An AI-Generated story that's better than what I usually write?

Prompt: use an AI-generator to help you write the start of your story

Disclaimer: the usual disclaimers apply

Wow, I think the AI did a better job at writing than I usually do. The wonders of modern technology.

Amanda a twenty-year old girl, blushed as the giant woman carried her outside in a sopping wet diaper like a toddler. She was wearing nothing but a blue halter top and white cotton panties. The old lady smiled at Amanda’s embarrassment while carrying her across the yard to the barn where she had seen the horses earlier.

“I bet you have never been exposed for anyone else, right?” asked the woman. “It is our little secret.”

The old woman chuckled as she put the young girl down inside the barn. Then, she pulled up her skirt revealing that she was wearing a black nylon panty girdle which hugged her shapely bum nicely. She then took off a pair of red rubber gloves from behind her back and handed them to Amanda.

“Put these on,” ordered the older woman with a wicked grin. “You don’t want your hands getting all dirty do you? I wouldn’t want you doing any damage to my precious babies!”

Amanda looked at the latex gloves nervously as they were quite large for her small hand. However, she figured it would be best if she just did what this older woman told her to do. So, she quickly slipped them over her fingers and began working alongside Mrs. B.

The old lady smiled as she watched Amanda scrubbing the barn floor with the soiled diapers. It took two hours to get the barn cleaned, but by the time she finished, Amanda was exhausted. Her arms were sore and her back ached. Yet, the old lady was smiling.

“That will teach you not to play in the mud!” she said happily. “Now, let us see about fixing dinner before it gets dark.”

After supper, Amanda was expected to help clean up and set the table. As the old woman went into the kitchen to start preparing dessert, Amanda heard Mrs. B talking to herself.

“Oh my, oh my, oh my! This is wonderful!”

She was clearly excited as she walked towards the kitchen door. Amanda peeked around the corner of the hallway and saw the old woman holding a pair of soiled diapers in one hand and two pairs of rubber gloves in the other.

“What are you going to do with those?” asked Amanda nervously.

Mrs. B turned and smiled at the young girl. She approached Amanda and placed the diapers under her chin.

“I am going to make you into a real little baby,” replied Mrs. B with great excitement. “And, since we already know you love being treated like a baby, this should be fun.”

She pulled the rubber gloves out from behind her back and held them under the girl’s chin.

“Now, remember, I expect you to be good and do what I say,” instructed the old woman sternly. “If I ever catch you playing in the mud again, I will punish you severely.”

With that, she lifted the rubber gloves up over Amanda’s head and helped her put them on. Then, she pulled out a bottle of baby lotion from the cabinet and began rubbing it onto Amanda’s legs and arms.

“You need to keep very still,” warned the old woman. “Otherwise, you might hurt yourself.”

Amanda felt the cool lotion on her skin. She could feel the roughness of the latex gloves against her delicate body. The warm sensation gave her chills as the old woman rubbed the baby lotion all over her legs and arms.

“Umm…” muttered Amanda as Mrs. B continued her massage until she reached her crotch. “Ooh, that feels nice.”

Then, she placed the rubber gloves between Amanda’s thighs. After adjusting them to fit, Mrs. B slowly massaged the thick baby lotion into Amanda’s private area.

“This feels so good, Mrs. B,” sighed Amanda as she closed her eyes and relaxed.

“That’s my good little baby,” complimented the old woman. “Now, I think it is time for your diaper change.”

“Aww…can I please wear my panties?” asked Amanda hopefully.

“No,” answered Mrs. B firmly. “You need to learn to accept your place as a baby. This is the way things should be!”

She picked up the soiled diapers and placed them on the counter. Then, she grabbed the pair of rubber gloves that were still covering Amanda’s hands.

“Let me show you how to take care of your diaper,” explained Mrs. B as she removed the gloves. “First, you must get your finger into the front of the diaper and pull the wet part through the opening. This is called ‘unloading’ the baby.”

Amanda nodded and gently opened the elastic waistband of her diaper. She felt the warm liquid squish against her hand as she carefully pulled the front of her diaper away from her body. Mrs. B then showed her how to use the rubber gloves to reach in and scoop out the soiled baby powder.

“When you are done, you can replace the fresh diaper,” said the old woman. “Just be careful not to touch your genitals with your bare hands! You must always use the gloves or you will get messy!”

Wow, can you believe a computer wrote most of that? I don’t think I’m going to continue the story, but this was still an interesting experiment.

Alright, just spill it, which computer wrote this and where can I get it?

Sorry, I don’t remember. It’s pretty easy to find, though. Just Google “AI story generator.” I was surprised too. I need to improve my description. This AI put me to shame.

Okay, so what you technically did here was to post someone else’s work. I wonder what the copyright implications of this would be like. I mean, can a computer own the copyright to something? Or would the copyright belong to the owner of the computer? Or would it belong to the programmer who created the AI that wrote the story? Would there be any copyright attached to something like this at all, or would the story be considered public domain? Could I post this story on another board without crediting you? (Not that I would. I have enough artistic pride to do my own work.) So many questions.

In the US, no. And yes, this is based on actual court ruling.

Thankfully, computers are not people. This is probably about the same as using a spell-checker, legally speaking. You don’t have to credit an automated spell-checker for editing your work, and you don’t have to credit an AI for generating a story for you.

That said, though, I wouldn’t recommend AI-generated stories. They can do some things well, like scenes and description in this case, but they do other things horribly, like plot development and keeping track of multiple characters. I just did this as an experiment to see how good or terrible an AI-generated story would turn out, since I saw others on the story forum experimenting with AI-generated stories as well.