Amazing Grace Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Gracie felt the tears roll down her cheeks as she stared at Cindy. The frightened expression Cindy showed as she looked at Glenn said that he had known as well. She looked at him, and his eyes glanced away. “Why?” she asked, wanting to know how they could do such a thing.

Glenn met her eyes again, and said, “It wasn’t supposed to be like that Gracie. They weren’t supposed to take it that far.”

Daddy looked at Glenn then with an angry expression.

“How could you let them do any of it?” she cried.

“We decided…” was all Glenn got out before Gracie’s eyes snapped over to look at Daddy.

The guilty look in his eyes hurt worse than anything she had ever felt before; worse than the two jerks making fun of her by far. She couldn’t help herself when she sobbed, “Daddy….no.”

“I…I’m sorry Sweety, I didn’t know they were going to be that cruel or I would never have agreed to do this.”

That told Gracie that he had left it up to Glenn to get someone to purposefully make fun of her in front of everyone. The revelation really hurt. She cried for a minute before looking directly at Alex and telling him in an angry tone, “I want to go home, now.”

Alex felt shame mixed with the anger at Glenn for having made a complete fiasco of this. He was also angry with Cindy for having told them that those two imbeciles were part of the plan they had decided to enact today.

He and Glenn had talked about it, and decided it would do Gracie some good to see that if someone made fun of her, the world wouldn’t end.

He remembered thinking that there was no way the two idiots were part of the plan, because he couldn’t envision Glenn being that cruel to Gracie. After all, one of the very first things he had said to Glenn was that he didn’t want Gracie hurt.

He sat for a moment trying to think this through. It would make things so much worse if Gracie left now. She would forever be afraid then. He couldn’t let that happen. If he did, at some point the baby part of her would yearn for care, and it would come between them. It was different when he didn’t know about it, but now, he didn’t want to let the little girl go, and he had no intention of caring for her this way again if they left. Besides, he had given his word that he wouldn’t let her leave.

With a deep breath, he replied, “No Sweety,” and turned the key to shut the engine off. He knew Gracie, and knew for certain that this was going to be a battle.

“What do you mean no?!” she screamed.

“I mean no little girl,” he answered with a firm tone. “I told you I wouldn’t let you run, and I meant it. You agreed to be a little girl, and I agreed to be your daddy. We will stand by that agreement. You will stay, and you will be a little girl until we get home.”

“No, I won’t!” she told him, her voice going up an octave, and began trying to get free of the car seat.

“Yes, you will!” he growled. He was glad that she paused a moment when he responded, it showed she still remembered the spanking this morning, and with any luck, he wouldn’t have to smack her bottom now.

He watched Gracie fumble with the harness for another minute, seeing her get more frustrated by the second. There was no way she would figure out how to release it, it had taken him three tries to unbuckle the thing himself the first time, and he knew how to make it work. It was designed to keep developmentally disabled children in place.

“Let me go!” she cried.

“No, and if you don’t start following the rules little girl, then you will find yourself outside this truck over my knee.” He had no intention of making good on that threat, but was glad to see the fearful look she gave him.

Gracie’s expression changed slowly. He watched as her face became red, and her eyes blazed with anger. He saw the storm coming and sighed. Without warning, she began drumming her fists against the sides of the padded car seat, and kicking the back of his seat with both feet. A second later she started screaming at the top of her lungs.

Alex sat watching the temper tantrum. He didn’t like having to listen to her scream her rage, but he couldn’t fault her. She was following the rules. He let the tantrum go on for three minutes before asking her in a loud voice, “Do you want to keep your skirt little girl?”

Gracie paused for a second with an angry glare. When she started up again, he was out of the vehicle, and pulling her door open. “No Daddy!” she cried when he began unbuttoning the side. She grabbed the cloth in both hands, but her strength was insufficient when he grasped her leg, lifted her bottom slightly, and pulled the garment out from underneath her, and out of both hands. He closed her door, and got back in the front seat, laying the skirt over the middle console.

“If you settle down, snuggle with Bun Bun, nurse your paci, and hold your didee, then when we pull into the resort parking lot, I’ll put your skirt back on you. If you’re not a good girl, then I will carry you into the resort dressed exactly as you are, do you understand?”

Gracie glared at him and screamed, “No!”

“All right, I guess you don’t want your onesie then. Cindy, can you hand me the t-shirt in the diaper bag?” he asked, opening his door again.

Gracie looked at him with fearful eyes, and cried, “No Daddy! Good girw! Good girw!” as she pushed her paci into her mouth, pulled her bunny close, and brought her didee to her face.

“All right Sweety. You can cry if you want to, but you need to be quiet so I can drive Baby,” he told her, and started the truck.

Gracie sobbed softly as she peed in her dipey. She had no choice but to wet the infantile garment. She would rather just rip both the onesie and the diaper off right now, and never see either again. She felt the nipple of her paci resting in her mouth as she cried, and it made her want to throw the thing out the window. She had prayed so many times to be through with these things, but it always came back. Daddy’s words haunted her. He had told her what she really didn’t want to hear; it would never go away.

She was now stuck using these things for the next two days, whether she wanted to or not. Like before, she knew the lure would be greater than she could resist, and she would find herself nursing her paci, or nuzzling her didee. It was maddening.

If Daddy would let her leave right now, she would forget all of this had happened. They could go on living like they did before. But he wasn’t going to let that happen, and for that, she would never forgive him. She wasn’t his child, and he had no right to dictate to her what she could and couldn’t do. Without realizing it, she said, “I’m a gwown woman,” frustrated at sounding like a toddler.

“Not right now your not,” he told her, “and if you say one more thing that breaks the rules, you’ll be carried through the lobby in a dipey and a t-shirt Baby.”

Fresh tears began soaking the soft didee she held against her face. She sobbed harder when she realized she was nuzzling it. She was so weak that it hadn’t taken two minutes for her to give in to the baby needs.

Cindy started patting Gracie’s thigh to comfort her, but Gracie didn’t want anything to do with the woman. She kicked her leg and Cindy removed the hand. The movement of the thigh against the thick padding between her legs drew Gracie’s eyes there. She looked like an overgrown toddler with no skirt on. It was plain as day that she was diapered, and the row of snaps across the swollen diaper made her look infantile.

When the truck pulled into a parking space at the resort, Gracie watched Daddy carefully as he got out of the truck. He walked beyond her sight toward the back of the vehicle, and her eyes were drawn to her skirt lying on the console between the seats. She tried to reach forward and get it, but the damned harness kept her sitting back in her car seat.

A moment later, her door opened, and Daddy reached under her seat for a second before lifting her up and taking her out of the truck.

“Daddy?! Wannit!” she cried, holding her hand out toward the skirt. She made sure she talked like a baby so he didn’t get mad. The skirt disappeared as he lowered her onto the stroller frame.

“Sorry Baby, I told you that you had to be a good girl if you wanted your skirt back. You didn’t follow the rules.”

Gracie started crying again, and kicked out toward him. A second later, her harness was released, and she found herself held tightly in Daddy’s arms, her onesie covered diaper up where everyone would notice. “No Daddy!” she cried.

Leaning close to her ear, he asked, “Are you going to be a good girl and settle down, or am I going to change you into a t-shirt?”

“Good girw,” she sobbed.

“Okay. Here Baby, drink your ba-ba,” he said as he offered the nipple.

Gracie cringed as she took the ba-ba and started nursing. She could just imagine how she looked right now. A second later, Daddy laid her didee on his shoulder, and eased her head down onto it. He asked Cindy, “Are her eyes open?”


“Keep them open Baby,” he told her with a firm pat to her wet bottom.

Gracie, not wanting to make things worse, opened her eyes. Tears streamed as Daddy started walking toward the front door of the resort. She kept nursing as they entered the lobby. A moment later she heard, “Awww…what’s the matter Sweetheart?” as Helen stepped into her view. Gracie wanted to tell the woman exactly what was wrong, but knew that would only make things much worse.

“She had a leaky diaper, and got a little cranky. I think a nap is in order,” Daddy told her.

Gracie wanted to scream! How dare he?!

“I was wondering why she was dressed in just her onesie,” Helen replied. Looking at Gracie, she told her, “It’ll be all right Baby; you need to get some rest, that’s all.”

Gracie looked away and started to cry. Her eyes caught sight of a mirrored column in the lobby, and she was able to see what everyone else was. An image stared back at her of her thickly padded bottom resting on Daddy’s large forearm, and the line of her onesie unbroken all the way to her neck. She definitely looked like a toddler with the two pig tails in her hair as she nursed her ba-ba.

“Shhhhh…shhhhh…” Daddy said, as he moved his forearm and started patting her bottom. That only made things worse. With her legs straddling Daddy’s waist, the thick bulge that ran between her legs was obvious now. “I need to go get her down for a nap,” he told Helen.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then.” She looked at Gracie again and said, “Night night Baby.”

Gracie felt Daddy squeeze her bottom hard, and she replied tearfully, “Nigh’ nigh’”

They headed down the hall and stopped outside the door to Alex and Gracie’s room. “Give me a moment,” Daddy told Glenn and Cindy.

“All right.”

Daddy opened the door and headed straight for the bedroom. He laid Gracie down gently on the bed. “Stay in the bed and take a nap Baby,” he told her, and tried to kiss her forehead. She turned over and ignored him. She felt two pats to her diaper then, and heard Daddy walk from the room.

“Good,” she said out loud. She didn’t want to see him anymore. She hoped he would sleep in the living room on the couch. He really had violated her trust this time. There was no mistaking it. The agreement to let them have someone make fun of her was inexcusable, even if he wasn’t directly responsible for what actually happened. If Daddy hadn’t agreed, then those two hateful men wouldn’t have been cruel to her.

Gracie knew that she would have to interact with Daddy though. She couldn’t use the bathroom, nor could she take her dipey off, so he would have to change her. She would also have to have him bathe her. The more she thought about it though, the more she was willing to go without bathing for the two days until they got home. That’s all she had to do is make it two more days and this nightmare would be over.

Gracie started sobbing again. She had found exactly what she was looking for, and now it was gone. When she realized she was hugging her bunny and rubbing the soft didee against her cheek, she felt helpless. She started sucking air from the bottle, and set it down. She managed to resist for a whole minute before she lifted her paci to her lips as more tears fell from her cheeks to the bed. She couldn’t help it, she needed comfort.

Alex stepped back into the hallway, closed the door and turned to face Glenn. “To be honest with you, I’m really not happy with either of you right now. One of the first things I told you when we met Glenn was I didn’t want Gracie getting hurt. How could you ask someone to do this if you didn’t know for certain what they were going to do?”

Glenn put both hands up with his palms facing Alex. “I understand, but I swear, I went over exactly what they were supposed to do and say, and it wasn’t anything like what she went through.”

Alex sighed. “Well it’s done now.”

“And as far as Cindy, what happened there is also my fault. I’ve been punishing her for the way she handled telling Gracie, and she was seriously distracted. I should have waited to do that, I’m sorry. Please, don’t be angry with Cindy, be angry with me.” Glenn told him.

Cindy, still looking at the floor, asked in a timid voice, “Can I please go talk to her?”

Alex didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want Gracie hurt, but he was certain that Cindy wouldn’t do so on purpose. She had responded with too much kindness. After a moment of thought, he nodded his head.

Cindy started to move, but Glenn took hold of her arm. He reached under her skirt for a second, and pulled a flat plastic rectangle out. With a gentle nudge, Cindy moved toward the door as Alex opened it with his key card.

Cindy slowly stepped into the bedroom. She was so thankful that Master had removed the battery from the toys inside her. She wanted no distractions as she talked with Gracie.

Gracie lay facing away from her, crying as she hugged her bunny. She looked sweet with the onesie on over her bulky diaper. A second later, Cindy moved around the bed so Gracie could see her. The second Gracie noticed her, she got a scowl on her face. “I know you’re angry with me Sweetheart, and I don’t blame you,” Cindy said tearfully. She really hadn’t wanted to hurt her.

Gracie’s scowl softened, and then was replaced by a curios look.

“May I sit down?” Cindy asked.

Gracie gave a slight nod.

“Sweety, it wasn’t supposed to go the way it happened. My Master would never have allowed anyone to be so terrible to you. If I thought he could do that, I would leave him, I swear it.”

Gracie stopped nursing her paci and asked, “What happened?” her tears starting again.

“Baby, I don’t know. They were only supposed to point and laugh at you just like the kids in the car did. It was only to get you used to it so it didn’t bother you so much. Your Daddy and my husband were honestly trying to help,” Cindy explained, placing a gentle hand on Gracie’s diapered bottom.

When Gracie didn’t pull away, she continued with, “I was there when my husband called Archie. I heard every word he said, and nothing he said could have been confused with what they did. And Baby, I swear, your Daddy didn’t even know who those two were. I was thankful they ran off, or Daddy would have hurt them. There was another woman further up toward the theater that was supposed to point and laugh as well, but after what happened, my husband had her just leave.”

Gracie got another scowl on her face, and cried, “Daddy shouldn’t hab agweed.”

Cindy wiped her eyes, and replied, “I don’t know, maybe you’re right, maybe Daddy shouldn’t have, but I know he loves you so much, and he’s trying to help you so you’re not so worried about what strangers think of you. He doesn’t want you to be afraid.”

Gracie showed a doubtful look, and nuzzled her didee.

“Daddy is angry with me and my husband, and that means we probably won’t see you again. We leave tomorrow.”

Gracie cried a little harder then.

Cindy’s voice was thick when she asked, “Can I have hugs goodbye Baby?”

It took a moment, but Gracie scrambled to her knees and grabbed onto Cindy. Cindy was so glad she didn’t hate her. Gracie had found a way into her heart, and it was hard enough to say goodbye without the girl hating her. She began patting her diaper as she rocked back and forth.

Gracie held on tight as she cried. Something in the way Cindy looked at her told Gracie that Cindy had no say in what happened. She may have known those two, but Gracie would have bet anything that she didn’t have anything to do with making the nightmare happen. It hurt knowing that the only other person she trusted to care for her as a baby was leaving. She didn’t want Cindy to go. It was out of her mouth before she realized it. “Pweathe thtay,” she cried.

Cindy began crying then. “I can’t Baby. I must go when my Master tells me to.”

Gracie began sobbing then, long hard sobs. That would leave her with Daddy. She would be alone as far as she was concerned. No more warm hugs, or pats to her bottom. It made her hurt so much to know that things would be back the way they were before. She would be laying in a bed alone, wearing a diaper, nursing her paci with no one to cuddle her. After two and a half days of being cuddled and cared for, the loss was huge.

Cindy rocked her for ten minutes before she said, “Lay down Sweety, it’s time for you to take a nap.”

When Gracie laid down, Cindy scooted over, handed her Bun Bun, and began patting her dipey. Gracie closed her eyes, and nursed her paci. She loved the feel of having he dipey patted as she went to sleep. Before she knew it, she was out.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Another good chapter, but Glenn should not have had that happen.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

A small point, but…

The phrasing here seems a little contradictory. He sees the storm coming, and yet her reaction is without warning? I understand what you’re getting across, but it’s awkward as written, I think. Maybe “Suddenly, she began drumming…” which still gets across the fact that Alex is startled by exactly what happens without losing the idea that he can see her agitation?

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Thanks BB. Now I know what you meant.

I love pouts, tantrums and the way little kids say “NO” in a short tone and manner. To me a cranky child is just as cute as a happy, giggley one (although I don’t have kids). Its what a child is. I also love the the awww moments when it all becomes good again. The ying and yang, can’t have one without the other.

mmmmwah :-* thankyou BB

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Another wonderful chapter. Keep it up BB.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Well done as usual, BB. Not even minor quibbles with this chapter.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Thanks for the feedback, and yes I agree he should have been more certain of the folks he was asking to do this. But as they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men…”

The phrasing here seems a little contradictory. He sees the storm coming, and yet her reaction is without warning? I understand what you’re getting across, but it’s awkward as written, I think. Maybe “Suddenly, she began drumming…” which still gets across the fact that Alex is startled by exactly what happens without losing the idea that he can see her agitation?

I agree with you after reading it again. I will say however that my thought process was that her changing expression and red face resembled storm clouds moving in, and the drumming without warning was like the lightening that strikes fifty feet away without a hint that it’s coming.

Thanks for taking the time to point that out.

I was originally going to do this with the first disagreement they had, back when you suggested it should have been more drawn out. The problem was, I didn’t want that based on a misperception (Gracie thinking that Alex told Cindy), but on a real violation of her trust. That’s why this came later.

Thanks for the comments!

Thanks Mary.

Thanks Tommy, I really appreciate the feedback!

Take care All,


Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Another excellent chapter BB, keep up the good work

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

I personally think this went a bit too far. She already had a traumatic experience with Cindy finding out and now he wants people to purposely make fun of her. We live in a cruel world already you don’t need people to do those things on purpose. I persoanlly would be more upset at this occuring than the whole Cindy fiascal. The whole story is preposterous. I would never go to this great of legnths for something that truly should be a private matter. I realize this is creative purposes but the further the story goes it beocmes more and more unreal to me.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

I’ve been trying to figure out how best to respond to this. I agree that this chapter went too far, but it’s part of the storyline, and you will perhaps understand that Alex sees he’s made a mistake if you read to 26. There were reasons (granted, not good enough ones) that Alex saw having someone make fun of Gracie as the thing to do.

The whole story is preposterous.

This is the line I have a problem with. I would have to disagree with this assesment whole heartedly. At first I was going to explain why this doesn’t make sense to me, but thought better of it. I’m not sure that I could offer an explanation that would make this seem plausible for you.

I would never go to this great of legnths for something that truly should be a private matter. I realize this is creative purposes but the further the story goes it beocmes more and more unreal to me.

I can appreciate that. Some folks would be seriously put off by the notion of taking a person they care about out dressed and acting as Gracie is, let alone pushing them to do so. To some however, they long to get out of the dark room, and be who they are in the light of day, and Alex senses this about Gracie. It doesn’t take much to see that she craves acceptance. That is what Alex wants her to see, and that’s why she’s at a resort, dressed as a baby instead of just holding her close behind closed doors.

Thanks for taking the time to express your views about my writing, it’s important to me to hear what folks think.


Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

My issues lies in the fact she is not physically/mentally handicapped. It is all a lie. That’s what is ridiculous to me. It is fine for a story but in reality this story does not work. It can work but I feel it is out right wrong. I’m not saying that any of us should feel wrong for the way we feel but just as the other couple are descreet with thier actions as should consenting adults be. This story for me has crossed some lines. I have and will enjoy it but I would never condone this in the real world.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

Stories generally don’t work “in reality.” That’s exactly what makes them stories in the first place.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

I thank you for your insight Dark Angel but I was replying to Babybutt and his statements. I realize this is just a story but I am able to voice my concerns. I also mentioned the suspension of reality. I just dont think this can be justified in real terms as babybutt has tried to do in his reply to me.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

You’re correct Gracie isn’t physically or mentally handicapped. But is all of it a lie? Not from my perspective. Is there a little girl inside Gracie? Yes. Would that child behave as she is? Yes. Is there a need to be that child? Yes, or we wouldn’t have seen her agree to go to the resort. Is there a need to do so in a public setting? Probably not. There is a desire to do so, or she wouldn’t respond the way she does when she’s laying on the blanket at the park messing her diaper. Again, she’s looking for acceptance, and not to feel like she’s a “freak” as we’ve seen her express more than once.

It can work but I feel it is out right wrong. I’m not saying that any of us should feel wrong for the way we feel but just as the other couple are descreet with thier actions as should consenting adults be.

The difference between the two are that Glenn and Cindy are behaving in a sexual manner. That should always be done discreetly in my opinion. It’s something that is private, and should stay that way.

What Alex and Gracie are doing is not sexual. Both have expressed that they don’t look at it that way. She simply needs to be a child, and he wants to be a loving daddy. From my perspective, that’s a whole different situation than a sexual one.

I have been in a public setting at a resort several times in my life as an adult, behaving like a toddler (this isn’t a sexual thing for me). Twenty five percent of those times, it’s been a choice to do so (the others were a consequence of my physical disablilities). Do I feel that I’ve been wrong in doing so? No. Primarily because while it may not be illegal to go to a resort and dress and behave as a toddler, it makes people uncomfortable if you do so without a practical reason. Telling them there’s a problem doesn’t harm anyone, and makes them feel a lot more comfortable with it. As long as a person doesn’t accept special treatment or gifts under those circumstances (and I’m a stickler about that), then there isn’t a problem from my point of view. My wife has been offered many things, but won’t accept them, period.

Just my point of view,


Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 23

babybutt whatever yo usay we will disagree. I am very truthful individual and think people should be and you justifying this just makes it sound worse.

I enjoyed the story but I cannot condone this in reality sexual or not as you said people are uncomfortabe and why should they be subjected to something that can be obviously controlled. She is an adult her adult mind needs to grasp the point that she can keep her desires to herself. I know this is not always easy but it is obviously the fact of life and everyone as we seen are not going to accept her. Truthfully I think long as she has her husbands/daddy’s support she should be fine.