Amelia's trip to the Diaper Dimension. Chapter 1


19 Years earlier.

“Sarah, I know you don’t want me to leave but I want a better life for my child, I don’t want her to grow up thinking bad about little’s.”

“Liam little’s have it better now then when we were kids, I know you still don’t like how some are treated but there is not much we can do.”


“Liam please calm down I don’t need the stress we both know you mean well, why do you think I had the idea to go?”

“I’m sorry Ella, I am trying not to yell anymore.”

“Ella, Liam I will make you a deal when dad gives me the company, I will save your share of it. Liam as long as you bring your new son or daughter to see me that’s all I ask please?”

Liam sighs knowing his sister means the best but is still too young to fully understand.

“Ok deal once our child turns 18 we will come back and stay here if all parties want too.”

“That is fair Liam. Then I guess Liam and Ella its goodbye for now I’ll miss you both.”

“Bye Sarah I’ll miss you.”

“Bye my great sister in-law we will both miss you. bye for now but not forever.”

Both having said their goodbyes walk through the portal to Earth to start their new life.

Present day.

Chapter 1.

12 Hours earlier before the trip to see Sarah.

“Mom where is my suitcase I need to pack some more clothes before we leave.”

“Amelia really? You have three so far you don’t need anymore, we don’t have a lot of room as it is.”

“Amelia listen to your mother, we can’t take that much stuff we have a limit to what we can take with us to see your aunt Sarah. She said she will come pick us up once we get to her Dimension and take us out to eat. Remember Amelia once we get there, we will be a lot bigger, I was 13 feet before I left, and your mom was 12 almost 13 feet too and we were taller than most bigs. Both me and your mom think you will be maybe 12-13 feet, but we don’t know.”

“I know dad I just can’t believe you have a sister in the other Dimension, why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Me and your mom wanted to wait tell you were 18 before we took you to see her.”

“I know I’m a big, but you didn’t have to wait to tell me you know.”

“sweetie we didn’t think you would be ready tell you were older, but we are sorry we didn’t tell you.”

“It’s ok just please don’t keep secrets from me.”

“We won’t keep anymore secrets from you, from now on Amelia does that sound fair.”


Amelia and both of her parent’s pack their bags in the car and go grab some breakfast getting ready to leave in a few hours.

“Mom can we have pancakes before we go?”

“Sure, let me make a few you want anything on them?”

“No mom I’m fine with plan.”

Amelia mom gives her and her dad some pancakes with butter to eat for breakfast, then sits down herself and starts to eat hers.

“Mom can we get a few things from town to give to Aunt Sarah as a gift please?”

“Sure, once your father and I are ready ok, go meet us in the car we will be out soon.”

“Ok mom you and dad hurry up.”

Amelia heads to the car and gets in the backseat to wait for her mom and dad.

God, I hope they don’t take forever I really want to get aunt Sarah something but what would she like? Hm I’ll have to ask dad she is his sister after all.

“Liam are you sure this is a good idea? I mean she has never been there, and we only told her about her aunt a month ago.”

“Ella it’s ok I think she is at least old enough to know who my family and your family are. even if your family are bad people.”

Ella sighs loudly. " I know Liam that’s why I hate my family. What they do to little’s should be illegal."

“Let’s just try and not be around your family too much ok Ella, lets meet them at the mall or somewhere public.”

“Sounds good dear you ready.”

“Yes, dear let’s get going to town.” All Liam can think about now is how Ella’s family will react when they find out she has a kid now.

Ella can’t help but think to herself how her parents will react to Amelia, and to the fact we are visiting Sarah more then them.

Ella and Liam make their way to the car and hope in and buckle up.

“ok Amelia where do you want to go?”

“Well um dad what does Aunt Sarah like?”

“Well get her something that means a lot to you I’m sure she will love it cause it’s from you.”

“How about I get a photo of us and fame it and give it to her?”

“That sounds perfect dear let’s get her that.”

“Thanks for the help dad.”

“No problem Minnie.” Liam says has he laughs a bit to himself.

“DADDDD don’t call me that I’m not 10 anymore.”

“Minnie be nice to your dad.”

“Not you too mom. I can’t win, can I?”

“Nope dear me and your dad always win.” Ella says as she chuckles

As the car takes off dad drives them into town to get a good family photo and get it famed he stops by the photo studio and asks how long the wait time is for one photo and gets told it can be done right away. Liam Ella and Amelia walk in and are sat down right away.

“Make sure you smile. Now say cheese.”

“Cheeseee.” all three say at once.

After its done Amelia finds the perfect frame for it.

“Mom Dad can we get this one? It says it can’t break.”

“Sure, that way no matter what Sarah will always have it.”

“Ok get in the car Minnie.”

“Mom pleaseee. At least don’t do that in front of Aunt Sarah.”

Both Liam and Ella laugh knowing she hasn’t seen the back of the photo.

The amazing family jumps in the car and heads home to finish getting ready for the trip tonight, knowing it will take about an hour to get to the portal and that they will be arriving just when it’s just starting to turn night, so they can meet Sarah then head to her house to sleep and hang out in the morning.

Amelia thinks to herself on the ride home about meeting her Aunt.

I wonder what she is like or how tall she is dad has not told me much about her other then her and dad are rich on the other side of the portal. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning not sure I’ll be able to stay awake tonight.

The family gets home and Amelia heads to her room to chill for the rest of the day waiting for 10 pm when they leave to go to the portal.

“Ella I’m worried about Amelia she has never been on the other side of the portal, I don’t want her to think different of us for leaving it.”

“Liam calm down please she will be fine no matter what she won’t change just because it has little’s, if she is anything like me, they won’t affect her. Hell, they didn’t affect your sister too. That reminds me did your sister ever get a little. I know the CEO of the biggest company that sells little stuff should have a little too.”

“Honestly honey I don’t think she ever did get a little she thought they might slow down her work and she wanted to takeover dad’s work after I left, and he told her she would be CEO.”

Liam and Ella spend hour’s talking about Sarah the other side and Amelia hoping everything goes well.

Amelia sits in her room excited to go to the Portal and see the United States a group of 60 country’s that hate little slaves but have laws to protect everyone. As the hours roll by she cant stop thinking about her aunt and where she lives hoping her aunt likes her and the present she got her.

8:45 pm rolls around and Liam and Ella get ready to leave.

“Amelia you are coming sweetie we got to leave so we can get there before 10 pm. We need to be traffic so we can get there on time.”

“Coming mom! Don’t leave me I really want to go.”

“Sweetie we are going for you so we won’t leave you.”

“Ella Amelia you both ready?”

“Yes dad.”

“Yes dear.”

Amelia and her parents get in the car and start the hour-long drive to the portal to go to the U.S on the other side.

“Mom is it ok if I take a nap?”

“Yes, go ahead you might need it, I’m not sure what your aunt has planned but it might be a good idea.”

As Amelia takes a nap her parents talk about what Sarah might have planned when they get to a stop light, they go once it turns green but both of them never see the drunk driver in the semi before he hits them cutting the car in half killing both her parents instantly, then slamming the seat into her face breaking bones waking her up for a split second before her half gets tossed into the pole break the car more and causing her seat belt to fail and toss her from the car back first into a tree.

Amelia starts to come to in the back of the ambulance.


She passes out and her blood pressure drops low and she goes into shock before the Ambulance works knew what happened.

“Give her fluids to increase the amount of fluid in her body QUICK!! We need to keep her alive tell we can get to the hospital. She’s going into hypovolemic shock!! Drive as fast as you can to the one by the portal it has the best tech go 100 MPH if u need to just drive faster!!!”

“Quick pass me some saline and some large bore needles we need to keep her alive tell we get to the hospital!”

“Quick use the anti-shock pants. We need to keep the blood up near the heart as much as possible.”

“Mack she’s losing too much blood and I can’t tell what is broken and what’s not.”

“Jimmy breath ok? we need to just keep her stable. GORGE DRIVE FASTER GET A ESCORT IF YOU HAVE TOO!!!”

" We got one Mack and we can’t go faster I’m topping the speed. We only got 5 miles tell we get there, I already radioed them and told them to get the ICU team ready and get the best tech."

The ambulance pulls up to the hospital and there are over 20 doctors and nurse’s waiting to help. they get Amelia out of the ambulance and into the hospital and up to the ICU and start to work on her the best they can.

“Dammit do we have any info on her anyone?”

“Sorry Dr Howard both her parents were killed on impact and all the info we can find is she has a Aunt in the U.S.”

“Your shitting me? Crap get me the hospital director and call the lawyer and tell him to meet me in the director’s office quick. Keep that girl alive while I’m gone do whatever you can.”

Dr Howard runs as fast as he can to the director’s office hoping they can save this girl.

“Jean I need your help Sally is on her way too we need to make a call and now.”

“Shawn what have I told you about calling me Jean?”

“Find out who Amelia Holloway’s aunt is quick we don’t got much time.”

“Was she the one that just came in?”

“Yes, now hurry!”

“Jean Shawn I’m here what did you want?”

“Sally get a transfer order ready to move a patient though the portal to U.S.”

Both Sally and Jean scream what at the same time.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I’m not now find her aunts number.”

“I already did once you said her last name, I knew who it was…”

Sarah Holloway sat on the top floor of her building look at quarterly reports seeing a 7 increase in sales this quarter.

“Miss Holloway, we have a hospital from Earth on the line. What do you want me to do?”

“A hospital from Earth? put them through I’ll take it in here.”

"Umm is this Sarah Holloway?

“Yes, may I ask why you are calling?”

The director sighs hoping this goes well.

“Well I’m Director Jean I have my chef Doctor Shawn Howard and I also have our hospital lawyer Sally. We have a problem here and we need your help and it is a matter of life and death.”

Sarah starts to get really worried knowing what might be coming next.

“Who is it? Who is in the hospital?”

"It’s your niece Amelia. She was in a drunk driving accident and sadly I’m sorry Miss Holloway.

But she’s the only one out of both her parents and her."

Sarah can help but break down crying knowing her only family may die.

“Miss Holloway?”

“It’s fine tell me what needs to be done money is not a option ok?!?!?!”

“Miss Holloway, we need you to sign some papers or give us a verbal ok while its recorded so we can send your niece to the U.S. to get help. Her only hope is the Nantes now.”


“Yes Miss Holloway goodbye for now.”

“You heard her Shawn get her to the portal now!”

Shawn runs back to the ICU and gets ready for chaos.

“EVERYONE LISTEN UP! Get her and everything we need we are running to the portal to get her to the hospital in U.S!”

“Umm jean.”

“Yes, Sally I know I’m calling the other hospital now to give them the heads up and to get a team ready and normal Nantes.”

“I wish Amelia and miss Holloway the best of luck they will need it.”

“Me too Sally Me too.”

Howard and his team wait at the portal door for them to be given the go to push he through it. At last they are given the green light and they push her through to the other side hoping she may live but knowing she has at best a 10% chance to live. Everyone hopes she can come back and bury her parents soon.

“Jessica tell the pilot up time to start the helicopter up now I’m going to the hospital by the portal and tell him there are no speed limits today.”

Jessica has never seen her boss like this and is scared but does what she says.

“Yes boss”

Jessica gives the pilot the heads up as Sarah leaves to head up to.

“Joe top speed to the hospital now I don’t care about any rules I’ll fix it my niece might die so MOVIE IT.”

Joe knows he needs to go stop speed fearing the worse for Sarah’s niece.

“Yes, boss right away.”

Both Joe and Sarah head to the Hospital as Amelia gets taken inside to the waiting team of doctors trying to save her life.

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Chapter 2

Amelia had just come though the portal and the doctors waiting were stumped at her.

“Ummm what? Any idea what happened?” asked one of the doctors.

“I have no clue, but we need to hurry before she dies forget everything else understand?”

All the doctors say in unison “Yes Sir.”

As the doctor’s wheel in Amelia all of them are worried hoping she will live. They quickly take her to the elevator and press the button for floor 5 the ICU. We need to get her guardian in here asap we may have to use Nanites to save her, I’m not sure we can do this even as good as we are, we need to hope she lives.

At the same moment Amelia was in the elevator Sarah and Joe were landing the helicopter on the roof. The moment the helicopter touched down Sarah was out of it and running to the door and running down to the ICU, hoping her niece is still alive and at the same time thinking about her brother and his wife hoping they didn’t suffer from the accident.

Jessica makes it to the ICU and runs to the main desk hoping to make it in time.

"Where’s my nice? her name is Amelia Holloway?” Asking panic stricken.

“Miss Holloway over here. Hello Miss Holloway, my name is Doctor Wood. We need to talk about your niece as it stands now her chance of survival is less than 1 percent if we try her jaw is broke in more than 10 places her back is broke in 2 odds of her walking are low, both of we legs are broke and one of her arms is broke. We need you to sign the forums to consent to the use of Nanites, they are mostly banned unless there is a good reason to use them on a big or a little. If you want her to live, we need to give her the Nanites Miss Holloway.”

“Don’t stand here talking to me just do it, I don’t care how much it cost I will play for everything understand? JUST DO IT.” Almost crying tears everywhere Sarah Holloway says to the doctor. Sarah says as she signs the consent forums and shoving them back in the doctor’s face.

Doctor Wood now scared to death of one of the richest women on the planet does what she says hoping to stay on her good side. “Yes, ma’am we will start right now.” Were the last words the poor doctor said before running back to his team full speed.

“Ok make sure to grab the normal Nanites and start giving them to her we need to hope we aren’t too late to save her everyone get ready in case her body rejects them.”

One of the Nurse’s nearby slowly inserts the needle with Nanites in it into the girls IV and hope that it works.

Amelia’s body starts to shake then stops and slowly the doctors can see the Nanites repairing her arm and her face a bit making look like what it used to and not all damaged. The only thing not healing on her is her legs parts of her spin and her mouth, and the doctors have no idea that they aren’t healing everything.

Sarah walks back and forth waiting to see how her niece is. After 30 minutes of waiting a doctor comes out to tell her the news.

“Miss Holloway the good news is the Nanites did work and right now she is stable, however after looking more it didn’t fix a few problems her legs are still broke, but in less places and it seems everything below her lower back may not ever work again. Also, we have a few questions to ask you before we show you her.” Says Doctor Wood still scared and hoping she won’t yell at him again or worse.

“Ok what kind of questions and hurry the hell up I want to see my niece.”

“Were both her parents bigs?” Asks Doctor Wood.

“Yes, are you dumb? They both lived here before they went to earth to live a happy life.”

“Ok did they ever come though the portal at all? And how did Amelia look?” Asks Doctor Wood getting more worried by the minute that she may kill him with just her look.

“What the hell kind of question’s are these? yes she was 1 year old and looked like a normal big’s baby.” Sarah says getting pissed that this doctor is wasting her time that she could be seeing her niece."

Doctor Wood lets out a loud sign" Ok this way Miss Hollow but be ready you might not like what you see."

Sarah follows the doctor to Amelia’s room and looks in shocked at how her niece looks. “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY NIECE YOU BASTARD I SWEAR WILL BEAT YOU WITH YOUR OWN ARM.” Sarah says seeing red and about ready to strangle this doctor.

“Miss Holloway please. She came though the portal looking like that I swear we had nothing to do with this please I’m begging you calm down just a bit.” Doctor Wood now scared for his life knowing security won’t touch this woman knowing they might end up just as bad as doctor wood.


“Well we think that because she was in such bad shape when she came through is what caused this. We are not sure if u send her back, then here again once she is healed if she will grow. we contacted some people and they think she will stay this size even if we do that.” Says Doctor Wood hoping this might calm her down and not make him a dead man.

Ok so she’s a little now… I was not ready for this at all… This is a first I’ll have to look around myself and see if anyone in the government knows about this and if they can help. For the time being I guess I need to get ready for a little in my home and at my office. She thinks to herself worried about everything now

Sarah walks away and opens her phone knowing that this will be the hardest call in her life to make.

“Jessica would you please do me a favor? I need you to have a Crib a changing table and a tablet and Computer that can be use with your voice. Also, once I find out my niece’s size I will need diapers, also make sure to get some little clothes that aren’t too babyish and a lot of normal little formula and maybe some bottles too please. I will give you a huge bonus if you can do this for me.” Sarah trying to sound calm and not scare Jessica.

“Umm ok Sarah, but why little stuff I thought your niece’s parents were big’s? Sarah before I do anything how is she doing please tell me she will make it?” Jessica worried about the poor girl and how Sarah might take it knowing that she is the only person that girl has.

Sarah Signs knowing this will be hard to explain.” Well the doctors think when she came through the portal as close to death as she was her body couldn’t take it and she got smaller instead of bigger and now she is the size of a really small little maybe close to the size of a newborn. Oh, if u can’t find diapers just try and get the smallest size possible if that don’t work tell R&D to work on some on my order." Sarah knowing, she is slowly getting calmer now that she knows her niece will live.

“Understood ma’am I will get everything started right away and get the best stuff I can get and if needed I’ll talk to R&D to get what you need. I hope your niece gets better quickly Sarah.” Jessica knows this will be a long road ahead for Amelia Sarah and herself, she just hope’s the girl wakes up soon.

I hope I’m doing the right thing for Amelia I hope I don’t hurt her more then she already is but I know she won’t be able to do anything without help for a long time I think maybe 6 months if she’s lucky. Hmm did she finish school, god I have so much on my mind, first thing’s first make sure she is Ok. As Sarah slowly walks back and forth outside her nieces’ room. She notice’s that Doctor Wood has left her, and she is with a nurse now.

“I’m going to sit next to my niece if you need me to sign anything else bring it to me understand?” A now calmed down Sarah says to the Nurse.

Meanwhile with Jessica. “Yes crib, changing table, desk and I need a table and a PC both that can use voice software. Yes, you heard me now do get it done and delivered to this address. It’s one Holloway Way. In Sallas. Yes, you heard that correct too I need them their asap if you get it done quick you will get a bigger tip.” “Well that’s taken care of now to find some diapers for her I wonder if I should also get a walker to help heal her legs? Hmm but she didn’t say that so…Oh god.” Jessica realized it thinking of the poor girl.

One Week later.

Mmmm? mmmmmmm? “OH MY GOD YOUR AWAKE!” Sarah says in shock.

“Doctors come quick she’s awake! Get your asses in here now!!!” Screams a happy Sarah.

“Amelia sweetie listen to me you’re in a hospital on the other side of the portal once the doctors take the breathing tube out of your mouth we need to talk ok?”

The doctors rush in at full speed including Doctor Howard from the other side of the portal now a 4-foot 11 Little. They start to slowly take out her breathing tube hoping there is no damage to her brain or anything else that they didn’t see.

“Doctor Bill Howard thank you for coming to this side to help, that other doctor kept pissing me off, so thank you for coming.”

As the tube is taken out and Amelia starts to breath on her own, she notice’s how big everything and everyone else is compared to her.

“Amelia please don’t try to talk you were in a bad accident a Drunk Driver in a Semi hit you.” Sarah now tearing up and starting to cry. “Sweetie your Mommy and Daddy didn’t make it I’m really sorry. You only made it because we brought you to this side of the portal and gave you some Nanites to help heal you." Sarah fighting through the tears she has.

“Amelia I’m Doctor Bill Howard I was the one who said you should come here and I’m glad Miss Holloway said yes. You are alive because of her I hope you can get better. Me and the nurses will step out so you two can talk ok?” As Doctor Howard sneak’s out and shuts the door to give them some privacy.

" swara huhs whas wrung wifh me vose?" Asks Sarah really scared now and, knowing what some big’s do to little’s.

Sarah signs really heavily. “Sweetie you were very badly hurt the fact your alive is a miracle. I guess you already noticed but your teeth are gone you lost most when the seat hit you taking the other halve of the car got cut in two… Also, you might not notice but everything below your waist has no feeling it seems. But the good news is your arm is healed and your alive. I will help you with everything you need ok Amelia?”

Amelia can’t help but breakdown and cry thinking everything in her life is is gone. Her mom her dad, both dead and somehow she is alive…

“Pwase Aunt Swara wet me die I can’t wive wifh out me mom and dad.”

"Amelia that is no way to think or even talk I won’t stand for it understand?!?’ Sarah knows this girl has lost almost everything, but it is still no reason for her to want to die.

“I wuv you aunt Swara but pwease wet me die I can’t wive wifh out them. I hate thifs wisp, I can’t walk, Ands am me in a dwaper?” Amelia now bawling tear’s hoping she is not stuck like this forever.

"Amelia like I said you have no feeling u can’t control when you go to the bathroom anymore. I also refuse to let you die even if you think life is not worth living now I will show you that it is no matter how long it takes me. I’m here for you Amelia no matter what happens ok? I’m going to send the doctor back in to talk to you while I make a call really quick.

“Jessica, I need you to please get the best therapist, Psychiatrist and a grief counselor. I don’t care what it costs me just please for Amelia’s sake I need this done fast.” Sarah can’t help but worry knowing that this girl lost everything and is now suicidal.

Sarah walks back into the room to talk to Amelia more about what happened and anything she wants from her home.

“Amelia is there anything you want me to get you from your home? And no, I won’t sell it I will keep it for you sweetie. She hopes this might make Amelia happy and not so depressed.”

“Swara I wuess if you want mes to the pfoto of mes mom and dads it was wifh mes in the crash.” Gah it’s so hard to try and talk normal I need to think so hard when doing it I hate this lisp I hate that I can’t feel my legs. God Writing would be easier then this! But I do hope she can find that photo it’s all I got left of mom and dad I guess I’m happy we did get that photo for aunt Sarah I just hope she lets me keep it instead of giving it to her…

“Ok Amelia I’ll have someone look for the photo and I will send someone to your house to get some stuff then have them lock it up good and have some Camera’s watching the house. Amelia I’m going to ask the doctors to add a device under your gum’s to help with the lisp and maybe one day if everything heals well with your mouth and the metal plates are out I will try and get ou some teeth ok sweetie?” hoping this will calm Amelia down a bit and not make her so depressed.

“Otk Aunty i wuess.” I can’t wait to talk then I can tell her just to let me have my way. I know she wants to help but I don’t want it, I just want to see my Mommy and Daddy again I miss them so much. Why couldn’t I have died with them. Now I’m stuck here as a small little in a world where little’s are treated differently. Well at least I’m in the U.S. I can’t be regressed or anything else done to me unless i give consent, but still having Aunt Sarah in charge of me? I guess even though I’m 18 they want someone to look after me.

Sarah walks out of the room to go talk to the doctors about the device for her. I hope she likes it I know she is upset and depressed I don’t think I have ever seen a big or little like this. I hope Jessica has luck getting everyone this girl is going to need a lot of help both mentally and Physically.

“Excuse me Doctor Howard I have a question for you and the nurses.” Sarah hoping this will work

“I need to get the device that goes under the gums of a little the ones that fix lisps. She seems to be upset about it so I want to try and fix it and cheer her up is that ok to do at this time?” Sarah can’t help but think about if this will work or not to make her even a little happy.

“Sure, Miss Holloway I will talk with the other doctor’s, but I think we could be able to do that today if you like? All we need to do is numb her mouth or give her a mild sedative to make her out of it enough so we can do it. Does that sound good to you Miss Holloway?” Knowing she will say yes just to make Amelia happy.

“Thank you, Doctor Howard, if you ever need anything just ask me and I’ll see it done.” Think he might take her up on her offer.

“I’m sorry Miss Holloway but I’m a doctor it’s my job to save lives’ I don’t need anything but to see you and Amelia happy right now. After what happened to her I know she is heartbroken. I still couldn’t believe how she was alive after she came into my hospital earlier, but I will do anything to help you and her if I can, that girl has been through enough.” He hopes that will satisfy her and she accepts that answer.

“Now Miss Holloway if you will Excuse me, I need to get started on Amelia.” He takes off to get the rest of the doctors and get Amelia moved to an operation room.

The doctors give Amelia something to slightly knock her out take her to the OR to start working on her mouth. After about 20 Minutes they come back out and talk to Miss Holloway.

“Well Miss Holloway it seems to have worked and the rest of the Nanites are repairing the cut that we just did on the top and bottom she should be able to talk once she wakes up. With any hope she can go hope in the next week if the Nanites keep working, I just wish we knew why they were not healing the lower part of her body and only her top part. If we do find out more we will let you know.” Doctor Howard then walks away as the nurse’s wheel Amelia’s bed back into her room to wake up soon.

Sarah follows them into Amelia’s room and takes a seat in the chair next Amelia’s bed and waits for her to wake up fully.

" Aunt Sarah what happened why was I given a sedative to knock me out?" Amelia then realizes in shock she can talk right even though she has no teeth. She starts crying again this time she is happy.

“Amelia I hope you like this, I want yo to be happy and not suicidal ok I love you too much and you’re the only Family I have left… Sweetie I don’t know if Liam told you before the accident but. I can’t have kids, that means you really are all the family I have left.” Sarah can’t help but cry a bit knowing she told Amelia her biggest secret to try and make her a bit happier.

“Thank you, Aunt Sarah, really, you didn’t have to do this. I know you are trying to help me. But please I know your family, but I can’t live without my mom or dad…” Trying to hold back tears. “I never had any friend’s growing up cause where we came from so mom and dad were all I had Aunt Sarah.” At this point Amelia breaks down. I miss them so so so much Aunt Sarah."

“Shh shh I’m right here Amelia I won’t ever leave, you I love you too much I just want you to be happy ok you will always be my cute niece I love no matter what happens.” Sarah can’t help but cry too as both Amelia and Sarah hug each other crying all the pain and hurt they have in them.

"Amelia sweetie “Sarah says as she sniffles. " It is late, and you need to sleep you have a long Week ahead of you. If all goes well, you can leave once that week is up and by then everything will be set up at my… No, our home Amelia and at my office. Once you are out, we do have a few things to talk about ok?” Sarah hoping that Amelia will at least listen and be a little happy.

“Ok aunt Sarah I guess I can sleep but I can’t wait to see our home.” I hope my plan work’s I feel bad for doing this to her, but I just can’t.

Sarah calls in one of the nurses to give Amelia a stronger sedative so she can sleep. As she starts to close her eyes to the world Sarah says four little words to Amelia to make her a bit happier. " I love You Amelia."

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Chapter 3

The next morning Amelia woke up and saw Sarah asleep on the bed by her side, Amelia looked around the room more carefully this time, and saw how big everything was compared to her, even the windows were massive. She noticed she could see the portal building from her room wondered when she came through it. Right has Sarah was waking up she noticed a horrible smell and realized she had messed herself can started to cry.

“Amelia what’s wrong… Oh here let me get you changed really quick ok?” Sarah walks over to the cupboard and grabs the diaper changing supply’s and decides to grab her a crawler diaper, knowing it’s thicker and she won’t care cause of her cast’s and lack of feeling below her waist.

“Ok Amelia I’m gonna lift up your legs and change you it will be ok so calm your tears.”

“But aunt Sarah… It’s so embarrassing I turned 18 not long ago and now I’m back in diaper’s, and probably for the rest of my life now.” Amelia just cry’s harder thinking her life can’t get any worse. Her parents, not being able to walk, diapers, what more can go wrong she think’s.

Sarah start’s to change Amelia’s diaper making sure she is clean from her mess, she then rubs a bit of oil into her skin then adds baby powder and pulls the diaper up and tapes it tightly. She checks her work to make sure it wont leak, knowing it wont she covers Amelia back up.

“See was that so bad? It’s just a small thing don’t worry Amelia I wont do it where others can see, that way you wont be embarrassed hows that sound?” Asks Sarah hoping Amelia wont be too upset. She can see the tears starting to form in Amelia’s eye’s.

“Shh it’s ok I’m here.” Sarah quickly hugs Amelia and try’s to calm her before she cry’s harder and start’s to bawl.

“I’m sorry aunt Sarah, I’m just not use to everything and I still miss mom and dad…” Amelia trying so hard not to cry but lose’s the battle and starts bawling.

“Sweetie I do too my only brother and his wife my sister in-law are both gone now and I will always miss them, but your still here thankfully you didn’t leave me and I’m not about to lose you too.” Sarah can hold it back and starts crying while holding Amelia knowing they are both in pain and will need each other to heal.

Doctor Howard walks in and see’s both women crying he clears his throat both women quickly look at him and blush slightly. “I just came to check on our little Amelia and see how she is doing, and to check and make sure she has no new pain, does that sound good Miss Holloway?”

“Sorry about what you just saw please forget it, and yes it’s fine go right on ahead. Oh do you need a chair or anything?” Ask’s on concerned Sarah.

“Umm yes that would be nice I’m still not use to being a little here, I think I’m barely 4 foot 6. I need to check how tall Amelia is too now that she can move a bit if that’s ok.” Doctor Howard moves a chair in the room to Amelia’s bed side and starts to measure her. “Let’s see 3 foot 4. You would be a about the height of a 4 year old in our world and let me check your weight now. Hmmm say’s your about 23 pounds, that’s a lower then what you should be, we will need to get you on a new diet for a while, I’m thinking littles formula for a while it should add a few pounds in a month easy. You will also need to take it easy too cause of how much your body was damaged, to be truthful you shouldn’t be alive not with the trauma you had. I will put you on a luqid only diet for a while tell we are sure there is no more damage that we missed inside of you does that sound good to both of you?” Ask’s Doctor Howard looking at a shocked Amelia and a worried Sarah. He think’s he should have told Sarah alone.


“YOUNG LADY KNOCK IT OFF RIGHT NOW!” Sarah yells loudly at Amelia.

“Aunt Sarah… I’n sorry but you’re scaring me please don’t yell I’ll stop being loud.” a scared Amelia says hoping nothing else happens.

“I’m sorry Amelia but the doctor’s just want to help you, they don’t want anything bad to happen to you, even if you do want to kill yourself understand?” Sarah know now she just showed Amelia who the boss is and hope’s she wont fight anymore and will listen to the doctor for the rest of her stay.

1 week later it’s discharge time.

“Come on Amelia it’s time for them to wheel you out we need to get you home and let you rest ok?” Sarah hoping Amelia will be happy about leaving.

“Um Aunt Sarah I forgot to ask did you get some of my stuff from mom and dad’s house and the photo I had in the crash?” Amelia worried that she might have lost the last few thing’s of her parents.

“Yes sweetie I the people I sent got everything from your house and moved it to a empty room in my house, they also found the photo and I saw what it said it’s the best birthday present ever sweetie but I want you to keep it ok? I want you to have something to remember them by.” Sarah know she is doing the right thing by letting Amelia keep it cause it’s the last photo she took with both her mom and dad.

“Also Amelia I know you might not like this but sense your a little and in bad shape and can’t live on your own I did start the adoption paper work so nothing can ever happen to you.” Sarah just knows Amelia is about to blow like a rocket.

A somber Amelia answers her aunt Sarah. “It’s ok aunt Sarah I knew this would happen… I’m just happy you live where littles can be free and can’t be taken without there say so.”

“Sweetie the only reason I can adopt you without your say so is cause your hurt really badly and may never walk again and the biggest one is your my niece and I wont let anything bad happen to you.” she hopes this makes Amelia a little happier and not so somber.

“Can we go now aunt Sarah I really wanna see where I’m going to live. Also you told me you got here in a helicopter? How are we going to get home.” Amelia wondering so confused about everything.

“Well I had someone bring one of my car’s here and Amelia I do have a car seat for you sense your as small as you are, please don’t be mad.” Sarah wonders if Amelia is just not in it today even though she should be happy that she is leaving the hospital.

“Oh…I guess that makes sense aunt Sarah can we go now please?” Amelia still sad and depressed with so much going on in her mind at the moment couldn’t care less.I wonder when we will bury mommy and daddy I really hope it’s soon I want to see them so bad, I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks now sense I lost them. I wonder if someone hate’s me somewhere. I cant believe this is my now I guess I need to make the best of this for now but once Sarah let’s down her guard I will be truly happy.

“Sarah, Amelia I will miss you both I’m happy to see Amelia, I was sure she was not going to make it but I’m happy to see her leave here I wish you both the best of luck.” Bill Howard start’s to cry a bit knowing the odd’s of that girl living were almost none and now she is leaving alive.

“Ok Miss Holloway, Amelia Holloway I will take Amelia out to the front door in her wheel chair then you can take her to your car.” Nurse Smith says smiling. As she wheels the girl into the elevator she hears Amelia ask Sarah a question.

“Um Sarah what kind of car do you own?” Ask Amelia.

“Oh right I never told you sorry but it’s not really a car more like a tank I guess?” Says Sarah as both the nurse and Amelia look at her with shock.

“Umm Miss Holloway what do you mean it’s like a tank?” A now scared nurse Smith Asked

“Well it’s the limited T-Rex 6x6 with body armor bullet proof windows and a deer grill all around it. It’s my main truck in case anyone try’s to take a shot at me. However after a few year’s it has never happened.” Both the nurse and her niece look at her scared to death and in shock about what she just said.

The nurse try’s to wheel Amelia out to the front as fast as she can when she sees Miss Holloway’s massive truck. All nurse Smith can think is wow.

"Ok sweetie I’m gonna pick you up and put you in the back in the car seat ok?: asks Amelia not wanting to scare her.

“Yes aunt Sarah I’m ready. Also that’s a really big truck you own.” Amelia can’t help but think this is gonna be the truck she’s always in when they go somewhere.

Sarah picks up Amelia and puts her in the car seat then she buckles her in making sure shes in tight and can’t get out without help. She walks around to the front and gets in and start’s the truck and start’s the drive to her house.

Holy hell just how rich is my Aunt Sarah? I know she used a helicopter to get here but wow this is over kill, this thing had to cost more then a helicopter. Oh god what does her house look like is it even a HOUSE?

"Amelia dear are you thinking about stuff again? Sarah now concerned noticing how much Amelia space’s out now

“I’m just wondering how rich you are aunt Sarah I mean this truck had to cost a lot right?” Amelia still can’t help but wonder the price tag.

Sarah sigh’s knowing soon Amelia will find out. “Sweetie this truck cost me 27 Million. Unless a nuke from your world hit’s it, it wont have anything happen to it. So if we do get in a crash or a wreck we will be 100 percent fine. Does that make you feel a bit better?”

“I guess auntie, but that’s still a lot of money but I’m happy nothing bad will happen if we are in it.” Amelia for the first time in two week’s is happy now that she knows a wreck wont kill her or her aunt Sarah.

Before Amelia knew it they were pulling into her aunt Sarah’s street, that is when she realized it say’s. one Holloway way. Amelia can’t believe it the place is not a house it’s a small mansion with a huge yard.

“Um aunt Sarah how many room’s does that have and how big is the yard?” Amelia so shocked by the size she just look’s out the window.

“Well it has 10 rooms 5 bathrooms and the yard is 100 acre’s with a 30 foot fence around it that has enough power in it to take out anyone in 1 zap. So you will always be safe with me sweetie, once we get inside I do want to show you your room. Now I know you may not like it but I don’t have much of a choice to use it sense you need diapers now and can’t walk on top of missing your teeth. When you are healed enough I will get you some new teeth ok? but tell that happens you diet of food might not be to your liking.” Sarah finish’s saying as she pulls into the garage and park’s the tuck then goes around to Amelia’s side and unbuckles her and takes her out then carries her inside on her hip.

“Aunt Sarah can you show me around before I see my room if that’s ok with you?” Amelia is nervous about seeing her room.

Sarah walks around and starts to show Amelia everything while she carries her on her hip like a small toddler.

“This is the movie room the other 3 rooms at the end of the hall are where the people who take care of the house while I’m gone live in. You already saw the massive living room and yes that TV was 200 inches.” Sarah moves to the other side of the house to show Amelia the rest. “See the 4 bedrooms down this way? Mine is the master you are next to me, one is your play room and the other is my office with a PC for you. the other rooms are down stairs, so how do you like our place?” Sarah is hoping that Amelia will love it.

“Wow its big… Can I see my room please? I’m a little worried about what it might look like to be honest aunt Sarah.” Amelia now has gotten so worried she is shaking a bit.

“Sweetie calm down please? It’s not that bad your room is more adult then you think ok?” Sarah walks Amelia to her room and opens the door. She see’s Amelia in shock and is worried the girl might go off on her.

“Umm aunt Sarah my room looks like a mix between a baby and teenagers room.” Amelia starts to cry knowing her life is over.

“Sweetie shh shh shh it’s ok, the only baby items is the changing table with diapers and the Crib. You have a TV another PC in here connected to the one in my office so you wont lose anything. and a rocking chair a little sized couch and chair with a desk for you.” Sarah walks over to the desk and grab’s a box off of it. “And sweetie this is your new table its unbreakable and it is perfect for your size.” She notice’s that Amelia is crying less and now sniffling. Sarah can’t help but smile now thinking she finally has someone she can take care.

Well I really wanna baby her but I can’t yet sadly if I take it to fast she may fight me or worse, I can’t risk that yet I will just have to wait and see what she does. Sarah can’t stop thinking about the possibility’s.

Amelia by now has stopped crying and looks around the room more from her aunt’s hip.

“It’s ok aunt Sarah thank you I know I sound ungrateful but it’s just a lot to take in I hope you understand.”

“Yes I understand sweetie you have only been awake about 8 days and still need time to grief about the loss of your mom and dad. Sweetie what would you say if we buried them on our land under a huge tree would you like that?” Sarah hopes this might cheer Amelia up again so she can see her cute smile.

“Really auntie? You would do that for me? Why I haven’t been anything but mean or crying about every little thing.”

“Amelia they were my family like you are I want you to be happy I can’t have you being sad all the time so I though you might like that idea.” Sarah also thinks a bit more about it. That and so I can keep my eye on you Amelia so you can’t kill yourself, not on my watch. But she know’s she can’t say that out loud or else Amelia may get more ideas.

“Um Sarah I hate to ask but can I get changed please? I just um made a number 2.” Amelia trying not to cry again knowing she can’t control this.

"Sure sweetie how about I let you pick what diaper you wear and clothe’s. I know the stuff from the hospital can’t be great now can it. Sarah start’s to take off the hospital gown Amelia left it, she then places her on the changing table and gets to work changing her messy and wet diaper, she cleans the mess the best she can then thinks that Amelia might need a bath,

“Amelia I think you might need a bath, now what you will see in there you wont like but sorry I don’t have a choice cause of your size.” Sarah picks up Amelia gentle and holds her out a bit as to not get the mess anywhere else. She hit a button on the wall and the wall next to it opens to a huge bathroom.

“Yes sweetie its a hidden bathroom its connected to my room to.” Sarah goes inside and shows Amelia the tub at that point Amelia can’t help but bawl at the sight of the baby bath.

Amelia crying and trying to talk at the same time having problems. “Aunt Sarah that’s a baby bath I’m not a baby! You said you wouldn’t treat me like one why did you lie to me!” Amelia now angry crying at her aunt Sarah.

Sarah just looks at Amelia after she places her in the baby bath and tells her the truth.

“Amelia did you notice how big the tub is? It’s 5 feet high you are only 3 foot 4. There is no way I am going to put you in without a baby seat so you cant hurt yourself what do you take me for I know your idea’s sweetie I’m not that dumb.” Sarah says with a smirk, looking at the shocked Amelia.

“Aunt Sarah… I have no idea what your talking about…” Amelia hope’s her aunt buys this lie or she know’s she might be in deep shit.

“Sweetie don’t lie to me or your mouth might make a check your butt has to cash. Understand?” Sarah know’s if she does have to she can’t punish her too hard not with everything going on now.

“Yes Ma’am I wont lie anymore just please don’t spank me. I’m too old for that aren’t I?” Amelia hope’s her aunt says yes.

“Sorry but you are never too old for a good spanking if you need one.” Sarah says in a calm voice as to not scare Amelia anymore then what she has already.

Sarah sighs slightly “Sweetie just let me get you cleaned up and we can forgot this talk ever happened ok?” Sarah hopes this will make Amelia a little bit happy.

"Ok aunt Sarah just please… Can you make it quick? Amelia just wants this embarrassing moment to end.

Sarah just can’t help but think. I want to help this girl but she doesn’t want help I just want her to get better. Then maybe baby her a bit but that’s all a pipe dream I guess.

“Aunt Sarah I got a question why don’t you have any kid’s?” Amelia is confused knowing her aunt is old enough for them.

Sarah can’t help but cry, hoping that Amelia would never ask that question.“Sweetie the truth is I can’t have kid’s. Us big’s have really low birthrate’s as is that’s why a lot get littles more then 1/2 of us can’t have a kid due to a gene in our body’s and it’s random if we get it or not.” Sarah says through tears to a shocked Amelia.

“You mean… That is why people kidnap littles? That’s the reason they get turned into mindless baby’s?” Amelia can’t accept this as the reason for all of big’s or as some call them Amazon’s, to want to kidnap littles.

Sarah sighs again as she lowers Amelia in the tub and starts to clean her. “Yes I know some of us have a natural maternal instinct and that is why they need a little. Without a little some big’s go crazy and kill them self’s or others they go insane and there is almost no way to fix them.”

“How do you help them then?” Amelia can’t help but blush a bit as her aunt cleans her butt when she ask’s her question.

“Well you need to give them a baby to have tell they get better and you can cut that maternal instinct part of the brain out and help them get better. But at the same time breast milk from a big in that state will ruin a littles mind for over a year, tell they come out of the fog that slow’s there brain and what they do. After the little is stuck in diapers for life, that’s why it is not worth it some time’s.” Sarah realizes she needs to finish cleaning Amelia and scrub’s between her legs making Amelia blush and getting tense.

“Umm wheres my hair down there?” Amelia is now distracted and really considered that she may have lost this part of her adult life.

“They did it at the Hospital sweetie when you were asleep, it make’s cleaning easier if your in a diaper and lowers the chance of diaper rash.”

“Oh. Back to what you were saying about big’s and littles aunt Sarah does that basically mean if that happens you are dead inside?” Amelia now shocked to learn why littles are needed in this dimension.

“Some littles if they love the big or want to help them after knowing them for a long time some will do it willingly knowing what will happen.” Amelia looks at her like she just slapped her in the face.

Sarah picks up Amelia and starts to carry her to the changing table to get her a new diaper and clothes.

“So some littles will help there big friends, but crazy they lose a year of their life!”

“Amelia littles can live longer then big’s by a long shot. There is a change you could live 10 to 50 years long after I die sweetie.” Sarah starts to change Amelia into a crawler diaper while she is confused about what her aunt just said.

“You mean you will die before me? But I don’t want that…” Amelia now crying on the changing table knowing she is running out of tears to cry today.

“Sweetie by the time that happen’s there should be a way to make a big live longer and have us be the same age ok?” Sarah hope’s this will calm her down enough for now.

“What do you say Amelia let’s go watch some tv while i get Mandy to make us some food?”

“Aunt Sarah who is Mandy?”

“She is my chef and live in cook, she stay’s here for free makes me food and I also pay her, I even sent her to a 5 star cooking school for free, shes a good friend of mine like everyone who lives here.”

Sarah walks from Amelia’s new bedroom to the living room and set’s her down on the couch and gives her the remote to watch TV and have a break from today.

“Aunt Sarah who all lives here?”

“Well sweetie, Me, You, Jessica, John and Mandy. Jessica helps me at work and a bit at home. John cleans and mows the lawn and Mandy cooks food for everyone.” As the last word leave’s Sarah’s mouth Mandy comes around the corner and see both her and Amelia.

“Oh Sarah is this your niece you were talking about, she looks so cute. Would you care Sarah if I made her a special dinner tonight?” ask’s a excited Mandy at having a new face in the house.

“Dinner? It can’t be that late can it?” Sarah looks at the clock and realize’s its almost 4. She forgot how long the drive from the hospital is by car.

“Wow I lost track of time sure if you want. After that Amelia is gonna have a early bed time tonight so she can rest.”

“Early? I’m not a kid Sarah.” As Amelia yawns and then starts pouting at Sarah.

"See your tired you didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and your med’s and being a little now are gonna mess up your sleeping more. Don’t worry though I’ll have someone make a change the Nanite’s slightly so you can stay up a little later ok? Is that fair? Asks Sarah.

Amelia blushes. “Ok that seems fair aunt Sarah sorry about pouting.”

“Sweetie its ok now watch TV and I’ll go talk to Mandy.”

Sarah starts flipping through channels tell she find’s a show that looks like baby loony toons that she use to love. A bit later her aunt comes back in to grab Amelia for dinner.

“AMELIA NO!!!” Sarah rushes over to Amelia and grab’s her quickly and start’s trying to talk to her.

“Ouch aunt Sarah what did you do that for? Why all the yelling?”

Sarah can’t help but look at Amelia in shock. “Amelia you found the only channel that gives mild regression to littles to calm them down if they are in a bad mood… How did it not effect you? You should have a calm blank look in your face for a few hours.” Sarah picks up Amelia and quickly takes her into the dinning room and puts her in her new highchair for dinner.

"Sarah what was all the yelling about? Ask’s Mandy as she brings food for the 3 of them into the room.

“Mandy, Amelia was watching the regression channel and it didn’t effect her…” Says a shocked Sarah.

“Say what how?!?!” now Mandy is in shock.

Amelia has started eating her dinner and looks up at both Mandy and Sarah. “Is it reall that big of a deal? I mean it was a good show.”

Finally Sarah speaks up again. “Amelia it’s extremely rare for a little to not be effected by regression TV at all. Most end up in the army doing missions and fighting in none alliance country’s.”

Amelia has finished her food and is yawning even more after listening to Sarah. “So I could join the army if I wanted?” Amelia now really excited.

“Over my dead body!” Both Sarah and Mandy say at the same time.

Amelia just laughs at them. “Nice timing.”

Both Mandy and Sarah blush a bit.

“Can I go to bed im really tired now, I don’t know why either…” Amelia now yawning more.

This time Mandy answered. “Amelia I mixed in your med’s with your dinner, do you even know what you ate?”

“Umm no? It looked like pudding and tasted really good.” answered Amelia as truthful as she could.

“Sweetie that was baby food for big’s children, but it seems like you loved it.”

Amelia doesn’t now if she wants to blush or be angry. she thinks a bit and realizes being angry might hurt her butt.

“Thank you Mandy it was good.”

Sarah walks over and picks up a sleepy Amelia and starts to carry her to her room.

“Thank you Amelia I’m glad you liked it. I’ll bring you a bottle at about 11 ok. That way yo can get food while you’r asleep.”

Amelia has no idea what was just said as she falls asleep on Sarah.

Sarah checks Amelia as she carry’s her to her room and finds her shockingly dry.

“Well little girl you made this house feel alive again. I am sad my brother and his wife died but I’m happy you lived and I can take care of you now.”

Sarah takes off Amelia’s clothes and change’s her into a night shirt that does nothing to cover her diaper. she then lays her down in her crib and pulls the side up, then starts the mobile above her that plays soft music.

“Amelia I love you baby girl and I want you to always know that.”

Sarah lean’s in and kisses Amelia on her head then turns off the light and starts to leave the room.

“Thank you Mommy I love you too.” Says Amelia in a sleep and food haze, thinking it was her own mom.

Sarah doesn’t know that and leaves the room, with a smile and a tear in her eye.

Sarah walks back to the living room and see’s Mandy watching TV.

“Mandy as I was leaving I just heard her call me Mommy…”

“Awww that’s cute Sarah, are you sure that’s what she said though?” asks Mandy a little confused.

“I heard her say Mommy but now that I think about she may have just been that tired. It’s been a really long two weeks for her. She lost everything that she cared about and now she is in a strange new place were most of the stuff she heard was bad things about us, but I don’t blame her really for that she’s still young Mandy shes only 18 and has been dealt a bad hand of cards in life.”

“Sarah she’s still is young yes, but she had two of the best parents possible who knew what they were talking about. Is it not the reason they left? Cause your brother didn’t want her to grow up in a world as messed up as our’s and as a CEO’s daughter. I don’t blame your brother one bit for that, I am just sad he and Ella left us so soon we all grow up together and now there are tow less of us.” Says a sad almost crying Mandy.

“Mandy I know how you feel I haven’t even given myself time to cry I know that little girl in there will do more then that for all of us. I don’t think she will ever be better, I am just hoping that everything we got her will help. She see’s a therapist tomorrow that deals with other world littles. Hopefully she will help Amelia adjust to this world and Amelia can be happy again.”

"Sarah we have been talking for hours it’s almost 10 I’ll bring Amelia her bottle you go to bed ok? you need to get some sleep tomorrow is gonna be a long day too."Says a worried Mandy

Sarah lets out a loud sigh. “Yeah I guess your right. Thank for being my friend Mandy.”

Mandy grabs Sarah and hugs her tightly. “I’ll always be your friend we grew up living next to each other you may be older but you need to take better care of yourself ok?”

“I will Mandy I’ll slow down after tomorrow alright? I’m gonna head to my room and crash.”

Sarah gets up and walks back to her room and enters then shuts the door and takes her bra off then in just her panties she falls on the bed and is asleep before she even hit the bed warn out by the last two weeks.


any chance on continuing this lovely story. can’t wait to see the relationship build.

She has a lot more chapters up on her WattPad Account: Amelia's trip to the Diaper Dimension - Elfen Lied - Wattpad

Several great stories that were going, but went silent in the late spring. If you see this Elfy I hope you’ll continue them!


thanks hun im gonna try my hardest im not done yet and have a lot planned. just life hit me hella hard.

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