Amy The Cheerleader

Chloe Evans was sat at school with her friends. The class was biology which she found boring, she knew it was still an hour until lunchtime. Although she wasn’t enjoying the class she wasn’t sure if she wanted it to be lunchtime or not due to a group of seniors namely one called Amy White. Her and 2 of her friends Jess and Natalie were being given a tough time by the group of older girls. The girls were all 18 and knew what exactly what they could get away with.

lunchtime quickly arrived, Chloe and her friends were stood by their lockers chatting, they were just about to head over to the cafeteria to get some lunch when they heard an all too familiar voice… “Hey baby girls what are you up to” the girls looked around “w w we were just going to get our lunch” Jess stuttered in reply “well before you go I’ve got a deal for the 3 of you, each of you give me $10 and I won’t pick one of you losers to spread a rumour about that will ruin you” " but that’s all we have to buy any lunch with" “we’ll it’s up to you then whether you mind the whole school thinking you still suck on a baby bottle in your spare time” replied Amy with an evil grin "oh my god why are you so mean we haven’t done anything to you? “You’ve got exactly 5 seconds to all hand me the money” begrudgingly the girls handed Amy the money.

Amy and her two pals Danielle and Brooke had everything the way they wanted. All 3 of them were gorgeous which had led to them all being on the cheerleading team. They were pretty much the 3 most popular girls in the whole school, Danielle and Brooke were both dating guys that were on the football team, Amy had held back from having a boyfriend although the captain of the team was head over heels in love with her, she had gone on a couple of dates and even kissed him a few times but had never gone any further which her friends could never understand. Her perfect figure, long blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes were enough to make any guy weak at the knees.

The girls had become accustomed to their social position and felt they could look down on certain people that they didn’t feel matched their social standing. They had seen the group of 3 sophomores who appeared to be “average girls” who never caused any trouble and pretty much kept themselves to themselves. These girls seemed like the sort that would probably be too scared to say anything to anyone and would keep quiet out of fear. Amy, Danielle and Brooke knew they could get away with belittling Chloe and her friends. A couple of times Chloe had even had to covered up marks out of fear of her mom seeing them when Amy had hit her for not doing as she said.

It was now the end of lunchtime and Chloe, Jess and Natalie had all gone without eating. They sat chatting just before the next class started. “I can’t believe how mean they are to us, those bitches are happy for us to go all day without eating just so they can keep our lunch money probably to spend it on make-up and clothes” said Chloe angrily “I wish there was a way of stopping them, if we told the teacher she would spread a mean rumour like what she said earlier” replied Natalie “that would be way too embarrassing to deal with” said Jess. The teacher then came in so they had to stop talking and listen.

Eventually the end of the day came around, Chloe’s mom picked up her. She couldn’t wait to get home so she could get something to eat as she was starving. Chloe had a younger brother called Tyler who had to be picked up from Elementary school which was 5 mins down the road. Mom then reminded Chloe that Tyler had a hospital appointment at 4:15 so they would be going straight from school to the hospital. This annoyed Chloe as she was so hungry “but Mom I’m soooo hungry cant you drop me home” “I’m sorry love but we don’t have time, you know how important this appointment is for your brother we don’t want to risk missing it” “ok Mom” Chloe accepted she would just have to go with them to the appointment.

She remembered Mom mentioning the appointment before, that it was with a specialist consultant to try and help with Tyler’s bedwetting problem. As far as Chloe could remember Tyler had always had occassional problems with wetting the bed, it only happened once every one or two weeks but still that was often enough. she knew how embarrassing it must be for him and knew how much he wanted to stop it happening. She imagined if she had been the one with a bedwetting problem how humiliated she would have felt, but she knew that people her age don’t wet their beds.

They soon arrived at the hospital, they found their way to the correct department which was quite a long walk as it was upstairs and at the far end of the hospital. When they found the correct area Mom checked Tyler in for the appointment “hello I’ve got my son Tyler Evans here he’s got an appointment with Dr. Johns at 4:15” the receptionist had a look on the computer and then responded “that’s great, if you follow the corridor along and take a seat in the waiting area around the corner on the left” “thank you”.

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Good start

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Watch out for grammar and punctuation. Otherwise it starts out pretty well anyway. I wish you would have continued another 1000 words so we could figure out the plot. I am also guessing what happens at this doctor’s appointment.

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There were a couple of convention/word choice issues I noticed near the end. For one thing, you wouldn’t capitalize any part of “elementary school” unless you are referring to a physicist school by name. Also, “hospital appointment” doesn’t really work either. It could be a doctor’s appointment at the hospital, but it’s confusing the way you have it worded currently.

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I’ve been trying to change my approach to discussion here lately and avoid being negativistic. I’m having a very difficult time finding something positive to say about this.

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The paragraphs are a good start. :slight_smile: One big wall of text can be hard on a reader’s eyes.

When multiple characters are speaking in one paragraph, it gets hard to tell who said what. Start a new line/ paragraph when a different character speaks.

A said, “Meh”. “Eh” said B. “bleh” said C.

should be:

A said, “Meh”.

“Eh.” said B.

“Bleh.” said C.

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Okay, yeah, I can get behind that. thumbs up

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It’s serviceable: the writing style isn’t perfect but I can see some character behind it that could prove enjoyable in the future.

I agree that this chapter ended too early, there’s no conclusion or cliffhanger - it just ended. You have to end on something; just stopping right in the middle of a scene is not a good idea without setting up a cliffhanger.

I can think of two directions the story can (and probably will unless you have something completely out of left field planned) take from here: either we find Amy in the doctor’s office for bed wetting or Chloe sees something that inspires her to get Amy wetting herself as revenge. Those are the directions 99% of the stories here would take; there’s nothing wrong with that as this is the beginning of a story: the middle and end are more important.

As such, everyone reading this will have the same expectations. Ending the chapter without meeting or defying those expectations only serves to annoy people. That does not make for a good first impression.

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nice start keep going. and finish your other story

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I figured out the same thing, but I didn’t want to spoil it or influence the story to go this way. I really would like to read more and I think there are user serviceable parts inside that can just be run through the filter of a friend who is acting as a line editor to catch any grammar, punctuation, and awkward wording issues. The beginning of the plot was decent and if it can be developed into a story then it will be good despite the grammar issues.

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I debated not spoiling it too but since how obvious it seemed only made the main problem so much worse I had to call it out.

I think it can be good for what it is; I’m not sure if the story will stand out from the others but I think I could enjoy it all the same. Although we were given so little to work with I can’t be certain.

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They took a seat where they were asked to by the receptionist. While they sat there a couple of young children and their parents went in for their appointments with other doctors in the same department. She wondered if all the kids she could see were here for similar problems.

After a few minutes a doctor who Chloe recognised as Dr. Johns came around the corner and called “Amy White please”

Hearing that name mentioned really got Chloe’s attention, “surely not” she thought to herself. Chloe though it must just be a coincidence that someone must just have the same name as the girl from school.

As she looked on she saw a girl appear from the seating area around the corner, she could see her side on and could clearly tell that it was indeed Amy White from school still in her uniform. The girl followed the doctor around the corner out of sight of the waiting area.

She hadn’t seen Chloe as the doctors office was in the opposite direction.

Chloe quickly said to her mom that she was going to get something from the vending machine which was conveniently placed around the corner near Dr. Johns office. As she made her way around the corner she just saw the back of Dr. Johns as he walked into his office.

As he walked in he pushed the door back in order to close it, but it didn’t quite click shut and it then fell open by a few inches. She could hear he had sat at his desk.

Thinking quickly she quickly got out her phone and turned on the sound recorder, checking no one could see her she then very carefully placed her phone on the ground inside the edge of the door.

She knew it was risky but she was willing to take that chance.

Chloe then sat in a chair which was right outside the door so she could listen in herself. She really didn’t know what to expect to hear but she listened in as they began talking……

“Please take a seat. So Amy when did I last see you it must be a few months now isn’t it?”

“yea the last time I saw you was in April, so it was about 4 months ago”

“and how have things been going since the last time I saw you?”

“well to be honest things haven’t been going too well really”

“ok so is that in terms of the frequency of the accidents”

“yes it seems to be happening more often”

“How many nights a week would you say it happening now Amy”

“to be honest I’d say I’m waking up wet about 5 or 6 times a week, it so embarrassing and really hard to hide from my parents and my younger brother and sister as I really don’t want anyone else knowing about this”

Chloe was absolutely stunned to be hearing this.

“yes I can completely understand how hard this must be for you to deal with at your age, have you been taking any preventative measures to stop the bed from getting wet?”

“I have done yes, it’s so embarrassing to even admit to it but I’ve been wearing adult diapers to bed every night which I started doing after the last appointment, it’s been so bad I’ve sometimes had to change in the middle of the night, I’m so worried that my sister or brother are gonna catch me in a diaper as I know they would both find it hilarious that their 18 year old sister still wets the bed”

Chloe sat there with her jaw wide open, Amy White the popular, beautiful cheerleader who had been bullying her still wore diapers to bed at 18.

“I can totally sympathise Amy, well as long as the diapers you are using are good quality then they should hold your accidents and not allow your sheets to get wet. I guess its just a case of being careful if you want to keep this hidden from your family. I can get the nurse to see you after our appointment if you’d like and she can provide you with a supply of medical grade diapers, would that be something you’d be happy with?”

“I guess so as its really expensive and embarrassing buying them for myself”

"Ok ill get that sorted for you. Right, the bedwetting you’re suffering with is what’s is known as secondary enuresis, which is the medical term for when a person has previously been dry at night, which you were who then begins wetting the bed again when they get older. You fit this description as you previously wet the bed up until you were 8.

As it has now been happening for a few months and considering your age I don’t believe it’s something that will just go away. This also leads me to believe that it’s a psychological reason that you’ve developed this issue so the best thing I can do is refer you to a colleague of mine Dr. Lucy Jeffords who is very experienced at dealing with things like this. I will however not fill you with false hope as these sort of conditions can sometimes be very hard to get to the bottom of"

“Are you saying that I might never stop wetting the bed?” Chloe could hear Amy sobbing slightly

“No Amy I’m not saying that, it’s just conditions like this can be very deep-seated and it can take a long time to truly know what’s causing it, not to lie to you I have known people go down this route who have had to just accept bed wetting as being part of who they are”

“Oh my god so there’s a chance i"ll be wearing diapers for the rest of my life”

"There’s one other thing that I will provide you with Amy that may help which is a enuresis alarm, these are normally used for people much younger but I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t try it.

The way it works is that it alerts you that you are urinating as soon as it senses any moisture waking you up and hopefully training your brain to wake you up in time in the future. It can take a few months of using this every night before you may see any results so you have to be patient.

What you do is clip the alarm box to your nightshirt near the top of your chest, attached to the box is a cable with a clip on the end. You run the cable under your shirt down into your underwear.
It needs to be close to your vaginal area as it needs be as close as possible to the wetness to alert you quickly.
So for you, when you’re changed for bed, you will need to put the cable inside the diaper and clip it to the inside padding".

“Ok I guess I may as well try it” Amy still sounding a little upset

“Great… look Amy don’t get too down on yourself as we still have these two routes to try before we know how this is going to go, ok”

“No I suppose you’re right”

“What I’ll do know is send across a request for you now to go straight in and see the nurse, here’s your nighttime alarm I guess you’ll want to pop that in your bag”


At this point Chloe knew the appointment was coming to an end so again checking no one was around she leaned down and reached inside the door and picked her phone up, quickly saving the recording.

“Right then Amy if you would like to go and take a seat where you were before the nurse should call you in soon, you will get an appointment letter in the mail to see Dr.Jeffords, I will probably see you again in around 6 months to see how you’re getting on”

Chloe knew she needed to move before Amy came out and saw her, so she quickly made her way back around to the waiting area where she walked past her Mom saying that she was just going to use the restroom. She stayed in there for a few minutes hoping to avoid Amy seeing her.

Amy took a seat where she was before, she wasn’t left long before the nurse had called her in.

When Chloe came back Dr. Johns was just calling Tyler in for his appointment, she opted to go and sit where she was previously so that when Amy came out of her appointment with the nurse that she wouldn’t see her.

Meanwhile Amy was extremely embarrassed with her current situation. The usually confident girl all of a sudden didn’t feel so confident.

The young nurse had called her in, Amy thought she couldn’t have been more than about 23 or 24.
The nurse was actually quite shocked as most of these requests were for young children or people with disabilities, she had not expected to be handing out diapers to such an attractive girl of that age. However she knew she had to remain professional.

“So Amy I’ve been asked to see you by Dr. Johns, he said you’ve been having some trouble staying dry at night”

“Uuuumm yea I have” The nurse noticed Amy blushing

“Right well he’s asked me to get you sorted with a supply of adult disposable diapers. What we need to do is make sure you have the correct size so I’m gonna need you to get you to try on a couple of different sizes. If you could just slip off your clothes, you can keep your panties and bra on”

“Ok” Amy went behind the privacy curtain and got herself undressed. She was really nervous at having the nurse see her practically naked but she had no choice.
She came back out from behind the curtain where the nurse gave her a smile.

“Great, if you can lie down on the examination table Amy we"ll try you with a medium first”

Amy went and lied down on the table, she couldn’t believe this was happening at her age.
The nurse then began putting the diaper on her which she had taped on securely in no time.
“All done, if you’d like to stand up we can see how we’ll it fit’s”

Amy stood up and put her hands to the diaper noticing how thick and crinkly it was as she began walking around the nurses office. There was a full length mirror on the wall which she looked at herself in.
She noticed how it made her butt look huge but at the same time it was quite a snug tight fit.
She knew her butt was quite big and toned which plenty of guys had complemented her on anyway as she had been following a fitness programme to get her in shape for her cheerleading.

“How does it seem Amy”

“I guess it seems to fit well although it seems really thick and crinkly”

“Of course it is honey they’re not designed to be discreet they’re designed to stop the bed getting wet. You would be looking at paying out quite a lot for a pack of tena or attends that might be slightly less bulky but as you only wear protection at night that shouldn’t matter”

The nurse walked over to Amy and examined the fitment of the diaper, pulling at the edges.

“This one seems to be the perfect fit as its tight enough to prevent any leaks. There won’t be any need to try on the small what I’ll do is send you away today with a package of mediums. If you can try and slip that one off without undoing the tabs then you could use it tonight”

Amy managed to gently slide off the diaper which she folded up and pushed to the bottom of her bag.

She got herself dressed.
The nurse got a package of the diapers out of a store cupboard which she put in a plain white plastic bag and handed to Amy.

As Amy left her appointment she quickly made her way back to her car, she felt extremely self conscious walking around with a package of adult diapers. She put them in the trunk and then drove home.

Back in Dr. Johns office, Tyler’s appointment had finished. Chloe, Mom and Tyler all made their way back to the car.

By that time Amy had gone.

On the drive home Chloe couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. She wanted to get home so she could listen to the recording.

When Chloe got home she grabbed a few snacks from the cupboard before heading upstairs and locking herself in her room.

She got her phone out and started to play the recording.

Listening back some parts still shocked her.

“to be honest I’d say I’m waking up wet about 5 or 6 times a week, it so embarrassing and really hard to hide from my parents and my younger brother and sister as I really don’t want anyone else knowing about this”

Yea I bet you don’t want anyone else knowing about this Chloe chuckled to herself.

“It’s so embarrassing to even admit to it but I’ve been wearing adult diapers to bed every night which I started doing after the last appointment, it’s been so bad I’ve sometimes had to change in the middle of the night, I’m so worried that my sister or brother are gonna catch me in a diaper as I know they would both find it hilarious that their 18 year old sister still wets the bed”

Chloe found it funny listening back and hearing Amy’s confession to the doctor. “I think a lot of people would find it hilarious that an 18 year old still wear diapers” Chloe thought.

Chloe noticed how good quality the recording was as well which was because of how close she had managed to position her phone to Amy and Dr. Johns.

Although Chloe was an average girl in most ways one thing she was above average at was anything to do with computers.

She decided to transfer the recording and save it to her computer just in case something happened to her phone.

She then began searching online, looking through lots of different websites and tumblr’s.
What she was looking for was a picture of a girl around Amy’s age wearing a diaper, either in bed or getting ready for bed. She couldn’t believe how many pictures she was finding of women in diapers, she realised a lot of the images were linked to fetish websites.

After a long search she settled on one of a pretty girl that looked a little like Amy stood in her bathroom getting ready for bed with a thick disposable diaper very clearly sticking out from under her nightshirt, the image looked as if someone had snuck in on the girl and snapped the pic having caught her in her diapered state.
She thought this image would be perfect. She saved it and loaded it in to photoshop.

Next she went on Facebook and found Amy’s profile. Looking through her pictures she found one of Amy which showed her side on which she knew was ideal to use.

With both images loaded onto photoshop Chloe put her skills to work. It took her a while to get it right but the end result was worth it.

What she had was a picture that no one would even suspect of being photoshopped, which showed Amy getting ready to go to bed, very clearly with a diaper on.
She knew this accompanied by the recording would mean Amy’s secret would be out and the whole school would soon know she wore diapers at night.

Later on that night at Amy’s house. It was getting late so Amy knew it was time to go to bed. Her brother and sister were in bed so she knew this meant it was safer for her to go and put her diaper on.

She got her pj’s out of her drawer and then got the diaper out of her bag.
As there were no tabs to tape on as they were already done up Amy decided to get changed in her room.

She took off her clothes and panties. She then unfolded the diaper and pulled it up finding it to be quite tight, after a bit of pulling and wiggling she had it on securely around her waist.

She then quickly put on her pj pants which required some force to get them over the diaper as it was so thick.

She put her top on which covered the waistband which was sticking out.

As she was about to get into bed she remembered what Dr.Johns had given her earlier; the bedwetting alarm. She knew she would have to use it to have any chance of curing her problem.

She got it from her bag and tried to remember how he had said to use it.

She clipped the alarm unit onto her shirt at the top of her chest, and then ran the cable down under her shirt into her diaper. She clipped it into place on the inside of her diaper before hopping into bed and soon drifting off to sleep…

It was 3am at Amy’s house and there was not a sound to be heard.

Until suddenly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP……

Amy was in a very deep sleep and was having a familiar dream about getting up and going to use the bathroom, she dreamt she had woken up desperate to pee and had walked to the bathroom, except the reality was she was still asleep and her bathroom was her diaper.

The alarm continued loudly BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP

Amy didn’t flinch

Soon her sister Charlotte was woken by the noise. She made her way to Amy’s room to find Amy asleep.

She began shaking Amy to wake up. Amy just made a few groaning noises.

“Amy wake up WAKE UP!!” Charlotte shouted

Eventually Amy began to come round and realise what was going on

“Finally Amy, what the hell is that noise?”

Amy quickly realised it was her bedwetting alarm so she pressed the button to turn it off. She un-clipped it and discreetly disconnected the cable.

“Why have you got an alarm strapped to your chest”

Amy panicked hoping her sister didn’t know what it was

“I uuuuuu thought I would use my alarm clock tonight but I must have set it to the wrong time”

“Why would you do that you normally use your phone. And why the hell would you strap it to your chest”

“I keep sleeping through my phone alarm as it’s not loud enough. I strapped it there so it would definitely wake me up”

Amy looked at her sister who seemed to have bought her response

“Whatever, the way you sleep you could sleep through a hurricane. That took ages to wake you up, I’m surprised you don’t pee the bed sometimes that would be hilarious big sis”

Charlotte could tell her sister didn’t find that last remark very funny. She then yanked the duvet off her sister.

Luckily for Amy the bed was dry and her diaper wasn’t showing.

“Just checking”

“Strangely enough I grew out of that when I was about 3 Charlotte. Just go back to bed and stop being a pest I need to get some sleep we’ve both got school in the morning”

“Alright goodnight then big sis”

Amy knew there was no way she would be able to use the bedwetting alarm again after that, she thought about how close Charlotte was to finding her out.

She felt around her diaper that it was quite wet but though it should hold out until morning. She reached inside it to unclip the sensor which she put in her bag to throw away.

After a few minutes she drifted back to sleep…

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I read the first bit and decided to reply here: I hope the karma chameleon’s going to be visiting her at some point. There’s a question I feel the need to ask, though answering can wait for the next installment since it’s best to do so in story: Does Amy bully her younger siblings as well? MORE PLEASE!

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A vast improvement on the second chapter. The dialogue is still a bit robotic but the narration and paragraph structure is much better. It feels like it was written by a different person. It’s rare to see this much improvement so fast. Keep it up.

You ended at a good place this time. Amy’s struggle has just begun now that we see the alarm won’t help her while we’re left wondering how Chloe will spread the news.

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I have my suspicion on that, but it’s too soon to tell

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will you continue?

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The morning soon came around, it was 7:30am Chloe had got up and ready for school. The family were all sat having breakfast.

Chloe was feeling very nervous but also excited about the fact that her and her friends might hopefully get their lives back to normal by putting an end to the bullying.

She thought about what the chances were of this happening. It was a perfect case of karma, the girl who had been bullying her all this time still couldn’t keep her bed dry.

It also dawned on her about the money that Amy had been taking. In her head she suddenly realised something,
“All that money she’s been stealing off me I thought it was so she could spend it on make-up or clothes but she must have been using it to buy her adult diapers. I’ve had to go without lunch all those times just so she can piss herself every night like a baby”

When she got to school Chloe met up with Jess and Natalie as they made their way to first period.

“I wonder what trouble we’re gonna have today then from Amy and her cronies”
Said Natalie

“Oh god I hope they leave us alone today as my Mom only gave me $5 for lunch” replied Jess

“Well hopefully girls I think I’ve got a way of getting them to leave us alone”

“I don’t how you’re planning on doing that but whatever it is it probably won’t end well Chloe”

“Look all I’ll say it that you both have to trust me on this one”

“Really, so what are you gonna do then?”

“I don’t wanna say just yet, but what I need you two to do is at lunchtime, if Amy comes over to us you two both walk away so she’s left with just me to talk to”

“Ok is that it”

“Yea you’ll both just have to be patient”

Chloe had thought it through and decided not to tell Jess and Natalie yet as she knew they wouldn’t be able to resist telling everyone.

That morning Amy had woken up to find that she had wet her diaper in her sleep a second time as it was really swollen and saturated, it was so full it forced her legs apart like a toddler that had just had an accident.

Feeling around between her legs she felt her pyjamas were slightly damp. Pulling back the covers she checked her bed finding that the diaper had leaked slightly onto her sheet, leaving a small area of wetness on the bed . “Damn it” Amy sighed to herself.

This had happened a few times before because of her rolling over in her sleep. The thick indiscreet hospital diaper had leaked just like her other diapers had done occasionally.

Suddenly her bedroom door flew open, it was Charlotte.

Amy quickly pulled the covers back over herself.

“Oh you’re awake, I thought I’d come and check that you were getting up in case you slept through your alarm again”

“What are you doing Charlotte get the hell out of my room you should know not to just barge into someone’s bedroom like that”

“Geez what’s got into you stressy pants” replied Charlotte

“I get it, you wanna spend time with me cos you haven’t got any of your own friends.
I’m more popular, better looking and doing much better than you at everything, well guess what- you’re a loser, 16 years old and I bet you’ve never even kissed a boy” Amy snapped aggressively at her younger sister

Charlotte broke down in tears “oh my god you’re such a bitch sometimes”

“We’ll it’s true, now get out so I can get dressed”

She ran out of the room crying her eyes out, and went downstairs to the kitchen where Mom was making breakfast

“Oh honey what’s wrong” her Mom asked

Charlotte told her that Amy had been mean to her, all because she went into her room to check she was awake.

Mom was furious with Amy for this, she always thought she could get away with talking to her younger sister like this, she didn’t want her to get away with it this time

She marched straight upstairs to Amy’s bedroom, pushing the door open she found her 18 year old daughter still in her bed.

“How dare you speak like that to your sister, I thought I brought you up to be better than that”

“Whatever Mom, I’m not having her just walk into my bedroom like that, I don’t go in her room”

“Your bedroom? I’d rethink that if I were you, remind me who pays the mortgage on the house! Exactly, me and your father”

“Anyway I don’t want that little brat coming in here, especially while I’m still in bed”

“There’s only one little brat in this house Amy and that is you, in more ways than one.
Your sister is proving to me to be far more mature than you at times, even now look she’s up and ready to leave for school while you’re still lazing around in bed, and she actually knows how to treat people with respect”

“Anyway I’m gonna buy a lock to put on my door to stop her coming in”

“You won’t be putting a lock on the door I’m afraid young lady, I may have considered allowing you to if you had proven to me that you are mature enough, but with some of your behaviour recently, not a chance.
Now get up and go and get yourself ready for school, I don’t want Charlotte and Sam to be late because of your laziness, I’ll talk to you about this further when you get home from school”

With that Mom left the room and went back downstairs

Amy waited to make sure Mom had definitely gone before picking up her school clothes and heading out of her room.

Checking it was now clear she quickly made her way across the hallway and into the bathroom thankful that everyone must have gone downstairs.
As she walked there was quite a diaper bulge from her butt, which had only been made worse by the fact that she had wet it in her sleep, twice.

She was a bit cautious as she wasn’t sure where her brother Sam was.
Having a brother who was 15 and a sister that was 16 made it a lot harder for Amy to accept being a bedwetter, and made it difficult to hide it.
She certainly didn’t want them know there big sister still had to put on a diaper for bed as she knew they would probably out her to her friends.

It was also frustrating to her that neither of them had ever had any trouble staying dry at night and yet here she was with this problem.
The first accidents were shortly before her 18th birthday.
She had managed to wash her wet sheets a few times without anyone noticing, but she knew if she wanted to keep this problem from her siblings and her parents that she only had one option.
From that day, as humiliating as it felt to her she has worn a diaper to bed every night to hide her accidents.

She stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror, turning from side to side checking out her butt she noticed that anyone observant would have known what she had on under her pyjamas.
She took off her pyjamas leaving her stood in just her diaper. Amy thought her butt looked huge in the diaper.
She looked at herself and could see exactly why guys liked her, she was hot and she knew it.
Over the last couple of years her figure had filled out nicely.
Her boobs were now a lovely size and around her hips she had increased in size, giving her a nice shapely butt, this was partly helped by her cheerleading and all the exercises such a lunges and squats she did.

She carefully untaped her full diaper, having already turned on the shower to cover up the noise as she ripped the tabs off.
Amy got herself showered and put on her school uniform. She wrapped the diaper up in her laundry as she made her way back to her room.

Amy decided to leave her bedding as she thought as it was only a relatively small area that was wet it would likely have dried out by the evening.

She put the diaper in a plastic bag which she tied up and shoved to the bottom of her school bag.
She knew this was the only option as she didn’t want to leave her wet diapers around the house in case her mother found them.

She had hoped to get a chance to put it in the trash before they left for school but this morning she didn’t get a chance.

At school it was breaktime at the end of first period.

Chloe, Natalie and Jess were all stood by their lockers chatting in their usual spot.

Chloe then noticed she could see Amy making her way towards them, she appeared to be on her own.

Chloe quickly told the other two to quickly go, which left just her and Amy.

“Hello baby girl where did your little friends run off to, have they gone off crying to their Moms” Amy said whilst chuckling

“Baby girl? that’s rich coming from you, I don’t think you want to be talking to me like that Amy”

“Oh really so what are you gonna do about it?”

“Well it depends if you mind the whole school knowing your little secret”

“I don’t have any secrets you little bitch”

"Let’s take this conversation somewhere a little more private shall we, I wouldn’t want anyone over-hearing us. Over there look lets go in the disabled bathroom"replied Chloe

“Yea ok let’s go in there then I can beat the hell out of you without anyone else seeing”

Chloe and Amy made there way across the hallway and into the disabled bathroom

“Right then, speak up before I take your lunch money and hurt you”

“I wouldn’t do that unless you want the whole school to know that you still have to wear adult diapers to bed” ,as she said this she had a massive grin on her face, at the same time the grin on Amy’s face quickly evaporated

Amy’s heart sank, she surely couldn’t know, no one knew.
Chloe saw a look of terror come across Amy’s face.

Yeah that’s right what’s it like then Amy still wetting the bed at your age?"

'What are you on about I’ve never peed the bed in my life I’m not a fucking baby"

“Oh really, diaper lady. I can’t believe you actually still do that at your age”

“Look I don’t know what the hell you’re on about but it’s a load of trash”
Amy was blushing fiercely as she knew Chloe somehow knew her secret

“Your appointment yesterday with Dr. Johns, I recorded every second of it”

“W w w what you can’t have”

“That’s right I know about your secret and I’ve got proof to back it up”

Chloe began playing the recording

“Awwww is it embarrassing Amy so you’ve been waking up wet 5 or 6 nights a week”

Amy stood there looking furious as she listened to the recording

“Awww so you’ve been wearing adult diapers every night and you sometimes even have to change them in the middle of the night, I bet your little sister would love to find out”

“Give me that” Amy then moved towards her to try and grab her phone

“Ah ah ah I wouldn’t if I were you as I’ve got this saved to my computer and at the click of a button I will have the whole school knowing about your little bedwetting problem”

The recording continued to play…

“So how did your bedwetting alarm go last night then Amy, did you keep your diaper dry?” Chloe said while laughing

“Shut up, look there’s really no need for you to tell anyone about this I’ll leave you alone and do whatever you want in return”

“Of course you will and if you don’t do exactly as I say your secrets out, have you got it diaper girl”

“Fine, whatever”

“Firstly give me your lunch money”

“I haven’t got any lunch money”

Chloe grabbed Amy’s bag and began to look through it

“Well well what have we got here” as Chloe pulled a plastic bag out

“That’s just some trash”

“Oh really”

Chloe ripped the bag open realising it was a diaper. She pulled it out and unfolded it holding it up smiling

“It doesn’t look like that bedwetting alarm worked for you last night.
I can’t believe someone your age still does that in their sleep, and to think Rick the captain of the football team actually has a crush on you, I don’t think he would if he saw this.
This is disgusting.
You should have told your Mom about your little diaper problem and got her to change you in the night”

Amy felt utterly humiliated

“One more thing if you don’t want everyone knowing about this, you will come to school tomorrow wearing one of your bedwetting diapers and you’ll meet me here 15 minutes before classes start”

Wait, What, there’s no way I’m wearing one to school" Amy was horrified at this thought

“Either wear a diaper tomorrow or the whole school find out that you still wear them to bed, oh and bring a spare in your bag just in case.
And don’t even think about wearing a pull-up or something it has to be one of these exact ones”

Amy knew she had no option but to come to school diapered. She was dreading the thought of being in a diaper around her friends.

She knew the school uniform wouldn’t help her situation either as the skirts were quite short.

Chloe then got a piece of paper out of her bag and handed it to Amy, it was a print-out of the photoshopped picture which showed Amy diapered and ready for bed.

Amy looked stunned

“What the fuck that’s not real”

“Do you think anyone’s gonna believe its not real it looks pretty real to me?”

She felt really angry and shocked at the picture which looked completely real

“See you in the morning then diaper baby” Chloe said with a smirk on her face

Amy gave her a stern look as she opened the door and headed off to her class. She ripped the picture up into so many pieces no one would know what is was and put it in the trash can.

Chloe felt really pleased with how that had gone.

She could see how much Amy hated the fact she knew her secret. She could also see how embarrassed she was.

She was now feeling quite excited and couldn’t believe she had managed to blackmail the most pretty and popular girl in school to come in wearing an adult diaper under her uniform.

She had given her no option but to do exactly as she said.

Chloe quickly locked the door as she was still holding the sodden undergarment. She certainly didn’t want anyone thinking it was her’s.

She looked at it and still couldn’t quite believe that the hot, popular cheerleader Amy White had worn that to bed the previous night and had peed in it in her sleep. It was so heavy and thick.

There was a knock on the door, Chloe quickly stuffed the diaper back in the bag and stuffed it in the trash can.
She opened the door to see Natalie and Jess stood there.

“Are you okay Chlo? We saw you go in there with Amy and we were worried she’d hurt you”

“I’m fine but I don’t know if she is”

“What do you mean” questioned Natalie

“Let’s just say she won’t be picking on us anymore” replied Chloe with a grin

“Why what have you done”

“Well it appears that Amy White has a little secret she didn’t want anyone knowing about”

“Oh my god, seriously? What is it? Did she sleep with one of the teachers or something?”

Chloe laughed “no it’s something a bit more embarrassing than that”

She walked over to the trash can and opened the lid. As the trash was previously empty she was able to pull the bag out without it being dirty.

“Chloe why are going through trash? what the hell is that?”

She tipped the bag up and the undergarment fell to the floor with a thud.

Chloe then picked it up holding it up to her friends

“It’s an adult diaper”

“Eeewwww, that’s disgusting, but what the hell’s that got to do with Amy”

“Well girls believe it or not this was Amy’s underwear for bed last night, she has a little bedwetting problem”

“Wait what, no way, Amy still wets the bed? you have got to be kidding let me see that thing”

Natalie took the diaper from Chloe to examine it

“Oh my god this thing is absolutely soaked feel how heavy it is. So you’re telling us that Amy White, the girl who’s been bullying us still wets her bed every night like a baby”

“Yep I couldn’t believe it that evil bitch still can’t keep her bed dry”

“This is amazing, after all this time of putting up with her and that little bitch still pisses the bed, I cant wait for everyone to find out” replied Jess with a big smile on her face

“How did you get this diaper anyway” questioned Natalie

“We’ll let’s just say I caught up with her this morning before she had a chance to dispose of it”

“What so she was walking around with a used diaper in her school bag?”

“Yea she obviously didn’t get a chance to put it in the trash before school without risking her family seeing her”

“I’m not surprised she’s hiding it from her family, what the fuck is wrong with her to still do that at her age”

“How did you find out about this anyway Chloe” questioned Natalie

“Well yesterday after school Mom made me go with her and Tyler to an appointment Tyler had at the hospital, while we were in the waiting area I heard her name called out, I managed to get outside the doctor’s office and record the whole conversation she had with the Dr as the door was left slightly open”

“No way are you serious”

“Yea, do you wanna hear the recording”

Chloe began playing the recording, Natalie and Jess stood there speechless as they listened to Amy reveal everything to the Dr……

“I’m in shock, I can’t believe what I just heard, I can’t wait for the whole school to find out that she’s actually just a big baby” said Jess

“You two can’t say anything about this yet as I’ve actually managed to blackmail her” replied Chloe

“What do you mean?”

“Well I told her that she has to come to school tomorrow wearing one of her diapers or I’ll tell the whole school her secret”

“Seriously? You’ve managed to blackmail her in to wearing one of these to school, haha that’s brilliant” said Jess whilst still holding the soaked diaper


“I doubt she’ll actually wear one, imagine how embarrassing that would be for her” said Natalie

“We’ll just have to wait and see”

Chloe then showed Natalie and Jess her photoshopped picture which she had a copy of on her phone.

Again they looked stunned

“How on earth did you get that picture” they questioned

“Believe it or not it’s not actually real, it’s a picture I found online which I photoshopped her head on to”

“Wow no one would ever know that isn’t real, she literally has no way out of this”

Amy sat in her class, unable to concentrate. She couldn’t believe the position she had been put in.
She was really fearing what might happen if she didn’t do exactly as Chloe said.
Thoughts kept running through her head on how ruined she would be if people found out her secret.
She imagined everyone laughing at her and calling her names, she knew she would likely lose a lot of friends as well as no one would want to be seen hanging out with a bed wetter, an 18 year old who still had to rely on diapers to keep her bed dry.

The more she thought about it the more she realised her future was at the mercy of the girl she had been bullying…

Re: Amy The Cheerleader

I’ve enjoyed this one.

It has problems, for one it’s not as well written as chapter 2.

It ends on a big exposition dump of info that the reader already knew. You could’ve just explained that “Chloe proceeded to tell her friends about Amy’s secret and the deal she made with her” or something like that. And having a character look into a mirror and be described to the reader is a bit of a cliche.

Despite its issues I’ve been enjoying this story.

Re: Amy The Cheerleader

Positively devious, especially considering my unhealthy obsession with karma; I even enjoy it if I’m on the bad side for some reason.

With that out of the way: Even if Amy obeys Chloe’s orders, she’ll most likely be exposed anyway; it’s just the way things go based on personal experience.


Re: Amy The Cheerleader

Karma and blackmail; a winning combination. (serious or sarcastic depending on whether you’re the reader or the main character)