Anna's Accident Part 1

Anna was 13 years old and in 8th grade. It was the end of May so school was almost out, and everyday she would walk home from school. Her mom was always at work until 4 so she always had some time to herself after school.

One day it was the end of the school day and she had to go to the bathroom but there was only a minute left before school was done so she decided she could wait until she got home. The walk to her house was only about 5 minutes. The bell rang and they were dismissed and Anna began walking home. Only a couple minutes in to the walk the urge to pee got worse, and soon it she was running to try and get home. She was almost there and could see her house when she stopped. She felt a warm rush of pee spread through her groin and down her pants. Her light skinny jeans turned dark as it flowed down, and she stood there as it happened. She realized that she really liked the feeling of peeing herself and didn’t know why.

She ran home and went upstairs to put her clothes in the washer. She tugged on her skinny jeans and pulled them off and threw them in the washer. She then pulled of her panties that were white with blue polka dots but we’re now stained yellow. She started the washer and put some fresh clothes on.

The next day after school was done she was walking home and before she got inside she decided that she wanted to feel it again. So she relaxed and let it flow. She loved every second of it, and when she was done she went upstairs and put her clothes in the washer.

She continued do this for the rest of the week. She would walk home but before she went inside she would wet herself. Then she would wash her clothes and have all the evidence gone before her mom got home. Everything was great.

Friday night came and all Anna could think about was wetting herself. She didn’t know why she liked it but she did. To satisfy herself she went over to the toilet, sat on it and peed with her panties still on. They were red so there was no visible stain. She went to bed wearing them because she loved the feeling so much.

At about 4 in the morning Anna was dreaming. She was dreaming that she was wearing a diaper so that she could wet anywhere. She felt the urge to go really badly so she began to flood her diaper. Suddenly she woke up and felt warm ruined flowing onto the bed. She tried to stop but it was too late. She gave up and realizing how much she loved lying in the wet bed she fell back asleep.

The next morning Anna’s mom woke her up. “Honey, wake up.” Anna rubbed her eyes. “Sweetie, it looks like you wet bed last night. Let’s get you out of your pajamas and I’ll change the sheets while you shower.” Anna got up and took her pajamas off then went and showered.

She went downstairs for breakfast with new pajamas on. Her mom was making pancakes. “So, you have any idea why you wet the bed?” She asked. “I dont know” Anna replied, “I must’ve had too much water before bed.” The whole day they didn’t bring it up again. Soon enough it was Saturday night, and Anna was sleeping. She had the same dream as the night before. Then as soon as she began wetting the diaper she woke up to herself wetting the bed. That morning her mom woke her up and saw the wet bed. They went through the same ordeal as the day before. When Anna came down for breakfast her mom didn’t say anything, so Anna just went about her day normally.

That night, Anna had just finished her homework when her mom called her upstairs. Anna went, curious about what was happening. She went into her room and saw her mom there with a pack of girls goodnites. “I want you to wear these to bed for the next couple of nights, ok?” Said her mom. Anna didn’t know what to say. “I’m not punishing you, I just want you to wake up dry, and if you don’t wet for a couple nights I’ll let you stop wearing them.” “Ok…” Anna said, trying to sound dejected, but she was actually excited. “Here, put this on now, I want to make sure you do it.” Her mom said as she handed a one to Anna. Anna grabbed the diaper and went into the bathroom and changed into it. It felt so nice against her skin and between her legs. She came out and showed her mom. “Alright, goodnight sweetie.” Her mom said as she left the room.

That night she woke up having to pee. She was about to get up but remembered her goodnite, so she relaxed a little and filled the whole thing. She loved how it felt to be able to use a diaper. The next morning she woke up to her mom checking the diaper. “Looks like you wet again, good thing you were wearing this. Ok, come on, time to get ready for school.” Anna got up, got ready, and went to school.

On her way home from school she stopped in front her house to wet herself. She let it flow as her khaki pants turned dark. She then walked in. Her mom was right there. “Oh sweetie what happened?!” “I uh, had an accident.” “Ok, it’s ok… just go change your clothes. I came home early because a scheduled a doctors appointment for you. We’re going to leave in a few minutes so hurry up.” Anna ran and changed her clothes.

On the ride to the doctors office Anna’s mom began saying, “I told the doctor that you had started wetting the bed, but I guess you’re having daytime accidents too.” “It just started happening and I couldn’t stop it.” Anna lied. “It’s ok, the doctor will figure out why this is happening.” Her mother replied.

The doctor ran tests and couldn’t find anything wrong will Anna physically, so he said that it was probably hormonal because she was just starting puberty. “It could last for a couple weeks to a couple years.” He said. “You might want to have her wear protection during the day if the daytime accidents persist.” “What do you recommend she wear?” Anna’s mom asked. “Because she’s only 90 lbs the goodnites will be fine.”

On their way home her mom stopped at a CVS and Anna asked, “Why are we here?” “To get you some more goodnites, because the doctor said this might not clear up for a while.” They went in and her mom went to the diaper aisle and grabbed two large packs of goodnites. They purchased them and left. They were back on the highway, and were still another 20 minutes from home and Anna began nodding off. She was half asleep when she felt the urge to pee. She didn’t realize that she wasn’t in her bed with a goodnite on so she just let loose. She bagan peeing and soon her pants were wet as well as the seat. She looked at her mom said, “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Her mom looked over and saw the mess. “It’s ok sweetie, we’ll clean you up when we get home.”

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Re: Anna’s Accident Part 1

The fundamental problem with your story here is that everything is a bridge from one wetting to the next. Literally, I know nothing about Anna other than she’s 13 years old, in the 8th grade, likes peeing on herself, and has a mother.

You’re too fixated on advancing the plot, which seems to be “how Anna wound up in diapers”.

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Re: Anna’s Accident Part 1

This is a pretty common plot so far. The writing is okay though. If you’re just going for some fapfiction, keep going.

If you’re more serious, I’m with WBDaddy that you’re trying to move the story along too fast. With the bedwetting, since it’s psychological I don’t buy that after one week of her game suddenly she’s a bedwetter and wets every night (unless there’s a plot element we don’t know about yet, in which case this would be fine). Instead, maybe she plays her after-school game for a month. Then the bedwetting once, then again the next week, then twice—I don’t expect that one day, her overnight urinary continence circuit breaker trips and it’s gone. Spread it out, and in that time, introduce some friendships, fears, other motivations and passions.

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