Amazing Grace Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Just after Cindy entered the suite, Glenn offered, “I’m really sorry things turned out the way they did, I didn’t mean for her to get hurt.”

Alex sighed again. He didn’t know what to do now. Everything was going fine until Cindy let on that she knew the two that taunted Gracie. “I don’t know how to fix this,” he replied.

“In my experience, time and care are the only things that will help. She will most likely not want much to do with you today, and probably tomorrow. I’d suggest that you don’t change the way you care for her at all. But if she doesn’t want to hug you, I wouldn’t force it. Any idiot could see how much being held by you meant to her before, and I don’t believe that’s going to just disappear. She may hide it, but she still wants your touch.”

Glenn had screwed up, but Alex was fairly certain that everything he had just said was accurate. “You’re right.”

“I wouldn’t let her hide in the room though, or you’ll be taking several big steps backward. She’s made some serious progress in being able to let go, and taking her to eat, or to play will keep that moving forward,” Glenn added.

“I agree. I won’t let her hide here.”

“It would be best if we didn’t see her anymore. I don’t want to make things worse, and seeing me would only remind her of what happened. Besides, we leave here tomorrow morning anyway,” Glenn informed him.

“Yes, it would be better if she didn’t see you,” Alex agreed. “I wish things had gone differently, but unfortunately, things seldom go according to plan.”

“You’re right about that,” Glenn chuckled. “Just keep caring for her with a gentle touch, and she’ll come around, I know it.”

“I hope so,” Alex sighed. “Believe it or not, I love the baby girl part of her, and don’t ever want to give that up. I know that sounds strange, but I can’t help it.”

“It doesn’t sound strange to me,” Glenn assured him. “Well, I’m going to head to our room. When Cindy is done, please have her meet me there,” he added as he extended his hand.

Alex shook Glenn’s hand, grateful that the man understood what it was to want something that was unusual. “Thanks for allowing Cindy to care for Gracie. It’s meant a lot to her.”

“No problem. When this all blows over, as I think it will, then we should get together again.”

“Yeah, I think that would be a good idea.”

“All right, I’m off. Take care of that little girl.”

“You can count on it,” Alex replied.

Alex watched Glenn move to the door up the hall and disappear inside it. He stood in the hall waiting for Cindy to come back out; he wanted to give the two women time to talk privately. With any luck, it would calm Gracie down.

When Cindy finally stepped into the hallway, Alex noticed that she had been crying. “How did it go?” he asked softly.

Cindy surprised him when she hugged him. “Please, be gentle with her. She’s hurting…” she started, but her voice broke.

“I know,” Alex told her, “and I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

Cindy stepped back, offered a tearful, “I’m sorry,” and hurried down the hall to quickly enter her room.

It was only when Alex entered the suite again that he noticed the furniture in the room was different. After looking around, it dawned on him that not only had the couch been moved further into the room, but there was a recliner there now. It sat between the couch and the desk located next to the front door. There was a sheet of paper and a DVD case on the seat of the recliner. He picked up the paper and began reading.

The DVD player we had talked about is set up and ready to use. I had the maintenance man bring this chair in for you. I thought Gracie would enjoy the movie more if she were snuggled up in Daddy’s lap. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Helen

Alex cursed under his breath. If everything hadn’t gotten screwed up, she would have loved to snuggle with him and watch Beauty and the Beast. He would have to thank Helen for her kindness.

He put the movie on top of the TV, and walked toward the bedroom. When he glanced inside, Gracie was facing away from him toward the window. Without a sound, he crept into the room, and eased into the chair that sat in the corner by the window.

She looked so sweet. Her right leg was straight out, and the left one bent at the knee, showing the swollen crotch of her diaper straining the snaps of her onesie. She held her bunny to her chest with her right arm, and her left hand gripped the edge of the didee under her cheek. Every few seconds, she would nurse her paci in her sleep for a bit, and the motion would slow until it stopped.

Alex knew Gracie was really angry with him. He had screwed up, and knew it was possible that he would lose her over it. As he thought about that, the ache it brought made his eyes sting. He looked at her peacefully sleeping again, and knew without a doubt that he couldn’t just be satisfied with the woman anymore, but wanted the baby girl too. It surprised him that he would let the woman go if she wanted, rather than trying to live like none of this ever happened. That would only bring disaster eventually, and he knew it.

As he watched her, he wanted so much to slide in next to her and cuddle her close. It was too soon though. He would have to bide his time. His hands covered his face as he thought about how to proceed. A little while later he had decided on where to go from here. It would be difficult, but he would persevere.

Alex stood then, moved to the bed, and gave Gracie a gentle kiss on her cheek and a pat to her wet bottom. Heading back to the living room, he pulled his laptop from the case, and set it up on the desk. He had work to do. The numbers he promised to provide by the end of next week weren’t going to be easy to put together, but the groundwork was already done, so it was just a matter of setting up the worksheets. Ten minutes later he was engrossed in the numbers.

It was a quarter to six when Gracie became aware that she was nursing her paci. She stretched out to her full height with her arms over her head, loving the way her very wet dipey felt between her legs. She curled up in a ball, and nuzzled her didee while pulling Bun Bun close. The soft didee made her smile. Breathing through her nose as she suckled her paci, she noticed the slightest trace of baby powder scent on her bunny. Daddy had made Bun Bun smell so good, and she wished he would do it again.

The hurt came back with a vengeance as she remembered the events from earlier. Tears stung her eyes, and she shoved the bunny away from her. Her paci landed on the bed when she spit it out, and she rolled over to get away from the didee. Gracie wanted so bad to pull the wet dipey off right now. She didn’t want anything to do with the baby things. The way her bottom was on fire this morning kept her hands from ripping it from her.

Thirst assaulted her. A glance around the bed showed a full ba-ba of juice laying against the pillow. This was torture. She was so thirsty and the only way to drink was to nurse like a baby. Gracie managed to hold out for five minutes before reaching for the ba-ba and pushing the nipple between her lips. Tears fell from her eyes as she nursed the wonderful liquid. The bed wasn’t comfortable on this side, and Gracie rolled back over. She felt the soft cloth diaper under her cheek, and decided it wasn’t her fault. After all, she wasn’t the one that put the worn out mattress on this bed. Her eyes wandered around the room, but came back to Bun Bun. Frustrated, she forced herself to look out the window. There were trees outside that swayed with the wind. It reminded her of how Daddy rocked her. That thought increased her frustration, and she shifted her gaze again. It was only a moment later that her eyes found her bunny again, and with a soft sob, she pulled him into a tight hug. Gracie got more agitated when her bladder let her know she really needed to pee. With frustrated tears streaming, she let the warm liquid stream into her dipey. She hated the fact that she loved the way that felt.

There was no way to escape it. She was trapped in a toddler’s world right now, and had no choice but to succumb to her desires. She knew that if she took her dipey off, or threw the paci or Bun Bun across the room, she would feel the sting of Daddy’s hand on her bottom. After how bad that hurt, she wasn’t willing to risk it.

Suddenly, Gracie smiled. It was Daddy’s fault. She didn’t want to nurse like a baby on her ba-ba, or paci. She didn’t want to pee pee in her dipey, or hug her bunny. Daddy made her do all of it, and he was to blame. If she enjoyed her baby things, then it was his fault and not hers. With a scowl, she decided that was just one more mean thing he did that made her not want to be near him.

The sound of footsteps made her curious, but Gracie refused to look toward the door, and focused on her bunny’s face.

“Hi Baby,” Daddy said.

Gracie wasn’t going to even acknowledge that he spoke to her. That will teach him to be mean to her. Without warning, she felt his hand pressing between her legs. She kicked her leg out, and was rewarded with a strong smack to her wet bottom.

“Be nice Baby Girl,” he warned.

Gracie cried as he began unsnapping her onesie. He didn’t say anything, but just rolled her on her back. She would have kicked him, but was frightened to get a spanking. Her body lay limp as he grasped her ankles and lifted her bottom up off the bed. She heard the sound of the pad being slid under her, and then he set her back down. With a tearing sound, her dipey loosened, and she felt cool air move across her privates as Daddy pulled the dipey down between her legs. A cool wipe touched her sensitive skin and she wanted to kick him again because he was being so gentle. It wasn’t fair. When he lifted her again, and she felt his hand caress her bottom with a moist wipe, her eyes stung. His hand left her bottom, and a second later she began sobbing silently. The smooth powder felt so good as Daddy rubbed it into her skin. She fought hard to shove the good feelings away, but they kept coming back. The tender care made her want to snuggle close to Daddy, but she refused to give into that. He had hurt her, and she needed to keep that in the forefront of her mind.

It seemed to take forever before he finished powdering her bottom. When he set her down and smoothed powder over her front, Gracie forced herself to remember the hateful things those two men said to her. That made it easier to fight the wonderful sensation of the thick soft dipey being drawn up between her legs. She felt the tapes being pressed onto the front, and then heard the tearing of the packing tape from the roll before Daddy pressed it onto the front of her dipey, and ran his hand across it. With four clicks, her onesie was back in place.

“There Baby, all dry.” When Gracie didn’t respond, he asked, “Do you want to go get some dinner?”

The last thing Gracie wanted was to go anywhere with Daddy. He probably has someone waiting in the restaurant to make fun of her, she thought. “No!” she barked like an angry toddler.

“All right Sweety, but if we don’t go now, then you won’t get any dinner. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

“No!” she repeated, and turned on her side. She would rather go without food than sit while he fed her.

“Okay, you stay in this bed then. I’ll go get you some toys to play with. Daddy has some work to do.”

Gracie didn’t care if he brought toys or not. She was angry, and that’s all that mattered. She had no intention of playing with anything he brought her. When Daddy walked back in the room she kept her focus on Bun Bun. She heard him unzip something, and then raise and lock the bed rail that ran along the foot of the bed.

Gracie couldn’t help her curiosity, and glanced to see what he brought her. What she saw almost made her laugh. He had brought baby toys for her to play with, like that would keep her entertained while he did ‘grownup’ activities. These weren’t toys for children, but for infants. She turned away from them and concentrated on her bunny as she continued to drink her ba-ba.

Forty minutes later, Gracie was bored silly. Not only that, she was hungry. She didn’t know how she was going to get anything to eat other than calling out to Daddy, and she was not going to do that under any circumstances.

Another half hour went by, and Gracie had long finished her ba-ba. She was more hungry now than before, and the boredom was getting to her. Giving in, she called out softly, “Daddy?” When he didn’t respond, she called out louder.

“What Baby?” he called from the living room.

That made Gracie angry. Why didn’t he come in the bedroom? She sat there a second, trying to figure out the best way to get her point across without making Daddy mad. “Nummieth?”

“Sorry Baby, I told you if we didn’t go when I changed your dipey you wouldn’t get dinner. I can bring you another ba-ba if you want, just let me know.”

Gracie had had enough then. Her scream reverberated throughout the suite. A second later, she saw Daddy’s arm reach in and pull the door to the bedroom shut. That ratcheted her anger higher, and she threw Bun Bun at the door. When it had no effect, she threw her paci. Again there was no response from Daddy. Didn’t he care she was hungry?! A second later, she threw herself down on the mattress and kicked her legs as she pounded the soft bedding, screaming over and over again.

Alex sat in the living room trying to concentrate on the numbers. It was difficult to do with Gracie screaming next door. He heard something hit the door, and then again a second later. His gaze snapped to make sure she wasn’t out of her bed. When the door didn’t open, he was satisfied that she had thrown something at it. After all, this wasn’t unusual behavior for a toddler, and as long as she was acting like a toddler, he would endure.

It was hard making her go hungry, but he had offered, and warned her that if she didn’t accept, then there would be no dinner. Besides, he would get her as many bottles as she wanted to drink, and that should hold her over until breakfast. He had thought about ordering himself a sandwich from the restaurant, but couldn’t in good conscience eat when she wasn’t allowed. It would be cruel to let the smell of a roast beef sandwich waft into the room when she didn’t have anything.

Gracie’s screaming surprised him. It was still going on ten minutes later. There was a knock on the door that startled him, and he got up to answer the door. When he opened the door, Cindy stood outside with glassy eyes.

“Is she okay?” she asked.

“Yes, she’s fine. She’s not happy that she isn’t getting any dinner, that’s what this is all about. I offered to take her over to eat at six, and she flat refused. I warned her that if she didn’t go then, she wouldn’t get dinner, but she’s stubborn, and refused again. She just asked me a little bit ago for something to eat, and I told her no. It won’t be comfortable, but she’s fine.” It made Alex feel good that Cindy would be concerned about Gracie, but worried him that she thought he had hurt her or something.

“Oh, okay. I was just worried when I heard her screaming,” Cindy said with relief.

“I understand. It’s just another temper tantrum. She’ll be all right, and I’ll get her as many bottles as she wants to drink.”

“If you want to give her something more substantial than juice, I can run and get some ensure. It’s only right up the road, and it’ll fill her tummy.”

Alex thought about that for a second before pulling his wallet out. Handing Cindy two twenties, he replied, “That’s a good idea. Please, get the chocolate if you don’t mind going, I would really appreciate it.”

“Oh, it’s no problem. I just know that she won’t sleep well if she’s hungry all night. And that won’t help you either.”

“Thanks,” he told her.

“I’ll be back in about twenty minutes.”

“All right, thanks again,” he said, as she walked away. He closed the door, and Gracie was still screaming.

Gracie stared at her empty ba-ba, and then looked at the floor where her paci lay. Another piercing scream left her throat as she fumed at being put in this situation. She wanted food, and she wanted her paci and her bunny. She wasn’t going to stop screaming until Daddy came in the room.

Five minutes later, tears streamed freely down her face as the door remained closed, and her bunny and paci out of her reach. Another five minutes passed, and Gracie stopped screaming and laid down sobbing her eyes out. Daddy didn’t care! Her throat was sore, and she was thirsty. Why didn’t he come? she thought. He really doesn’t care. This brought more sobbing.

Three minutes later, she couldn’t help it, she called out, “Daddy?”

“What Baby?” she heard, muffled through the door.

Breaking down, she cried, “Ba-ba Daddy!” sobbing again.

“Okay Sweety, I’ll be there in a second,” he told her.

The time it took for Daddy to open the door seemed like a lifetime to Gracie. When he stepped into the room, she cried, “Bun Bun! Paci!” in a hoarse voice, and reached out toward both of them. She was never as glad to see Daddy do anything as she was when he bent to pick up both of the items.

He held out her ba-ba, and Gracie took it and began nursing immediately. She hugged her bunny tight when he laid it on her chest. She got anxious when he walked away with her paci. “Pathi?!”

“I need to wash it off Baby, I’ll be right back.”

That made her feel better, and she laid back suckling hard and fast on the ba-ba, trying to sooth her hunger. He came back a moment later and laid the paci on her tummy. She didn’t understand what he was doing when he unsnapped her onesie, and began pulling it off of her. This left her in just her sports bra. When he lifted her bottom, and slid one of the large, quilted changing pads under her, she had no idea what he was doing.

“I want you to keep your bottom in the center of the pad Baby. Understand?”

Gracie didn’t know what this was all about, but nodded her head.

“Are you done screaming now Sweety?” he asked.

Gracie looked in his eyes to see if he was mocking her, but found no evidence of it, and nodded again. She didn’t want him to close the door. She may not be talking to him, but she didn’t want to be alone.

“All right Baby, I’ll leave the door open then.”

When he leaned down and kissed her forehead, her head told her to turn away, but her heart wouldn’t let her. It wanted her to hug him tight, but she got control of herself before she reached out.

“Play with your toys now Sweetheart,” he told her as he moved them to where she could reach them and stay on the pad. A second later he returned to the living room.

Gracie stared at the toys for a minute, and then looked away. She wasn’t going to give in to her feelings on this.

A short while later, she heard a knock on the door and Daddy open it. Try as she might, she couldn’t make out what the soft voices were saying. The door closed a moment later, and Daddy passed in front of the bedroom door with a blue plastic bag in his hand. The sound of him putting something in the refrigerator came next. She hoped it was something to eat.

Two hours later, Gracie lay in a soaking wet dipey. It was frustrating! The clear juice only sated her hunger for thirty minutes or so, and she was asking for another ba-ba. Daddy hadn’t hesitated to bring her a ba-ba, but with all of the liquid, she was going pee pee every ten or fifteen minutes. She couldn’t understand why Daddy hadn’t changed her yet. He had come in five times so far, and she saw him look at her dipey each time. Five minutes passed, and she had no choice but to let her pee pee go again. As the warm liquid streamed into her dipey, she felt relieved. She had been trying to hold it to give Daddy time to change her, but he had just left when he brought the bottle she was nursing.

Gracie felt something cold on her back. She turned, and the cold sensation got worse. It was then that she understood that her dipey had leaked pee pee on the pad. Daddy had known that this was going to happen. He had wanted her dipey to leak. This made Gracie angry again. She had no idea why he would do that, but refused to cry out to him. She would soak the whole bed before she would let him know she was uncomfortable.

Thirty minutes later, she had soaked the pad more, and called out to him for another ba-ba. True, she was still hungry, but she wanted to be changed more than she wanted to eat right now. The pad was cold and icky. It was starting to smell bad. She rolled on her side before he came in so he would see the soaked pad.

Daddy came in, handed her the ba-ba, and looked at the pad. He stepped to the dresser, opened the bottom drawer, pulled another pad out, and came back to the bed.

“Turn on your back Baby,” he told her.

Gracie, glad to get a dry diaper, did as she was told. She almost smiled at him when he lifted her bottom off the bed by her ankles, and slid the wet pad out from under her. The dry one was placed underneath her, and he lowered her back to the bed.

She was stunned when he gathered up the wet pad, put it in a plastic bag, and then left the room. Gracie didn’t know what in the world he was doing. Why would he leave her soaked. The dipey didn’t feel good any more, that was for sure. Even going pee pee in it didn’t feel good. She was angry that he would leave her this way.

A half hour later, she was crying silently as her bladder ached. She tried desperately to hold the pee pee in, but all of a sudden her bladder cramped, and a warm stream flowed into her dipey. A second later, it became a torrent that soaked more than half the pad she laid on. It didn’t take long to cool down, and Gracie gave in. She couldn’t take the dipey off, nor could she tell Daddy that she was wet, but she could cry, and that was what she did. She sobbed out loud like a child, hoping Daddy would come to see what was wrong. It made her mad that she was reduced to crying like an infant for her dipey to be changed, but there was no other choice.

Daddy came to the door and asked, “What’s wrong Baby?”

How could he stand there and ask what’s wrong? He can see I’m soaked! He saw it an hour ago, she thought. Not knowing how else to tell him without breaking the rules, she cried, “Cowd Daddy!”

“Oh, do you want me to get you a blankie Baby?” he asked with a look of concern.

“Nooooo!” she wailed.

“Well Sweetheart, you didn’t seem to like it when I checked your dipey earlier, or changed you, so I figured I’d wait until you cried to see how it was doing. I can see that you’re soaking wet. Do you want me to change you now?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she cried.

“All right Sweety, from now on, you just cry, and Daddy will change you, okay?”

Gracie was furious, but she wanted a dry bottom. He was going to make her cry every time to be changed now. He was playing some stupid game, and she could play too.

She laid there sniffling as he got her on a dry pad, and removed her dipey. She waited until he lifted her bottom off the bed before bearing down hard on her bladder. Her bottom was aimed almost perfectly for the stream of pee pee to wet the front of his shirt. She had hoped to get his face wet, but would settle for peeing on his chest.

Daddy quickly covered her pee pee with the baby wipe until she stopped going. A second later, he grabbed two more wipes and continued cleaning her as if she had never wet on him. It infuriated her. She figured out then that not one thing she had done except kicked out at him had made him flinch. Even when she screamed her head off, he had come back in the room like nothing had happened. She was determined then to get a reaction.

Daddy laid her back down and went to the dresser. He came back with a second big dipey. “You’re wetting an awful lot Baby, I think you need thicker dipeys.” Reaching into his pocket, he took out a pocket knife, opened it, and began poking holes in the plastic of the dipey in his hand. When he was done, he lifted her up, laid that dipey under her, and taped it on her bottom. Lifting her again, he slid the second dipey under her and brought it up between her legs, pushing them much wider apart, and then taped it in place. After the packing tape was on, he patted her twice and said, “There, all set Baby Girl. You can pee pee all you want now.” He took the wet pad off the bed, locked the rail in place, and left her laying there with her legs wide apart.

She stared at him as he got some clean clothes and headed to the bathroom. The shower could be heard a moment later.

Gracie wanted to scream again. This isn’t what she wanted! Tears stung her eyes at the thought that Daddy might diaper her again like this tomorrow and take her out of the room. Looking at the large bulge between her legs, she dreaded anyone seeing it. She tried to bring her knees together, and the bands along the thighs cut into her legs. It was uncomfortable, and she immediately brought her legs back apart.

She turned over on her tummy, snuggled with Bun Bun, and took her paci. It wasn’t long before she cried herself to sleep.

Gracie didn’t know what time it was when she opened her eyes, and saw it was dark in the room. The bathroom door was open a bit with the light on inside, and that allowed her to see Daddy looking at her. Her empty tummy almost hurt now, and she wanted to cry.

“Come here Baby, I have something that will fill your tummy.”

Gracie looked at his chest and recognized a didee laid flat resting there. Daddy wanted her to snuggle. She didn’t want to.

“Come on Baby, you’ll feel better I promise,” he offered.

Gracie couldn’t take any more. She moved slowly over until she laid next to Daddy. He reached behind her, and pulled her close, and eased her head onto the didee on his chest. She cried as he brought his hand to her very padded bottom and began patting. A second later, he pulled her paci out, and offered a nipple. Gracie took it and started nursing. The cold chocolate milk-like substance tasted good, and she stopped crying and concentrated on suckling from the nipple. It didn’t take long before the ba-ba was empty, but Daddy put that aside and offered a second one. Gracie was glad to nurse this one too. She never finished the second ba-ba. With a filling tummy, Daddy’s hand patting her bottom, and the soft sound of his beating heart heard through the dipey, she fell back asleep, and she wasn’t alone.

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