Amazing Grace Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Alex sat in the livingroom wondering what the two women were talking about. He had thought that Gracie had cried herself to sleep, and that was the only reason he had started talking with Cindy about what happened. He supposed it was just as well she had heard them. It saved him from having to figure out how to tell her what happened in a way that she would believe.

The fear she showed was incredible. He didn’t understand what she was so afraid of. The worst thing that would happen is they would have to leave the resort. She behaved like her world would come to an end if someone found out she wasn’t what she appeared to be.

He was trying to figure out what to do about that when the bedroom door opened. He watched Cindy walk through the door, and then Gracie crawled tentatively through the door, a look of fear on her face.

“It’s all right Sweety, Daddy won’t be mad, come on,” Cindy told her kindly.

The fearful look in Gracie’s eyes cut right to Alex’s heart. Dammit, he thought. He hadn’t considered that she would be afraid of him. She probably thinks I’ll spank her again because I didn’t tell her she could leave the bed. With a sigh, he wondered how he was going to fix it. Holding his arms out, he said, “Come here Baby.” The look of relief she gave him ratcheted up the guilt inside him. He hadn’t meant anything like this to happen.

The second she got close, he pulled her into his lap, hugged her close, and whispered, “I love you Baby Girl, so much.”

“Wub you Daddy,” she answered softly, nuzzling her face into his chest.

It was nine thirty he noticed, and she hadn’t eaten. “Are you hungry Sweetheart?”

Gracie shook her head, and replied, “No.” around her pacifier.

“How about you be a good girl and eat some applesauce for me? Then you can take an early nap, okay?”

Cindy interjected, “I think she needs to talk to you before she takes her nap.”

Alex looked at Gracie, and saw that she was looking at Cindy with a pleading expression. “You need to tell him Sweety. It’ll help, I promise,” Cindy told her with a nod.

“Tell me what Baby?” Alex asked, pulling her pacifier from her mouth.

Gracie’s eyes teared and she gave Cindy a frown. Alex knew she wasn’t happy that Cindy brought it up. It took a full minute before Gracie started talking. It was Ten by the time she finished telling him about her experience as an eight year old.

As he listened, everything she had said and done this morning made perfect sense. He was stunned when she finished her tearful story. The idea that someone could treat their child this way without trying to figure out why the child wanted to behave like a baby, was beyond him. He found himself wanting to call her mother and read her the riot act, until he realized that he too had made a mistake. He had spanked her out of anger. When he thought about how many times he had smacked her bottom, he felt awful. He would never have treated a child that way, and couldn’t understand what had made him treat her like that. It was no wonder she was afraid of him now.

The more he thought about it, the more he knew that it was the fact that she wasn’t physically a little girl that had made it easy to continue spanking her. He had learned when he was just a boy how to smack his sister without leaving a mark. It caused redness that usually went away within minutes, That way when she went crying to his parents after they got home, there was no mark to show them, and it was her word against his. He had used the same technique on Gracie both times he spanked her. It made the skin red, and stung like the devil, but didn’t actually cause any physical damage. The fact that Gracie was sitting in his lap now, as he patted her diaper, told him that he hadn’t hurt her bottom. That didn’t make the fearful look she had given him any easier to handle.

Alex held her close, took the offered cloth diaper from Cindy’s hand and began wiping Gracie’s tears away. “I’m sorry Baby. That had to have been hard,” he said softly.

Gracie nodded her head and continued to cry. He rocked her back and forth, saying, “Shhhhh…shhhhh…Daddy’s got you,” while keeping the didee on her cheek. A few minutes later she finally stopped crying and settled down to nursing as he offered her her pacifier.

“I think it would do her good to eat now,” Cindy said, and headed into the kitchenette area. She opened the refrigerator door, spotted the small containers of applesauce, and pulled three of them from the box. A second later, she was looking for Gracie’s baby spoon in the diaper bag. When she found it, she grabbed the bib as well, and brought the items to Alex.

“Thank you,” he told her as he shifted Gracie so she sat sideways in his lap. The bib was around her neck in an instant, and Cindy handed him an open container of applesauce. He pulled Gracie’s pacifier out, filled the rubber coated spoon, and brought it to her lips. “Come on Baby, eat nummies for Daddy.”

Gracie smiled at him, and then opened wide, allowing him to feed her the sweet fruit. No sooner did he pull the empty spoon from her mouth than he was working fast to keep up with the pureed mixture that found it’s way back out onto her chin. He kept up the race to stay ahead of her as he fed her all three containers. When the last of the fruit had been scraped from her chin and fed back to her, he smiled and said, “That’s Daddy’s good girl.”

She smiled at him and giggled. Her happy expression made him feel warm all over. He hadn’t noticed Cindy head back to the kitchen for a warm wet washcloth, and a bottle. With another “Thank you,” he took the washcloth and chased Gracie’s face back and forth. “I know you don’t like this part little girl, but we can’t have you running around with a dirty face,” he told her with a tickle to her side. She giggled again, and he wiped the rest of the mess from her skin.

“There, all done,” he cooed, shifted her so she was laying on her back against his arm, and laid her bunny against her chest.

“Bun Bun,” she giggled, hugging the bunny close.

He picked up the bottle and in a sweet voice, told her “All right Baby Girl, it’s time for your ba-ba and then a nice nap.”

He rocked her gently as he held the bottle so she could nurse. His right hand patted a steady rhythm on her wet bottom, and it didn’t take long before her eyes were drooping. It made him glad to see that she was sleepy. With all of the anxiety this morning, the emotional release, and the milk she was nursing, it didn’t surprise him.

His right hand felt her bottom become warm and he stopped patting, just holding her bottom until the warmth stopped spreading. It only took six seconds or so and his hand resumed it’s comforting motion against the warm plastic.

The bottle was half empty when she closed her eyes. It was three quarters empty when her breathing changed, and he knew she was asleep. The fact that she was still slowly nursing the milk made him smile. Gracie stirred just a little when she started sucking air and he swapped the bottle for her paci.

Alex didn’t want to get up yet. He was watching her nurse her paci in her sleep, and it just made his heart melt. She looked so happy, and stress free, her bunny snuggled close as the ring of her pacifier moved in and out in a steady motion. She nuzzled the cloth diaper for a second, smiling in her sleep. He decided he would have to buy more of them when they got home.

“She’s just so sweet when she lets go,” Cindy said with a smile.

“I know,” he replied. “When I first started researching the adult baby thing, I didn’t know what to think. But when I saw how Gracie behaved when I diapered her and held her for the first time, I was relieved. She was just like she is now, content. Happy to be held and snuggle her bunny while she nursed her paci, or her ba-ba,” he continued. “I didn’t see an adult trying to act like a baby, but a little girl that had found happiness.”

“I understand her. It took months for me to come to terms with what I want. I struggled so hard against it, vowing to myself that I would leave my Master many times, but never wanting to give up on finding what I wanted so much. He has helped me discover what I need, and I’m so grateful.”

“Glenn loves you, you can see it in his eyes,” he told her. The smile and glassy eyes told him she felt the same way. He was astounded at how a simple comment could affect her so much.

“I hope I’ve pleased him today. He instructed me to stay with you today, and to make sure she knew I was watching if you bathed or changed Gracie.”

That was the one question left unanswered, and now he understood. Alex hadn’t been able to figure out why Cindy hadn’t left the room when he diapered Gracie. Common decency would make most people get up and excuse themselves. Now it made sense. “Tell me, could you please stay with Gracie for a little bit? I want to talk with Glenn for a little while.”

“Sure, I’ll watch her. Is there anything special you want me to do?”

“Not really, just make sure she doesn’t get out of bed, and that she follows the rules, that’s all.”

“No problem. If she wakes up before you get back, I’ll play with her.”

“Thank you. I guess I’ll get her changed and into bed,” he said, and stood, cradling Gracie. A few minutes later, he smiled as she lay tucked in, snuggled up with Bun Bun, her face laying on her didee and her paci in her mouth. He was glad she hadn’t woken up when he changed her, she could use the healing power of sleep to help the hurts disappear.

Leaning down, he kissed her cheek and said, “Sleep Baby Girl. Daddy’s gonna help make all the boo boo’s better, I promise.” With a soft pat to her dry bottom, he smiled and left the room.

Gracie yawned a big yawn, picked up her paci from where it fell on the bed and popped it back into her mouth. She began nursing immediately, and just loved the way that felt. She shifted to find Bun Bun, and felt the softness of the diaper her face was laying on. Feeling so little, she giggled and said, “Didee,” sounding just like a little baby. Her eyes found her bunny, and she pulled him into a hug. “Why are you way over there?” she asked, but if anyone had heard her, they would have smiled at the baby babble she made. She had spent all of her life talking that way to Bun Bun. It had always been in the wee hours of the night, or when she was certain that she was alone. The fact that it was the middle of the day, and Daddy was probably in the other room and heard her, made her feel so good inside. She didn’t have to hide the baby girl anymore and it made her want to cry with happiness.

The next thing that got her attention was the thick swollen diaper that was pushing her thighs apart. She brought her hand down to rest her palm on the plastic between her legs and found it to be almost hot. A quick look, and she saw that it was quite wet. The temperature told her that she had just gone pee pee in her sleep. This brought forth another giggle and a big hug to Bun Bun.

“Did you make pee pee’s in your dipey Sweety?” Cindy asked from the doorway.

Grace blushed immediately. Oh God, she probably saw me feeling my diaper, she thought and looked away.

“Look at me Baby,” Cindy told her.

When Gracie raised her eyes to meet Cindy’s gaze, the woman said, “There will be no more of that little girl. We talked about that remember?” she asked as she hiked her skirt up so her belt was in clear view.

Gracie glanced to the belt, remembered what they talked about, and smiled at Cindy.

“That’s a good girl. Now, did you make pee pee’s in your dipey?”

Gracie smiled again around her paci and answered, “Uh huh…Nappy.”

At first, Cindy thought Gracie was using the British term for diaper, but then figured out what she was saying. “Oh, you wet your dipey while you were taking a nap. Well that’s what baby girls do silly!”

Gracie giggle wildly. Not only did she have the freedom to be a baby girl around Daddy, but she could also be herself around this nice lady. She smiled when Cindy came over and put the railing down. Only then did Gracie notice the baby bottle in her left hand. When she sat on the bed, offered the bottle, and patted Gracie’s wet bottom, Gracie giggled again.

“You are such a good girl!” Cindy told her with a big smile as Gracie took the bottle and began nursing.

Gracie smiled and asked, “Daddy?”

“Daddy went to see my husband Baby, he’ll be back in a little bit. He asked me to babysit you while he was gone.”

Gracie was in heaven. She felt just like a little baby girl. Daddy had even gotten a babysitter. This made her feel wonderful because she dreaded ever having to spend time as a baby all alone again. She lay nursing her ba-ba and let the baby girl take over completely. She smiled around the nipple at Cindy. She was so nice. When Cindy laid down next to her, spread the didee on her chest and pulled Gracie over to snuggle, she couldn’t help but sigh.

“That’s it Baby Girl, you snuggle and drink your ba-ba. When your done, we’ll play, okay?” Cindy asked in a sweet voice.

Gracie giggled and nodded her head. She nuzzled the soft didee and resumed her nursing.

The key card unlocked the door and Alex pushed it open. The sound of unfettered giggles made him smile as soon as the door was open. He heard Gracie laughing and couldn’t help joining her with a chuckle, such was the infectious nature of her mirth.

Alex had been so touched when Joan stopped him in the hallway and explained she felt so bad about how scared Gracie was the other night, that she just had to do something. She said she saw how much comfort Gracie got from her cloth diapers, and how much she like her bunny, so she stitched some bunnies and her name on a half dozen diapers for her. Alex had smiled and thanked her more than once as he looked at the cute bunnies and her baby name stitched into the fabric in soft pink thread.

He smiled at the didees and set them down on the couch. Pulling one of them from the stack, he headed toward the laughter. Peeking around the door, he chuckled again as the activity in the room became visible.

Gracie lay on the bed, her legs kicking out and pulling back, her soaked diaper in plain view, as she giggled again and again. He watched as Cindy took Bun Bun, and starting on her thigh, she would bounce the bunny up her leg, over her diaper, and across her tummy only to pause on her chest for a moment. Every movement was done with the sound of, “Bounce…” accompanied by more giggles. Alex looked in Gracie’s eyes and saw a sweet baby girl. The adult was absent at the moment. All of a sudden, Cindy appeared to make the bunny bounce high in the air, and as she brought it down, she shook Bun Bun’s fuzzy ears against Gracie’s neck and said, “Bun Bun’s got the baby!” This caused huge giggles to erupt from Gracie, and Alex couldn’t help but laugh along.

He stood watching for ten minutes. Gracie didn’t tire of the game, and he would never tire of watching her completely delighted at such a simple pleasure.

Finally, her giggles made her turn her head, and when she saw him, the delight in her eyes swelled his heart as she giggled, “Daddy!” and put her arms out toward him. Of all the things he’d ever been called in his life, that one held him in thrall. That baby girl could ask him to sell everything they owned and move to the forest, and he wasn’t sure he could resist.

“Hi Baby!” he cooed. He hugged her and kissed her forehead before standing up and asking, “Are you having fun with Miss Cindy?”

Gracie snuggled Bun Bun as Cindy placed him gently against her chest, and answered, “Mmmm hmmm,” as she began nursing her pacifier.

“That’s good Baby,” he told her. He let her calm a moment and said, “Close your eyes Sweetheart, I have a present for you.” in a sing-song voice.

Gracie giggled, and closed her eyes, her paci still moving as she suckled.

Alex brought his hand from behind his back, gently placed the soft diaper he held against her face, and caressed it back and forth. Gracie’s eyes opened and she smiled wide. “Didee!” she exclaimed, sounding so sweet.

“That’s right Baby, but this is a special didee,” Alex replied as he took it from her face. He held it by two corners so Gracie could see it.

“Bunnieth!” she exclaimed with a giggle, clapping her hands together with glee.

“That’s right Baby, Miss Joan made this just for you. And see here?” he asked as he pointed to script stitched into the cloth diaper. “It has your name on it; it says Gracie.”

Gracie reached out and pulled the didee to her face, rubbing it against her cheek. A second later, she sighed “Bunnieth.”

“Awww…she is just adorable,” Cindy offered.

“Yes, she is. My sweet baby girl,” Alex replied as he picked Gracie up, sat down, and cuddled her close. His right hand holding her very wet bottom, his left gently holding her head against his chest, he knew in this moment that things were exactly as they should be. Rocking her gently with his lips against her temple, he whispered, “I love you Sweety, more than anything in the whole wide world.”

Gracie sighed and nuzzled closer. “Wub you Daddy,” she whispered.

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That was really sweet.

I’m sleepy, so I don’t have much else to add.

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Maybe a little too sweet? I can’t really point to any one thing that was wrong with this chapter, just an overall impression that, well, we’ve seen this chapter before from you, BB.

Re: Amazing Grace Chapter 18

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the input, it means a lot to me.

Tommy, I want to point out that there are five important things that take place in this chapter along with the sweet stuff you read.

Alex discovers that he made a mistake, and Gracie is fearful, and this leads him to introspection later. He learns that managing this whole situation as her Daddy isn’t as easy as he thought it would be.

He also learns what is at the root of the problem for Gracie.

Alex also believes he has the answer to her difficulty. We see this in his whispered promise.

Gracie managed to voluntarily let go in front of Cindy, and this is a huge step. The fact that she can completely give in to the little side after what happened, is remarkable.

Again, we see what this relationship means to Alex.

All of these things will play important roles in how this story plays out.

Thanks again you two,


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In my defense, I was doped up on cold medecine last night when I read and commented. I really missed the subtleties in this chapter…

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Nice going, BB!! This chapter helps tie somethings together & gets the story back to being sweet & nice again!! Keep it up!!

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I agree with DarkAngel.

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Another excellent chapter BB, keep up the good work