An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

This story features a female being regressed. I will be adding more chapters in the future. Comments, criticisms, and story suggestions are welcome!

An Interesting Phenomenon

Chapter 1

James hated political science. He had thought that taking such a class in his senior year would be the easiest way to prepare himself to vote as an educated U.S. citizen. James was wrong. Not only was political science a challenge for the otherwise A+ student, but it was painstakingly dull. The only consolation that James had was that it was nearing the end of the semester and he would soon be getting a new teacher.

James had found the best way to pass the time was simply not to listen to the lecture. Instead, he busied himself with doing homework from other classes and occasionally glancing up at the girl seated in front of him. Ever since James had hit puberty he had found Megan to be attractive. In fact, he was almost certain that the entire male population of his school found her to be attractive. How could they not? She was curvy, but not fat, had a fair olive complexion, and long dark brown hair. James had gotten lucky with his seating arrangements this semester and somehow ended up in the seat behind Megan.

James slumped down in his seat, entirely bored of his political science class. It was during this complete absence of mental stimulation that Megan leaned forward to take brief notes. She was wearing a tight pink shirt and a pair of low-cut skinny jeans. Usually a very conservative girl, this outfit was a step away from her usual garb and James didn’t fail to take notice. As she leaned forward, her shirt lifted slightly up, revealing the waistband of her jeans and, more importantly for James, the top of her bright pink panties. James checked to make sure no one was looking in his direction. Then, James guiltily snuck a peak at Megan’s butt. Unfortunately for James, Megan finished her notes and leaned back before he could finish, causing her rear to sink neatly back in her seat.

James was devastated, as he was now forced to return to his calculus homework to avoid dying from boredom. Jame’s eyes began to close as he started to fall asleep. His head began to drift closer to the desk and nearly made impact, but James was able to catch himself before he slipped into complete unconsciousness. Megan repositioned herself in her chair. James looked up. Sure enough, the shirt had again lifted up again, revealing the dimples on her lower back. James again scanned the room. Nearly the whole class was asleep. James snuck another glance. It was in this moment that James witnessed something truly strange. As Megan shifted forward, her panties were again visible above the jeans slightly. Except this time they weren’t pink. James wasn’t quite sure what had happened, but Megan’s panties were now most definitely a solid white.

James was rather confused. He had thought they were pink before, but then again he could have been mistaken. Assuming that he was confused as to the color of the panties earlier, he watched as Megan leaned further forward and rested her head on the table. Very few could resist sleep when it came to the topic of political science. As James continued to watch Megan, the middle of her panties seemed to thicken. James did not believe what he was seeing. Unbeknownst to Megan, her underwear’s cloth waistband became thinner and elongated. In fact, the entire panty seemed to shift from cloth to plastic. By the time the transformation was complete, James was nearly positive that Megan was no longer wearing what could be termed panties. If James hadn’t seen Megan’s panties before, he would have been positive that she was wearing pull-ups.

While this new development in James’ otherwise dull hour unfolded, the teacher moved over to the board on the other wall of the classroom and began creating new notes for the students to copy down. The girl with the mysterious transforming undergarments lifted her head. Megan, being stuck seated next to a number of tall boys, seemed to struggle with seeing the notes. Rotating herself in her seat, she attempted to get a better view of the material. As she rotated, her eyebrows furrowed. Megan was probably one of the smartest girls in the school, but it didn’t take a genius to realize that one’s clothes have changed on their own, especially clothes that are so close to one’s more sensitive nether regions. James felt that she might see him looking at her, but he figured that she had larger problems of her own to deal with. Megan shifted back and forth in her seat in what James assumed was part of the struggle to get a view of the board, but also perhaps a technique she was using to decipher what exactly was affixed around her crotch. Megan’s eyes darted around the room. She lifted her hand, the hand that was not preoccupied with holding a pencil, and, looking down, tentatively poked at her crotch. While most of the class would not have been able to hear it, James could detect a soft crinkle when she did so. Apparently this was not enough confirmation for Megan, as she slowly lifted her hand and pulled the front of her shirt slightly up. Reaching down, she grabbed what would have been the waistband of her panties, if she had been wearing them, only for her hand to grasp plastic.

A look of shock appeared across Megan’s face when she realized what she was wearing. Her eyes widened and her cheeks began to take on a color more befitting of a rose. Raising her hand, she asked to be excused from class to use the bathroom. The teacher granted this request and Megan slowly rose up out of her seat. As she rose, James noticed the plastic waistband of the pull-up rested just above the top of Megan’s jeans. Coming to a full standing position, Megan’s bottom was closer to James’ face than ever before. She was wearing a training diaper, he was certain of it. Megan turned around, pulling down her shirt down rapidly. James glanced upwards and caught one last glimpse of her’s flushed expression. Then, with a quickening pace, she exited the room and passed through the doorway.

Chapter 2

Megan didn’t think she had ever exited a classroom that fast. She wasn’t quite sure what had happened to her, but it hadn’t been normal. Walking rather briskly she made her way to the closest bathroom. The bathroom consisted of two stalls next to each other, but the one on the right seemed to be occupied. She walked into the left stall and locked the door. There were about 10 minutes or so left until the end of school. If she waited long enough, she could simply go home after the bell rang.

Megan unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her legs. As she stood there she examined the state of her undergarments. While her bra was as she had left it this morning, her panties had somehow disappeared. Replacing them was an article of clothing she had remembered seeing on her younger sister, albeit much smaller, many years ago. Somehow, without any reasonable explanation, she was now wearing an adult-sized pull-up.

She sat down on the toilet seat to examine the training diaper more fully. Elmo’s face was printed on the upper front of the pull-up and stripes covered the lower front and back of it. Megan couldn’t think of a more embarrassing thing to be wearing at school. Still in denial, Megan began searching through her purse for her panties or any other article of clothing that could possibly replace them. As long as strange things were happening, nothing was out of the question. Unfortunately, she found nothing workable. She briefly considered not wearing any underwear at all, but her current choice in clothing was already a little more revealing than she would like it to be. She decided it was best to keep the garment on for now and simply change when she got home.

The bell rang shortly afterwards and Megan pulled up her pants and left the stall. She had trouble getting used to the feeling of a training diaper between her legs. Here she was, 18 years old and in her senior year of high school, yet she was wearing something more appropriate for a two-year-old. Trying not to let the idea get to her, Megan climbed into her car. She couldn’t wait to get home and take the stupid thing off.

Megan pulled into her garage, went upstairs to her room, and pulled off the pull-up. She had to be careful disposing of it, so she stuffed it into a bag and then put it in her room’s trash bin. She slipped on another pair of panties, carefully checking to make sure they were the same she usually wore, and then crawled into her bed to sleep. She needed a nap.


Megan’s eyes opened slowly. Her younger sister, April, was in her doorway.

“What is it?” Megan asked, groggy and disoriented.

“Mom says it’s time for dinner.” April turned to leave. “The food is getting cold, so hurry up!”

Dinner? Megan couldn’t believe she had slept that long. Pulling off the covers, she sat up. Instantly she knew something was different. There was a distinct dampness around her crotch. Looking down, she saw an elmo face, now slightly darker and yellower than before, staring up at her. Not only was she back in pull-ups, but she had wet them quite a bit. Megan looked around her. The pull-up had prevented her from soaking the bed. Getting up, Megan walked over to her dresser to get her third pair of panties that day. If she kept this up, she would be entirely out of panties by tomorrow. Megan opened the drawer, only to find that the events of tomorrow had come sooner than she expected. Her underwear drawer, previously home to several pairs, was now completely filled with pull-ups.

“Megan, we’re waiting!” Megan’s mother yelled from downstairs.

Megan decided she didn’t have enough time to change, so she hurriedly put on her jeans and walked down the stairs. The cold wetness in her crotch was a constant reminder of the predicament she currently found herself in. She turned the corner and walked into the kitchen.

“It’s about time you decided to show up.” Her mother said.

Megan pulled out a chair and sat down, making a barely audible squish noise. She would have to change as soon as the meal was over.

The dinnertime conversation was as uninteresting as it was long. Megan hardly said a word. Her mind was running over the possible explanations for the pull-ups, both around her waist and in her drawer. Even worse than the appearance of the pull-ups was her newfound need of them. She hadn’t wet the bed in 12 years! She was sure that something supernatural was at work here and, judging by her strange inability to escape the childish garments, it wanted her in training diapers.

Megan finished her meal and went back upstairs. She slipped off the wet pull-up and placed it in the now recovered bag that she had hidden in her trash bin. Taking out a new pull-up from her drawer she pulled it up her legs. She would have to go out and get more underwear tomorrow. Megan put on a pair of pajama bottoms and got to work on her homework.

She found herself somewhat distracted while working through math problems. She couldn’t get the idea out of her mind that someone or, even worse, something was doing this to her. Megan had thought that she didn’t believe in the supernatural, but the pull-up between her thighs had made her reconsider. She wondered if she had upset some evil creature. Perhaps she was being plagued by a spiritual presence? Megan resolved to do more research later on. Tomorrow may bring her more clues as to what exactly was tormenting her.

Back to focusing her math homework, Megan was solving the final problem when a strong urge to pee came over her. She was resolute, determined to finish the problem before getting up and emptying her bladder. Besides, what had happened while she slept was surely an anomaly. She was 18 years old, she didn’t wet herself! Megan finished the problem and hurried to the bathroom, only to find that it was currently occupied by her sister.

“April, open the door!” Megan pleaded.

“One second sis!” April replied, her mouth filled with toothpaste.

“April please, I really need to go!” Megan begged, a sense of desperation in her voice.

Megan crossed her legs together, pressing them against the soft padding. She felt a twinge in her bladder. Her hands shot to her crotch. A warm sensation gradually spread throughout her pull-up, emanating from the center outwards. Megan tried to stop the flow of urine, but found herself unable to. It was in this moment that April finished brushing her teeth and opened the door.

“Having trouble holding it sis?” April teased, not knowing just how truthful her comment was.

Megan blushed crimson. April went into her room. Rushing into the bathroom and closing the door behind her, Megan pulled down her pajama bottoms and inspected the state of the pull-up. It was drenched. She sat down on the toilet, only to find that the contents of her bladder had already been completely emptied into her padded plastic underwear. She had officially wet herself while awake. Her bladder control wasn’t getting better after her unconscious accident, it was getting worse. Putting the used training diaper back on and pulling up her pants, she left the bathroom and went back into her room to change. The bag now contained three pull-ups, two of which were wet. This was not good.

Megan got up and looked at herself in the mirror. She was still the same height and weight. Despite her newly developed bladder problems, she looked like a mature adult. Slightly confused and anxious about what tomorrow would bring, Megan put on her fourth pull-up for the day, got ready for bed, and went to sleep. She hoped that soon this nightmare would be over.

So this was another relatively short chapter. They should gradually begin to add up!

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon [CH. 1]

Since I’m sure other people will give this the critique you’re looking for, and I didn’t find any glaring flaws that deserved a mention (well, there was one, but it’s not a problem with plot, voice or spelling/grammar), I’m just going to give my opinion.

It was very entertaining, though I can’t help but wonder just what is going on here. I’m sure you’ll explain it in time, but it’s confusing for me at the moment.

What struck me most is the noticeably high quality of writing you have. I’d say it’s better than what I can do, not that anyone on this site has seen my writing in the first place. For a chapter that was entirely without dialogue, it was very engaging for me before and after I got to/past the few paragraphs of teenage hormonal talk.

Speaking of that, I personally think you went overboard in regards to the talk about his attraction to Caitlin and/or his hormones. But I don’t know whether that’s because there’s really too much of it or because I’m aromantic asexual and therefore just hate reading that altogether, so I wouldn’t consider it a flaw unless you hear someone else complain about it.

Without further ado, the one glaring flaw this story has right now: it’s too short. This is A-grade stuff here, but there’s so little of it that it barely even whet my appetite. Please consider writing more per chapter, because having so little of such a good thing is more annoying than it is pleasing.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon [CH. 1]

This is quite good.
To save time, I’ll second what the guy above me said.

This is early on and it reads well. I like the unique, and seemingly supernatural themes you have going on here. But just like XenonVoid said, we really want, and need, more content to really judge it fully.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon [CH. 1]

I’m going to have to second what XenonVoid said. Good quality prose.

As far as content goes, his sexual tendencies seem very strong, almost enough to make me dislike the guy. And that’s coming from a young adult male. I also look forward to seeing the reason for this magical change that occurred. A dream, perhaps? Or maybe something more on the fantastic side?

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon [CH. 1]

Wow, two people seconded my commentary. That’s a rarity among rarities. Kinda cool that I said something so agreeable, I guess. That’s also pretty rare. Although I get the feeling that if someone like WBDaddy reads this, he’ll have more stuff to say than I did, not that that’s a bad thing (well, it is for me, since I couldn’t think of it myself).

That said, I feel significantly less alone now that someone else has agreed with me about the MC’s overdone sex drive. It seemed on the level of lust to me, but that’s just my opinion. Lust can be fine if used correctly, and can definitely have benefits to the right kind of story, but if it’s written wrong or written into the wrong type of story, it’s easy for it to become a major turnoff for readers. Like how the last poster and I reacted, but potentially much worse.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 1)

I went ahead and cleaned the story up a bit and went for a female name that I liked a little more. I will hopefully be continuing this with some more chapters soon!

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 1)

A well-written start. Looking forward to more.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon [CH. 1]

Not really. There isn’t enough here for me to offer comment as yet.

Typo: A look of shock, not “shot” would be on Megan’s face if she were surprised. And I’m not sure “permeated” was the verb you wanted there - the idea that shock “slowly crept over” her face seems contradictory.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon [CH. 1]

You already found more wrong with it than I did, though. I only found one flaw in the writing and it was just a character trait that gets annoying. You found a typo and a bad wording, which is twice what I had to complain about in pure numbers.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 1)

OT posts moved here. :slight_smile:

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

Bumping this.

OP updated the story without bumping.
I actually had several dreams (when I was 11 or so) that followed chapter 2 almost exactly.

Keep going.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

Oh, yeah, I never would’ve noticed. It’s standard practice to add new chapters as new posts, both so people can easily tell when there’s a new chapter and because there’s a maximum post length.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

Agreed, it’s a really bad idea here. It’s not so much that there’s a maximum post length it’s something to do with the cache taking too long to load the post so it gives up and moves on. Or something like that. Either way it’s best avoided.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

HTTP POST requests aren’t cached. It’s PHP that gives up on waiting for data and that limit has to be in place but it is set large enough that it shouldn’t happen under normal circumstances. It’s literally set to wait for 181 seconds of not receiving data before it forcibly closes the connection.

There was a minor issue with the MySQL config I had to fix during the last maintenance window that was causing some issues, but that was more of a “Renko forgot to adjust this setting on the migration and it went unnoticed because it took so long for someone to trigger the problem” problem than anything else :slight_smile:

And for the record if there was a post size limit the board would reject any post that exceeded it, not cut it off…

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

My apologies, I misremembered your old post about it. In hindsight I should have looked for it and linked it.

There probably should be a limit, based on the average character count for most cut-off stories. It would solve a lot of problems, like when someone tries to post a massive non-member story then never returns to the forum to fix it (I’ve seen it happen here a few times), especially if it’s a story no one else can find.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

The limit was removed because I got tired of people bitching about it preventing them from posting entire chapters. No way in hell am I turning it back on. Especially not when it’s basically to work around a shitty ISP like Comcast. Seriously, roughly 95% of the users who have that problem use comcast.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

Finally actually read this. A fine start, and I look forward to seeing more.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

It’s either that or DSL for me. :frowning:

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

Yeah same. Unfortunately municipalities love giving ISP’s monopolies.

Re: An Interesting Phenomenon (Ch. 2 - UPDATED)

Actually it’s a lot more complicated than that, but that would be a long drawn out OT discussion, but it’s really more of a physical limitation because of how cable and phone lines are paid for and built out.