An Inheritance of Sorts (Repost)

An Inheritance of Sorts is a direct sequel to An Internship of Sorts, which is posted in it’s entirety here.

I’d recommend that you read it first, but I’ve done my best to make the sequel readable without relying too much on the first piece.

One thing of note is that this is more of a story about an AB rather than an AB story. That means that you’re unlikely to see every character on the cast in diapers or getting rides in strollers. That said, I’m told that it’s a good read.

The Story Thus Far:

The Introduction

Chapter 1: Sounds Promising

Chapter 2: Arrivals

Chapter 3: As a Rainbow

Chapter 4: Aptly Titled

Chapter 5: Being Stupid

Chapter 6: Buckskin Underwear

Chapter 7: The Rumor

Chapter 8: Ivory, Gold, and Silver