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I’m moving this to Stories, and I’m deleting your other two contributions, because you do not need to create new threads for paragraph-long anecdotes that also happen to be first-person accounts of your childhood fantasies.

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Fantasy or reality, there’s no need to put them in separate threads. They’re all your accounts of your own childhood, so keep them in one thread (as replies to this one) since they are all related.

I have to agree with you on this one. It does read a lot like a fantasy. Part in how it is explained and part that gerber plastic pants don’t have any stretch to them, and you would have had to be pretty petit to be a working age and be able to fit in them. A girl that was around 6? I knew, her parents used cloth diapers on her and her brother for bedtime (before she got switched to disposable pull-ups), and the pants didn’t give much extra room for her.

If it is fantasy, own up to it as there are some really good BS detecters here. If it is real, then it’s a very rare thing for someone to go through. There is no formatting and it is like a long run on paragraph.

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It’s the ones that were who pick up on the inconsistencies.

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