Amazing Grace Chapter 20

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This chapter has a bunch of little things that will matter later.

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Chapter 20

It was difficult for Gracie to lift her foot, even for Cindy. She put a smile on her face and tried her best to keep her anxiety from showing. When she put her foot back down, her diaper was still showing, and it made her worry. She really didn’t like the idea of showing everyone that she was wearing a onesie. That somehow was more like underwear than the dipey in her opinion. She had to agree with Daddy though; even if you put a pair of panties on an eighteen month old little girl, they wouldn’t care who saw them. It didn’t make it any easier to do though.

Gracie wanted to be good, so she waved to everyone they met as they moved toward the lobby. She was glad that no one stopped to talk to her though. It was only when they passed by the front desk that she saw Helen standing and talking with a man that looked like he worked there. Helen looked at her, and Gracie gave her a toddler wave, and a smile.

“Hi Sweetheart!” Helen offered. Gracie did as Daddy asked and soon had her left foot in the air, showing off the cute picture of the rabbit on her sandal. “That’s right Sweety, and you have one on the other foot too, don’t you?” Helen asked after hearing Gracie’s exclamation.

Gracie glanced quickly to Daddy, and saw a barely perceptible nod. She knew what he wanted, and reached out and pulled the other foot up as well, showing her entire diapered bottom off as she smiled at Helen. She noticed a woman off to the left looking at her onesie covered diaper and quickly shifted her attention back to Helen, and nursed harder on her paci. Wanting to at least cover part of her bottom, she set her feet back down, and held her arms out to the nice manager.

“Awww…give me hugs Baby,” Helen said as she wrapped her arms around Gracie as far as the seat let her. “You are such a good girl,” she added, as she stood back up.

Gracie wished someone would cover her back up, but Daddy chose that moment to strike up a conversation.

“How far are we from town?”

“Oh, only fifteen miles or so. What is it you want to do?” Helen asked.

“We thought we’d get lunch, and then catch a movie,” Daddy answered.

“Okay, the best place to eat in town is on the boardwalk. There’s a restaurant there called Dawson’s Point. They’ll have mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese for Gracie. The rest of the restaurants on the boardwalk are pretty much seafood places, and I don’t know if they would have what she needs. The theater is on that same road all the way at the end of the boardwalk; about an eight minute walk.” Helen advised.

“Thank you! That helps a lot.”

“No problem. When you get there, ask for Chuck Dawson, and tell him I sent you. He’ll take good care of you, I promise. I’m curious what movie you’re seeing.”

“Oh, We’re going to see Up. Gracie should enjoy the animated film.”

“Okay, I didn’t know what they would be playing that would interest her. I do want to let you know that we have a DVD player and a slew of Disney films that you can rent if it would interest her.”

“I didn’t know that. Well, I’m sure that we’ll take advantage of that before we leave,” Daddy told her.

Gracie was still having to get used to being talked about like she wasn’t sitting right there. Not only that, she was hoping that someone would have straightened her skirt by now. It’s hem was almost at her waist for crying out loud. As if Daddy read her thoughts, without missing a beat in their conversation, he reached down and pulled it back down so it covered her legs again.

“I know that she would probably like to see Beauty and the Beast before we go,” he explained.

“Good enough,” Helen said with a smile. “You enjoy the outing Sweetheart,” she said to Gracie.

“Bye bye,” Gracie replied, and waved.

“Bye bye Sweety.”

The real test came when Gracie waved at a thirty something woman and her eight year old daughter. The lady smiled and said, “Hi there.”

Gracie showed them the bunny on her right foot, and made sure she sounded as childish as possible.

The little girl stared at Gracie’s onesie as her mother asked, “How old is she?”

Cindy piped up, “Well, her outsides are sixteen, but her insides are eighteen months.”

When the little girl laughed and said, “She’s wearing diapers Mommy”, Gracie worked hard to keep from crying. She was frightened that they would figure out she wasn’t a little girl. When Daddy picked up her didee, brought it to her face, and pulled her skirt back in place, she was extremely grateful.

“Be nice Terry, we don’t talk about things like that, now do we? Would you like it if I told everyone that you were wearing Disney Princess Panties?” her mother asked.

The little girl blushed bright pink, and looking properly chastised, replied, “No.”

“I didn’t think so,” the woman told her. Looking to Gracie, she said, “What’s your bunny’s name?”

Gracie smiled at this kind woman and answered, “Bun Bun.”

“Awww…” she said, and turned to Alex and added, “She’s really cute.”

“Thank you. Well, we need to get going, so you have a good day,” he told her.

“You too.”

“Say bye bye Baby,” he told Gracie.

“Bye bye,” she complied with a wave.

The woman and her daughter both said their goodbye’s to the group and then Daddy began pushing her again. They got to the SUV, and Daddy told her, “Hold on a second Baby, I need to get your seat ready.” He opened the front door, and unbuckled the base. She watched him open the rear passenger door and begin buckling it in place. Once he had the seatbelt in place, he turned toward her and reached down, fiddled with something below her, and startled her when he picked her up, seat and all.

“It’s all right Baby, I’ve got you,” he said, as he walked to the vehicle, and set her on the seat. Gracie heard a solid click and he pulled on the seat a couple of times before kissing her on the cheek and telling her, “There, all ready to ride Baby.”

He put the Diaper bag on the floor in front of her, and then folded the stroller frame and headed to the back of the vehicle. She tried to turn around to see what was back there, but the seat prevented her from doing so. The harness held her facing forward, and the wings of the seat back kept her from looking anywhere but to the front or sides. She looked down at where the harness came together, and took a hold of it, trying to figure out how to release it. She couldn’t see any button or mechanism to push.

“No Baby Girl, no touchy,” Daddy told her in a stern voice. She immediately pulled her hands from the clasp. “That’s my good girl”, he told her with a smile.

When Daddy handed her a ba-ba, she took it and began nursing. She wasn’t sure she liked this at all. She would be up where everyone driving by could watch her nurse her ba-ba. It was different the other night, no one could see her. She realized that she had nursed her ba-ba in public before, but this morning’s difficulty had made her more anxious. The memories of her family’s ridicule were fresh in her mind, and caused her to want to do anything to avoid that.

“I want you to wave at the cars as they go by, understand?” Daddy asked.

With reluctance, she answered, “Mmmm hmmm.”

“That’s my good girl.”

Daddy wasn’t going to let her hide at all now, and she didn’t like that. Even as a big girl, she didn’t like being the center of attention. She had to admit that things had gone well when it came to how people were treating her, but still, she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. Every thing Daddy asked her to do did just that; made people notice her. As if seeing a petite woman in a stroller, dressed as a toddler, nursing a pacifier, wasn’t enough to get their attention.

Gracie wasn’t doing a good enough job hiding her anxiety, because Daddy got in the drivers seat and turned to tell her, “It’ll be okay Baby, I promise.”

Cindy got in the back seat behind him, and moaned when she sat down, a grimace on her face. Daddy asked, “Are you all right?”

She looked at the floor and replied, “Cramps.”

Daddy said, “Oh,” and politely let it drop as Glenn slipped into the front passenger seat.

“Where’s your didee Baby?” Daddy asked, as he adjusted the rearview mirror so he could see her clearly.

Gracie picked it up in her free hand and pulled it to her cheek.

“That’s my good girl, you hold onto that, okay?” he asked.

“Okay Daddy,” she answered, trying to make him happy.

Gracie’s bladder insisted it empty itself, and she had no choice but to relax. The warm feeling eased her nerves as the pee pee spread through the pamper. She could feel the Pamper swell a few seconds later and it felt good.

They were riding down the road a moment later. The resort was on a four lane highway, and they stayed in the left lane of the two southbound lanes as they moved. Gracie understood why a moment later, when a station wagon pulled along side them. While drinking her ba-ba, she had to use the hand holding her didee to wave. She reached out, and holding the didee with her thumb, opened and closed her fingers, waving to the people in the station wagon. Not only did they see her drinking a ba-ba, but she was holding a cloth diaper like a toddler. The didee wasn’t plain white either, but decorated so that it was clear that it was one of Gracie’s comfort items.

The boy in the back seat was pointing at her and laughing. When another child about twelve looked out the window and began laughing, Gracie wanted to hide. The only thing that made it bearable was that she didn’t know these people, and they didn’t know her.

Cindy made her feel better when she said, “It’s okay Sweety, they don’t matter, do they?”

Gracie looked at her, and shook her head no, nursing hard on her ba-ba.

The rest of the ride was uneventful. There were three other vehicles that passed them, and fortunately, no one laughed at her.

When they reached the boardwalk, it only took a minute to get Gracie settled back on the stroller frame. She immediately became anxious when the ocean breeze blew her skirt up over her tummy, exposing her onesie covered dipey. Regret filled her as she saw how much more prominent her dipey was since she wet it. She wasn’t happy when Daddy left it that way as he started pushing her toward the worn wooden planks of the boardwalk. Gracie waved to a couple of people that looked her way, and was grateful that they didn’t stop to talk. Not that it would matter now, they could easily see the snaps across her bulging dipey.

Daddy pushed her through the door into the restaurant, and stood waiting for the hostess to return to the podium. He waited a full minute to pull her skirt back down, and that irritated Gracie. She was getting frustrated. Several people had stared at her dipey in the time he took to cover her up. Is he trying to get people to laugh at me? she wondered. She dismissed that thought almost immediately. She was certain that he would never purposefully hurt her like that. She finished her ba-ba and took her paci, glad to have something to replace the comfort.

Gracie had to show off her sandals to two well meaning women in the time it took to get seated. It didn’t help that Daddy had asked for a corner table, but she was glad because she wouldn’t be facing the rest of the guests as she ate. The food was ordered, and the twenty something waitress completely ignored Gracie. It started to get on Gracie’s nerves, especially when the woman asked Daddy what she wanted to eat and drink. Gracie wanted to laugh when the young woman picked up the empty bottle like it had plutonium in it, after Daddy asked her to fill it with milk.

“I can bring a glass of milk for you to pour into it,” she offered, obviously uncomfortable with the situation.

Daddy said, “No, can you please rinse the bottle out for me? I don’t want to mix apple juice and milk. It’ll curdle the milk.”

“All right,” the waitress answered, and took the bottle with two fingers from Daddy’s hand.

Gracie giggled. She was happy to see someone else that was not happy with the situation, but unable to object. Somehow that made her feel better, and she relaxed.

Three minutes later, a middle aged man and woman approached the table. The woman placed Gracie’s bottle on the table, and knelt beside the stroller and said, “Hi Gracie,” with a warm smile.

When Gracie showed her her foot, the lady chuckled and told her, “Those are pretty shoes Sweetheart!” Talking to her like she was a toddler.

Gracie smiled when she put her foot back down, and the woman straightened her skirt for her.

The man spoke up with, “You were supposed to ask for me,” in a scolding tone as he looked at the three adults, one at a time.

Alex stood and offered his hand. “I guess Helen called you.”

“Yes,” the gentleman said with a chuckle, “Chuck Dawson. Welcome to my restaurant.”

“Thank you, Alex Cleary.”

“That would make you Gracie’s Daddy then. Helen can’t say enough good things about that little girl,” he said with a smile.

“She’s been a great help, and so nice to Gracie. She’s made this trip a pleasure,” Daddy replied.

“I’m glad to hear it.”

Glenn stood and offered his hand. “Glenn Reardon, and this is my wife Cindy. We’re friends of Alex and Gracie.”

“Good to meet you,” Chuck replied. “Well, my wife Martha here will take good care of you. I have to get back to the kitchen before they set the place on fire,” he added with a chuckle.

“Thank you,” Daddy told him, and with a laugh added, “We definitely don’t want that to happen.”

“No. Firetrucks, smoke, and lots of water everywhere. It would definitely spoil the soup,” he laughed, and headed back across the restaurant.

Martha stood up, turned to Alex, and explained, “Your food will be up in just a little bit. Tell me, does Gracie like crackers?”

“Sure, she’d love them,” Alex answered.

“All right, I’ll be right back then,” and she headed out of Gracie’s view. A moment later, she handed several packages of individually wrapped saltines to Daddy. “There you go, I’ll have your lunch here as soon as it’s ready.”

“Thank you so much,” Daddy said with a smile.

“No problem.” Martha smiled at Gracie, and with a pat to her cheek, she was gone.

Gracie watched as Daddy pulled her bib out and put it on her. She smiled when he kissed her cheek and told her, “You are such a good girl.” She giggled as she watched him wrestle with the small package of saltines, his big hands making crumbs of the first package.

“Let me do it,” Cindy told him, and easily had the crackers unwrapped.

Daddy took one and handed it to Gracie. When she had it in her hand, he held the other one out to her. She knew what he wanted, and reached her empty hand out for it. A woman at the next table smiled as she watched Gracie with a cracker in each hand. Not wanting to give herself away, Gracie brought one of them to her mouth and took a bite, making sure to push some of the salty crumbs back out of her mouth. Daddy kept handing her crackers as she finished each one. Before long, there were crumbs everywhere.

With all of the salt, and the dry crackers, Gracie was really thirsty. She bit the bullet and asked, “Ba-ba?” in a soft childish voice.

“Okay Sweety, here’s your ba-ba,” Daddy told her as he offered the nipple.

Gracie took the ba-ba in her hand and nursed hard on the nipple. The cool milk felt and tasted wonderful after the crackers.

The food came soon after, and Gracie watched Daddy put salt on the mashed potatoes. She really didn’t want that much salt, but there wasn’t any way to let him know that. She noticed stuffing on her plate, and was glad for some variety. Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese were two of her favorite foods, but a person could only eat so much of the same thing before they got tired of it; even a baby girl.

Daddy was only halfway through feeding her, when Cindy said, “I’m done eating. You eat now, I’ll finish feeding her,” as she took the spoon from his hand and moved closer to Gracie.

“Thanks,” Daddy replied, and began eating his steak.

It wasn’t long before Gracie was getting full. Cindy brought another spoonful of macaroni and cheese to her mouth, and she refused to open. Cindy tickled her tummy, and took advantage of the giggle to fill her open mouth with the pasta. Gracie didn’t like that; she was done eating. Thinking about it, she decided, Why not, and pushed most of it out of her mouth, and watched it fall to her bib.

“No Baby, you need to eat it all gone. Come on, Sweety, there’s only three more bites left. Be a good girl and eat them all gone for me,” Cindy pleaded as she raised another full spoon to her mouth.

Gracie looked at Daddy and saw he wasn’t happy with her. She opened her mouth and ate the food, only pushing a small amount out this time.

“That’s a good girl!” Cindy cooed.

Gracie wasn’t happy when a fourth bite miraculously appeared from no where, and she was forced to eat it. She sighed, glad it was over when Cindy put the spoon on the plate and set it down. She groaned inwardly when Cindy presented her bottle. “Here Baby, drink your ba-ba now. You need to wash all that nummy food down.”

With another sigh, Gracie started nursing. She had to admit that it tasted good, and the liquid did help. After nursing for a couple of minutes, she was uncomfortable. Her tummy hurt. When she pushed the nipple from her mouth with a grimace, Daddy got up from his chair and said, “I think I know what the problem is.” She watched him release the harness and then she was in his arms. He sat down, and settled her in his lap facing him. After placing her didee on his shoulder, he gently pulled her head down to the soft cloth, and began patting her back. Gracie tried not to blush when she realized, He’s burping me!

She laid there trying not to think about it, as his hand sounded a steady staccato rhythm on her back. After a moment, he dropped his hand to her lower back, and began gently bouncing his knees up and down. Gracie felt absolutely ridiculous until a large belch flew from her mouth, and the pain in her tummy disappeared. She couldn’t help but giggle then when Daddy said, “My goodness little girl, that came all the way from your toes!” with a laugh.

Several people at tables around them chuckled at that. When Daddy continued to bounce her on his knee, she didn’t feel so bad. In fact, she felt just like his baby girl, and snuggled a little closer. When a second burp followed, she giggled again. This time though, Daddy stopped bouncing her, and offered her her ba-ba. She laid her head back down and nursed as her eyes looked around the restaurant. No one was laughing, so she was happy.

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This was good, BB. Gracie’s learning two things: not everybody is going to laugh at her, and the one’s who do don’t matter!

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Another excellent well written chapter BB, keep up the good work