Alvine Greene

The only logical, rational response I can give to this is a quote from Hannibal King.

What the FUCK?!?!

Re: Alvine Greene

Given that the GOP primary was heavily contested, I don’t think many Republican voters missed the opportunity to decide that one by crossing over to vote in the Dem primary. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can only vote in one.

Greene picking up votes from black voters would make sense…if voters knew he was black. This guy is so low-key that I don’t know if voters would have had any clue as to his race when they saw his name on the ballot.

And yes, DeMint has this race locked up.

Re: Alvine Greene

Yes you can only vote in one primary.

I’d be the last guy to give the Tea Party any points for cunning. Misinformation and fake outrage are their strong suits.
As for Greene the man is inarticulate in the extreme but may have a strong grassroots appeal from somewhere(?)

As a native of the state (by way of Virginia) the only thing I can say is the only thing that makes less sense then national politics is South Carolina politics. So either grassroots movement or teaparty plant he can’t beat the republican machine down here.