Amazing Grace Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Gracie clung to Daddy. His arms hugged her tight. The words of the two jerks played over and over in her head. Gracie remembered hearing, “She’s a freak that likes to dress like one!” and started sobbing again. The way some of the other people around had been looking at her frightened her.

She felt a nipple touch her lips, and opened her mouth. When he said, “That’s it Baby, take your paci. Daddy’s got you,” she buried her face in his neck. She didn’t want to see anyone. Somehow that made it a lot easier. The feel of her paci calmed her as she nursed. The events were still running through her head when Daddy pushed Bun Bun between her arm and her chest. Gracie couldn’t take anymore, and let go. She couldn’t handle the hurt of being an adult at that moment, and just became little.

Daddy was here, and he would protect her. She couldn’t hear anyone making fun of her anymore, and that meant that Daddy had scared them away. He rocked her back and forth, saying, “It’s all right Baby, Daddy’s got you,” again and again. The longer he rocked, the better she felt. When her crying settled down, the feel of his hand holding her messy bottom gave her security. She didn’t remember going poopy, but it felt warm and comfy with Daddy’s hand holding her dipey.

“I’m going to go change her. I’ll be back in a little bit,” she heard Daddy say, and then felt him start walking. Before she knew it, Daddy was trying to pull her back from him.

“No!” she cried. She was safe in Daddy’s arms, and didn’t want to see anyone.

“It’s alright Baby, Daddy needs to change you. I need you to lay down for me Sweetheart,” he told her in a gentle voice.

Gracie let go of Daddy’s neck, refusing to open her eyes; she decided that if she couldn’t see anyone, then they couldn’t see her and make fun of her. She felt him lower her to her back. She had no idea where she was, and didn’t care, as long as Daddy was there, she was okay.

“Look at me Baby,” he prompted.

“No,” she fussed.

“All right, you just hug Bun Bun then. Daddy will get you all clean.”

Gracie did exactly as Daddy asked, and nuzzled Bun Bun closer. She felt her dipey come loose with a tearing sound, and then her bottom was lifted up. She had never had her dipey changed when she wasn’t watching before, and it made Daddy’s gentle touch so much more comforting. When he finished wiping her, and began putting powder on her tender bottom, Gracie sighed. She didn’t ever want it to end. She wanted to stay right here, with Daddy changing her forever. There weren’t any mean people making fun of her, or staring at her. When Daddy lowered her bottom down, she whimpered.

“It’s okay Sweety, Daddy’s right here,” he told her, and she felt his warm soft lips on her forehead.

The thick padding of a fresh dipey was pulled up between her legs, and Gracie felt a little better. She felt the soft material of her onesie pulled between the plastic of her dipey and her legs. A few seconds later, she was a lot happier when Daddy picked her up and held her close.

Still keeping her eyes closed, she laid her head down to find a soft didee on his shoulder. The softness was comforting, and Gracie snuggled.

“That’s it Baby, snuggle with Daddy.”

They were moving again, and she became more anxious when she heard voices. There were people around now. Daddy began patting her dipey, and it made her feel much better. He would keep anyone from making fun of her. He was big and strong, and they wouldn’t want to make Daddy mad.

“How is she?” Cindy asked, as Gracie felt a gentle hand on her back.

“She’s scared,” Daddy answered.

“Well, do we go back to the resort?” Glenn asked.

Gracie liked that idea a lot. She felt safe there. No one had made fun of her there.

“No, I think Gracie will be alright. Let’s head down to the theater,” Daddy answered. When she whimpered again, he increased the speed of his hand patting her bottom, and told her, “I promise Baby, I’m not going to put you down, and no one will hurt you.”

Gracie trusted Daddy. She knew he would never hurt her, and that made it easier to just relax and concentrate on how her paci felt as she nursed, and the feel of Daddy’s hand on her dipey.

The rhythm of the walking lulled her, and she became lost in the way Daddy smelled, the feel of his hand on her bottom, and the soft didee against her face.

They walked along the boardwalk as Cindy pushed the stroller. Alex had no intention of trying to put Gracie back in the seat right now; that would only make things worse. He felt terrible about how things had gone, and was glad that the two idiots that had been making fun of her had run off. The look on the shorter one’s face when he saw Alex running toward him was abject fear.

Alex couldn’t fathom being able to stand and torment someone like that. Before they saw him, both of them looked like they were thoroughly enjoying making Gracie feel horrible. The look on Cindy’s face just before he had picked up Gracie had surprised him. She was livid. Alex hadn’t ever seen her stand up to anyone like that. Hell, she rarely looked him in the eye let alone like she had at them. He was glad that she was willing to protect Gracie.

As he walked, he noticed a woman about twenty or so staring at Gracie. She stood up from the bench she sat on, and looked like she was about to approach him, when she saw Glenn. After locking eyes with him, she turned and left the boardwalk.

Alex looked over, saw the look on Glenn’s face, and understood. The expression said, “Don’t even think about it.”

The wind blew Gracie’s skirt up for the fiftieth or so time as he carried her along. He didn’t even try to hold it down now. His concern was to keep patting her bottom. It seemed to help calm her, and he would do anything right now to keep her calm. Besides, his left hand was busy caressing the hair on the back of her head right then. She didn’t seem to notice or care that her padded bottom was able to be seen by everyone, so he let it go.

They got to the theater, and walked to the ticket window. Alex didn’t even get the chance to reach for his wallet when Glenn told him, “I’ve got this, you took care of lunch.”

“All right,” he answered, glad he wouldn’t have to disturb Gracie to get to his wallet.

Once inside the lobby of the cineplex, Cindy asked, “What would you like to drink?”

That made Alex think of his full bladder, and he answered, “Coke, a medium one. I need a favor Cindy.”


“I need to use the rest room. Someone’s not going to like that at all,” he answered with a worried look.

“Tell you what,” Glenn said, “You two take Gracie into the theater, and I’ll get the snacks. It’ll be easier to settle her in the dark.”

“Good idea,” Alex replied.

Cindy led the way to theater three, and they found a seat along the middle isle about three quarters of the way up from the bottom row. She sat down, and Alex, hoping that it would go well, gently lowered Gracie into Cindy’s lap. “I need you to sit with Miss Cindy Baby, I need to go potty.”

“No Daddy!” Gracie cried, not letting go of his neck.

“Baby, I have to go potty, and Daddy can’t bring you in there with him. Please, it’ll be alright, just snuggle here with Miss Cindy, I’ll be right back, I promise.”

Gracie began crying, but she allowed him to pull her arms from his neck. He kissed her on the cheek, placed her didee against her face, and brought her hand up to hold it there. Gracie still wouldn’t open her eyes, and he didn’t want to push it. “I’ll be back in just a second,” he told her, and made his way back up the isle.

Gracie cried. She wanted Daddy. It was scary when he wasn’t there. She still refused to open her eyes, especially now when Daddy wasn’t there.

“It’s all right Sweetheart, Daddy will be right back, I promise,” she heard Cindy say. That didn’t help. What did help was Cindy cuddling her close as she began humming a gentle tune. She rocked back and forth, and it soothed Gracie’s fears enough that she stopped crying and nursed her paci. Bun Bun was there, and that made Gracie feel better too.

Several minutes later when music started playing over the theater speakers, Gracie whimpered, “Daddy?”

“He’ll be back Baby, sometimes there’re lines in the potty. He’ll be here real soon,” Cindy told her.

Gracie began rubbing her didee against her face in a circular motion trying to cope.

Alex left the men’s room frustrated. It had taken way too long to get through the line. He met Glenn as he was on his way toward the theater. “Let me help,” he said, as he took one of the soda’s and a bag of popcorn from Glenn’s hands.

“I got a lemonade for Gracie. I figured she would do better if she was nursing her bottle,” Glenn explained.

“Good thinking. I have a juice bottle, but that probably won’t last long.”

“Cindy and I will need to sit up front, otherwise I’ll get a headache. I forgot my glasses like and idiot.”

“Okay, I think Gracie needs to be back where she’s sitting right now, so we’ll meet when the movie is over,” Alex decided as they entered the theater.

“No problem.”

Alex placed his coke and the popcorn next to Cindy, and took Gracie in his arms saying, “Hi Baby, Daddy’s back.” He felt bad when she gripped onto him like she hadn’t seen him in weeks. He watched Cindy and Glenn move up front as he settled down into the seat. The stroller sat right next to them in the isle. Gracie fussed when he shifted her around so that she was facing away from him, her legs falling to either side of his. “You won’t be able to see the movie Baby if you sit the other way,” he explained.

“Don’ wanna,” she grumbled.

“Come on Baby, you’re okay, I promise.” He pulled her bottle of juice from the diaper bag on the seat next to him and said, “Here, drink your ba-ba, it’ll make it easier to open your eyes.”

Gracie didn’t object when he took her paci and replaced it with the nipple. She started nursing immediately.

“That’s a good girl,” he cooed with a kiss to her cheek. He watched as she kept moving her didee against her other cheek, and it made him smile. Gracie relaxed when he rested his hand on the front of her diaper. It seemed to make her feel better, so he began patting the thick bulge.

It was ten minutes into the movie before Alex noticed Gracie looking around. “It’s okay Baby, no one is going to be mean to you. Drink your ba-ba and watch the movie.” She settled back against him and stared at the screen.

Alex was surprised when she finished her bottle, turned to look up at him, and asked, “Ba-ba?”

“Are you still thirsty Baby?” he asked as he reached for the cup of lemonade.

“Uh huh,” she answered with a nod.

It only took a second to fill the bottle, and Gracie was back to paying attention to the film. A second later, Alex smiled as he felt her diaper get hot. “Good girl,” he said with a pat to her wet diaper.

Cindy sat down gingerly in the seat next to her Master. The pressure on her bottom pushed the steel balls firmly against her most sensitive spots. The steady vibration was making her crazy. Trying to get her mind off of her need for release, she whispered to Glenn, “Do you think Gracie will be okay Master?”

“I think she’ll be fine, my pet,” he answered.

Cindy was hoping for a longer conversation, but the lights dimmed at that moment, letting her know that the movie was starting. She sat there frustrated, hoping the film was enough to take her mind off of the toys stimulating her inside.

No sooner did the beginning credits finish, and the movie start in earnest, that she felt Glenn slide his hand beneath the hem of her blouse. His touch set her on fire. The need to reach climax doubled. The fingers of his right hand slowly slid a light trail over her abdomen, making her muscles ripple in the wake. She couldn’t help a sharp intake of breath when he grasped the bottom of the left bra cup and raised it over her breast.

“Quiet my pet,” he whispered, the warm breath tickling her right ear. Goosebumps traveled along her skin. Cindy bit her lower lip hard as he took her nipple between his fingers and gently caressed it, tweaking it occasionally until it stood proud.

She worked to keep her breathing quiet as the pace increased. This was exquisite torture. The toys buzzing away up between her legs, along with the attention to her nipple, made it impossible to concentrate on anything but her incredible need of an orgasm.

It seemed an hour later, her Master released his hold on her breast. She breathed a sigh of relief, glad that the stimulation was gone. Feeling such incredible sensations, but knowing she had no hope of reaching bliss was difficult to bear, but bear it she would for this man. He was the center of her universe, and gave her much more than he took, as she saw it.

When Glenn slid his hand beneath her skirt and began caressing her inner thigh just at the edge of the belt, it was maddening. Cindy craved stimulation just one half inch away, but was denied it. Even if she shifted so his hand would be over her swollen clit, the steel belt stood in the way. With determination, she held her tears in check. This was her penance for not heading her Master’s wishes, and she would prove herself worthy. As a sign that she was worthy, she parted her legs further, making it easier for Master to drive her to greater frustration by teasing a wider area, and he obliged her.

By the time the movie came to an end, Cindy was gritting her teeth in frustration. Only when Master gave her a nod, did she pull her bra down over the erect nipple. He stood, and she followed him as he made his way to where Alex and Gracie sat.

Alex smiled as he watched Gracie giggle at the dog in the movie. She was doing much better now. The fear he had seen was gone for the moment. She sat relaxed, her head resting on his chest, her legs far apart. Occasionally he would pat her wet diaper, and she would look up and smile a happy, childish smile. He originally had felt a bit self conscious about patting the crotch of her diaper, but knew in his heart that it wasn’t a sexual action, but one of gentle care.

Gracie’s diaper had warmed several times during the movie. He was glad to see that the salt he had added to her food had done its job. It made her more thirsty, and therefore she drank more bottles. He had filled her bottle twice from the twenty-four ounce drink, and she was still nursing the third bottle of lemonade. With all the fluid, she had wet a lot, and her diaper was very swollen now.

When the credits rolled, he watched as she became anxious again. It hurt to see her lose the delighted expression she had as she watched the movie. With a firm pat to her diaper, he said, “You, little girl, are soaking wet.”

Gracie lost the anxious expression and giggled with a smile around her bottle.

When Alex saw Glenn, he said, “Let’s go get you a dry dipey.” He turned Gracie to face him, and stood as she hugged him close. She held the didee to her face, and nursed her bottle. He was glad to see she still had her eyes open.

They made their way out of the theater, and Alex noticed that Cindy looked more distracted than before. She looked like she was in serious pain. He felt bad that she would have to make the long walk to the truck. “Are you all right to walk all the way back to the truck?” he asked her as they stood outside the building.

With a blush, she answered, “I’ll be okay.”

“I could take Gracie back, and drive up here to get the two of you if you want, it’s no big deal.”

“No, I’ll walk,” Cindy replied in a tone that ended the debate.

“All right,” Alex responded, not wanting to make her more self conscious about the situation. He didn’t even try to put Gracie in her stroller. He would wait until she both had gotten used to being outside again, and she had a dry bottom. The last thing he wanted was a leaky diaper in her seat.

He shifted her so that her head was on his left shoulder, and he told her, “Watch the birdies Baby,” pointing to the seagulls out over the water. He hoped she wouldn’t close her eyes in fear again. Alex made sure he walked along the railing so Gracie didn’t have to look at anyone for the walk back.

They made their way back to the truck, and he asked, “Could you two wait over here a moment, I need to change her.”

Glen replied, “Sure.”

Alex laid Gracie in the back of the truck, and with all of the practice lately, he had her in a dry diaper in less than two minutes. He picked her back up, and said, “All right, we’re all done.” He looked to Glenn and asked, “Can you please put her seat in the truck? The release is just below it in the center on the back.”

“Yeah, sure.”

Once the seat was latched into place, Alex took a deep breath, and told Gracie, “I need you to sit in your seat Baby.”

“No Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Yes Baby. You have to be in the seat when you ride in the truck.”

“Pweathe…” she pleaded.

“Come on Sweety, it’ll be okay, I promise. There’s no one that’s going to be mean to you in the car.” When Gracie didn’t object, he gently sat her in the car seat. Anxiety showed as he buckled her in. “You’re doing just fine Baby,” he told her with a kiss.

A moment later, everyone was in the truck. Alex had just started the engine when he spotted two young men that looked similar to the ones that had tormented Gracie. “Are those the two that scared her?” he asked Glenn.

Before Glenn could answer, Cindy, in a distracted tone said, “No, Gary is taller, and Archie is not that heavy.”

All three of the others snapped their head around to look at Cindy. The fearful look she gave Glenn showed she knew she had made a mistake.

Gracie pulled her bottle from her mouth and, in a tearful voice, asked, “You knew them?”

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Nice chapter I loved the twest at the end.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 22

Ah ooohh, miss Cindy is in trouble. She better start explaining quick or she’ll be in big doo doos. Id like to see Cindy’s become more of a play mate to Gracie then she is.

I love how you make fear and comfort so lovable.

Yes great twist BB. :o

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 22

While I enjoyed the scene with Glenn and Cindy, I don’t think it was appropriate behavior at a children’s movie. I know they were up front and I’m sure nobody was close enough to see them, still there was a chance a little kid might have seen something he/she shouldn’t have.

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Another excellent chapter BB. Keep it up.

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Cindy not going to get any relief for a long time.

“Cindy and I will need to sit up front, otherwise I’ll get a headache. I forgot my glasses like and idiot.”

BB it’s an not and.

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Wow, BB, things have taken a turn for the worse in these last 2 chapters!! Even more so at the end, just when I think you are going to get things sweet & cute again, you go & do this!! I mean they are great chapters, but I had hoped this would be a cute story all the way through!! To get the bad taste out that the last story your wrote left!! But it’s ok, you have to have both the yin & the yang to make things whole!! I just hope you can get things nice again, please!!

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Well Lb, while you won’t get that wish, you will get another over the next few chapters. :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

I agree whole heartedly with this Tommy, and wouldn’t consider putting a child at risk of seeing something inappropriate, but this behavior matched Glenn’s apparent personality well.

I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks Mary.

Thanks for noticing the typo, and it remains to be seen what the consequences of Cindy’s distracted announcement are. :wink:

Things are going to be a bit difficult for a while. Just please bear with me Icey.

Thanks All for taking the time to let me know what you think. It means a lot to me.


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Another excellent chapter BB, with a great twist at the end, keep up the good work.