All for a 30 dollar

From Mike-

Hello Mr. Harris,
Thank you so much for your business! I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know I’ll be shipping your game out tomorrow morning. The UPS store here just closed about 30 minutes ago or I’d have sent it tonight!

Again, thank you very much for your business.

From Me-

Nah it’s no worries. I get paid in the evening through direct deposit, so anything I buy after I get my paycheck, I don’t expect to see until late next week or even the week after.


Hey there,
I see that the item has been delivered, and I’ve left you positive feedback. Could you leave me some feedback so that Paypal will release your payment? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks again!

From Me-

Since you’re fairly new I’ll explain something for you (both I and my mother have ebay businesses). Paypal does not hold fees until feedback is left, it’s now how that works.

Paypal and Ebay are not coterminous, they are not responsible for each other. Paypal is simply a 3rd party banking system that is commonly used on many ebay purchases.

It takes about 3-6 business days for a wire transfer of money to go from a bank account to a paypal account to another paypal account.

Right now, I cannot leave feedback for the game. I bought some 360 games along side an Xbox 360, so I’ll have to wait until it arrives. But, as soon as my new system arrives, I’ll leave feedback as quickly as I can.

So far so good right? I’m trying to be nice and patient with him about this….

Harassment from Mike #1-

Hello. I’ve used paypal for years and I do know how this works. In fact, here’s the text from paypal.
“We’ll move the money to your available balance after 15 days as long as your buyer hasn’t reported a problem. It may be available sooner if we can confirm that the item was delivered or, if this is an eBay item, your buyer leaves positive feedback.”

The game was delivered in flawless condition per the agreement.

If you insist on waiting, that’s fine – I’ll just submit tracking info to paypal and see if they’ll release the funds.

Thanks again….

K….he just quote a section of text that explains that Paypal will release his funds regardless of my leaving feedback, it just takes longer (like I said to begin with). While I may have been wrong about Ebay and Paypal being coterminous, Paypal is still a third party banking system.

Harassment 2-

Well whatever, they are holding the funds until I get feedback. I assume its because I have a new paypal account too. Who know. Either way – no worries. Thanks for your business!

Harassment 3-

Hello Josh,
I’ve not heard anything from you or received feedback and it’s been a week since the item was delivered to you. Was something wrong with the game? Let me know! Thanks!

I realize I’ve emailed you about this before, but 7 days is a bit excessive.

Again…I told him I can’t do -anything- until I get my 360.

At this point I’m done dealing with him, I go and leave a neutral feedback due to him getting pushy…and then-

Harassment 4-

Just dropping a quick line to let you know I think it’s pretty shitty that you leave neutral feedback after you received a flawless item. Of course I was pushy about the feedback… you had the item for 7 days before you left any, and paypal held my funds until then. Anyone would be pushy. I’m going to petition to have my positive feedback removed from your profile.

Before you go off telling be about how paypal doesn’t hold funds based on feedback, go read the policy – you are mistaken.

Before you go off and tell me that ebay and paypal have nothing to do with each other, go read… ebay bought paypal in 2002.

Enjoy your damn game.

My response-

Feel free to petition, I will simply show them that you at one point said it was okay for me to wait until I actually got my Xbox 360 so I could -see- if the game worked for myself before leaving feedback, and then came back with “7 days is excessive.”

Couldn’t care less about paypal or ebay at this point. I told you exactly why I haven’t left feedback, you said it was alright, and then you got pushy. You brought the neutral feedback on yourself.

Harassment 5-

Your sarcasm filter was obviously broken. 7 days IS excessive. You can see that the game is in perfect condition by looking at it. No worries – just another know it all kid on the internet.

Now comes the REALLY good part. I get my Xbox 360 and of course, I have a bunch of games to try and don’t try Final Fantasy 13 from him, not first anyways. Well, a couple of days ago I try it.

Loads the first cutscene, then begins loading the next scene but freezes. That happened ten times, with disc cleanings in between. I tried copying the game to my 360 five times, and all five times it froze at exactly 38%.

So, I go to him to ask for a refund. I highly doubt he’ll say yes but I might as well try anyways-

First I would like to note that it cannot be mint condition if you’ve used it. Though, I expected it to be used either way.

Secondly, it does not work. I tested all the games I bought, just to see if they loaded and at first, final fantasy 13 did load the beginning cutscene, which is all I assumed would be necessary. However, after trying to play it today, it would not load a single thing past the first cutscene.

I tried cleaning my 360 with compressed air, and still nothing. All my other games work, and I have at least a dozen.

It also would not copy to my hard drive, as I attempted to do so 5 times and all 5 times it became stuck at 38%. When examining the disc, there is a HUGE and unmissable gash across the CD (and I really do mean you can’t avoid noticing it); now I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt and blame shipping but I’m still going to request a refund.

I will ship the product back, and it would even allow you to request that I revise my feedback I left for you. I was impatient before mainly because of dealing with a bunch of problems that went with my Xbox (no controller and no memory card came with it), and I apologize for that. If you and I can work this out, I guarantee I will leave positive feedback.

Harassment #6-

The game does work just fine, that I can guarantee. I played it and finished it just before put it back in the packaging and listed it on ebay. If the xbox is broken, that’s not my fault. There are no such gashes on the disc. I took photos before I mailed it. It couldn’t have been scratched during shipping because it was inside the case, in a package. If there were a “huge unmissable gash” on the disc, you’d have seen it before you left feedback saying it “worked just fine” ……
As far as mint condition goes – the game is flawless. I mentioned in the auction listing that I purchased it, played it, then listed it on ebay – so that coveres the used part.

I’m not sure why you’re trying to pull this crap now, but I know for a fact the game works fine. If you scratched it up just to try to get a refund – that’s not my fault.

Oh…yeah, I scratched up a game JUST to refund it. That makes total fucking sense. Does he have any idea how exhausting it would be to wait for a game to arrive, scratch it up to where it won’t work, pay to ship it back and get a refund?

So I opened a case, and now he’s added a -new- story to the getting a refund bit.

“Exact quote of feedback left by the buyer = “Seller was pushy and impatient about feedback.” I was pushy because the buyer held the item for 7 days before leaving the feedback. I left a reply to his feedback stating that he was rude and held the item for a week before leaving feedback. This is likely just retaliation on their part.”

There were no scratches on the item – at all. I described the condition accurately in my auction. Buyer has illegally copied the game to his hard drive and now is just trying to get his money back.

Oh yes! Now it’s illegal to copy a game to a 360…even though all 360’s are built with that function. Woot! Good frigging god this guy is a dipshit.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

I do the amazon thing as you know and this is exactly selling games is always more trouble then its worth. Some people are just pricks. It was all cool until he was like “enjoy your damn game” to which I would have responded “fuck you!!”

I always go by the rule of never trusting anyone who uses an unnecessary amount of “!!!” in an email. I’ve always felt it was the mark of a disingenuous personality.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

You’re going to love Icey…

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

There’s a clause on paypal about how for new sellers, you get access to the payment within 15 days of the transaction or sooner if feedback is left, but either way, he was going to get paid.

And yeah, I opened a case in the resolution center and was lucky enough to get results later that hour (almost never happens). I got the refund, thankfully.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

HA! Awesome, he just reported me to Ebay for fraud -after- the case was concluded in my favor.

Hmm…he has 0 sales and is a newbie to Ebay as a whole. I’ve bought over a hundred items and he’s the first person I had to ever open a case for and STILL believes I’m bullshitting him. Too bad he added me to his spam list, I really feel like explaining how piracy works to this simpleton and that if I seriously wanted to just get the game without a cost, I would have downloaded the game, burnt it onto a few DVD’s, and then installed it on my 360 hard drive.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

I don’t really care what he feels like at this point. He’s claimed to know more than me, has insulted me, and reported me for Fraud over something factually wrong and with completely implausible claims.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow


Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

I’m fairly certain he was sarcastically referring to your use of exclamation points in regards to Victor’s post.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

Bah, we all know Icey is too cute for words and the exclamation points serve to illustrate that better.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

No I was referring to all the “happy merchant” talk from this mike guy before he went all strange.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

Umm…that doesn’t make any sense. How can you be referring to the merchant talk from Mike if you mention Icey’s name?

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

Ah…misread I guess. Sorry about that Victor.

Re: All for a 30 dollar game…wow

Whereas I was indeed referring to the abundant exclamation marks. (!!)