Amazing Grace Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

No matter how hard he tried, Alex couldn’t get all of the sand off of his little girl. When he pulled her diaper away from her belly, he decided that a quick shower or bath was the only way that it was going to happen. He didn’t want to leave sand in her diaper because she would inevitably end up with irritated skin, and God knows what was in the sand. The memory of reading about cats using sand boxes as litter boxes made his decision for him. “I’m going to need to get her washed off, she’s got sand in her diaper,” he told Cindy.

“Tell you what, why don’t you take her back to the dressing room, they have a shower in there. Can she stand?”

Alex was grateful that Cindy kept the deception up. The playground was no place for Gracie to learn that she knew what was going on. “Yes, she can. It would mean I have to get in the shower with her, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Where am I going to get a towel though?” He hadn’t seen any in the changing room.

Glenn spoke up. “You go get her in the shower, and Cindy will stand outside and let anyone know that it’ll be a minute before they can go inside. I’ll run over to the pool and grab several towels.”

“Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help,” Alex replied with a grateful smile.

“No problem, I’ll see you at the pool house.” Glenn was on his way then.

Alex, not wanting to get sand in the stroller, picked Gracie up in his arms and held her close. “Come on Baby, we’ve got to get you all clean.”

“Cwean?” she mimicked in a childish tone.

“Yep, all clean Sweetheart,” Cindy answered as she began rolling the stroller along side Alex.

They got there in no time, and Alex told Gracie to close her eyes as he carried her into the changing room. He was glad to see nobody there. It didn’t take long to set the diaper bag down in the makeshift room created by the screens, and get Gracie undressed. A minute later, he was standing in the shower with her, washing the sand from her body. He took great care to make sure there was no sand left in her diaper area, and was just rinsing her clean of soap when he heard Glenn come in.

“I’ve got the towels my friend. I’ll leave two of them out here on the bench next to the shower, and the other two, I’ll put by her diaper bag, all right?”

“Thanks Glenn, I really appreciate it.”

“No problem. I’ll see you outside.”

Alex was glad that Glenn wasn’t going to stick around. He seemed to have no problem requiring Cindy to show herself in front of others, and Alex was concerned that Glen would expect him to feel the same way. With that worry put to rest, he told Gracie, “Stand right there Baby, and Daddy will get you all dried off.”

She smiled around her paci as he pulled the shower curtain aside, and reached for a towel. A moment later, she was wrapped up and in his arms. He carried her to the bench behind the screen and finished drying her off. He had hoped to take his time giving her a bath tonight, but there wasn’t much point in it now. There was always tomorrow.

He took his time diapering her. She sighed around her paci as he smoothed baby powder over her bottom. “You are so sweet Baby Girl,” he told her with a chuckle. Once her diaper was taped snug against her bottom, he spent some time rubbing more powder over the rest of her body. She looked like she was in heaven.

“Lay still for me Baby,” he instructed, as he reached for the diaper bag. He had packed an extra shirt and shorts for her, and discovered that next time, he should pack another bra as well. Stepping around the screen, he shook out her sports bra, until he was satisfied that all of the sand was gone from it. It wasn’t long before Gracie laid on the bench wearing a pink shirt with ‘Daddy’s girl’ printed on it, and a pink pair of shorts just like the yellow ones. He smiled as he gazed at the thick padding bulging under the stretchy material. The diaper just made her look so cute. “You are just the cutest baby girl!” he cooed as he tickled her.

Her sweet giggles echoed through the room as he finished getting her dressed, and made sure his clothing was in order. Pretty soon, they were ready to go, and he picked her up, hugged her close with a gentle kiss, and said, “Okay Baby, it’s time for nummies.”

“Nummies?” she asked with a worried expression.

“Yes Baby, we need to go eat now. I promise Sweetheart, you’ll be just fine this time.” That seemed to appease her anxiety, and she snuggled close, her bunny held tight, and her paci working in and out as she nursed.

Ten minutes later, the three adults sat at a corner table, with Gracie sitting in her stroller. She was facing the corner so there wouldn’t be any issues with people complaining about how she ate.

Alex smiled when the food arrived, and Cindy asked, “Can I feed her?”

She was going all out to show Gracie that she didn’t care, and that made him glad to have met her and her husband. “Sure.”

Cindy shifted her seat closer to Gracie, picked up a bowl of mashed potatoes, and told her, “Open wide Baby, here comes the choo choo!” in a sweet voice, and made a train sound as she slowly brought a spoonful of potatoes to Gracie’s mouth. She smiled as she tried to keep up when half of the potatoes pushed back out onto her chin. Gracie smiled back as Cindy kept scraping the white mixture from her skin and then fed it back to her.

They continued this routine, until Gracie, behaving just like a baby, reached out and grabbed the full end of the spoon, squeezing the mashed potatoes through the fingers of her closed fist. She giggled, and Cindy said, “Are you being silly Baby Girl?” with a tickle to her tummy. This produced more giggles and Cindy took advantage of the distraction to quickly wipe some of the mess from her hand.

Alex didn’t know if Gracie was still following the instructions he had given her, or whether she had truly let go and become the baby girl. He thought about it for a second, and decided it didn’t matter. She was happy, and that’s all he cared about. The worry about someone getting angry with her was gone, and she was thoroughly enjoying her dinner.

Several bites later, Cindy was bringing more potatoes to her mouth when Gracie turned her head, looked at Alex, and opened wide. She was staring at his fork full of macaroni and cheese, oblivious to the spoon full of white paste she wore. Cindy was trying to clean the mess up with the spoon when Alex offered her a bite of his food. “Okay Baby, enough mashed potatoes.”

He scooped the rest of the cheesy pasta into the empty space in her bowl, and smiled at Cindy. “She’s adorable,” Cindy told him. Turning to Gracie, she started the train moving again with a spoon full of pasta this time.

Gracie smiled when she tasted more macaroni and cheese, and clapped her hands together, spreading the leftover potatoes to the clean hand. Two minutes later, her bowl was empty, and Alex began cleaning her hands and face with wipes. She fussed when he wiped her face, and he said, “Come on Baby, let Daddy get your face clean and then you can have your ba-ba.”

“Ba-ba?” she repeated with a smile.

“Yes, a nice ba-ba of milk Sweetheart,” he confirmed as he wiped the last of the mess clean. Her hands were next, and then she sat content to look around as she nursed from her bottle.

Cindy took this time to eat the rest of her food, and the three adults sat back and drank some after dinner coffee.

“Thanks for all your help today, I really appreciate it Cindy.”

Cindy looked at Alex and blushed, “Oh, it was no problem.” Turning to Gracie, she smiled and added, “She was so sweet, a very good natured baby.”

When Glenn added, “You made me proud today my dear,” anyone would have thought that Cindy was star struck. The sheer adoration that showed in her eyes astounded Alex.

With a joyful smile, Cindy replied, “Thank you.” Alex watched as her eyes never left Glenn’s, and her expression remained one of boundless love for the man that had paid her a simple compliment. While he didn’t really understand their relationship, if it made them both that happy, he was glad for them. He had to try hard not to chuckle to himself when he considered that they probably didn’t understand how he could be so happy treating his twenty six year old wife as an infant. That’s when it dawned on him what special people they were.

Cindy had been so gentle and caring to Gracie, and Glenn had come up with some good ideas to help her feel better about who she is. He was glad to have met them.

It was almost seven when they left the restaurant. They headed over to the beach so Gracie could see the bon fire.

“Look at that Baby!” Alex exclaimed, pointing to the ten foot flames reaching toward the heavens. He smiled when she sat in his lap, fascinated by all the different colors in the fire. This time was wonderful to him. Sitting there rocking her gently as he held her bottle, the wide eyed wonder of a baby girl in her eyes, made him certain that he had done the right thing in bringing her here. She was free. Free to let go and be the little girl. A short while later, Glenn and Cindy joined them. The three adults chatted softly as Gracie snuggled close with Alex. It wasn’t long before Gracie’s eyes were drooping, and Alex began rocking a bit more. He felt her bottom get warm, and she closed them for the last time that night. With a gentle kiss to her cheek he said, “That’s it Baby, sleep now in Daddy’s arms where you belong.” When her pacifier finally stopped moving, he whispered, “Right where you belong.”

Gracie felt her paci being pulled on, and opened her mouth. A cool nipple pressed between her lips and she began nursing the sweet juice. She loved apple juice. The fact that she was getting it from her ba-ba made it ten times more enjoyable. Being woken up with a ba-ba made facing the day so much better. She was warm, so kicked the covers off, and just because she felt little, she raised one leg up and began playing with her toes, the other hand holding Bun Bun against her face. She loved it when Daddy held her ba-ba for her.

“Good morning Baby.”

Gracie opened her eyes and looked into Cindy’s smiling face. She realized she was laying there in nothing but a very wet diaper, her swollen crotch in plain site with her hand on her foot. She couldn’t just jump under the covers, that would give her away. Forcing herself to continue nursing as she rocked her foot back and forth, she looked around the room hoping Daddy was right there.

When she didn’t see Daddy, she lowered her foot, and turned on her side, trying to hide as much of her wet dipey as possible. A hand patted her wet bottom and she nursed faster, as Cindy asked, “Do you like that ba-ba Sweety?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” Gracie answered honestly.

“Good. I bet you love your paci too don’t you?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” she repeated.

“And Bun Bun?”

“Uh huh,” Gracie replied with a nuzzle to her bunny, wondering what Cindy was getting at.

“Does your dipey feel good?” she asked, giving Gracie another pat to her diaper. This time, she left her hand holding her wet bottom.

“Yeah,” Gracie told her, getting anxious now.

“You’re such a cute baby girl, you really are,” Cindy told her sweetly. “I’ll bet it’s hard to go back to adult life after all the snuggles Daddy gives you when you’re a baby, huh?”

Grace snapped her head up off the soft cloth diaper that covered her pillow. She looked right into Cindy’s eyes and felt her heart pound in her chest. She could still feel Cindy’s hand on her soaking wet diaper, and tears formed in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that Alex had told someone! Why would he do that? The feeling of betrayal overwhelmed her, and she became angry. Without a word, she scrambled up off the bed and bolted out of the room.

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That was another great chapter Babybutt,

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It will be interesting to see how you handle gracies anger.

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