Angel's Regression: A Great Leader to a Diapered Bottom

Thirteen years had passed since the events in “Lady and the Tramp 2” had taken place. Angel, now a fairly well aged Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix dog was once a young pup with cream-colored fur, a pink bow, sky blue eyes, a think and fluffy tail, and a folded left ear, who lived the majority of her life as a house dog. Angel spent the beginning of her life being taken in by families and then shortly after being sent back to the street either due to the family being allergic to dogs, having a new baby or moving away, unable to take her with them. She first lived in New Haven, then moved to Connecticut, but was sent back to the streets where she later joined the Junkyard Dogs and spent four months living in The Junkyard. It wasn’t until almost four months of her living there she met Scamp, who she quickly befriended and that is where the events of the second film take place.

Several years after being adopted into Jim Dear’s home, the Tramp, Lady, and Scamp having already passed, Angel was beginning to feel as though something in her life did not feel right. It had only been a few months since Scamp’s passing and his sisters have been given away due to Jim Dear’s sickness that Angel had decided to go back to The Junkyard and rebuild it into a better place than it had once been in her puppy days. Later that night, once everyone was asleep, Angel slipped out the back doggy door, crawled under the fence and made her way back to The Junkyard. It had been years since she had been off on her own and she had long forgotten basic street dog instincts. After a few hours of wandering around the alley ways, Angel had finally come to her destination, The Junkyard. It had sure changed a lot since she was last there; there were no dogs or any sort of life in sight, the junk amount had tripled, and the wooden fence had slowly rotted away. Angel knew this was by far too much for a dog of her age to manage and so she decided it was best for her to head back home. As she walked in the direction of her home, with her head down and tears forming in eyes, she heard a truck’s ignition start. She looks up in time to see a rusty old pickup truck twenty feet or so away and without giving it a second thought she darted towards the truck and hopped into the back, being sure to duck down so that she would not be spotted by the driver. “This is my chance! I can finally get out of this town and make a new start somewhere else!” though Angel happily as the truck started to pull away. The truck ended up taking her to Wilmington, Delaware where she hopped out and within hours found a decent Junkyard where she would start a new civilization for street dogs, but first she knew it was best for her to try and remember her lost street dog instincts.

This is where the story begins, taking place 13 years after the events of the second film. Angel, now an aged, but strong, confident and intuitive leader of a group of dogs known as The Wilmington Dogs, consisting of seventy-nine dogs of all ages and accepting new comers with open arms, had really made her mark, fulfilling her dreams of a new start. She had lived in comfort up on her suite located dead center on the highest mound of junk, where she could easily see everything going on both inside and outside the junkyard walls. For the first few months the junkyard had consisted solely of Angel and her friend Bo, who was about three or four years of age at the time, but shortly after they had built their new home new comers came. Over the next few years the junkyard had improved greatly, both member count and economically. Everything was perfect or so Angel thought. She had been so busy running the place and barking out orders, she had not noticed that Bo, now the second in command, had grown bitter and wanted Angel gone. He was a much younger, well-built German Shepard who oversaw that Angel’s orders be met, thus he was much closer personal-wise with the other members. He was wise and knew how to manipulate others into doing his biddings. “It’s time” he told himself as he poured this clear, pink liquid into Angel’s drinking water as she slept on her blue cushions. “Yes, sleep well. Enjoy it while it lasts because by this time tomorrow things will be very different” laughed Bo as he walked out of Angel’s suite and back to his 1995 Honda Civic located midway down the junk pile below Angel’s suite.

Shortly after Angel awoke, feeling rather thirsty and tired; she slowly made her way over to her drinking bowl. She began gulping it down, not knowing what Bo had put in it, until it was empty then made her way back to her bed where she quickly fell into a deep sleep. Angel woke up in a daze, not knowing the time and feeling much weaker than usual. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the sun shining in, warming her suite up after the chilly night. “Oh, I must have overslept” she thought to herself. That water really made her sleep really deeply, but she just shrugged it off as the cold causing her to sleep longer. As Angel began to move she took a whiff of the morning air, “Yuck! What is the smell?” she thought to herself. She quickly recognized the smell and thought to herself, “No way…. It couldn’t be, I haven’t peed the bed since I was a puppy and that was only because it was one of my first nights at Jim Dear’s house…”. Slowly she tilted her head down towards her private regions only to discover that not only had she wet the bed, she had completely soaked it.

“Oh no! Oh no! This can’t be happening!” she though as she hopped out of bed to review the damage. They were completely soaked all the way through and it would take all day for them to dry.

“I’ve just got to make sure no one comes in here until after they dry and after I get this smell out of here” she thought as she walked out the opening to go wash the urine off her body.

“You’re looking really good today, Leader” commented a few of the younger male dogs, as she made her way to the pond located at the far east end of the junkyard. Angel was still a bit shaken up by last night’s endeavor, but she figured it was probably due to her age and just getting over being sick. While Angel made her way to the pond Bo had already seen her urine soaked cushions. “Could it really be working?” He thought, as he peered out the crack facing towards the pond. He could see Angel and though it was only a minor change, he could tell it was taking affect fast. “By sundown tonight it’ll have taken full affect and I will be crowned the new leader” evilly laughed Bo as he walked out and head off to have lunch. Angel had just reached the pond, unaware that all of this was Bo’s doing. As she went to have a drink from the pond before getting in she took a good look at her face.

“Is it just me or do I look a couple years younger? I feel a bit better than I normally do. Maybe it’s just because I slept so much, it’s not like I normally sleep all that much” laughed Angel as she began swimming around and cleaning herself off. As Angel got out and dried herself off she made her way to have lunch with the others. Normally they would wait for her but she had ordered them to begin without her. As she walked back she began to worry if anyone had noticed that she was wet or that her cushions were soaked in urine.

“I’ll just forget about it, I’m not a puppy anymore, those days are long behind me” she thought as she approached the steps that led up to the eating area. “Man these steps seem really big for some reason” she thought as she struggled to get up the first step.

“Maybe I’m shrinking due to old age” she joked as she made it to the top of the staircase and onto the eating platform.

“Hey look! It’s a new comer!” yelled one of the younger dogs who quickly ran over to her and pulled her to the pile of food.

“Here try some” he said as he pushed some in her direction.

“Is he new or just stupid…?” She thought as she awkwardly ate the food to humor the young puppy.

“So how long have you been on the street?” he asked, staring at her with bright eyes.

“Well I was on the street for a few months until I came here, but that was quite a few years ago now. I thought everyone knew my story, but apparently not” she laughed.

“A few years ago…?” he asked, seeming a bit confused.

“Yes…. Have you no idea who I am?” she asked, feeling a little bit annoyed at his ignorance.

“Well no, I’ve never met you before, but that’s not why I’m confused” he said sounding rather confused.

“Well what the hell is it then?!” she barked. Angel was ready to tear this pups head off, like how could he be so rude to an elder, especially one who was also the leader of the entire junkyard.

“I’ll have this idiot fed to the cats if he doesn’t give this act up!” she thought as she glared at him in disgust.

“Well the reason I don’t believe it was ‘quite a few years ago’ as you put it” he said sternly, “is because you’re no older than six, maybe seven months old…. There is no way that’s possible”.

“Whaaaaaat???” She screamed in surprise. That’s when she noticed it, how had she not noticed before? This dog she was talking to was only a year-old puppy at most, but he stood slightly taller than Angel. “What is going on here?!” she screamed. This has got to be a dream, there is no way this is possible. All Angel could think about was figuring this out and without saying another would she ran back to her suite to take a gander at herself in the mirror. She goes flying into her suite, almost wiping out on her still-soaked cushions, when she gets a good look at herself in the mirror. A younger, bright blue-eyed puppy with silky cream colored fur and a pink bow looked back at her. That’s when she realized it was herself looking back at her. Somehow she had been regressed back into a puppy. She appeared to be about the same age as she was when she met Scamp.

“This can’t be happening” she stammered as she bit herself to wake herself up, but to her dismay it hurt “OUCH!”. That’s when it hit her, not only was she a puppy again, but this meant she’d have to relive her puppy days and grow up all over again.

“No, this just can’t be” she cried, bursting into tears, “I can’t be a puppy again, I worked too hard. What will come of my leadership now and what if they don’t recognize me? I’ll be thrown out on the street to starve”. Her bow and front paws were soaked in tears; she laid there crying just as Bo walks in.

“Angel? Is that you?” he starred at her, hiding the grin on his face. He knew this was his doing and it was only a matter of time before the entire junkyard would be under his rule.

“What happened to you? You’re a puppy…?” he asked, pretending to be confused.

“Yes, I don’t know what has happened to me” she cried. Just then she started to hear a hissing sound, followed by a warm feeling under her bottom where she was sitting. Quickly looking down she sees that she had peed herself and she was still going.

“I can’t stop!!” She cried as she emptied her bladder all over the floor. “I don’t know what’s going on, even when I was a puppy the first time this never happened”. Bo smirked; he knew exactly why it was happening. In order for the age regression potion to work it shrinks and weakens all of the internal organs, followed by the body and muscles. It had already taken full effect on Angel, who was now a young puppy with complete incontinence.

Bo had to let everyone know, many of them were surprised and wouldn’t believe it until they saw it. Much to Angel’s dismay Bo was temporarily put in charge until something could be done about Angel as they couldn’t have a puppy running the place. As Angel sat there crying while some of the others tried to comfort her, she lost control of both her bladder and bowels, soiling the mat she was sitting on. She couldn’t even say anything, she was horrified at what she had just done, she couldn’t even feel it happen let alone stop it. All she could do was sit there while everyone watched as she pooped and peed all over the mat and herself. Quickly Bo motioned for Barb, one of the caregivers for abandoned pups, to come and take Angel back to her suite. She quickly ran over and scooped her up, then proceeded to carry her back to her room.

“I don’t want to!” Angel yelled, “I’m not wearing that! I am the leader and I order you to listen to me!”

“I’m sorry, but for now you’re not the leader and Bo has put me in charge of looking after you. It’s not everyday something like this happens, now please stay still while I put this diaper on you” said Barb calmly as she held Angel down. After Angel’s previous accident in front of everyone it had been decided that she was to be put in diapers and looked after by Barb until they either figured out how to help her, or until she grew up all over again.

“I don’t need a diaper!” cried Angel, “I’m not a baby”.

“Well after the mess you made outside just now I think otherwise. Besides, you look like a puppy to me” said Barb as she tickled Angel’s tummy. Angel giggled and had no choice but to give in to Barb’s request.

“Fine, I’ll wear it, but please figure out how to turn me back to my normal age” she whimpered. Barb just patted her head and nodded in agreement.

“Why is this happening to me? I don’t understand. Why can’t all of this just be a bad dream, I miss being the leader! I miss being old and wise” Angel cried as Barb lifted Angel’s bottom, sliding a diaper with pink doggy bone designs under it. The diaper felt soft as Angel wiggled her bottom around. She smiled a bit, but quickly turned her head away once she noticed that Barb had seen her smiling. Barb proceeded to apply baby powder to Angel’s bottom then pulled the front of the diaper up and over to Angels lower belly, then fastened the tapes so that the diaper fit snug and tight around Angel’s bottom and waist. She then patted Angel’s bottom and carried her over to her bed where she laid down the now young puppy for a nap.

“I don’t need a nap though, I’m not tired” fussed Angel as she yawned and slowly drifted off to sleep, all cuddled into a blanket with her diapered bottom fully exposed. As Angel drifted off to sleep Barb noticed that Angel had already begun to pee her diaper, but she decided not to wake her. She figured she could change her once she woke up and so Barb headed back to the group to talk to them about what should be done to handle the situation. Angel slept for most of the afternoon until she was awoken by Bo who noticed her sagging wet diaper and laughed at what the once great leader had become. As Angel stirred Bo snuck away and watched from the shadows as Angel sat up. Angel knew she was wet the moment she woke up; she could smell the strong scent of urine coming from her soaking wet diaper and she could feel it on her bottom as she moved around. She had to admit, even though the diaper was wet it was much more comfortable than waking up to soaking wet cushions like she had that morning.

“So this is where my work has led me? Waking up in a wet diaper and losing my leadership to Bo” whimpered Angel as she began to cry. Just then she started feeling warm and realized she had wet her diaper once again. It was on the verge of bursting and Barb was nowhere to be found. She knew she needed to be changed but she was too embarrassed to call someone to do so. She felt silly being in a diaper, but she knew she needed them now. She was much smaller and weaker than she used to be.

“Why is this happening to me?!” screamed Angel as she laid back down, feeling her urine soaked diaper sliding against her bottom with every move she made.

“I’ll tell you exactly what happened” laughed a familiar voice as it walked out from the shadows.

“Bo?” Angel asked. Confused by this she looked at Bo and noticed the grin on his face. “What did you do to me?!!!” she screamed. Bow just smiled and pulled out a vile of the same pink liquid he poured into her water the previous night.

“I put some of this in your water last night. It’s an age regression potion, though some side effects cause incontinence such as what you have been experiencing. You deserve it though! After all of these years, forcing me to do everything and never once asking what I thought or taking my opinions into consideration! Well that is no more! I’m in charge now and guess what? There is no antidote for the age regression potion, so the only way to return to your proper age is to grow back into it” laughed Bo in excitement.

“Why yo…” Angel tried to yell back but she suddenly felt this strange feeling growing around her bottom. She yelped once she realized the feeling was her messing her diaper. She began to cry and started to feel very weak. She tried to fight it as she yawned but her vision soon became blurred and she fell to her side, looking up at Bo, but was too weak to sit back up. She quickly passed out, chewing on her blanket with her bottom sticking up. Bo just looked at her, then at her heavily sagging diaper, for which he just laughed.

“By the looks of this it will be a long while before you will be capable of being the leader again” he laughed as he walked out the opening and down the pile towards the others to give his first set of orders.

“There are going to be plenty of changes” he thought to himself as he opened his mouth to speak. Angel was sound asleep, not bothered by her wet, messy diaper as she laid there smiling and giggling. She dreamt about her old life with Scamp and being at Jim Dear’s house where she played and lived a care free life, fooling around and laughing at her and Scamps antics. She was so lost in this dream that she had completely forgotten her ordeal that had taken place before falling sleep. She just laid there drooling and smiling like the cute, diapered puppy she now was. Growing up all over again wouldn’t really be all that bad, she now had a second chance at life. The diapers might take some getting used to though as no other dog, not even the other puppies needed them, but it wouldn’t be all that bad. As time went on Angel began to forget her old life as her mentality faded to that of a young pup. She now spends most of her days napping and playing around with other pups her age. Barb would raise her like her own, making sure she is fed, gets her diaper changed when it was needed, and would put her down for a nap every afternoon. At first everyone wasn’t sure what to think of it all, but it didn’t take long for them to accept that Angel was now just a puppy and would have to grow up all over again. Besides, everyone was happy with Bo as the new leader and it wasn’t all that bad for Angel; now she’d get all the love and attention she could have ever wanted.