Amazing Grace Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Alex laughed to himself as he watched Gracie. She was trying to sit her bunny up, but he kept falling over and it made Gracie laugh every time. “Bun Bun!” she giggled again, as she sat him up in front of the toys. When he fell flat on his face this time, his big ears laying across the toys, she was beside herself with laughter.

He walked out of the bedroom laughing. She giggled and told him “Bun Bun siwwy!” before another round of huge giggles struck her.

“Is he being a silly bunny?” Alex asked, with a gentle kiss to her forehead and a tickle to her tummy.

“Yeth!” she squealed around her paci.

“I’ve got an awfully giggly little girl!” he said with another tickle.

“Daddy!” she squealed, before turning over on her tummy so he couldn’t get to it.

Alex looked at her diapered butt sticking up in the air. He had chosen these shorts specifically because they looked like the shorts toddlers wore. They didn’t gap because the legs went halfway down the thighs, and that would keep the plastic of her diapers from showing. What they did do however, is hug her bottom close, and that showed every bump. This made her bottom look well diapered, and that’s exactly what he wanted to see. He gave her a playful swat to her diaper and said, “I’ll get you a ba-ba Sweety, and then I want you to sit and snuggle with me for a little bit.”

He hated the fearful look that replaced the carefree giggles. Hopefully, she would get to a point where she didn’t worry so much. With her bottle in hand, he went to the couch and sat down. Patting the floral patterned cloth, he said, “Come here Baby.” When she started crawling over, he added, “Don’t forget Bun Bun.”

Gracie got a startled look, and turned around. He smiled when he saw her bottom as she crawled away. The diaper made her look so cute. A moment later, he was pulling Gracie and Bun Bun into his lap. He laid her back against his arm, and at just that moment, she pulled her bunny up under her chin in a quick motion, causing his ears to flop onto her face. This produced more giggles, and it was several moments before Alex had her settled down nursing her bottle.

“All right Baby, for this talk, and only for this talk, you can use big girl words, understand?” When Gracie nodded her head, he added, “You’re still my baby girl though, and I want you to keep drinking your ba-ba.”

“What’s the first rule?” he asked.

When Gracie tried to push the nipple of the bottle out of her mouth, he held it there, forcing her to talk around it. He figured it would keep her in the little girl mindset if she sounded sweet.

“Tawk wike a baby.”

“That’s right, very good Sweety,” he told her with a kiss. “What’s the second rule?”

“I cwaww.”

“Good girl. And the third rule?”

“Mind Daddy.”

“That’s right, if you don’t, what will happen?” he asked, purposefully changing his tone to a more firm one.

Gracie looked fearful as she answered, “Thpankin’.”

“Yes. What’s the fourth rule Baby?” he asked as he began patting her bottom.

“Not awwowed to take my dipey off, or use the potty.”

With a warm smile, Alex praised, “Right again Baby, you are such a smart little girl.”

Gracie smiled at that.

“Whats the last rule Sweetheart?”

“Not awwowed to thay I gotta go potty, or if I went potty in my dipey,” she answered.

“Very good. You got them all exactly right,” he told her with a tickle. When she settled down again, he said, “I wanted to let you know some of the things that are going to happen today Baby. In a little bit the manager of this resort is going to come talk to Daddy. After that, we’re going to go eat breakfast.” He watched her for any reaction, and the predictable anxiety showed in her eyes.

“Whewe awe we eatin’?” she asked fearfully.

“At the restaurant Baby, where the food is.”

Tears started, and he had to steel himself to press forward when she said, “I don’t want to.”

“I know you don’t Sweety, but that’s what we’re going to do. I need you to trust Daddy. I promise, if you get really scared, I’ll pick you up and hold you. Otherwise, I’ll feed you while you sit in your stroller, understand?”

Gracie was nursing hard and fast on the bottle now. She nodded her head, but Alex could see she didn’t like what he wanted her to do.

He really hated doing this, but wanted her to have a reason to let go. “Baby, I’m going to warn you now. If you don’t play, and talk, and behave just like the little baby girl I saw playing with Bun Bun earlier, then I’m going to take your shorts off, and leave them off.”

“No Daddy! Pweathe!” Gracie cried loudly.

“Yes Baby Girl. If you’re a little baby girl, your shorts will stay where they are. If not, then everyone will see you go pee pee in your dipey.” He had no intention of actually going through with it, but Gracie didn’t know that. She needed a strong incentive to let go, and this was the best thing he could come up with. He watched her cry, and could see she was thinking. If he knew Gracie, she was deciding what would be worse, acting like a talkative baby girl while playing with her bunny, or sitting in her stroller with everyone able to see her wet diaper. He knew which choice she would make.

“Are you going to be a cute baby girl and talk to Bun Bun?” When she didn’t answer him, he reached to her waist, and began pulling the shorts down.

“No! I be good girw!” she cried, grabbing at the material.

“Let go Gracie,” he said in a firm tone.

“I be good,” she cried as she released the shorts.

He continued to pull them down and off her feet, laying them on the couch. “Is this how you want to go to breakfast?” he asked with a pat to the puffed up wet crotch of her diaper, drawing her eyes to the wet padding.

“No,” she cried.

“Then you’ll be a cute baby girl like you were this morning?”

“Yeth Daddy, I pwomithe!” she told him with an earnest look.

“I want to hear you talking to Bun Bun just like you were earlier, understand?”

“Uh huh.”

“And when I feed you, I expect you to make a mess Baby. There should be oatmeal on your hands, and all over your face when you’re done eating, understand?”


“That’s a good girl,” he told her with a kiss. “One more thing Baby, you don’t hide. I want to be able to see your cute face at all times. If someone speaks to you, you talk to them. It can be baby babble, but I want you to interact, you hear me?”

“Mmmm Hmmm.”

“Good.” With that, Alex began pulling her shorts back on. Once they were back in place, Gracie settled down to nursing her bottle. “Remember Sweety, I’ll be checking to see how wet you are throughout the day. And just so you know, you will be messing your dipey before the afternoon is out. It’s up to you when you do it, but if you wait too long, I’ll give you medicine in your bottom that will make it happen. If you go on your own, it better not be just a little bit, or I’ll give you the medicine anyway. I won’t get angry if you need help going, just let me know when I’m changing you. I don’t imagine you’ve ever messed your dipey in public before, and I know it’ll be hard for you today, but I’ll hold you in my lap if you want while you go poopy.”

That only increased the anxiety he saw in her eyes. There was no help for it. He hadn’t told her that they wouldn’t be coming back to the room until this evening. That would only make her more anxious. He knew today would be the hardest one, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch.

When Gracie’s bottle was empty, Alex picked her up and carried her back to the toys. “You play while I get your dipey bag ready.” With a kiss to her forehead, he headed into the bedroom.

Gracie was frightened now. Would he really take my shorts away? she wondered. Her mouth worked her paci as she considered everything he told her. She was having fun earlier, and now, she would have to behave the same way outside the room where everyone could see her. The thought brought tears to her eyes. Why would he make her do this? When she considered that the alternative was having everyone be able to see when she went pee pee, she knew she would have to act just like a baby girl.

It was only ten minutes later that someone knocked on the door, and Gracie became frightened. Daddy walked into the livingroom and whispered, “Sit there until I sit down on the couch, then you can come crawl into my lap Baby.”

Bun Bun was held in a death grip as Daddy went to answer the door. A moment later, a middle aged woman with dark hair entered the room. She was dressed in navy blue slacks, and a cream colored shirt. Gracie watched her black pumps make their way over to the couch area. When she sat in a wing-backed chair, and Daddy had taken a seat on the couch, Gracie got to her hands and knees, Bun Bun in her left hand, and crawled to Daddy. She really didn’t want the woman to see her crawling like a baby, but she needed to be close to Daddy.

“…thing has been fine Helen, really. You folks do a great job.” Daddy said when Gracie got close enough to hear them.

“Good, I’m glad we’ve met your needs. It’s got to be harder traveling with Gracie, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know,” Helen replied.

Gracie sat on the floor in front of Daddy, waiting for him to pick her up. It finally dawned on her a minute later, as they were discussing the weather for the next four days, that he was waiting for her to ask him to pick her up. “Uppy Daddy,” she said, putting her arms up.

Daddy looked down at her, and asked, “Oh, do you want to snuggle with Daddy Sweetheart?”

Gracie nodded her head, her paci moving a mile-a-minute now that she felt Helen’s eyes on her.

“All right, come here Baby,” he said as he lifted her under her arms, and pulled her up into his lap. She didn’t know if this was better or worse when he set her facing away from him, her legs on either side of his. That left her bulging dipey right in Helen’s sight. Pulling her back against his chest, he gave her a kiss on the forehead, and said, “This is Gracie, my little girl.”

“Well his Sweety, how are you?” Helen cooed.

“Say hi Baby, this is Miss Helen,” Daddy told her. Not wanting to make him take her shorts away, Gracie held her hand up and opened and closed it like she had seen toddlers do. Her mouth was too busy nursing her paci to talk.

Helen asked, “Does she talk?”

“She does, but not much around strangers. She uses mostly two word sentences, and a lot of baby babble,” he told her, then turned to Gracie, and pointing to her bunny asked, “Who’s that?” with a warm smile.

Daddy was looking at her with those wonderful Daddy eyes again and it made Gracie smile. “Bun Bun Daddy!” she answered with a giggle. She couldn’t help it, he was just so gentle and loving.

“And what’s this?” he asked, tapping his index finger on the shield of her paci.

“Pathi,” she told him.

Helen surprised her when she asked, “Does that paci feel good?”

Gracie turned to the woman and nodded her head, nursing steadily.

“Well that’s good,” the woman said with a smile.

“What’s this?” Daddy asked, touching the tip of her nose.

“Nothe,” Gracie giggled.

“And what’s this?” Daddy asked, as he patted the front of her dipey. Gracie tried not to blush as she said, “Dipey.”

“And this is your…” he said as he picked up her leg and pointed to her sneaker.

“Footy,” Gracie answered, using a baby term to make Daddy happy.

“That’s right Baby Girl!” Daddy praised, as he tickled her tummy.

Gracie giggled wildly as Daddy tickled. Just then, the ba-ba’s she drank earlier made her need to go pee pee. She really didn’t want to do that in front of Helen. She laid back against Daddy snuggling Bun Bun close, and tried to forget about her bladder.

“She is just too cute,” Helen told Daddy.

“Yes she is. I thank God for her every day,” Daddy said, making Gracie feel wonderful inside. She could sense he was telling the truth, not just saying what he thought Helen should hear. She nuzzled Bun Bun and smiled.

“You love Bun Bun, don’t you Baby?” Helen asked.

“Mmmm Hmmm,” Gracie answered, giving Helen her cute little girl look.

“She is just so sweet. When Joan told me about Gracie this morning, she said she was a sweet little girl, but that didn’t do her justice.”

“Joan was really great last night. I really wanted to let you know that she went way above what I expected someone in her position to do. She pushed Gracie to the room from the car so I could collect the luggage without leaving her alone in the room.”

“She told me what happened,” Helen said, looking at Gracie. “Poor baby, she was terrified from what Joan said.”

“Yes, she was. I didn’t want to leave her in the car to wake up alone in the dark. I had hoped she wouldn’t wake up until we got to the room, but that didn’t happen. I can’t blame her though. She woke up in a strange place, wet and uncomfortable. It’s no wonder she was frightened,” Daddy told her with a pat to Gracie’s tummy.

The pat made Gracie’s need to pee worse, and she squirmed. Daddy said, “Excuse me just a second, I need to get her a bottle.”

“Where is it? I can get it,” Helen told him, getting up.

“In the fridge, in the door, there are five of them there, just pick one if you don’t mind.”

“No problem.”

When Helen entered the small kitchenette, Gracie was just about to wet in her dipey. Daddy shifted her sideways, and laid her back. Tapping the waistband of her shorts, he gave her a warning look. Gracie knew then, he would get mad if she went pee pee without Helen there. A second later, he shifted her so his long arm ran down her back and ended with his hand on her diapered bottom. She couldn’t wet without him knowing now.

Daddy looked at her tear filled eyes, and said, “Don’t cry Baby, your ba-ba’s coming, I promise.”

A second later, Helen returned. She handed the ba-ba to Daddy and said, “There it is Sweety,” with a smile to Gracie.

Daddy pulled her paci out, and offered her the ba-ba. Gracie had no choice but to start nursing as she watched Helen sit back down. Nursing the juice from the ba-ba made her need to pee a lot worse, and she lost the fight in a torrent of pee pee. Daddy kissed her and said, “You are such a good girl,” his hand steadily patting her wet bottom. He turned to Helen and told her, “Her schedule is a bit out of whack. Normally this would be the bottle before her nap.”

Gracie had no sooner thought, Nap? What nap? when she broke into a big yawn.

With a chuckle, Daddy said, “See? Unfortunately, we haven’t eaten yet, and I need to get her fed.”

“Well, how about I help move things along by asking what you wanted to tell me?” Helen asked.

“Well, I wanted to ask several things. First, is there a place I can change Gracie’s diaper other than this room. When we go to the playground, I don’t want to have to come all the way back just because she needs a dry diaper.”

“I can have a couple of screens set up in the men’s changing room by the pool. It’s not far from the playground, and will work for the pool as well. Will that be satisfactory?”

“Yes, I think that will do nicely. Next, do you have oatmeal in the restaurant, as well as other soft foods like that?”

“Yes, we have instant oatmeal, and we usually have macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and things like that every day for lunch and dinner.”

“Excellent,” Daddy told her. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh. “The main reason I asked you to come here, was I wanted to ask you to do something for me. The biggest problem we have if we go somewhere, is people will either frown at Gracie, or ignore her altogether. I was hoping you might speak with the staff and ask that they talk to her, and interact with her. All they have to do is treat her like any normal eighteen month old child, and she’ll be fine.”

“Do they really treat her that way?” Helen asked. The look on her face told Gracie she was not happy about that.

“Well, I’m sure it has to do with her being older and still having a pacifier, and drinking a bottle. The fact that I don’t dress her in really loose fitting clothing doesn’t hide her diapers either. It makes people uncomfortable I guess. We had an incident a while back with loose clothing and an escalator that could have cost her her leg. I won’t dress her that way again, no matter who doesn’t like it. If it’s a problem, I can find another resort. After all, I don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable.”

“Alex, if you left here because someone didn’t like the fact that Gracie needs to be diapered, or take a pacifier, or drink a bottle, then I would be very upset with you. She’s just a baby for crying out loud. Yes, she’s bigger than your average toddler, but it doesn’t matter. If anyone of my guests gives you a hard time about that, then you call me right away,” Helen told him as she handed him her card. “My cell number is on the card. The only requirement I have with her dress is that you be discreet, obviously. I wouldn’t want you changing her diaper at the pool side where little children are playing. After all, she’s physically sixteen, and this is a family resort. Also, please don’t take her disposable diapers into the pool. It’s a nightmare cleaning the filters after one of them explodes. A swim diaper, if you have one, will do fine.”

“Yes, I have a swim diaper for her, and thank you for understanding about her situation.”

“You’re quite welcome. I will go speak to the staff in just a moment, starting with the restaurant staff because I take it that will be your first stop when you leave here.” Helen turned to Gracie, leaned forward and reached out to pat her on the thigh. “It’s no wonder you were terrified last night Sweety, if everyone frowned at or ignored me, I’d be afraid too.”

“I really appreciate your help with this. It’ll make her trip so much better, and hopefully she’ll be less frightened when we travel the next time.”

“Oh, no problem. I hope your not going to stay in the room all weekend. There are a great many activities available for Gracie here. Some of them are in the daycare center. Unfortunately, because of her unique situation, I can’t offer you daycare for her, but you are more than welcome to come with her into the center and make use of the facilities there. Besides, there are usually several toddlers there in the afternoon and evenings to play with. They have story time, Duplo blocks like the ones on the floor there, and several other age appropriate toys for her.”

“I would never leave Gracie with anyone else that she doesn’t know really well. That would terrify her.”

“I understand. We also have a playground with swings, and I will ask our maintenance man to shorten the chains on one of the baby swings for her. It should fit her just fine otherwise. Tell me does she walk?”

“No. She crawls. She can stand holding on to something, but she hasn’t mastered walking.”

“Okay, that rules out the slides. We also have boats that you can rent. They’re paddle boats that move nice and easy. In the evenings, we have a party on the beach with a bon fire. She would probably love the sing-a-longs for the little children, and the story time. Please, just promise me you’ll take advantage of the activities, and not stay cooped up in this room.”

“I promise. I really want to thank you for taking the time to understand her needs, and help make her stay a fun one. I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time, but wanted to see what could be done to make her feel more at ease with the staff.”

“You’re welcome Alex, it was my pleasure to meet such a sweet little girl. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Thank you. Now, I think I need to get Gracie a dry bottom, and then head over to eat breakfast,” Daddy told her.

“Okay, I’ll get out of your way,” Helen said as she stood. Smiling at Gracie, she said, “You have fun today Baby.”

“Say bye bye Sweety.”

“Bye bye,” Gracie complied, waving like she did before.

“Bye Bye Sweetheart,” Helen told her before she left the room.

Daddy picked Gracie up and hugged her close. “I love you Baby, and you’re going to have lots of fun, you’ll see.”

Gracie hugged Daddy tight. She nursed her paci hard and fast as she thought about everything they had said. Daddy was making sure she had to talk to everyone that worked at the hotel. He wasn’t going to let her hide. That scared the daylights out of her. She trusted him though, so laid her head down and enjoyed the feel of his hand patting her wet dipey. She was tired of being afraid; worried that someone would find out, and they would get angry. She had lived with that fear all of her life. Hopefully, Daddy had made it so she didn’t have to worry anymore.

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What a chapter, BB!! A lot of detail & emotion went into this chapter, good job!!

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Been reading this one and I must say dude, I am impressed with this story. You have a talent. You put some of my stuff to shame. LOL.

Keep it up man.


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Thank Folks,

The tone in this one changed a bit if you noticed. Alex is taking more of a parent role, and Gracie is reluctantly accepting his direction.

I’m glad you liked this Icey, it took a bit longer to do.

Chris, I appreciate the kind words!

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I don’t think I’ve replied to every single chapter like I normally would, but I assure you, I am still reading, though.

Either I go to bed before the next chapter is posted, or I see it the next day and don’t have time to reply. But it still gets read and I enjoy it.

Just fyi :slight_smile:

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An excellent chapter BB. Keep it up.