Anna's Baby

Anna’s Baby

Part I

Anna Petrovana was borne in Leningrad to a prominent family in the communist party. As she grew she herself joined the party and attended the University in Moscow. Shortly before she graduated she was approached by a family friend and recruited into the illustrious KGB. She was trained in torture, along with her training she used the skills as a biochemist and psychologist to further advance the communist cause. In 1991 she was 39 years old when the bottom was fell out of her universe. The Berlin Wall fell and her own government was on the verge of collapse.

To avoid any retaliation from her countrymen she fled with a horde of wealth she had stashed. The money and jewelry were taken from many of her hapless victims. From Moscow she traveled to Switzerland. There she discovered that she could make an excellent living as a dominatrix. Anna was about forty but she looked 25 at the most, she had long brown hair, blue eyes, and a figure that made most men’s mouths drop to the floor once they saw her. The local johns real seem to enjoy her thick Russian accent and would come back to her time after time no matter what torture she inflicted on them. She had toned herself down from her past style but torture was torture, only now it was sexual and guys came requesting it.

After three years as a practicing Dom. Anna felt that there was something missing in her life. She had money, an excellent home and any material possession one could ask for. After a great deal of soul searching she came to one conclusion. Anna wanted a child. When she was in Russia she had no problem conceiving, but each time had an abortion because having a young child and being in the KGB did not mix.

The next day Anna saw a fertility specialist and after many test it was discovered that she was unable to carry a child. Anna was crushed. She asked if there were any doctors who could help her. Her doctor said he knew of a doctor in the US who might be able to help her. During this time the American Company Merck had approached her and offered her a job as a research chemist. One week later she obtained a Visa and was allowed to immigrate as a biochemist to the United States.

She arrived at O’Hare International Airport late Monday night. After going to her hotel she tided herself and the next morning she was sitting in another fertility specialist office. Dr. Rarden examined her and ran more tests than the Swiss doctor, but unfortunately she received the same answer. Anna left the doctors office very depressed. She had wanted to start her new life in this new country with a family. Now she could not, at least she still had her job.

Anna started at the research lab working on anti-psychotics she then branched into developing hypnotics (sleeping pills.) Her boss and co-workers were quite impressed with her knowledge and strong work ethic. But Anna was used to a certain life style and her job did not allow for the cash she had overseas. So one month after being in the US she was again working as a dominatrix. During the day she was a research chemist at night she became Mistress Anna. Again she was successful even here in the US the guy liked her accent and style of torture. Anna soon had a condo on the shores of Lake Michigan in one of the more affluent neighborhoods of Chicago.

From her five-bedroom condo she could run her nighttime business with no questions asked. It was there that she met Daniel. Daniel was an about 20-ish male, very boyish in appearance. They had first met in the elevator and they had seen each other in communal areas of the complex. He seemed nice enough but every time Anna talked to him he acted as if he was hiding something. On several occasions she had secretly noticed that before he took his laundry to the laundry room he would look out into the hall, if some one was seen he could go back into his condo. Anna’s interests were piqued and she just had to know his secret.

One night Anna secretly followed him to the laundry room. She saw him quickly empty his basket into the machine and then stand guard over the machine as it washed. She wondered what was so valuable that you would wash and guard? She conceived upon a plan, she would get inside Daniel’s home and find out. She had heard that Daniel designed commercial web pages, so using the farce that she wanted a web page made she approached him.

She met him that morning in the elevator and asked if he did design web pages. He said yes and is there some reason why she was asking him this. She said that she would like some help in making one for her side business. Daniel was more than happy to agree. They agreed upon a dinner date that night at Daniel’s apartment. That day at the lab Anna made from memory and her tattered KGB issue notes book three drugs. One was a strong hypnotic agent, it also cause a short-term amnesia. The second was a medication that made the affected individual respond to suggestion with out question. Her final medication was a truth serum. After tucking these three potions into the pocket of her lab coat she was ready for dinner.

Anna wore a tight fitting black dress that accentuated her features in her purse she carried the potions. Daniel answered the door and almost forgot why she came but then he quickly invited her in. “Is dinner ready?” She asked in a sultry voice.

“Yea, I mean yes,” Daniel stuttered. “Please have a seat.” “Would you like a drink the bar is by the bookshelf.” She poured herself some vodka and asked if Daniel would like something as well.

“Scotch and soda please,” Daniel called from inside the kitchen. She poured his drink and added the hypnotic agent. She then set the drinks down and examined his place. He had four rooms all seem normal except one of the bedrooms was securely locked with a large pad lock.

Before she could ask what was in it Daniel arrived with their food. The dinner was excellent as they talked she noticed Daniel seemed to be getting sleepier and sleepier until he slumped over the table. Anna quickly got up and removed his keys. She then walked over to the locked room and opened it.

When she opened it she was amazed. This 25-year-old entrepreneur had a fully stocked nursery with everything to scale. She smiled with joy; “I can have a baby!”

She moved Daniel into the nursery and quickly placed him on the changing table. She undressed him and redressed him in diapers, plastic pants, and a cute nursery print T-shirt. From there she moved him into the high chair, and gave him the suggestive agent. “Daniel, you are MY Baby.” “You will do everything I say.” “You will use your diapers, and you will act like the baby I’ve always wanted.” “You will work when I say you can work, and you will please me when I want to be pleased.” “Do you understand?” “There is nothing you can do to fight this and you will have no memory of how this has come about.” “To you, you got drunk and told me everything, and I agreed to be your Mommy.”

Daniel looked at Anna and said, “Yes Mommy.”

She then gave him the truth serum and asked, “How long have you been a baby Dan-Dan.”

“Since I was 18,” he mumbled.

“And why didn’t you tell your Mommy?”

“'Cause I was scared.”

“Oh baby shouldn’t be scared of Mommies, Mommies are here to take care of babies.” She cooed. “Now Mommy’s going to give you a ba-ba with some medicine in it and baby will feel better, Okay Dan-Dan.”

“Yes Mommy,” he replied.

She quickly placed a bottle nipple in his mouth and he began to suckle. The bottle contained a muscle relaxant, diuretic, laxative, and the rest of the suggestive agent and the antidote for the hypnotic. Anna knew that once the bottle was finished he was firmly hers. Daniel had become Baby Dan-Dan, Anna’s Baby.

Part II

Daniel awoke the next day with quite a headache. He opened his eyes to find that there were now bars over his crib and he was locked in. On his hands were a pair or thumbless mittens. As he moved around he noticed one more thing, his diapers were a total mess. His mind thought, “What the hell happened?” But when he finally opened his mouth all he could do is cry.

Anna quickly came, “Oh is my baby finally awake?” “Yes he is.”

Anna unlocked the top of the crib and helped Daniel out. “Ewe!” “Baby is really smelly this morning.” “Time for tubbies, come on.”

Daniel tried to walk and found that he was very wobbly, dropping to his knees he crawled into the bathroom. Anna removed his T-shirt. “Now lay down Baby Dan-Dan, so I can take off your dirty didee.” She removed his diaper and wrinkled her nose, “oh what a messy baby you are.” Daniel looked down to find his entire lower region once covered by his diapers was coated in poop. This has never happened before, he thought. Anna cleaned him and helped him into the bathtub. She wasted no time and began to wash her baby clean. After that she took him back into the nursery and laid him on the changing table. With speed and skill she quickly had him fastened down. “Now Mommy needs to get rid of this nasty hair so baby doesn’t get diaper rash.” Anna then shaved off his pubic hairs and diapered Daniel. After she unfastened him she said, “Arms up the baby-sitter will be here soon.”

Babysitter? Daniel thought, I must have lost my mind. Again he opened his mouth, “Mama, not sit.” This was about the extent of his vocabulary.

“Its okay Natasha will take good care of you.” “Mama has to work.”

Again he tried to speak, “Ma ma, Dan-Dan, big boy.”

“Yes BABY Dan-Dan is big but babies need to be looked after. I don’t want to come home and find that baby’s got hurt.” “Don’t worry Nana Natasha will take good care of you you’ll see, I’m sure you’ll have fun.”

Daniel was now dressed in a T-shirt and romper with snaps in the crotch. “Come on time for breakfast.” Anna lead a Daniel crawled after her into the kitchen. There she had a bowl of oatmeal waiting for him and two baby bottles of milk and one of juice. She helped him into the high chair and after strapping him in attached the tray and tied a bib around his neck. “Now let’s open wide like a good boy here comes the airplane.” Daniel was quickly fed the cereal; after he was done Anna guided him into his playpen and gave him his first bottle of milk. “Now drink it all gone. Mama’s going to get dressed for work.” Anna then turned on the morning cartoons. As she left she turned on a baby monitor that was located near the playpen. Daniel lay on his back watching cartoons and drinking his bottle. He had very little memory of the evening before activities or how Anna became his Mommy, but he had to admit he was happy.

As he finished the first bottle Anna and another women entered. “BABY DAN-DAN, this is Nana Natasha, she is your baby-sitter.” “Behave and have fun I’ll see you when I get home.” Anna then kissed Daniel on the cheek and left for work.

Natasha was a six foot tall blonde, she had an awesome figure and large breasts. In other times Daniel might have been prone to make a pass at her but now, now he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to cry. Natasha noticed the change in his expression and hugged him. “It’s okay baby, Mamma’s coming back, until then let’s finish our bottle.” Natasha then gave Daniel his second bottle of milk, this one contain the same medication cocktail as he was given last night. As he nursed Natasha held him and hummed a lullaby.

Daniel didn’t feel as bad now but still was unsure of what to do. As he was being held he realized that he was wetting his diapers. Now this really concerned him. Never before had he wet without some conscious effort. After the last drop of milk was emptied form his bottle he was given a bottle of prune juice. This he drank without any reservation, strange because he had always hated prune juice. As he finished the last of the bottle of prune juice it took effect and soon he had a warm sticky load sitting in the back of his diapers. Normally he never pooped his diapers, but now for some unforeseen reason he didn’t care. When Natasha entered the living room from the kitchen she smelled the problem. “Did baby go poopy in his diapers?”

To his own surprise he said, “No Nana.”

“Well we’ll just see about this,” Natasha said as she looked down the back of his diapers. Suddenly he felt a sudden swat to his diapered backside. The sound made him jump. “Babies shouldn’t lie to their Nannies.” Natasha opened the playpen and had him crawl into the bedroom. “Up now,” she said as she helped him on to the changing table. As he sat he felt the mess spread out and all he could do is smile, as he now again felt himself wetting his diapers. Natasha opened the crotch snaps on his romper, and felt the front of his diapers. “Is baby done, going potty.”

“Yes Nana,” he said.

“Baby likes his wet, messy diapers doesn’t he.” Daniel just nodded. “I know baby’s little friend is all hard.” As she strapped him to the changing table she rubbed and massaged the outside of his diapers. Suddenly he came and felt wave after wave of pleasure as his erection exploded in his diapers and he further messed his pants.

As he was recovering Natasha had cleaned him and was putting a clean diaper under his butt end. Before he knew it he was again diapered and having a pair of nursery print plastic pants pulled over his diapers. “Now that baby is clean he can go back to playing in his playpen.” He again was lead to his playpen and given some stuffed animal to play with as Natasha closed the side.

Part III

Daniel’s first morning as a real baby went by fairly uneventfully. The mittens were removed from his hands. He played with his toys and watched Nickelodeon’s, Nick Junior. The more he used his diapers the more natural it felt. By lunchtime he was unknowing wetting and messing his pants without any reservation at all, it just seemed normal.

When lunchtime came Natasha led him back to his highchair and fed him lunch. “Dan-Dan since you’ve been such a good baby, Nana Natasha is going to take you to the park.” “Would Dan-Dan like that?”

Daniel did know what to do or say. Fear shot down his spine he’d be out in public as a baby. What would the people who know him say? He was powerless to stop it panic built up inside him. Suddenly he found himself crying. Natasha again comforted him, “It’s okay baby, no one will hurt you.” “I know you’ll feel better once you’re outside playing in the sandbox at the park.” “Just you wait here in the playpen and I’ll be right back.” Natasha then left the room, when she came back she was pushing an adult sized stroller. This wasn’t part of his collection.

“Look what Mommy bought for you, isn’t it great?” “Now let me pack your diaper bag and well be going.” She went into the nursery and came back with an oversized nursery print diaper bag. This she hung on the back of the stroller and they were off.

She pushed Daniel to the elevator and once on the ground floor she took him out the side entrance that lead to a local park. It was a Monday afternoon and there were very few people around. As Natasha was pushing him to one of the lesser used sand boxed to play, Daniel noticed several women with their own children laughing at him. Daniel was feeling very uneasy and when he was pushed over a rather bumpy part of the sidewalk he filled his diapers.

Before they got to the sandbox they passed a mother and her little girl. The child was about four. She said, “Mommy look at the funny man dressed like a baby.” After they were passed the little girl said, “it smells like that big baby pooped in his diapers.” Daniel was humiliated beyond belief and started to cry. Natasha heard this a quickly pushed him over to a bench near the sandbox.

“It’s okay baby,” Natasha assured him as she placed a pacifier in his mouth. Natasha then took from the diaper bag the changing pad and laid it on the bench. She helped him out of the stroller and laid him on the pad and unsnapped the crotch in his romper. “Oh, did baby messed his didees again?” she cooed. She then removed his messy diaper and placed it in a bag she took from the diaper bag. She then took several baby wipes and cleaned his smelly bottom. “Tushie up,” she said as she place a clean dry diaper underneath him. Soon he was re-diapered and ready to play in the sandbox with the toys Nana Natasha had brought along. He had a pail, shovel, and tucks. He turned his attention to his toys rather than the fact that he had just had his diapers changed in full public view.

As Natasha sat watching, another women came over to her. “Is that your baby,” she asked.

“No, I’m just baby-sitting for a friend.” “Why do you ask?” Natasha questioned.

“I was just wondering, he looked so cute having his diaper changed.” “Has he always been a baby or is this something new to him.”

“From what his Mommy told me he’s always been a baby, only now he’s out of the closet.” “From my own point of view he really seems to be enjoying his second babyhood.” “He’s quite content to cry, talk baby talk, play with his toys and as you’ve seen he really needs his diapers.”

They stayed at the park for about an hour after that Daniel started getting fussy. Natasha said good bye and placed Daniel back into his stroller for the ride home. As they were entering several of the other tenants passed by. Daniel felt like crying again. Their responses varied from laughter to shock, but no one said anything directly to them.

“We’re home,” Natasha announced as they entered the apartment. “Now it’s time for your afternoon nap.” Natasha went to the refrigerator and retrieved a bottle and placed it in the microwave. When the microwave beeped she took Daniel to the nursery changed his diaper, he was only wet this time, and laid him in has crib with his bottle of warm milk. Soon the bottle was gone, its nipple was replace by his thumb and Daniel was fast asleep.

Part IV

Daniel slept until Anna got home at five. Anna woke him. “Dan-Dan, Mommy’s home,” she said. “Time to wake up, baby doesn’t want to miss his supper?”

Daniel awoke and stretched; “Did baby have fun with Nana Natasha?” Daniel smiled. “See I told you she was nice.” Anna placed him on the changing table and quickly changed his soggy diaper, this time she coated his bottom with desitin. “'Cos it look like baby’s getting a diapers rash.”

She then allowed Daniel to crawl out into the kitchen. She placed him in his highchair, and attached the tray. She spoon-feed him several jars of baby food, Daniel gobbled it down as fast as she could spoon it out. After his baby food he was placed in his playpen with the first of his three bottles. Daniel contentedly sucked the formula as he watched Anna and Natasha eat a normal grown up meal.

As the two talked the discussed Daniel’s outing today and future outings. Apparently as Daniel listened he learned the park was only the beginning, the planned trips to the Zoo, the Art Museum, and several shopping trips to local malls. As Daniel listened he could feel the fear and anxiety building up. Suddenly he let out a loud fart and felt much better as a large mass of warm soft sticky poop entered his diapers. He giggled as the rest of his mess emptied into his diaper and plastic pants; soon to be irrigated by his own wet flow.

Anna walked into the living room with his second bottle. She smiled as she looked at Daniel happily playing oblivious to his messy diapers in his playpen. She removed the first bottle placed the bottle in his mouth as he again started suckle. “You’re such a happy baby,” Anna said. “If you’d only told me sooner.” Anna walked back into the kitchen and talked with Natasha. “I’ll change the baby and put him to bed, then I have an appointment to take care of.” She reached into her purse; “Here’s the baby monitor controls and my pager number in case you need me.” “My appointment should only last about an hour, then I’ll be back home.”

“It’s no problem Anna, I like looking after your baby.” Natasha said, “This is the best Nanny’s job I’ve ever held.” “Not only do I get free room and board, plus my pay check, I have such fringe benefits.” Natasha ran her leg up Anna’s.

“Behave, or you may be the next baby.” “I chose you from my stable because I trust you the most, along with other things.” Anna smiled at her, “Now remember your place.”

“Oh I wouldn’t betray you for the world, I love it here with only you Mistress.” Natasha purred as she began to clear the table.

“I’m glad you like it, I just want the best for my Baby Dan-Dan.” “Now once he’s in bed the CD player in his room will run for about two hours after that check on him.” “I hate to see him get baby bottle carries.”

“If there are any major problem page me, but Daniel should sleep through the night.”

Anna left the kitchen with a bottle of warm apple juice for Daniel. The words, “Naughty Baby!” Caught Natasha off guard and she ran to the living room. There she saw Daniel sitting in the playpen, playing with the leaked contents of his diaper.

“Help me get him to the bathroom,” Anna ordered.

The two lifted the very messy Daniel out of the playpen and carried him into the bathroom. There he was set in the tub and rinsed off with the shower massager. After words Anna laid a diaper over her legs. Natasha laid him across Anna leg as he received his first spanking he’d received since he was about three. After words he was diapered and taken to bed.

Before Anna placed him in the crib she replaced the mittens, and informed Natasha that they would remain in place through tomorrow. “Now Dan-Dan see what happens when you misbehave.” “Baby are not to play inside their diapers, that’s naughty.” “Now be a good boy and have a nice night’s sleep.” Daniel was then given his bottle and a kiss good night from his mommy and then from his nanny. As Anna left Natasha was left to clean up Daniel’s messy playpen.

Part V

Daniel awoke this morning much wetter and messier that he’d ever been. He looked up at the bars over his head and the mobile hanging from them. His hands encased in their padded, thumbless prison all he could do is bat at his toys. He picked up his bottle only to find it empty and started to cry.

Anna entered, “Well good morning sunshine.” She cooed. “Did baby have a good nights sleep?” He nodded his agreement. “That’s nice.” “Sorry to tell you this the trip we had planned for today is going to have to be postponed until tomorrow, because you were such a bad baby.” “Nana Natasha spent over two hours cleaning the poopy out of the playpen.” She unhooked the top of the crib and helped Daniel out. Placing him on the changing table she quickly changed his wet, messy diapers for a clean dry one. This morning she dressed him in a one-piece sleeper. His sleeper had feet, mittens to cover his hands and it zipped up the back making it impossible for him to touch his diapers. She attached his pacifier to a ribbon sewn near the neck and placed it in his mouth. Daniel then crawled into the kitchen to his highchair for his morning breakfast. He was fed a large bowl or cereal along with one of applesauce. Afterwards he was placed in his freshly cleaned playpen and given his bottle. “Now be a good baby and drink it all gone.”

Natasha came in about the same time as the day before. Afterwards Anna kissed him good-bye and left for work. Natasha came in just as he had finished his bottle and gave him his second and then his third of his morning prune juice. He watched several cartoons on TV as Nana Natasha cleaned the kitchen and did the house work. “Baby Dan-Dan,” she cooed, “Time for a diaper change.” He crawled into the bedroom and got on the changing table. As Natasha changed him she noticed him getting and erection. “Is little baby showing me how much he likes his Nana?” “No time for that today Dan-Dan, I’m supposed remove this hair that coming back or baby’s gonna get a diaper rash.”

Natasha took out a jar of a pink cream and started to rub it in to his diaper area. She then took several baby wipes and removed it. She did the same to his chest, armpits and facial hair. Soon he was as hairless as a baby was again, what he didn’t know that the cream was permanent. “There now you’re smooth just like a baby again.” Natasha cooed as she diapered the happy Baby Daniel.

“Lunch time,” Natasha announced as she led Daniel back into the kitchen. Again he was fed several jars of baby food. After that his two bottles and he was set down for his nap. Today he awoke before Anna was home and he started to babble this caused Natasha to come to his room. “Is my baby up already?” “Well let’s get him all set for Mommy’s arrival.” She placed him on the changing table and again began to change his dirty diapers. Again he got and erection, this time Natasha decided to take care of it. As Daniel lay on a clean diaper Natasha removed her pants and panties and mounted baby’s erection. She began to rock back and forth on top of Daniel enjoying the pleasure she was getting.

As she and Daniel neared orgasm she heard a voice in the back of her mind say, “How dare you.” Natasha was too caught up in the moment to realize Anna was home early. After her orgasm she suddenly found herself being pulled off Daniel. Daniel watched as Mommy Anna forced Natasha into his crib and locked it. Anna then turned her attention back to Daniel. She soon had him cleaned up, diapered and dressed again. Anna then placed him back into his playpen. “Mommy will be back in a moment.” She said then kissed him on the cheek.

Natasha cowered in the crib as Anna stormed back into the room. “How dare you play with the baby without asking?” Natasha averted her eyes until she felt something stab her in the butt. Soon her mind became foggy and she passed out. Anna administered to her the same drugs she had given Daniel. While she slept she was made to listen to the same tape that re-enforced Daniel’s babyish behavior.

Part VI

Natasha awoke several hours later still locked in the crib, only now she was wearing a very wet and messy diaper. Anna entered the room. “Well how is my new baby?” “I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me, but you wouldn’t listen.” Anna placed a bottle in her mouth, “Now I have two babies.” Anna headed for the door and Natasha nursed her bottle. “Oh by the way, I’ve decided to take my two week vacation that they have been razing me about.” “So Baby Tasha, and Baby Dan-Dan, can have lots of time with Mommy.”

Anna walked back into the kitchen and began feed Daniel. Daniel by now was beginning to wonder what Anna did to Natasha. After he finished his supper she led him to the living room and laid a blanket out on the floor. “Now Dan-Dan stay on his blankie, and I’ll bring you a surprise.” Daniel lay on his back staring at the TV as he nursed his bottle. “Here’s your surprise.” Anna cried, “I’ve got you a playmate.” Natasha was led into the living room wearing a short pink baby dress that exposed her diapered bottom. “Turn around baby Tasha, so Dan-Dan can see your frilly panties.” Anna spun her about. “Now see you’re not the only baby.”

Natasha now waddled like a toddler but did not sit down. She seemed to be trying to keep her legs as close together she could. Natasha could feel her stomach starting to cramp as the laxatives in the bottle took effect. “Sit down baby Tasha.” Anna said as she helped her to her knees. As she knelt she farted loudly and her diapers suddenly became tight as they were filled with her poop. Natasha now doubled over as her bowels began to cramp harder than before. Now she was pushing with all her might. Anna hugged her and held her tight, “It’s okay baby, push it all out.”

Natasha sighed as she pushed the last of her huge bowel movement into her diapers. As she sat down on the floor she felt her mess spread out as her bladder emptied. Daniel looked at her and giggled. “Tasha poopy,” he laughed.

Anna unsnapped the crotch of his sleeper and pulled open the elastic of his plastic pants. “Yes, Dan-Dan, both my babies are poopy.” “You messy babies can play and I’ll clean up the kitchen.” Natasha picked up several of the stuffed block and started stacking them. Daniel continued to watch the TV as well as Baby Tasha.

Daniel watched with great interest as Natasha would sit down and wiggle her messy diapered bottom on the blanket. It was as if she wanted her diapers to leak, Daniel knew the consequences of that well. His bottom was still sore from the previous nights spanking.

Shortly after Daniel finished his bottle Natasha finished her tower of blocks, and Anna entered the room. With her she carried several clean diapers, plastic pants and two footed sleepers. “Come here baby Dan-Dan, time for a diaper change before beddie bye.” Daniel crawled over to Anna and had his diapers changed once he was changed Anna took off the mittens. “See now you can play again, but you must be a good baby. Understand?”

Daniel said, “yes Mama.”

“Very good baby now crawl into your room and I’ll tuck you in.” Daniel crawled into his room and was soon settled in his crib with a fresh bottle and a kiss from Mommy.

Anna returned to the living room, “Come here baby Tasha.” She ordered as she waddled over to her. “Lay down like a good baby, so Mommy can change your diapers.” Natasha lay down as she did she saw a scowl come across Mommy’s face. “You little brat,” Anna said. “You’ve got poopy all over your dress.” “Now what happens to babies that leak poopy outside of their diapers?” Natasha’s face now changed to an expression of fear. She was quickly lead into the bathroom and had her dress pulled roughly over her head. Next she was stood in the tub as Anna pulled down her rumba panties and unpinned one side of the diaper dropping it to the floor of the tub. Just like Daniel the night before she was cleaned up with the shower massager. As Anna washed her diaper area Natasha was surprised to find her pubic hair was gone. Anna said, “Yes your baby smooth just like Dan-Dan, now your butt will be sore like his a well.” Anna pulled Natasha over the knees and began to spank her until she was crying loud. Next she rubbed ointment all over her bottom. While she did this Anna inserted several suppositories into her rectum. After that she was diapered and placed in her sleeper. This on was similar to the one Daniel had worn all day with thumbless mittens covering her hands.

“Now since Baby Tasha is a toddler not an infant like Dan-Dan, you get to sleep in a big bed.” She was taken to her room most of her adult things were gone in their place were every thing a baby would need. Her bed now had side rails that could only be lowered from the outside. Anna laid her in her bed and attached a tether to her legs so baby wouldn’t wonder. Anna kissed her on the mouth then placed a full bottle of milk, her own formula of psychotropic medication, laxative, and diuretic. Anna then turned on some music and a baby monitor and left.

Part VII

Daniel awoke first this morning, when Anna entered the nursery she found him up play with his toys. “Good morning baby.” Anna beamed, “Let’s get you out of there and cleaned up today is going to be a busy day.” As she helped him to the changing table she said, “Today I’m taking both my babies to the Zoo, now won’t that be fun?”

Daniel nodded, as Anna quickly removed his sleeper. Dressed only in his messy diaper she led him into the bathroom. Having him lie on the floor she removed his diaper and cleaned his diaper area before placing him in the bathtub. There she washed his hair and made baby, “All nice and clean and ready for love.” After taking him out of the tub she immediately diapered him and dressed him. Today she put on him a T-shirt and a pair of short tail bib overalls with snaps in the crotch, over his well-diapered bottom. Now let’s get you fed before your baby sister wakes up.

Due to the time Anna wanted to leave breakfast went pretty fast and soon he found himself back in the playpen enjoying his morning bottle. Anna then walked into Natasha’s room and woke her. “Baby Tasha wake up.” Anna chimed as she helped her toddler/girlfriend to her feet. “Oho baby is really stinky this morning.” Natasha blushed as Anna said this. Soon she felt Anna pushing on the back of her messy diaper making her bottom hurt even more than the previous evening’s spanking. Anna led Natasha though the house to the bathroom. There she was undressed, washed, diapered, and dressed in a toddler style sun suit. As she waddled out to breakfast she had no idea that her nursery print plastic pants and the top of her diapers were clearly visible. Natasha was allowed to feed herself with a spoon, but for some reason Natasha couldn’t explain she was very awkward at this, landing much of her breakfast on the highchair tray or her bib. After she was done and wiped off she too was lead into the living room and given her morning bottle.

“Now babies be good and finish your baa-baa’s while I pack for the zoo.” Anna made several trips to the nursery, then to the kitchen; finally she wheeled the stroller into the living room and helped Daniel into the seat. “Baby Tasha, you’re big enough to walk for now.”

Natasha pouted and said; “I wanna ride.” “Not Dan-Dan!”

Natasha suddenly felt a solid swat across her diapered behind. “Tasha behave, we can rent you a stroller at the Zoo.” Anna led her two babies down the hall to the elevator, over the back of the stroller two diapers bags were strapped. When they go to the parking garage, the all got into Anna’s Jeep Grand Cherokee and they were off.

As they drove Daniel finished his last morning bottle and Natasha stared out the window. As they pulled into the parking lot, Baby Tasha jumped up and down in her seat. Soon the air was fouled with a terrible smell. Anna said, “Okay, which one of my babies has messy pants?”

Both Natasha and Daniel responded, with childish giggling. “I see.” She looked at her babies and smiled. “I’ll change the babies but remember I only have a limited amount of diapers with and once they’re gone we’ll need to go home.” One at a time she had her babies lay down in the back seat as she changed their messy diapers. She placed the dirty diapers in a plastic bag that she threw away when they entered the Zoo.


Being a weekday there were very few people at the Zoo today. Anna found that she could rent a double stroller to push both her babies around in. Many people noticed that extremely attractive professional woman pushing a cart with two large babies. Their first stop was at the primates; the two babies had a ball watching the apes and monkeys swing and play.

Natasha was having a wonderful time making faces at the gorilla, and watching him mimic them back. From there they went and saw the elephants, and rhinos. As they neared the large cats she noticed that Baby Tasha was fidgeting more than Daniel was.

“What’s wrong?” Anna cooed, “Does Baby Tasha wanna walk like a big girl?”

“Yes,” she said. “I not a baby.”

“Really,” Anna said in a demeaning tone. “So someone else pooped and peed in your diapers?” “No it plain to see that you are a baby, but some babies can walk.” Anna helped Natasha out of the stroller and soon she was walking beside them. Attached to her wrist however was a long leash.

As they left the large cats Anna suggested that they should eat lunch. She lead her babies over to a picnic table and gave them there food. Anna fed Daniel, and Natasha was allowed to feed herself like this morning. Only now the food was crackers, cheese, apple slices, and raisins. The she was not given a bottle but was now allowed to use a sippy-cup. Daniel was given his bottle and once Anna finished her lunch she looked around for a bathroom with a changing area, as she was sure she could smell that her babies were more than in need of a diaper change.

It took a little bit of looking around but she soon found a diaper changing station. It was in the women’s rest room, first she changed Daniel as she did this several other women came in one was quite startled to see a man in the ladies rest room. As she was finished putting a clean diaper on Daniel she was interrupted by a Zoo security officer. She stared at her and Daniel for quite some time watching Anna put a badly soiled disposable diaper into a small trash bag before she interrupted. “Ma’am.”

“Yes how can I help you officer?” Anna replied.

“Never mind.” “I was told that there was a man in here but obviously the other women was mistaken.” “How olds your baby?”

“He’s twenty-five,” Anna told the officer. Daniel blushed as he heard them talking about him.

“He’s just adorable, take good care of him and enjoy the Zoo.” With that the officer left.

Natasha was next to be changed. As she was changing her, a mother came in with her toddler daughter. The child was about three and had a wet stain that started from her bottom and lead all the way down her legs. “Why didn’t you tell me you had to go potty?” “This is the second time in two days you’ve wet your pants.”

Anna looks at the distraught mom and said, “At least she hasn’t messed her pants like this baby.” The mother and child looked in awe as Anna removed Baby Tasha’s wet, messy diaper and changed her into a clean one.

The three-year-old laughed, “That big girl pooped in her diapers.” The little girl stood up proudly and said, “I’m a big girl I wear panties, you’re a baby you wear diapers.”

With that Natasha started to cry. The mothers then chide the girl and told her say she’s sorry. The mother also apologized. Natasha just wouldn’t stop crying until Anna picked her up a held her. In her mouth she placed a pacifier and rocked her little girl. Once she was quiet they went and finished their trip to the zoo.

The rest of the zoo trip was less traumatic, some people stared, many laughed but few said anything directly to them. It was about three o’clock and the babies were getting restless so Anna, Baby Tasha, and Baby Dan-Dan, headed home.

Part IX

The ride home form the zoo was very quiet. Both Natasha and Daniel not having an afternoon nap slept most of the way. When they arrived home it was Daniel that was awake; Natasha refused to wake up. Anna placed Baby Tasha in the stroller and had Daniel steady himself on the handle as she walked the two of them upstairs.

Once there were in the apartment, she checked Daniel and found his diaper needed changing. Natasha was laid down on the living room floor on a blanket to continue her nap; Daniel was walked into the nursery to have his diapers changed. Daniel was changed from the disposable diapers he’d been wearing all day to his more traditional cloth diapers and plastic pants.

As he was changed Anna played with his penis. “Does my baby enjoy having this done when his didee’s changed?” “Yes he does.” Anna continued until Daniel shot his load all over the changing table. Anna then cleaned it up with some baby wipes then she put Daniel in his crib so he could finish his nap.

Anna next checked on Natasha, she found her fast asleep. Anna breathed a sigh and went about the house finishing the housework and preparing dinner for herself and her babies. These next couple of weeks was her vacation. She wasn’t going in to the lab or seeing client for that matter. This was time for her and her babies only. She had just finished taking the last of the dishes out of the dishwasher when she heard some noises in the living room. As walked into see Baby Tasha playing with several of the stuffed animal on the floor. “Did Baby Tasha have a good nap?” She beamed. “Stay right there and I’ll get some supplies so we can change you yucky diapers.”

“Mommy, my didee not yucky.” Natasha said. “Tasha not need a change.”

Anna walked over to Natasha and pulled open the back of her diaper. “No, Mommy needs to change Baby Tasha diaper, or you’ll get diaper rash.” Anna then left for the nursery and returned with the necessary supplies and started the change her wet, messy diaper. Natasha sat pouted as she did so but gave no real resistance. “There,” Anna said, “my baby girls all fresh and clean.” “Now play nice while I check on Dan-Dan.”

Natasha went back to playing as Anna headed down the hall to the nursery. When she walked in she found Daniel had just woke up himself, and the nursery smelled terrible. She opened the crib and helped Daniel to the changing table. Upon removing his diapers she found her was a total mess. His mess covered almost every inch of his diapers. It took her quite some time to clean him up but once she did he was quite happy. She led him out to where Baby Tasha was playing and they soon were playing together. Anna looks at the clock and sat down, dinner wouldn’t be ready for another hour.

She watched as the two babies played on the floor as she watched the TV. Soon she heard the oven timer ring and she went to prepare the table for her and her babies to eat dinner. She checked the casserole to see if it was done then that she called her babies. Natasha was the first to arrive Daniel following not far behind. “Okay babies, let’s get you in your chairs so dinner can begin.” Daniel was first, and strapped into his highchair with a bib fastened around his neck. Next Natasha was placed in her chair fitted with a booster seat and seat belt. Natasha was given a small plate of food and a spoon with a sippy cup of milk. Daniel was fed and given a baby bottle. Once done both babies were given bottle and set out in the living room so Anna could clean up the kitchen. Daniel watched from the playpen as Natasha started to rub the front of her diapers. As she rubbed harder her breaths became pants. Just as she reached orgasm, Anna walked into the room.

Natasha was suddenly rocked back into reality as Anna received a sound swat to the back of her diapers. Next Natasha found herself being pulled over Anna’s lap and soundly spanked. Then the crying Baby Tasha was placed on a small stool in the corner. “Now baby better not move or the next spanking will be done to your bare bottom.” Natasha was made to sit in the corner as Daniel was taken into the bathroom and given a bath. Daniel was diapered, dressed in his pajamas and placed in his crib for a good night’s sleep.

About and hour later Natasha was taken from the corner. Anna sat her on her lap and replaced her sun suit with a sleeper. Over her hands this time were placed a pair of padded, thumbless mitten. “Now my naughty baby can where these for a day so she can learn not to play with her diapers.” Anna was then place in her bed given a bottle and told to sleep. Anna found it hard to get comfortable with her bottom so sore. It seemed every way that she moved she found her bottom hurt. Finally she fell asleep on her stomach.

Part X

When morning arrive both Daniel and Natasha were up and making noise. Anna first tended to Daniel. He was taken from his crib to the changing table, as Anna did this she noticed that the crib sheet and Daniel sleeper were soaked with a brown, smelly, poop and pee mixture. “Well, Baby Dan-Dan, you need a bath.” She then guided him into the bathroom and removed his sleeper and diaper and set him in a warm bubble bath and washed him up. Afterwards he was diapered and dressed, this morning in just a diapers and T-shirt. He was then lead to the living room and placed in his playpen. “Dan-Dan play nice while mommy checks on Baby Tasha.” “Okay?” Daniel nodded.

Anna found Natasha having great deal of trouble trying to pick up some of her toys. “See how hard it is to play when you’re a bad baby.” Anna said as she entered the room. “Now I can smell how badly my little girl needs changing so follow me.” Anna untied Natasha and led her to the bathroom. There like Daniel she was undressed and placed in a nice warm bubble bath. When Anna took her from the tub she noticed that her rear was still bright red and very irritated. She gently ran her hand over her bottom, as Baby Tasha winced with pain. “Does Baby Tasha have a bad case of didee rash?” “It’s okay mommy will fix it.” Anna pulled Natasha across her lap and applied as nice layer of Desitin over her inflamed bottom. Natasha was then laid on the floor and diapered. Unlike Daniel she was placed back into a restrictive sleeper. “Come on baby time for breakfast.” Anna led Baby Tasha into the kitchen, stopping in the living room to get Baby Dan-Dan.

Natasha was first given a bottle of formula while Daniel was spoon-fed his cereal and applesauce. After that he was wiped off and places in the playpen with his first morning bottle. “Now Baby Tasha, eat like good little girl and you to can go watch TV with Dan-Dan.” Natasha was fed the same as Daniel, then she was walked into the living room where she settled down to watch TV. Anna cleaned up the kitchen.
Both Natasha and Daniel were playing with toy on the living room floor when they suddenly saw a camera flash. Both babies looked up to see Anna taking pictures of her two babies. “It’s Okay, babies.” Anna reassured them, “Mommy’s just taking some pictures of her babies for her scrap book.” The two resumed playing as Anna continued to snap pictured. Soon the entire 36-exposure roll of film was gone.

The rest of the day followed fairly uneventful. That night when the babies were put to bed Natasha’s hand was finally removed from the mittens.

The next morning Anna again had the babies up early. “Good morning babies, guess what?” “We’re going to the mall, and then out to lunch.” Daniel was the first one dressed in a pair of bib overalls and a nursery print T-shirt. Natasha was dress in a blue and white baby dress; the back of the dress barely covered the ruffles of her rumba panties. A pair of lace and ribbon topped sock and paten leather Mary Jane’s completed her ensemble. Anna was dressed in her normal corporate casuals. She quickly loaded the Jeep and packed the diaper bags and they were off.

Their first stop was at an exclusive baby boutique. These she picked up a custom crib, she also picked up several more bottle, another diaper pail, and finally a changing table. The next shop they visited was a clothes store they her babies were measured and clothes would be made especially for her little babies.

As they left the last store Anna said, “Since you two have been such good babies, we can go to the toy store and get you a present.” The three quickly follow moved to the toy store and picked out a special toy. Daniel got a huge teddy bear; Natasha got a hobbyhorse. The toy and purchases were loaded into the back of the jeep. The next stop was McDonalds. There the babies got there own happy meals, they also had a chance to play with their toys before going home. Once they got home they had their diapers changed and took their afternoon naps.

While they slept Anna changed Natasha room into a second nursery. As she left the nursery she notice that Baby Tasha while she was asleep was rubbing her fist into the crotch of her warm wet diapers. Anna made sure Daniel was asleep then woke Natasha.
She led her down the hall to her nursery and placed her in the crib. There she removed her diapers and placed several clean ones under her. Natasha was afraid that she was again going to be spanked. She was surprised when Anna applied a large amount of baby oil to her baby smooth pubis and began to rub the length of her labia. Natasha purred as she and Anna kissed. Anna rubbed her baby until she came with a body shaking orgasm, causing her to wet and mess the diapers placed beneath her. Anna then cleaned her up again, diapered and dressed her. Baby Tasha lay in her new crib exhausted in after glow. There in her new nursery she finished her afternoon nap.

Part XI

As the 2 weeks wore on both Natasha and Daniel became more babyish in their mannerisms and action. Daniel was acting the part of an 18-month-old baby. Natasha was sure she was a three-year-old who didn’t ever care to be potty trained. Both needed diapers and Anna decided that this time she would get a professional Nanny. She interviewed several candidates, but could find none that she could trust or control. That was until she met Rebecca. Rebecca was a 20-year-old laboratory assistant; she came was from a small farming community. She came to the city originally to be a nanny, but that job fell through, then the lab hired her.

At the lab she did many of the more menial tasks. She cleaned lab equipment, mopped floor and did whatever other tasks she was given. She often confided in Anna that she was sick of doing the shit jobs in the lab. Anna called Rebecca three days before her vacation was to end. Anna asked her is she would like to be a nanny again. Rebecca said she would love to. Anna first warned her that these are not the normal babies like you’ve ever taken care of before. Rebecca said she didn’t care as long as it paid better than the minimum wage she was getting now. Anna then invited her over to talk about a contract and to meet the babies.

Anna invited Rebecca over first she took her to her apartment. “Now Rebecca, I need to warn you that these are not the normal babies for-say.” “But they are in need of a nanny.” “If you do decide to take this job I expect that you will keep the business of this house within this house.” “If you decide not to take this job, I will not hold it against you but I don’t wish for you to tell anyone about what happens here.” “Rebecca do you understand?”

Rebecca thought for a moment then asked what she would be paid. Anna promised her a one hundred-dollar weekly allowance, with free room and board, and an expense account. “I don’t believe you,” Rebecca replied, “How can you afford such an offer with working at the lab?”

Anna smiled. “I have a small business that I run on the side.” “I assure you that you will be paid and live quite well.” “Now while you consider the offer would you like to meet the babies?”

“Sure,” Rebecca replied.

Anna walked to a new door she had installed in her condo that joined the two condos though a common wall. Rebecca looked in awe at this condo. It was like being in a giant daycare center. Rebecca then asked, “How big are these babies?”

Anna looked at her and said, “Just your normal adult babies, and they need a nanny quite badly.” “I hope this hasn’t scared you off.”

“No,” Rebecca replied, “I’ve seen this on several talk show, but I never thought I’d be taking care of them.”

“Then you still want the job?”

“For sure,” Rebecca replied.

Anna then led her new nanny to Baby Dan-Dan’s nursery room. The two peeked in to find Daniel was still taking his nap. Next they went to Baby Tasha’s room. There they found a smelly Baby Tasha sitting up playing in her crib.

“This is Baby Tasha.” Anna said as she approached the crib. “She is the oldest of the two being about three years old.” “Potty training her has been a lost cause, but she loves her diapers, don’t you baby.” Natasha blushed her response. “Would you like to have a crack at taking care of this baby as practice?”

“Sure,” Rebecca said as she unlatched the side of the crib. She helped Baby Tasha out of the crib and on to the changing table. She unsnapped the bottom of her romper and began to change her diapers. Rebecca was quite surprised to find Natasha free of pubic hair. She quickly cleaned up her new baby and led her to the living room. There she gave her some toys to play with.

Anna smiled at her. “You’re a natural, at being a nanny.”

Rebecca said, “Thank you.”

“Now would you like to help the younger baby, I think I hear him awake.”

The two then returned to Daniel’s room. Soon he too was cleaned up, diapered and was playing in his playpen. Anna then asked if she would baby-sit for a couple hours tonight as she has some business to attend to. Rebecca smiled and said she understood, “Mistress Anna.”

Anna looked with surprise at Rebecca. Rebecca said, “I too enjoy being a dominatrix, but I have not a stable and only a little experience.”

Anna smiled and said, “Then your perfect.” “I expect you will not play with Daniel unless you ask my permission, Natasha you can do with as you please.”

“Really? Do you really mean that?” Anna could see her surprise.

“Of course, we all need some one to practice on.” “I see no reason why you can’t use Natasha.” “But I warn you she’s bi.”

Rebecca leaned forward and whispered to Anna, “So am I.”

Part XII

Anna left her new nanny in charge of her two small charges. She no longer needed drugs to maintain control over them. She gave Rebecca her pager number and told her she’d be in the next apartment, is she needed help to page her. She also gave her a list of thing to do with the babies before they went to bed.

Rebecca assured her that she would be fine. Once Anna left she fed the babies supper and got them ready for bed. First she gave them their baths. She thought about bathing them together but decided against it. The first in the tub was Baby Dan-Dan, he being the youngest. Before hand she placed Baby Tasha in the playpen with a bottle and put The Brave Little Toaster in the VCR to occupier her.

The first stripped Daniel for his bath she found that he too was hairless. Wow, Anna’s thought of everything. She then started bathing him, washing his hair first next his body. Once she was done she diapered him and put on a fussy yellow sleeper with a lion sewn on the pocket. She led him back into the living room and placed him in the playpen and took Natasha into the bath.

As she led Baby Tasha she noticed a terrible smell emanating from her she also noticed a damp brown area on the right leg of her romper. “Baby Tasha did you leak?” Rebecca scolded. Once she got her into the bathroom she carefully stripped the messy Baby Tasha. Sure enough her diapers were filled to capacity and she had a very liquid mess oozing down her right leg.

“Oh, Oh, does baby feel all right?” Rebecca asked.

Natasha shook her head no, “Baby’s tummy hurts,” She replied.

“It’s okay, since you’re sick I’m not going to punish you.” She then helped her into the tub and washed and dried her baby girl. Once she had her in a sleeper she took her to the kitchen and gave her some medicine for her stomach. Next she tucked her into bed.

Rebecca then went to the living room to find Daniel asleep in his playpen. She roused him enough to guide him into his bedroom and into bed. Her next task was doing the laundry after that she waited for Anna to come home.

Anna came home about midnight. “So how were the babies?”

“Well Daniel was excellent, Natasha on the other hand is not feeling good.”

“What do you mean?” Anna inquired.

“Well she’s been complaining that her stomach hurt and she has a terrible case of diarrhea.”

As the two were taking they hear what sounded like someone being sick. The two quickly headed to Natasha’s room. There they found her to have thrown up all over her bedding and pajamas. Anna took the bedding and Rebecca took Baby Tasha to again be cleaned up. She had near liquid poop leaked down both her legs of her sleeper and saturating into her bedding.

Anna made the bed as Rebecca again gave Baby Tasha another bath. This time Natasha was double diapered and placed in a nightgown. Under her a large waterproof under pad was lain. About an hour after she threw up she was given a bottle a pedilyte, and again put back to bed.


The next morning Rebecca was awaken at about six by a crying Baby Tasha. Rebecca wondered into her nursery and found that she again had been sick. Rebecca helped her out of the crib, and began to wipe her off before she led her into the bathroom for another bath. After her rather early morning bath Rebecca noticed that she felt rather warm and took her temperature. 102.5º F, Rebecca looked at Baby Tasha in the bathtub and said, “Well you’re definitely sick, you have a fever and all, for today so Baby Dan-Dan doesn’t get sick as well you’ll be spending the day in your room.” Natasha began to pout, but only for a moment, she just had too little energy to make a fuss.

Rebecca took Baby Tasha to her room and double diapered her again, gave her some Tylenol and fixed her bottle of pedilyte. She was then returned to bed. Quickly she fell asleep.

Rebecca next looked in on Daniel. Daniel was curled up in the middle of his crib his thumb in his mouth and a stuffed rabbit in his hands. She quietly walked over to the crib and replaced Daniel thumb with his pacifier. Daniel made some noise turned over and went back to sleep. She walked into the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast for Anna, Dan-Dan and herself. As she was finishing Anna met her.

“How are my babies his morning?” Anna asked as she seated herself at the table.
“Natasha has a fever of 102.5º F, and she still has the runs.” She handed Anna a plate and poured her some coffee. “Daniel is still a sleep but he seem to be fine.” “I’m gonna keep Baby Tasha in her room today so she doesn’t get Daniel sick as well”

“That a good idea.” “I’ll be home early tonight so I can play with Daniel.”

“Really, about when?” Rebecca sat down and started to eat.

"Shortly after

Anna’s baby (Missing parts)


The next morning Rebecca was awaken at about six by a crying Baby Tasha. Rebecca wondered into her nursery and found that she again had been sick. Rebecca helped her out of the crib, and began to wipe her off before she led her into the bathroom for another bath. After her rather early morning bath Rebecca noticed that she felt rather warm and took her temperature. 102.5º F, Rebecca looked at Baby Tasha in the bathtub and said, “Well you’re definitely sick, you have a fever and all, for today so Baby Dan-Dan doesn’t get sick as well you’ll be spending the day in your room.” Natasha began to pout, but only for a moment, she just had too little energy to make a fuss.

Rebecca took Baby Tasha to her room and double diapered her again, gave her some Tylenol and fixed her bottle of pedilyte. She was then returned to bed. Quickly she fell asleep.

Rebecca next looked in on Daniel. Daniel was curled up in the middle of his crib his thumb in his mouth and a stuffed rabbit in his hands. She quietly walked over to the crib and replaced Daniel thumb with his pacifier. Daniel made some noise turned over and went back to sleep. She walked into the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast for Anna, Dan-Dan and herself. As she was finishing Anna met her.

“How are my babies his morning?” Anna asked as she seated herself at the table.

“Natasha has a fever of 102.5º F, and she still has the runs.” She handed Anna a plate and poured her some coffee. “Daniel is still a sleep but he seem to be fine.” “I’m gonna keep Baby Tasha in her room today so she doesn’t get Daniel sick as well”

“That a good idea.” “I’ll be home early tonight so I can play with Daniel.”

“Really, about when?” Rebecca sat down and started to eat.

“Shortly after 12:00, that way you can focus on taking care of Natasha and Daniel can get out some.”

“Do you want me to give him a bath and have him ready for you?”

“If you don’t mind?”

“No it will be no problem at all, is there any special way you want me to dress him?” “Or other special items you want?”

“No nothing special.” Anna said between sips of coffee. As Rebecca sat across from her, she noticed a wicked smile on Anna’s lips.

“What is it?” She asked.

“What?” Anna said.

“What’s that smile all about?” “You’re planning something, something wicked I bet.”

“No nothing wicked today,” “I’m just going to test Baby Dan-Dan’s training per-say.” “I wanna see if he can still perform.”

“Can I help, or could I play with him after you’re done.” Rebecca pleaded with her employer.

“Not today, you have a sick baby to care for, that should keep you busy enough.” Anna looked at Rebecca, “but I’ll tape it if you wanna watch.”

Well that’s better than nothing Rebecca thought as she heard Daniel’s baby monitor go off. Rebecca quickly walked down the hallway and entered Daniel room. She pulled open the blinds, and looked at Daniel who sat in his crib shaking his empty baby bottle. “Good-Morning Baby Dan-Dan.” She chimed.

Rebecca quickly helped Daniel from his crib and onto the changing table. There he was diapered and dressed for breakfast and to say good-bye to Mommy Anna. Daniel was dressed in a blue romper and led to his highchair where Rebecca fed him breakfast. Next he was placed in his playpen with his morning bottle. Anna approached before she left and gave him a kiss. “I’ll be home after lunch so we can have some fun.” Anna left with a wink.

Rebecca finished cleaning up the kitchen gave Daniel his second bottle then went to check on Baby Tasha. As she entered Baby Tasha’s nursery she was stuck by a very strong odor. She walked up to the crib to find her asleep with a very messy diaper and crib. “Oh boy.” She said as she woke Tasha. Baby Tasha started to cry as Rebecca helped her out of the crib and into the bathroom. She quickly filled the tub and set her inside. As she watched her from the nursery she stripped and remade the bed.

She had just finished bathing Baby Tasha, when Daniel stared to cry. She drained the tub and walked to the living room and gave Daniel his last bottle. Her attention then turned back to the shivering Natasha who as standing by the tub peeing on the bath mats. “Baby Tasha How could you?” Anna cried. Quickly she ushered Baby Tasha back into her room and quickly put a diaper on her. Natasha was placed inside her freshly made crib, given some Tylenol and a bottle of half strength apple juice. She quickly lay down and started to nurse. Soon she was again fast asleep.

Rebecca returned to the bathroom and mopped up Tasha’s accident. Next she rinsed out the tub and got everything ready for Baby Dan-Dan. Daniel delighted in having a bath, and if given the chance would possible stay there all day. Once bathed and redressed Rebecca returned him to his playpen and let him watch some television. This also gave Rebecca her first change to sit down.

Part XIV

Anna arrived home at five there she was met by a smiling Baby Dan-Dan and his ever vigilant nanny. “So how has my little baby been?” She cooed as she tickled Daniel.

“Daniel’s been a dream, his sitter Baby Tasha’s been running me ragged.” “The good news is that her fever has broke and she’s no longer throwing up.” Rebecca informed her boss.

“Well there’s some good news.” Anna asked, “Does she still have the runs?”

“Everywhere.” “I think I’ve changed her diapers and bedding half a dozen times.”

“Well tonight, I’ll be taking Daniel for a little test, I’ll tell you about it over dinner.”

The two then adjourned to the kitchen. There Daniel was fed as the two ladies ate their supper. After Daniel was finished and placed in his playpen with his bottle Anna told Rebecca about her evening plans.

“When I first started controlling Daniel I planted several post-hypnotic suggestion and key words.” “These when used will allow him to act a bit more grown-up, in a limited sort of way.”

“How grown up?” Rebecca asked.

“Well mentally he will still be about 18 month old but his sex will function as a normal 25 year old man.”

“So you’re making me a porno.” “I can’t wait to see it.” Rebecca was silent for a moment. “Did you do the same to Natasha?” “If so how does it work?”

Anna smiled at her young dominatrix apprentice, watch the tape and you’ll see. Once Daniel was done with his bottles Anna changed him and the two went next door.

Anna sat in her recliner and placed Daniel in her lap. She had been careful to place several underpads on the chair and a disposable diaper on Daniel. “Well Daniel,” she said in a sultry voice, “I wanna play with your monster.” With this phrase the two began.

What started with heavy petting soon progressed into an all out fucking on her reclining chair. The two went at it for several hours, both Anna and Daniel having several orgasms, before the two collapsed on the chair. Anna said to him, “Monster back into your cage.”

At this Daniel again reverted to Baby Dan-Dan and began to wet the underpads they had been making love on. Anna comforted him before she quickly replaced his diaper. She then took her baby back to his nursery changed him and tucked him into bed. As she walked back out into the living room she handed Rebecca a videocassette. “I only request that you do not watch it around the babies.” “And don’t let me down.”

“I assure you that I will not.” With that Anna and Rebecca said their goodnights and went to bed.

Part XV

At about 1 AM, Rebecca was awakened by Natasha’s crying. Rebecca made her way down the hallway to Baby Tasha’s room. There she found a wet, smelly baby girl, crying her eyes out.

“What wrong baby?” Rebecca asked her as she opened the crib and hugged her little girl.

Between tears Tasha said, “The monsters are after me.” Again she burst into tears.

“It’s okay,” Rebecca consoled her, “It was just a bad dream.” “Baby is safe there are no monster that can hurt you.” “Here let’s get my baby cleaned up.” Rebecca unlatched the crib and helped Baby Tasha to her changing table. There her messy diapers were changed and she was given a clean sleeper. Rebecca then returned her to her crib. “Wait here and I’ll be back in a moment.”

Rebecca returned a short time later with a bottle of water for her baby. “Here” she said as she gave it to her. “Now you can go back to sleep, there are no monsters that will hurt you.”

Rebecca watched as Natasha drifted back to sleep. Upon returning to her room Rebecca found that she couldn’t get back to sleep. She got up and went to the living room and turned on the TV. She quickly surfed through the channels before concluding that there was nothing good on. She then went to her room and got the tape Anna and Daniel had made earlier. While she started watching the tape she noticed that she was becoming hot and very excited. Casually she began to massage her sex as she watched Anna and Daniel make love over and over. As the tape ended she reached climax. Then she noticed Anna behind her chair watching.

“I do nice work,” Anna said startling her friend.

“Oh it’s you, I thought it was one of the babies.”

“Couldn’t be they’re locked in their cribs for the night.” “There’s no way hiding your arousal from watching the tape.” Anna moved to the front of Rebecca’s chair and asked, “Would you and Baby Tasha like to join in next time?” Anna extended her hand and lightly touched Rebecca’s nipples as they protruded through her thin satin baby doll.

Rebecca was again becoming aroused, gently she took Anna’s other hand and placed it between her thighs. Next she took the Anna’s fingers from her breast and gently placed them in her mouth and began to suck on her fingers.

As Anna rubbed Rebecca’s breaths again came in pants. Soon she was again shuddering in climax. Rebecca pulled Anna to her lips and kissed her. “I can’t wait.”

Anna kissed her good night, then whispered to her, “Baby Tasha’s key phrase is: ‘Time to play with the mouse.’” “Her turn off is ‘The cat’s back’” Anna then sauntered off to her room. Rebecca repeated the words in her head so she could remember them before she put away the tape and went back to bed.

The next morning Rebecca awoke and began her normal daily activities of showers and then taking care of her babies. This morning thought something was different, she wasn’t sure what but something in the back of her head said it was.

As she was getting Daniel diapered and dressed Anna came in. “I’ve decided to stay home today.” “So I’ll be taking care of Daniel, you get Baby Tasha.” Anna winked at Rebecca, now she knew what was different.

Rebecca wasted no time in making breakfast for the babies and had Tasha fed and changed long a head of Daniel. Anna walked up to her and gave her the key to the suite and Rebecca wasted no time in taking her baby there.
Once there Rebecca like Anna did covered the area with under pads and placed Baby Tasha on the chair.

“Now Baby Tasha ‘it’s time to play with the mouse.’” After the command phrase the two women kissed as Rebecca worked the diaper off of Natasha. Slowly she worked her index finger into her sex as she moaned with pleasure.

Rebecca fingered her baby to orgasm, climbing a top her and turning her placing the two in a 69 position. The two ladies licked kissed and played with each other over two hours before the collapsed in each other’s arms, still kissing.

Rebecca kissed up her baby slowly until she reached her ear and said, “The cat’s back.” She was immensely pleased, as Natasha again became Baby Tasha. Baby Tasha now giggled as she peed the underpad she was sitting on. Rebecca quickly diapered Natasha and went back to the main living area. There a smiling Anna met her.

Anna looked at her and said, “You can get cleaned up, I’ll take care of Baby Tasha.”

Rebecca went back to her room and then to shower. Anna watched both the babies as they played on the floor with their toys.

Part XVI

Two days passed and the weekend was quickly upon Anna and Rebecca. This weekend they had planned to be very special Anna had rented a cabin up in the north woods on a secluded lake. There they could let the babies play and swim with out any suspicious, cynical eyes or foolish observers. The two women worked much of the night before packing for this special trip. They took everything that a family traveling with two real babies would. Once the jeep was packed the set in their precious cargo and left early in the morning. The drive to the cabin took almost two hours for most of the trip the babies slept. Natasha awoke before they reached the cabin she contented herself by play with the stuffed animals her Nanny had pack along.

Before reaching the cabin they stopped for gas this allowed for the two adults to get out and walk around and to do any needed diaper changes. The gas station was in a small town near the lake. As the two ladies entered Rebecca watched as a stunningly beautiful woman approached Anna and kissed her in a passionate embrace. Rebecca didn’t know what to say.

Anna and the woman approached. “Rebecca,” Anna said, “This is Michelle, she a fellow Dom. that I used the work with until she move up to these north woods.”

Michelle held out her hand and Rebecca blankly shook it still now knowing what to say.

“I am very pleased to meet you.” Michelle said to the confused Rebecca. “I am so glad to see you have finally taken me up on my offer to use my cabin, I hope you and your babies enjoy it and all around it.”

Rebecca finally spoke, “So you know about the babies?” She asked.

“Oh yes, I taught her everything she need to know about caring for adult babies.” Anna nodded in agreement. “You see,” Michelle continued, “I’m married to one.” “Billy was only a part-time baby when we met but that changed after we married.” “I figured that since I was the one making the money the least he could do was be my baby.”

“And he was all right with this?” Rebecca asked.

“Not totally at first, but he’s long since grown used to it.” Michelle then said, “I’ll bring him by so all the babies can play together and we can do other things.”

Anna then broke in, “We’ll talk later, right now I think it be best to take the babies to their new home.” Rebecca agreed and said good bye.

Once they got to the lake house it took them no time at all to get the place in shape. It was already adult baby friendly. Baby Dan-Dan and Baby Tasha spent much of the morning exploring their new environment. Both were quite contented. After lunch Rebecca offered to take to the babies down to the lake to play in the water. Anna agreed and the two took the babies down to the lake, Daniel dressed only in diapers, plastic pants, Natasha wore an onsie. Once there the two played in the sandbox and waded into the water.

Baby Tasha was the first to find out that wearing diapers and plastic pants into the water provided a strange amount of buoyancy and stimulation as they would fill with water and air bubbles would be forced out. She spent most of the afternoon experimenting with this newfound sensation and trying to catch the tiny fish in her pail. Baby Dan Dan was less adventurous, but seemed to enjoy himself alternating from playing in the sand box to splashing around in the water.

Around suppertime a car drove up and out came Michelle and her Baby Billy. Billy was dressed in a pair of short-tails and a nursery print T-shirt. The two other babies were originally unsure how to act around a new baby, but soon the three got to play like the babies that they were. Rebecca watched the babies as the two other ladies chatted and caught up on old time and such. Rebecca noticed that both Billy and Natasha acted about the same age and both seem to enjoy taking care of Daniel. As she watched she noticed that the babies were playing with water in the sand box mixing it to make mud. Rebecca then noticed that Baby Dan Dan had discovered a different type of mud as well. Rebecca quickly grabbed him and gave him a swat on his but. “Bad baby,” she scolded. “Babies are no supposed to play with what’s in their diapers.” As she approached the house she asked Anna to watch the other two as she changed Daniel.

Anna looked at Baby Dan Dan, then said to Rebecca. “Be sure to give him a good spanking for playing with his poopy diapers.” “He knows better.” “He’s been spanked for this before.”

Rebecca took Daniel into the bathroom and cleaned him up once he was clean and before she diapered him, she gave him a good spanking. Anna listened outside the window, before yelling, “That’s enough.”

A short time later the two other babies were brought inside and changed as well then they all settled down for supper.

Anna’s baby


After supper and giving the babies their baths, the three ladies sat down to talk. Anna and Michelle explained at how they had learned to apply their trades to being dominatrix and make adult baby. Michelle explain that it wasn’t until after she got married did she learn about her husbands love of diapers.

“It was rather strange, I came home early one evening and found Billy sleeping on a blanket in middle of the living room floor.” “When I called his name at first he didn’t get up, so I went to wake him.” “Imagine my surprise when I found him wearing a wet, messy disposable diaper.” “I was mad, not that he wore diapers, but over the fact that he didn’t tell me.” “That night we had a long talk.”

As Michelle spoke Rebecca was on the edge of her seat listening with great interest.

“I decide that since it was my job was paying the bills, Billy would become Baby Billy.” “He jumped at the answer.” “After looking around on the Internet I discovered that I could get everything I needed to build him a nursery.”

“Have you had any problems, with your baby husband?” Rebecca asked.

“Not really his Mother thought it was fitting, so did mine.” “I often have them come over and baby sit for me.” “My real job is a clinical psychologist, the dominatrix is something I do on the side for some extra money.”

“So how did you two meet.”

Anna explained, “I was doing a convention explaining some of the new medication we’ve developed in Chicago.” “We met and started talking over lunch but a night everyone parted ways.” “I was after the convention I went to one of the dungeons and there I saw her,” Anna pointed to Michelle. “We started talking and for awhile, when we realized we had similar interest and we’ve been friends ever since.” “That was 5 years ago.”

“Tell me,” Michelle asked Anna, where did you find a Adult Baby Girl?"

“Well she was one of my stable and I had her working as a nanny for Baby Daniel, until I caught her having sex with him.” “So to punish her I made her into my second baby.”

“Anna,” Michelle asked, “How old are you going to let Daniel get?” “I see that Tasha is about three, are you going to keep your babies that age?”

“You know I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about that.” “I think Baby Tasha is fairly functional now in the four to five year-old mentality, and I think that’s about where Daniel will stay as well.”

“That’s a good age, my Billy is about 4 years old too.” “How long have they been in diapers?”

“Almost six months?” Anna replied.

“Great” Michelle said, “in another three to six month they’ll be totally diaper dependant, unless you really want to potty train them again.”

“Keep them in diapers,” Rebecca said, “that the way they seem happiest.”

“She a very smart apprentice, you have there,” Michelle commented.

“I know,” Anna said with a smile, “I just hope she doesn’t leave me for a better job.”

“Anna, you know my life is with the babies,” Rebecca reassured her.

Finishing their drink and now feeling tired they went to bed.

The vacation was great, four days in the north woods; they almost hated to leave.

Once they returned to the Chicago Area life went back to its “normal” routine.

Anna eventually let Baby Dan-Dan, grow but only to the age of a four to five year old she never let him out of diapers. Eventually they married. Baby Tasha and Rebecca continued to live with them in a large mansion outside the city.

Anna’s Baby

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Anna’s Baby

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