Any stories where it's normal to wear diapers?

I’ve been looking for stories where it’s normal to wear diapers, so I’m wondering if you people know any.


Oh yeah, that would be nice to see!


I wrote this one a while back: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

This is a story I wrote a while back where it’s normal for young adults to still be in diapers.

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I like this sort of story, so here’s a bunch I had bookmarked:

This one has girls wear diapers until post-puberty.
Developmental Biology

This one is a series of very short articles/stories from the start of normalization to society afterwards.
The Bibliography

This one has diapers normalized in the background, but focuses on a small group where it isn’t normal. Incomplete/dead.
Weapons with Hearts

This one has diapers becoming normalized for adults due to everyone starting to wear what is effectively power armor. Incomplete/dead.

Here’s a trio of short stories set in the same universe where normalization is quickly advancing
The evolving diaper revolution
The Diaper Boom
The Scent
Also in that universe is a choose your own adventure thing, IDK if it really counts but figure I might as well include, is permanently incomplete by its very format.
CYOA thing

This one has a crash normalization occurring due to basically mass mind-control.
Schoolgirls in Pampers

This is a pair of stories involving a world with semi-normalized AB.
That kind of story
Chasing Idols

A teenage romance story in another puberty potty training world, about a girl who’s training late:
The Greatest Milestone

Here’s a short one, where males stop wearing after puberty but females continue.
Padded and Pampered - Advice Column

There was also one Harry Potter fanfic that I liked which had normalization for all females, but checking the link it seems it’s been removed. If anyone has a copy to send to me that’d be appreciated. It used to be here: Hermione Granger Is Toilet-Trained!

This one is a girl who inserted into a normalized world
Nano’s Enchantment


I really like these, I do some shorter stories like this on my tumblr, along with some photoshops and pics.

Is there any chance of you continuing your goodnite zone series?

Like I’ve said in my recent posts I’ve been a bit busy recently, but I wouldn’t rule out the idea of continuing it. I kinda started out with the goodnite zone before I made photoshops, but then I got into making photoshops and had a lot of fun doing those, but I definitely think the goodnite zone is still a cool somewhat original idea, and I still have a rough idea of where I was going with that story. Glad you like it though! If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it.

Oh god, Weapons with Hearts. Can’t believe people still remember it after so how long it’s been since it died. Nearly forgot about it myself, but now I’m remembering all these concepts I had in mind for later developments. Seems like a fun general premise to come back to one day, though a lot would have to change. For now though, I’ve got enough projects as is lol


I, too, wish to see the Hermione Granger one.

wrote a story called Shady Grove have no idea where you would find it working on getting a floppy drive to see if I have it

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Reviving this thread.

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I think Elfy thought you were gone completely… You can find shady grove here where she’s posted some of your works she didn’t want to see lost. Shady Grove. by Kenk7us - Elfen Lied - Wattpad

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I suppose this is a bit self serving, but my story “Tested” involves a girl being sent to a world where its normal for people to wear diapers into their mid twenties, with some going longer or permanent depending on their performance in tests. “Made to be Broken” is set in the same world with people who were raised in it and think of it as “normal” and consider the reverse strange.

i would really love to read a story like that

Might as well include a few more stories:

I’ll repeat Felix_Lewis’s recommendation for his own
Weaponised Incontinence in a World of Late Bloomers
Teen romance and drama in a world of late potty training, and an exploration of the world as a whole.
There’s also Weaponised Incontinence: University Days, The start of a sequel that he sadly dropped.

Scifi, robots do everything and human jobs are social clubs now. More and more are starting to have the robots handle other things too…

The Way to New Eden
Scifi, one man’s journey into an increasingly popular AB cult with robot caretakers. Complete.

The Greatest Milestone
Teen romance, late training but the protagonist is particularly late amongst her classmates. Complete.

Diaper Day
School life for teens in a late training world.

The Strange /Aco/unts of Mr. Doe
A guy from an ultra-advanced society and his built-in AI is “exiled” to a world like ours… that also has a bunch of AB stuff. Has some spanking. Periodically there’s a set of options, one of which is selected for the story to continue with.

I know this is an old thread but I thought of one just don’t remember the name so maybe someone else will recognize it. It may already be named and I just don’t recognize it. There was a story I read somewhere about diapers being normal and they were quite advanced, but wearing socks was not normal.

Pretty sure that story was by @Vearynope

Edit: is this is it @AdultInnocence?

I missed the edit. Yes that would be the one.