Amazing Grace Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

“Okay Baby Girl, it’s time to get you dressed and ready to go. We’re going to go eat lunch, and see a movie Sweety,” Alex informed her. Turning to Cindy, he said, “Can you please go let Glenn know that I’ll knock on your door when she’s ready?”

“Sure,” Cindy answered, and got up from the bed. After giving Gracie a smile and a gentle pat on the back, she left the room.

Alex laid Gracie down on the bed. “All right Sweetheart, I need to give you a dry bottom, and then get some clothes on you,” he said, with a tickle to her tummy. This produced giggles and big smiles. He stood, moved to the dresser, and pulled both a large diaper, and a pamper from the top drawer. When he saw the curious expression on Gracie’s face, he purposefully didn’t elaborate. She wanted to be a little girl, and daddy’s didn’t always explain why they do what they do. Grabbing the powder and the wipes, he returned back to the bed and began changing her. It only took seconds before he was done wiping pee from her bottom, and he reached for the baby powder.

Gracie sighed again when he began powdering her. It never ceased to amaze him that she would respond the same way every time. The sensation never lost it’s value, no matter how many times he did this for her. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that this was one of the things she had been looking for eighteen years ago. She wanted her mother to take the time to show her with gentle care that she loved her.

He took his time applying the powder, and then set her gently down on the soft diapers. She sighed again as he pulled the Pamper up between her legs. Her pacifier was working steadily as she lay with her eyes closed. The larger diaper came up next, and it pushed her legs apart as he pulled it snugly into place. This time, she smiled at him. The tapes were quickly attached, and the packing tape applied to keep them from slipping.

Gracie lifted her leg, and grabbed her foot with her hand. She giggled as she tried to push her legs together. He chuckled, and told her, “All nice and dry Baby,” with a pat to her thick diaper. “Lay still for me Sweetheart, while I get your clothes.”

When he returned to the bed, he laid them up above her head, out of her view. She laughed when he tickled her tummy as he pulled her pajama shirt up towards her head. When that was off, a sports bra went on next. Then, he pulled a soft t-shirt over her head. She smiled when he lifted her bottom from the bed by her ankles and pulled the shirt down in the back. Her smile got much wider when he brought the back of the onesie up between her legs and started snapping it closed over her diaper. The last snap closed with a click, and he smiled. It was perfect. The leg openings hugged her thighs keeping the plastic of her diaper covered. Her thick diaper strained the snaps a bit across the crotch of her diaper until he lifted her bottom allowing the clothing to settle where it belonged. She looked just like a large toddler with the pink onesie on.

She looked on with interest as he wrapped a knee length skirt with a lavender floral print around her waist, and buttoned it in place. He reached over her head and brought a sandal into her view. “Look Baby, what’s that?” he asked as he pointed to the strap that went across the foot.

Gracie looked at the light pink sandal, smiled, and answered, “Bunny!” with a giggle.

He smiled and cooed, “That’s right Baby! You’re going to have bunnies on your feet today.”

Gracie smiled a huge smile as he slid the sandal onto her foot, and closed the Velcro strap that held it in place. When the second sandal was on, he sat her up.

“All right Sweety, Daddy needs to fix your hair.” He got the hair brush and four ties with pink bunnies on them, and sat back down. Pulling her into his lap, he began brushing her soft black hair out.

The first pig tail had ties on either end when Gracie brought Bun Bun down to her sandal and said, “Bunny Bun Bun!” with a giggle and started babbling like an infant.

The way she talked sounded so sweet he chuckled. “You are such a good girl Sweetheart,” he told her with a loving smile. He had just gotten her other ponytail gathered when she turned and hugged him tight. Letting the hair go, he held her for a moment, wanting her to know that she was the most important thing in the world to him at that moment; the hair could wait. After a hug, kiss, and a few pats to her padded bottom, he resumed fixing her hair.

Once she was ready, he kissed her and said, “Play with Bun Bun for a little bit Sweety, I need to get some things ready.” The bed rail was pulled back up in place, and he left her playing on the bed as he made his way to the livingroom. It took fifteen minutes of reading the manual, and wrestling with the harness, but he soon had it converted from a five point to a four point system so it wouldn’t interfere with her skirt.

He pulled two bottles from the fridge, got two more sets of diapers and a spare onesie from the dresser, the powder and wipes all put into the diaper bag. He smiled when he saw the nipple caps poking up out of the pockets of the diaper bag. With the nipples showing through the clear caps, there would be no question as to what that bag was for. That’s exactly what he wanted; everyone to know that she was just a baby girl. He hung the diaper bag on the back of the stroller, and wheeled it into the bedroom.

Lifting her into his arms, he carried Gracie and her bunny to the seat, and settled her in. She looked curious when he snapped the harness closed over her middle. He could tell that she wondered where the crotch strap was. As he looked at her, he could see that the adult was back in control. It saddened him that she had felt it necessary to protect the baby girl. He considered the story she told him this morning, and understood. It would take time for her to give in and trust that he would protect the little part of her, and he was a patient man.

Pulling one of the cloth diapers Joan had made for her from the diaper bag, he handed it to her and said, “I want you to hold on to this today Baby. Miss Joan went to a lot of trouble to make these for you, and I want you to snuggle with them. Besides, we both know how much you like them,” he finished with a smile.

He walked behind her, and adjusted the stroller so that she was reclined a little more. He looked down at this cute little girl looking up at him. “Show me the bunnies on your feet Baby,” he told her. When she lifted her feet off the foot pads, he shook his head and said, “No Baby, use your hand to lift a foot up so I can see the bunnies.”

Anxiety showed in her eyes, and her pacifier moved faster as she reached out a hand and grasped one foot pulling it up toward him. He saw her eyes look down to the onesie covered bulge that was exposed as her leg pushed the skirt higher, and then she looked back up at him with glassy eyes, and pleaded, “No Daddy,” with a pout.

Gracie looked at Daddy and tried not to cry as she pulled her leg up, showing the crotch of her onesie covered dipey. It was hard enough to go out in shorts that left no question that she was wearing a dipey, but this was different. Not only was it extremely clear that she was diapered, but now Daddy wanted her to show that she was wearing a garment that only babies wore; a onesie.

Daddy walked around and knelt beside the stroller. Gracie let her foot down and reached for the skirt to pull it back down over her dipey.

“No Baby, no touchy,” Daddy told her and pulled her hand away from the skirt. “Babies don’t care that people see their dipeys, nor do they care how their skirts lay. You leave Daddy to pull it down for you, understand?”

Small tears streamed from Gracie’s eyes. She was afraid, and didn’t want to do this. “Pweathe,” she begged.

“No more,” he told her firmly. Her fearful expression got worse at his firm tone, and she began to cry. That was the tone he used when he had made her bottom hurt terribly, and she was frightened that he would do it again. Without thinking, she pulled both hands back from her skirt.

“Listen Sweetheart, you wanted to be a baby girl,” he started, and Gracie started to cry in earnest. He was punishing her just like her mom did! She felt helpless. He was a lot bigger than her, and she could do nothing about it if he decided he wanted to spank her bottom.

When he reached out and released the harness, she sobbed fearfully, “No Daddy! Good girw! Good girw!” wetting her dipey as he pulled her into his arms.

Alex knew he had made a mistake the second the words left his mouth. When he went to pick her up and she cried fearfully that she would be good, guilt swamped him. He held her close and rocked her. “No spanking Baby…Shhhhh…it’s all right Sweetheart, I promise.” This seemed to settle her fear, and she continued to cry.

He sat down on the bed, brought the hand holding her didee to her face, and told her, “I need you to listen to me Honey.” He waited until she pulled back and looked at him through tear filled eyes. “This is not a punishment,” he stated clearly, and in a firm voice. He didn’t want any question in her mind about that. He watched as she searched his eyes for a second. “I love you Sweetheart, and I would never punish you for who you are. If you doubt that, then tell me, did I show you I love you when I powdered your bottom and got you ready to go?”

Gracie took a moment to nurse her pacifier before she nodded her head.

“Sweetheart, in all the research I did on people that want the same things you do, one thing came up every time,” he explained. Her eyes met his, and he said, “It never goes away.”

Gracie started sobbing. He pulled her close and rocked her some more. “I know Sweety, you were hoping it would, weren’t you?”

He heard, “Mmmm hmmm,” from his shoulder.

“No Baby, there had never been a case where a person never wanted to be treated this way ever again. It may disappear for a while, but it always comes back.” Heavier sobs followed his revelation. He let her cry for a bit, and then gently pulled her back from him. “I promise you Baby Girl, I’ll hold you,” he said with a firmer hug, “change you,” he added with two pats to her diaper, “and show you all the love that a baby girl needs as long as you want me to.”

Gracie clung to him then, turning her face into his neck. He felt the softness of the cloth diaper against his skin as she buried her face into it and cried. He let her cry for a while, as he pat her diaper and rocked her gently. When she started to calm, he pushed forward. He knew she wasn’t going to like what he was going to say, but she needed to face her fears.

“Sweetheart, we’re going to take a ride into town,” he started, and felt her stiffen in his arms. “Listen Baby, listen,” he told her. “When we sat in the driveway at home, and you took your paci and said ‘Bye bye,’ you wanted to be my baby girl didn’t you?”

When Gracie sat there, not acknowledging his question, he pushed her a bit by taking a firm tone and saying, “Answer me little girl.” She tensed even more with a whimper. He knew that she was afraid he would spank her, and while he might swat her bottom several times, it would never be like this morning again, but she didn’t know that, and he wasn’t going to tell her. He needed a means to keep her to her agreement, and if that was the only way to do it, he would use it.

“Yeth Daddy,” she cried.

“Good girl,” he said, with two pats to her bottom. That was enough to relax her. “And when we got here, after we talked that night in the bed, you didn’t want to leave did you?”

“No Daddy.”

“Even after that nasty old woman was mean to you, I took you to change you, and gave you medicine to make you go in your dipey. You liked going poopy in your dipey, as I held you, in the park where everyone could see my baby girl fill her dipey, didn’t you?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

Alex was so glad she admitted that. It meant she was making progress. “And you had fun playing Peek-a-boo in the park with Miss Cindy didn’t you?”

"Yeth,"Gracie answered.

“When I changed your poopy butt, we sat down after, and you begged me not to change my mind about caring for you as a little baby girl, didn’t you?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she replied, her crying increasing.

“And I gave you my word that I wouldn’t let you put the baby girl away again, didn’t I?” he asked,

Gracie pulled back and looked at him with a pleading expression and said, “But…”

“Didn’t I little girl?” he interrupted her in a firm tone.

“Yeth Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Good girl. I have no intention of going back on my word little girl,” he reinforced. “You will be a baby girl until we get home. It’s what you and I both wanted, and you need to learn some things while your here. The most important is that you’re not a terrible person, but a beautiful woman, a loving wife, AND a sweet, adorable baby girl.” he explained. “This time and this place are for the baby girl, understand?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Gracie reluctantly agreed.

“Now, would you rather I just leave your skirt here and let you go into town with just your onesie on?”

“No Daddy!” she cried, looking at him.

“Then I want you to be a good girl and do as Daddy asks. Just like before, you wave at everyone that looks at you, but this time, if they talk to you, I want you to pick up your foot and show them your sandal and tell them what’s on it, understand?”

When Gracie cried harder and failed to answer, he told her, “I really don’t want to have to spank you Baby.”

“Yeth Daddy!” she cried fearfully.

“All right Baby, now I need you to understand that there are a lot more people in town, so it’s possible that some of them will make fun of you,” he started. Gracie started sobbing hard. “It’s alright Baby, if you get anxious or upset, Daddy will hold you, I promise. And I won’t let anyone hurt you,” he finished in a firm tone.

Alex held her for a while until she settled down. He stood with her in his arms and gently laid her in the stroller. One the harness was attached, he took her didee and wiped her tears dry. Looking at her, he said, “I swear Baby, I won’t let anyone hurt you. If someone laughs at you just cry, that’s what babies do, and I’ll pick you up and snuggle you close, I promise.”

The fearful expression on Gracie’s face was hard to take, but Alex steeled himself as he took the handles of the stroller, and pushed her toward the door. She lay there hugging her bunny tight, nursing her pacifier furiously as they passed out of the room and into the hall. The cloth diaper with her name on it lay across her tummy, making her look even more like a little girl.

Cindy knelt on the floor, tears streaming down both cheeks. She had let Master down. He had instructed her to ask Alex the best way to break the truth to Gracie, and she had forgotten. When he got angry with her for how things went, she felt frightened, and heartbroken at the same time. Her biggest fear was that he would send her away, unworthy to serve him.

The gentle vibrations inside her were maddening. Her belt prevented her from pulling the three steel balls from inside her body, and the one that vibrated stimulated her just enough to increase the frustration that her Master had induced. He had taken great pains to bring her right to the edge of climax several times before inserting the hated orbs up inside her, and locking the belt back in place. His words had brought tears.

“These will keep you frustrated the entire day my pet. Perhaps next time you’ll do as I tell you. I have two spare batteries for them. If the sensation should wane, then you are to ask me for permission to replace the battery. Should I check the indicator on your belt, and the light be out, you will no longer be permitted to serve me. Now get ready to go.”

Cindy had gotten up off the bed, and walked to the bathroom. Just that short walk had increased her need to orgasm. The steel balls were packed tightly together inside her, transmitting the vibration from the one to the other two, making it impossible to ignore. She worked fast to get dressed and put her makeup on.

Ten minutes later, she had knelt on the floor beside the door where she sat crying now.

Glenn approached the door and told her, “That will be enough tears. I don’t want to see them again today, understand?”

Cindy quickly wiped her face, and replied, “Yes Master,” never taking her eyes from the floor.

A moment later, there was a knock on the door. “Come my pet, we are going into town with Alex and Gracie. Whatever you do, do not touch Gracie’s skirt; leave that to her Daddy. You are to be kind and gentle with her today, you owe her that,” he said in a stern voice.

It took everything Cindy had not to cry at the disappointment in Master’s voice.

As she stood and he moved to open the door, he informed her, “We’ll be going into town. There will be a lot of walking today.”

Cindy wanted to burst into tears right then. The walking would keep her stimulated to the extreme. It was going to be a very long day she knew. When she saw Gracie sitting in her stroller, she forced a smile and said, “Hi Baby.”

Cindy thought it was so cute when Gracie grasped her foot, pulled it up into the air, and said, “Bunny,” with a smile.

“That’s right Baby, you’ve got a bunny on your foot.” Cindy noticed the snaps of her onesie covering her thick diaper, and smiled. Gracie was too cute. Alex started pushing her down the hall, then stopped to fix her skirt. The first steps were difficult with the toys buried deep inside her, but she bore the torment. She wanted nothing more than to show she was worthy of her Master.

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