Amazing Grace Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

It was 03:10 am when Gracie opened her eyes. A smile crept across her face when she realized that she was nursing when she woke up. That meant she had been sucking her paci in her sleep just like a little baby girl.

She was snuggled up with Daddy, Her head laying in the crook of his shoulder, and his hand holding her bottom. The feel of the thick dipey made her warm all over. Checking to see if it was still there, she pushed her face into her bunny and sniffed a big breath. Fighting a giggle as the baby smell filled her nostrils, she remembered that Daddy had done that just for her.

It took a moment, but Gracie figured out what woke her up. She was thirsty. Looking around, she spotted her ba-ba on the night stand. It was about five feet from her, and there was no way to get it without getting out of the bed. Turning her head the other way, she saw the bed rail. It was an obstacle. She was surprised to see another one running along the foot of the bed. That told Gracie what she needed to know. Daddy wouldn’t be happy if she got out of bed, thirst or no thirst.

Daddy was tall, and she couldn’t see how she could climb over him without waking him up. She really didn’t want to do that though, because it had been a long day for him. He had flown back from Phoenix, then gotten them ready, and made the long drive to the resort.

Laying there, she knew she wasn’t going to go back to sleep until she drank something. Wiggling her diapered bottom against Daddy’s hand, she tried to see if he was in a deep sleep, or not. She felt two soft pats to her dipey, and scrutinized his face. He didn’t wake up. A second later, Gracie said softly, “Ba-ba?” feeling self conscious that she would wake Daddy in the middle of the night like a toddler. Saying it a little louder this time, she felt him stir.

When he looked at her, and asked, “What is it Baby?” she was nervous. She didn’t want him to think she was being ridiculous because she couldn’t wait until morning for a drink. Not only that, Gracie didn’t want Daddy worried she would wake him up every night, needing something. He was being so kind and gentle, more than she ever though a daddy could, and he didn’t deserve to have his sleep interrupted.

“Ba-ba,” she answered tentatively.

Daddy smiled. “I’m sorry Baby, I forgot to leave it where you could get it. Here it is.”

Gracie expected him to hand it to her, but he brought the nipple to her mouth and held it there, waiting for her to spit her paci out. She obliged him, and laid nursing the sweet juice, loving the taste of it. He was watching her. Daddy had that same look in his eyes that made her feel so good. That look showed her that he was her Daddy! Snuggling closer, she turned her head up so she could still see those loving brown eyes. Eyes that made her want to just give in and be the little baby girl.

Before Daddy had first looked at her like that, it was like being in a play. Gracie enjoyed the freedom to wear her dipeys, and have her baby things, but she was acting like a little girl. She hadn’t trusted him enough to show him the little part of her. The lion’s share of her guilt came from that one fact. She hadn’t trusted him.

Gracie’s bladder distracted her, but she felt Daddy’s hand still patting. Try as she might, there was no way she could bring her self to just go with his hand on her dipey. She didn’t realize she was fidgeting, until Daddy said, “Go ahead Baby Girl. You’re not going to get to sleep until you do, and Daddy’s not going to stop patting until you’ve gone night night,” with a warm smile.

How did he know? she wondered. How did he manage to read my mind? It had sure seemed that way before they went to sleep. Daddy had sat reciting each and every one of her biggest hurts, leaving her feeling like someone had stripped away all of her skin, revealing her secrets.

Trust. It was back to that. Could she trust him not to laugh? She believed so. More importantly, could she trust him not to pull his hand away in disgust? She wasn’t sure, and it scared her. So much, that her bladder reminded her that it wanted attention again. Her vow to herself that she would never lie to him again came to the forefront of her mind. Not trusting this loving, caring man had almost cost her everything. She couldn’t take that risk again.

Besides, he was her world right now, there was no one else she could turn to for comfort or assistance in this place. As far as the staff knew, she was a little girl, and she couldn’t bear the thought of revealing that she was a grown woman that wanted to be babied so much that she would pretend to be a child with serious problems. A vision of angry faces yelling at her, telling her she was twisted, or a freak popped into her head, and that ended any possibility of getting up and leaving, no matter what Daddy wanted her to do.

Gracie’s attention returned to Daddy’s eyes. “I’ll love you no matter what Baby Girl,” they said. Taking a chance, she relaxed and a feeling of warmth began spreading through her dipey. The sigh she uttered, as she closed her eyes, was out of her control. She noticed a few seconds later that Daddy wasn’t patting anymore, and looked at him with a fearful expression.

“That’s a good girl. You did just what you’re supposed to do Baby,” he said with a kiss to her forehead. “Daddy’s proud of you. I know that was a hard thing to do, but you did it.”

Gracie smiled at Daddy. He didn’t think she was disgusting, or wrong, or any of that. When he began patting her wet bottom again, not even suggesting that she needed to be changed, she snuggled closer, putting her head on his chest, nursing her ba-ba.

Tomorrow was scary. Gracie had no idea what she would be doing, how she would be dressed, or where they would go, but it didn’t matter now. She trusted him. She was Daddy’s little girl.

Alex woke to the soft sound of Gracie’s breathing. She was scooted back toward him, her diapered bottom against his stomach. The warmth of the diaper told him that she had wet not too long ago. When he gently placed his hand on it, the diaper was swollen and puffy down where she sat, but by the feel of it, she could wet several more times and it would soak it up without any trouble.

He tried not to chuckle as he considered that he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle changing her diapers. While he had yet to deal with a messy one, the wet ones were no big deal. The sheer pleasure that Gracie got from a diaper change overrode any concerns he had had about the fact that it was urine he was wiping from her skin.

How would she deal with wetting out around other people, that was the question. It only took a second to figure out that bottles were the solution, at least one an hour. Making her drink them would help calm her as well, because it wasn’t difficult to see that she got incredible comfort from it, especially when he held them for her.

A blinking red light on the telephone got his attention. At first he thought someone had called, but dismissed that idea, because he knew that even if he didn’t hear it, Gracie would have. Glancing at the alarm clock on the night stand, he saw it was 8:15. He was never one to sleep a lot, but his little girl sure was. He smiled as he thought about that. She was his. Every hair of her pretty head was his. Somehow it was different than her being his wife, or his lady. It’s…closer, he thought. ‘A different kind of love’ she had said. Now he understood.

The red light, with it’s insistent flashing disrupted his thoughts, and he slowly got up off the bed, trying hard not to wake Gracie. Not making a sound, he raised the bed rail on his side, and walked out to the livingroom area of the suite, pulling the door closed behind him.

He approached the phone, read the instructions on the dial pad, and called up the voice mail a second later.

After two key presses, her heard, “Hi Mister Cleary, My name is Helen Seaford, and I’m the manager of the resort. Joan, the night manager, let me know that you wanted me to come to your room this morning to talk about your daughter’s needs. I’ll be glad to do that when it’s convenient for you. I know you got in late last night, so please, when you get this message, call the front desk and ask the operator to let me know when you want me to come by. If you haven’t checked your voice mail by ten o’clock, I’ll come by and knock on your door. Have a good morning.”

Alex pushed the switch hook, and then dialed the operator. “Front desk.”

“Hi, this is Alex Cleary in 122. Helen Seaford left me a message, and asked that I ask you to let her know when to come by the room. Could you please ask her to be here at ten?”

“Certainly Mister Cleary, It’ll be my pleasure,” the gentleman on the other end of the phone answered.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, bye now.”

Alex hung up the phone. That gave him two hours to get Gracie and himself dressed and have a chat with his little girl. She wouldn’t like some of what he was going to say, but a nice warm bath given to her by Daddy should help.

He had the bath water run five minutes later. “Wake up Baby Girl,” he told Gracie in a gentle tone. She shifted positions, but didn’t come awake. Wanting to see what would happen, he got the changing pad and lifted her bottom up, sliding it under her. Gently rolling her on her back, he smiled as she nursed her paci, sound asleep. Pulling the diaper tapes free, he made quick work of wiping her down, and pulling the wet diaper out from under her. “Wake up sleepy head.”

Getting an idea, he went to refill her bottle. The second he pulled the paci from her mouth, she opened her eyes, looking at him in a sleepy daze. “Hi Baby, Daddy’s got to get you in the bath. Here, you drink your ba-ba for a minute while I get your shirt off, and get you in to the bathroom.”

She closed her eyes, and nursed on the nipple. When he slid her shirt up and pulled one arm from the sleeve, she opened them again. He had hoped getting her undressed would keep her from going back to sleep. By the time he had her shirt off, she was awake.

“Come on Baby, it’s bath time,” he told her as he picked her up off the bed. It was cute the way her legs automatically wrapped around his waist. Patting her bare bottom as she laid her head on his shoulder, he rocked her for a second, telling her, “I love you Baby, so much.”

“Wub you,” she answered in a sleepy voice.

He carried her to the bathroom, and eased her down into the bubbles. She was still nursing her bottle, and he didn’t want to interfere with that at all. Taking his time, he used a wash cloth to gently wash every inch of her body. He had bathed her before, but this was different. He wasn’t being sensual at all, but caring and nurturing, and wished they had more time, but that would come tonight. “All right Baby, it’s time to wash your hair.” She fussed a bit when he took her bottle. “I’ll give it right back as soon as we’re done Sweety, I promise. Look at me Baby.”

When she looked up, he began pouring warm water over her hair. Lather formed as he worked the baby shampoo into her scalp, making sure to coat all of her hair. He rinsed the shampoo out, and repeated the process. Pushing the lever to empty the tub, he turned the faucet on, adjusting the temperature until it was right, and then rinsed the last of the soap out of her hair. “Stand up for me Baby,” he said as he lifted her under the arms. Gracie resumed nursing when he handed her the bottle, and then he rinsed her clean of suds.

Alex was surprised at how easy bathing her was this morning. When she looked at him, a lot of the anxiety he had seen yesterday was gone. He hoped it didn’t return, but knew she was in for a stressful time. We’ll get through it with lots of hugs and kisses, he thought.

Wrapping her in a towel, he said, “Okay, time to get you dry and a nice soft dipey on your bottom,” as he patted her butt. It didn’t take long to get her dry and laid down on the bed. Feeling more confident now, he had her diaper taped closed, and the packing tape in place, in no time.

“Lay still now Sweety, Daddy needs to get your clothes,” he told her with a kiss. When he returned to the bed, the first thing he put on her was a white sports bra. His wife’s breasts weren’t large to begin with, but once the bra was in place, they looked smaller still. He figured it would help people see her less as a woman, and more as a child. A cute yellow shirt with bunnies on the front, and frilly short sleeves was next, and Gracie giggled as he tickled her when he pulled it down over her tummy.

“There’s my tickle bug,” he told her with a chuckle. A pair of yellow shorts were next, and when he got them pulled up in place over her diaper, he smiled. Perfect, he thought. The diaper was so thick that Gracie couldn’t keep her legs together, and the diaper bulge formed a triangle across the front of the shorts that would make sure the folks that saw her knew she was diapered.

Gracie looked down at her shorts, pressed a hand on the front as she tried to bring her legs together, and looked back up at him, tears forming in her eyes. “No Daddy,” she pleaded.

“Yes Baby Girl, I want everyone that sees you to know that you’re a sweet little baby. I told you last night Sweety, I’m not going to hide you away, and I’m not going to hide your dipeys either.”

A fearful expression showed on Gracie’s face, and he reassured her, “I’m not going to let anyone see the plastic of your dipey Baby, I promise, but I am going to make sure they know you’re wearing one,” with a gentle pat to the front of her diaper. She nursed on her bottle, appearing to accept that, and Alex was grateful.

He had her shoes and socks on, and her hair brushed into pigtails, tied with yellow ribbons, a few minutes later. Gracie dropped the empty bottle to the bed, and picked her paci up, pushing the nipple into her mouth. He picked her up, carried her to the livingroom, and set her down on the floor. She sat with her legs straight, looking up at him as she nursed her paci.

Alex knelt down, and took both of her knees in his hands, pushing them outward, until the soles of her feet were almost touching. “That’s how a baby girl sits, and that’s how you sit from now on, understand Sweetheart?”

Gracie looked down at her shorts. With her legs wide apart, the bulge was more prominent. She looked up at him with a pleading expression, nursing her paci faster.

“It’ll be okay Baby, I promise. I need you to trust Daddy, okay?” he asked with a kiss to her forehead.

A nod of her head told him she was trusting him.

He stood, walked to where he had stacked the boxes last night, and opened one of them. Not finding what he was after, he opened another, and said, “There they are!” in that tone you would use to interest a toddler. Pulling a clear bag filled with large, bright colored Legos out of the box, he returned to Gracie and dumped the contents between her legs on the floor. “I want you to sit right there Baby, and play with the Legos. Daddy needs to get a shower, and get dressed.” He could see the anxiety in her eyes, and told her, “Please Baby, let go and be a little girl for me.”

Gracie hesitated, before picking up two of the Legos and pushing them together. Looking up at him, she smiled and said, “Yook Daddy!” sounding like a proud toddler.

“That’s my good baby girl!” he praised her in a sweet voice. That produced a wider smile, and he chuckled as he said, “You are just too cute little girl.” He retrieved her bottle, refilled it and set it on the floor next to her. With a hug and a gentle kiss, he told her, “Be a good girl and sit right there and play while Daddy gets all cleaned up, okay?”


He had to stand watching from the bedroom as she played with the toys. Her mouth still worked her paci in a steady rhythm as she continued putting the Legos together. A moment later, she pushed a new piece onto her creation and smiled at it. He smiled as he watched Gracie playing. Looking at her, he saw his little girl was happy and it made all of the stress of getting to this point worth it.

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I agree with littlebunny.

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It was another great chapter.

Its a pitty we won’t be getting another for a few days.

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Great story so far. I have been a long time reader here and there is only one other story that has the same type of tenderness and care that this one does, Trailer Park Baby/Toddler/Tyke series written quite some time ago. The care that is being shown between the characters is very refreshing and has offered great peace to me. Thank you.

Now, it’s my turn for a critique.

“Leggos” as you refered to them is incorrect. First there is only one “g”, not two. Second is the word “Lego” does not need an “s” at the end to be plural. It is similar to the word sheep; one sheep, two sheep, a flock of sheep. One would not put an “s” at the end and say “sheeps”.

Sorry, I grew up playing with Lego since I was about three and this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. :slight_smile:

Keep the great story going.


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Thanks Folks for the feedback!


You’re correct about the spelling and the plural use of the word Lego. However, everyone I know uses the term Legos. In fact, if you were to do a search on most toy sites for Leggos, Legos, or Leggo, you would turn up the same items you would find under Lego.

I spoke to one of the folks at the Lego store at Downtown Disney this weekend, and they told me the same thing you did, technically there’s no S on the end, but it seems most of the folks in the US add it anyway.

I appreciate your kind words, and you taking the time to enlighten me on the use of the word Lego. :slight_smile:

I’ll be working on chapter nine tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll get it posted by tomorrow evening.

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Nice chapter, BB!! The struggle you have going on inside Gracie is intense & you are doing a great job with it!!

Oh, I say Legos, always have & will continue to do so!! Once done building with them, it is a Lego ship or plane!! While building with them, you are building with Legos!!

Like BB, I too have spoken with sales people at a Lego store & was told, that there is a World (Lego) title to them & a US (Legos) title, both are right!!