Amazing Grace Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Gracie lifted her head from Alex’s shoulder when Cindy tapped her gently on her back. She smiled and said, “Bun Bun,” when Cindy presented the soft bunny to her. Alex smiled as sweet giggles erupted from his little girl when Cindy brought the bunny to her cheek and made a kissing sound.

“Bun Bun loves you very much Sweety,” Cindy told her sweetly as she tucked the stuffed animal between Gracie’s arm and her chest. She said, “Awww…” when Gracie kissed her bunny and nuzzled it close.

Alex couldn’t get over how gentle and caring Cindy was to Gracie. The image of her pulling the cloth diaper from her face and saying, “Peek-a-boo,” repeatedly producing happy laughter from his little girl, made him seriously consider Glenn’s suggestion. He would just have to figure out the best way to tell Gracie, that’s all.

He turned to Glenn, and nodded his head once. The wink his new friend gave him told him that he understood.

“Why don’t you go change Gracie, and we’ll meet you at the park?” Glenn suggested.

“All right, I think she’d enjoy spending time with Cindy.”

Cindy picked up the empty bottle from the blanket, pushed it into the empty pocket of the diaper bag, and returned to the blanket, picking it up and shaking it clean. A few seconds later she had it folded and back under Gracie’s seat.

Alex saw the big smile on Gracie’s face as he settled her into the stroller. As he buckled her in, he suspected that the feel of her messy diaper was the source of the smile. He chuckled when he considered this diaper change would be an interesting one, but didn’t care. The happiness Gracie got from sitting there made the extra work worth it. With a tickle to her tummy, he told her, “There, all ready to ride Baby Girl.”

Alex smiled and nodded when Cindy tapped the full bottle of juice in the other pocket of the diaper bag.

“Here Sweety, drink your ba-ba. You’re going to need lots of juice to play on the playground,” she told Gracie as she pulled her paci out and offered the bottle.

Gracie didn’t hesitate to start nursing. Alex watched her for a moment, so glad to see her be the baby girl. “All right, I’ll see you over there in a little bit.”

Cindy leaned down to kiss Gracie’s forehead, and told her, “Bye bye Sweety.”

“Bye bye,” she answered with a smile.

A second later, Alex was wheeling her along the path to the changing room. They passed a woman that stared at Gracie so hard, she stumbled over a rock in the path. With a blush she hurried on her way. Alex couldn’t help laughing to himself.

When Alex carried Gracie into the changing room, he pulled the screen away from the wall, and was startled to find a man standing behind it, pulling his shirt off. “Sorry,” he said quickly.

The man looked at Alex, then noticed Gracie in his arms. He sniffed the air with a look of displeasure, and then with a glance to her bottom and a bright red face, stammered, “O…oh…I’m sorry, I…I’m a bit shy about dressing in front of others. I’ll get out of your way.” He quickly pulled his shirt back on, grabbed his bag, and edged passed Alex on his way out of the room.

Alex, curious what the man saw, looked down and realized that with her left arm about his neck, and the other holding her bottle on his shoulder, Gracie’s shirt had pulled up in the back, leaving an inch of white plastic showing above her shorts. At first he felt guilty because he had told her he wouldn’t let anyone see the plastic of her diaper. When he thought about it though, he had meant that he would make sure they couldn’t see that she had wet her diaper. That didn’t have anything to do with the diaper that showed above the waist of her shorts.

Dismissing it, he laid her down on the padded bench. Putting the diaper bag down, he pulled the screen back against the wall and began preparing to change her. The changing pad was the first thing he put in place, sliding it under her bottom and then lowering her back down. He took the time to remove her shorts then. It would do her good to lay there in just a diaper for a bit. She lay with her legs apart, the wetness showing through the white plastic of her diaper. She showed no issue with it, and he was glad.

The wipes were the next thing to come out of the bag, and baby powder followed. Wanting to be prepared in case her bottom was the least bit irritated, he pulled a glove and the Desitin out as well. No sooner did her lay them on the bench, than the door to the room opened, and several people could be heard walking across the floor.

“Is the pool heated?” one man asked.

“Yeah, I was in it last night,” a second answered.

“What, you afraid you’re gonna shrivel up in front of all the girls?” a third voice sounded.

Alex was going to wait until they left to change Gracie, but he didn’t want her to hear what might come next. He realized she was a grown woman and had probably heard her share of coarse talk before, and probably participated in a fair amount as well, but under the circumstances, it just didn’t seem right. Reaching over, he pulled the right tape of her diaper free with a ripping sound. “All right Baby Girl, Daddy’s gonna get that stinky bottom all clean,” he cooed louder than he normally would.

The third voice laughed, “Who are you kidding, you couldn’t get any pu…” and the sound of flesh hitting flesh could be heard. “Ow! What’d you do that for?”

Alex smiled as he pictured one of them pointing toward the screen as he heard, “Oh.”

He hadn’t noticed Gracie looking at him fearfully. Wanting to comfort her, he smiled and asked, “Does that ba-ba taste good? Yes it does! You love your ba-ba don’t you Baby?” He was doing his best to sound like a daddy talking to his infant baby girl. It would keep the guys out in the room from being crass, and he saw Gracie calm a bit when he talked to her that way.

Gracie turned her head toward the screen, and he was glad she was distracted as he pushed her legs toward her tummy and used the front of her diaper to wipe a good part of the mess down toward the back. He felt proud that he hadn’t made a face when he peeled back the messy diaper, exposing the foul smelling contents. The odor was ten times as bad as it had been out at the park, but he ignored it. When he looked back to his little girl’s face, she was looking at him. He saw she was searching for any sign that he was repulsed by her infantile act. With a smile, he cooed, “You’re a stinky baby! Yes you are! You made big poopies for Daddy to clean up didn’t you?”

Gracie smiled, and surprised him when she giggled and said, “Poopy Daddy!” in a high pitched voice, sounding just like a toddler.

A second later, the men in the changing area could be heard walking toward the door. When they closed the door behind them, Alex was relieved.

“You are just too cute,” he told her with a laugh, as he pulled the messy diaper out from under her and set it on the floor. Taking two wipes from the box, he started wiping her clean. Sixteen wipes later, he set her down on a fresh diaper. Baby powder was next, and he smiled when Gracie closed her eyes and gave a big sigh as he smoothed the soft powder onto her bare bottom. He laid her down on the diaper, powdered her front and pulled the thick padding up between her legs. Once it was taped snug to her bottom, he got an idea, and shook a moderate amount of baby powder into the palm of his hand.

Reaching up under her shirt, he began smoothing the sweet smelling powder onto her tummy. He added another bit to his palm and this time, spread the powder onto her sports bra in hopes that the cloth would carry the scent longer. The big smile that Gracie gave him told him she loved the way it smelled.

It didn’t take long to get the dirty diaper tied into a plastic bag, and Gracie’s shorts back in place. Once everything was put away, Alex sat down. He pulled Gracie into his lap, laid her back against his arm, and took her bottle in his hand. She smelled just like a baby. “Now you really are my sweet baby girl,” he told her with a pat to her padded bottom.

Alex was happy. He had just passed the biggest test she had to offer, as he saw it. Both, because she had looked to find a shred of evidence that he was unhappy changing her messy diapers, and because he had been able to do so without becoming disgusted with the mess.

He gazed into her eyes and got lost. The trust he saw astounded him. After a moment, in a soft voice, he asked, “Do you know what I see when I look at you Baby? I see a little girl that’s happy. I see a baby that loves her daddy. I see someone that’s found the love she was looking for.”

Gracie gave him the biggest smile he had ever seen. The tears that formed in her eyes matched his own.

Before she could say anything, he continued in a heavy voice, “I love you Baby Girl, with all my heart. I’ve waited to meet you for eight years, and now that I’ve met you, I don’t ever want to let you go.” He set the bottle down, and pulled her close. He could hear her crying softly. “Please Baby Girl, promise me you’ll always be part of my life.”

A second later, she answered him in a tearful whisper, “Pwomithe Daddy,” and hugged him tight.

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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Excellent ending point in this chapter, that was a adorably cute chapter and I can’t wait for the next. keep them chapters coming excellent job. BB,.

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I agree reading it made tears come to my eyes.

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Awwww, is right, BB!! These last 2 chapters from you were so nice & sweet, what a wonderful read they were!!

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Another excellent chapter BB, nice & sweet, as has been said excellent ending point for this chapter. Keep up the excellent work BB, looking forward to reading the next chapter.

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