And to all in Goodnites.

I shared this story for the first time today on another board. It was originally titled “Santa Baby”, a title I was sure about until I hit submit. So, I’ve decided to re title it and use the pun that set this whole train into motion as the new title. I wanted to bring it here so if this is your primary forum, then I get to show it to you as well. I’ve written a few short stories, but this is my first foray into ABDL fiction. I wanted to write a story like we don’t often see. Not a story about finding ABDL or being forced into it, but a story of two people who know this is what they like and love each other. I hope you enjoy it, it was a fun write for me.

“Not having fun I take it?” Dex sidled up to me seemingly out of nowhere and startled me a bit. I’d been paying so much attention to the outdated ‘Flashback’ comedy article I was reading on my phone to kill time that I barely noticed him come over to the wall where I had seemingly Velcroed myself. Actually, Velcro might be a mild way to describe how tightly I clung to the wall during the party, a better example might be those carnival rides that spin you so fast centripetal force pins you against the spinning metal death machine. That’s how parties made me feel. The only upside to the carny option was it was acceptable to scream your lungs out on the ride.

“Havin’ a ball” I said sarcastically. I kept looking at my phone. It had been 28 minutes, exactly, since I sent him a text at 9:30, exactly, asking to bail. I had promised him I could be cool for an hour an a half as long as I kept a blister tab of Klonopin in my purse. That went away after about 20 minutes into the party. The pill did it’s job, and under normal circumstances I’d be calm and happy now. Throw me at a party full of strange people, not so fine and I’m back to panicking in 30 minutes. It was 9:58 now, I had upheld my end of the bargain. Now I was shaking and tunnel vision had set in, it was time to go.

“Dex, can we please leave.” He looked sympathetic to be sure, but he was caught between two masters here. We’d only been in Oakland for six weeks. Dex had got hired by a major bay area game design studio and so we struck out, avoiding the bleakest of what was a particularly bad Minneapolis winter for the sunshine and bay breezes. Tonight was the companies Christmas party and after getting an invite, a formality of course, after less than two months with the studio, we had to go.

“Soon, real soon, I promise.” He put his hand on my shoulder and leaned in for a quick peck on the cheek. “How ya holdin’ up down there?” He whispered in my ear. I blushed. Truth be told I had been so on edge that the Goodnite I wore under my dress was pretty soaked. I had controlled my drinking and only drank the obligatory offered cocktail, but anxiety attacks often gave me the terror pees. Dex had suggested the Goodnite for ‘purely practical reasons’ he jokingly assured me. Now it was starting to get all itchy and gross and the thought of changing my diaper in the women’s room of my boyfriend’s work place made he ill.

“I’m pretty wet,” and then, to cap it, I added in soft voice"daddy." Daddy. That always twisted him around my finger. And he thought he was the Domme. He frowned, and took his gentle hand from my shoulder and brushed a bit of dark hair that come lose from my ponytail back behind my ear.

“Alright Rachel, but it’ll have to wait a bit more dear, I’ve got to say my good byes and thank my team lead for inviting me. He didn’t have to do it you know.” I nodded, of course he didn’t have too, and would likely face no consequences if he didn’t, but when crunch time came team cohesion was important and it was generally a good idea to have everyone feeling some sense of obligation towards one another. Still, it was thoughtful of him. “I want you to know though, I’m proud of you for being so brave tonight,” he spoke in a hushed voice, just loud enough for me to hear him over the party taking part in the next room, “I’m proud of you, Rach.” With a last kiss, he made his way back to the action.

Dex swung shut the door to his Honda Civic. We’d just extricated ourselves from the party and it had been 14 minutes, I’d counted, since our conversation. He put his arm around my lower back and led me to the car as I leaned into his shoulder and sniffed in the musky cologne on his jacket The Daddy Smell that made him seem 20 years older and me 20 years younger. When I sat down I felt the warm smush of the goodnite, urine seeping back up from the core and pooling around me. He buckled my seat belt and closed my door before going over to his side. Once he turned the key in the ignition he looked over at me.

“Anything you want to say?”

“Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits!” I began quietly, “Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits! Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Tits! Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucking-fucker TITSTITSTITSSHITSHITPISSFUCKFUCKFUCKINGFUCKSHIT!” I began to hyperventilate and cry but I was calming down. Dex, for his part, gave a reassuring look and rubbed my back with one hand like he always did when I recited the ‘Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television’. It was a mantra of mine whenever I had a panic attack. Usually I whispered them like an obscene prayer. Sometimes though, like this one, it came out all screaming and snotting and sobbing.

“I hate this,” I whimpered. Dex was concerned now, and looked hurt.

“What do you mean, Rach?”

“I hate being such an embarrassment. Such a-a…” I was at a loss. Would ‘baby’ have been too appropriate or not at all appropriate all things considered? “You were just, just having so much fun with your coworkers. Your good at that, meeting new people and all. I was just frozen against the wall all night. I must have been such an embarrassment. I’m sorry Dex.” He reached over the console and took my hand in his, fingers twining tightly into mine.

“Oh, Rachey.” He sadly sighed, “I’m not disappointed in you. I told you, you were such a big brave girl tonight. You made me very proud.”

“I know. You said I was brave. But that’s not something you should have to tell your 25 year old girlfriend at an office party. I’ve been to parties with you before, with the people from your old studio, but I’ve never been like this. Just, this is as bad as it gets. And I know, I’m a brave little girl, but as a woman, I’m just such a-”

“You’re brave.” He said firmly, in his strong daddy voice. He was tall and lanky like me, wore glasses like me and was a total geek like me but when he put on Daddy voice, he was so big and strong to me. “No matter how big you are.” He gave my hand a tight squeeze before letting go. “Check the glove box sweetheart.” Tentatively, I reached out my hand and undid the latch. One item fell to the floorboards while another was slumped over, safe and sound.

“Well, whose been hiding in the glove box, Rachey?” He playfully asked. Inside sat a half man-half dragon-half octopus plushy in resplendent green. In the dread glove box for my boyfriend’s Honda, Plush Cthulhu waits dreaming. On the floor was a purple pacifier with pink hearts on the knob. I scooped it up and popped it into my mouth, before taking Cthulhu and snuggling the Old God. “What do you say little one.”

“Tank you, Daddy.”

"You’re welcome angel. I know you’re exhausted from that panic attack, just lay back and shut your eyes. Christmas eve traffic is going to be a pain getting back across the bay to Oakland, so just rest for a bit. I’ve got something special planned when we get home.

“…Think of all the fun that I’ve missed; Think of all the fellas I could have kissed; next year could be just as good, if you ch-” Eartha Kitt went silent as Dex took his key from the ignition. I had been awake for a few minutes now. In truth, I only drifted off for a short nap, but I had been quiet since we left the party. I was leaned against the car door, stuffie held in my left arm and my shoulder slumped against the window. I watched the lights of the city as we flew by at a surprisingly steady clip. Most people would be home by now, but no city ever truly slept. I must have fallen asleep before the bridge though. As new to the city as we were, I still wasn’t used to it. I felt so little driving across the bay bridge back to Oakland, appropriate enough all things considered. It was breathtaking if you could ignore the hundreds of other drivers all around you and just be in the moment. I wonder how I would feel if I ever had reason to cross the Golden Gate?

“We’re here princess” Dex said with a gentle shake of my left shoulder, he must not have realized I was awake yet. Or maybe he knew and just was enjoying playing Daddy tonight. Either way, I suppressed a yawn, opened my door with my stuffie held tight in my left arm, purse slung around my right shoulder and my paci clenched tightly in my mouth. It was so late I had no fear of exposure, and even if I did, this was Oakland. Right across the bay from the freak capital of the world, I was pretty sure nothing would shock the neighbors in the steadily gentrifying, hipsterizing neighborhood we called home.

“Oh, um sweetheart,” he said, momentarily stopping with his ‘Daddy Dex’ voice and going back into his ‘Boyfriend Dex’ voice, “check your dress hun, I think you leaked a little.” My free right hand swung around and squeezed my padded butt. Sure enough, tell tale leak lines had stained the forest green skirt.

“Oh shit!” I lisped around my paci. Its not clear whether the heavy wetting I gave the Goodnite at the party had been too much for the poor sodden thing and just caused it to give out under 120 something pounds of constant pressure on the ride back from San Fran, or if perhaps I’d had an accident while I slept which finally caused the banks to swell over so to speak.

“Language.” Dex said firmly, back in Daddy Space. As much as I wanted to tell him that this thing was dry clean only and that meant that I’d have to take my black and green cocktail dress to a cleaner and ask them to ‘pretty please remove my obvious diaper leak pee stains’, I held back. I was miffed, but Dex was back in Daddy Space right now, and defending my swear would earn a spanking. I could safe word out and swear all I liked, but I knew the second I went back into little space, a not nice spanking would we waiting. So I took a breath, counted to ten, and dove back in. Did I want to be his little right now, apologize, and get the surprise he’d promised, or did I want to be an adult with a college degree who pees her pants and ruins her dress? It really wasn’t a hard question, besides, the dress had been a five dollar Goodwill find anyway.

“I sowwy.” I said meekly. It did feel good to let it go. I’d be out of the dress in a minute anyway. Daddy Dex gave me a warm, soft smile. I playfully reached out my hand, opening and closing it quickly, motioning for him to come take it. I was no longer pouting about my dress, but had a silly, playful grin behind my purple paci. He came around the front of the car and took my hand in his, fingers twisting up between mine, and led me to the house.

“Go upstairs baby, I’ll meet you in a minute.” I shuffled out of my heels and ran up the stairs to our bedroom. I heard Dex moving around down stairs. It was about five or ten minutes before he came up. “Alright now Little Rachey, lets get you out of those wet clothes.” I turned around and flipped my ponytail in front of my shoulder as Dex unzipped my dress and let it fall in a pile to the floor. Next he unfastened my black, strapless bra and tossed it in the general direction of the laundry hamper. The only thing I was left wearing now was the soggy, sagging pull-up that hung low from my hips. “Now stay put precious, Daddy has one more thing to do before he takes that yucky diaper off.”

I nodded, paci still gripped in my mouth. No longer was I just holding it there and fiddling with it with my tongue, I now actively suckled on the rubber Nuk 5 nipple. Dex went into the bathroom and I heard him start to fill the tub with bathwater. A couple minutes later, Dex returned.

“OK little one, lets get you out of that potty diaper and into a nice warm bath.” Little space had mostly taken over, but I think the Adult Rachel was even happier than Little Rachey that I was finally getting out of this itchy, over flowing thing. Dex gave the right side a rip and the garment plopped to the floor. The air was cool on my smooth, cream colored crotch now. “Oh baby, you were in that thing for way too long, I think you’re starting to get a rash.” He led me to the bathtub and helped me into the sudsy water he had prepared, holding gently onto my hand as I stepped into the tub. When I was sat down, knees bent due to being a relatively tall girl taking a bath in a regular sized tub, he took out my hair tie and let my thick hair fall down to my shoulders. He took my paci from my lips with a small ‘pop’ and began to wash me.

He shampooed and washed my hair, scrubbed my body and paid extra attention to my special place, using his hand rather than a wash cloth to clean me there. He started slowly but had me moaning and tingly in no time. He finished me so quickly, with just that one hand. I was spent and in my afterglow he stood me up and toweled me off. I was led, again by the hand, into the bedroom. I stood naked with damp hair at the foot of our bed as Dex rummaged around in the ‘special drawers’ of my dresser.

“Alright, lets get you dressed now.” Dex spread a new, dry towel on the floor. That was my cue to assume the position. I lowered my self down and lifted my bottom for Dex to slide a thick, size small, ABU ‘Sissy’ diaper beneath me. He diligently powdered me, making sure to take special care of my front and teasing me again with his fingers. He pulled the fairy covered front up between my thighs and expertly sealed the single large tape. We had been dating for five years and playing for four, and in that time he had become a master at changing my diaper. The fit was expertly snug and comfy. He took my hand and lifted me to my feet, before tickling my tummy.

“Super Girl!” he sung teasingly, and I lifted my arms to the ceiling. He pulled a lilac colored shirt over my head. It was my favorite all purpose shirt, that I liked equally as a little or an adult. It was Elsa from Frozen, she held a long sword in her hands and wore a smirk on her face. ‘Winter is Coming’ was written beside her. The oven, as if timed to do so, beeped.

“Pizza’s ready Rachey.” Dex took my hand, “come on, lets go get some dinner. You must be hungry?” Pizza sounded good, even if it didn’t I was too far in the moment to resist. Ground Control to Major Rachel, your circuits dead, is something wrong? Rachel, the former teacher with anxiety problems, the geek who never grew up, was gone. Rachey was here now. Rachey was driving the car in her booster seat, and all I could do was watch contentedly from the back. Dex again clasped my hand in his and I toddled along behind him, the mass of fluff and plastic keeping me from anything but a infantile waddle. “Hold onto the rail kiddo, we’re gonna take these steps one at a time. OK?”

“I be careful, Daddy.” Slowly, I inched my way down the steps. One foot, then the other, holding tightly onto the railing with my left hand as Dex clutched my right in his. He went down the same way, leading me, one foot, then the other. I mischievously jumped off the second step from the bottom to the landing below.

“Hey now, what happened to one at a time?” I just giggled. My little was sweet with Dex. I could be a brat with the right play partners, but I never liked bratting with him. Not with my Daddy. I just wanted to be as sweet and cute as possible, and sometimes that meant overriding some of the routine ‘good girl’ programming and being a bit spontaneous. If anything, I was a rascal, not a brat. I was rambunctious and precocious in our play. After being comforted and calmed down, I was feeling more like playing now.

“But Daddy! You said I was Super-Girl, and Super-Girl can fly!”

“Super Girls need to be careful though, or else you’d have a Super-Girl Band-Aid on a skinned knee. That doesn’t sound fun does it?”

“I won’t get hurt Daddy, nothing hurts Super-Girl!” I posed, fists on my hips, chest puffed out, head cocked skywards and legs spread wide, well wider, in a heroic pose. Daddy grinned. He was up to no good.

“But Rachey didn’t you know? Our new house has floors made of Kryptonite!” Now he bounded down those last two stairs and took he in his arms, swinging me in a circle. No mean feet considering that I’m only 4 inches shorter than his six foot frame and he may only have 30 pounds on me. Even if he only manages to get me three or so inches off the ground, this is still one of my favorite things that he does. I giggled and squealed as he managed to execute maybe two and three quarters rotations before having to set me back down.

“See there, if Super-Girl had her powers, she could have fought off Dex Luthor, but lo these kryptonite tile floors.” His face was pink from exertion and his breath was heaving very slightly but behind his glasses I saw his beautiful dark roast eyes and saw the joy and the love. I melted and, as he still held me close, kissed him fully on the mouth. When we at last separated, he looked me over before going back into Daddy voice, the husky remnants of Dex voice still in his throat, “Uh-Oh, looks like someone had just a bit too much fun.”

My formerly fresh diaper had a small, faint yellow spot, “Uh-Ohs!” I childishly sing-songed, giggling all the while.

“That’s alright cutie, that’s what it’s there for. It was only a little accident, lets have our dinner and put in a movie. You wanna watch Ponies tonight?” That sounded fine to me, not only was My Little Pony a fine enough show that hit my nostalgia centers as an adult, but little Rachey was nuts for it. Dex, being a bit of a closet brony himself, also dug the show. To say it was a household favorite undersold it.

“Ponies!” I cheered, “Ponies! Ponies! Ponies! What do we want? Ponies! When do we want 'em? No-”.
“After pizza.” Dex interjected into my protest chant. Come on, every minute you waste it just gets more and more burnt." I hated burned pizza, so I hopped to it and ran, diaper crinkling loudly the whole way, to our combination kitchen and dining room. Dex followed after. He pulled the pizza off the over rack and quickly cut our pepperoni covered delight into eight equal pieces. He then took two, and cut them further into bite sized pieces perfect for a child. He dropped three pieces down on one of our earthen-ware ‘adult’ plates before moving the small cut up bites to my plastic ‘Frozen’ kids plate. I was in my chair, squirming restlessly while he did this, belting out the lyrics to a song from a video I watched as a girl over and over again.

“P-I-ZZ-A. Gimme Pizza!” When Dex was finished, he didn’t bring the plates to the table.

“I thought we might eat in the living room. Pizza and Ponies after all?” I knew he wanted to watch My Little Pony as much as I did. I rose from my seat and followed him into the living room.

This must have been the surprise. Our small plastic Christmas tree sat in one corner of the room, but while there hadn’t been many presents here earlier, the number had clearly doubled now. Each new present marked 'Too Rachey, From Santa."

“Dex, you shouldn’t…” I was back in control now. Rachey was back in her booster seat in the back and Rachel was driving again. “We just bought a house, we just moved, I don’t even have a new job yet. You really shouldn’t have done this for me.” I stood in front of the man I loved as a woman, albeit a woman in a slightly still warm diaper and a Frozen/Game of Thrones mash-up shirt who had been acting little since she got home. The man who carried his pizza intact on a grown-up plate and mine on a little girls plate. It was almost absurd to be talking about money like this, but here I was. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders, steadying himself.

“I didn’t get them for you, Santa did.” He was quiet and a little crestfallen, if this was his surprise than this wasn’t how he expected me to take it.

“I appreciate it, I really do, but we can’t afford it. You don’t need to buy me anything. You don’t need to buy Big Rachel or Little Rachey anything. It’s just enough that I have you this Christmas.” I hoped that took the blow out of it, but looking at his solemn face, I knew it didn’t.

“At least, at least take a look at whats in your stocking.” His eyes were still locked to the floor and I felt worse about myself than I had all evening. I don’t know how he pulled this off, but he did. He bought tons of things for my little, kept them hidden, and built up a surprise and my first reaction isn’t ‘thank-you’ or ‘tank-yous’ but reminding him how broke we are. Now I felt like shit, worse than I had all night. Those mocha eyes that had been so full of love were now so sad. The least I could do, was check out the stocking.

So I crossed the room to the mantle above the television where our stockings hung. Inside were mixed odds and ends, some for me, Big Rachel, others for Little Rachey, and some that really could have gone either way. By the time I sorted out the candy, character socks, and cute hair bows and arrived at the bottom of the box, I felt the crinkle of wrapping paper. Odd, I thought. I pulled the tiny wrapped box from the stocking. It was small and relatively square, wrapped in Frozen themed paper. So small, the faces of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf folded in on each other again and again, only glimpses and segments of any one face to be seen.

I worked the end of a piece of tape free and peeled the strip off. I neatly unfolded the wrapping paper as best I could. I grew up sort of middle class, but in a family that came out of the working poor and the ethos of ‘Save Everything’, including the wrapping paper to use again next year, was as ingrained in me by that upbringing as my worrying about money and reckless spending. The paper unfurled like an ice blue, Disney branded, lotus flower to reveal a small black jewelry box.

My breath caught in my throat and with shaking hands, and a nervous trickle into my thick, thirsty diaper, I opened the tiny box. Inside, still in the plastic wrapping, was a raspberry lemonade Ring Pop.

“You’re right,” Dex said, “we don’t have a lot right now. But what little we do, I want to share with you.” He rose from the couch where he had previously slouched defeated. I took the candy and worked it over in my hands, unsure if this is what I thought it was. “I wanted to do something really special for this. I wanted to get you the perfect ring, Rach.” He took my hands, with the Ring Pop, in his. “I couldn’t afford the ring you really deserve, I’d been saving up but then the move came and we had to get the house and I couldn’t anymore. So I wanted to get a ring that would at least still make you smile.” Dex let go of both my hands, still holding onto my right. He opened the Ring Pop package and went down to his knee.

“Rachel Lewis, will you marry me?” I tackled him and we embraced, he held me tightly on top of him as we kissed passionately. The candy, fallen to the carpet and covered in thousands of little fibers. That was all the answer he needed. Ponies were forgotten, pizza sat cold, we just pressed ourselves together, trying to pull into one body as well as one heart. He pushed me up, breaking off the kiss, he stood me up and led me to the stairs and into our bed. I finished him deftly with my mouth.

We lay in our bed in post coital bliss, him spooned around me and squeezing me tightly, and me with my purple paci in my mouth and once again cuddling with Cthulhu, being his big spoon. It had been some night, then the horror of the party had been worth it. Just before I dozed off to sleep, Dex whispered into my ear, “I love you, Rachel. Merry Christmas to all, and to all in Goodnites.”

I hope everyone enjoyed this. This is only the beginning for Rachel and Dex, not sure exactly if it will be a conventional narrative or a series of one-shot short stories, but this is a prologue of sorts for a larger work featuring these two which I will be calling “Wedding Diapers”. I have a lot planned for them on the road to their nuptials, so stay tuned. All and all, I think it’s been a pretty good story for one that came out of being inspired by the silly pun at the end. Criticism, constructive or otherwise, is welcome and encouraged.

Authors note* had to make a spot edit, as a previous authors note somehow crept into the final paragraph. Still trying to get the hang of transporting from OpenOffice to the web. Hope that didn’t distract or take away at all.

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

I thought this was well written and enjoyed it very much.

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

Authors note* had to make a spot edit, as a previous authors note somehow crept into the final paragraph. Still trying to get the hang of transporting from OpenOffice to the web. Hope that didn’t distract or take away at all.

This won’t necessarily work on other forums, but here if you click that icon with red A when on the new post screen a copy and paste from OpenOffice should preserve your formatting. :slight_smile:

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This is an excellent paragraph. The language is evocative and makes me want to read further. You clearly proofread this piece and your writing is a pleasure to read. I liked the characterization you gave the protagonist- I got so much out of the line:

BTW, somehow a space got dropped between “voice” and “‘daddy.’”

Thank you for sharing your writing.

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

Many, many thanks Renko Yamagami for sharing that format secret with me. I literally tried to upload twice, only to be confronted after the copy-paste with a frozen screen and a warning message that a script had stopped working. Then, by the third time I tried I’d been timed out, had to log back in and give in another go. So yes, that is super helpful for the future.

To the other readers, thanks for your views and your comments. I think I need to save some to a word document and keep them as a file on my main computer to use as a pole vault whenever I come up against a wall of writers block.

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I liked this story when I read it as Santa Baby. Keep up the good work.

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

The feels are real.

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

Thank you very much, I think that might be the highest compliment a writer can earn.

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That was awesome. An ideal relationship.

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This is a neat little story and well written u should keep writing cause I liked this and could possibly like more of your stories if u do write more

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

Thank you for sharing this lovley story it was very heartwarming.i wish my gf could be so understanding as Dex was with Rachael. Thanks again

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

LilBrat is in a state of rework right now to be honest. Firstly, I don’t believe in excuses, only explanations, but my original plan was to deliver the second third of the story all at once, as sort of a ‘thanks for being patient’ present for readers. Then, one evening in November I got home, I was ready to finish chapter 14 when my computer registered a blank screen with a text box. "Hard Disk Failure Immanent’ it said, or something to that effect. Then the hard disk failed and I lost everything. Nothing was able to be recovered. I went five months until I got my tax return and birthday money, without a PC (I had a tablet, but I’ve never caught on to using it for writing). Within that five months I’ve; reenrolled in college, began SRS, kicked drinking, gotten a girlfriend/switchsub/sometimesmommy, had a busy work life and become a leader in my local ageplay and ABDL community. My schedule is tight, and honestly, I’d considered killing LilBrat (‘Chapter 7 was a good enough end’) but I’ll try to work when I am able from now on seeing as there is some legitimate desire for me to finish the story. It may end up shorter than planned on, but it will finish. Just after six months of no writing, please continue to be patient because the roll out may be slow at first.

Other than that…

Props to Elibean, Whetoric, WBDaddy, WriteAndLeft, and all of those that make me feel all of the warm fuzzies. Knowing that such luminaries respect my work is enough of an impetus to come back and finish after my computer nearly killed the story.

For now, JenAndTonic
Going forward, ASongforLya

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

Good to see you’re doing okay.
We appreciate your hard work, here. I think I speak for many of us when I say we’ll wait patiently until you’re ready.

Re: And to all in Goodnites.

awwww, that stowy was PERFECT!! I wuved it. Tank you so much for sharing. :slight_smile: