Another one.

Yes well as far as some of the intro’s I’ve read go this will be pretty short.

I decided to join this forum after I started my most recent story ((Which took some boredom, peer pressure, and an idea))

Well, I mostly hail from what was FTT, which has now sunk very low IMO. Shrug It’s my home site though, so I’ll stick around for a few more months at least.

Anyway, As far as diapers go, I’m strictly DL, no special add-ons or labels. PLain as can be.

I enjoy writing, and plan on making a career of it one day. Untill recently(Today) I’ve never mixed being a DL and being a writer. Then again, the last few months I haven’t written at all.

In summary, plain guy, likes to write, is a DL.

Pleasure to meet you all by the way.


Another one.


I got nothin.


Another one.

hello and welcome

Another one.

Welcome to the forums.

Another one.

I love Baldur’s Gate.

Another one.

Hamsters from outer space always kick ass.

Another one.

Of course they do.

And one named Boo given to a half-crazy ranger/berserker byElminster is even better.

Another one.

And the hot girls…

And awesome plot.

And the fact that it was user friendly.