An Angel Chapter 1

This is a that I wanted to write for a long time but could never get to it. I finally made the time to get it started. Let me know what you think.

Ana Alicia Ruiz

Chapter 1

It was killing her. She didn’t know why it was killing so much to see a mother caring for her infant at the school. The mom was picking up her older child up at school and caring for her youngest child, After all, she was eleven years not two. And yet the tears kept coming. Try as she might, she could make them stop even with her younger sister comforting her.

“Mary, it’s alright. Let’s go see Mom.” Sarah said.

“Ok Sarah.” Mary said .

Nine year old Sarah led Mary to their home from their parochial catholic school. They walked those five minutes from school to their home with Mary crying and Sarah trying to comfort and breaking her head trying to figure out why Mary was crying because Mary refuse to tell her why she’s crying because she felt disgusting and weird for wanting to be a baby and the school day was any normal day.

When they got home. They went in and found their mom cleaning the living room. Anne looked up from dusting the coffee table as the girls were walking into the house. She saw both girls were upset. She went to them.

“Girls, What’s wrong?” Anne asked.

“Mary’s crying and I don’t why.” Sarah said.

" Did something happen at school to Mary that you know about?" Anne asked.

"No, I don’t know about anything happening to Mary at school. Sarah said.

“Let me talk to your sister alone maybe she tells why she’s crying. Go and change your clothes.” Anne said.

“Okay Mom.” Sarah said.

Sarah went upstairs to her bedroom, took off her school uniform, put on some play clothes, and put her uniform in dirty clothes in hamper and closet. Anne led Mary to the living room sofa and sat down on it.

“Mary talk to me you’re scaring me.” Anne said.

Mary nodded no and kept crying.

“Did something happen at school today?” Anne asked.

"No mom, " Mary said thru tears.

"Why are you crying sweety? Anne asked.

“Mom I feel disgusting and weird because I want to be a baby again.” Mary said thru tears.

“Why do you want to be a baby again?” Anne asked surprisingly.

An Angel Chapter 1

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An Angel Chapter 1

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An Angel Chapter 1

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An Angel Chapter 1

But, this really wasn’t that bad, on the plus side.

An Angel Chapter 1

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An Angel Chapter 1

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