All I Want for Christmas

Hello all,

I’d like to submit my story in full for anybody to enjoy. I know that it is not perfect and hopefully one day I will get the chance to sit down and improve it as well as rewriting the ending. All I Want for Christmas is a love story, it is a daddy and baby girl and contains sexual scenes, wet and messy nappies, regression and accidents.

This is a story of 52,000 words so settle yourself down and I hope that you enjoy reading.


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Sorry, I must have gone over the word count. I will post in individual chapters now.

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Chloe was 19 years old, she lived with her parents in a city called Fallfield in England, she was a very attractive woman and all the guys in her office wanted to ask her out. Chloe was a secretary for a local computer company, she had worked there for just over six months, she was enjoying the job and not least of all the attention she was getting off the male contingent of staff. Chloe did have strong feelings for one of the male staff but he was virtually the only one that had not asked her out, no matter how much she had fluttered her long black eyelashes and tried to make conversation with him he seemed to be uninterested. The man in question, Mark, had in fact wanted to ask Chloe out but had always been too nervous, he was by no means an ugly man but considered himself to be inferior to other potential suitors in the office. Many times Mark had sat at his desk pondering whether to ask Chloe to go with him for a drink, the few times she had spoken to him he had been overcome that he couldn’t speak.

The office Christmas party was just around the corner, this year they were going to have it in a function room in the pub just down the road, The Dog and Duck. The whole office was looking forward to the big night it promised to be very entertaining with a DJ and a spot of Karaoke, every year they all bought their tickets with all the proceeds going to a local childrens charity. The date was set for December 18th and little did Chloe and Mark know it was going to change their lives forever.

The day of the party was a Friday, the boss of their office had allowed them all to leave half-day so as they could get ready for the night out. Chloe finished what she was doing and closed down her computer, she gathered her belongings together bade everybody goodbye before leaving the office, she walked out and hailed a taxi. Chloe had a bit of shopping to do before she went home to get ready. Chloe raced around the shops getting those few presents that she needed to complete her shopping for this year, she stopped off at the Starbucks for a quick coffee before getting another taxi home.

‘Mum, Dad I’m home’ Chloe called as she opened the front door, she dumped her bag in the hall and went to the kitchen, the house seemed empty. Chloe clicked the kettle on and got out her favourite mug, she opened a sachet of hot chocolate and emptied it in, she kicked off her shoes and poured the boiling water into the cup stirring the thick contents. Chloe went through to the living room and clicked on the TV sinking into the huge armchair, the house was silent so she presumed that she was alone, she turned onto the news and began to watch all the while thinking of what that night was going to be like. Chloe had made her mind up to make her move that night and try to speak with Mark, she began to mentally undress him as she had done so many times before, she closed her eyes and could see herself sliding her hands down his naked body; automatically her hand drifted under her skirt and into her dampened knickers, she was very wet and slowly played with herself, hot chocolate in the other hand. Chloe still had her eyes closed when she heard somebody moving around upstairs, she quickly dismissed it as the cat and continued pleasuring herself, she was rubbing herself very hard as she heard somebody coming downstairs. Chloe quickly pulled her hand out of her knickers just in time, her dad walked into the living room.

‘Hi, honey. You are home early sweetheart.’
Chloe was blushing almost crimson as she kissed her father hello.

‘Tonight is the party dad, which is why I am home early.’

‘Oh yes, I remember, well have fun sweetheart I’m just off to the bookies.’

‘I will Dad thanks.’

With that Chloes dad left the room and she went back to her hot chocolate hearing the front door close a few minutes later. Chloe finished her chocolate and then took her bags upstairs, she had gotten her outfit for the party ready the night before. Chloe went into the bathroom and began to run herself a nice warm bath, she went back into her room and stripped down to her bra and knickers, she picked up her dressing gown and put it on. Chloe returned to the bathroom and turned off the taps, the smell of the bubble bath she had put in relaxed even before she got in, she removed the dressing gown letting it fall to the floor and then proceeded to remove her bra and knickers revealing her naked body to the bathroom mirror. Chloe looked herself up and down in the mirror she felt each of her breast assessing them with equal scrutiny, she was satisfied that they were ok and that she was happy with them, next came the waistline, she breathed in deeply and surveyed herself before letting her breath out slowly, she decided that she could stand to lose a few pounds and made a mental note to join the gym in the new year. Chloe finally happy with her inspection put one foot into the hot bath, the water seemed to relax her at first touch, she gently slid in the other foot and lowered herself into the water. Chloe took a deep breath and moaned softly as she lay back in the bath allowing the aroma of the bubbles to enter each nostril. Chloe slowly slid her head under the water and then back above the surface pushing her hair out of her face and closing her eyes. With her mind once again on Mark she began to see the pictures in her head again, she slowly moved her hand down her naked body and onto her throbbing vagina. Chloe began to rub herself just as she had done a few minutes ago, she was enjoying the sensation when the phone rang, she considered not answering it but then decided that she would. Chloe jumped out of the bath and put on her dressing gown before running to her room and answering the telephone.


‘Hi, Chloe it’s me.’

‘Hi mum, where are you?’

‘I’m just round at your nans house, I am helping her with some things so I won’t be back before you go out, so you have a nice time and make sure you stay safe.’

‘I will mum, don’t worry I’ll speak to you tomorrow, love you.’

‘Love you sweetheart.’

Chloe put the phone down and went back to the nice hot bath she had just left, feeling a little dejected about not being able to get her moment back she began to wash her hair. Chloe finished her hair and then moved to wash her body with the sweet smelling body wash. After nearly an hour in the bath Chloe was feeling very relaxed she decided that she needed to get out before she fell asleep, she rose up and stepped out of the bath splashing water all over the soft bath mat, she pulled out the plug and slipped on her dressing gown and then wrapped her hair in a towel in a way only women seem to know how. With all that done she went to her bedroom to get herself ready.

Chloe got dried and then concentrated on her hair, a lot of time was spent drying it and messing around when finally after forty-five minutes she was done, surveying and approving it, Chloe then put on her bra and thong then slipped into her tight black dress. Chloe routed through her perfume draw and picked out one she thought would be good and gave herself a liberal spray, now for the make up. Just the same as any woman Chloe took an age to get her make up on and once she was Chloe was ready and went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine, she sipped away at the wine once again in great anticipation of the evening ahead.

Chloe arrived at the party a little after eight, she found the girls table and sat with them all. Tequila Slammers were ordered and loads of vodka and Red Bull, they all laughed and joked. The boys table was loud and boisterous as usual, many drinking games were played and laughter seemed to billow out almost as often as the huge plumes of cigarette smoke. Chloe spotted Mark sitting in the middle, she was admiring his dress sense. Mark shot a glance over and for a brief moment they made eye contact, both of them looked away quickly in equal embarrassment.

As the night wore on Chloe was getting more and more anxious, she really wanted to speak to Mark but every time she had gone to get up to do it the pain in her stomach came back. Chloe cursed herself for being so cowardly. The night was quickly coming to a close and Chloe still had not managed to speak with Mark, she couldn’t work up the courage.

The DJ played the evenings last record and Chloe, looking dejected, moved into the foyer of the club ready to leave, just then Dave, one of the men in the office approached her looking more than a bit drunk.

‘Ah, Chloe. You know you look very nice tonight.’

Chloe looked at the drunken wreck in front of her, Dave was leering towards her and smiling.

‘Thanks Dave.’

‘You know I’ve always liked you Chloe, how about a kiss?’

Dave puckered up his lips and leaned in towards Chloe.

‘No Dave I don’t think so.’ Chloe pushed Dave back.

‘Oh come on you frigid bitch.’ Dave once again leaned in on Chloe and was trying to kiss her as well as trying to grab at her breasts.

‘Dave, get off.’ Chloe was trying to push Dave away.

Dave would not let up and was still trying to get his kiss when the foyer door opened, it was Mark.

‘HEY! Dave get off her you arse.’

Mark stepped forward and pulled Dave away, he threw him against the wall.

‘What are you doing, you lanky streak of piss?’ Dave had now turned his attentions to Mark.

‘Dave just go home, you are drunk.’

Dave muttered something under his breath and walked out of the club swearing and shouting.

‘Are you ok Chloe?’

Chloe fell into Marks arms. ‘Mark thank you so much.’

‘Hey, don’t worry about it, he had no right to do that.’

Mark cuddled Chloe, she felt so very safe in his arms.

‘You want to come for another drink with me?’

It had finally happened, Mark had asked Chloe out for a drink, true it wasn’t the ideal situation but hey she was only to happy to accept. Mark and Chloe left the club virtually together and went to a local all night bistro, Mark was the perfect gentlemen he helped her into her seat and made good conversation. They laughed and joked into the small hours of the morning, both of them were really enjoying the conversation.

At 4 am they both decided to call it a night, Mark got Chloes coat for her and went outside with her to make sure she got into a taxi. They were waiting outside of the bistro and everything seemed so perfect.

‘Chloe I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I’d love for it to happen again.’

‘Oh definitely, thank you for tonight, you know with Dave and that.’

‘Hey don’t worry about it, you know you really are beautiful.’

Chloe smiled an embarrassed smile and blushed. She hid her face away, her stomach doing somersaults.

‘Hey don’t go all shy on me, listen here is my number give me a ring tomorrow when you get up.’

Chloe took the piece of paper from Mark as he hailed a cab, he helped her in and gave her a smile.

‘I mean it, you had better call me or you will be in big trouble.’

‘Ok I will.’

The taxi pulled away and Chloe sank into the seat smiling to herself, what a great night it turned out to be. Chloe was tingling all over as the taxi journey edged closer to its end at her house. The taxi pulled into her street.

‘Where about love?’

Chloe snapped out of the trance she was in. ‘Oh sorry just here on the right please mate’

The taxi driver pulled over outside Chloes house and she paid the driver before entering the dark quiet house. Chloe got through the door, closed if behind her and fell back onto it smiling. She must have been there for a 5 minutes when she came to her senses and walked through to the kitchen. Chloe poured herself a glass of water and went to bed.

Chloe woke the next day to knocking on her bedroom door, she looked at the clock, it was 3pm. With her eyes still half closed she got out of bed and put on her dressing gown, finding her way to the door she opened it a crack.

‘Hello sleepy head’ Chloes mum was standing outside with a steaming hot cup of tea. ‘Here you go, I though you might need this’

Chloes mum handed her the mug.

‘Thanks mum, I’ll have this then I’ll come down and talk.’

Chloes mum nodded and made her way downstairs, Chloe went back into her room, closing the door behind her. The smell of tea filled Chloes nostrils as she took a sip, the sweet liquid felt so good on her raw throat. Chloe began recounting the previous nights events in her head, she got to the part about Mark and nearly dropped the tea on the floor, her whole body tingled with excitement. She remembered her promise to phone Mark and rummaged around in her handbag to find the piece of paper he had written his number on. After much panicking and searching Chloe eventually found Marks number, he had put three kisses on it and her heart skipped a beat. She moved over towards her phone and picked up the receiver, she pressed the first button, her heart beat faster and faster, she pressed in the other numbers and then heard the ring.

‘Hello’ The voice on the other end of the phone said.

‘Um, um is err Mark there please?’ Chloe felt so excited.

‘This is Mark, is that you Chloe?’

‘Yes it’s me. I thought I’d better, you know, phone you like you asked.’

‘I’m glad you did, how are you feeling after last night?’

‘I’m ok, how about you?’

‘I’m good, even better now you have called.’

Chloe and Mark chatted for a while on the phone, both of them were really enjoying the conversation when Chloes mum shouted up for her.

‘I’m sorry Mark I have to go, my mother is after something, I’ll speak to you later on tonight.’

‘Oh, ok Chloe, I suppose I will speak to you later. Have a good day.’

‘Bye Mark, you too.’

With that the conversation was over, Chloe went downstairs to see what her mum wanted and they both ended up chatting for a while about the previous night. Chloe told her mum all about her fantastic night with Mark and how she hoped she would see him again. Whenever Chloe spoke Marks name her eyes lit up and she became tingly all over her body.

‘You really like this Mark guy don’t you sweetie?’

‘Yes mum I do, he is so nice and he is really funny, he is such a nice guy.’

‘Well then darling I hope you get to see him some more.’

‘Oh I will mum, I think he feels the same way about me.’

Chloe finished the conversation with her mum and went upstairs to get a shower, she had Mark on her mind virtually all the time. Chloe spent the rest of the afternoon wrapping up some of the presents she had bought, she was wrapping up her mums present when the phone rang, she picked it up.


‘Hello is that you Chloe?’ Mark was on the other end of the phone.

‘Yes Mark it is me, what you up to?’

‘Oh, nothing I was just sitting here thinking and wondered if you fancied coming out tonight?’

Chloe thought for a moment before accepting Marks invitation, they made arrangements to meet up in a quiet little restaurant not far from Chloes house. No sooner had Chloe put down the phone than she started to worry about what she was going to wear. For this she was going to need the help of another woman, her mum.

‘MUM’ Chloe shouted downstairs. ‘MUM’

‘Yes dear, what is it?’

‘Can you come here and help me please?’

Chloes mum came up the stairs and into her daughters’ room to come face to face with a heap of clothes on the bed.

‘Are you having a jumble sale dear?’

Chloe laughed and explained to her mum the contents of the phone call she had just taken.

‘You see mum I just don’t have a clue what to wear.’

‘Not to worry dear I’m sure you have something fantastic in all this mess.’

Chloe had a little over 3 hours before she was due to meet Mark, she and her mother went through nearly every outfit in the wardrobe before settling on a tight white dress. Chloe applied her make-up and but in her shoes and surveyed herself in the mirror, satisfied that she looked ok she made her way downstairs. Chloe entered the living room to show her mum the finished article.

‘Oh Chloe you look beautiful’

‘Thanks mum, I’m really excited.’

Chloe had already booked her taxi to take her to meet Mark it was due to arrive in a few minutes time. Chloe made one last check of herself in the hallway mirror when she heard the taxi pull up out side.

‘Right mum that’s my cab, I’ll see you later.’

‘Ok honey have fun.’

Chloe went out of the front door and climbed into the waiting taxi, she told the driver where she needed to go and they were soon on their way.

Mark was waiting outside the restaurant as Chloe arrived, he smiled a she pulled up in the taxi, she paid the driver and got out to greet Mark.

‘Hello Chloe’ Mark kissed Chloe on the cheek.

‘Hi Mark’ Chloe returned the kiss.

They both went inside the restaurant and Mark sorted them out a table. Mark was a gentlemen he helped Chloe into her seat before taking his. They both perused the menu and ordered their meals. The conversation quickly turned to work and they laughed and joked about some of the singing in the previous nights karaoke. They were getting on really well and had gotten through a few bottles of wine. After finishing their dinner they went through to the bar and had a few more drinks, the chemistry between them was unbelievable, they were getting on really well with each other. The night was going really well and passed by all too quickly, it seemed to sneak up on them but it was soon time for them to call it a night. Chloe was becoming quite desperate for the toilet after all the wine, she decided that she would pay a visit to the ladies room on the way out. Mark asked Chloe if she would like one more drink but she politely declined.

‘Well Chloe, would you like to, erm well, would you like to come back to my flat for a coffee?’

Chloes heart skipped a beat. ‘Well, I’m not sure really Mark.’

‘Hey it’s ok if you don’t want to, I just thought you might like to you know.’

Chloe looked at Mark ‘Ok Mark, I will come with you.’

‘Great well let’s get out of here and get a taxi back to my place.’

Chloe and Mark left the bar and went to the cloakroom to get their coats, Chloe told Mark she was going to the toilet and she went off to the ladies room, she was just about to open the door when there was a voice behind her.

‘Sorry madam the ladies is out of order at this time, we have a bit of a flood.’

‘Oh right ok, is there no other toilets?’

‘No sorry madam.’

Chloe looked defeated, she was getting a little more desperate for the toilet now, she got back out to the front of the restaurant where Mark was waiting.

‘The taxi should be here in a minute.’

‘Mark how far is it to your house? I am a little desperate for the toilet.’

‘It’s only down the road, I thought you just went anyway.’

Chloe was now bouncing a little on the spot, the cold December air had made her desperation a little worse. ‘The toilets were out of order.’

Mark was secretly getting a little aroused at this desperation scene in front of him, he was very much into this sort of thing, Chloe looked really desperate for the toilet now, she was concentrating really hard on holding herself back.

‘You know you really are beautiful.’ Mark leaned in closer to Chloe and they looked into each others eyes, there lips touched each others and the locked in a passionate kiss. Chloe was really enjoying the kiss, Mark was a great kisser, after a few minutes locked in the kiss Chloe heard a dripping it was slow at first but then it got faster it sounded like someone was pouring something onto the floor. Chloe stopped kissing Mark and recoiled in horror, she looked down at the floor where she had been standing. The huge wet patch on the floor told Mark and Chloe everything they needed to know.

Chloe began to cry.

‘Oh Mark, I’m so, so sorry.’

Mark who by now had nearly exploded into his pants managed to stifle the huge smile that was trying to break across his face, he looked at Chloe who looked distraught at what had just happened.

‘Oh Chloe don’t worry about it, come here.’ Mark motioned for Chloe to get a hug.

Chloe fell into Marks arms and sobbed her heart out, she was apologising all the time for her accident. Mark comforted her and kept telling her it was ok. The taxi pulled up a few minutes later.

‘Come on Chloe let’s get you back to mine, you can clean up there.’

Chloe was too embarrassed to say anything and climbed into the back of the taxi, luckily her dress was not too wet, her knickers had absorbed most of the accident. Mark laid his coat on the seat so as to protect it and the journey got underway.

Mark was rock hard, he had dreamt of something like this happening for years, he was involved in the adult baby scene and had set himself up as a daddy. Mark had searched the net for years for a baby of his own, he had supplies at home if he ever found the right one. Mark had never even thought of Chloe being a baby girl but now the possibilities seemed endless.

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All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

The taxi pulled up outside Marks’ house and he paid the driver, Chloe was still sobbing and got out of the taxi as soon as she could. Mark was soon joining her at the door to his ground floor flat.

‘Mark I’ll just clean up a little and leave, I’m so sorry, I feel like such a baby.’

‘Don’t be so silly, we will have you and your clothes all cleaned up in no time.’

Chloe sort of half smiled and Mark opened the door to his flat and they both stepped inside. Marks flat was nice, it was very clean and very spacious. Mark turned on the TV and went into the kitchen. Mark returned a few minutes later carrying a dressing gown.

‘Here, you can use the shower and put this on, bring me your wet clothes and I will put them in the washing machine for you.’

Chloe took the dressing gown off Mark and smiled at him.

‘Thanks Mark, you really are a nice guy you know.’

Mark smiled back at Chloe and she went to the bathroom. Marks’ mind was racing a million miles a minute, here he was with the perfect opportunity to get a woman to wear a nappy for him, he didn’t know if he should confess his deepest desires to this beautiful young woman who he had fallen for and was now getting a shower in his flat after wetting herself. Mark really couldn’t decide what to do, he switched on his computer and brought up one of the diaper websites, he looked over the main page and smiled to himself, he began to imagine Chloe in a nappy and became hard again. In that moment of fantasy he came up with a plan, he would leave the page on the screen for Chloe to ‘accidentally’ see.

Mark routed around in his draws and pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that Chloe could wear, he heard the shower stop and knocked on the door.


‘Are you decent Chloe? I have some clothes for you to wear.’

Chloe opened the bathroom door wearing Marks dressing gown she took the clothes and thanked Mark.

‘Pass me out your wet clothes and I will put them on to wash now, just park yourself on the sofa when you are ready, I will put the kettle on.’

Chloe passed her wet clothes to Mark and then began to put on the t-shirt and shorts he had given her. Chloe opened the door to the bathroom and began to walk into the living room, her hair all wrapped up in a towel turban. She was just about to sit on the sofa when she spotted something on the computer screen, there were pictures of naked women on it, hang on they were not naked, the women were all wearing nappies and some of them were even sucking babies dummies. Chloe was a little shocked but was also very curious, she took hold of the mouse and began to navigate her way through the site.

Mark meanwhile had just turned on the washing machine and peeked into the living room, he saw Chloe sitting at the computer looking at what she had ‘found’. Mark left her to peruse the site for a few more minutes before entering the room.

Chloe was starring at the screen still a little shocked at seeing this on Marks computer screen but she was also interested in what was there.

‘Looks like you have found out my secret then.’

Chloe jumped, Mark was standing to her left looking rather nervous. Chloe looked at this man who she had deep feelings for and was looking for the right words to say.

‘I. Well I. I just sort of saw what was on the screen. Is this what you are into?’

Mark looked at Chloe, the good thing was she was still sitting there, she had not run out of the place screaming and she didn’t look disgusted.

‘Well yes Chloe it is what I am into, what have you seen so far?’

‘Just these pictures and this one post about a guy who wears nappies. Do you wear nappies Mark?’

‘Oh no Chloe. I just like to see others wearing nappies. I am what they call a daddy. I look after or well rather I would like to look after a woman who wears nappies.’

‘What do you mean look after?’

Mark pulled up another chair and sat next to Chloe and explained a lot of the adult baby world to her. He showed her loads more sites and slowly Chloe was starting to understand the whole thing. The talk lasted a few hours and Chloe had seen just about all Mark could show her. Mark got up to make a cup of tea, he went into the kitchen and switched on the kettle before returning to the living room.

‘You know Chloe tonight when you had that accident outside the restaurant I nearly came in my pants.’

Chloe blushed shyly ‘Shut up. Did you really?’

‘Oh god yes, I got so turned on.’

Chloe smiled, she could see how excited Mark was, in fact hearing what he had just said made her get a little excited as well.

‘You know what Mark?’


‘I am getting a little desperate for the toilet again.’

Marks eyes lit up, was she suggesting what he thought?

‘Well hadn’t you better go to the toilet?’

Chloe just looked at Mark and stood up, she walked a few paces and then staggered backwards.

‘Oh no silly me I can’t seem to walk properly.’

Mark was stirring at Chloe open mouthed, he didn’t know what to say or do, here he was with the girl he had fancied for ages in his office, she was in his flat about to have another accident. Chloe began to wobble forward again and then stopped suddenly, she bent over and began to press her hands to her crotch. Mark came to and snapped out of the trance he had been in.

‘Chloe, do you need the toilet?’

‘No. I am ok I will go after I finish this.’

Mark couldn’t believe it Chloe was role playing with him.

‘Are you sure young lady?’

‘Yes daddy I will go in a minute.’ Chloe began to dance on the spot now whilst looking over at the TV.

‘No young lady you get to the toilet right now.’

Chloe looked at Mark and began to stand up straight, she was about to walk to the toilet when she doubled over again. Mark watched as Chloe tried to walk to the toilet in a crouching position, she got a few steps and then stopped again, this time she unclenched her hands, Mark could see the golden stream wind its way down her legs and onto the wooden floor.

‘You naughty girl. I told you to go to the toilet. Why didn’t you?’

‘I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to.’

Chloe stood in the centre of the room emptying her bladder into her clothes for the second time that evening.

‘Get to the bathroom right now and get yourself cleaned up. I will be in, in a few minutes’

Chloe did as she was told and trudged off to the bathroom, as soon as the door was closed Mark ran to the kitchen and returned with the mop, he mopped up the puddle of urine on his living room floor and then ran to his bedroom. Mark routed through his wardrobe for the box of baby stuff he had there, he found it and pulled out an Attends slip and some talc. Mark ran back to the living room and threw the nappy and talc on the sofa before going to the bathroom.

Mark walked in to see Chloe in the shower, her naked body looked fantastic. He began to take off his top.

‘You had better be getting cleaned up in there.’

‘Well why don’t you come in and make sure?’

Mark needed no second invitation and slipped off all his clothes before climbing in to join Chloe in the shower. They looked at each other and locked into another deep kiss, Marks erection was pressing up against Chloes leg.

‘Chloe you are so gorgeous, I can’t believe you have done this for me.’

Chloe didn’t say a word but just carried on kissing Mark, she took hold of Marks erect penis and began to rub, and he returned the favour by moving his fingers into her vagina. They continued to kiss, rubbing each other. Mark had his fingers deep inside Chloe.

‘I want you inside me Mark.’

Chloe stopped rubbing Marks penis and began to guide him into her throbbing vagina. Mark went with the flow and began to thrust his hips gently, the both of them were rocking gently in the shower cubicle. The sex didn’t last long but they both came virtually together, the whole situation had gotten them so turned on.

They both got out of the shower and dried up, Chloe put on the dressing gown again and Mark put on a pair of tracksuit pants that were hanging up on the back of the door. They both exited the bathroom and Chloe was heading for the bedroom so she could get some sleep.

‘Where do you think you are going young lady?’

‘I’m going to bed.’

‘Oh no, you are not ready yet.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Well I can’t have you wetting my bed can I? Come over here and I will get you ready.’

Chloe wondered what Mark meant for a minute but soon realised when she saw the nappy lying on the sofa.

‘But I don’t need a nappy.’

‘Oh you don’t think so? You have wet yourself twice tonight so I hardly think you are capable of keeping a bed dry.’

‘I can keep a bed dry, I will show you.’

‘Get here now before I get angry with you.’

Chloe walked over to Mark.

‘Now lie down.’

Chloe lay down on the floor and Mark opened up the nappy, he asked Chloe to lift up her hips, she did and Mark slid the nappy under her bottom. Chloe lowered her hips and Mark began to apply a liberal dusting of talc. Next mark rubbed in the talc and then closed the front of the nappy sealing Chloe in with the four tapes.

‘Right now you can go to bed. I will be along in a minute.’

Chloe got up off the floor, the nappy between her legs felt weird to her, she waddled down the hall and into Marks bedroom, she fell onto the bed and took off the dressing gown, she was now lying in Marks bed in nothing but a nappy. Mark came into the room a few minutes later, he got into the bed and Chloe cuddled up to him.

‘How do you like the nappy?’

‘It’s actually quite nice.’

Mark gave Chloe a kiss and they both drifted off to sleep.

Chloe woke from the dream she was having desperate for the toilet, she looked around the darkened room, it took her a minute to realise where she was. Chloe saw Mark asleep next to her and smiled to herself, she was just getting up when she heard the crinkle, she remembered the nappy between her legs. Chloe lay back down on the bed and began to think about what it had been like all those years ago when she really was a baby, her thumb drifted towards her mouth and she began to suck it. A few minutes later Chloe felt the first trickle of urine enter the thirsty padding of her nappy, the trickle soon turned to a steady stream and she flooded her nappy. Chloe finished wetting a minute or so later and took some time to adjust to her wet nappy, she felt the front of it, it was warm and it has bulged. Chloe pressed it to her skin, it felt so good she pressed some more, how could this feel so good? Mark opened his eyes and looked over at Chloe, the picture he was greeted with was that of Chloe thumb in her mouth and free hand pressing the front of her very wet nappy.

‘Looks like somebody is enjoying themselves.’

Chloe jumped, she hadn’t realised that Mark had woken, she removed her thumb from her mouth and pulled her hand away from the front of her nappy.

‘I was just feeling how wet my nappy was.’

‘Oh I see, so you have wet yourself then.’

Mark moved his hand towards the front of Chloes nappy, he could feel the warmth of a fresh wetting and slid his finger inside.

‘Wow you certainly are wet aren’t you?’

Chloe just smiled and giggled. Mark got up out of bed and went over to his open wardrobe he routed around in there again and found the nappies. Mark pulled out a nappy and something else Chloe couldn’t see, he then walked back over to the bed.

‘Right then I suppose we had better get you changed hadn’t we?’

Mark pulled back the quilt and looked at Chloe in all her nappied glory, he smiled at her.

‘Right close your eyes and open your mouth because I have a surprise for you.’

Chloe did as she was told and waited patiently for her surprise. Chloe felt something enter her mouth, she closed it. Chloes lips came into contact with what felt like a lollipop, she opened her eyes and put her hand to her mouth, it was a dummy.

‘I thought you might like to have that seems as how you liked sucking your thumb before.’

‘It’s brilliant Mark, thanks.’

Chloe smiled a huge smile behind her new dummy and continued to cooperate during the nappy change. Mark changed Chloe with ease and soon they were ready to go back off to sleep. Mark kissed Chloe goodnight yet again and for the second time that night they fell asleep cuddled up to each other.

‘This is John Evans in the morning, you’re listening to radio Fallfield 102.5 FM. Only 5 days till Christmas so let’s keep with the mood, this is Christmas Time by the legendary Cliff Richard’

Chloe heard the strains of the song coming from a distant radio, she looked around the room, Mark was not there, she began to get a little teary eyed. The cold December morning air that seemed to freeze everything it touched filled the room, there was a door open somewhere. Chloe was going to get out of bed but decided not to when the air hit her naked legs. Shivering Chloe pulled the duvet close and found her dummy before slipping it between her lips. Chloe could now hear the movement coming from the kitchen, cups rattled and spoons stirred. Mark entered the room a minute later holding a cup of tea and had something in his dressing gown pocket.

‘Good morning sleepy head, how are you feeling?’

‘I’m good thank you.’

Mark moved over toward the bed putting his cup of tea on the bedside table.

‘I’ve got something for you.’

Mark reached into his dressing gown pocket and pulled out a babies bottle. The bottle itself had pictures of cartoon characters on it and was filled with what Chloe assumed was warm milk. Mark removed Chloes dummy from her mouth and inserted the nipple of the bottle between her lips, she began to suck the warm milk. Chloe couldn’t quite understand why she was enjoying this so much, she had seemed to take to acting like a baby so easily, she was thinking about this when she felt the urge to pee. The bottle was half empty as she released her bladder into the waiting nappy, she thought very little of it and it seemed the natural thing to do. Mark continued to hold the bottle to Chloes lips until she had drained its contents, that done he replaced the dummy.

‘Did you enjoy that baby?’

‘Yes daddy, it was nice. Can I go back to sleep?’

‘Of course darling, you have another few hours.’

Chloe turned onto her side, dribbled the last few drops of urine into her nappy and dozed into a sleep.

Mark looked at Chloe lying there sucking on her dummy and dozing, she looked so cute, Mark smiled to himself and went to the living room to watch some TV.

Mark had been watching TV for a few hours, he was watching yet another repeat when Chloe came into the living room wearing just her nappy and a t-shirt, the nappy was sagging between her legs and you didn’t have to be a genius to realise that is was extremely wet and not far from a leak.

‘Hello sleepy head, looks like you had a nice sleep.’

Chloe smiled at Mark and walked over to the settee, she remove her dummy from her mouth and gave him a kiss.

‘Erm, I think I might need a change.’

‘Now is that anyway to ask your daddy?’

‘Sowwy, daddy can you pwease change my nappy?’

The sound of Chloe speaking in this way melted Marks heart, he stood up and gave her a quick hug.

‘You wait there baby and daddy will go and get you a nice dry nappy.’

‘Otay daddy.’

Mark left the living room and went back into his bedroom, he got out the nappies from his wardrobe and picked up the other changing supplies, he then walked back to the living room.

‘Ok baby you lie down on the floor and daddy will get you changed.’

Mark sat on the sofa and Chloe lay on the floor, he reached down and untapped the nappy, he pulled down the front of the very wet nappy and took out a baby wipe, carefully he wiped Chloe clean and removed the used nappy from underneath her, next he unfolded the fresh nappy and placed it under Chloes bum, he took the talc and doused her liberally with the white, sweet smelling powder, he made sure to rub it in well. Chloe was enjoying this experience and giggled as Mark rubbed in the powder, next Mark brought up the front of the nappy between her legs and fastened it snugly into place.

‘There you go baby all done now.’

Chloe got up off the floor and joined Mark on the sofa, she cuddled up to him to watch some TV.

‘So then, does this mean we are a couple then?’ Mark asked.

‘Well I don’t do one night stands and I don’t fancy changing my own nappy so I guess you could say we are.’

‘Well then it sounds good to me.’

Mark and Chloe both smiled, they were both very happy with being together. Both of them were thinking the same things about how silly they had been about not getting together sooner.

‘Well then do you want something to eat?’

Mark and Chloe sat and ate some sandwiches together, a little later on from that Chloe got herself changed and dressed to go back home, things had moved so fast over the past few days but it had ultimately been great. It was 8pm Sunday night, it had been the weirdest weekend ever for both Mark and Chloe, they both agreed not to broadcast their newfound love to all those in the office just yet and made a promise to see each other as often as possible. Chloe left Marks house that night feeling so happy, she returned home to tell her mum about her night out leaving out the bits about how her 19 year old daughter had been little more than a baby for the most part. Chloe went to bed that night missing Mark, her dummy and especially her nappy. Chloe began to think of what had taken place over the last few days and couldn’t wait to see were it was all going, little did she know it, but the ride was going to be wild, exciting and unpredictable.


All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Chloe woke up early on the Monday morning, she looked at her clock and read 6am, the alarm was not due to go off for another hour yet. Chloe rubbed her eyes and thought for a moment, it was the last day in work and then the office would be closed until the New Year. Chloe felt the urge to go to the toilet, she didn’t want to get out of her nice warm bed, she wished that she was wearing her nappy at that moment. Chloe lay in bed for a further 10 minutes, she was going to have to get up into the cold morning air, she contemplated just lying there and wetting herself but decided that it wouldn’t be the best idea in the world no matter how much she wanted to. Chloe threw back the covers and the cold air hit her immediately, she dashed out of her room and into the cold bathroom, the tiles were like blocks of ice, the contact with the cold floor only made her urge worsen. Chloe lowered her pyjama pants and knickers and sat on the cold porcelain toilet, her bladder expelled it’s contents at a fast pace, Chloe sat and thought, that was the first time she had used the toilet for nearly 2 days, once again the thought of her nappies came to her mind. Chloe finished on the toilet and went downstairs to the kitchen, she switched on the central heating and then put on the kettle. Chloe got out a cup for herself and then hearing the movement from above got out another. Chloe had just finished pouring boiling water into the empty cups when her mother entered the kitchen.

‘Morning dear.’

‘Good morning mum, I’ve made you a brew.’

‘Oh thank you dear, you’re up early, did you wet the bed?’ Chloes mum laughed to herself.

Chloe also chuckled, if only her mum knew how true her joke statement might have been.

Chloe and her mother sat at the kitchen table discussing their plans for Christmas and drinking their morning cups of tea.

‘So are you going to be spending some time with Mark over the Christmas period?’

‘I’m not sure yet, I don’t know what he is doing, come to think of it I don’t know if he has any family to spend it with.’

‘Well you are quite welcome to bring him round here if you like.’

‘Thanks mum I’ll keep it in mind. Do you want first in the shower or shall I?’

‘You go ahead dear, I’m not in until 10.’

Chloe drained her cup and then got up from table and went to get her shower. A little while later she was getting dressed and applying her make-up. Just after 8:15 am Chloe was ready to leave for work, she said her goodbyes and left the house. Chloe had to walk for about 15 minutes to get to work the city streets had received their white dusting of pre-Christmas snow, Chloe loved the sound of the snow squeaking underneath her feet. Chloe began to think back to when she was a little girl and how she used to love playing in the snow for hours, her mum used to make sure she was dressed in a snow suit and a thick pair of gloves, she would play snowball fights for hours with her friends. Chloe remembered the time she had wet herself in the snow suit and how upset she had been at the time, nowadays she wouldn’t get so upset.

Shortly after 8:30am Chloe arrived at the front door to the office, she stepped into the warmth of the lobby and went through to the staff room, Mark was sitting in his usual chair in the corner drinking a cup of coffee. Chloe shot a smile at Mark and he returned the favour and even added a little wink, Chloe blushed.

For most of the day Chloe and Mark were looking across the office at each other and smiling. The both of them were sending each other emails all day, Mark looked across the room and saw Chloes face getting redder and redder, he was sending her rude emails. Toward the end of the day Mark sent Chloe an email asking her if she wanted to come back to his tonight, Chloe needed no second invitation and accepted the offer. Chloe rang her mum to let her know that she would be late home if at all.

At 5pm the work day was finally over and Chloe shut down her computer before meeting up with Mark at the café around the corner from the office, they had a quick cup of coffee and then they went to Marks car to go back to his flat. In the car the conversation soon got onto the emails that had been bounced back and forth that day.

‘You are so rude.’

'Well you are gorgeous when you blush so I just couldn’t help it.

‘I liked what you wrote though, especially the part about you changing my nappy.’

‘Yes I thought at one point I saw your hand venture under your desk.’

Chloe blushed deeply as she was sure she had been very discrete earlier when her dripping vagina had urged for a touch.

‘Well I. I. I. I needed to fix my knickers.’

‘Yeah right.’

‘I did, I wouldn’t ever do THAT in public.’

Mark smiled to himself knowing full well that Chloe knew that he was very much aware of what she was really doing. So far Marks plans were right on track, he had spent most of the day working Chloe into a frenzy by talking about what he would do next time she was with him, he talked about changing her nappy, feeding her a bottle and rocking her to sleep as well as the big girl privileges he would afford her. Mark turned the car right and into his street.

‘Right then, will you open up the door while I get some bags out of the boot?’

Mark handed his flat keys to Chloe and popped open the boot of his car, he had some grocery shopping that he had done before he met up with Chloe. Mark walked into the flat and straight to the kitchen, he unpacked the shopping bags and put the items away. Once he was finished Mark went into the living room where Chloe was sitting on the sofa watching the TV.

‘Right then, we had better get you sorted before you end up wetting my sofa.’

Mark walked over and motioned for Chloe to get up, Chloe held her arms out waiting for Mark to pick her up, being that Chloe was only light Mark had no trouble accomplishing the task. Mark carried Chloe to his bedroom and laid her own on his bed, he had gotten all of his supplies out and they were now in the corner of the room, he picked up a changing mat and laid it on the floor. Chloe was beginning to get a little horny and her hand had found its way into her knickers, Mark noticed this and slapped it away.

‘Naughty girl. How dare you touch yourself there, only I am allowed to do that.’

Mark leaned forward and kissed Chloe passionately on the lips, they were locked in the kiss for a few minutes and Mark had began to move his hand slowly down Chloes body and into her dampened knickers. In the passion of the moment they were soon ripping each others clothes off and minutes later they were enjoying hot passionate sex. Chloe quickly climaxed, the emails that Mark had been sending her all day had worked her into a frenzy.

‘I’m going to get a quick shower and then I’m going to take care of you.’

‘Can’t I get a shower with you?’

‘No, you stay there, I will only be a few minutes then I will get you all sorted.’

‘Ok hurry up though.’

Mark nodded his head and left the room, he got into the hot shower and washed away the glistening sweat from his body. Once he was done Mark got himself dressed and then started to run a bath adding plenty of bubbles. Mark made sure the bath was not too hot and after turning off the taps he returned to Chloe who was still lying on the bed.

‘Right then baby lets get you cleaned up.’

Mark went over to the bed and picked Chloe up, he carried her to the bathroom and placed her into the warm water. Picking up the jug he began to pour water over Chloes head, next he got out some baby shampoo which he had purchased in his lunch hour and began to wash Chloes hair, that done he rinsed the soap out and wiped her face with a towel. Mark then picked up the flannel and soaped it up and then proceeded to wash Chloe from head to toe, then he handed her a rubber duck and placed a few more bath toys in with her.

‘Daddy is just going to get some things ready you play nice in the bath and I’ll be back in shortly.’

‘Otay daddy.’

Chloe began to play with the duck and some of the other animal toys that Mark had gotten for her. Mark meanwhile returned to the bed room where he got everything he would need and placed them all within easy reach of the changing mat including a razor and some none perfumed shaving foam. Mark returned to the bathroom carrying an empty bowl, he filled it with warm water and placed in it another flannel, Chloe looked at him curiously.

‘Daddy, what is that for?’

‘You will see soon enough sweetheart.’

Mark left the bathroom and took the bowl of warm water to the bedroom and placed it next to the changing mat. Satisfied he had everything Mark returned to the bathroom to get Chloe.

‘Ok sweetheart lets get you out and dried.’

Mark pulled out the plug from the bath and then asked Chloe to stand up, he wrapped her in a towel and then lifted her out of the bath, he placed her on the bathmat and dried her thoroughly, even drying her hair. Mark finished drying Chloe and wrapped her back up and carried her to the bedroom. Chloe could see the changing mat laid out on the floor and all the supplies around it, she was still confused by the bowl of water and even further when she spotted the razor. Mark laid Chloe on the changing mat and removed the towel, taking the flannel from the bowl of water her began to rub it over Chloes crotch, next her took the shaving foam and applied it to Chloes pubic hair.

‘What are you doing, Mark?’

‘Well baby, you see babies don’t have hair down there and it makes it a little difficult to clean you up so I’m going to shave it off.’

Chloe looked quite tearful about this, she was the sort of girl who had always liked her pubic hair, she remembered the years before she didn’t have it, most of the girls in her class had some sort of growth but for Chloe it happened late on, all those sports classes that she would be anxious about because of the need to shower with all the others at the end. Chloe used to get teased for still being a ‘baby’, now that status was well and truly being restored. Mark recognised the tearful look in Chloes eyes.

‘Don’t worry baby, you don’t need it for anything, and besides you look better without it.’

Chloe smiled at this comment and wiped away her tears, Mark continued with the shaving. Chloe raised her head to see her small patch of adulthood removed, Mark shaved the last few hairs away and then washed away the remaining foam.

‘There all nice and smooth now.’

Chloe put her head back down on the changing mat and still felt a little sad, she turned her head to one side and tears began to fill her eyes again, then she felt something resting on her bottom lip, she turned her head to see the dummy that Mark was holding to her mouth. Chloe opened her mouth and then clamped her lips shut around the dummy.

‘There, there baby don’t cry, nobody will know.’

Chloe nodded and continued to suck on the dummy, Mark also handed her a teddy bear and went back to getting her ready. Mark unfolded the thick disposable nappy and raising Chloes legs high in the air slid it beneath her bottom, then he lowered her legs again. As her the skin on her bottom came into contact with the soft inner of the nappy Chloe got excited, she was really enjoying all of this happening, again she lifted her head to see Mark sprinkling talc into her privates. Mark applied a liberal dose of talc and then began to rub it in, as he rubbed over Chloes vagina he could feel how wet she was, he smiled to himself knowing how much Chloe was enjoying it all. The talc all rubbed in properly he brought the front of the nappy up and fastened the tapes encasing Chloe in the sweet smelling underwear. Mark then picked up a pair of socks from the bed and slipped them onto Chloes feet, then her picked her up and sat her on the bed and put her in a t-shirt.

‘There all done, now let’s go to the living room and you can watch some TV while I get the dinner ready.’

Mark again picked Chloe up and carried her to the living room, he placed her down on the sofa and switched on the TV. Chloe picked up the remote control and switched to The Disney Channel her face lit up as Winnie The Pooh came on the screen. Mark left Chloe alone and went to get the dinner ready.

Chloe was sitting on the sofa with all the things that had happened the last week going through her head, Dave, the idiot who had tried to grope her at the party was keeping a low profile on the office, but if it wasn’t for him then Chloe wouldn’t be here now with the most wonderful man she had ever met and she would have almost certainly never have tapped into her feelings about being a baby. Chloe thought about how much she had enjoyed being in her nappy and how much she was turned on by it, her nappy was a constant source of pleasure. All this going through her head was making Chloe a little horny again and she reached down and pushed on the front of her nappy, the feeling of that padding on her wet vagina sent shockwaves up her spine, she began to rub, she looked over to the kitchen door to see where Mark was and seeing it was still shut she continued to rub on the front of her nappy. Chloe couldn’t believe it but she could feel herself getting close to a climax already, she rubbed a little faster and began to get hot, her head went back and she closed her eyes as she came hard in the nappy. Chloe stopped rubbing and opened her eyes, she picked up her dummy that had fallen out of her mouth and replaced it. Moments later Mark opened the kitchen door.

‘Ok princess your dinner is ready so come and sit at the table.’

Chloe got up off the sofa her legs still jellylike a little and waddled over to the table, Mark went to the kitchen and brought back a plate. Chloe laughed when she saw what was on it, Mark had cooked her fish-fingers, smiley faces and spaghetti which had been chopped up.

‘Would you like some tomato sauce princess?’

‘Yeth pwease daddy.’

Mark reached over and removed Chloes dummy from her mouth, then he squirted the tomato sauce on her plate.

‘There you go baby now you eat that all up and we can watch a film together after.’

Chloe hadn’t eaten any of the food that Mark had cooked for her for many years, she was having the time of her life dipping the fish-fingers and smileys into the sauce. Mark sat across from her smiling as he ate a bowl of noodles. It didn’t take Chloe long to finish and she had made quite a mess on her face and t-shirt.

‘You are a messy baby, daddy forgot your bib.’

Mark went to the kitchen and got a cloth, he wiped Chloes face clean and then removed her t-shirt, he went to his bedroom and got a clean one and placed it on Chloe.

‘Do you want some jelly and ice-cream?’

Chloe clapped her hands and bounced in her seat ‘oh yes please daddy.’

Mark went to the kitchen again and prepared the jelly and ice-cream, he returned to the table a few minutes later.

‘Daddy will feed you this princess, that way you wont make a mess.’

Mark pulled his chair facing Chloe and began to feed her desert. It didn’t take long before Chloe had polished it off.

‘Ok darling all gone now. You go and sit and watch cartoons again while daddy does the dishes.’

‘Otay daddy.’

Chloe walked over to the sofa and laid down on it, she slipped her dummy back into her mouth and continued watching the cartoons, she could hear the dishes being washed in the kitchen, once again she was thinking to herself. Chloe was really enjoying being taken care off and decided that she could get used to it.

Mark returned 20 minutes later, he was carrying a bottle.

‘Ok then who wants to watch a film and have a nice bottle of milk?’

‘I do, me me me.’

Mark laughed and took the bottle over to Chloe. ‘Here you go sweetheart, now what film do you want to watch?’

‘Oh have you got Toy Story? It is my favourite.’

‘Not here darling but I can go and get it from the video shop, do you want to come with me?’

‘Like this?’

‘Well I’ll give you some pants to put on but you will have to leave your nappy on, you can wait in the car if you want.’

Chloe looked at Mark, did he really want her to go out dressed the way she was? ‘Ok then I’ll come with you.’

‘Ok then let’s get you some pants.’

Mark went to his room and got Chloe some tracksuit pants, he slipped them on her over the nappy and carried her out to the car and fastened her into the passenger seat. Mark drove to the video shop which was only a few streets away and parked outside.

‘Ok Toy Story, are you sure now?’

‘Yep, Toy Story.’

‘Ok then, I’ll be a few minutes, lock the doors after I have got out.’

Mark exited the car and Chloe locked the doors, she couldn’t believe she was sitting in a car wearing a nappy in public. Chloe was sure that everyone who passed the car knew she was wearing a nappy, she was feeling paranoid about it. Chloe sat in the passenger seat trying not to make eye contact with anybody, she fiddled with the radio when her stomach growled. Chloe needed to poop, her stomach was cramping up and gurgling a lot. Chloe rubbed her stomach which carried on growling and cramping, she had to poop soon but she didn’t want to go in her nappy. Chloe looked around for Mark, she could see him at the back of the long queue, she needed him to hurry up, for the next 10 minutes Chloes stomach growled and gurgled, she was really struggling to hold back. Mark knocked on the car window and Chloe let him in and seeing her state enquired what the matter was.

‘I really have to poop Mark and I don’t want to do it in the nappy.’

‘Ok don’t worry we will be back soon, I just need to get some petrol from the top of the road, we will be no longer than 5 minutes ok?’

‘Ok but be quick.’

Mark started the car and drove up to the petrol station, Chloes stomach was really starting to get sore now, she clenched her buttocks tight trying to hold back. Mark got out of the car and filled it, he went and paid for the petrol and got back in, Chloe was really struggling. As the car edged closer to Marks house Chloes plight worsened with her buttocks tightly clenched some wind escaped her, she wasn’t going to make it. As they approached the top of Marks road the lights turned red, Chloe was now crying, the pain was becoming unbearable she doubled over in her seat, trying with all her might to hold it back, the lights turned green and Mark pulled in to the street, Chloe was crying uncontrollably as they pulled up outside the flat. Chloe threw her seatbelt off and bounded out of the car, she began to run up the path, the tracksuit trousers being too long for her let the bottoms of the legs trial on the floor, Chloe inadvertently stepped on the bottom of the left leg and fell, the tracksuit bottoms fell down to her knees as Chloe landed flat on her front, within seconds of her landing on the cold path she lost her battle and messed her nappy. Chloe lay on the floor for a few minutes crying and messing herself, her bladder soon joined in on the act. Mark rushed up the path and picked Chloe up also pulling the tracksuit bottoms back up. Mark carried Chloe in to the flat and sat her on his knee and gave her a cuddle. Chloe was bawling, she had just messed herself for the first time in many years and not only that she had exposed her nappy for anyone around to see, she was distraught.

‘Don’t worry baby, daddy will clean you up, don’t cry. Nobody saw and I’m not going to tell anybody.’

Chloe was still crying machine gun like sobs. ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do it.’

‘Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you all sorted.’

Mark picked Chloe up and took her to the bedroom, he laid her down on the changing mat and began the clean up. It didn’t take long to get Chloe back into a nice dry nappy but the crying would take a little longer to stop. Mark picked Chloe up once he had changed her and put her back in his lap, he slipped the dummy back between her lips and began to rock and telling her everything was ok. Chloe lay in Marks arms contemplating what had just taken place, she was glad it was over and felt a lot better now that she was out of the dirty nappy and Mark had done a great job in making her feel better. Mark continued to rock Chloe and console her for 15 minutes, finally the tears stopped and Chloes breathing returned to normal.

‘Shall we go and watch the film then?’

‘I just want to go to sleep really.’

‘Ok gorgeous I’ll get you a nice bottle and then you can go to sleep.’

With that Mark left the room and got Chloe a few bottles of warm milk, he returned to see Chloe under the covers. Mark slipped under the covers himself and manoeuvred Chloe onto his lap, he cradled her and fed her the warm bottle of milk. Chloe drained the bottle and then Mark slipped her dummy into her mouth, kissed her on the forehead and began to rock her once more, five minutes later Chloe was asleep. Mark kissed Chloe again and then put her down to sleep, he then went to the living room to watch TV.

Chloe woke up a few hours later, she was still alone in bed, the urge to pee had woken her. Chloe, with no second thought about it, wet her nappy and then got up to find Mark. Mark was still watching TV and turned when he heard Chloe approaching.

‘Hello baby, how are you feeling now?’

‘I’m ok now, sorry for all that earlier.’

‘Don’t worry about it, you just got a little freaked out about it that is all.’

‘I know, thanks for cleaning me up.’

‘Hey, what are daddys for?’

Mark motioned for Chloe to join him on the sofa, Chloe didn’t need to be asked twice she walked over and curled up on Marks knee.

‘What time is it?’

‘It’s a little after 11 baby, why?’

‘Just asking, I though it was early hours in the morning.’

Mark and Chloe sat for a while watching TV, Chloe was lying in Marks lap happily sucking on her dummy, midway through the programme Chloe wet her nappy again.

‘You know having you here has been great, I really enjoy looking after you and you are like no other girl I have ever met.’

‘Thanks, I really enjoy being here, you make me feel safe and warm.’

‘I know this sounds a little forward and I know we have only been going out for like 5 days, and don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to pressure you, but well I like you a lot and I love having you around, and well, I thought you might like to, well you know you might want to, move in.’

Chloe was shocked, she hadn’t been expecting this, her mind raced, she was really enjoying being with Mark.

‘Wow, I wasn’t expecting that, you know I really like being with you and I think you are fantastic, nobody can turn me on like you do but I couldn’t move in.’

Mark looked dejected. ’ Why not? I mean you said yourself you liked being here.’

‘Hold on you didn’t let me finish. I can’t move in. Not until next week anyway.’

Mark broke out the biggest smile ever. ‘Chloe, you have just made me the happiest man in the world.’

Mark kissed Chloe. Chloe was also really happy, she would spend Christmas at home with her mum and dad and then a few days later she would move in with her new daddy. Now all she would have to do is tell her mum.

Mark and Chloe sat up for a few hours and talked about what they will be getting up to.

‘You can be a baby all the time if you want.’

‘Really? I’d like that, I can’t believe how much I am enjoying it.’

‘Well I am enjoying being your daddy. Speaking of being your daddy I think somebody needs a nappy change.’

‘Yes, I am more than a little wet.’

‘Right then I’ll make you another bottle and then get you changed, then we will go to bed.’

‘Ok daddy.’

Mark went to the kitchen and prepared another bottle for Chloe, he then carried her back to his room and changed her very wet nappy. Chloe climbed onto Marks lap, drunk her bottle and then promptly fell asleep in his arms as they both lay in bed together. Mark lay awake thinking of all the great times they were going to have together, both of them slept with smiles on their faces as the snow began to fall outside. Chloe began to dream of what was to come.

The next morning Chloe was first to wake up, she cuddled up to Mark who was still very much asleep, Chloe felt the urge to pee and just let go in her nappy, she loved the fact that she didn’t have to leave the warmth of the bed to go to the toilet. Chloe began to think, she would have to tell her mum about her moving plans, and she undoubtedly would want to meet Mark. Well she would have to get it sorted sooner or later so she decided that she would introduce them to each other later that day, she reached for her phone and wrote a text message to her mum telling her that she would be home later that day and would be bringing Mark. Chloe sent the message and then turned over and cuddled back up to Mark.

‘Good morning princess.’ Mark had woken up.

‘Good morning daddy.’

Mark leaned forward and gave Chloe a kiss on the forehead. ‘Are you wet?’

‘Yep, but not much.’

‘Ok then we can lie in bed for a bit longer then.’

‘I’ve just text my mum to tell her I will be home later.’

‘Ok, do you want a lift?’

‘Well I said that I will be bringing you as well.’

‘Oh right ok, I suppose she will want to suss me out before she will let you live here.’

‘Well I thought that it might be a good idea.’

‘Ok baby, we will go round this afternoon.’

Mark and Chloe lay in bed for a little longer before getting up, they both got in the shower and had some breakfast. Chloe was to remain nappy-less that day to visit her mum. Chloes mum text her back to see if she would like to have dinner at home.

‘Mum has just asked if we want to eat at home, do you fancy it?’

‘Yes ok, we will stop off for a couple of bottles of wine along the way.’

The dinner date was made and Mark was going to meet the mother of his beautiful girlfriend in a few hours time.

A little after 5 o’clock they set off to Chloes mums, Mark stopped at the off-license for a couple of bottles of wine and then onwards to Chloes house.

‘It’s just here on the left.’

Mark pulled up in front of Chloes house and got the wine, he took a deep breath and got out.

‘Don’t be so nervous, they are ok.’

Mark smiled at Chloe and they both walked up the path and knocked on the door.

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All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

The door opened and in front of the bright background stood Chloes mum.

‘Hello dear.’

‘Hello mum.’ Chloe leaned forward and gave her mum a kiss on the cheek and then returned to her original position. ‘Mum this is Mark.’

‘Hello Mark, I’m Helen. I hope you are hungry.’

Mark smiled. ‘Well I have to admit Helen I was not hungry until I smelt that delicious aroma coming from your house. Oh we brought wine.’

‘That’s nice of you dear, come through before you both freeze to death.’

Helen led the way into the living room. Chloes father was sitting in his chair by the fire place, he was reading a copy of the evening paper.

‘Derek, put that thing down. Honestly you can pick your horses in the morning.’

Derek looked up from his paper, he removed his glasses and with a sigh folded the paper and put it on the arm of the chair.

‘Derek this is Mark.’

Derek rose from his chair and extended his hand.

‘Nice to meet you son.’

‘Same here Derek.’

‘Well then are we all going to have a drink? I’ve got tea and coffee or beer or wine or there are a few bottles of spirits on the side board.’

‘I’ll have a glass of that wine please mum.’

‘And you Mark?’

‘I’ll take a beer please Helen.’

‘Derek, what are you having?’

‘I’ll have a drop of whiskey thanks dear.’

Helen left the room to get some glasses. Mark and Chloe sat down on the sofa and Derek took up his position back in his chair.

‘So Mark, what do you do for a living?’

‘Well actually Derek I work in the same office as Chloe. I am a technical supervisor.’

‘You may as well be speaking Dutch to me son.’

‘Well it’s not as complicated as it sounds, I just oversee the technical side of the company.’

‘Here we go everybody, the dinner won’t be long now.’

Helen came into the living room from the kitchen and handed everybody their drinks, they all continued to talk about work and Christmas. Helen declared the meal ready a little while later and they all sat down to beef stew and dumplings. They were all getting on well and they laughed and joked with each other, much more wine and beer was drunk. Once the meal was finished Chloe and Helen cleared the table and went to the kitchen to load the dishes into the dish washer, Mark and Derek retired back to the living room. Chloe and Helen began to load the dishwasher.

‘I’ve got a trifle in the fridge for afters.’

‘Bloody hell mum I think it will take a week for that beef stew to settle.’

‘Well it’s there for later if anybody wants some.’

‘So what do you think of Mark then?’

‘He seems like a nice boy.’

‘He is wonderful mum, in fact I need to tell you something.’

‘He hasn’t proposed to you has he?’

‘Don’t be silly mum, no he has asked me to move in with him.’

‘Has he, what did you say?’

‘I said I would but not until next week. You don’t mind do you?’

‘Well Chloe you are old enough now to make your own choices, Mark seems a nice boy so I don’t see a problem.’

‘Thanks mum, I know I have to make my own choices but it’s nice to have your blessing. What do you think dad will say?’

‘He will probably be happy for you, it means he can get in the bathroom and use the phone.’

Chloe and Helen both laughed as they continued to clear away the dishes, once they were finished they rejoined the men in the living room. Chloe and Helen broke the news to Derek of Chloes impending move.

‘Well we cannot stop you moving out sweetheart, it is a bit quick but you two look to be in love so you have my blessing.’

Mark and Chloe smiled at each other, Mark had been expecting Chloes parents to be dead against her moving in with somebody she had only just met. They spent the rest of the evening much the same as they had spent the first part. At 2 in the morning they all decided to retire to bed, Mark went out to his car to get the overnight bag he had packed for himself and then went to Chloes room. Mark closed the door and Chloe gave him a kiss.

‘I told you it would be ok.’

Mark cuddled Chloe tight and then picked her up and put her on the bed.

‘Let’s get you ready for bed baby.’

Chloes mouth dropped. ‘What do you mean?’

Mark opened his bag and revealed that not only did he pack something for himself but he had also packed a little something for Chloe. Mark pulled out the folded nappy and also a dummy.

‘Mark I cant wear that here, there is no lock on the door, what if my mum finds out.’

‘She wont, come on baby I know you want it.’

Chloe smiled and let Mark take of her dress, she felt very naughty and the excitement had gotten her wet. Mark slid his hands down to Chloes knickers, he felt the front of them and could feel Chloes warmth, Chloe was now dripping. Mark casually removed Chloes knickers and then laid her down on the bed, he unfolded the nappy and placed it under Chloes bottom. Mark had forgotten the talc so he just fastened up the nappy, he placed the dummy into Chloes mouth and then went back to his bag, he slipped off his clothes and then put on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Chloe was lying in her bed wearing just her nappy she began to wonder what her mother would think if she knew. Mark had finished getting ready for bed and slid under the covers and gave Chloe a cuddle.

‘Goodnight baby.’

‘Goodnight daddy.’

Chloe fell asleep in Marks arms, she still couldn’t believe that she was lying in her bed wearing a nappy with her parents in the next room. Chloe felt the presence of Marks lips on her forehead just as she drifted to sleep.

Chloe woke up a few hours later, the urge to go to the toilet had woken her. Chloe didn’t think twice about it and wet her nappy before cuddling back up to Mark and going back to sleep.

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All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chloe woke up at 10am the next morning, Mark was still lying next to her, he was awake and was watching her.

‘Good morning gorgeous.’

Chloe smiled at Mark. ‘Good morning.’ Chloe gave Mark a hug and rested her head on his chest, a few minutes later she wet her nappy once more. They could hear Chloes mum and dad talking downstairs not long after they heard the front door open and the sound of Chloes mum hurrying her dad out of the door, the front door closed. Chloe and Mark now had the house to themselves.

‘So what are we going to do today then?’

‘I don’t know, can we go back to yours later?’

‘Of course we can princess.’

Chloe and Mark lay in bed together for a further 15 minutes.

‘Well I think we had better get up. I’m going to need to get a shower.’ Chloe began to move, she put one foot out of the bed and stood up, she took a few paces and winced in pain. ‘Ow!’

‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘My bum is burning as I walk, it’s really painful.’

Mark looked at Chloe, he remembered not putting talc on her last night when he put her in night time nappies. ‘Come here and lie down, how long have you been wet?’

‘Well I wet last night and then again before.’

Mark undone the wet nappy and pulled down the front, he could instantly see the redness.

‘Uh oh, you have a nappy rash.’

‘A nappy rash? How did that happen?’

‘Sorry babe it was my fault, I forgot to bring the talc with me last night and with you wetting through the night it has caused the rash. Do you have any Sudocrem cream here at all?’

‘I think there is some in the bathroom cabinet, dad uses it on his face when it burns in the summer.’

‘Ok well you go get your shower and bring the Sudocrem with you, whatever you do don’t rub the rash with a towel, it will hurt.’

Chloe nodded that she understood and put on her dressing gown, she began to walk out of the room feeling the insatiable burning on her bottom. Chloe entered the bathroom and turned on the shower, she disrobed, the smell of stale urine hit her nostrils, she not only looked babyish these days but she also smelt the part. Chloe saw the steam in the shower cubicle and tested the water with her hand, satisfied it was just right she climbed in. Chloe took her washcloth and soaped it up, she began to wash her body and soon found out why Mark had warned her about rubbing over her rash, the pain was unbearable, tears formed in Chloes eyes and she began to sob. Chloe continued to sob as she finished off in the shower, she stepped out and wrapped her hair in the female only towel turban, and put on her dressing gown. Chloe slipped the small tub of Sudocrem into her pocket and took a towel from the rack and went back to her room, her bottom still burning as she went.

Mark looked up as the door opened, Chloe came walking into the room he could see the pain on her face with each step she took.

‘Are you ok babe?’

Chloe looked at Mark with tears in her eyes again. ‘It feels like my bum is on fire.’

‘Come here babe and Daddy will make it all better.’

Chloe walked over to Mark and took off her robe as he asked, he took the towel she was holding and began to dry her, he was careful to dab the wetness off of the red raw skin. Mark picked another nappy out of his bag and unfolded it on the bed.

‘Mark what are you doing?’

‘I’m getting my babies nappy ready.’

‘I can’t wear a nappy here.’

‘Why not?’

‘I’m in my mum and dads, I can’t walk around this house wearing a nappy.’

‘They won’t notice, just put some knickers on over it and a pair of loose jeans.’

‘They are bound to notice, I couldn’t.’

‘Well you have no choice. You have to wear your nappy or daddy will smack your bum.’

‘You wouldn’t.’

Mark looked up at Chloe with a cock sure look on his face, he grabbed her arm and pulled her over his knee, he then gave Chloe a sharp slap on the backside. Chloe felt the burning intensify on her bottom, she instantly began to cry.

‘No Mark don’t it hurts.’

‘Are you going to do as I say and be a good girl.’

Chloe was sobbing and thought about what Mark was saying, she couldn’t wear a nappy around her parents house.

‘I can’t wear a nappy here.’

Mark slapped Chloe again.

‘You will do as I say young lady.’

Mark was not slapping Chloe hard, he was just giving her short swats on her bottom right where the nappy rash had broken out.

‘Please don’t. I will wear my nappy just don’t slap me again.’

Mark released his grip, he told Chloe to stand in front of him, he could see how red the rash was and opened the tub of Sudocrem, he took a liberal amount and applied it to the infected area, Chloes relief was instant. Mark continued to rub the Sudocrem into the skin and could see the relief on Chloes face.

‘There isn’t that better?’

‘Oh yes daddy, it feels so much better.’

Mark then guided Chloe down onto the waiting unfolded nappy, he applied some more Sudocrem and then taped the nappy closed.

‘Ok now go and find yourself a pair of knickers and put them on over the nappy and then a nice pair of jeans.’

‘Ok. I’ll give it a try.’

Chloe got up and crinkled her way over to her wardrobe she took out a pair of knickers from the draw and put them on, then she found a pair of jeans hanging up that she hadn’t worn for a long time. Chloe slipped on the jeans and then added a jumper and belt to the ensemble. Chloe looked at herself in the full length mirror she had on the wardrobe, she couldn’t tell that she had a nappy on underneath her attire.

‘See, I told you that you wouldn’t be able to see it.’

‘Ok so you were right, I bet it makes loads of noise though.’

‘Well why don’t you test it out?’

Chloe turned on the spot and then walked from the wardrobe to the door, the noise was inaudible, unless you were specifically listening for it.

‘Ok Mr. Smarty pants, so you were right.’

‘I told you so. Right that is you sorted, I’m going to get my shower now.’

‘Ok, there are towels on the side.’

Mark got up and exited the room he went to get his shower smiling to himself at how his plan was progressing.

A little while later Mark was finished in the shower and getting himself dressed in Chloes room, it was nearly midday and both of them were a little hungry.

‘I’m starving, we should get some breakfast.’

‘Ok we will in a minute, you finish getting dressed and we will go downstairs.’

Mark finished dressing and they both walked downstairs, Mark kept swatting Chloes padded behind. As they reached the bottom of the stairs the front door opened.

‘Oh hello mum.’

‘Hello dear, we’ve just been for a little bit of shopping. Who is for bacon on toast?’

Mark and Chloe both jumped at the opportunity for the tasty breakfast and were soon waiting in the living room watching TV. To everyones surprise Derek offered to make the breakfast and so it was just Mark, Chloe and Helen sitting together in the living room.

‘Thanks for last night mum, it was lovely.’

‘Oh it’s quite alright dear, I really enjoyed the evening. What are your plans for today?’

‘Well we haven’t quite decided yet Helen, I think we are going back to my place later to watch a movie.’

‘Oh that’ll be nice. It’s nice to have time alone.’

The three of them sat there discussing the impending move.

‘Anyway Mark, what are your plans for Christmas?’

‘Well Helen, I will probably go and visit my Gran, she is in a nursing home in Brompton.’

‘That’s nice, what about your parents?’

‘Well I will visit them in some respect, I lay flowers at the graves every Christmas, birthday, anniversary well you get the idea.’

‘Oh Mark I am so sorry, I didn’t know.’

‘Don’t worry it happened a long time ago. I was brought up by my gran after my parents died when I was 12. My gran is a wonderful woman but she is getting worse and worse with the old dementia nowadays,’

‘I’m so sorry Mark, there I go again putting my foot in it.’

‘No seriously Helen don’t worry about it, as I say it was a long time ago.’

Thankfully for Helen, Derek came through the door carrying a tray of bacon on toast, tomato sauce and brown sauce.

‘Oh brilliant, I’m absolutely starving.’ Mark took a round and covered his bacon in brown sauce before devouring the lot in about three bites. As they all sat there eating their bacon on toast and drinking fresh tea which Helen had made the snow began to fall outside again. Chloe was sitting eating her breakfast when she felt the urge to pee, she finished eating her toast and sat back with her cup of tea, they were all talking again as Chloe wet her nappy in front of her parents. Chloe became super horny at what she had just done, she felt very naughty and could feel herself get wet with excitement, she longed to touch herself or even better for Mark to tough her. Mark noticed the fidgeting in Chloe and knew all too well what she had just done. Chloe could feel now the heat inside her nappy, her juices were flowing and she was aching. Derek got up and took out the tray and Helen followed him with the empty cups in her hand. As soon as the coast was clear Mark looked over to Chloe.

‘What are you up to?’


‘You little liar, so what happens if I do this?’

Mark reached forward and placed his hand on Chloes crotch, he could feel the warmth of her freshly wet nappy through her jeans, he gave a sharp push. Chloe had to try very hard not to moan out loud as she felt the thick wet padding of the inside of her nappy touch her throbbing vagina. Mark removed his hand and laughed a dirty laugh.

‘Oh well I suppose you will have to wait until later.’

Chloe looked like she was about to cry but she knew he was right, she reached across and felt the front of Marks trousers. Mark was rock hard yet again.

‘Looks like daddy has some waiting to do as well.’

They both smiled at each other as Derek and Helen came back into the room, with Mark and Chloe both in a state of arousal the conversations continued.

Later on in the afternoon Mark and Chloe left the house of Derek and Helen with a few of Chloes possessions, Helen extended an invitation to Mark to join them for Christmas dinner, it didn’t take much persuading for Mark to accept. Mark opened up his car and put the bags into the boot before opening the passenger door for Chloe. They all waved goodbye to each other as Mark drove away.

‘So what did you think of my parents then?’

‘They are really nice. Not as nice as you though.’

Chloe laughed, they carried on driving down the road. Chloe again felt the urge to pee and without hesitation let it go and flooded her waiting nappy.

‘Daddy, I’m wet.’

‘Ok sweetheart we will get you changed when we get home.’

Chloe drew her legs up onto the seat with her and slipped her thumb into her mouth. Mark continued to drive and little more than five minutes later they were outside Marks flat.

‘Ok little one you wait here while daddy takes the boxes in and then I will come back for you.’

‘Okay daddy.’

Mark got our of the car and opened the boot, he took a few boxes out and walked up the path, he opened the door and plonked the boxes in the living room before returning to the car to collect Chloe. Mark opened the passenger door and unbuckled Chloes seatbelt, he reached in and picked her out of the car with the greatest of ease, he locked the car up and carried Chloe into the flat and put her on the sofa. Mark removed Chloes shoes and put them in the corner of the room.

‘Ok baby, daddy is just going to run you a bath and then we can settle down to watch Toy Story and we can have pizza.’

‘Yeah, thank you daddy.’

Mark left the room and went to run Chloe a bath, he made sure that all the changing supplies were ready in the bedroom before slipping into his shorts and t-shirt. Chloe meanwhile was sitting on the sofa and had switched the TV on, she was watching cartoons when she felt her stomach gurgle. Chloe knew that she needed to poop and stood up, she squatted and felt her stomach gurgle once more. Chloe was not sure if she should mess herself but she knew that Mark would be changing her in a few minutes, and she had not really experienced a messy nappy properly before. Chloe stayed in her squatting position and gave a little push, it didn’t take all that much and within seconds her nappy was full of warm poop. Chloe stood up straight again feeling the mess on her behind, she walked around the room, she felt the mess spreading. Chloe felt her stomach gurgle again and squatted to push more poop into her nappy, her bladder also wanted some of the action and she was again wetting her nappy, she could feel the nappy getting bulkier. Chloe hadn’t noticed but her nappy had leaked and there was a small puddle on the floor, as she stood up to walk around some more she slipped on the wet floor and landed flat on her backside. Chloe was shocked at first, she felt the warm mess push its way up the back and front of her nappy, then the smell entered her nostrils. Chloe brought herself to her feet and looked down at her jeans, they were soaked, she was pretty sure that some poop had also made its way into her jeans.

‘Smells like we have a stinky baby in here.’

Chloe turned around to see Mark standing there. ‘I had a leak daddy, sorry.’

‘Don’t be sorry baby, daddy should have changed you sooner. Come on lets get you cleaned up.’

Mark lead Chloe to the bedroom and laid her down on the changing mat, he carefully removed her jeans and placed them in a carrier bag, Chloes nappy was bursting, the poop had come over the top of the nappy at the back and had made its way halfway up the front. Mark untapped the nappy and pulled the front down, he took one look and decided that this would be a bowl of water and a cloth occasion as well as baby wipes. Mark left the room and quickly returned with a bowl of soapy water and a cloth, he slipped a dummy into Chloes mouth.

‘This is going to take a few minutes.’

Chloe blushed. ’ Sorry daddy.’

‘Don’t be baby, we will have you all clean in a few minutes.’

Mark slipped on a pair of latex gloves and took out some baby wipes, he carefully wiped away the worst of the mess, he had Chloe lying on her side so he could clean up more effectively. Mark finished the cleaning off with the cloth and soapy water, he then took the bowl of water and tipped it down the toilet before returning to collect Chloe.

‘See princess I told you that I would get you all clean, now you can have your bath.’

Mark picked Chloe up and carried her to the bathroom and lowered her into the warm water, he washed her as he had done before and left her to play while he prepared her nappy and clothes. Mark returned to the bathroom and pulled out the plug he bent down to get Chloe out.

‘No daddy I want to stay in until all the water has gone.’

Mark laughed at the request and let Chloe remain in the bath while the water slowly drained away. Once Chloe was satisfied that all the water had gone Mark picked her up and dried her, he then carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the changing mat once more. Mark unfolded the Attends 10 nappy and slid it under Chloes bottom, he applied a liberal amount of Sudocrem to the nappy rash and also a light dusting of talc. Mark fastened up the nappy and then put a pair of thick woollen socks on Chloe followed by a night shirt from her boxes.

‘Ok baby shall we sit down and watch the film?’

‘Yes daddy.’

Mark carried Chloe into the living room and placed her on the sofa, he went into the kitchen and poured some milk into 4 baby bottles, he placed them into a pan of water. Mark turned on the gas ring and while he waited for the water to heat up he picked up the telephone and ordered the pizza for him and Chloe. Mark waited for the bottles to be warm enough before returning to Chloe.

‘Here you go gorgeous, some nice warm milk for you.’

Chloe took the bottle and immediately began to suck on it. Mark sat next to Chloe and they watched some festive cartoons while they waited for the pizza to arrive. Forty-five minutes later there was a knock on the door Mark got up and answered it. Chloe saw Mark bring in the biggest pizza she had ever seen.

‘Oh my god where did you get that?’

‘Oh I know this little pizza place just up the road, they do 24" pizzas.’

Mark and Chloe sat down and worked their way through the pizza or well as much as they could manage. Once they were finished Mark put on Toy Story and Chloe sat in Marks lap as they watched the film. Chloe worked her way thorough the remaining 3 bottles during the film. Chloe felt the need to pee a number of times throughout the film but thought nothing of letting go in her nappy, she no sooner felt the urge than she just let it go. By the time Woody and Buzz had found out Andy had gotten a dog for Christmas, Chloes nappy was nearing leaking point again. Mark casually slid his hand under Chloes nightshirt and inserted a finger underneath the leg band of the nappy.

‘Wow somebody is a wet little girl.’

Chloe just smiled at Mark and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom for another nappy change. As Mark ran the cool baby wipe over Chloes vagina he felt how wet she was, he inserted his finger and Chloe moaned. Mark pulled Chloe onto the bed and continued to rub her wet vagina. Chloe was enjoying the moment and slid her hands into Marks shorts and began to rub his penis, one thing led to another and pretty soon they were both hard at it. Mark and Chloe enjoyed yet more hot passionate sex after which Chloe quickly reverted back to the baby girl she was so quickly becoming.

Mark put Chloe back in her nappy and being as both of them were quite tired Mark made Chloe a bedtime bottle and turned all the appliances off before they both settled down to sleep. Yet again Chloe woke up in the early hours needing to pee and she barley opened her eyes as she wet her thirsty nappy.

‘Wakey, wakey sleepy head.’

Chloe heard Marks voice but she didn’t want to open her eyes, she could hear the radio on in the background telling the city that it was Christmas Eve.

‘Come on lazy baby, time to get up, it’s 11am.’

Chloe tossed over and opened her eyes, Mark was fully dressed and he had a bottle of milk in his hand, he walked over and sat on the bed. Mark inserted the nipple of the bottle into Chloes mouth and she began to gulp the sweet milk down. Chloe lay in the bed drinking the milk and released her morning pee into the already wet nappy.

‘So what have you got to do today sleepy head?’

Chloe removed the bottle from her mouth. ‘Well I’m going to have to go home, got to be in mine by 2pm.’

‘Right then I suppose that you better get up and have a shower. I will run you home afterwards.’

‘Ok babe.’

‘I’m going to head on down to Brompton later on tonight. I will stay in a hotel there and see my gran tomorrow.’

‘Will you be coming for Christmas dinner in mine tomorrow?’

‘Oh yes probably, it will only take me about 3 hours to get back, I just like to have a Christmas Eve drink, which is why I will go there tonight.’

‘Ok cool. I suppose we had better make a move then.’

Chloe got up out of bed and Mark removed the sodden nappy, she then got her shower. Chloe was dressed and ready by 1230.

‘So you are going to have to be a big girl until Boxing Day and keep yourself dry, can you do that?’

‘Of course I can, I’m not a complete baby you know.’

Chloe got her bag together and she and Mark left the flat. Mark dropped Chloe off at her house and they shared a kiss worthy of a week apart not a day, with an air of sadness they parted ways until Christmas dinner. Chloe watched as Mark drove away, she saw his car turn the corner and then walked up her path and into her house.

‘Mum I’m home’

Chloe went through to the kitchen and was greeted with the same sight as every Christmas, her mum was bust preparing the ingredients for the following days festive food delights. Just the same as every year Chloe was drafted into help, she would spend the rest of the afternoon making pastry and cutting vegetables. Chloe enjoyed this time with her mother and really liked making the festive treats, she was making the jelly for a trifle when she felt the need to pee, with no second thought she began to let it go. Oh no she remembered, she was not wearing her nappy. Chloe clamped her legs shut and managed to stop the stream, she excused herself and ran to the toilet. Chloe surveyed the damage to her pants and knickers, they were quite wet, she would have to concentrate more. Chloe finished peeing in the toilet and changed her trousers, she then went back to help her mum.

The rest of the day Chloe kept reminding herself that she was not wearing the nappies she had become so accustomed to and managed to avoid anymore accidents. Chloe and her parents spent the evening watching the Christmas comedies and drinking champagne, Chloe was sending a lot of texts to Mark to tell him how much she was missing him. Chloe retired to bed at 11pm and sent Mark a goodnight text message before she fell asleep.

Chloe woke up a little after 2am, the familiar feeling in her bladder told her the reason for her arousal. Chloe didn’t even open her eyes as she expelled the contents of her bladder, she turned over and went back to sleep.

Chloe slept right through until 7am on Christmas morning, she pulled her duvet tight around her neck but for some reason she still felt cold. Chloe reached down to pull her nightdress down her cold legs, she began to grab at the edge of it when she felt the wetness. Chloe threw the covers back and looked down, she was lying in the middle of a huge wet patch, she had wet the bed. Chloe couldn’t believe what had happened, she remembered waking up and wetting but she had been convinced that she was wearing a nappy. Chloe needed to act quickly she jumped out of bed and took off her nightshirt, she surveyed the sheet once more before ripping it off and rolling it into a bundle. Chloe felt her duvet, it was dry luckily quite how it was dry she didn’t know but she wasn’t about to start caring. Chloe put on her nightdress and went to the bathroom, she ran the shower and jumped in, she frantically washed her body free of the stale urine. Chloe had just taken the quickest shower in her life, she got out and wrapped her hair in a towel turban and slipped her dressing gown back on. Chloe crept along to her bedroom and picked up her wet night clothes and then tip toed downstairs to the kitchen were she put the wet bundle into the washing machine and switched it on.

‘Good morning dear. Merry Christmas.’

Chloes eyes widened, she spun around on the spot and nearly wet herself when she saw her mum standing across the kitchen to her.

‘Oh mum, I didn’t hear you get up, you gave me a fright.’

‘I’m sorry dear.’ Her mum pointed to the washing machine. ‘Had an accident dear?’

Chloes heart skipped a beat and her brain went into overdrive, she needed to come up with an excuse pretty fast.

‘Don’t be silly mum, I spilt my drink on myself.’

‘Oh right ok dear, what was it?’

‘It was orange juice.’

‘Ok well you had better take this.’ Helen gave Chloe a tub of bicarbonate of soda and some washing up liquid. ‘Rub the bicarbonate of soda into the stain and then use a washcloth with some washing up liquid and clean it off.’

‘Thanks mum.’

‘Well we can’t have your room smelling of wee can we.’

Chloe blushed, she knew that her mum could tell straight away.

‘Sorry mum I didn’t mean it, I just, well.’

‘Shhh no need to worry, it’s just an accident.’

Chloe smiled at her mum and still blushing she left the kitchen and went upstairs to clean up her mattress. Chloe couldn’t believe that she had wet the bed, how could she have been so stupid. Chloe continued to clean up the mess when she heard her phone buzz, it was a text message, she picked up her phone and read it.

‘Good morning gorgeous. Merry Christmas. I miss you and I will see you later love Daddy xxxxx.’

Chloe wrote a reply to Mark and told him about the wet bed. A few minutes later she received a text back telling her that she would be punished for being a naughty girl. Chloe got a little excited reading the text and couldn’t wait to see Mark again. It didn’t take long for the clean up to be complete, Chloe left the pillows and blanket off her bed to ensure it would dry off. Chloe decided to get herself dressed and go back downstairs for present opening, she slipped on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and put her hair into a ponytail. Chloe walked downstairs into the living room, her mum and dad were sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of tea. The Christmas tree was standing proudly in the corner boasting an array of different sized presents under its branches, not to mention the numerous candy canes and Christmas crackers that had also taken pride of place. Chloe had always enjoyed Christmas even as a teenager when most of the girls she knew thought Christmas was another excuse to pester their parents for ridiculous presents or huge sums of money. Chloe enjoyed the magic of the festive season, she longed for the myth of Santa Claus to be real. Chloe went straight for the presents, she reached in for the biggest one and excitedly tore off the wrapping paper, the box became visible through the torn paper, it was the new mp3 player that she had told her mum she wanted. Chloe thought about the Christmases gone by when she had written Santa her list and was always genuinely surprised as she opened each present. Nowadays Chloe was ‘grown up’ and she and her parents sat round the tree and exchanged gifts with each other, where had all the excitement gone?

With all the unwrapping and pleasant thank yous exchanged Helen began to clear the waste wrapping paper away and retired to the kitchen to begin the days labour of Christmas dinner. The morning passed in much the same way as it would in millions of homes across the country, mums everywhere would be preparing the Christmas dinner while fathers would switch on the TV and take out the bottle of whiskey and have a few festive lubricating drinks. Chloe was texting Mark throughout the morning in between helping her mum with the cooking.

‘So what time will Mark be here?’

‘He said that he is going to see his gran at 1pm. He should be here around 5pm.’

‘Looks like a late Christmas dinner then.’

Chloe and Helen continued to slave over the hot stove, at 4:30pm the door bell rang, Derek got up out of his chair and stumbled to open it. Chloe heard muffled voices in the hallway, her dad was very loud as he usually was when he had been drinking. A few minutes later Mark walked into the kitchen.

‘Merry Christmas gorgeous.’

Chloe turned around and broke out into a huge smile. ‘Mark, you are early.’

Mark and Chloe locked into a long lasting embrace and kissed each other. Mark leaned over to Chloes ear and whispered. ‘I want to see you upstairs.’

Chloe and Mark separated, Mark left the room and went upstairs, Chloe followed a few moments later, they both went into Chloes room and closed the door tight.

Mark was looking at Chloes mattress. ‘I thought you said you were going to be a big girl.’

Chloe blushed. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to do it.’

‘Well if you are going to wet the bed like a baby I suppose you need to wear your nappy. Come over here.’

Chloe walked over to the bed where Mark had sat down, he had brought a small gym bag with him and opened it to reveal the changing supplies. Mark unfastened Chloes jeans and pulled them down along with her knickers, he gave her a quick smack on the bum and then laid her down on the floor. Mark took out a nappy and unfolded it, he lifted Chloes legs and slipped the nappy under her bottom. Mark made sure to powder Chloe and then taped up the nappy securely into place.

‘Ok now put on some clothes. It is your own fault for not being a big girl.’

‘Ok daddy.’

Chloe got up and replaced her knickers and jeans, she realised how much she had missed having the nappy between her legs. Chloe and Mark returned downstairs just in time to see Helen laying the table. Everybody sat down at the table and they all enjoyed the delicious meal that Helen had prepared. Chloe felt a lot better sitting at the table with the security of the nappy between her legs, just after they had all started eating she wet her nappy. The evening was spent drinking and laughing, many of the Christmas specials were comedies and Mark, Chloe, Helen and Derek all sat around the TV. Chloe was curled up with Mark on the large sofa while Helen and Derek were sitting in chairs. They were all watching a movie when Mark casually slipped his hand under Chloes jeans and inserted his finger inside her nappy. Chloe looked up at her mum and dad, Derek was asleep and her mother was so engrossed in the film that she didn’t notice.

Mark whispered into Chloes ear. ‘You need to be changed before you leak, follow me upstairs in a minute.’

Mark rose from the sofa and left the room making his excuses, he went upstairs and straight into Chloes bedroom, he got out a fresh nappy and the rest of the changing supplies, Chloe entered the room a few minutes later.

‘Come on baby, daddy will get you nice and dry.’

Chloe walked over to Mark and stood in front of him, Mark took care of the rest.
Mark unfastened Chloes jeans again and then pulled them down along with her knickers, he saw the front of the sodden nappy.

‘Wow you really are wet.’

Chloe giggled as Mark undone the tapes on the nappy, he pulled the front of it down and the smell of the freshly wet nappy drifted to his nostrils. Mark took out a baby wipe and wiped Chloe clean, he slowed down over her vagina, Chloe groaned a little, Mark put down the baby wipe and then ran his finger along the lips of Chloes vagina. Chloe tilted her head back, she was feeling really horny and could also feel how wet she was. Mark began to rub Chloes lips, he made gentle up and down movements with his middle finger. Chloe was beginning to breathe shallower now. Mark inserted his finger into Chloes vagina, he rubbed and then pushed in a little deeper, he then brought his index finger inside Chloe. Mark continued to rub deep inside Chloe, she began to bring her hand down to join his but he slapped it away. Mark removed his fingers and slowly brought them up to her clitoris, Chloe moaned softly as Mark began to move his finger in a circular motion on her clitoris. Mark could see how much Chloe was enjoying this and began to rub a little faster, Chloe had her eyes closed and could feel that she was close to cumming already, she had missed Marks touch. Mark continued to rub and Chloe could feel the orgasm inside her building, Mark got faster and faster on her clitoris. Chloe couldn’t hold back anymore, her back arched, she was close to exploding, she opened her eyes to look at Mark who smiled at her then winked and then cruelly stopped. Chloe nearly cried as Mark removed his hand from her crotch.

‘No, please don’t stop.’

‘No you will have to wait now.’

Chloe nearly began to cry, Mark had brought her so close to cumming and now he had stopped, she needed to cum. Chloe began to move her hand down towards her crotch to finish off what Mark had started but he again slapped her hand away.

‘What did I just tell you?’

‘Oh please, don’t leave me like this.’

‘I’ve told you, you will have to wait. Now let’s get your nappy on.’

Mark reached down and picked up the fresh nappy, he unfolded it and then picked Chloes legs up and slid the nappy beneath her bottom. Mark took out the talc and dusted Chloes crotch liberally with the sweet smelling white powder, to continue the torture Mark didn’t rub the talc in he just fastened up the nappy and then pulled Chloes knickers and jeans back into place. Chloe had her face in a horrible scowl, her bottom lip was hanging really low, any lower and she would have tripped over it. Mark laughed to himself, he knew exactly what he was doing.

‘Straighten that face young lady.’

Chloe continued to scowl, she folded her arms and turned her face away.

‘Look at me, young lady, wipe that scowl off your face. If the wind changes it will stay like that.’

Chloe unfolded her arms and straightened up her face.

‘You’re not fair.’

‘That’s better, and don’t let me catch you touching the front of that nappy otherwise you will wear it for 2 days, WITHOUT a change.’

Chloe opened her mouth in shock, did Mark really mean what he said? She didn’t want to find out.

‘Now come on let’s get back downstairs.’

Chloe did as she was told and followed Mark back to the living room, Helens gaze hadn’t strayed from the film she was watching, she didn’t even notice Mark and Chloe re-enter the room.

The rest of the evening was taken up with watching films and drinking. A little after midnight Mark and Chloe retired to bed, Derek was left sleeping in the chair and Helen was cleaning yet again. Chloe and Mark entered the bedroom and closed the door tightly, Mark placed a chair against the handle to make sure the door was more or less locked in place.

‘Right let’s get you ready for bed.’

Mark walked over to Chloe and removed her top, he slipped of her bra and then unfastened her jeans. Mark removed Chloes jeans and knickers leaving her standing naked except for the wet nappy around her waist. Mark un-fastened the nappy and let it drop to the floor with a thud, he took out a baby wipe and rubbed the left over talc off Chloes vagina. Mark kissed Chloe passionately on the lips and slowly moved his hand over her vagina and again he rubbed her wet lips. Chloe began to move her hands to Marks trousers, she undid his belt and then unfastened the clasp and let the trousers fall to the floor. Chloe reached down and could feel how hard Mark was, she took hold of his erect penis and began to rub. Mark picked Chloe up and laid her on the bed, he gave her a long kiss and then began to move his head down her body kissing all the way until he ended up at her dripping wet vagina. Mark kissed Chloes vagina and then thrust his tongue inside, he began to lick her inside and then he would move up to her clitoris and lick and suck. Chloe had never experienced oral sex before and couldn’t believe how good it felt. Mark could feel Chloe getting wetter, he continued to lick her and felt her tense once more, he diverted his eyes to her face and saw her eyes were closed and her mouth was open in a silent scream. In that moment he knew she was about to cum, then for the second time in the evening he stopped.

Chloe was devastated. ‘Oh no, not again. Why are you doing this to me?’

Mark just laughed and picked up a fresh nappy out of his bag, again he went about putting Chloe in a nappy without saying a word and again without rubbing in the talc. Chloe lay on the bed with a terrifying look of annoyance on her face, how could Mark do this, he was being cruel.

Mark finished putting Chloes nappy on and then gave her a dummy which he had produced from the bag. ‘Ok there you go baby, now I think it is time to sleep.’

Chloe looked at Mark, her eyes were burning a hole right into him. ‘I hate you.’

Mark looked at Chloe amazed. ‘How dare you. You say you are sorry right now or I will smack you bum so hard.’

‘Well you are being nasty to me.’

‘No I am not, you will just have to wait until we get back to the flat tomorrow.’

‘But why? You got me all wound up and excited and then stopped.’

‘It is always better to be in suspense. Now let’s go to sleep.’

Chloe gave a little huff and turned onto her side, she folded her arms and fell asleep. Mark thought to himself how the next day would be superb, Chloe didn’t know it but he had a little surprise up his sleeve for her. Thinking of putting his plan into action Mark soon joined Chloe in slumber land.

Chloe was dreaming about being a baby through the night, she could see herself lying in a cot in a huge room surrounded by cuddly toys and bright objects. Chloe could see the oversized changing table in the corner and massive playpen, she could even smell the baby smell. Chloe could feel the pressure building up in her bladder and soon the nursery scene vanished and she could see the dark silhouettes of her room, she had woken up needing the toilet, she closed her eyes again and released the stream of urine into her nappy. Chloe then tried to return to the nursery dream but found nothing but deep dark sleep.

The next morning Mark woke Chloe up, he told her to get dressed as they had to go to his straight away.

‘But what about mum?’

‘Don’t worry she is already up, I’ve told her that I’m going to take you to mine.’

‘Ok, but why do we have to leave right away?’

‘Oh my god, too many questions young lady, now just get dressed and I’ll sort out that nappy when we get back.’

Chloe sat up and felt the cold wetness of the nappy squish against her vagina, she looked on the floor and found the clothes she had been wearing the previous day. Chloe stepped into the jeans and put on the t-shirt, with her eyes still stuck together with sleep she went through to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

‘Come on Chloe hurry up.’

Chloe staggered along the landing and then slowly descended the stairs, Mark was waiting for her at the bottom.

‘Right all set, let’s go.’

‘Oh ok stop rushing me. Bye mum I’ll see you soon.’

Chloe kissed her mum goodbye and asked her to tell her dad goodbye. Helen saw her daughter and her man out of the door and into the car. Mark started the ignition.

‘Ok so why the rush?’

‘Well you will see when we get to the flat. I think we had a visitor.’

Chloe didn’t know what Mark meant and she didn’t care as she was already closing her eyes to go back to sleep in the passenger seat. Chloe didn’t like being rushed as soon as she woke up, she was dozing in the passenger seat and feeling the need for her morning toilet trip she simply wet her nappy with very little thought about it. Chloe was still in a doze as Mark pulled up outside his flat.

‘Ok then princess lets get you inside.’

Mark got out of the car and went around to the passenger side, he unbuckled Chloes seatbelt and picked her up out of the seat. Mark put his hand under Chloes bum and felt wetness, her nappy had leaked. Mark held Chloe in his arms and used his leg to close the car door, he then walked up the path and when he got to the door he placed her down.

‘Ok babe you stay there and daddy will open the door. I think you are going to like this.’

Chloe was now more or less awake, she was aware of the wetness of her nappy and also that her jeans were wet. Mark turned the key in the lock and then opened the door wide.

‘Ok go on in.’

Chloe looked into the dullness of the flat, she could hear the Jingle Bells tune playing in the living room. Chloe was a little apprehensive, she stepped in and then opened the door to the living room, what Chloe saw made her feel like she was a child again.

The living room was in semi-darkness as the blinds were still drawn, the only light was coming from the Christmas tree in the corner of the room. All around the room there was decorations and cuddly teddy bear Santas, in the red glow of the Christmas lights Chloe could see the mass of presents at the foot of the tree. Chloe began to step toward the tree very slowly, she bent over and looked at all the presents, they were all for her. Chloe could feel tears forming in her eyes, she began to cry.

Mark, who had been watching Chloe from behind went over to her and put his arms around her.

‘Oh dear, what is the matter?’

Chloe spoke to Mark through broken sobs. ‘I’m sorry sniff I don’t mean to cry sniff it’s just sniff nobody has ever done anything like this sniff for me before.’

Mark felt his heart melt. ‘Well you must have been a very good little girl for Santa to go to all this trouble. Now come on wipe away those tears and let’s get opening.’

Chloe took the sleeve of her jacket and wiped her eyes, Mark got out a Kleenex and wiped Chloes nose, the both of them then sat on the floor together and Chloe began to open her presents. Chloe excitedly began to rip wrapping paper of the various sized boxes, she had been expecting CDs and make-up off Mark but every present was a toy. Chloe got herself all excited when she saw all toys revealing themselves, she ripped off the paper of one present to reveal Play Doh! Chloe squealed with delight when she saw a doll and she loved the new colouring books. After more than 45 minutes Chloe was finally finished unwrapping presents, she looked at all the things she had, all the dolls, the colouring books, the jigsaw and the Play Doh. Chloe hadn’t been this excited about presents in years.

‘So did Santa bring you everything you wanted?’

Mark had been stood watching Chloe open every present, he was grinning from ear to ear just as Chloe was as she spoke back to him. ‘This is brilliant.’

Chloe walked over to Mark and wrapped her arms around him, Mark leaned forward and kissed her passionately, his hands drifted down to her bum where he felt the wetness of her jeans.

‘We’d better get you in a fresh nappy.’

Chloe jumped up and wrapped her legs around Marks waist, he then proceeded to carry her to the bedroom. Mark placed Chloe on the floor and told her to remain standing up, he pulled off her shirt and then her bra, then he unfastened her jeans much in the same way as he had done the previous night. Mark lowered the jeans and knickers around Chloes ankles and she kicked off her shoes, Mark then un-taped the nappy and it fell to the floor with a thud. Mark picked the baby wipes up and cleaned off Chloes glistening vagina, he threw the used wipes to the floor and still locked in a kiss he moved his hands back to her crotch. Chloe returned the favour by unbuttoning Marks trousers and pulling them and his boxer shorts down over his erect penis and off his legs. On her way back up Chloe removed Marks shirt and finally found his lips with hers again. Mark and Chloe were locked in the passion and Mark was paying close attention to Chloes hard clitoris, Chloe in turn was stroking Marks penis.

‘It’s time for your big girl present now.’

Mark picked up Chloe and threw her onto the bed, he began to kiss her again like he had done the previous night, and he slowly moved his way down to her dripping wet vagina and kissed the lips softly. Chloe moaned as Mark began to thrust his tongue deep inside her, his nose pushing into her clitoris. Mark kept licking Chloe and then sucking in her clitoris it didn’t take long for Chloe to succomb to the shuddering orgasm that had begun to build in her body. Chloe screamed out in ecstasy as she felt her self cum hard. Mark hadn’t finished yet, he removed his head from between her legs and then thrust his penis deep inside her. Chloe had never experienced anything like this before, this was surely making love, not just having sex.

A little while later after the passion had subsided, Mark and Chloe took a shower together, and once they were finished it was time for Chloe to return to baby mode. Mark put Chloe back into her nappy and got her dressed in just a t-shirt and socks.

‘Ok baby, you can go and play with your toys now.’

Chloe had forgotten about the toys during the passionate love making but was now excited to play with them all. Chloe spent the afternoon playing with all the new toys she had received she particularly enjoyed the Play Doh. Mark and Chloe spent the rest of the day as daddy baby, Chloe jokingly renamed Boxing Day, Christmas 2- the baby Christmas. That night Chloe went to bed with one of the new dolls she had received, sucking on her dummy and thought to herself how much of a baby she had really become and not only that how much she loved it. Chloe slept like a baby on that night she had drunk a fair amount of milk from her bottles through the night and didn’t expect to sleep long before the urge for the toilet would hit her.

Mark had stayed up after he put Chloe to bed, he wanted to order her some nice baby clothes as a further surprise and also like most babies, Chloe had made a mess of the place with all her toys. Mark went onto some adult baby clothing sites and ordered a few nice garments to complete Chloes transformation. In the early hours of the morning Mark decided he would join Chloe in bed, he switched all the electrical items off and retired to his bedroom after brushing his teeth. Chloe was fast asleep still and Mark could see the dummy still in her mouth, he reached under the covers and deftly slipped his finger inside her nappy, Chloe was soaked.

Mark shook Chloe. ‘Come on princess, wake up, daddy needs to change you.’

Chloe began to stir after a few minutes. ‘Wha….wha…what time is it?’

‘It’s a little after 2 in the morning princess, I’m just going to have to change your nappy otherwise you will leak.’

‘But I haven’t wet it.’

‘Are you sure?’

Mark took Chloes hand and put one of her fingers inside the nappy, Chloe was shocked at what she felt.

‘But I didn’t wet it, I didn’t wake up.’

‘Well it looks like you have wet your nappy in your sleep then.’

Chloe panicked at the news, she hadn’t wet the bed for years, did this mean she was a fully fledged bed wetter again?

Mark got the changing mat from the floor and placed it on the bed, he changed Chloes wet nappy with speed before putting her back to sleep. Mark was pleased with how Chloe was progressing or rather regressing, the next stage of the plan should be in place by the time they both go back to work on January 4th.

Things were going to be interesting.

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chloe woke up the next morning, her dummy had fallen out of her mouth, she searched the bed and eventually found it, she slipped it into her mouth and turned onto her side. Chloe reached down and touched her nappy, she was very wet, she had wet it in her sleep again. Chloe wasn’t sure what to make of this new turn of events she was a little worried but also she felt very turned on. Chloe lay there for a few minutes when she felt Mark moving beside her, he rolled over and put his arm over her.

‘What time is it?’

‘Its 8am, too early to get up yet princess.’

Mark and Chloe cuddled up together and fell back asleep.

At 10am Chloes mobile phone woke them up, Helen was asking Chloe if she was returning home today or if she was staying at Marks. Chloe decided she would stay in Marks as her mum and dad were going out for the day. Chloe said her goodbyes to her mum and then placed her mobile phone back on the bedside table. Mark wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss, he reached down and checked her nappy.

‘Looks like you need a change princess.’

‘I think I do. I didn’t even wake up to wet last night.’

‘Looks like you are getting used to wearing your nappy, you probably did wake up but you don’t remember.’

Mark got out of the bed and got the changing mat and the other supplies, he laid the mat down on the bed and rolled Chloe onto it. Chloe giggled as she felt the coldness of the mat on her back. Mark untapped the wet nappy and pulled it out from underneath Chloe, he wiped her crotch with the perfumed baby wipes and then threw then in the nappy bag along with the heavy Attends.

‘Looks like you need another shave baby.’

Chloe blushed and moved her hand down to her crotch, she felt her pubic area and could feel the rough stubble that was growing. Mark got up and went to the bathroom, he got a bowl full of warm water and the washcloth, he then returned to the bedroom. Mark placed the bowl on the floor at the side of the bed and then got the razor and foam from the changing bag. Mark foamed Chloes pubic area up well and then began to shave it free from the newly grown stubble, once he was finished he washed away the excess foam. Chloe reached back down and felt how smooth she was now.

‘Doesn’t that feel better?’

‘Much better.’

Mark then got out a fresh nappy and took note that there was only 5 left in the bag, and the way Chloe was going through them he would need to get some more that day. Mark continued to put on Chloes nappy and made sure he powdered her up well also applying more Sudocrem.

‘I’m going to have to get you some more nappies today.’

‘Where from? I didn’t know you could get them anywhere.’

‘There is a little medical shop on the outskirts we can get them from there.’

‘But won’t it be closed today?’

‘What day is it?’

‘Sunday I think.’

Mark had a look at the calendar hanging on the wall, Sunday 27th December.

‘Oh yes, oh well you will just have to take it easy on them nappies, the place should be back open tomorrow.’

Mark figured that 5 nappies would be more than enough for Chloe today. Mark left the bedroom again taking the bowl with him and he emptied it away in the bathroom, he next went to the kitchen and switched on the kettle, he made himself a cup of tea and also one for Chloe which he cooled down with cold water before pouring it into a bottle. Mark went back to the bedroom.

‘Here you go gorgeous.’

Mark passed Chloe the bottle of tea and she immediately began to drink its contents, Mark sat with his back against the headboard of the bed and Chloe was lying down sucking her bottle.

‘Shall we go and get some of your stuff today?’

‘Um yes I don’t see why not. When do you want to go?’

‘Well we can have some breakfast and then go if you like.’

‘Ok then.’

‘Right then I’ll finish this cuppa and then I will cook us some bacon, sausage and eggs. We can eat our breakfast then we will get you dressed.’

‘Okay daddy.’

Mark finished his cup of tea and told Chloe that she could watch some cartoons and play with her new toys whilst he cooked. Chloe switched on the TV and went straight for The Disney Channel, an old Mickey Mouse cartoon flickered onto the screen. Chloe sat on the floor close to the TV with her dummy in her mouth watching the cartoon and holding one of her new dolls. Mark cooked up a nice breakfast for he and Chloe, it didn’t take too long and he was soon walking into the living room and placing the plates on the table.

‘Come on now princess, come and eat your breakfast, you can watch cartoons later.’

Chloe looked over at the table, she didn’t want to walk over so she sat there on the floor and looked up at Mark and then held her arms out to be carried. Mark looked back at her and she gave him the puppy dog eyes, he walked over and picked Chloe up and carried her to the table. Chloe looked down at the meal in front of her, she had scrambled eggs, sausages which had been cut up into bite-sized pieces and bacon which had also been cut up. Next to her plate Chloe saw the plate of toast which had been cut up into soldiers and the bottle of orange juice.

‘Ok now you eat all that up like a good girl.’

Chloe smiled at Mark. ‘Ok daddy, can I have some sauce please?’

Mark reached over and picked up the tomato sauce, he squirted a blob of it on the side of Chloes plate.

‘Thank you daddy. Where is my knife and fork?’

‘Oh you don’t need one sweetheart, you have a spoon there.’

Chloe looked down and saw the spoon she picked it up and began to chase a piece of sausage around her plate. Chloe found that she had to use her fingers to push the food onto the spoon, she found it difficult to put sauce on anything when it was on the spoon so she gave up and used her fingers instead. Chloe got more sauce around her mouth than in it.

‘You are a messy baby.’

Chloe looked up at Mark, her face was covered in tomato sauce, she smiled imagining how babyish she must have looked.

‘I like being messy daddy.’

Mark laughed, he left the table and went to the kitchen to get a cloth, he returned and wiped Chloes face and hands clean. Mark then picked up the spoon and began to feed Chloe the scrambled eggs. Chloe ate the scrambled eggs and then turned her attention to the toast soldiers whilst Mark took the empty plates out to the kitchen to wash them. Chloe felt the effects of the orange juice and earlier tea, she needed to go but decided she should hold back for a while as she was meant to be using her nappy sparingly today, she didn’t want to run out for two reasons, firstly she loved being in her nappy and secondly she wasn’t confident that she would be able to keep the bed dry. Mark came back through the door and into the living room, he walked over to the TV and switched it off.

‘Come on then, let’s get you dressed.’

Mark walked over to Chloe and picked her up, Chloe felt the pain in her bladder. Mark carried Chloe to the bedroom and put her on the bed.

‘Ok what do you want to wear?’

Chloe looked through the small amount of clothes that she had already brought to her new home, she finally picked out a pair of combat trousers and a t-shirt with a jacket. Mark picked out some clean knickers and socks for Chloe and then began to get her dressed, he slid the knickers on over Chloes nappy and then the t-shirt, next the combat trousers and then finally Mark asked Chloe to lie down and he put on her socks. Mark then picked up Chloes trainers and put them on her then he picked her up and told her she could watch some more cartoons whilst he got dressed. Chloe went back to the living room, she could feel the pressure really starting to build in her bladder now, she saw her dummy on the table and retrieved it. Chloe went over and switched the TV back on, she sat on the sofa and put her dummy in her mouth, she tried to clamp her legs closed but the nappy wouldn’t let her. Chloe had her hands on the front of the nappy and was trying really hard to hold on but a few minutes later she felt the liquid begin to trickle out of her. Chloe had lasted no longer than 15 minutes, she could normally hold on much longer. Chloe carried on watching cartoons and let the rest of the urine escape her bladder and into her nappy, she couldn’t remember the last time she had actually used a toilet, in fact the thought of sitting on the cold porcelain contraption seemed alien to her now.

‘Ok then are you ready to go?’

Mark was dressed and soon they were at Chloes parents house, Chloe used her key and informed Mark that her parent were not home. Chloe had text her mother earlier in the day to tell her that she would be back to move some stuff out. Mark and Chloe got to work and began to box Chloes possessions away, everything was happening so fast, neither of them could quite believe where fate had brought them.

‘I can’t believe I never found the courage to ask you out. I mean I think I fell in love you the day you came to the office for your interview. I remember hoping that Mr. Dawson would hire you.’

Chloe blushed. ‘I think I first got the hots for you a couple of days after I started, I kept sneaking a quick peak over at you.’

‘And it has taken what about a year for us to actually finally speak. I guess Dave played a big part in us getting together.’

‘Dave, what a jerk. I’m glad you came to my rescue though. My knight in shining armour.’

Mark and Chloe both laughed as Mark swept Chloe into his arms and kissed her deeply.

‘I’m so glad we found each other, and I can’t believe you are my baby girl.’

‘Well I like it, I’d never have thought I would like this so much but it feels great.’

‘Well your little accident on our date and then you playing up to it back in the flat got me so turned on. I left them images on my computer to see what you would do.’

‘Did you really? Well I am so glad you did.’

Mark and Chloe continued to talk as they packed, Chloe felt her stomach beginning to churn, she needed to poop.

‘Um Mark, I need to go number two.’

‘So, you have your nappy on don’t you?’

‘Yes but I don’t really want to fill my nappy in my parents house you know.’

‘Well I am sorry babe but we don’t have a change here so you will just have to go in your nappy.’

‘Can’t I just take the nappy off and leave it off till we get back to the flat?’

‘I don’t think that it would be a good idea do you? I mean you have had a few night time accidents so maybe you might have a daytime one.’

‘But I haven’t had any daytime accidents yet have I.’

‘Well I don’t think you should risk it, we will be back soon anyway.’

Chloe looked defeated and told Mark she would leave the nappy on and try to hold it for a while. Mark and Chloe continued to pack, the pain in Chloes stomach kept stabbing at her in short bursts. The packing finished Mark and Chloe began to take bags and boxes downstairs and into the boot of Marks car. On the forth trip upstairs Chloes stomach really started to get very painful, she went into her room and bent down to pick up the box of books she had, as she took the strain of the weight she stopped. Chloe was frozen in a bent over position, she felt the warm mush make its way into her nappy.

‘What’s up babe?’ Mark was standing in the door way. ‘Have you hurt your back?’

‘No my back is fine, I’ve just had a little bit of an accident that’s all.’

Mark looked at Chloe and didn’t need to ask anymore questions. ‘Don’t worry babe we will be back soon then we can get you changed.’

Chloe finally stood up, she felt the mess in the seat of her nappy move with her, she asked Mark to take the last box to the car and then she would follow him. Mark walked over and picked up the box he turned to go out of the room but Helen was standing in the doorway.

‘Hello you two. Phew it smells like dirty nappies in here.’

Chloe blushed a crimson red, luckily her mum didn’t notice, she was just about to open her mouth when Mark came to her rescue.

‘Yes sorry Helen, that is me, had a bad pint last night you know.’

Helen laughed. ‘Say no more, Derek is the same. Are you two going straight away?’

‘Yes sorry Helen we need to do a few things. We are going to have a bust few days sorting this lot out at the flat.’

‘Oh ok then, well you are both going to be here for the New Year aren’t you?’

‘Of course we are, I couldn’t think of a better place to be.’

Chloe was grateful that Mark was a quick thinker he had gotten them out of a potentially very embarrassing situation.

‘Right well I think we’d better make a move babe.’

Chloe snapped out of her shame induced trance. ‘Yes ok.’ Chloe walked over to her mum and gave her a hug, she kissed her and said goodbye.’

Helen saw Mark and Chloe out. Chloe got into the car and felt the mess squish up the back of her nappy as she sat down. Helen waved them both goodbye as Mark drove out of the street.

‘That was a close one, I thought she was going to find out then.’

‘Don’t worry, it is not something that would have crossed her mind, anyway I quite enjoyed it, you went bright red.’

‘To tell you the truth I am getting a bit excited about it now but I hated it back then.’

Mark and Chloe both laughed. Mark wound the window down. ‘We need to get you home soon, you are a very stinky baby.’

Chloe blushed again. ‘If only my mum knew about all this, I can’t remember the last time I was stood in a messy nappy in front of my mum.’

‘Well you will probably be doing it more often from now on.’

Mark pulled up outside the flat a little while later, he got Chloe inside and told her to wait in the bedroom for him, meanwhile he got the stuff out of the car and brought it into the flat. Chloe sat waiting for Mark on the bed, she could feel the mush in her nappy, it was now thoroughly spread around and she could feel it coating her skin. Chloe began to think of the situation in her mums and began to get horny, she could feel her pussy get wet and wanted so much to put her hand inside her nappy. Chloe moved her hand down underneath her trouser and placed it firmly on the front of her nappy, she pushed the thick padding hard up between her legs, and the waves of pleasure engulfed her body. Chloe began to push a little more this time moving her nappy up and down, she began to moan in pleasure, her eyes closed and she lay back still rubbing the front of her nappy.

‘What have I told you about that?’

Chloe removed her hand fast and looked at Mark who was standing at the doorway holding a bowl of water.

‘I’m sorry I just got so horny.’

‘Don’t let me catch you doing it again.’

‘Ok daddy.’

Mark picked Chloe off the bed and began to undress her, he disrobed her and then went about cleaning up the very messy nappy. Mark used the washcloth to get the majority of the mess off Chloes skin then he switched to baby wipes, he cleaned Chloe up well.

‘I think we should get a shower, I think you would like that.’

Chloe agreed with Mark and soon they were both naked in the shower, as usual it wasn’t just a shower soon they were fondling each other and pretty soon they were out of the shower and having sex again.

‘I love having a shower at your house.’

Mark burst out laughing at Chloes statement as the both lay on the bed in the post sex buzz.

‘Well I think we had better get you back in your nappy before we end up with a wet bed.’

Chloe nodded in agreement and Mark was soon putting her back into the nappies that she had come to love so much.

‘You know I was thinking. Tomorrow when I go and get some more nappies for you I think you should come with me.’

‘Well I’m not going to stay here alone am I?’

‘No I mean I will park the car up and we can go and get your nappies and then go for something to eat. It can be your first proper public outing in nappies.’

‘Yeah sounds good, I’d like that.’

Mark and Chloe spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting things away, Chloe needed one more nappy change in the early evening when it had started to leak. In the evening time Mark and Chloe settled down to watch some TV before deciding to get an early night. It was 11pm and Mark got Chloe ready for bed, he left her in the nappy she had been wearing all evening as surprisingly she was dry. Mark and Chloe were both asleep by midnight.

Mark woke first the next morning he looked over at the sleeping Chloe and smiled to himself, he was thinking what a lucky man he was. Mark reached under the covers and felt the front of Chloes nappy, she was wet.

‘Wakey wakey princess, time to get up.’

Mark shook Chloe by the shoulders and a few shakes later she began to stir.

‘What time is it?’

‘It is 9am princess, we need to get you out of that wet nappy and into a nice dry one then we need to go and buy you some more.’

‘Oh ok, just a few more minutes please.’

Mark laughed, Chloe was not the quickest morning person, he pulled back the covers and turned Chloe onto her back, he picked up the changing mat and placed it beneath the still sleepy Chloe. Mark took out the last nappy from the bag and replaced it with the one Chloe was wearing, he leant over his sleeping princess and kissed her on the lips.

‘Come on lazy baby, get up now and let’s get you dressed.’

Chloe opened one eye and pouted, she didn’t want to get up at all, and in the end Mark grabbed her wrists and pulled her out of the bed.

‘Ohhhhhhh leave me in bed.’

‘No, lazy, we have to go out.’

‘But I don’t want to.’

‘Tough, we need to go and get you some more nappies otherwise you will have to wear nothing.’

Chloe eventually came round and Mark managed to get her dressed, she was wearing a semi-tight pair of jeans just enough to see her nappy bulge if you really looked hard. Chloe also wore a t-shirt and a jumper. Mark got himself ready and they were soon on the way to medical shop, as a treat Mark took Chloe for a McDonald’s breakfast on the way. The medical shop was on the other side of the city and it would be a good hours drive, Chloe used this time to catch up on some sleep and as she slept Mark casually slipped her dummy into her mouth laughing at some of the stirs from other drivers when they saw her. Chloe was enjoying her belated lie in and was pretty much in a deep sleep as the car ploughed on through the cold December air.

‘Ok we are here. Wake up sleepy head.’

Chloe woke up and took a little time to figure out where she was, the orange juice from her breakfast had found its way into her nappy as she slept.

‘Ok let’s get in there and get you your nappies sorted.’

Mark opened his door and stepped out, Chloe felt the cold air enter the car and reluctantly stepped out into the freezing conditions. Mark began to walk up the steps to the medical store closely followed by Chloe, they had to buzz to get into the shop.

‘Come right on in.’ the voice behind the telecom ordered.

‘Hello young man, what can I do for you today?’

‘Hi, I need a couple of cases of Attend slip10s please.’

‘Sure thing dear, what size will you be needing?’

‘Oh er medium seems to be fine so ill stick with them.’

‘For you are they dear?’

‘Oh no, not me, my girlfriend here has a bit of a medical problem.’

Chloe elbowed Mark sharply in the ribs and glared at him, the woman behind the counter saw this.

‘Oh now there is no need to be embarrassed dear we see many young women in here that need protection. It is a lot more common than people think.’

Chloe smiled at the woman. ‘Thanks, I’m just still a little embarrassed by it all really.’

‘Oh as I say dear, don’t be. Now will you be needing anything else?’

‘No thank you that will be fine. How much please?’

The woman began searching the computer and came back with the price.

‘It’s saying here my love that if you buy 3 cases you get a 4th for free. Three cases work out at £102 with VAT.’

‘Well ok I think I will take them. Do you accept credit cards?’

‘Yes dear we do.’

Mark took out his credit card and paid for the huge supply of nappies, he had purchased around 200 nappies which he hoped would last a while.

‘You know if you are going to order that amount on a regular basis we can deliver them free of charge and I think we could also work out some sort of discount.’

‘That sounds great, what can you do for me?’

The lady behind the counter typed into the computer again and went through some alternative brands, in the end they decided that Attends were the best and a deal was struck. Mark was going to but 5 cases of Attends slip 10s every 3 months, they would be costing £116.97 with free delivery. Mark took a case away with him then and it was organised that the other 4 cases would be delivered the next week. Mark thanked the lady for her kind help and assistance and wishing her a happy New Year he and Chloe left the shop.

‘That was a great deal wasn’t it?’

‘Well princess I think you are going to be in nappies for quite some time so it’s best to stock up.’

Mark and Chloe got back in the car and after a short discussion the decided to go to the pub they had passed for some lunch. Mark drove back down the road where the pub was and entered the car park.

‘Um before we go in I think I might need to be changed.’

Mark slipped his hand into Chloes jeans and then into her nappy, she did indeed require a change.

‘Ok then let’s get you changed. Hop into the back.’

Chloe got out of the car and then got back in but this time at the rear, Mark went to the boot and opened up one of the new packages, he got out a nappy and then opened the door to the back sit where Chloe was now lying. Mark performed the nappy change right there on the back seat of the car in the middle of the car park, anybody passing within ten feet of the car would know what they were doing. Mark felt Chloes excitement as her vagina was glistening in the sunlight. Unfortunately Mark had not packed any cream or powder so Chloe had to make do with just a dry nappy. With Chloe now in a dry nappy they both exited the car and walked across the car park and entered the pub. As soon as the doors opened the smell of steak being cooked filled their nostrils, the heat was the next thing to hit them. Mark and Chloe went to find a table and Chloe removed her jumper, Mark excused himself and went to the toilet. On the way back to the table Mark bought some drinks and was taking them back to the table when he spotted Chloe leaning forward reading her menu. Chloes t-shirt had ridden up her back and she was now exposing the top of her nappy to the entire pub. Mark smiled to himself and wondered whether Chloe secretly knew that her nappy was on show. Mark approached the table and placed the drinks down.

‘You’re showing’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Your nappy, it is sticking out of your jeans and everybody can see it.’

Just then a group of young boys walked past them and sniggered to each other, Chloe blushed and quickly fixed her t-shirt and sat back in her seat.

‘Hey don’t worry about it, nobody here knows us.’

‘True. What are we going to get to eat?’

Mark and Chloe looked through the menu, there was certainly some appetising meals listed, in the end they both went for the steak dinner. Mark and Chloe sat and enjoyed their meals, when they were finished they decided to return home and spend an evening curled up together on the sofa.

Things were going great for Mark and Chloe, their relationship continued to go from strength to strength, they spent the rest of the week at the flat enjoying each others company. Chloe remained in nappies 24 hours a day and was wet every single morning without fail, she has begun to regress in her behaviour drastically when she was playing with her toys.

New Years Eve was spent with Chloes parents and they ended up staying the night, Chloe wore her nappy for the entire evening.

With the shadow of retuning to work looming ever closer Mark and Chloe were relishing all the time they could spend together, they went on numerous daytrips to various places. Chloe had dragged Mark to see a new chick flick and they had enjoyed bowling together. On the evening of their return to work they had some serious issues to discuss.

‘Chloe, are we going to tell people in work about us?’

‘Of course we are, I am going out with you and I want the world to know it.’

‘Good. Are you going to wear your nappies in work?’

Chloe hadn’t thought about returning to work in her new regressed toileting techniques, it was not something that she had considered. Chloe thought long and hard about her answer to the question, it was a difficult decision to make. Chloe really enjoyed wearing her nappy but she wasn’t sure if she could wear it in work.

‘Well Chloe what is the answer going to be?’

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Chloe continued to think about the question that Mark had asked her, did she really want to wear a nappy to work the next day? Was she ready to do that?

‘Mark I’m really not sure.’

‘I thought you would be dubious about it.’

‘I want to but what if somebody finds out?’

‘Well you have been out all over the place this week and you have not been spotted, as long as you dress the right way you will be fine.’

‘I suppose so. I’ll have a think about it.’

Chloe continued to think about what she was going to do the next day, she thought about nothing else all evening. That night as Chloe lay in bed trying to sleep she came to the decision that she would go to work without a nappy the next day. Chloe had made her decision but she was still not able to sleep, eventually at about 4 am she fell asleep.

The loud beeping of the alarm clock told Mark and Chloe that it was time to wake up, they gave each other a kiss good morning and then Chloe removed her wet nappy and went to take a shower, she hadn’t had a shower alone for almost 2 weeks now so it felt a little weird. Chloe was soon finished and wrapped a towel around herself, Mark was ironing a shirt in the living room as she came out of the bathroom.

‘Good morning gorgeous. Can I iron you anything while I am here?’

‘Morning, no it’s ok my stuff should be fine.’

‘So do you need me to get you ready or not?’

‘No I’ve decided to go without.’

‘Ok babe your decision.’

Chloe went back through to the bedroom and collected her make up, she went back to the bathroom and began applying it. As she stood at the bathroom mirror she realised that she hadn’t worn any make up since before Christmas, she carried on making herself up when she felt the urge for her morning pee. Chloe went over and sat on the toilet, the cold porcelain felt very strange to her, she hadn’t sat on a toilet since Christmas morning. Chloe sat on the toilet but she couldn’t pee, it was like the urge had completely gone. Chloe stood back up and applied the finishing touches to her make up, once she was finished she went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Chloe looked at the huge stack of nappies in the wardrobe and re-thought her decision, no she had to stick to her original decision, she was 19 and she didn’t need nappies. Chloe continued to get dressed and put on her trousers and shirt, Mark was in the shower and he was singing. Chloe was finished dressing and went through to the kitchen to have some breakfast, she made a bowl of cereal and then sat down in front of the TV. When Chloe had finished her cereal she returned to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea, she had drunk half a cup when she felt the slight urge to pee again. Chloe wasn’t desperate for the toilet so she drank the rest of the tea. Mark came through dressed in his suit a few minutes later, he had already eaten when Chloe was in the shower.

‘Right then shall we get ourselves to work?’

‘Yep all set.’

‘Are you sure you don’t want your nappy?’

‘No I will have it tonight.’

Mark and Chloe left the flat and then got in the car, they got their journey underway. Chloe felt the urge to go to the toilet about halfway through the journey, she knew she could hold on and simply closed her legs a little. Mark stopped off at the shop along the way for a newspaper, he passed the paper to Chloe and she saw an interview article that she really wanted to read. Chloe began to read the interview and very quickly became engrossed in the article, she soon forgot about her urge to pee. Chloe was reading about this person’s life when she felt her seat get very warm all of a sudden, she pushed her hand under her bottom and froze.

‘Oh no!’

‘What’s up babe?’

Chloe began to cry. ‘Mark I’ve wet myself.’

Mark looked at Chloes pant’s, he could see the huge wet patch. ‘How did that happen?’

‘I don’t know. I felt like I needed the toilet before but it went away, I was just reading the paper when I felt my bum getting warm.’

Mark performed a U turn in the car and began to go back to the flat.

‘Mark I’m really sorry. I didn’t know it was happening.’

‘Don’t worry about it, you have just gotten used to the nappies.’

The fact suddenly dawned on Chloe, she was becoming used to wearing a nappy, it had only been a few weeks but every time she needed to go to the toilet she had just let go and wet her nappy, now she was just doing it instinctively.

Mark pulled up outside the flat, Chloe got out of the car and ran to the door.

‘You are going to need these to get in.’

Mark held up the keys to the flat, Chloe ran back down the path and took the keys from him, Mark watched intently as she ran back up the path with the big wet patch on her grey pants.

Chloe fumbled around with the keys, she needed to get inside and hide her shameful accident. Finally Chloe got the key in the lock and turned it giving her access to flat, as soon as she was in the living room she burst into tears, Mark came through the door not long after, he saw Chloe crying and wrapped his arms around her.

‘Shhh, don’t cry, let’s get you cleaned up.’

Mark took Chloe by the hand and led her to the bedroom, he told her to lie down on the changing mat and then left the room. Mark headed for the telephone and phoned their office, he told them he was not going to be in that day and made the excuse that he had caught the flu, then he returned to Chloe who, by now, had calmed down a little.

‘Ok baby let’s get you all clean and into your nappy.’

Mark leant over and gave Chloe a quick kiss, he then slid her wet pants down her legs and quickly followed by removing the wet knickers. Mark could see Chloes vagina still glistening with pee. Mark took out the baby wipes and made sure to wipe Chloe clean, he took out one of the nappies and placed it under Chloe, he then powdered her and tapped up the nappy.

‘There now isn’t that better.’

Chloe smiled at Mark and then stood up grateful for the bulk between her legs that she had become so accustomed and used to.

‘Chloe, I phoned the office and took the day off, you give them a ring from your mobile and do the same. We will go back tomorrow and try again.’

‘Ok, I don’t really feel like going in anyway.’

Chloe took out her mobile phone and made the call to the office, she told them that she had food poisoning and would be back in as soon as she felt better. Chloe then went and lay down on the bed and removed her shirt and bra, Mark sat beside her and placed her dummy in her mouth, Chloe received it gratefully and immediately began to suck on the soothing teat. Chloe began to think about the events of that morning she thought back to the moment that she had felt the seat become warm beneath her, she remembered not having any feeling at all. Chloe became a little concerned about her lack of control, she had been wearing nappies for little more than a few weeks and she was already wetting through the night again and now she was wetting during the day as well.

‘Are you ok there?’ Mark had noticed the thoughtful expression on Chloes face.

‘Hmm. Oh sorry I was just thinking.’

‘Thinking about what?’

‘Oh just about this morning, you know my accident in the car.’

‘Don’t worry about it, the seat can be cleaned and nobody saw.’

‘No it is not that, I am just a little worried about it.’


‘Well I felt nothing at all until it had happened and that was only because of the seat getting warm.’

‘I’m sure you are ok, it is just that you have been using the nappies 24 hours a day for the last few weeks, you are getting used to being able to wet at the slightest urge.’

‘What so I NEED nappies now?’

‘Well, yes, I suppose you do. I’m sure you would be ok if you concentrated really hard on being dry.’

Chloe didn’t like what she had just heard, she began to sob. Mark saw the tears in Chloes eyes and laid down next to her, he placed an arm across her chest and pulled her close to him.

‘Aww don’t cry babe, it is not a forever thing. We can always potty train you again.’

Chloe looked at Mark, she felt helpless.

‘It has all happened so fast Mark, I didn’t think that I would lose control.’

‘You haven’t, you just need to concentrate. You can stop wearing nappies all together if you want, just wear them from time to time.’

Chloe looked at Mark, he was so understanding to her feelings, and she loved him dearly. Chloe thought about Marks offer, she tried to weigh up the pros and cons, on one hand she wasn’t sure if she could cope with really needing the nappies but on the other that very thought made something inside her tingle and not least of which made her vagina throb and moisten. Chloe lay in silence for a few minutes the thoughts of pleasure running through her head, she was still trying to make up her mind as she felt her nappy become warm accompanied by the steady hissing sound, Mark looked at her.

‘Have you just wet?’

Chloe gave him her best innocent look complete with the watery puppy dog eyes that had a fire burning behind them. Chloe nodded her head and grinned.

‘I take it you are enjoying yourself then?’

‘Why don’t you see for yourself?’ Chloe took Marks hand and moved it towards the waist band of her now soaked nappy, she gently slid it inside and manoeuvred his hand to her aching vagina. Mark felt the wetness and knew that this was not urine he felt, he placed a finger inside Chloes vagina and gave a quick tickle before removing his hand.

‘What are you doing?’ The disappointment in Chloes face was clearly visible.

Mark chuckled to himself as he wiped her juices onto her stomach.

‘I’m tired babe so you will have to see to yourself.’

Chloe scowled at Mark and he just laughed.

‘Come on I’m quite sure you know how to do it.’

Chloe slid her hand to the front of her nappy and began to rub, she pressed it a little and moaned, Mark lay beside her observing. Chloe continued to rub and press, she felt the wet thick padding of the nappy on her dripping vagina, she felt it was time to go inside. Chloe flattened her hand and slid it into the nappy, the first thing she felt was the heat inside and then the wetness, she casually ran her hand down her vagina slowly, on the return stroke she probed herself with her middle finger. Mark was enjoying the sight before him and had pulled down his own trousers exposing his rock hard manhood to the cool air. Chloe had teased herself for long enough and decided to move to her clitoris, she placed her middle finger on it and arching her hand began to rub. Chloe began to moan and she could feel the waves of pleasure pulse through her, she rubbed a little faster, the tapes that held the nappy in place became unstuck, the front of it flopped open exposing her very wet vagina. Mark saw the nappy come open and immediately moved down the bed and positioned himself at Chloes legs, he grabbed each side of the nappy, Chloe continued to rub, he looked as if he was going to tape the nappy back in place but instead moved his head down to Chloes groin. Chloe looked down at Mark but continued rubbing, she was nearing a climax, Mark felt Chloes legs tense, he knocked her hand clear.

‘NO.’ Chloe nearly burst into tears, she needed to climax.

Mark gave Chloe a quick smile before bowing his head and kissing her vagina. Mark felt Chloes legs tense again, he moved his tongue up her vagina and planted a kiss on the hard clitoris. Chloes arms where now at her sides and she had grabbed the sheets in two bunches, one either side of her body, she could felt each tongue stroke and gentle kiss. Chloe began to shake, her hands clenched in a vice like grip of the sheets, her back arched and she felt the orgasm take her away.

‘Oh Mark, stop please, stop.’

Mark raised his head to see a beaming Chloe, the waves of pleasure had become as unbearable as a severe case of pins and needles, her breathing became shorter and shallower and her body glistened with a light sheen of sweat. Mark moved up the bed and kissed Chloe, she could taste her own juices, Mark then inserted his manhood inside her. Chloe couldn’t believe how good the sex was, she was at a totally new height of pleasure with every thrust that Mark made she could feel the nappy still under her bottom, this only made her feel more excited. It was not long before Mark climaxed and they both collapsed into a passionate kiss, they then lay there listening to each others breathing slow back to a normal pace.

‘That was incredible.’ Chloe was first to break the silence.

Mark smiled at Chloe and gave her another kiss.

‘It is you, I see how turned on you are and I know what I have to do.’

Chloe smiled at the remark and then sighed, her breathing had slowed back down now and the waves of pleasure were gone.

‘I think we had better get a shower.’

Chloe looked at Mark and had to agree, she began to move, the tapes of the nappy had stuck to her legs, she pulled them away and rolled the nappy into a ball. Mark took the wet nappy off Chloe and placed it in a nappy bag, he then picked her up and carried her to the bathroom, she wrapped her legs around his waist as they moved down the hallway. Mark placed Chloe in the bath and turned on the shower, she jumped as the initial blast of cold water hit her body, Mark then climbed in to join her. Standing in the warm water cascading over them Mark and Chloe washed each other, inevitably this lead to more ‘fun’ to which there was no complaints.

With the shower complete and both of them feeling great it was time for Chloe to be the baby again. Mark got himself out of the shower early and dried himself and got dressed, he then came back for Chloe. Mark switched off the water and wrapped Chloe in a towel he picked her up out of the bath and carried her to the bedroom, Mark sat on the bed and Chloe stood between his legs, he then took the towel from around Chloe and proceeded to dry her. Pretty quickly Chloe was dry and she then sat on the floor between Marks legs and he dried her hair. It took a little longer for Mark to dry Chloes hair as it was so long and thick, once he was done Mark pulled out the changing mat and placed it on the floor, Chloe crawled onto it and then Mark pulled out a fresh nappy and lifted Chloes legs in the air he placed it beneath her bum. Next Mark took out the talc and sprinkled on a generous coating he then rubbed it in well. Chloe liked the feeling of the talc on her skin and especially enjoyed the smell, her thumb had found its way into her mouth, Mark spotted it and pulled it away replacing it with a dummy. Mark tickled Chloes belly as he moved his hands back down to finish putting her nappy on, he grabbed the nappy and pulled up the front and then taped it securely into place.

‘There you go little one, now let’s get you a nice t-shirt to wear.’

Chloe stood up and was reacquainted with the padded feeling again which she embraced, she rustled over to the wardrobe where Mark joined her and she picked out a white t-shirt for herself.

‘Ok then baby you go and watch some cartoons, I just need to make a phone call.’

Chloe took one of the teddy bears Mark had gotten her for Christmas and walked along the hallway, she entered the living room and switched on the TV.

Mark lifted up the receiver of the phone and dialled the number for the nursing home that his gran was in, she had not been in the best of health when he had seen her at Christmas but was assured by the staff that it was nothing more than a cold.

‘Oh yes hello, this is Mark Trimble, I am just phoning to see how my gran is doing.’

Mark listened intently on the phone and was not happy with the news he received, it seemed that his gran had taken a turn for the worse and things were not looking good. Mark thanked the staff for taking care of her and said that he would be up by the next day. Mark had feared this day for a while now, his Gran was the only family he had left. Marks other gran and granddad on his mothers side had passed before he was born and his last remaining gran had lost her husband 5 years previously. Mark did have an uncle but he had emigrated to Australia many years before, he didn’t even know how to contact him. Mark telephoned the office yet again and passed on the news that he had just received, he told them that he was going to Bromford to be with his gran. Mark was granted a fortnights compassionate leave, now he had to tell Chloe.

Chloe was lying on the couch contently sucking on her dummy and cuddling up to her teddy bear, she was watching Nickelodeon.

‘Are you enjoying your cartoons princess?’

Chloe removed her dummy from her mouth and looked up at Mark.

‘Yes thank you daddy. Can we go to McDonalds for lunch?’

‘We’ll see baby. I need to talk to you first though baby.’

‘What is wrong daddy?’

Mark proceeded to tell Chloe about the situation he found himself in, he gave her the option to go back to her mum and dads or to accompany him during the journey.

‘Of course I am going to come with you, when do we have to leave?’

‘As soon as possible babe, I don’t know how long she has got.’

Ok well let me pack a few things and we will be ready to go.’

‘What about work babe? What are you going to do?’

‘Oh well I suppose I can just carry on ringing in sick, I’ll get a doctors note.’

Mark smiled at Chloe. ‘Thanks for coming with me baby, I promise I’ll make it up to you.’

‘Don’t be silly, I am your girlfriend, it is my job.’

With that Chloe went to the bedroom and began to put some clothes into a suitcase, she didn’t know what to pack but she thought that she had better put in a formal suit. Mark had joined her in the room and was also packing his clothes into a suitcase. Chloe then remembered that she would need some clothes on now as she was only in her nappy and t-shirt. Chloe slipped into a pair of jeans and put on her socks and ankle boots. Mark then remembered that they would probably need some changing supplies.

‘We’d better take the changing supplies as well don’t you think?’

Chloe laughed. ‘I don’t think this nappy is going to last the entire time we are there.’

Mark laughed as well and then began to fill up a sports bag with nappies, talc, Sudocrem and baby wipes. Mark also packed a few bottles and Chloes selection of dummies.

‘Do you want to pack a few cuddly toys as well gorgeous?’

‘Yep definitely.’

Mark placed in a few stuffed bears and zipped the bag closed.

‘Are you nearly ready?’

Chloe put the last few things into her suitcase and closed it up, she then went to the bathroom and grabbed the toiletries they would need. Mark made sure that the boiler was switched off and poured the milk down the sink, he then tied up the bin-bag and put it out.

‘Ok, I’m ready to go now.’

‘Right then, let’s go. Have you let your mum know you are coming with me?’

‘No it is ok, I’ll phone her on the road.’

‘Ok, do you need a change at all before we go?’

‘I don’t think so.’

Mark walked over and slipped his hand into Chloes jeans and then into her nappy, she was wet but not by much.

‘I think you will be ok for a while yet.’

Mark got Chloes coat out of the cupboard and helped her into it, he then took his own jacket and put it on.

‘Ok then time to go.’

Mark and Chloe exited the flat, the air was cold and there was a feint breeze blowing down the street, they both got into the car after Mark had loaded the suitcases and bags into the boot. Mark started the car and soon they were on the way. Chloe took out her mobile phone and phoned her mum, she told her about the unexpected trip she and Mark we undertaking and that they would both be out of town for a week or so. As always her mum told her to be careful and to ring her regularly to assure her of Chloes safety. The telephone call lasted a good fifteen minutes and it left Mark wondering exactly how women can make a short simple conversation last so long. Finally Chloe said her goodbyes and she put her phone away.

‘Wow you two can talk.’

Chloe laughed. ‘She passes on her wishes and hopes everything will be ok.’

‘I like your mum, she is a nice person, and your dad too he is great.’

‘He is down the betting office again, mum said he has had a hot few tips for today and he has promised to bring her home some money.’

Mark laughed. ‘A red hot tip eh. Well I hope they win for him.’

Mark turned on the radio hoping to hear the traffic reports, Brompton was a good four hour drive and it was boring, there was nothing of interest to pass, the only civilisation encountered was in service stations and even then it was primitive life.

Mark and Chloe had been driving for a little over an hour, Chloe had long since fallen asleep in the back of the car and Mark could hear her mumbling to herself. Mark decided that he would pull in at the next service station, he needed to eat something and he knew Chloe would also be hungry and probably ready for a nappy change.

Mark saw the sign for the next service station at Fullbrook, it was only fifteen miles away, he glanced over his shoulder to check Chloe she was still sleeping.

‘Chloe………Chloe………Chloe. Wake up Chloe.’ Mark reached into the back seat and shook Chloe.

Chloe began to wake. ‘What, what is it?’

‘We are going to pull in soon for something to eat and I will check your nappy.’

‘Ok, can we have McDonalds?’

‘If there is one then we will have some.’

A few minutes later Mark pulled the car into the services lane and soon they were parking up. Mark made sure to park in a quieter area, he then got out and stretched his legs, then he went to the boot and got out the supplies he would need for a nappy change. Mark opened the rear door and crouched inside, he laid the supplies on the floor and then set about pulling down Chloes jeans. Chloes nappy was visibly very wet, Mark unfastened the tapes and pulled the front down, the smell of stale urine filled the small space of the car.

‘Wow, we have a very wet baby here.’

Chloe blushed and hid her face behind the teddy bear she had with her. Mark took out the baby wipes and proceeded to wipe Chloe clean, she giggled as the cold wipes touched her skin. Mark then pulled the wet nappy from beneath Chloe, he rolled it up and placed it into a nappy bag, next her opened the new nappy and slid it under Chloes bum. Mark talced Chloe up well and then fastened the nappy securely around her waist, he then slid her jeans back into place.

‘There you go babe, shall we go and get something to eat now.’

Chloe sat up and slid herself out of the car and stood up, the cold air hit her and she immediately began to shiver, Mark placed his arm around her and they began to walk to the service station. Chloe spotted the McDonalds sign and became excited, they both entered the restaurant and sat at a table.

‘Ok then what are you having?’

‘Happy Meal.’ Chloe was very excited.

Mark went to the counter and ordered Chloe a chicken nuggets Happy Meal and for himself he got a Big Mac meal. The food was ready quickly and Mark took the tray to the table, Chloe grabbed the box and excitedly began searching for the toy.

‘What did you get?’

Chloe held up the toy she got, it was a moving figure from some new kids film that Mark knew nothing about.

‘That is nice, now you eat up your meal nicely now.’

Mark and Chloe were the only two customers in the restaurant but the sight was one to behold. Chloe sat on the moulded plastic bench with her legs folded under her, she was eating her French fries one at a time and with her free hand she was ‘walking’ the toy across the table, although the girl looked in her late teens she had all the airs and mannerisms of a three year old. The staff behind the counter looked on in amazement at the behaviour of the woman, she didn’t seem to care that she was being watched. There was a young lad mopping the floor in the public area and he to had noticed Chloes behaviour, he looked on in awe, he wondered if he should ask them the question. The young lad was a prominent member of the AB/DL community, he had read about sightings online but never had he seen anything quite like this.

Mark got up and walked towards the gentlemen’s toilets, the young lad saw this and decided that this was his chance to ask in some privacy. Mark entered the toilets and had just unfastened his zip when he heard the door open behind him.

‘Erm, excuse me mate. Do the words AB or DL mean anything to you?’

Mark was taken aback at this question, he never thought that anything like this would happen.

‘Well if you are referring to the same thing I think you are then yes, and this must be about my girlfriend.’

The young lads eyes lit up. ‘So she is a baby then?’

‘Yes, she is.’ Mark finished and zipped himself up before washing his hands.

‘Listen mate we have to get going in a minute but if you want you can meet us outside and walk back with us to my car and you can talk to my baby.’

‘You’re kidding, seriously.’

‘Yes sure just don’t go shouting it anywhere.’ With that Mark left the toilets leaving the young lad behind.

Mark got back to the table and Chloe was just finishing the last of her fries.

‘Come on babe, you can drink your Coke in the car.’

Chloe got up and Mark picked up the toy she had got and put it into his pocket, they then left the restaurant and began to walk back to the car. A second later the young lad rushed over and tapped Mark on the shoulder, Mark told Chloe about him and the three of them walked over to the car.

The young lad was full of questions for Chloe, there was no hiding his excitement. Mark and Chloe got into the car and the young lad leaned at the window.

‘Can I ask just one more question?’


‘Can I please see you nappy and touch it.’

Chloe was shocked at the young mans abruptness, she looked at Mark who was smiling, he gave Chloe a nod.

‘Go on let him see, I think it will make his day.’

Chloe laughed as she looked at the young man, she slipped her jeans down revealing her nappy, the young mans eyes bulged.

‘Can I touch it?’

‘Go on then.’

The young man lowered his hand into the car, he moved it towards Chloes crotch as he cupped the front of the nappy in his hands his finger brushed Chloes thigh, his hands were cold and it caused Chloe to wet a little. The young man felt the wetness and he lost his breath.

‘Here, this is my email address, you can contact me one time.’ Mark handed the young man the business card he had and then he wound up the window and drove off. Chloe burst into a fit of laughter.

‘Did you see his face when he touched my nappy?’

Mark laughed. ‘Do you think he enjoyed that?’

‘I think he shot his load into his pants.’

Mark and Chloe laughed about what they had just done.

‘I bet we will have a ton of emails from him when we get back.’

‘Probably, he will want pictures of you next.’

Mark and Chloe chatted for a while and then Chloe climbed into the back seat and lay down, pretty soon afterwards she was fast asleep. Mark had welcomed the distraction that the service station had presented but he was soon thinking about his gran again. The drive to Brompton was as boring as ever and Mark envied the fact that Chloe could sleep through it, he turned the radio on low and listened to the football talk show that was taking place. Mark could smell the freshly wet nappy emanating from the back seat, he knew Chloe would need a change when they got there.

A few hours later they finally edged into the small city that was Brompton, Mark decided to drive to the travel inn which was just down the road from the nursing home that his gram lived in and also the one he used whenever he visited her. Mark parked the car up and shook Chloe awake.

‘There you are sleepy head. I am just going into the reception to see if they have a room for us, I won’t be long.’

Chloe looked sleepily at Mark and nodded in agreement, she sat up and felt the wetness of her nappy. Mark exited the car and then went to the inns reception, Chloe watched him go in and then began to look around her. Attached to the Inn was a pub/restaurant, she could smell steak, the buildings themselves were tastefully painted and there was a small beer garden, the main road outside was a little less audible as the perimeter of the grounds was bordered with huge conifer trees that swayed a little in the cool breeze. Chloe needed to stretch her legs and decided to get out of the car, she slid across the seat and opened the door, the coldness of the air bit into her cheeks immediately and shivered. Chloe climbed out of the car and drew a deep breath in through her nose, the cold air felt good in her nostrils, as Chloe began to walk around she could feel her nappy sagging away from her body a little, she knew she was a wet little girl.

Mark exited the reception area and came over and informed Chloe that they had a room and that he would take her there now. Mark opened the boot and somehow managed to carry all the bags across to the entrance, they went down a hallway and stopped outside room seven. Mark took out the key from his pocket and opened the door.

The room was a typical Inn room complete with a TV and a kettle in the corner. Mark placed the bags at the foot of the double bed and then turned to Chloe.

‘Right, I am going to go and see my gran, you stay here for now and I will be back soon.’

‘Ok, how long will you be?’

‘Not long, why?’

‘Well I think I might need to be changed.’

Mark slipped his hand inside Chloes jeans and then into her nappy, she was close to leaking point.

‘Dear me, we have a very wet baby girl here don’t we.’

Chloe blushed and nodded, she was cuddling her teddy bear and had just found her dummy.

‘Ok then let’s get you changed.’

Mark took out the changing supplies and then proceeded to give Chloe a quick nappy change, he didn’t replace her jeans and told her that she could watch cartoons on the TV until he got back. Chloe settled herself in the cosy bed and cuddled her bear tight, she was handed the TV remote control and began flicking through the channels, Mark brought her over a bottle of tea and kissed her forehead before leaving the room. Chloe lay on the bed and watched the afternoons children’s TV.

Mark arrived at the nursing home which was only a few minutes walk from the Travel Inn, he had bought some flowers and went in to see his ailing gran. Mark was informed by the carers that she was still quite bad but at the moment she was comfortable, Mark entered his grans room unsure of what to expect.

‘Hello Gran, it is me Mark.’

Marks gran looked up and removed the oxygen mask that she was wearing. ‘Hello dear, nice to see you again.’

‘How are you feeling?’

‘I’ve been better son, got me a bit of a cold they reckon.’

‘Well I’ve brought you some flowers and I’m here for a little while, I’m staying at the Travel Inn down the road.’

‘Oh you didn’t have to race her to see me dear.’

‘I wanted to. And, tomorrow I am going to bring a visitor to see you.’

‘That’ll be nice dear, anybody I know?’

‘No, it is my new girlfriend, she has come with me.’

Mark and his gran chatted for a while and Mark told her all about Chloe, leaving out the AB bits of course, Mark could see that his gran was not at all well she looked gaunt and grey. Mark made his gran a cup of tea and saw to it that she had the evening newspaper then he said his goodbyes.

‘Well gran, I had better go and check on Chloe, she will be wondering where I have gotten to.’

‘Ok dear, I shall be looking forward to meeting this young lady tomorrow.’

Mark leant over the bed and gave his gran a kiss on the cheek, he walked over to the door and had a quick glance, she had already closed her eyes to go back to sleep. Mark thanked the carers once again for their help and had a short conversation with them.

‘The doctor has been coming in daily for the last few days to keep and eye on her, he thinks it will be pointless taking her to the hospital.’

‘Well thank you for all you have done, here is my number if there is any change.’ Mark handed the carer his card and wrote on the back of it the number to the Travel Inn and his room number. Mark then left the nursing home to return to Chloe.

Chloe in the meantime had been enjoying her cartoons, she was lying on the bed when she felt that familiar fullness in her tummy, she knew that a messy nappy would be on the cards soon enough. Chloe didn’t like sitting in a messy nappy and Mark had only been gone for half an hour, she sat up to asses the situation. Chloe felt a pain in her tummy as she sat up, she didn’t have long, she began to hold her tummy and began to rub it, this made the urge worse. Chloe let out a loud fart and she blushed deeply even though there was not another person in the room. Chloe picked up the magazine that was on the bedside table and began to read it to take her mind of her urge to poop, she was reading the agony aunt page when a stronger urge hit her. Chloe threw the magazine to the floor and rolled over to lie on her tummy, she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer. A much stronger urge hit her now and she clenched her bum cheeks tightly, she felt the front of her nappy grow warm as her bladder expelled its contents, it was going to happen now. Chloe unclenched her bum and the pain returned, this time she didn’t try to stop it and felt the mush fill the back of her nappy, she felt the warm mess move its way into the front of her nappy. Chloe felt dirty, her nappy was full and to make matters worse her bladder had decided to empty more of its contents into it. Chloe slowly got out of the bed and stood up, the nappy sagged under the weight of its contents, the room was filled with a horrible smell. Chloe knew that she couldn’t deal with this magnitude of mess on her own so she had no choice but to wait for Mark, he had been gone for just over an hour and he did say that he wouldn’t be long. Chloe decided to stay standing until Mark returned as the mess she had made would not be nice to sit in. Chloe stood watching the TV for a little while, the mess in her nappy was now cold and she could feel it stuck to her skin, she was not enjoying it at all. Chloe began to sob.

Mark walked down the hallway of the Travel Inn, he came to the room and opened the door, the smell hit his nostrils immediately.

‘Phwoar, smells like I have some work to do.’

Mark saw Chloe standing at the foot of the bed, she was sobbing and he could see her nappy was clearly close to bursting.

‘Oh baby sorry I have been so long, come here.’

Chloe waddled over to Mark and he embraced her. ‘I’m all cold and wet.’

‘I know baby, daddy will sort it all out.’

Mark took out the changing mat from the bag, he was thankful now that he packed it, he placed it on the floor. Chloe lay down on it, Mark proceeded to clean up the huge mess that she was in, and it took a few trips to the en-suite bathroom to finally get Chloe clean. The bathroom had a decent sized bath in it so Mark drew one for Chloe, he found some free sachets of bubble bath and poured them in.

‘I’m running you a nice hot bath babe, we will get you smelling nice again then we will go and get a meal at the restaurant.’

Chloe had stopped sobbing now and was sucking on her dummy still lying on the changing mat. Mark finished running the bath and came in and picked up Chloe, he placed her into the warm bubbly water. Mark tenderly washed Chloe.

‘How was your gran?’

‘She’s not too good but she was not as bad as I was expecting. I am going in again tomorrow and I want you to come with me.’

‘Are you sure you want me there?’

‘Of course I do, my gran is eager to meet you. Unless you don’t want to of course.’

‘Well if she wants to meet me I suppose I better had.’

Mark got Chloe clean and let her sit in the bath as he let the plug out, he then got her dried and into a fresh nappy. Chloe got herself something to wear and they went to the restaurant for their evening meal.

Mark ordered himself a steak and chips whilst Chloe got a beef burger and chips.

‘Listen Chloe, thanks for being with me, you keep me happy.’

‘I’m here because I love you.’

Mark smiled at Chloe he knew he was a very lucky man, they both ate their meals and had a few drinks at the bar. What should have been the day Mark and Chloe both returned to the monotony of their office had turned into a much more interesting day, they left the bar at 11pm and returned to the room, Mark changed Chloes nappy and then they both went to bed.

Mark was first to wake the next morning, he looked at the clock it was 9am. Mark got up and went to the bathroom, he had a quick shower and then got himself dressed, he then woke Chloe up.

‘Good morning princess, it’s time to get up.’

Chloe rubbed her eyes and smiled. ‘Good morning daddy.’

Mark reached over and gave Chloe a kiss he slid his finger inside her nappy and checked her.

‘Right then let’s get you changed and dressed and we can go and see nanny.’

Chloe laughed at Mark saying that, she got up and Mark had soon gotten her changed into a fresh nappy and she got herself dressed. Mark made the bed and they left to go and see Marks gran. Chloe was a little nervous about meeting Marks gran, she hoped that they got along.

Mark and Chloe entered the nursing home and Mark signed them both in, the update on his gran revealed that she was pretty much in the same state as the previous day. Mark knocked on the door and they both entered.

‘Good morning gran.’

Marks gran looked up at them. ‘Good morning dear.’

‘Gran, this is Chloe.’

‘Hello pumpkin, I have heard so much about you.’

‘Hello Mrs. Trimble.’

‘Oh there is no need for formal names dear, call me Irene.’

‘Ok then, Irene.’

‘How are you feeling today Gran?’

‘Oh you know dear, still here. Same old, same old.’

‘I’m just going to speak to the staff, I’ll leave you two to get acquainted.’

With that Mark left the room and went to speak to the manager on duty.

‘So tell me dear where did you and Mark meet?’

Chloe told Irene about how it was an office romance and that they had fell for each other long before they had the courage to ask each other out. Chloe and Irene began to chat about everything as is often the case between two women regardless of any age gap.

‘You know dear I don’t have very long left, my time is almost up, will you do something for me?’

‘Well yes of course Irene what is it?’

‘Can you please look after Mark when I have gone, I have long prayed that he would meet a special girl and by the way he talks of you I can tell he is very fond and I think you are rather fond of him.’

‘I am very fond of Mark, he is a wonderful man and of course I will take care of him.’

Just then the door opened and Mark walked in.

‘Are you two getting on?’

‘Well of course we are silly. Here, your Gran needs a few things from the shop.’ Chloe handed Mark a list of items. ‘Well don’t just stand there.’

‘Right then I can take a hint, I’ll be back soon.’

Mark went out of the room and both women laughed.

‘Right then Irene would you like to go for a spin in this rather fetching wheelchair?’

‘I don’t mind if I do dear.’

Chloe helped Irene out of the bed and into the waiting chair.

‘Where shall we go then?’

‘Well I think the pub is out of the question so how about we go to the conservatory.’

Under Irenes directions Chloe pushed her through the hallways until they reached the conservatory, once they were settled Chloe made the tea and they both talked again.

Mark returned from the shops and found his grans room empty, he asked the staff if they had seen her and they told him where she had gone. Mark went to the conservatory and as he approached he saw Chloe and his gran laughing and joking, his gran looked so happy and for a minute he forgot that she was dying.

‘I hope you two are not talking about me.’

Chloe just looked at Irene and smiled.

‘Ok what has she been saying?’

‘Oh nothing, we were just talking about the weather.’

‘Yeah right and I am queen of Spain.’

The three of them laughed and slowly they began to take Irene back to her room. Mark helped his gran into bed and he and Chloe said their goodbyes, on the way out of the room Irene called Mark back.

‘I’ll wait outside.’ Said Chloe

Mark went back over to his gran.

‘What is it gran?’

‘You keep hold of that girl she is one in a million,’

‘I know that gran and I don’t plan to ever let her go.’

‘You treat her well, she will be your wife.’

Mark smiled at his gran, she had always made predictions about Mark and most of time she was right. ‘Ok gran, I will see you tomorrow, take care.’

‘Good bye Mark.’

Mark kissed his gran and then he collected Chloe and they went back to the Travel Inn.

‘Thank you for today, she looked like she was having a really nice time.’

‘I liked your gran she was fun.’

‘Well I can tell you that you have really made a good impression on her.’

‘She was telling me about you as a child.’

‘She always does that.’

‘Can we go out to the pictures tonight?’

‘I don’t see why not.’

Mark checked Chloes nappy, he was not surprised that she was wet, after a quick nappy change they got underway to the cinema. Chloe picked the cartoon film that he happy meal toy was about and they both went into watch it. Chloe was enjoying the film and also the experience of not having to worry about getting up to go to the toilet during the film, in fact she knew that the toilet was not something that was going to worry her for a very long time. Mark fell asleep during the film, he had not gotten much sleep the previous night, at the end Chloe had to wake him up.

‘I’m sorry I fell asleep baby, I was just so tired.’

‘It doesn’t matter, let’s go back to the hotel and get some rest.’

Mark had to agree with Chloe, it was only 9pm but they were both tired. Mark drove them back to hotel and they both got ready for bed, Chloes wet nappy was changed and they both climbed beneath the covers. Mark had Chloe in his arms and was thinking about what his gran had said about Chloe as his wife, he soon fell asleep.

At 7am Mark woke to the sound of his mobile phone ringing, he jumped out of bed and picked it up.


It was the nurse at the nursing home on the phone she informed Mark that his gran had passed away during the night, she had been found a few minutes ago. Chloe woke up and saw Mark on the phone, she saw the look on his face and didn’t need many guesses to know what the call was about.

‘Ok thanks, I’ll be there soon.’

‘Mark are you ok?’

‘She’s gone Chloe, my gran has gone.’ Mark buried his head in his hands and sobbed quietly to himself.

Chloe got out of bed and crinkled over to him, she put her arms around him.

‘I am so sorry babe.’

Mark kissed Chloe on the forehead and hugged her tightly. ‘I am going to have to go over there and sort things out.’

‘I know babe, I’ll come with you.’

Mark slowly got dressed, he changed Chloes nappy for her and then got himself together. Mark and Chloe arrived at the nursing home 5 minutes later, the nurses had prepared his gran and the undertakers were on the way to take her body.

‘Thank you for everything.’ Mark was again thanking the staff that had taken care of his gran. ‘What do I have to do now?’

The nurses explained to him that his gran had already made arrangements some time ago for this day, her funeral had been paid for and her friends were to be informed by her solicitor.

‘What about her room?’

‘Don’t worry Mr. Trimble we will sort it and pass on to you her personal effects.’

Mark was grateful that he didn’t have to do anything, it was typical of his gran to have everything in order.

Mark spent the next few days in a daze, he was passed the funeral arrangements by the director and he prepared himself for the sad day which was to take place less than a week after her death. Chloe remained true to her word and looked after Mark at his time of need, she took on her grown up personae but still needed the nappies. Mark felt so grateful that Chloe was there for him she had been a rock.

The day before the funeral Mark received a telephone call from his grans solicitor.

‘Hello Mr. Trimble this is George Frost, I am the solicitor of your late grandmother. I am ringing to tell you that your grandmothers last will and testament will be read after the funeral.’

Mark didn’t know his gran had made a will, as far as he knew he had all her personal effects.

‘Thank you Mr. Frost, I will see you then.’

The day of the funeral Mark was understandably upset and Chloe was feeling more than a little emotional herself. The funeral was short and simple just as Irene had wanted it, Mark knew a few of her friends and thanked them for attending. Mark and Chloe were last at the graveside.

‘Chloe I really can’t thank you enough for this past week, you have been fantastic and I am sorry that I have not paid you much attention.’

‘Don’t be so silly, you have every right to be upset.’

Mark kissed Chloe and the both of them said goodbye to Irene, Mark also laid some of the flowers at his parents’ grave, Irene had been buried next to them.

‘Well I suppose I’d better get to the solicitors.’

Mark got into the funeral car with Chloe and they were dropped off at the solicitors, they were greeted at the door by Mr. Frost. Mark shook hands with him and they were led inside.

‘Thank you for attending Mr. Trimble. Now, your grandmother made this will in my presence a few months ago.’

Mr. Frost went on and read the formal part before coming to the inheritance.

‘I don’t know if you are aware Mr. Trimble but your grandmother had amassed a small fortune over the years.’

Mark looked confused.

‘I wasn’t aware she had any savings.’

‘Well she did. To my grandson, Mark Joseph Trimble, I leave my life savings, the balance of which can be obtained from my bank. Mr. Trimble I have closed out the account and you now inherit two hundred thousand, one hundred and sixty three pounds and forty four pence.’

Mark nearly fell off his chair. ‘You are kidding right.’

‘No Mr. Trimble, your grandmother amassed quite a good nest egg, she also leaves you her wedding ring, to give to the girl you are to marry it says.’

Mark was flabbergasted, he had no idea that his little old gran had a fortune in the bank. Mark thanked Mr. Frost and he and Chloe left the solicitors office.

‘Wow, I think I need a drink.’

Mark was still struggling to grasp what had just happened.

‘There is a pub over the road we can go there.’ Chloe suggested.

As they turned to walk away Mr. Frost came running out after them.

‘Mr. Trimble sir, you forgot the ring.’

Mr. Frost handed Mark the wedding ring and then returned to his office. Mark and Chloe again began to walk to the pub by cutting through the public gardens opposite. Chloe was walking ahead of Mark marvelling at the flowers, Mark was looking at the ring, it was almost as if his gran was speaking to him.

‘Chloe.’ She turned. ‘Sit here for a minute.’ Mark sat down on the bench and Chloe joined him. The bench was cold, it had a feint dusting of frost on it, Mark took Chloes hands in his.

‘Chloe you have been absolutely brilliant these past few days, in fact you have been fantastic since we began to go out. I have loved you from the first day I saw you 6 months ago. I love you so much.’

Mark got off the bench and knelt on one knee, he held up the ring that he had just inherited. Chloes eyes filled up, her heart skipped a beat.

‘Chloe Lewis, will you marry me?’

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Mark stayed in his pose and looked longingly and lovingly into Chloes eyes.

Chloe could feel her heart beating nearly out of her chest, she knew that this moment was something out of a picture book, Mark had rendered her speechless. Chloe knew that there was only one word she could speak.

‘Yes’ Chloe gave Mark the biggest smile she could muster.

‘Oh, that is great.’ Mark leaned forward and kissed Chloe. ‘You have made me the happiest man on earth’

Mark slid the ring onto Chloes finger and they fell into each others arms and kissed again passionately.

‘Let’s go and have a drink to celebrate.’

Mark took Chloes hand and they walked over to the pub both of them felt like they were walking on a cloud. The Bears Paw pub looked nice from the outside and as they entered the doors, Mark and Chloe felt the wave of warmth hit them from the heaters, Chloe felt a secondary wave as she was wetting her nappy. Mark led Chloe to a side table that was tucked away, it was more like a booth, they both took a seat opposite each other, Chloe was still shivering from the cold.

‘Are you ok babe? You look cold.’

‘I’m fine, I’ll be better in a minute.’

Mark looked at the end of the table and saw a menu. ‘Oh look they do food here, shall we get something to eat?’

‘Er yes why not.’

Mark was trying his best to make sense of that mornings events, he stared blankly at the menu not reading it but thinking, so far today he had buried his gran, inherited a small fortune and had proposed to Chloe.

‘Hello, Mark, are you with me?’ Mark shook his head and saw Chloe waving a hand in his face.

‘What, oh sorry babe, I’m just thinking.’

‘It has been a busy day hasn’t it.’ Chloe looked down at the ring on her finger, it was nearly a perfect fit, just a little loose.

‘Day, it is only just the afternoon.’

Mark and Chloe laughed.

‘We will get that ring altered as soon as we get back.’

‘I can’t believe it, I never thought that I’d ever get married, this has been such a weird week.’

‘Well things are not going to be the same anymore, I mean the money is going to change both of our lives.’

‘What are you going to do with the money?’

Mark had some ideas, he had not had that long to think about it but his first instincts told him what to do.

‘Well, I’m going to leave work for starts and buy a little house for us.’

‘That will be great.’

‘We will have to sit down properly and talk about it when we get home. Anyway, what are we going to eat?’

Chloe picked up the menu and looked through, she didn’t know what to eat. Chloe was again looking at the ring on her finger, she hadn’t told her mum where she was or what had happened yet.

‘What are you having then princess?’

‘Oh erm I think I’ll have a lasagne with onion rings.’

‘Ok then, remind me not to kiss you for the rest of the day. I’m going to order at the bar, would you like a drink?’

Chloe looked at Mark and gave him the puppy dog eyes. ‘Can I have a vodka and coke please?’

‘Oh ok then but only because it’s a special occasion.’

Mark left the table and walked over to the bar leaving Chloe alone. Chloe routed around in her handbag and found her phone, she switched it on, seven missed calls, mum must be wondering if I am still on the planet she thought. Chloe dialled her parents’ house and within three rings she got an answer.

‘Hello mum it is me.’

Chloe regretted the phone call as soon as her mum answered.

‘It’s about time young lady, you have had me worried sick, you know it is not much to ask, a phone call.’

‘Mum I’m fine will you calm down. Listen I have some bad news and some good news.’

Helen went quiet on the other end of the phone and let Chloe speak.

‘The reason I haven’t phoned is because I have been helping Mark with a few things, his gran died a week ago and he has been a little upset.’

‘Oh my, I am so sorry, will you pass on mine and your dads sympathies.’

‘I will mum thanks, the good news is that we should be home later today or tomorrow, we haven’t decided yet.’

‘Ok dear, will you stop by here on the way, I would like to see Mark.’

‘Sure mum, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you loads.’

Chloe hung up her phone and placed it back into her bag, she saw her dummy in there and was very tempted to sneak a quick suck.

‘Here you go babe.’

Mark was back at the table and had placed a large vodka and coke in front of Chloe.

‘Where you on the phone to somebody?’

‘Yes, I had to phone my mum and let her know I was ok, she went nuts that I hadn’t phoned her sooner. She passes on her sympathies by the way and I told her that we will stop by on the way back.’

‘Ok, did you tell her about us?’

‘No not yet, I want us to tell them together.’

‘Ok, we will stop by on our way back. The food will be 30 minutes by the way.’

Chloe and Mark chatted for a while waiting for their meals, they talked about how they would tell Chloes parents about their engagement.

‘Maybe we could tell them at the house and then organise a meal in a restaurant to celebrate.’

‘That is a great idea, my parents will be thrilled.’

Chloe once again looked down at the ring on her finger and twisted it a little, a smile spread across her face again.

‘I can’t believe this has happened.’

Mark smiled back at her.

‘I know what you mean, it has been a wild ride.’

Mark and Chloe sat and talked a little more and ate their meals, they had a few more drinks and became quite inebriated. Chloe was allowed a few more vodkas and Mark had three pints of lager. They had been in the pub for a while when they decided to return to the hotel.

‘Come on then babe, let’s get you back.’

Mark got up and picked up Chloes coat, she slide off the seat and as she stood up Mark saw the huge wet patch.

‘Erm, Chloe, I think you have leaked.’

Chloe went red and moved her hand to her bottom and felt the wetness.

‘Oh no, what am I going to do?’

‘Don’t worry, I am just going to speak to the barmaid.’

Mark left Chloe at the table and he walked over to the bar.

‘Excuse me.’

‘Yes sir, what can I get you?’

‘Well this is a little embarrassing but my fiancée has had a bit of a leak on your seat.’

‘A leak sir?’

‘Yes, her incontinence aid has leaked.’

The barmaid blushed. ‘I am sorry sir, say no more, we will sort it out.’

‘Thank you, I will pay for any cleaning.’

‘Oh no sir don’t worry, we have a baby change if she would like to freshen up.’

Mark heard the suggestion and became excited, he cursed himself for not bringing the nappy bag along with them.

‘Thank you for the offer but she just wants to go home.’

Mark smiled at the barmaid and then returned to a visibly upset Chloe.

‘Come on babe, let’s go and get a taxi.’

Mark walked Chloe out of the pub, other patrons stopped and stirred at the sight of the girl with the huge wet patch on her bottom. Chloe was letting out machine gun sobs as she and Mark exited into the street, Mark was doing his best to comfort her.

‘Don’t worry princess it is my fault, I should have brought a fresh nappy with me.’

‘I am such a baby.’

‘Well of course you are, but that is nothing to be upset about.’

Chloe buried her head into Marks chest while he kept a look out for a passing taxi. Chloe began to calm a little and soon they were in a taxi where once again Mark had laid his coat on the seat.

The taxi driver pulled into the car park of the travel inn and Mark and Chloe alighted. Mark led Chloe to the room and proceeded to change her nappy. Chloes clothes were very wet as were her legs, Mark decided that a shower was in order for her. Mark got all the changing equipment ready and laid it at the side of the bed, he then went a turned on the shower before returning and undressing Chloe. Mark led Chloe to the shower where he then got undressed himself and they both got under the hot water. Barely a word was spoken as Mark efficiently began to wash Chloes curvy body, pretty soon they were locked in a passionate kiss. Marks hands were caressing Chloes body and she was doing likewise. Mark slid his hand down Chloes wet body and he began to rub her vagina, she moaned slightly and moved her hand down to join his, Mark casually inserted his finger into her and she once again moaned in pleasure. After a few minutes Chloe pushed Marks hands away, knelt down in front of him and took his penis in her mouth. Mark liked this new development and groaned accordingly, Chloe spent a few minutes sucking and licking before standing up. Mark kissed Chloe again and turned off the shower, they both stepped out and dried each other whilst still kissing and fondling. Mark led Chloe over to the bed where he laid her down and then joined her. Mark began to kiss her all over and gradually worked his way down to her vagina, he began to gently lick her. Chloe was moaning and grinding her hips, she felt like she wanted to explode, Mark stopped licking and moved back up, he kissed her deeply and moved his finger onto her clitoris. Mark rubbed Chloes clitoris and soon she was trembling and breathing shallower, with quite a loud moan she felt herself orgasm. Chloe could feel her whole body shaking and looked lovingly into Marks eyes, she reached down and took his penis in her hand and began to rub, Mark was soon on top of her. Mark inserted his penis into Chloes vagina and they made love, Mark climaxed a short time later and they laid in a euphoric daze.

After a while Mark picked up the changing equipment and proceeded to put Chloe back in her nappy, he fished out her dummy and popped it into her mouth. Chloe smiled at Mark and they both drifted off into sleep.

Mark woke up to the ringing of the room phone.


‘Hello sir this is the reception, I am just ringing to inform you that you are due to vacate the room in an hour.’

‘Oh, I forgot about that, can I pay for an extra night?’

‘Yes sure sir. You will need to come down to reception.’

‘Ok, I will be right there.’

Mark looked over at the sleeping Chloe, she looked beautiful, she was still sucking her dummy and had a slight smile on her face. Mark slipped into his tracksuit trousers, put on a t-shirt and completed the ensemble with a pair of trainers, he picked up his wallet and the room keys before exiting the room. Mark made his way to the reception area and paid for the extra night, he looked at his watch it was 5pm. Mark decided to get some dinner for he and Chloe. He went outside and walked the few hundred yards to the Chinese takeaway, he ordered a banquet and also went into the newsagents and bought some chocolate pudding.

When Mark returned to the room Chloe was still sleeping, he put the chocolate pudding in the mini fridge and then walked over to the bed.

‘Wake up princess.’ Mark whispered in Chloes ear as he gently shook her shoulder.

Chloe moaned a little and rubbed her eyes. ‘Mmmmmm, what?’

‘It is time to wake up baby, daddy has some food for us.’

Chloe took a deep breath in and stretched the sound of her nappy crinkling could be heard. Chloe shifted herself and began to sit up, she smelt the food.

‘mmm it smells nice daddy, what did you get?’

‘Well I got us a banquet from the Chinese, just stuff we can eat with our hands as there is no cutlery here.’

Mark began opening wrappers and exposing the delicious foods beneath. Chloe had put on a t-shirt and was now sitting, legs crossed, opposite Mark. Chloe removed her dummy and Mark fed her spring rolls, sui mai, prawn toast and ribs, she had quite a messy face afterwards but she didn’t mind in the slightest. Mark opened up the carton of chicken and sweet corn soup that he had left to cool.

‘Will you be ok with this princess?’

Chloe smiled, she really liked chicken and sweet corn soup. ‘Yes daddy.’

Mark handed Chloe the carton which she brought to her lips, she began to drink the soup but also allowed some to dribble down her chin, Mark smiled.

It didn’t take long for all the food to be eaten, Chloes white t-shirt now had soup and barbeque sauce on it and her face wasn’t much cleaner.

‘What a messy baby we have, let’s get you cleaned up.’

Mark stood up and was about to pick Chloe up when he remembered the chocolate pudding.

‘Actually princess, I have a treat for you.’

Chloe looked at Mark wide eyed and excited. ‘What is it daddy?’

Mark walked over to the fridge and took out the pudding, he explained to Chloe that there wasn’t anything to eat it with so she had to use her hands. Chloe didn’t mind in the slightest about getting a little messier and accepted the pot from Mark. Chloe put her hand into the tub and loaded it with pudding, then she placed her hand into her mouth. Mark laughed as the pudding smeared on Chloes face and dropped onto her t-shirt, he took out his mobile phone and began to take pictures. After Chloe was finished it was back to the bathroom for yet another clean up operation, her nappy was also changed, afterwards she and Mark spent the night watching TV in bed and fell asleep pretty early.

The next day Mark and Chloe were to return home, the office had phoned Chloes mobile a few times enquiring as to when or if she was coming back. Mark packed up all their things and loaded the car, a little while later they were on their way.

Chloe fell asleep not long after they had gotten onto the motorway she had her dummy in her mouth and a teddy bear in her arms she had crawled into the back seat and was lying across it. Mark turned on the radio and began contemplating what he was going to do with his inheritance. One thing was for sure, he was going to hand in his notice at work and he wanted Chloe to as well, it was time he had his own business.

It was early afternoon by the time Mark and Chloe arrived back at the flat, there was a mound of mail to get through and a few answer machine messages mainly from Mr. Frost. Mark checked through his mail and found a card from Royal Mail telling him that they couldn’t deliver packages to him, he remembered that the baby clothes he had ordered for Chloe had been due for delivery. Mark looked over at Chloe who was watching cartoons.

‘Shall we go round to your mum and dads?’

‘Yes, I can’t wait to tell them.’

‘Ok well let me just put these clothes in the washing machine and then we will check your bum before we go.’

Mark picked up the bags and walked through to the washing machine in the kitchen, he sorted through the clothes before loading them in. Mark then took the changing bag into the bedroom and got the supplies ready he then went and brought Chloe from the living room and changed her nappy.

‘Right then let’s get going.’

Mark packed up the supplies and then they got underway.

As they pulled up outside Chloes parents house Helen was waiting at the door, she ran down the path and gave Chloe a hug.

‘It’s nice to see you dear.’

‘Thanks mum, it is nice to see you.’

Helen let her grip loose and then hugged Mark. ‘I’m so sorry about your gran dear.’

‘Thanks Helen.’

They all followed in a line into the house where Derek was sitting in the lounge, he greeted them both and went to make a pot of tea. They all sat down and caught up with each other.

‘Oh my dear, we have some good news.’

‘You do? What is it mum?’

‘Well your father had a nice win on the horses last week, he won five thousand pounds.’

‘Oh mum that is brilliant. Well done dad.’

‘Yes and he is going to take me on holiday with his winnings.’

‘Are you going anywhere nice?’

‘We are going to Florida for a few weeks.’

‘Aww that is brilliant mum. We actually have some good news of our own, don’t we Mark.’

Mark smiled and nodded.

‘Well come on then, spit it out.’

Chloe grabbed Marks hand and they held each other, Chloes eyes welled up with tears she looked into Marks eyes and then into each of her parents eyes.

‘Mum, dad…….we are getting married.’

Helen burst into tears. ‘Oh my, that is wonderful news.’ She jumped up and hugged Chloe, she then kissed Mark and hugged him tightly. Derek was also emotional which shocked Chloe, he shook Mark by the hand and kissed his daughter.

‘I can’t think of a better man for my daughter.’

‘Well I think this is cause to open that bottle of bubbly.’

Helen went to the kitchen and found the bottle of champagne she had been saving, she retrieved four glasses from the cabinet and they all toasted the happy couple and the betting win. Mark invited Helen and Derek to join he and Chloe for a meal that evening to celebrate, Helen insisted on cooking for them but was forced to retreat when everybody else decided that it was a special night. Chloe and Mark left Helen and Derek an hour later so they could all get ready.

Mark and Chloe returned to the flat to get themselves ready, Mark done some more washing and also paid a few bills. Chloe was picking out something that she could wear that would hide her nappy, she found a black dress that looked ok. Mark came into the bedroom.

‘That is a pretty dress.’

‘Aww you really think so?’

‘Yes, you look even more beautiful in it. Are you ready to get a shower?’

Chloe nodded. Mark walked over to her and removed Chloes dress, she was now naked except her nappy which was wet. Mark led Chloe to the bed and then laid her down and removed her wet nappy. They showered together before getting dressed.

Mark and Chloe arrived at the restaurant where Chloe had had her wetting accident on their first proper date, Helen and Derek were waiting in the foyer. They all greeted each other before being shown to a table. They all laughed and joked and talked about the wedding. Mark spoke about his inheritance and what his plans were, he told them all that he wanted to open up his own business preferably working from home.

‘Have you set a date for the wedding yet?’

‘Well mum, we were thinking of the summer.’

‘That sounds lovely dear.’

The rest of the evening passed a little too quickly as it often does when it is enjoyable, they all parted company a little after midnight. Mark and Chloe flagged down a passing taxi and returned to the flat. Chloe was rather drunk and was very close to leaking, Mark changed her as soon as they got in and she fell asleep. Mark decided to stay up and looked on the internet for some ideas of what sort of business he could open, he browsed for a while but nothing really caught his attention. Mark glanced over at the card that was sitting on the coffee table, it was the Royal Mail card, he saw that he could pick up the parcel at the Post Office the next day so he decided he would go out early and surprise Chloe. Mark switched off his computer and went to bed.

The next morning the alarm clock on Marks phone woke him, he switched off quickly and looked at Chloe. Chloe was still sleeping and from the look of her she would be for quite a while yet. Mark got out of bed and got dressed, he leant over the bed and kissed Chloe on the forehead then he picked up his car keys and went to get the parcel.

Mark returned a short while later, he carried in a big box and also a bag full of shopping. Mark went straight through to the bedroom and saw Chloe still sleeping, her dummy was lying next to her and she was drooling on the pillow. Mark walked over to the bed and slipped the dummy back into Chloes mouth which she began to suck immediately, satisfied that she was ok Mark went back to the living room. Mark began to unpack the clothes he had ordered and looked at each item, he particularly liked the onesies he had purchased. Mark took the clothes to the kitchen and put them in the washing machine then he set about making breakfast for Chloe. Mark made Chloe pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup, he also made her a bottle of orange juice and then took it through to the bedroom.

‘Wake up sleepy head.’ Mark placed the tray on the bed and shook Chloe. ‘Chloe, daddy has something for you.’

Chloe began to wake but she was still feeling a little hazy after drinking the previous night, she sat up and felt her head.

‘Ow, my head hurts.’

‘Don’t worry baby, I’ve got you some tablets.’

Mark placed a pillow against the headboard of the bed and shifted Chloe into position, he popped two aspirin into her mouth and put the teat of the bottle between her lips. Chloe swallowed the tablets and forced a smile.

‘Right then, I have made you some pancakes and strawberries, do you think you can handle it?’

‘I’ll try.’

Mark picked up the plate and cut the pancakes with the spoon, he then loaded it up and fed it to Chloe. Chloe managed to eat half of what was on the plate before she could handle no more.

‘I’m not feeling very well, I think I had something last night that didn’t agree with me.’

Mark looked at Chloe, she was sweating and she didn’t look good.

‘I’ll go and fetch you a bowl.’

Mark got back to the bedroom just in time, Chloe grabbed the bowl off him and vomited. Mark held Chloes hair back and kept reassuring her, she heaved once more. As Chloe was vomiting for the forth time she let out a loud wet fart, then she started crying.

‘What’s the matter?’ Mark found out a few seconds later as the smell of a messy nappy hit his nostrils.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.’

Mark cuddled Chloe. ‘Don’t worry, it isn’t your fault. I’ll get you changed.’

Mark gathered the items he required and placed the changing mat beneath Chloe, he then proceeded to change her very messy nappy. Mark decided that he would place Chloe into double nappies as a precaution. Chloe fell back asleep as she was getting her nappy changed. Mark finished the change and then tucked Chloe in and left her to sleep.

Chloe woke up a few hours later her head was hurting still and she felt really hot, she kicked off the blankets and could feel the much thicker that usual nappy between her legs. Chloe felt her tummy churn again and within a few seconds she has messed her nappy, she tried to call for Mark but she felt too groggy and she fell back to sleep. When Chloe next came around she still had a headache but this time she wasn’t hot, her nappy had expanded a lot and she could close her legs. Chloe felt the need to be sick and leant over the side of the bed and found the bowl. Chloe began to vomit and felt more mess escape her into her nappy, again she passed out. Chloe could feel her legs being moved and cold air on her crotch, she opened her eyes to see Mark, he was changing her nappy.

‘Hello princess, how are you feeling?’

Chloe looked at Mark and smiled. ‘I’m feeling a little better.’

‘Good, now you just stay in bed and let me take care of you.’

‘What time is it?’

‘It is 1am baby.’

Chloe was confused. ‘How long have I been here?’

‘Well you have only been in bed 24 hours, you fell asleep drunk at 1am on Friday morning and it is 1 am on Saturday morning now. You have not been a well baby.’

‘How many times have you changed me?’

‘Oh about nine or ten times, you have been quite a messy baby.’

‘I don’t remember any of it.’

‘Well don’t worry, I will take good care of you. Here is a bottle of warm milk.’

Chloe took the bottle and drank its contents, she felt a little better and she soon drifted back off to sleep. Chloe slept until 7am Saturday morning, Mark was not in the bed with her. Chloe was feeling a lot better now and her headache had gone but she felt different. Chloe kicked back the covers and looked at herself, she was dressed in a big pink fluffy all in one sleeper. Chloe lifted her leg and could see her feet encased in the sleeper and also her hands. Chloe looked at her front and saw a large picture of piglet on the sleeper. Chloe got out of the bed and waddled down the hall to where Mark was sleeping on the sofa.

‘Daddy, daddy wake up.’ Chloe pushed Mark in the shoulder. ‘Daddy’

Mark woke up with a start. ‘What!’ he then spotted Chloe. ‘Oh I’m sorry baby, you gave daddy a bit of a fright then.’

Chloe was smiling.

‘What are you smiling about gorgeous?’

Chloe jumped on Mark and hugged him tight. ‘I like my pyjamas daddy.’

‘I thought you might like them princess. Have you had a look in your wardrobe yet?’

Chloes eyes widened. ‘There is more?’ Chloe jumped up and ran back to the bedroom, she flung open the wardrobe and stood in shock. Chloes wardrobe was like a toddlers on one side, there was onesies, sleepers, t-shirts and even a baby dress. Chloe felt her knees go weak, she looked down to see a new shelving unit packed full of nappies.

‘What do you think then?’

Chloe was speechless, she just ran to Mark and threw her arms around him.

‘The draws in there have some dummies, bottles and bibs for you as well.’

Chloe hugged Mark even tighter and whispered a thank you into his ear.

‘Shall we check your nappy then princess?’

Mark carried Chloe to the bed and unzipped the sleeper, he pulled it off her and saw a very wet nappy. Mark changed Chloe and replaced the sleeper.

‘You know I think we will have to go back into work on Monday.’

‘Aww no, but I don’t want to.’

‘I know baby but we have to go back sometime. I’m only going in to hand in my notice.’

‘Why? Have you found a business to start?’

‘Not yet but I need time to work on it. I can use the inheritance for now.’

‘What about me?’

‘Well I want you to work with me, you can leave as well.’

‘I can? That is great.’

Chloe hugged Mark and they chatted for quite a while about some options open to them, they talked about many different business ideas.

The rest of that weekend was spent in the usual way and on Sunday Mark and Chloe visited Chloes parents before they went on their holiday. Finally it was Monday morning and both Mark and Chloe had their notices written and ready to hand in. Chloe wore a onesie beneath her usual office attire and of course her nappy. Chloe and Mark announced their engagement to the rest of the office on Monday afternoon and then also announced their impending departures. Mark had a meeting with the manager and was required to work two weeks notice whiles Chloe had only been required to work one weeks notice as her length of service was still under a year. The girls in the office were crowded around Chloe all day they were all gossiping and asking how long she and Mark had been going out. Inevitably the talk turned to a leaving party, Marie, one of Chloes friends suggested that they have a joint leaving/engagement party on Friday. Chloe agreed that it sounded like a good idea and went to speak to Mark.

Mark was sitting at his desk when Chloe approached him.

‘Hello gorgeous, what are you after?’

Chloe bent over the desk and kissed Mark, the cat calls rang around the office. Mark shouted for them all to grow up and he and Chloe spoke about Friday night, they both agreed that it would be a great idea and Mark left Chloe to plan it with her friends.

‘Don’t forget to come and see me at lunchtime for you know what.’

Chloe blushed crimson as Mark reminded her of the lunchtime nappy change.

‘Ok, I’ll see you at the car.’

Chloe didn’t do much work for the rest of the morning she was planning the party with the rest of the girls. Mark was also getting very little work done as the lads were very interested in him and Chloes relationship. There was one person in the office that was not at all happy with the engagement of Mark and Chloe and that was Dave. Dave had always fancied Chloe and had even tried to grope her at the last Christmas party but Mark had stepped in. Dave didn’t like Mark in the slightest and was really jealous of him.

‘So what is she like in bed?’

Mark looked at Jason who had asked the question that was on all the lads lips.

‘Piss off, I don’t ask you how Kath is in bed do I?’

Mark looked across the office and seeing Chloe he gave her a little smile and a wink, she returned the gesture and stuck out her backside a little.

Mark met Chloe at the car at lunchtime where he changed her on the backseat, the talked for a bit before going to get their lunch. The afternoon was back to normal and people had drifted back to doing their jobs. Mark was viewing some technical information when he received a new e-mail from Chloe.

‘Wearing this wet nappy here is making me so horny.’

Mark could see Chloe at her desk from his own and smiled over at her, he opened up his email and typed back.

‘Why don’t you do something about it then?’

Mark hit send and then watched for Chloes reaction he saw her smile and blush as she was reading. Mark could feel himself getting turned on, then another email popped up.

‘I think I will!!!XXXXXXXXX’

Mark looked over at Chloes desk and saw her stand up, she smiled at him and then walked down the corridor. Mark felt himself get excited and he wondered if he should follow her. Mark scrolled down the email.

‘Are you coming or not x x ;-)’

Mark nearly jumped out of his seat, he then realised that he had to look normal. Mark straightened his jacket and began to walk down the hall toward the toilets. As he passed the store cupboard he heard the door open.

‘Where are you going sexy?’

Chloe was in the store cupboard and reached out and grabbed Marks tie, once the door was shut behind them they started to kiss each other. Mark reached down and placed his hand up Chloes skirt and then unsnapped her onesie, he felt the front of her nappy which was wet. Mark pushed the front of Chloes nappy into her vagina and she took a sharp breath in. Mark then began to rub the front of the nappy whilst kissing Chloe, he then slid his hand into the nappy and began to rub her clitoris. Chloe was very wet and turned on, she found herself pushing her hips toward Mark and pushing his hand. Mark concentrated solely on Chloes clitoris and soon she was climaxing, her face was frozen in a silent scream. Mark felt Chloe trembling as he refastened her onesie and straightened her skirt.

‘We will finish this later.’

Chloe, still trembling, kissed Mark and left the cupboard. Mark felt like relieving himself right there in the cupboard but thought better of it and summarised that he would probably enjoy it better later on. Mark left the cupboard and went back to her desk to find another email waiting.

‘I’m still shaking.’

Mark glanced at Chloe and winked, she held out her hand to demonstrate how shaky she was, Mark put his finger into his mouth and tasted Chloe. Chloe just shook her head and felt herself tingle again.

The rest of the week passed pretty much uneventfully and apart for the odd detour to the cupboard it was mainly boring. Friday had finally arrived and there was the usual air of excitement around the office that always fell when a party was imminent. The time was set for 8pm to start the party and it was going to be held in the same place as their Christmas party. The girls decorated the hall after work and had made banners whilst the lads had pinned blown up condoms to the wall. It was only going to be a small gathering of about 30 people and it promised to be a good night.

The guests of honour didn’t arrive until 9pm and the party was well underway. Chloe joined the girls whilst Mark went to get a drink.

At the bar Mark ordered a drink for him and Chloe, he looked down to the end of the bar and saw Dave sitting on a stool. Dave was drinking Whisky straight and had already been drinking for a good few hours and was well under the influence. Mark sighed to himself he didn’t need any of this right now, he knew Dave was a nasty man when he was drunk.

‘Hey Trimble.’ Dave stood up and began to walk towards Mark. ‘Hey Trimble, I’m talking to you.’

Mark turned to face Dave. ‘Listen Dave just leave me alone, I really can’t be arsed with you tonight.’

‘She is too good for the likes of you Trimble.’ Dave was slurring his words and was leering toward Mark. ‘She should be with a real man.’

Mark looked at Dave, he wanted to punch him so bad. 'Listen you arsehole, just keep your mouth shut or leave, I am not in the mood for you.

‘What are you going to do about it you lanky streak of piss?’

Mark had heard enough and stepped forward to grab Dave, as he put his arms out Dave through a punch that landed square on Marks jaw. Mark staggered backwards and Dave grabbed the bottle of beer that Mark had just ordered, he smashed it on the edge of the bar and held it out in front of him. Further down the bar Jason and Greg saw what was about to happen and ran to help. Mark, still reeling from the punch, found his feet again and brought himself up to his full height. Dave was still wielding the broken bottle in front of him and was thrusting forwards with it. Mark could see the two lads approaching from Daves rear, they were nearly upon him.

‘I’ll fucking kill you.’ Dave was drooling and had turned red with anger.

Chloe had heard the commotion and began to make her way across the room towards the fracas.

Mark stood ready to punch Dave as soon as help was there.

Jason and Greg were now right behind Dave, Jason made a grab for Dave but tripped on a bar stool and ploughed into the back of Dave.

Dave was knocked forward and straight into Mark who fell backwards and hit his head on the edge of the bar.

Chloe got there just as Mark fell, Jason and Greg had now grabbed Dave and they were holding him to the ground.

Chloe knelt beside Mark and lifted his head.

‘Oh my god MARK!’

Mark was only just conscious. ‘He got me, the bastard got me.’

‘No babe you just fell.’

Mark put his hand to his stomach, Chloe followed his hand and froze. Marks white t-shirt was turning crimson as the blood seeped from the gash in his stomach.


Chloe burst into tears as the barmaid came running round and pushed her out of the way.

‘I know first aid. Somebody phone for an ambulance quickly.’

Chloe watched as the blood kept pouring out of Mark and he slipped into unconsciousness.


All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The steady beep of the machines seemed to mark each passing second, Chloe was sitting on a hard plastic chair clutching Marks hand with her head resting next to it. Nurses were passing by the door every few minutes on their way to other places in the hospital.

It had been six hours since Mark had been stabbed with the broken bottle and he was now in a serious but stable condition induced into a coma. The lads at the party had all been in to see Mark and each one had left close to tears. Chloe sat in her vigil at Marks bedside wishing that her mum was with her and not thousands of miles away in Florida. Chloe was still in a daze quite not able to believe the events that had transpired, her nappy had long since leaked onto the plastic chair but she didn’t notice or care. Marks chest was rising and falling slowly, the ventilator keeping him in a steady rhythm.

Chloe didn’t hear the door open nor did she see the nurse come in.

‘Are you ok dear?’

Red eyed and pale Chloe lifted her head, she wiped away the wetness from her cheeks and looked at the nurse.

‘I’m sorry, what did you say?’

‘You look like you could use some sleep dear, why don’t you settle yourself into the comfortable chair in the corner and I will get a blanket for you.’

Chloe liked the idea of sitting somewhere a little more comfortable and stood up. The nurse looked at Chloe and saw the drips coming from her crotch.

‘Oh my, it looks like you have had an accident.’

Chloe looked down and finally noticed how wet she was, her face turned red and she felt her eyes fill up again.

‘I’m sorry, my nappy must have leaked.’

The nurse saw how upset Chloe was and couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, she walked over to her and put her arms around the sobbing girl.

‘It’s ok sweetie, you don’t have to be upset. I can get you a fresh pad if you like.’

Chloe thanked the nurse and wiped her face again. The nurse left the room and came back within a minute with a fresh nappy for Chloe, it was the first time that she was not going to be changed by Mark. Chloe took the nappy from the nurse who also handed her a hospital gown to put on, she then left Chloe in privacy to get herself changed.

Chloe was not quite sure where to begin, she looked at Mark wishing that it was him that was going to change her nappy and cuddle her. Chloe finally started to remove her sodden dress, she placed it in the sink that was in the corner of the room and filled it with water. Chloe saw the medical wipes in a box on the wall and removed a few, they smelt nothing like the Pampers baby wipes that Mark usually wiped her clean with. Chloe untapped her nappy and let it fall to the floor with a dull thud, she used her foot to push it to one side and then began to wipe herself clean. Chloe used about ten wipes in all and made sure that she was free of urine, she was unable to find any powder to put on. Chloe unfolded the nappy that the nurse had given her, it was plain and boring and nowhere near as thick as her usual Attends. Chloe had never put a nappy on herself before and she was unsure of the best way to do it. Chloe put the nappy between her legs and squeezed them together, she reached around and grabbed the tape, she pulled it around to the front and stuck it into place. Chloe repeated the process with the other three tapes and assessed her work, it was nowhere near as good as Mark but at least it stayed on. Chloe put on the hospital gown and went to the sink to wash her dress. Chloe also took some of the wipes and cleaned the chair that she had leaked onto, after wringing the dress she placed it over the back of the chair to let it dry.

‘Is everything ok my dear?’

The nurse had returned to the room and was carrying a blanket.

‘Oh yes thank you.’

‘Right well here is your blanket dear, I am just going to check on the patient.’

The nurse looked at the various monitors that surrounded Marks bed and made some notes on the clipboard. Chloe watches attentively waiting for news on any improvement, the nurse continues to take the notes when she spots Chloe watching her.

‘Is there any change nurse?’

‘I’m afraid not dear, Mark is still stable. You should try and get some sleep.’

Chloe wished the nurse goodnight and curled up on the armchair in the corner of the room, she wrapped herself in the fluffy blanket and closed her eyes. The steady beeps seemed to be saying sleep, sleep, sleep. Pretty soon Chloe was asleep.

*Chloe was back in her bed, her dummy was in her mouth and she could feel her body encased in the pink fluffy Piglet sleeper, she could feel Mark lying next to her. Mark was awake and whispering into Chloes ear.

‘Good morning my princess, did you have a nice sleep?’

Chloe put her arms around Mark and cuddled him tightly burying her head deep into his chest, she felt the wetness of her nappy against her shaven vagina and feeling the warmth, knew she was wetting again. Chloe could hear the birds singing outside, she felt so safe and secure in her sleeper and nappy. Mark whispered into Chloes ear again but she couldn’t hear him. An annoying beep was drowning out his words, beep, beep, beep.*

Chloe woke with a start, she had been sleeping for only a few hours, she got up out of the chair and walked over to Marks bedside. Chloe sat down with the now familiar crinkle of the nappy around her waist, she took Marks hand and began to stroke it.

‘Daddy, the nurses said you can hear me, can you? I miss you so much, you had better not leave me. I don’t want to be on my own, I don’t want another daddy. I want you, I want to be your wife. I never told you how happy I am that we are together, I have always fancied you, from the minute that I saw you on my very first day in the office. I wanted to ask you out for months but I could never find the courage. Then the Christmas party came and you stopped Dave from pestering me, you were so heroic, my heart melted right there. I was so excited when you asked me out that night, it was like I was fourteen again. I was on cloud nine all night. That first proper date we had when I ended up wetting myself was the best night of my life. I remember how gentle and comforting you were, you made me feel so safe and so little. You took me back to your flat and cleaned me up, I was shocked when you showed me the adult baby websites but the more you explained the more appealing it all seemed to become. The first night you put me in a nappy I felt like I was going to explode, you made me feel so little and so precious.’

Chloe was beginning to sob, she continued to stroke Marks hand she began to fiddle with the ring on her finger.

‘I never thought I could meet anybody as nice as you, I thought it was all too good to be true. I remember when you asked me to move in with you, I was so excited I think I wet my nappy. Mum and Dad loved you and they could see that I did too, they gave me their blessings instantly. I love you Mark and you make me happier than I have ever been, I didn’t have to think twice when you asked me to marry you. I want to be yours forever, your wife, your baby girl, your princess. I want you to be with me forever, so please Mark, please wake up and cuddle me, tell me you are ok, please Mark. I want my daddy, I want my Mark back. Please, please, please.’

Chloe broke down and was sobbing uncontrollably, her tears were falling fast onto the bed. The beeps of the machine grew faster and Chloe looked up, Mark was still asleep but his heart-beat was getting stronger. The beeps grew faster again. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!

Chloe felt sick.

‘Oh God no, MARK.’

The door flew open and in rushed the nurse from earlier, she slammed the emergency button on the wall and pressed the button that made the bed flatten out. A team of people bounded through the door, they were all shouting and quickly crowded around Mark. Chloe was crying uncontrollably, her eyes wouldn’t wander from the site of the nurses and doctors around Mark.

‘Mark, please don’t go, please.’

A strong pair of arms grabbed Chloe from behind, they pulled her away from the bed and out of the room.

‘Miss Lewis let the doctors work, you have to stay out here.’

Chloe didn’t even look to see who had grabbed her she had her head in her hands and was running down the corridor bawling.

Inside the room the doctors fought to bring Mark back, he had been flat lined for only a minute.

Chloe ran and ran, she didn’t know what to do. She saw the door that led to the roof.

Back in the room the doctors carried on fighting.

The nurse that had pulled Chloe out of the room slipped as she was doing so and had been helpless to stop her run off down the corridor. The nurse gathered herself and gave chase to the grief stricken girl.

The doctors fought on.

The nurse was half running and half limping down the corridor in hot pursuit of Chloe. The nurse came to the roof door just in time to see it slam shut, horrified the nurse began to climb the stairs to the hospital roof.

The doctors continued their fight.

The nurse burst through the door that led out onto the flat roof.

‘CHLOE, are you here?’

The nurse looked left and right but couldn’t see Chloe anywhere, she limped to the east side of the roof, no Chloe. As the nurse was approaching the west side of the roof she heard a gang of girls scream, fearing the worst she slowly made her way to the west edge of the roof, she peered over.

The doctors continued their battle.

The nurse looked over the edge of the roof and saw the group of girls, they were all running from the local drunk who again had his coat open exposing himself to them. The nurse breathed a huge sigh of relief and after scouring the rooftop found no sign of Chloe. The nurse slowly made her way down the stairs and back into the corridor, she was about to go back to her desk to telephone security when she eyed the chapel door; she opened the door slowly.

Chloe was kneeling in the front pew, her hands clasped together and her lips moving rapidly. The nurse smiled and scolded herself for thinking the worst of the young girl.

‘There you are.’

Chloe turned to see the nurse.

‘Is he ok?’

‘I don’t know hun, I came to find you. Let’s say a prayer.’

The nurse took her place next to Chloe in the front pew and the both said a prayer.

The doctors decided to give it one last try, they pumped in more adrenaline and shocked Mark again.


‘He’s back with us, let’s get him comfortable again people.’

Chloe and the nurse finished praying.

‘Let’s go back hun and we will see how he is doing.’

Chloe nodded and stood up, she accepted the nurses arm around her shoulders and together they walked back to Marks room.

The doctors were all coming out as Chloe and the nurse approached, Chloe immediately thought of the worst.

‘What’s happened? Is he ok?’

A doctor approached Chloe. ‘He is ok now Miss. Lewis, it was just a scare, he is stable again now.’

Chloe smiled for the first time in hours.

‘Thank you’

The doctors all smiled reassuring smiles at Chloe then they went back to their various rooms. Chloe hugged the nurse and went back into the room. Mark was pretty much the same as he had been for most of the night, his drip had been changed and his bed made up again. Chloe went and sat back on the plastic chair and held Marks hand, she was soon asleep.

Chloe woke up as the sunlight was streaming into the room, she glanced up at the clock and saw that it was a little after 8am, her back was stiff and her nappy was drenched. Chloe stood up and stretched, she bent over and kissed Mark on the forehead.

‘Good morning daddy.’

The nurse came into the room and bid Chloe a good morning.

‘Sorry to bother you nurse but do you think I could have another nappy, this one is a little soaked.’

‘Of course dear, why don’t you get cleaned up and then go home for a few hours, have a freshen up and pick up a few things for Mark.’

‘Yes I might just do that, thank you.’

The nurse made her checks and once she was satisfied that all was well she went off to get a fresh nappy for Chloe. Chloe couldn’t believe how easily she had accepted the nurse knowing about her nappies, she didn’t think twice about asking for fresh nappies although she yearned for her Attends. The nurse came back with the nappy and handed it to Chloe.

‘Thank you. I will change and then I will pop home for a few hours.’

‘Ok dear, you take your time and we will take care of Mark.’

Chloe thanked the nurse again and was soon left with her privacy to change. Chloe put her clean nappy on and feeling that the dress was dry she slipped it back on. Chloe picked up Marks belongings at the desk and using the money in his wallet she took a taxi back to the flat.

Chloe got out of the taxi and walked up the path to the front door of the flat, she took out Marks keys and inserted them into the lock. The flat was cold and eerily quiet. Chloe closed the door behind her and walked into the living room, her toys were in the corner and her dummy was still on the coffee table. Chloe put the bag of Marks things on the chair and sat on the sofa, she picked up her dummy and put it in her mouth. Chloe saw her teddy bear lying next to her and picked it up, she cuddled it tightly as she lay down.

Chloe woke a few hours later to hear the phone ringing, she sat bolt upright and looked over to the corner where the phone was kept. Chloe slowly walked over to the phone and picked it up.


‘Hello Chloe it’s me.’

‘Oh hello mum, how are you doing?’

Chloe and her mum chatted on the phone for a while, Chloe decided not to tell her mum what had happened, she just didn’t want to spoil the much deserved holiday.

‘Well you take care dear and say hello to Mark for me.’

Chloe felt the lump in her throat. ‘Ok mum, love you.’

Chloe placed the receiver back down and burst into tears, she couldn’t help herself. After a few minutes Chloe decided that she needed to get back to the hospital, she stood up and feeling the fullness in her tummy she squatted a little and gave a little push, the seat of her nappy was soon full. Chloe walked to the bathroom and untapped her wet and messy nappy, she cleaned herself with the baby wipes and then switched on the shower.

Chloe stepped into the nice warm jets of water and washed the smell of the stale urine from herself and made sure to clean her bum. During her shower Chloe realised that this was the first time she had washed herself in a while, Mark had taken care of her personal hygiene since she became a baby. Rinsing the soap from her body Chloe switched off the shower and stepped out onto the fluffy bathmat. Chloe dried herself before walking through to the bedroom and getting the changing supplies ready, she laid out the changing mat and unfolded a nice thick Attends nappy before positioning herself on it. Chloe powdered herself heavily and rubbed it in before taping herself snugly into her nappy, she stood up and went to the wardrobe where she took out a onesie, a pair of jeans and a jumper.

Chloe had finished dressing herself and felt much better, she picked up some of Marks toiletries and put them into a bag. Chloe then prepared herself a nappy bag and made sure to put in her Pampers baby wipes and a tub of baby powder, she picked up a few items of clothing for both her and Mark and packed them all in. Chloe telephoned for a taxi and then sat on the sofa and waited, she thought about putting her dummy in the bag also but decided against it. A few minutes later the taxi cab honked its horn and Chloe left to return to the hospital.

The journey didn’t take long and soon Chloe was walking down the corridor towards the side room that Mark was in. Chloe opened the door and walked in. Mark was still in the same condition as when she had left. Chloe put the bag she had brought in the corner and then folded up the blanket she had used the night before. Chloe was tidying around when the nurse came in.

‘Hello dear, when did you get back?’

‘Just now. How is he? Any change?’

‘Well the doctor has been round this morning and he was pleased with the progress, last night was just a scare. The doctor also thinks that Mark maybe able to come off the ventilator in the next few days.’

‘Really? Isn’t that a bit quick?’

‘Well you see dear Mark seems to be coping quite well, his body is recovering quite fast from the shock of losing all that blood, the coma was medically induced to let this happen. It is a bit like being under anaesthetic.’

‘I see, so he is going to be ok?’

‘Well it is early to say, we are going to bring him off the ventilator in a few days and see how he does, he wont wake up straight away though. By the way a police officer was here to see you earlier, he wants you to make a statement, he said he will be back later.’

‘Ok thank you.’

The nurse left the room and Chloe went back to the plastic chair beside Marks bed, she held his hand again and kissed it.

‘Hello daddy.’

Chloe began to stroke Marks hand again and laid her head next to it.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

‘Hello, Miss. Lewis?’

Chloe looked up to see a man in a suit looking at her. ‘Yes, that is me.’

‘Hi, my name is Detective Reid, is it ok to ask you a few questions about last night?’

‘Erm, yes ok.’

The detective smiled and asked Chloe to join him in the relatives room, the walked down the corridor and into a small cosy room that was well heated. Chloe took a seat on the sofa and the detective switched on the kettle, he went on to explain that they had Dave in custody and had taken statements from a lot of the people at the party. Chloe was asked about what she saw which of course wasn’t all that much, she told the detective all about her previous dealings with Dave and how he was jealous that Mark was marrying her. The detective said that Dave would not be charged at the moment until they knew how Mark was going to be.

‘If Mr. Trimble dies then he will be charged with manslaughter, if Mr. Trimble pulls through then he will be charged with GBH.’

Chloe was glad the Dave had been arrested, she felt the rage boil up inside her when she thought about him. The detective thanked Chloe for her time and after he had her signed statement he let her go back to Mark.

For the next few days Chloe kept her 24 hour vigil at Marks bedside, she visited the hospital chapel a few more times and prayed hard for her daddy.

The doctors were very happy with Marks progress and more talk about him coming off the ventilator took place. People from the office visited sporadically and brought flowers and cards, the room was looking more and more like a florist with each visit.

By the Thursday, the doctors were ready to take Mark off the ventilator. Chloe was asked to wait in the relatives room as they performed the task.

Inside the relatives room it was warm and cosy but Chloe couldn’t get comfortable, she was sitting on the edge of the sofa her hands between her legs and she was rocking back and forth. The nurse said she would be in as soon as she knew what was going on, it had already been fifteen minutes and still no word. Chloe walked over to the window and looked outside; the rain had been falling for most of the day, she could see people fighting against the wind as they were walking down the road. Chloe turned as she heard the door open, the nurse had come in.

‘Is he ok?’

‘Yes, he is fine. Mark is still asleep but he is breathing alone, the doctors are very happy with him and they said that it looks good.’

Chloe smiled, she was walking over to the nurse when a doctor walked in.

‘Hello Miss. Lewis, my name is Dr. Blaine.’

Chloe shook the doctors hand. ‘What is the matter doctor?’

‘Nothing, everything is fine. Mr. Trimble is breathing unaided now and it shouldn’t be long before he wakes.’

‘That is brilliant news doctor, thank you.’

The doctor shook Chloes hand again and left the room.

‘See’ said the nurse ‘I told you it was ok.’

Chloe smiled again and left the relatives room, she went straight back to Marks bedside and once again took her seat. Mark looked a lot better, there were no tubes around him and he looked as if he was sleeping. Chloe once again took Marks hand and began to stroke it. Chloe rested her head on Marks hand and began to speak.

‘I’m back daddy, the doctor said you are going to be ok, you just need to wake up now. I need you now daddy.’

Chloe began to sob to herself again she kissed Marks hand again.

‘I know you can hear me daddy, please wake up. I miss you daddy.’

Chloe was squeezing Marks hand, she looked up at his face, his eyes were still closed. Chloe got up and kissed Mark on the forehead then she lay next to him and put her head on his chest.

‘Please daddy wake up, I love you.’

Chloe closed her eyes and quietly sobbed, she hugged Mark tightly.

Chloe pulled Marks left arm over her and held it close, then out of nowhere she felt his right arm over her as well. Chloe was confused, she was still sobbing when she heard a voice.

‘Don’t cry princess. Daddy is here.’

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Chloes eyes shot open as she heard Marks voice, she felt her stomach churn and slowly looked up. Mark smiled down at Chloe.

‘Hello princess’

Chloe smiled the biggest smile, sat up and promptly fell off the bed.

‘Be careful princess.’

Chloes eyes filled up with tears, she stood up and kissed Mark on the lips. Chloe looked at her daddy and smiled again.

‘I thought you had left me for a minute back there.’

Mark smiled back at Chloe. ‘Never princess, never ever’

Mark again put his arms around Chloe and cuddled her tightly, he kissed her sweetly on the forehead and rocked her a little.

‘What happened princess? I remember Dave wanting to fight and falling into me but I can’t remember much after that.’

Chloe proceeded to tell Mark about all the events of that horrible night at the party, she told him how the barmaid had helped and that Dave had been arrested. Mark was surprised to hear how the lads from the office had been close to tears when they had visited.

Mark looked around the room and saw all the cards and flowers that had been contributed towards his get well effort. Chloe read some of the cards out to Mark and each time he commented on how clever his baby girl was. Chloe couldn’t stop smiling as she picked out the best of the cards.

‘Come here princess.’ Mark was motioning for Chloe to sit beside him.

Chloe walked over and sat on the chair beside Marks bed, she rested her head on the soft padding and Mark began to speak.

‘I’m sorry if I scared you princess. I was in darkness and all that I could hear was your voice, you were upset and calling for me. I wanted to drift away because it felt so comfortable and right but you kept calling. I saw my Nan, she wasn’t happy with my being there and she told me off, she told me to get my lazy backside out of the bed and do some work. I still wanted to slide away but you kept calling me and it begun to feel wrong. I heard you talking and then crying, I knew I had to come back, when I opened my eyes I saw you crying and when I cuddled you it felt right again. You are the reason I am here and I won’t be leaving you anytime soon, I promise. I love you.’

Chloe felt the tears in her eyes as she listened to Mark softly speaking.

‘I love you too daddy.’

Mark continued to recover well over the next few days and was soon ready to leave the hospital and return home with Chloe. Chloe had decorated the flat with balloons and had made a big card welcoming her daddy home. Mark had a huge mound of letters to open, he sat at the table and began to open them.

After opening more than a few bills Mark came across a letter from the solicitors telling him that his inheritance money was now transferred into his bank account and that he could begin to spend it. Mark breathed a huge sigh and was reminded of the fact that his beloved gran had passed away.

‘Are you ok daddy?’

Chloe had been watching Mark and had seen him ponder over the current letter far longer than the others, that coupled with the deep sigh told her that there was something wrong. Mark went on to explain about the letter and the sadness he felt for his lost gran. Chloe put her arms around Mark and cuddled him.

‘I’ll be fine princess.’ Mark returned the cuddle and kissed Chloe on the forehead.

Mark opened the rest of his letters and then went online to pay his bills. Chloe sat in front of the TV watching the Disney Channel and clapping along to the music. Mark went into the kitchen and looked through the cupboards, they really needed to go shopping, he returned to the living room.

‘We are going to have to go to the supermarket princess, let’s get your bum changed and we can pop along.’

Chloe looked up from the TV and held her arms out, Mark walked over to her, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Mark laid Chloe down and then went to the wardrobe for the changing supplies. Once he had the supplies, Mark returned to the bed and slipped Chloes trousers down her legs, he saw the soaked nappy before him and begun to untape it, he lowered the front and used baby wipes to clean Chloes vagina and bottom. Mark lifted Chloes legs and pulled the wet nappy from under her replacing it with a fresh dry one. Mark powdered Chloe well and taped up the nappy, he bent over and blew a raspberry on Chloes tummy.

‘There you go princess.’

Chloe smiled at Mark, she had missed his tenderness when he changed her nappy. Chloe replaced her trousers and as she was walking out of the room Mark swatted her nappied behind. Mark packed a nappy bag, just in case, he made a quick shopping list and then helped Chloe with her coat, they were now ready to go out into the cold February air. Mark opened up the car and made sure Chloe was strapped into the passenger seat safely before getting into the drivers side himself, off they went.

At the supermarket Mark made Chloe hold onto the sides of the trolley, she did as she was told and even got some of the items on the list for Daddy. Mark made sure to pick up some chocolate for his well behaved princess, he even took her down the toy aisle and let her pick out a new teddy bear. Mark restocked on changing supplies, Chloe wanted the Pampers nappies that had nursery prints on the waistbands.

‘No princess, they don’t have them in your size.’

Chloe didn’t like that and began to sulk, she wanted the Pampers.

‘Come on princess let’s get to the checkout.’

Chloe refused to move and stood in the middle of the aisle with the Pampers in hand. Mark strode up to Chloe, removed the Pampers and grabbed her by the hand. Chloe pulled back with all her might, she squatted back as toddler would and refused to move. Mark began to get angry.

‘Chloe Lewis, on your feet this instant and stop acting like a spoiled brat.’

Chloe was mortified, she had been shouted at in the middle of the supermarket like a common toddler, she quickly got back to her feet and refilled her position flanking the trolley. Mark manoeuvred the shopping trolley around to the checkouts and Chloe helped place everything on the belt. Mark noticed an extra packet of sweets mysteriously appear. It didn’t take long to pack all the shopping, they were soon back in the car on their way home. Mark drove carefully on the icy roads, the drive took a little longer than usual but eventually they arrived back at the flat and carted all the bags into the kitchen where Mark unpacked and put away the shopping. Chloe carefully unpacked her sweets and put them on the surface, Mark smiled to himself watching his princess.

‘Is my princess hungry?’

Chloe looked away from her sweets and nodded. ‘Yes Daddy.’

‘What do you want then princess?’


‘No princess, you can’t have sweets for lunch. How about a nice sandwich?’


Mark began to laugh and walked over to Chloe, he tickled her. ‘You can’t have sweets princess.’

Chloe squirmed and laughed trying to get away from Mark, she dodged her way out of the room and ran into the bedroom slamming the door on the way.

‘You can’t hide from me.’ Mark chased after her, he opened the door to the bedroom and saw the lump underneath the duvet. ‘Where is she?’

Mark could hear the sniggering coming from beneath the duvet, he continued the charade of looking around the room lifting even the smallest item up and looking under it, the sniggering getting louder each time. Mark eventually came to the bed and sat down.

‘Oh I don’t know where she is. What am I going to do?’

‘BOO!’ Chloe threw back the covers and jumped on Marks back, Mark threw her off him and onto the bed, then he continued the tickle assault. Chloe struggled and squirmed but she couldn’t get away from Mark, her sides were hurting and she was sure that she had drenched her nappy. The giggling and laughing soon turned to kissing and pretty soon Mark was touching her body and undressing her. Chloe returned the favour by removing Marks clothes, they were rubbing each others bodies and kissing deeply. Chloe still had her nappy intact and Mark reached down and pressed the thick padding hard against her crotch, Chloe moaned with anticipation and longed for daddies hand inside. Mark gradually slid his hand inside her nappy and touched her throbbing, wet vagina, he rubbed her clitoris and kissed her passionately. Chloe pushed her hips closer to Marks touch, she longed to feel him inside her. Mark removed his hand from Chloes nappy and unfastened the four tapes, he pulled back the wet padding and then pulled the nappy from underneath his princess, the nappy ended up in a wet pile on the floor as Mark slid his penis inside Chloe. For the first time in a while they made love, both of them savouring the moment. The euphoria afterwards was only interrupted by the telephone ringing, the answer phone was left to pick up the call. Mark looked across at Chloe and smiled, he leaned over and kissed her.

‘Shall we get a shower princess?’

Chloe sat up and followed Mark to the bathroom where he had switched on the shower, they both got in and enjoyed the hot jets of water on their bodies. Chloe looked down at Marks stomach where the cut was still clearly visible from that fateful night. Mark washed Chloe and then himself before reaching for the razor and shaving foam. Mark carefully shaved away the pubic stubble forming on Chloes crotch before switching off the shower and stepping out onto the mat. Mark first dried himself and then turned his attention to Chloe, he wrapped her in the big fluffy towel and carried her back to the bedroom where he nappied her and placed the discarded wet nappy into a nappy bag. Mark got himself dressed before picking out some nice warm clothes for Chloe, he dressed her and then they returned to the living room. Chloe switched on the TV while Mark went to make the sandwiches for lunch. Chloe and Mark ate their sandwiches and Chloe got her sweets. In the evening Mark treated Chloe to a trip out to the cinema, he also took her for a meal out. It was during the meal that Mark told Chloe what he wanted to do with the money he had from his Nan. Mark had decided that he wanted to set himself up as a computer repair shop as well as selling all the latest computer gear.

‘I have seen a nice little shop for sale by the flat which I think would be perfect. We can have it up and running by this time next month. What do you think?’

Chloe listened intently to Marks idea for his new business, she liked it very much and she was excited. ‘I think it is a wonderful idea.’

Mark was happy that Chloe thought his idea was a good one, hey chatted some more over dinner about what the shop should look like and what each of them would do. Chloe would answer the phones and deal with quotes while Mark would fix the machines, in time they would take on another member of staff to help. That night they both went to sleep excited and dreaming of the future.

The weeks passed by and the shop project was in full swing, both Mark and Chloe were dedicating a lot of time and effort into getting the shop ready, baby time seemed to get less and less although Chloe was still wearing nappies. February was fast ending and the spring month of March was about to begin, for Chloe that meant one thing, birthday. March the 5th was Chloes 20th birthday, it would be her first with Mark and also her first as her new personae as baby Chloe. Chloe had been invited out for dinner with her mum and dad for the night of her birthday, they were all due to meet at 9pm. Mark had special plans for the afternoon before the dinner. As the day approached Mark got his things ready, put Chloe to bed early on the night before and then put his plan into action. Finally at 4am Mark crept to bed.

The next morning Chloe woke up bright and early, wet as usual but also very excited, it was the morning of her birthday, Mark was still snoring next to her.

‘Daddy, daddy wake up.’ Chloe shook Mark until he woke from his short sleep.

Mark yawned and then stretched. ‘Good morning princess.’ Mark looked at the clock, it was 7:30am. ‘What do you want to get up so early for?’

‘It’s my birthday daddy.’

‘Is it? Nobody told me.’

Chloe looked at Mark with a scowl. ‘Yes, yes, yes I told you last week and last night.’

‘Well I must have forgotten princess, sorry.’

Mark rolled over and pretended to go back to sleep. Chloe didn’t like this turn of events one bit and jumped onto her sleeping daddy.

‘Come on daddy, get up. Stop playing.’

Mark got out of bed and put on his dressing gown. ‘Oh ok then, but I don’t know what you want to get up for, I haven’t got you anything.’

Chloe picked up her teddy bear by the arm and followed Mark to the lounge. The room was decorated all over with balloons and banners wishing Chloe a very happy birthday. Chloe looked around in awe at the decorations before she spotted the small pile of presents on the table. Chloe ran over to the table where and picked up the smallest present from the top of the pile. Mark made ready with his camera. Chloe tore at the bright wrapping paper and revealed a small box, inside was an adult sized Disney dummy. Mark took photographs at each stage of the present massacre, when it was over, injured boxes lay spilling their contents onto what used to look like a table. Chloe looked at the rewards for her tearing, the final list stood at: 10 tubs of Play Doh!, 3 new colouring books, a doll, some new story books, some tigger slipper socks and tickets to the stage musical of Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang. Chloe threw her arms around Mark.

‘Thank you daddy.’

‘You are welcome princess.’ Mark hugged Chloe back and then begun to tidy up the mess that had been left in the wake of the present opening frenzy.

Chloe took her new doll (which wore a nappy just like her) over to the sofa and sat watching cartoons. Mark filled up a bin bag with the rubbish, piled the presents on one of the chairs and then went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Mark cooked a breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and of course completed it all with toast. Chloes food was cut up into smaller pieces and had the customary dollop of tomato ketchup. Mark carried two cups of tea into the living room and then went back for the breakfasts, Chloe was still on the sofa engrossed in the latest adventures of The Hoobs.

‘Breakfast princess.’

Chloe switched off the TV, picked up her doll and walked over to the table. Mark placed a bib around her neck and pushed her chair properly into the table. Chloe looked down at the breakfast and licked her lips she used her fingers to pick up the pieces of sausage and dipped it into the tomato sauce then raising the food to her mouth. In went the sausage but not before a drip of ketchup ended up running down her chin and onto the waiting bib. Chloe ate all of her breakfast and drunk her tea, which by the end had more breakfast in it than the hot brew it had started out as.

‘Did you enjoy that princess?’

Chloe looked up at Mark with a face covered in sauce and even a small piece of egg. ‘Yes Daddy, it was yummy.’

Mark finished his own breakfast and then managed to get Chloe still enough to wipe her face clean. Chloe was not the least bit impressed about having the yucky baby wipe all over her face but she was quickly free of it and released from the table to play with her new toys. Mark went to the kitchen and washed up the dishes. Chloe was enjoying colouring in her new books when she was interrupted by Mark.

‘Bath time princess.’

‘But daddy. I want to play.’

‘No princess, bath now or we will be late.’

‘Late for what daddy?’

‘You will find out princess.’

Chloe reluctantly followed Mark through to the bedroom, she was stripped of her sleeper and nappy before being led in to the bathroom and a nice hot bubble bath. Mark gently lowered her into the hot water and left her to play with the bath toys and the bubbles. Mark got some clothes ready for Chloe and brought out the changing supplies, he then returned to a very wet bathroom.

‘Wow it looks like somebody has been having fun.’

Chloe looked at Mark and gave him a cheeky grin. Mark retrieved a towel from the dirty washing bin and proceeded to mop up all the water on the floor. Once the floor was relatively dry Mark knelt down beside the bath and washed Chloe, he shampooed her hair and washed her all over, once he had finished Mark left Chloe to play for a little longer.

When Mark returned Chloe was still playing with her bath toys. ‘Time to get out now princess, pull out the plug.’ Chloe did as she was told and Mark lifted her out of the bath, he dried her delicately and then carried her through to the bedroom. Chloe was placed on the bed and the towel was removed from her body. Mark picked up the bottle of baby lotion that was on the bedside table and poured a slow drip onto Chloes bare skin, she shuddered as the coldness of the lotion registered. Mark slowly rubbed the lotion into Chloes skin, he made sure he got every inch of her body, Chloe closed her eyes and enjoyed the relaxing massage. Chloe was nearly asleep by the time Mark had finished. Mark wiped his hands clean and then took out a fresh nappy, he flipped Chloe onto her back and taped the clean nappy around her. Mark dressed Chloe in her jeans and her jumper.

‘Are you ready for your trip out princess?’

‘Where are we going daddy?’

‘It is a surprise princess, you will have to wait and see.’

Mark then took Chloe into the living room and told her to play with her toys while he got showered and dressed. Chloe did as she was told and enjoyed playing with her new doll and looking through her new story books. Mark reappeared ten minutes later, he put on his coat and then proceeded to help Chloe put hers on.

‘Are you ready princess?’

Chloe nodded and was really excited to find out were her daddy was taking her. Mark led her to the car and buckled her in. Chloe sat anxiously awaiting their journey ahead so she could try and work out where they were going, Mark got in the car and then blind folded Chloe.

‘I want this to be a total surprise.’

Chloe didn’t like this new development. ‘But daddy.’

Mark laughed away her protests and then started the car. To Chloe the car journey seemed to last forever, but in reality it was only twenty minutes long. Mark was soon removing the blindfold from Chloes eyes and she could see the sign above the gateway, it read Thirlwell Park Cat Sanctuary. Chloe looked at Mark.

‘Are we getting a cat daddy?’

‘Yes princess we are going to get a nice new cat for you.’

Mark led Chloe into the sanctuary and met with the owner whom Mark had made an appointment with. Chloe was told she could have a look around all the cages and take as much time as she liked, Mark thanked the owner and then went to join Chloe as the owner went into the small office. Chloe didn’t know where to start, she was surrounded by cages that all housed poor abandoned cats and kittens.

‘Can we have them all Daddy?’

‘No princess, I’m afraid we can’t. You can pick out two.’

Chloe held up two fingers to show Mark. ‘Two daddy?’

‘That is right princess, clever girl but you shouldn’t put your fingers up like that, you need to show them the other way around, that way is naughty.’

Chloe immediately retracted the offensive gesture and returned to her search for the perfect two cats. There were so many cats that choosing was going to be a difficult task. Some cats were easy to dismiss as they seemed too fierce to have in the flat, others looked too poorly. Chloe came to a cage where there was a ginger cat rubbing himself up against the wire, he was a very friendly cat. Chloe loved him, she put her finger through the gap and the cat licked her. Chloe giggled as the cat continued to lick her finger tip.

‘I want this one daddy.’

Mark agreed that this was indeed a friendly cat and that Chloe could definitely have it.

‘Are you going to choose another?’

‘No daddy, I want this one and that is it.’

Mark went to the small office and knocked on the door, he told the woman that Chloe had made her choice and that they would be taking the ginger cat.

‘Oh that is wonderful, we have been looking for a home for Garfield for quite a while, he is an affectionate cat but people want kittens more now.’

Mark worked out the payment with the owner and Chloe had her cat. They were soon back in the flat and settling Garfield into his new home. Chloe set up a nice bed for Garfield in the living room and she made sure that he had food and water. Chloe spent the afternoon playing with her new toys, she had opened her Play Doh! and made a likeness of Garfield with it. Mark took many photographs and was pleased that his plans had worked out well. The day moved along quickly as it often does when you are having fun, Mark had made a few phone calls about some stock he had been expecting and also took a few appointments for people to have their computers fixed on Monday. The shop was to have its grand opening on Monday morning and Mark already had customers to serve. It was now 7pm and time to get ready for the dinner with Chloes parents. Chloe was allowed to get herself showered and after Mark had put her nappy on she dressed herself.

Mark and Chloe arrived at the restaurant at around about the same time as Helen and Derek, they all had a drink at the bar while they waited for their table. Mark was updating Helen and Derek about the shop and they were delighted to hear that he had customers on the very first day he opened. Helen was keener to get around to the subject of the wedding now that the shop had been completed.

‘So have you both set a date yet?’

‘Mum, we have only just finished the shop. The wedding is the next thing on the list.’

Derek laughed. ‘She won’t let it go about this you know, she has been waiting to plan this wedding for 20 years.’

Throughout the dinner more and more wedding things were discussed and by dessert a date had been set. Helen was pleased and was even more delighted when she was asked to plan the wedding. The date that was decided was June twelfth a lot of work was going to be required in the coming months to give Mark and Chloe the perfect wedding they deserved.

‘Leave it to me.’ Helen said. ‘This is going to be the best wedding ever.’

Everybody around the table looked at each other. The race was on.

Over the next few months Helen made plans, she had everything so perfectly organised.
With the day of the wedding approaching rapidly, all the organisation was paying off and even some of the setbacks had worked out quite nicely. Helen was busy talking with caterers, florist and of course the guests themselves. Chloe was anxiously waiting for the day when she could finally become Marks wife, it was the first thing she thought of each morning and the last thing she thought of each night. Mark was calmly awaiting the big day with his own hidden sense of excitement, the business was going well and his future looked more secure than ever. It was to be a church wedding complete with a big reception in a massive hotel. Mark used some more of his inheritance to pay for the endless stream of bills that seemed to go with what was planned. Chloe was enjoying her time with Helen planning the big day, she loved shopping for dresses and was thankful that there were styles that hid the bulge of her nappy. Mark had planned his stag night for the weekend before the wedding, he was going into the city centre with his mates to crawl around the pub circuit. Chloe decided that she would have her hen night on the very night before the wedding day, she had only a few friends in Fallfield so it was to be a quiet occasion.

Chloe could feel the nerves starting to build up inside as the wedding day countdown reached its final seven days, she had not been feeling well and was worried that she would still feel the same on the wedding day. Mark was looking forward to all the fuss being over and settling down to married life with his princess. On the day of Marks stag night Chloe became more anxious, she knew that they were now getting onto the final straight and that it was exactly a week away. Chloe was spending the night in the flat alone while Mark was out, she was worried about the fact that the last time Mark had been on a night out it had ended so tragically. Mark had reassured Chloe that he would be fine, Dave was not going to be there as he was in prison but Chloe still felt uneasy as he walked out of the door. Garfield rubbed up against Chloes legs as she stood watching Mark get into the taxi from the window, she waved him goodbye and blew him a kiss. Chloe heard her phone buzz as she closed the curtain, she picked it up and read the message.


Chloe smiled to herself and tried to take her mind of things, she made herself some popcorn, opened a bottle of wine and settled down on the settee to watch a film. Chloe eventually managed to get her mind of Marks safety and she started enjoying her film, when it was finished she changed her nappy and ordered herself a pizza. Chloe watched another film and fell asleep on the settee.

Chloe was woken up by the sound of knocking, she sat up and looked around the room, the DVD menu was playing on the TV and Garfield had stretched himself out across the rug. The knocking grew louder. Chloe got herself off the settee and sleepily walked to the front door, she peered through the spy hole and saw Mark leaning against the wall. Chloe opened the door just in time to see Mark vomiting in the garden. Mark finished being sick and looked up, seeing Chloe at the door.

‘Hello princess.’

Chloe looked at Mark, he looked very drunk. Mark staggered through the front door and into the flat. Chloe closed and locked the door before following Mark into the living room. Mark was sat on the settee with his head bowed, he looked as if he was asleep.

Chloe shook Mark awake, he looked at her and then went into the bathroom, standing on Garfields tail as he went. Chloe switched off the lights and tidied up before heading for the bedroom she checked in on Mark on the way. Mark was lying in the bath fast asleep, Chloe left on the light and went to bed.

The next morning Chloe woke up early, she was alone in bed, she got up and walked into the bathroom, Mark was still asleep in the bath. Chloe went through to the kitchen and switched on the kettle, then she went back to the bathroom. Chloe managed to shake Mark out of his sleep and he groggily got out of the bath and went into the living room, Chloe brought him a cup of tea.

‘Did you have a nice time last night then?’

Mark took a sip of the tea and looked at Chloe. ‘It was good, what time did I get in and how did I end up in the bath tub?’

Chloe explained to Mark what had happened, he had no recollection of getting home and he certainly couldn’t remember going to sleep in the bath. Mark apologised for the state he was in, he told Chloe about all the pubs that he had been in and how much fun he had. Mark had another cup of tea and then went back to bed after taking a couple of painkillers. Chloe showered, dressed and went to her mums for the day to carry on with the planning.

The days rolled on and as is so often the case leading up to a big occasion they seemed to get shorter and shorter. Helen had everything perfectly timed and was finished with the organising by Thursday afternoon. Chloes nerves were getting worse and as the days had progressed she felt worse and worse. Friday came and Chloe felt awful, she was sick and even passed out in the kitchen at her mums. Helen suggested that Chloe went to the doctors just to be on the safe side but Chloe insisted that she was fine and that it was just nerves.

‘Are you sure that you are not pregnant Chloe?’

‘Don’t be silly mum.’

‘Ok dear, I just thought I’d ask.’

Chloe felt a lot better after having some lunch and pretty soon they were back into the swing of things and checking all the details of the next day. Chloe cancelled her hen night in the wake of how she was feeling and opted to have a few friends around at her mums for a quiet drink. Helen went out to get some drinks and snacks for the evening and Chloe went to get a bath. Mark telephoned Chloe while she was in the bath to check she was ok. Chloe didn’t mention that she had passed out and told him how much she loved him and that she couldn’t wait to marry him. Mark told Chloe how much he loved her and that he felt like the luckiest man alive, they both hung up the phone eager to cement their relationship and become man and wife. Chloe finished her bath and after drying herself she assessed her body in the mirror, she was happy with the way she looked and laughing at her mothers suggestion that she might be pregnant she stuck out her tummy. Chloe again dismissed the idea and slipped on her dressing gown.

Helen had returned by the time Chloe was dressed and back in the lounge.

‘Did you manage to get everything mum?’

‘Oh yes dear I got everything we need for a good night in. How are you feeling?’

‘I’m fine mum, I have had a bath and spoken to Mark on the phone.’

‘Oh good. I bet he is as excited as you dear.’

Chloe and Helen got everything ready for the evening and also had things ready for the following morning. Everything was now set for the big day.

Chloe didn’t drink much that evening as she was still feeling a little sick, her friends more than made up for that fact though as it seemed each of them had drunken Chloes share of the alcohol. Helen had even gotten quite squiffy and cried as she was telling tales from Chloes childhood. Finally at 1am everybody left and Chloe could retire to her old room, she kissed her mother goodnight and climbed the stairs . Chloe went into her room and closed the door behind her, she undressed and changed her nappy. Chloe spotted a box on the bedside table, it was a pregnancy test kit and a note of her mum.


I thought you might need this.

Mum x.

Chloe rolled her eyes and threw the box back on the table, she switched off the light and ended her last day as a single girl.

Chloe didn’t get much sleep that night, she finally settled at 5am and was woken at 7am by the sound of the letterbox and a car door slamming shut. Chloe got out of bed, took off her wet nappy and then put on her dressing gown. On her way downstairs Chloe saw the letter lying in the hallway, she bent down and picked it up. The envelope was addressed to her and inside was a card, Chloe opened it up and read it.

To my dearest Chloe,

I wanted to write this to you to tell you how much I love you and that I cant believe that this day is finally here. In a few hours time you will be my wife and for that I feel like the luckiest man who ever lived. You are my whole world and I can’t imagine living my life without you. I want you to know that you are amazing, you make me so very happy. I always wished at Christmas to find love and settle down so you are all I want for Christmas and all I want forever more. I love you more than life itself and when you are standing in the church at the alter with me today you will make me the happiest man on earth. I love you.


Chloe felt the first teardrop roll down her cheek, she went back upstairs and into her room. Helen knocked on the door a few minutes later and checked that everything was alright, Chloe showed her the card and soon they were both sat sobbing on the bed. Helen went to make some tea and brought it back to Chloes room, they sat and drunk their tea before they both had showers and waited for the hairdresser to arrive. Chloe didn’t feel as nervous for some reason but was still vomiting, she had her hair done and made an excuse to be alone while she got on her dress. Chloe was able to nappy herself and put on the dress in privacy. Helen came back into the room and stood in awe of her little girl, she started to cry.

‘You look stunning Chloe, absolutely stunning.’

Chloe hugged her mum and thanked her for everything.

There was a beeping from outside and Chloe looked out of the window.

‘Oh my god, it is the cars already.’

Helen went downstairs and spoke to the driver, she shouted up to Chloe that it was time to go.

‘I’ll be right there mum, just give me 10 minutes.’ Chloe felt sick again, she went into the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Chloe quickly took off her dress and ran over to the toilet. Helen knocked on the door.

‘Are you ok in there honey?’

‘Yeah mum I am fine just a little ill, can you give me some more time?’

‘Ok dear but you need to hurry up, we have to get going.’

Chloe looked at herself in the mirror, she would need to reapply some make up but nothing major, she opened the bathroom cabinet looking for some pills when she saw the pregnancy kit on the middle shelf. Chloe began to wonder if maybe her mother had been right, she took the kit, slip her nappy down her legs and sat on the toilet waiting to urinate on the stick. It took a few minutes but at last a short stream flowed from Chloe and she placed the strip on the sink before replacing her nappy and putting her dress back on.

‘Chloe come on. We can’t wait any longer.’ Helen was shouting from the bottom of the stairs. Chloe was staring intently at the strip, finally she had her result, she left the bathroom and went downstairs.

‘Is everything ok dear?’

‘Yes mum it is fine.’ Chloe took the drink of water her mum had for her and then left the house to get into the car. Derek was already waiting inside for her.

‘You look beautiful sweetheart.’

‘Thanks dad.’

The car sped off to the church, Chloe was running fifteen minutes late.

Mark was stood at the front of the church fidgeting with his hat, he hoped everything was ok, he had gotten the message that Chloe was running late but it didn’t settle his nerves. To Mark it felt like an eternity but fifteen minutes later than expected the organ piped up and ‘Here comes the bride’ was blasting out.

Chloe made her way down the aisle and came to stand next to Mark, he smiled at her and felt relieved. Chloe handed Mark a small piece of paper. Mark unfolded it and read the two words that made up the reason for her late arrival.

‘I’m Pregnant.’

Mark broke into a huge smile he nodded at Chloe as if looking for confirmation of what his eyes had just read, Chloe smiled and nodded back.

‘We are gathered here today […]’ Mark and Chloe turned to face the vicar.

‘Do you Chloe Lewis take Mark Joseph Trimble […]’ Chloe looked deep into Marks eyes, this was truly the happiest moment of her life, she didn’t hear the rest of the words but knew what she had to say when it went silent.

‘I do.’ Chloe committed herself to Mark, her daddy, she gave herself to him as she slowly wet her nappy.


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The first time i read this was on daily diaper

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This is an awsome story. I loved the ending.

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Thank you and I am glad that you enjoyed it. I am currently working on the sequel and I hope that I will be able to post it in the next few months.

Thank you for reading.

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This is one of my all time favorites. Thank you for this story!

Amazing story Very enjoyable