Amazing Grace Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Gracie loved this. Even with all of the loss of choices, the difficulty in expressing herself, and the loss of privacy, she truly loved being able to just be a baby girl out where everyone could see her. It was liberating to the extreme, and made her feel much better about her little side.

She nuzzled the soft didee on Daddy’s shoulder, hugging him tighter for a second. When she felt Daddy pat her dipey a couple of times, she was in heaven. Her knees were on either side of Daddy’s waist, and she knew her skirt probably had ridden up in the back, showing her dipey off, but she didn’t care at that moment. The feel of her ba-ba as she nursed, and being so close to Daddy who treated her with gentle care in almost everything he did for her, made her truly happy for the first time in a very long time. She got the urge to pee pee again, and let the warm wetness flow without a moment’s hesitation. It felt right. Somehow, in this place, at this time, it was natural that she would pee pee in a dipey. Here and now, she wasn’t a twenty six year old graduate student, but a baby girl, being cuddled by her loving Daddy.

She started sucking air, and had to raise the ba-ba up to get the milk from the nipple. When it was all gone, she felt sad. She loved her ba-ba. It made her feel good to nurse. Daddy took it from her, and she pushed her paci into her mouth and began suckling again, glad for the wonderful feelings that it gave her.

Daddy’s cologne got her attention, and she smiled around her paci. He always smelled good. He was big and strong, and she felt safe in his arms. Nothing could ever hurt her while he was holding her. Her love for this gentle man got the best of her, and she turned her face toward his neck, snuggled close, and said, “Wub you Daddy.”

“I love you too Baby Girl,” she heard his baritone voice say.

Gracie felt that as long as Daddy loved her, everything would be fine. His love for her came through loud and clear in the soft timbre of his voice. She could feel his love in the way he held her; the way his hand gently patted her bottom, ignoring the fresh pee pee she had just soaked her dipey with, and the way he rocked her gently, sitting in a busy restaurant, completely at ease with her being his baby girl no matter what anyone thought, all made him Daddy. The one person in the world that she was completely at ease with now.

She felt free; more free than she had ever felt in her entire life. She could finally be who she was, without worrying that the people she cared about would get angry, or make fun of her. She got lost in Daddy’s arms, the softness of her didee, and the feel of her paci then.

Alex held Gracie with all of the care he could muster. He smiled when he felt her bottom get warm. There was no tension in her posture, no anxiety to feel, and he was so glad for her, he couldn’t help but kiss her forehead, and snuggle her closer.

Cindy leaned over and whispered something to Glenn. He nodded his head, handed her something, and she got up and excused herself.

“She needs to use the restroom,” he told Alex.

Alex made eye contact with Martha, and mouthed the word check. She smiled at him and nodded her head.

Cindy was back in three minutes, and Alex looked at her closely. She seemed distracted, and uncomfortable. He was so glad he wasn’t a woman. His attention turned to Gracie and he wondered what ‘that time of the month’ would entail for her now. With the freedom to be a baby girl in front of him, would she want to be diapered and cuddled when her hormones were going crazy? It would probably make the time easier on her, because she could cry freely then when the mood struck her. That made him wonder how she would feel when they got home. Would she want to do this often? Or would she feel bad about needing his attention this way. He really hoped she wanted more of this. While he didn’t want this to be their whole relationship, he loved taking care of her this way. Martha made her way toward the table, and he pushed the thought away. He would have to figure that out later.

Martha set the check on the table and smiled as she looked at Gracie. “Somebody looks like she’s in heaven.”

Alex smiled and placed his Credit card on top of the check, “Yes she sure is.”

Martha picked both items up off the table, and walked around behind Alex. “Are you comfy in Daddy’s arms Sweetheart?” she asked in a sweet voice.

A muffled, “Mmmm hmmm,” came from Gracie.

“Awww…she is so sweet,” Martha remarked and came back around the chair to tell Alex, “I’ll be right back.”

Alex attempted to pull Gracie back to put her back in her stroller, but she fussed, “No Daddy.”

“Do you want Daddy to carry you for a while?” he asked. When she nodded, he put his lips to her ear and whispered very softly, “Everyone will see your dipey Baby, your skirt isn’t covering it anymore.”

“Don’ cawe” she whispered back, hugging him tighter.

With several pats to her wet bottom, he smiled, feeling like the luckiest man in the world that this little girl wanted his touch that bad. He had seen her anxiety when her diaper was exposed earlier, and had purposefully left her skirt up around her waist to get her used to the idea. This showed it was working. Testing her resolve, he began pressing against her diaper, moving his fingers up between her legs, and in a normal speaking volume, told her, “You’re all wet little girl, I’m going to have to change you before we go see the movie.”

When Gracie snuggled closer, he wanted to stand up and dance around the restaurant with her. She was finally accepting the situation. A day ago, she would have stiffened in fear at that statement, and probably have been really angry with him for calling attention to the condition of her diaper.

Glenn smiled at him from across the table. Cindy was smiling too, and got up from her chair with a wince, and leaned down to kiss Gracie’s cheek. “That’s a good girl,” she whispered, barely loud enough for Alex to hear.

Martha brought the check back to the table then, and Alex signed it, leaving a generous tip, and had to fumble to get his card back into his wallet and into his back pocket. He thanked the woman, and stood with Gracie in his arms.

“Let me fill her bottle before you go. I’ll be right back.” Martha said, and was gone.

Alex stood and rocked his baby girl back and forth, patting her diaper as he did. She cuddled close, and he felt great. Everyone around them could see her swollen diaper, and knew that she was wet, and Gracie didn’t care.

When Martha brought the bottle back to the table, Cindy put it in the diaper bag, and took the handles of the stroller.

“All right Baby, let’s go get you changed. Say bye bye to Miss Martha now,” he told Gracie.

Gracie pulled her head back, and Alex wanted to sing. She was smiling around her paci, not a trace of anxiety in her eyes. “Bye bye,” she said, waving her hand.

“Bye bye Sweety,” Martha replied with a warm smile.

“You take care, and thank you,” Alex told her with a big smile.

“Oh, no problem.”

“And tell Chuck I said thanks, and that fire extinguishers are really good things, although they’ll probably ruin the soup too,” he chuckled.

Martha laughed and wished them a good afternoon.

Alex carried Gracie out the door as Cindy pushed the stroller behind him. “I need to change her diaper, and it would probably be easiest to do in the truck. I’ll meet you two out on the boardwalk in a few minutes if you don’t mind.”

“No problem. We’ll be right over there,” Glenn said, pointing to a bench thirty feet further down the boardwalk.

“All right, we’ll be back in a bit.” He picked up the diaper bag, slung it over his shoulder, and started heading back to the truck.

The time Alex spent at the gym had definitely paid off. Gracie couldn’t be more than ninety five pounds, soaking wet, but still she was larger than the smallest child, and he was glad he went four days a week to maintain his large build. She was nothing compared to the weights he hefted, and he was glad he could lift and carry her without any serious effort.

He chuckled when he thought that she was probably a hundred pounds soaking wet right now, because as wet as her diaper was, and she was soaking wet, it probably weighed five pounds by itself.

When they approached the Ford Excursion, he had to think a moment on how to make this happen. He didn’t want to expose her at all, so standing outside while he changed her on the seat, exposed to the parking lot wasn’t an option. Making his decision, he opened the passenger door, and said, “I need you to sit here for me Baby. I need to move the truck.”

Gracie lifted her head, and eased off on her grip, and he set her down on her wet bottom on the front seat. “Sit there and don’t move Baby,” he told her, and hurried around to the other side. He was in the drivers seat with the door closed in a flash. “I’ve got to change your dipey Baby,” he said with a smile.

Lifting her skirt, just like a toddler, Gracie placed her hand on the puffed up bulk between her legs and giggled, “Pee pee Daddy.”

“That’s right Baby,” he replied as he leaned over to kiss her cheek. Thirty seconds later, he had backed out of the parking space, and turned the truck around, backing into it. The parking lot was open except for the line of brush that now sat behind the truck. It would allow her to be changed without anyone watching.

A minute later, he had her laying in the back of the truck with her onesie unsnapped. With a ripping sound, he pulled the tapes free on her diaper, and Gracie lay on her back, smiling at him around her paci, as he held her bottom in the air. She was content to lay still as he wiped her bottom clean. She giggled when he began powdering her behind. “You are so adorable Baby Girl,” he told her as he set her bottom on the fresh diaper, and began powdering her front. The diaper was taped up snug a few seconds later, and he took the time to put some baby powder on her sports bra like he had before. She loved the smell, and so did he, because it would forever remind him of her now.

Gracie snuggled close as Daddy carried her toward the boardwalk. Her didee was held against her face as she nursed her paci. Her skirt flapped in the breeze, sometimes floating up to show off her whole diapered bottom, but Gracie didn’t care. She had what she wanted, and that’s all that mattered. The smell of the ocean brine, mixed with the baby powder scent that occasionally wafted up from her bra, made her feel warm inside. She felt the urge to giggle, and let it free.

“Are you a giggle butt?” Daddy asked with a firm pat to her bottom and a tickle to her side.

“Yeth!” she squealed.

“Are you sure?” he laughed, as he tickled her again.

“Yeth Daddy!” she squeaked.

“Okay, just checking Baby,” he told her with a kiss.

Gracie hugged him tight, and kissed his cheek. There were no words to express what she was feeling, so left it to a warm snuggle instead.

“I love you too Baby Girl, just like you are,” Daddy told her, somehow reading her mind.

That’s the astounding thing about all of this, she thought. He really does love me, even as a baby girl! She felt regret at not having shared this side of her with Daddy before now. All of the snuggles and dipey changes, and tickles she could have had made her feel bad. A second later, she thought, No. I’m not going to ruin now with what might have been. She had what she was looking for, and that’s all that mattered.

They approached Glenn and Cindy, and Daddy said, “I want to put you back in your seat Baby. I see an ice cream stand, and you’ve been such a good girl today, I think you deserve a treat.”

Gracie, embracing the moment, squealed “Ithe cweam!” as she jumped up and down in his arms.

“Okay Baby Girl, Daddy will get you some ice cream,” he chuckled, as he gently lowered her into her seat. Once the buckle was fastened, he kissed her smiling face, and said, “I’ll be right back Sweety, you stay with Miss Cindy.” He rolled her over next to the bench as Glenn got up.

“I think we’ll get some Italian ice,” Glenn announced, and the two took off for the stand located fifty feet down the boardwalk.

Gracie picked up Bun Bun. She hadn’t spent much time hugging him today, but that was because Daddy had held her so much. She pulled the bunny close, nuzzling her face against the soft rabbit, and nursed contentedly on her paci. She was glad to have Bun Bun. When Daddy wasn’t there, he made her feel safer. She smiled as the wind blew her skirt up, showing the thick dipey covered by her soft pink onesie.

Cindy leaned over and in a quiet voice said, “You just love being a baby girl don’t you?” as she reached over and pulled her skirt back in place. Gracie had her back to the wind, so it stayed that way.

Gracie smiled a bigger smile and answered, “Yeth,” in a little girl voice.

“It’s better not having to hide, isn’t it Baby?” she asked with a tickle.

“Yeth!” Gracie giggled.

“You love your daddy don’t you Honey?”

There was no way Gracie could possibly do that question justice with just two words. She tried, but it just wasn’t enough. Looking to Cindy, tears filled her eyes as she simply smiled, and nodded her head.

Cindy picked up her didee, wiped her tears with a gentle motion, and in a thick voice told her, “I know Baby, it shows every time you look at Daddy.”

Gracie nuzzled Cindy’s hand then, holding it there. She was grateful that this woman had come into her life.

When Gracie looked back on things, she would always remember the event that followed, as the thing that changed everything. She was snuggling the didee as Cindy held it in place when she looked further down the boardwalk in the direction they had come from. Twenty feet from them, two young men, dressed in baggy jeans and t-shirts were standing there, pointing at her and laughing.

Gracie wanted to go, but before she could say or do anything, the two started walking toward her. There were other people walking the boardwalk, but Gracie couldn’t pull her eyes from the two that bore down on her. The fear that clenched her gut caused pee pee to soak her dry dipey. She hugged Bun Bun tighter, hoping they would walk right by. Her paci moved rapidly in and out as she sought any comfort she could find.

The two men approached, and the taller one said, “Oh my God! This is hilarious!” as he doubled over in laughter.

The other one, laughing hard, replied, “I know right? She’s like twenty and sucking on a baby’s pacifier!”

Gracie held her hands over her ears. She didn’t want to hear anymore! This was her biggest fear come to life!

Cindy stood and growled, “Just go away and leave her alone!”

“Ha ha ha, this is unbelievable!” the taller one exclaimed.

When she heard his voice through her hands, Gracie started trying to unbuckle the harness. Tears streamed down her face as she struggled with the clasp, unable to make it release. She began pulling at the straps with all of her might, crying around her paci now. Nothing she did granted freedom.

Cindy screamed, “She’s just a baby, leave her alone!” and moved between them and Gracie. That pushed the stroller sideways, and the wind picked her skirt up exposing her diaper.

The two guys doubled over then. When the taller one could speak, he said, “Right! Look at her eyes! They’re not the eyes of a baby. She’s a freak that likes to dress like one!”

When Gracie heard that, she froze. Other people were staring at her like she was the elephant man. Her fear was so great, she filled the seat of her diaper, as she began sobbing.

“Jesus! She’s wearing a diaper and a onesie! Ha ha ha ha ha…” the shorter one exclaimed.

That was the last straw. Gracie was terrified, and needed Daddy! She turned her head, trying to find him as she cried. The seat got in the way, and again she tried to get free, thrashing back and forth in the seat. When the harness refused to yield again, she did the only thing she could think of; she screamed, “Daddyyyy!” When she didn’t hear his voice, or see him a second later, she screamed again.

Alex had just ordered two dished of chocolate ice cream when he heard a scream. It was faint because of the wind along the boardwalk, but it was enough to make him turn. What he saw had him running in a second. Gracie was flailing wildly, kicking her legs, and pulling at the straps of her stroller.

He moved as fast as his legs would take him, and when he got a bit closer realized that Gracie was screaming his name. The two young idiots laughing and pointing at her made him angry. When he heard them call her a freak, he became livid!

One saw the look on his face, hit the other, and they turned and bolted away from the boardwalk. Alex wanted to chase them down, but his first concern was his little girl. It wasn’t a woman’s scream he was hearing, but one of a terrified toddler.

He reached her, had the harness open in a heartbeat, and had to take a firm hold of her when he lifted her up because she was still thrashing about, screaming.

“I’ve got you! Daddy’s got you!” he shouted over her screams, trying to get through to her. Not knowing any other way to keep from dropping her, he wrapped his arms tightly about her, holding her close. She struggled hard, still screaming.

He began swiveling back and forth, trying to soothe her, as he said, “Daddy’s here Baby…Daddy’s here…” over and over again. It took a long time, but she finally heard him and stopped screaming. She gripped onto him like he was life itself, and cried her eyes out, sounding like a terrified baby girl.

Tears streamed his face, as he held her tight. Guilt swallowed him whole. He had put her in this situation, and it was his fault that she was so frightened.

Glenn came running up behind them, and asked, “What happened?”

Cindy explained through her tears, “They kept making fun of her…They called her a freak several times, and made fun of her diapers and baby things!”

Glenn took her in his arms and said, “Okay, okay…it’s all right now, they’re gone.”

“Why did they have to be so cruel!?” she cried.

“Some people are just like that. They hate the world and want to make it miserable for the rest of us,” he told her, holding her close.

“They said she wasn’t a baby, but a freak that wanted to dress like one.” she sobbed.

Alex was more than livid. In a cold and deadly voice, he said, “If I see them again, they’ll wish they never met her.”

“Did you see her? Man she freaked!” the taller of Gracie’s tormenters laughed as they headed across the parking lot.

“Yeah! Did you see the big guy? I thought he was going to kill us both!” he replied.

This put an end to the taller one’s laughter. Looking back toward the boardwalk, he said, “We need to get the hell out of here.”

“Good idea,” the shorter one agreed, and they headed to a vehicle and drove away.

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