annoying customers

I have a parttime job working with my brother at a computer shop.

I was trouble shooting a PC a customer had us build for her.

She wasn’t an unintelligible person from her dress, and vocabulary I assume.

She was asking if she had a problem with her “Cable Card” network card.

I did a diagnostics on it, and found nothing wrong.

I did a loop back test and the NIC she had worked.

She asked me where to buy get real internet from if her internet isn’t working.

Oddest question I have ever been asked by a seemingly intelligible person.

Real internet?!

EDIT: She brought the pc back to us because she thought there was a problem with it.

annoying customers

I am used to net outages using satellite so I am assuming she was using a satellite with a router/modem.

annoying customers

Trust me, intelligence isn’t the best indication that an individual is computer literate.

A while back, I did system support for an office full of aerospace engineers. These folks were intelligent, no question about that. Unfortunately, only one out of ten had the slightest bit of common sense.

I would get calls that a monitor or printer didn’t work. Eight out of ten times, it wasn’t plugged into the wall outlet.

There were many more calls about windows not working the way it should. One couldn’t figure out where his CAD drawing went. I asked him if it was minimized on the task bar, and he said (and I’m serious), “What’s minimize?” This is a gentleman that had been doing CAD drawings for years. I guess he only ever worked in one window at a time.

Had another one that just HAD to go in and “fix” the system I put in place for them. Believe me, it cost them more than two grand for me to come back and “fix it” again. This was a server, and the guy had no reason to be messing with it at all. Essentially killed the PDC and put them out of business for a day (I hadn’t gotten the BDC up yet). Three days later, the servers were locked in a closet with only two people holding the key, and neither were engineers.

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annoying customers

Why should intelligence be an indicator of computer literacy?

Knowledge in specific areas and intelligence are almost entirely distinct.

annoying customers

Was she maybe trying to access wireless internet in a non-wireless internet area?

Oh…and there is a type of internet connection called Real Net.

annoying customers

Jaks: I did not know that I learned something today.

annoying customers

i had a customer come into me once and was asking me about a certain game. she had no idea what the game was or what type of game it even was. after a few questions she told me she thought it was a soccer game. i was attending the till so i told her to check if it was pro evolution soccer, and told her it was number six in the chart. the way our chart was made up the numbers were inserts in empty dvd cases. so she goes over to the box with six indicated on it and picks it up for closer inspection. after about 2 minuts of inspecting she decides she is in over her head and gives up. now i dont think there is an excuse for that type of idiocy

annoying customers

Funny how stupid people can be. Often people misread my posts ignoring my words like for example aspies are literal but yet they still can’t understand simple English so when I say “lot of men bla bla bla” They still think I am implying all men when I say “lot of men.” Where is their literal thinking lol? I even get that stupidity from regular people too because they ignore the words I use as if there is a double meaning in there.

annoying customers

I think you’re confusing ignorance with stupidity. This woman didn’t lnow anything about games and came to you with a question. Perhaps if someone (not necessarily you; any sales person would have done) had taken the time to educate her your store might have gained a customer. Chances are, she wasn’t stupid, she just didn’t know enough about the different game systems to make an intelligent purchase.

Lack of knowledge is not the same as stupidity.

annoying customers

i think you mis understood me, what i exactly said to her was i think its pro evolution soccer, its number six in the chart there. she went over to the chart and picked up a box with a number six on it and nothing else looked at it and was like no and left, although she did come back later when the store was less busy and we helped her better then but still you may know nothing about consoles and games and the like but to not understand how a chart works is really stupid imo

annoying customers

From the way you describe it, you told her what she wanted was the box with number six on it. So she did what you told her to and it obviously wasn’t what she wanted, since she put it back and left. You don’t describe exactly what you mean by your chart system well enough for me to visualize it so it’s hard for me to judge this woman as stupid.

annoying customers

really? are you serious? i give her the name of the game and tell her where to find it. apart from physicaly giving her the game which at the time was impossible, there was no more anyone could do. that woman was a tit

annoying customers

Just assume she was stupid and move on: people are usually stupid.