And The Winner Is...

Here is the list, in order by number of votes.

The Administration sends its congratulations the winners!

First Place: BabyButt
Snuggles and Tears: 48

Second Place: C.S. Fox
The Girl In My Closet: 17

Third Place: Elizabeth
The Hex: A Halloween Homage: 10

Time to Pay the Piper: 9

Winnie Cooper
Little Mall Tykes Daycare: 8

Dementia’s Knight
Dawn of the Diapered: 7

Banyon Sisters: 7

Searching for Michelle: 6

Skye’s the Limit: 4

The Outcasts: 4

Winnie Cooper
Ghosts of my Past: 4

Transposition: 3

Dementia’s Knight
24: Kim’s Bad Day: 3

And The Winner Is…

I have to agree with pretty much everything Vickie said.

I’d also like to note that I believe this is the first year that every story nominated got at least one (and, I believe, in all but one case, two or more) vote. It probably helped that we had fewer nominations than usual, but that’s still good to see.

But, anyway, congratulations to everyone involved!

And The Winner Is…

I really enjoy reading Snuggles and Tears by Babybutt.

And The Winner Is…

Skye’s the limit, if I remember, did go bit funny at one point. And there’s always a bias to more recent stories. Lizzie’s story was one of the most popular of the year, but was ages ago.

And The Winner Is…


I had no idea when I started reading Snuggles and Tears, that it was a recent story and that it would so captivating. I started reading alot of stories b4 I found that one. It was able to hold my attention unlike any other, it was also the story that got me to join the forum again. Its formatting, realistic characters and content flow naturally for me.

Thinking now though I can see there is a slight advantage for BabyButt to still be writing his story but that shouldn’t take away from BabyButt’s achievement. I still think he would have won even if it was the first to be written and finished.

Unfortunately for some stories. If they don’t capture my attention in the first chapter then I am unlikey to want to read more. further more I have actually stopped reading some stories before finishing the first paragraph or even sentence usually due to poor gramma and formatting none in the voting pool though I think.


and to the runner ups …I am jealous of all your abilities to write such great stories … thumbs up to all of you.

And The Winner Is…

Grats to you BB and to all the other nominees.


And The Winner Is…

Hi Folks,

I really appreciate it.

I have enjoyed this process immensely! I can’t however take credit for all of this, while yes, I wrote the words posted, there were a lot of folks that have offered encouragement and critique to what I posted. Thank you very much for taking the time.

I want to congratulate the runner ups and everyone that was nominated.

I hope to write many stories for this board, and to read more from the excellent authors on this list.

Thanks again,


And The Winner Is…

Nice one, dude.

And The Winner Is…

Well, going from the voting thread, the outcome wasn’t a surprise, not with people placing all 5 of their votes into BB’s story…

While I honestly can’t say that I like Babybutt’s story, he deserves the credit for his dedication and tenacity in persevering with the story. Congrats, BB!

I’m glad to see that one of the stories I like better got 2nd place :slight_smile: GJ, C.S. Fox!

To all other nominees: Keep writing more!