing multiple story lines and weaving them all together naturally is worth the effort.

But hey, if this is how you think you best can tackle it, stick with it. If you catch some interest (or request it) I’m sure a number of users here will pop by to point out improvements you could make or help highlight what did and didn’t work.

I won’t say any more until there’s more to say stuff about though.

Carry on.

Well im working on the introduction chapter for Wattson at the moment but after that, I can power through the rest since there not as detailed bar Valk but after that I have the first storyline written and then the second is almost finished

Sorry for how long it took for long it took but here it is, so enjoy

Some NSFW and BDSM aspects in this

“Shit” Valk thought to herself, seeing Loba walk into the delivery room.

Valk had been interested in diapers for the longest time, but she had never tried them, she was too scared that someone would see, especially Loba since they hadn’t been going out for that long and having such a bomb dropped on her that early in their relationship would surely end it.

“Hii babes,” Loba said, ignorant of the package that Valk was holding in her hands

“Oh, hi, I didn’t see you,” Valk said

“What that you’ve got” Loba asked as she pointed towards the box in Valks hand

Valk froze, she didn’t know what to say, she didn’t want to admit what was in the box, fearing what would happen with their relationship if they did, but what could she do. After all, Loba was standing in front of her, and she couldn’t not say anything, since that would possibly seem worse than just telling her. Valk was stuck, she could either lie and most likely end up being caught anyway, or she could give up the contents of the box and reveal her secret anyway, it was a lose-lose situation.

“Look, if I tell you promise not to tell anyone,” Valk said

“that’s fine babes, just tell me,” Loba said “I’m, sure it’ll be fine”

“It, its,” Valk said, not able to get the words out of her mouth “Its diapers,” She said, taking a breath before she did

Valk stood as she looked at Loba, whose face was mixed. Loba was excited, she had always liked to be involved with kink, and diapers had been something she had wanted to try, obviously not the one in them, but she thought it would be cool to diaper someone else, but she didn’t want to push her. Loba had always had a habit of moving too fast, she didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t say she didn’t want to try them with her, since she would break Valk’s heart, but she feared if she did then she would do the wrong thing and end up pushing Valk away.

“Oh, that’s alright baby,” Loba said, regretting changing her normal babe to baby. She didn’t even know if Valk liked that, she knew she liked diapers, buts being like a baby was something else, it was a BDSM thing.

“Oh, well,” Valk said, unable to finish her words due to the mix of excitement, as well as embarrassment at being called a baby. For Valk, there was something about Loba calling her any kind of pet name that caused butterflies in her stomach, and then being called baby was something else, it was like there was 20 times the amount of flying creatures in her stomach.

“Look, i know you like diapers, but if we’re going to try all this we need some kind of rules,” Loba said, relived at Valk’s reaction to being called a baby being good, but not wanting to risk anything else.

“Oh, ye I get that,” Valk said,

Valk knew how all of the dom and sub thing worked, she wanted Loba to be her dom, and she was fine with anything that she wanted to try.

“So, how would you like to try it” Loba asked, wanting to let Valk set the tone

“Well, how about you try things, you be a dom over me, and if i don’t like something I’ll say” Valk said

Loba was slightly taken aback, since she didn’t expect Valk to know anything about BDSM, and she was scared of taking such control again, since the last time she did her relationship ended.

“Oh, right, promise me you won’t break up with me if I do something wrong” Loba asked, scared of losing another relationship

“Why would i do that” Valk asked

“Long story, no matter now,” Loba said “Now, hand me that box and lie on the floor”

Valk then walked over, handing Loba the box, lying on the floor without any hesitation, only hesitating slightly since she didn’t want to be caught in diapers, but the eagerness to be placed in one became overpowering.

Loba then placed the box on the floor, seeing the packages of diapers that were placed neatly next to one another, with there being a few bottles of assorted creams and powders, as well as a small box of wipes placed on top of the various forms of padding. Loba then took a bottle of baby powder, as well as some wipes pushing the rest to the side, before taking out one of the packages of diapers, not looking at which one she was taking.

Loba then went to Valk, who was now lying on the floor, still fully clothed, her face gleaming with joy as she seen Loba walk to her with a diaper in her hands. Loba smiled back at her, happy to yet again get a chance to dom over someone.

Loba then went onto her knees, placing the diapers, powder, and wipes next to her. She then ripped the top of the case of diapers, with Loba being surprised at first since it said that there were only ten, but then after pulling it out, seeing how thick the diaper was surprised her, since the only time she had seen diapers was when she went to the shop and seen it while passing through an isle.

Once she took the diaper out Loba unfolded it, placing it on the floor not before admiring the size of it, which Valk was doing, both of them seeing a large purple bit in the middle, which looked like it started where Valk would be peeing, but not making it past the begging of her behind. Loba then began to undress Valk, only stopping for a split second, wondering if she should ask before, but remembering that Valk had told her that she would say anything if she was uncomfortable.

Loba slid Valk’s sweats off, placing them next to the diaper, seeing she had forgone panties, most likely from her anticipation to be diapered, with her planning on diapering herself as soon as she got them since her room was next to the delivery room. Loba knew this, since they spent most nights in one another’s room, and always in the same bed, or if they couldn’t for whatever reason they would facetime one another, normally falling asleep with the other one next to them on the phone.

“Oh, looks like someone needs a diaper” Loba said “Since you think it’s fine not to wear panties” Loba continued, now fully in a dom headspace, something that she expected that she was out of practice with, but noticing her usual tone returning.

Valk didn’t say anything but smiled at Loba, Valk’s cheeks going red from embarrassment as she did. Loba smiled back at her since as much as she had a tendency to embarrass her subs it was different with Valk, it seemed like they would live like this. Normally she had had it where she would either meet with someone to be a dom, or that they would do it at certain points, but this felt different. She still felt all the same feelings that she did for Valk in the headspace, which she never had before, she had never been like this with anyone, she felt like she was in love.

Loba then took the diaper, sliding under Valk as she lifted her legs. Valk then felt the soft padding under her, feeling a strange sensation as she did. She had waited so long to try diapers, well proper diapers, since the only ones she tried were the shitty medical pull-ups that were in the medical wing.

Loba then grabbed the powder, sprinkling it over Valks shaved pubes.

“Awh, you even shaved,” Loba said

“Well I read onl-” Valk said

“Awh, you do always like to do your research don’t you baby” Loba said, assuming that she was within her bounds.

Valk smiled at her as Loba continued putting Valk in her diaper. Loba then rubbed the powder into Valk’s skin, turning the pile of once-white powder into a coat that covered her skin.

Loba then pulled the front up the front of the diaper, with it reaching just above Valks belly button. In her haste to try diapers, she had ordered them without measuring herself, which ended up with her ordering medium rather than small. Loba then took one of the bottom tapes, hearing the velcro rip as she did. She then pulled the tape along to the middle of the diaper, with it giving enough that Loba pulled it further than the middle, with it being closer to the left than the right.

Loba then did the same with the left tape, with the tapes being left overlapping. She then moved onto the top tapes, doing the same, with them creating across as she did.

“Well, you’re all diapered up now” Loba said “Although there a little big arent they”

“Sorry, I ordered medium by accident” Valk said

“Were you to excited” Loba said

“A bit,” Valk said

“Can I ask you something?” Loba said

“Of course” Valk replied,

“Why didn’t you tell me,” Loba asked “You know I’m fine with kinky stuff”

“I know it’s just scary,” Valk said

“Look, you know I’m into feet, on both sides, so why don’t we try all of this” Loba asked

“What do you mean,” Valk asked

“Well, why don’t we try everything, all the stuff we like,” Loba asked

“That’s fine by me,” Valk said

Valk then walked over to her clothes with Loba following behind. Loba then helped Valk dress, pulling the sweat pants over the sagging diaper, slapping her on the but once she was once again wearing pants, with both of them hearing a slight crinkle. They both then went towards the door, excited for what was to come…

I would love to have some feedback from all of you, and the other introductions should be coming in the next day or two

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I would like to apoligise for the quality of my writing, since I was slightly drunk, and tired when I wrote this but the rest should be better.

You should talk to @Cute-Kitten about drunk writing/editing. I hear she’s an expert and once caused a database issue as a result. :wink:

Edit: btw, I manually upped your trust level so the system will stop asking us to approve your posts. :slight_smile:

Thanks, and I’ll shoot them a message about it. This is also my first time writing in a style like this since I’m not used to writing about multiple people in the same story so there’s that as well,

Here’s the intro for Wattson, hope you all enjoy

BDSM and NSFW mentions

Wattson stood, bouncing up and down as her bladder continued to attempt to expel itself as Wattson was waiting for the bathroom. She had went to a fast food joint, and they only had one bathroom, and by the time that she had gotten down there her bladder was near bursting, and it was occupied and had been for several minutes. Wattson waited and waited, her bladder becoming more and more forceful as she waited.

After about 5 minutes Wattsons bladder muscles gave out one final stand from the impending flood that was on its way as Wattson gave out a shocked expression, pee flowing down her legs, creating a wet spot on her panties, as well as sweats, with a pool of pee forming down below her. Wattson stood there, not knowing what to do, she couldn’t go back up, after all, she couldn’t just go back up, since she would be seen by everyone who was there, but if she waited she would be seen by whoever came out, and what would she do when she got in there. If she tried to dry her clothes she would end up smelling like pee, and if she took her panties and sweats off she would be in the middle of the town, exposed to everyone.

Wattson’s thoughts were interrupted as she seen Loba and Valk walk out.

“Well, what have we here,” Loba said, looking at the pool of urine that had formed on the floor below her.

“Just leave me alone,” Wattson said, embarrassed at the fact that she had been caught having an accident.

“Well that’s no way to speak to a friend is it, now you want to go in” Loba asked, slightly turning her body back to the bathroom door.

“Fine” Wattson said, following both Valk and Loba back into the room.

In her haste to get out of anyone’s view Wattson hadn’t registered what she had seen, why had Valk and Loba been in there, and how would going in helping her, they were two of the smartest people that she knew, and they surely would have thought of that, and why wasn’t Valk speaking, she was normally full of words or, with Wattson normally wishing for her to shut up, but this time she was oddly silent.

“Well, I know you might want to know what I was doing in there then” Loba said

“Ye, Loba do you have anything that I could borrow” Wattson said, hoping she would be able to borrow at least a pair of pants

“Well yes, look, I can give you some spare stuff but I don’t have panties” Loba said “I have diapers for this little one” Loba continued as she pulled the front of Valk’s skirt up, showing a clean diaper, which was covered in unicorns as Valk faced herself away from Wattson, embarrassed that Loba just showed off her diaper

“Wait, what?” Wattson said, not knowing what to say.

Wattson didn’t know why Valk was wearing diapers, and why Loba had extended an offer to Wattson to wear one. Did she want to wear diapers? She had always been childish but did she really want to wear diapers, she didn’t know what to say. Would a diaper be better than nothing, especially since she would be wearing a skirt by the looks of it?

“Erm, s-ure” Wattson said, deciding that even if she didn’t like diapers once she tried them they would still be better than nothing, and she could just go straight back to her room on the ship and put on another pair of Panties.

“Well, get up there and I’ll put you in one” Loba said as she took down the changing table

“Will that hold” Wattson said, not wanting to add telling someone that she broke a changing table to the embarrassment that she would have to endure

“Yes, I’m sure” Loba said, knowing that if it could hold Valk that it would be able to hold Wattson as well

“Oh, ok then” Wattson said,

Wattson didn’t know if this is what she wanted, she liked the idea as embarrassing as that sounded to even think it, but she did. She liked the idea of wearing diapers, even using diapers, or at least wetting, since she felt like messing would be disgusting, or at least more disgusting than wetting one. And all of the stuff around diapers, after all, she slept in a footed onesie, with Nessies all over it, and there was a variety of Nessies along her room, and she did often feel like a kid, she felt like she was out of place sometimes, and it would be good to get away from everything after all babies didn’t worry about anything, they were just taken care off.

“I have a question” Loba asked Wattson “What do you think about all this”

“What do you mean” Wattson asked, deflecting the question, not knowing the answer herself

“The diapers, being taken care off, like what I do for Valk” Loba said

“It’s cute I guess” Wattson said, she didn’t know what to say, since how could she like something that she never tried, or even considered.

“Well, would you like to try it” Loba asked Wattson, extending an invitation for Wattson to join her and Valk in the relationship

“Erm, i-i, sure” Wattson said, knowing that she wasn’t being forced into anything, it was simply for her to try something.

“Ok, well the way it works is that I’m the dominant, and you would be my submissive” Loba said “That means that you do what i say, but just remember you set up what you want, you’ll have a safe word”

“Whats that” Wattson asked, not knowing how a word could be safe.

“Well as we’re trying different things it’s a word that you can say to me that means i’ll stop, like a safety net” Loba said " So my first question would be what should the word be"

“Erm, pineapple” Wattson said, with it being the first word that came to mind

“Good, so if you don’t like what I’m doing you say pineapple and i’ll stop” Loba replied “So, do you want this to be sexual or not” 4

“Oh, erm sexual I guess” Wattson said

“Ok, just remember you have a safe word” Loba said “Now let’s get those off you”

Loba then walked in front of Wattson, undoing the strings on her sweats before letting them fall to Watsons ankles. Loba then began to remove Wattsons panties, wet lines forming on her skin as Loba pulled them down her legs. Once her panties were off her clothes were thrown into a ball in the corner.

“Do you want to keep these” Loba said, referring to the wet clothes that she had just taken off Wattson

“Erm, can we keep my panties, they’re my favourite” Wattson referring to her Nessie panties, which she had since before she had joined the games, the pattern that was once full of life faded after years of use.

“Alright baby” Loba said, going into her bag, taking out a diaper, which Wattson assumed would be for her, and a bottle of powder and a few wipes before taking out a small plastic bag, placing her panties in them.

“Time for your diaper little one” Loba said, tapping the changing table before helping Wattson on by placing her hands on the small girls behind lifting her.

Wattson then sat up on the changing table, before lying down, ready to be diapered for the first time in 20 years. Wattson moved forward, with most of her legs now of the side so she was able to place her head on the changing table. Wattson then turned her head and looked to Valk who was being strapped into the seat that was in the left-most corner of the room. Wattson assumed that Loba had told her to sit there but Wattson wasn’t able to pay attention to anything else that was going on, with the antipapaiction, as well as somewhat fear she had for the diaper that she was about to be placed in taking away most of her attention.

Wattson watched as Valk was strapped in, not being able to move, with Loba giving her a kiss before walking back over to Wattson, taking the diaper that she had been placed down on on the small table that was next to the changing table. Loba then unfolded the diaper in front, Wattson now seeing the amount of padding that was in the diaper, with there being a purple rectangle in the middle, which looked like it would start where her bladder would release itself.

Loba then placed the diaper back on the table, taking out a few wipes before moving her hands towards Wattson.

“You ready” Loba asked, Wattson nodding, not wanting to say she was ready to be diapered

Wattson wanted to be diapered, she didn’t knows why, she could of refused the offer for a diaper, taking a spare pair of sweats or a skirt in order to leave. But there was a part of her that wanted this, she wanted to be taken care of, she wanted to wear a diaper, however, was still on the fence on whether she wanted to use them, since she didn’t have an idea about how it would feel, and didn’t plan on messing her diaper even if she did use it, not liking the idea of a solid clump of mess to be at the back of her diaper.

Loba then started to clean around Watsons vulva, making sure to be slow, trying not to make her uncomfortable. Once she cleaned her vulva she moved to the area around it, cleaning the inner thighs, as well as giving a slight wipe to where her pubes should be, with Wattson keeping them shaved, since she found them uncomfortable in certain activities. Loba then threw the wipe in the bin, before picking up the diaper holding it in one hand, taking Wattsons legs, lifting them up and sliding the diaper under Wattson.

Wattson then felt the padding of the diaper under her, she was amazed at how soft it felt, with the cold, plasticity feeling of the changing table going completely disappearing. Loba then lifted her Wattsons legs again, this time placing a booster pad in Wattsons diaper. Wattson then felt the padding that was added to her already padded surface, now not being able to feel the changing table even a slight bit.

Loba then pulled up the front of Wattsons diaper, with it reaching to her belly button. Loba then began to tape the bottom two tapes of the diaper, holding the front with her other hand. Loba then taped the bottom tapes of the diaper before letting go of the front, the tapes now being able to support the front of the diaper without Loba holding it. Loba then grabbed the top tapes, taping them onto the padding once again, this time with them reaching slightly further than the bottom tapes.

Wattson could now feel the sides of the diaper hugging against her, with the padding pushing at her front. Wattson then sat up, sliding to the side with surprising ease, since she was now sliding on the plasticity surface of her diaper rather than her skin.

Wattson then lifted herself off the changing table, with Loba grabbing her now diapered behind as she did.

“So, how is it” Loba asked

“It’s amazing” Wattson said, with the diaper feeling better than anything that she had worn before. “I didnt think it would be this good”

“So, me and Valk were going to head to a daycare, your welcome to come along” Loba said going to her bag, taking out some clothes, and holding them in her hands.

“Wouldnt someone see” Wattson asked “And arent daycares for children”

“Well, ye but they allow adults in, it’s more of just a room that you can book” Loba said “Oh, and I have a stroller you can use”

“But, mommy that’s mine” Valk exclaimed

“Now, do you want a spanking” Loba said “You have to share little one”

“Sorry mommy” Valk said

“Its fine” Loba said

“Oh, I don’t really want to” Wattson said

“That’s fine” Loba said “Now wait here and i’ll go get it”

Loba then walked out of the room, telling Wattson to get dressed as she did.

“So, how are you” Wattson asked Valk

“I’m fine” Valk said

“Well look, it’s strange for me that my mommy is taking care of someone else but it’s fine I guess” Valk said “Why don’t go in the stroller, you don’t even have to get dressed”

“Oh, well sure ye” Wattson said

Loba then walked back in the room, pushing the stroller in as she did.

“I thought I told you to get ready” Loba said “I expected you to be the angel”

“Mommy I told her not” Valk said “Shed going in the stroller”

“Oh, that’s great,” Loba said “Hop in”

Wattson then walked over to the stroller, hearing her diaper crinkle as she did.

Once she made it to the stroller Loba grabbed Wattson by her behind, lifting her up as Wattson scrambled into the stroller. Once she was in her knees were only slightly up, with most of her body being exposed

“Won’t someone see me in this” Wattson asked

“Not when I do this,” Loba said, pulling the top of the stroller over, Wattson now not able to see anything apart from the canvas cover of the stroller.

“Off we go” Loba said, Wattson feeling the stroller move as she did, a mix of excitement and nerves following as it did…

Would love to hear some feedback on how the story is so far, and other parts should be coming very soon.


So this is just a (Very) Short chapter about Loba telling Lifeline about Wattson and Valk wearing diapers.

Ajay - Lifeline
Kairi - Valk
Natalie - Wattson
(I had to look Valks name up to be completely honest)

“Oh, Ajay” Loba said “I need to ask you something”

“Of course, what’s up” Lifeline said, slowing her pace to allow Loba to catch up to her.

“Erm, well you know Kairi and Natile” Loba said, feeling strange telling someone else about their secrets, despite the fact she had both of their blessings “Well, they wear diapers, and I was just wondering if we could add some stuff to the medical room to help”

“Oh, right” Lifeline said “Can I ask why they wear diapers”

“It’s, a relationship thingy” Loba said, not wanting to come out and tell Lifeline all about their BDSM aspects

“Oh, i gotcha,” Lifeline said “Well look, i’ll get them to add a changing table, and I’ll get each of the a diaper cubaord”

“Thanks for this” Loba said

“It’s fine, and they’re always welcome to come to me if they need any help with it” Lifeline said “Look, can i ask you something”

“of course” Loba said

“What is this relationship thing” Lifeline said

“Are you asking if you can go out with one of them” Loba asked

“Kinda” Lifeline said “I know you and Kairi are dating but what about Nat”

“Well, you’ll be competing with others,” Loba said “She’s Polly so your all good on that front”

“Oh, that’s good” Lifeline said “So, why don’t you send me over an order list and i’ll get it all set up for you”

“Can I ask a favor?” Loba said “can you put a changing table in my room as well”

“Oh, you wear diapers as well” Lifeline said, not expecting Loba to also wear them

“No, no,” Loba said giggling “It’s for them two” She continued

“Yes of course I can” Lifeline said

Lifeline then walked away, with Loba walking the other way, heading back to her room, where Wattson and Lifeline were waiting, Loba assuming that at least one of them would need a change.

Loba then walked back into her room, seeing Valk and Wattson on the floor, both of them only wearing a t-shirt and a diaper.

“How did it go” Wattson asked

“It went well” Loba said “So she getting a changing table in my room and in the medical room, as well a diaper cupboard for both of you”

“That’s great” Valk said, looking up from the toys that she was playing with

“And she said that you can go to her for a change if you need it” Loba said

“étonnant” Wattson said, going back to playing with Valk on the floor…


Feedback :slight_smile:
Its a very good story so far and i would love to see it continued.
only problem was i think there was a few typos idk tho im dyslexic.
Anyway very good cant wait for a continuation!

Sorry for how long this has been left, my laptop broke, which had all of the future stories as well as info which i couldn’t recover :frowning: .

I’m working on new ideas at the moment, and writing more but have a pretty nasty infection on my finger which means typing is much harder then before. But i’ll try my best to continue. Thanks for all the support, and keep on giving ,me advice to become a better writer!

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Hii, sorry for the wait but here’s a shortish chapter for Lifelines intro the diapers.

Lifeline walked into the medical room, seeing Wattson and Valk on the changing tables that had been placed for them. Lifeline walked past smiling at all three, asking them if they need any help with changing.

“Oh, don’t worry Ajay, I can deal with these two all by myself” Loba said, her usual assertive tone. “But these changing tables that you put in are incredible”

“I’m glad you’s like them” Lifeline said, walking past as she seen the full diaper that Wattson was in, with the once white padding going a yellow tinge, the back having an unmistakable bulge pushing on her diaper. “Loba, are you sure you don’t want me to change this one, she looks a little figidity”

“If your ok with that” Loba said

“Of course i am” Lifeline said “I’m a medic, and it won’t the first time i’ve dealt with a messy diaper”

Lifeline then began walking over to Wattson, smiling at her as she did. Lifeline then took the diaper that was lain next to her, unfolding it before fluffing the diaper up before placing it down. Lifeline then moved over to the clearly used diaper that Wattson was wearing, undoing the top two tapes before doing the same to the bottom two tapes, hearing the velcro of the diapers rip each time. Once the diaper fell in the front of Wattson Lifeline was able to see the mess that she had deposited in her diaper. Lifeline then started to clean Wattsons mess, lifting up her legs before taking a few wipes, making sure to wipe front to back taking off the slighty spreaded mess.

Once Lifeline had cleared the mess of off Wattson she began to place her into a fresh diaper. Lifeline took the diaper that she had fluffed up, placing it under Wattson before taking a look at the girls face, seeing her lighty smiling.

Lifeline thought to herself, did she want that? Did she want to wear diapers? She didn’t understand why she wanted to wear one? Why was she even thinking about it? After all there was nothing wrong with her, she didn’t want to be treat like a baby, at least not in the way Wattson and Valk where.

Lifeline stopped, pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind before going back to changing Wattsons diaper. Lifeline grabbed the powder from the bottom of the changing table, sprinkling it onto Wattson; rubbing it in, leaving her skin coated in a thin layer of a white powder.

Lifeline then began pulling the diaper up towards Wattson’s stomach, doing the bottom two tapes up before doing the same to the top. Lifeline then scooped Wattson up, placing her on the floor before taking the oneise that had been picked for her, pulling it over Wattons head, crouching down to do up the buttons at the bottom.

“All done there” Lifeline said “Does it fit ok?”

“Yep, thanks for that” Wattson said

“Don’t stress it, i’m always here to help” Lifeline said “Oh, and Loba try not leave them in a dirty diaper for to long, it’s not good for them”

“I’ll make sure I do” Loba said, walking with Valk towards Wattson “Now lets go you to”

The 3 left, leaving only Lifeline in the medical room. Lifeline breifly went over to the diaper cupboard, looking over the masses of diapers that filled the cupboard. Lifeline ran her hand down them, feeling the plasticy, then cloth like padding as she did. She gave a slight thought about taking one, but decided against it, thinking someone might see her if she did.

Lifeline then took her seat at the back of the room, sitting on her phone; putting her legs up onto her table before scrolling for what felt like hours.

Scroll… Scroll… Scroll… That’s all she did for the rest of her night, no one came in, and she didn’t leave.

Lifeline then looked at her phone, seeing that the clock was past 11pm. Lifeline then got up, leaving out of the back door, leaving the front one open. Lifeline then went to her room, lying on her bed before flicking on her TV.

Lifeline then lay back, her mind wandering back to diapers. She couldn’t get her mind off them, everytime she tried to think about something else her mind lead back to diapers.

After a few hours of trying to take her mind of off “Alternate underwear” she gave up.

Lifeline stood up off her bed, walking out of her door before heading to the medical room, going through the front, heading towards the Wattson’s diaper cupboard, opening the front before looking at the plethra of diapers that lay infront of her. There was what felt like 1000s of paterns to choice from. Lifeline then took a glance around, making sure that no one was around her before taking out a few diapers not bothering to look at which ones she picked.

Lifeline then belined towards the backdoor, attempting to open it, with the door not budging. Lifeline then turned back, her breathing increasing as she did. Lifeline then began walking to the front enterance, getting past the two changing tables that lay next to one another before looking towards the door, seeing Wattson walk in.

Lifeline froze, she was caught. She was caught stealing diapers of all things. She could of asked for them, she could of just ordered her own diapers, but no. She decided that she needed to take them.

“Wha… What are you doing” Wattson asked, the same expression that Lifelin had plastered apon her face.

Lifeline couldn’t respond. What was she meant to say, there was nothing she could.

“Why do you have my diapers” Wattson asked, asking more in confusion than anything else.

“I… I just wanted to try them” Lifeline said, breaking down as she did, tears begining to fall down her face.

Wattson began walking towards Lifeline who by this point had dropped the diaper onto the table next to the changing table.

Wattson then began hugging Lifeline, holding her tight as she did.

“Why didn’t you just tell me” Wattson asked “I’d always love someone else who wears” She continued, still hugging Lifeline.

“I… I was worried” Lifeline said “I just don’t want people to know”

“Well people don’t have to” Wattson said “It can be our little secret”

Wattson then let go, grabbing Lifelines hands as she smiled at her.

“Thank you” Lifeline said “Anyway’s it looks like you need a new diaper”

“That’s why I came” Wattson said “Why don’t we change eachother”

Lifeline smiled, walking to the door Wattson walked in, pressing a button on the side with the sliding door shutting as she did.

“You first” Wattson said, her face smiling from end to end as she did.

Lifeline smiled back, her face matching the same type of excitement that Wattson felt, a slight bit of aprhension following.

Lifeline then lay on the changing table, tensing and re-tensing her hands as Wattson began unfolding the diaper she was about to wear. Wattson then began taking off Lifelines joggers, exposing the satin panties she was wearing. Lifeline then closed her eyes as Wattson began sliding the panties down.
It was strange, she had seen Wattson naked near 100 times in a few weeks, but once the role was reversed she was unable to even open her eyes, she wasn’t able to even accept what was happening.

She didn’t get it, she was a doctor, she knew the intimate health details of nearly every other competitor, she had changed diapers on Wattson before, but she didn’t like the idea of being on the other side of it. She have never understood this about herself, she hated going to the doctor, hated other people seeing her.

But she wasn’t hating this, she was embarassed, ashamed but someone she felt safe. She simultaionusly felt ashamed and scared, while feeling safe and comfortable.

Once Wattson had taken of her panties Lifeline opened her eyes, seeing Wattson begining to fluff up the diaper she was about to place under Lifeline.

Wattson then began lifting Lifelines legs; placing the diaper under her behind. Lifeline was now fully exposed, the most intimate parts of her on display and she was fine.

Wattson then began lifting Lifelines legs, placing the now fluffed diaper under her. Once the diaper was now under Lifeline Wattson grabbed a bottle of powder, sprinkling it over her before rubbing it in.

Once Lifeline had a thin coating of powder Wattson grabbed the front of the diaper, pulling it to Lifelines stomach before pulling one of the bottom tapes, taping it as Lifeline was looking straight up, still to scared to look at herself being diapered.

Wattson then did the other bottom tape, before doing the same to the top tape. Lifeline was now diapered, in a day she had went from wishing she could be the one to have a diaper being changed. She didn’t move once she had a diaper on. She was still figuring out what happened.

She was confused, it felt like it was over before it started. Changing a diaper was different, she thought it was long at times, but this wasn’t it was different.

After a few moments lifeline stood up of the changing table, feeling every crevase and crinkle of the diaper as she moved. It was amazing, she could feel the padding strapped around her, with every step she felt the diaper crinkle on her.

“So how is it” Wattson said

“It’s… It’s strange” Lifeline said, rubbing her hands along the plastic outer of the diaper “But…I li”

Lifeline stopped, she didn’t want to say that she liked diaper.

“You can say you like it” Wattson said “It’s just us”
“Sorry, I’ve just never said it before” Lifeline said

“It’s ok” Wattson said “Can i have a change?”

“Of course” Lifeline said, still distracted by her new found padding

Wattson then undid the bottom buttons of her onesie, jumping up onto the changing table. Lifeline then walked over, slighting giggling at the irony of changing someones diaper after being put in one before releasing the this would most likely become a regular thing.

Lifeline then began changing Wattson, undoing the tapes on her diaper before letting it fall infront of Wattson. Lifeline then took the other diaper that she had took taken, unfolding it before before placing it next to the other changing supplies that Wattson had placed on the small connecting table.

Lifeline then took the soaked diaper from under Wattson, balling it up before placing it in the pail. Lifeline then took a few wipes before cleaning Wattson, making sure to clean the excess urine that was on her skin. Lifeline then slid the diaper under Wattson before placing powder over her, making sure to spread it around as she did.

Lifeline the pulled the diaper up towards Wattson’s stomach, doing the bottom tapes before doing the same to top two.

Once Wattson was fully diapered she lifted herself down from the changing table standing next to Lifelinek, both of them wearing the same diaper.

“Why don’t you take some to your room” Wattson said

“I’d rather not be caught” Lifeline said

“Just go through the back” Wattson said

“It’s locked, i left my keys in my room” Lifeline said

“Wait here” Wattson said as she walked over to the door, going over to the electrcal lock that held the door shut, opening it before placing two of the wires against one another, a small spark appearing before the door flew opened.

“Wha… How?” Lifeline asked

“Simple, I built it” Wattson said

Wattson and Lifeline then both smiled at one another before walking over to the diaper cupboard.

“Your choice” Wattson said, smiling at Lifeline

“I don’t know, is there a difference” Lifeline asked

“Not really some are thicker and hold more” Wattson said “And some are thinner and more discreet but hold less”

“So which ones should I take” Lifeline asked

“Take these” Wattson said handing Lifeline a packet of thicker diapers as well as a packet of smaller ones.

Lifeline then took the two packs of diapers, with Wattson taking some changing supplies before walking back towards Lifelines room.

Lifeline began walking to her room, with each step increasing her anexity, the combined crinkle of both Wattsons and her own diaper being the only thing she was able to think of. Lifeline then made it to her room, placing the diapers onto her bed as she did.

“Where should I put them” Lifeline asked

“Well, No one should come in your room so it’s up to you” Wattson said as she placed the changing supplies next to the diapers.

Lifeline then took the diapers, placing them in her cupboard before doing the same to the changing supplies…