All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

This story is dark and violent, if you’re not into dark and violent then please DO NOT read this. :slight_smile:

All Dolled Up
By: Dementia’s Knight

The sounds of lawnmowers running in various yards up and down the block heralded the coming of dusk. Though the temperature was still near the triple digits, it was beginning to drop and the magic time between when the sun began to set and nightfall was as good a time as any to get the yard cleaned up. The Grant family was on a different mission than their neighbors however, one that was arguably the most important mission known to man. That mission was to get the several containers of ice cream and popsicles in the back of their van home and into the freezer before they became a goopy mess.

“We should probably do our lawn sometime this week.” Mary told her husband from the passenger seat as she looked out her window at the numerous members of their neighborhood engaging in the labor in question.

Todd nodded as he stopped the car at the four way stop two blocks from their house. “Yeah.” he said, as he scanned the intersection and continued forward. “Do you think James Willard would be available this weekend to mow our lawn?” he asked his preteen daughter as he looked at her in the rearview mirror with a knowing smile.

Candice blushed at the mention of her crush and at the look in her father’s eyes. “Dad!” she whined, as she turned her gaze away from her tormentor and out her window.

Todd chuckled and looked over to his wife. “What? He does good work and he could use the money to take you out sometime.” He explained, trying to contain his laughter but finding it hard to do when he saw his wife doing the same.

Candice groaned. “God, you guys are evil. I can’t believe you’re letting him torment me like this, mother.” She complained.

Mary stifled a laugh and turned in her seat so she could see her daughter. “Honey, contrary to what you may believe, I don’t have any control of how badly your father torments you.” She said before spinning back around and clearing her throat to try and dispel the laugh she’d been fighting.

“If you ask James to mow our lawn, I swear to God I’ll lock myself in my room and not come out until I’m old enough to move to another country.” Candice threatened.

Mary and Todd both lost their fight against laughter when they heard their daughter’s preposterous threat. The van pulled into the driveway and as soon as it was parked Candice bailed out as fast as she could.

“Please take your sister in the house with you.” Her mother said before the girl could close her door.

Candice groaned and shut her door before walking around the back of the van to the other side of the vehicle where she slid open the door and set to releasing her younger sister from her carseat. The toddler squirmed happily as the harness between her legs was unbuckled and she was hoisted from the seat and placed on her older sister’s hip.

“Don’t forget her bag.” Mary reminded as she joined her husband at the back of the van to gather up the bags of groceries.

Candice grabbed the canvas bag from the floor of the van and slung it over her free shoulder before shutting the van door and heading to the front door of the house. She shifted her sister on her hip while she waited for her parents to come and open the front door for her.

The cream colored, two storied Grant house certainly didn’t stand out next to the others in the neighborhood, but it was more than just a house to the four members of the Grant family, it was a home. The loving care taken by the owners to give the house a warm aura that reflected the one that they shared amongst one another was apparent in every small feature of the house. Everything, including the toys in the front yard, served to tell the story of the people that dwelled within and more importantly, that they were a family.

Todd unlocked the front door and stepped back to allow his daughters and wife to enter the house before he walked across the threshold and shut the door behind him. Crossing through the dining room he joined his wife in the kitchen while Candice took her younger sister Emma into the living room where the young girl would occupy the playpen.

“Candice, can you grab the last two bags from the car please?” Mary called out to her daughter just as the preteen was making a beeline from the living room to the stairs.

An expected and thoroughly exasperated sigh came from the entryway before heavy footfalls and a rapidly opening and shutting door could be heard. Moments later the door opened again and shut loudly before Candice came rushing to the kitchen, where she unceremoniously dumped the bags onto the counter before sighing again.

“Anything else I can do for you?” she asked snottily.

Todd looked to his wife and then back to his daughter. “Well, the roof could use a patching, and the back deck needs to be sanded and stained.” He explained. “If you could do those things for me I’d really appreciate it kiddo.” He added before reaching out and tousling his daughter’s hair playfully.

Candice pulled back as if her father’s hand were made of acid and wrenched her face into look of utter disdain. “I’m not a baby anymore Dad, that’s what you have Emma for.” She said before rushing out of the kitchen and up to her room.

Todd sighed heavily and set to putting away the groceries with his wife. As he moved past her to the freezer to put the popsicles away he felt her hand on his shoulder. He quickly put the bag of treats in the freezer and put his hand atop his wife’s. “Sometimes I don’t think she’ll ever snap out of this phase.” He confessed.

“She will, trust me. Today she’s sighing and making snotty comments and tomorrow she’ll be a strong and capable young woman and she’ll have a husband that she can drive crazy.” She told him. “This too shall pass.” She said as she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

He nodded. “I know it will.” He said. “It’s just hard to accept that she’s not ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ anymore.” He added.

“I’ll go talk to her.” Mary said as she grabbed the bag of baby supplies from the counter to take them upstairs. “She needs to know that no matter how she feels about us right now she can’t just say and do whatever she wants.” She explained.

Todd nodded but said nothing as he pulled the last of the food items from the grocery bags and put them where they belonged.

Mary left the kitchen and made her way through the dining room and started to round the corner to head up the stairs before she noticed that the front door was open. She sighed and headed to the door and shut and locked it before peeking in on Emma in the living room. Satisfied that her youngest daughter was safe and sound in her playpen Mary continued her journey up the stairs. Mary made a quick detour to Emma’s room to drop off the diapering supplies they’d bought before crossing the hall to Candice’s room.

Before she knocked she looked at the closed door between her and the teenager’s room. She noticed that beneath the signs warning against entering and the stickers naming bands she’d never heard of were the stenciled letters that she and Todd had put on the door before Candice was even born. The letters of Candice’s name were colored in pleasant pastels and were arranged to look like a rainbow on the top half of the door and they reminded Mary that no matter how much the girl might protest, at least a part of her was still the little girl that her parents still remembered fondly.

Mary’s knocks were answered by a quick “what?” from within the room and she turned the knob and entered the room to find her daughter lying on her stomach on her bed, typing on her laptop. Closing the door behind her, Mary made her way to the bed and took a seat on the edge before placing her hands in her lap.

“You know, I remember when you were about five or six and you never wanted to leave your Dad’s side. You’d pitch a fit at bedtime and beg to stay up with us, you’d hide in the closet and wait for him to come find you, and you’d call home when you were at sleepovers just to tell him you loved him.” Mary mused with a warm smile as she recalled the girl with brown curly hair that had grown into the young lady on the verge of womanhood.

Candice scoffed. “Yeah, well I also used to play with dolls and believe in Santa, it’s not that big a deal.” She said.

Mary sighed. “Would it kill you to show a little bit of love and respect for your father and I?” she asked.

“Respect goes both ways mother.” Candice said with a rolling of her eyes.

“When have we ever shown that we don’t respect you?” Mary asked.

Candice snapped her laptop closed and sat up on the bed. “Gee mom, maybe it was when you and dad thought it’d be absolutely hilarious to have James Willard come and mow our lawn.” She said. “Or maybe it’s the way you always expect me to do something for Emma. I’ll be thirteen next month mother, and I don’t want to spend all of my free time taking care of your child.” She snapped.

Mary closed her eyes and mentally took a count to five before inhaling deeply through her nose and breathing out her mouth sharply. “First of all, your father and I were joking about James mowing the lawn, and you should know that. Secondly, the only times I ask you to help out with your sister are when I’m busy doing something else. Thirdly, and this is the most important,” she started as she focused her stern mother gaze on her daughter’s eyes, “you’re not the most important person in the world and rather than feeling put out, you should be happy that your father and I trust you enough to handle the responsibility of helping out.” She said. “You’re almost an adult, that means getting to do stuff that you may not want to.” She added.

Candice remained silent and dropped her gaze from her mother to the bed. “I’m sorry mom.” She said after a long pause.

“Thank you.” Mary said. “When you’re ready, I’d like you to apologize to your father too.” She added.

The young girl nodded. “I’ll do it after dinner.” She said as she lifted her head and smiled at her mother.

Mary rose from the bed and returned her daughter’s smile. “Don’t try and grow up so fast, it’ll happen fast enough on its own.” She said before heading back to the door. “Oh,” she said as she stopped and turned back around, “and try and remember to close the front door when you come in, it was wide open when I came up here.” She said with another smile before turning and leaving the room.

“I could have sworn I closed the door.” Candice thought as her bedroom door shut, she wondered for a second and then lay back down on her bed with a shrug before opening her computer back up.

The sun was just starting to set as Mary made her way back down the stairs to start dinner. Light from the lowering sun poured in through the tall window beside the front door and blinded her momentarily. As she put her hand up to her face to shield it, she felt something grab her ankle from between the banisters and pull, causing her to lose her balance and fall forward.

The entranceway erupted with a loud thud as she hit the stairs and a cacophony of bangs followed as she descended the remaining stairs with her body. Reaching the bottom of the stairs sent the top half of her body arcing forward, causing her to slam her head on the wood floor.

“Mary!” Todd called out from the kitchen as he raced through the dining room to his wife’s crumpled form in the entryway.

As Todd knelt beside his injured wife he heard a rapidly approaching set of footsteps and as he looked up caught a glimpse of a person swinging at him with something before the object in question struck him in the side of the head and sent him sprawling into unconsciousness next to his wife.

In her room, Candice got off her bed at the sound of her father shouting and quickly made her way to the door. As she opened it, the door flew open and smashed into her, sending her staggering backward onto her bed. A woman entered and moved quickly to grab the dazed girl and pull her up from the bed before she could muster any sort of fight. Candice was flipped onto her stomach by the woman and had her hands tied together with a thick zip tie, before she was pulled off the bed and led out of the room. As she was led to the stairs, Candice looked down at her mother and father being bound in the same manner she was by two other women, both dressed in similar outfits as the woman leading her.

The three women all wore some variation of Gothic Lolita dresses, all three of which were black, and all had matching masks on. The dresses looked similar, but each had a subtle difference that set it apart from the others. The masks each woman wore were designed to look like a porcelain doll face though each of them were discolored with age and were adorned with numerous cracks and scuffs that made the normally beautiful masks look much darker and sinister than normal. Each woman carried her own weapon. The one leading Candice to her family had a knife slipped in a sheath hidden within the large bow on the back of her dress. The woman watching Mary and Todd be bound carried a battered looking croquet mallet painted with faded red and white striping up the handle and on the mallet head. Her dress had no bow in the back but instead, was adorned with blood red cutouts of stars and crescent moons. The woman securing the Grant parents had a bloodied wrench sitting beside her as she knelt in front of the trio’s captives. Her dress had white trim around the bottom of the dress and her corset had white laces, unlike her friends, who merely had black.

“Mom, Dad!” Candice screamed as she was led down the stairs.

The young girl was shoved to the floor next to her parents as they reached the bottom of the stairs and the woman that had been leading her took her place next to her cohorts. The trio watched in silence as Candice tried to huddle close to her parents as she sobbingly urged them to wake up.

“What do you want?!” Candice screamed at the women as they stood watching.

The woman with the croquet mallet gestured toward Candice and the girl with the hidden knife went to her, swiftly and without a word, grabbed the girl by the hair and pulled her head forward before slamming her head back hard into the wall. Candice’s cries of protest ceased and she joined her parent’s in unconsciousness.

Emma’s cries filled the house as Mary Grant came back to reality. As her vision focused she saw three women standing in front of her and as the pains in her body brought her completely around she saw that her husband and eldest daughter lay next to her. Todd’s head had a nasty injury on it, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw his stomach rise and fall gently as he took a breath. Candice was slumped to her left and the wall behind the girl had a faint streak of blood from where the girl’s head would be if she were sitting up all the way to just above the floor indicating that she too had suffered a head injury at the hands of the three women standing above them.

“Why are you doing this?” Mary asked as her eyes brimmed with tears and she struggled to stay sane given the circumstances.

None of the woman said anything, but the woman with the croquet mallet turned and went to a small bag she’d set near the entrance to the living room. She knelt down and rummaged through the bag before pulling out a small notepad and a pen. The woman looked at Mary for a moment from behind her porcelain mask and then looked down as she began to write something on the pad. The woman finished her writing and showed the pad to the other two women and received nods of approval from the pair before tearing off the piece of paper and setting it in Mary’s lap for her to read.

Mary watched the whole event and was extremely disturbed by the fact that these women never said a word, not to mention the fact that they were dressed like oversized little girls and had horribly creepy doll masks on. She watched the woman back away from her and then looked down at the note, which simply read ‘mommy and daddy’. Mary looked up at the women and then back to the note, “I don’t understand.” She told them.

The woman with the notepad gestured to the stairs as she looked at the girl with the hidden knife and the girl hurried off to behind the stairs out of Mary’s sight and emerged with a large duffel bag which she hoisted up, unzipped and turned over, allowing the contents of the bag to fall to the floor. The floor became littered with baby paraphernalia of all sorts including bottles, pacifiers, baby toys and several packages of adult diapers. Giving the bag a few shakes to ensure it was empty, the girl tossed it back from where she’d gotten it and knelt down to grab a stuffed rabbit, but was stopped by the woman with the notepad who quickly grabbed the girl’s hand and pulled her roughly to her feet before wagging her finger in front of her in a chastising manner.

Mary wasn’t any less confused seeing the objects on the floor than she was when she’d read the note. “I don’t understand.” She said bewilderedly.

The woman with the notepad stepped aside so Mary could see the playpen in the living room and then pointed at it and then at herself and her cohorts.

Mary processed what she’d seen and began slowly understanding what the women wanted. “You want to be our babies?” she asked

The woman with the notepad nodded slowly and made an extremely creepy giggle that made Mary’s blood run cold. The woman quickly jotted something down on her notepad and ripped the paper off before walking to Mary and once again placing the note on her lap.

Mary looked down and read, ‘If you try to escape or do anything we don’t want you to we’ll kill your baby’. She looked up at the women with tears in her eyes once again and shook her head, “Please, I’ll do whatever you want just don’t hurt my family.” She pleaded.

The woman with the notepad nodded to the girl with the hidden knife, who quickly pulled the blade out from its sheath and moved to Mary. The girl went behind Mary and sliced the ties around the woman’s hands before standing back up, replacing her knife in its sheath and rejoining her companions.

Mary brought her hands in front of her slowly and winced at the pain in her arms from her fall, as she massaged her sore wrists. “What do you want me to do?” she asked.

The woman with the notepad tossed the item back to the bag she’d gotten it from and took the girl with the knife by the hand gently and gestured for her to get down on the floor. The girl giggled an eerily similar giggle as the first girl, before getting down on the floor. The woman with the notepad went to the items on the floor that she wanted and moved them closer to the girl on the floor.

Mary took note of the items, a package of diapers, a package of baby wipes, and a container of baby powder. As the realization that these women wanted her to diaper them became clear, Mary wanted nothing more than to scream and run for help, but knew that doing so would only cause these obviously insane women to kill her family for sure, and probably her as well. With shaking hands and wobbly knees, Mary crawled over to the woman on the floor and took a seat between her legs.

The woman on the floor was the smallest of the three, and rather petite compared to her accomplices. Mary wondered how old these girls were, and shuddered at the thought that the girl laying in front of her could very well be around Candice’s age. Mary pushed the girl’s dress up and took the waistband of the girl’s panties between her fingers before sliding them down the girl’s legs and off completely as the girl gently raised her bottom from the floor. Setting the panties aside, Mary reached over to the wipes and caught a glimpse of the girl on the floor clutching the stuffed rabbit she’d tried to pick up early and speaking softly to it from behind her mask. Mary shuddered at the sight. She marveled at the fact that something she’d smile warmly seeing her youngest daughter do filled her with such terror and disgust seeing this grown woman do it. As the mother of two opened the package of wipes and pulled one out, she saw from the corner of her eye, the girl with the wrench standing with her free hand pressed to her crotch, over her dress, as she feverishly pleasured herself to the sight she was beholding.

Mary pushed the thought of the woman masturbating out of her head and tried to put herself in a frame of mind where she could pretend that she was just changing her daughter’s diaper. She tried to picture this grown woman on the floor in front of her as nothing more than her own toddler as she brought the wipe up to the girl’s crotch and began wiping it clean with trembling hands. The illusion she’d managed to muster was shattered almost instantly when she felt the girl press her crotch into the wipe and moan quietly behind her mask. Mary fought the urge to scream or to beg the woman to stop doing what she was doing and quickly finished her task before pulling her hand away, much to the audible chagrin of the girl on the floor who whimpered a mournful complaint to her stuffed rabbit.

Mary tore open the package of diapers and pulled one out before unfolding it and laying beneath her charge, getting an eyeful of the girl’s obviously aroused sex as she lifted her butt to allow the diaper to be slid under her. Mary locked that sight away with the others of the day in her mental vault and grabbed the powder and sprinkled the girl’s diaper area with it before mercifully ending her task and closing and taping the diaper up.

The girl sat up and looked down at her new garment as she held her dress up before patting it gently with her free hand and leaning forward to press the lips of her mask to Mary’s cheek while she made a kissing sound. “Thank you Mommy.” She whispered before giggling her horrible giggle and getting up from the floor.

Mary turned quickly when she heard Candice groan behind her. The girl’s eyes fluttered open slowly and she tried to move before she realized her hands were still bound behind her back. Mary looked at her daughter with the most calm look she could manage, “Honey, please don’t scream.” She said. “Everything is going to be alright, but you can’t panic, do you understand?” she asked.

Candice heard her mother, but the throbbing in her head made registering what she was saying a bit slower than normal and when she saw the three masked women her instincts took over and she immediately started to scream.

The girl with the knife quickly crossed the distance between herself and the screaming girl and planted a kick square on her right cheek, causing the girl’s head to rocket back to the floor with a sickening crack.

Mary covered her mouth as she screamed and sobbed at the sight of her daughter being brutally attacked, and turned her attention to the woman she’d surmised was the leader of the other two. “Please, don’t hurt her anymore, I promise she won’t make any more trouble for you.” She pleaded as tears fell freely down her cheeks.

The woman nodded to the girl with the knife, who merrily skipped to the small bag near the living room and produced a roll of clear tape with colorful teddy bears on it, before heading back to Candice and Todd and taping each of their mouths.

Mary checked back on her daughter and saw that mercifully she was still breathing and let out a relieved sigh. “Good, thank you.” She said as she wiped away her tears. “Now, before we go on, can I please check on my baby?” she asked.

The leader nodded, but said nothing.

Mary got up from the floor and moved quickly to the living room, careful not to take her eyes off of her captors for as long as she could spare. Emma had thankfully cried herself to sleep and was now resting quietly in the corner of the playpen. Mary started to reach down to cover her child up and was grabbed by the arm by the girl she’d diapered and pulled roughly away from the playpen and flung back to the entryway where the girl she’d seen pleasuring herself was now on the floor with her dress pulled up to reveal her damp panties. Mary reluctantly got back to her position on the floor and set to her task of once again diapering an insane grown woman.

Once the leader of the three girls had joined her cohorts in having a padded behind, the three women huddled in the living room where they discussed something amongst themselves while periodically stealing glances at Mary. The three women seemed to reach an agreement and disbanded their huddle before making their way back to Mary. The leader of the group retrieved her notepad from the bag and scrawled something on it before holding it up for Mary to read.

Mary read the note to herself and shuddered. “Yes,” she said with defeat in her voice, “I can breastfeed.” She added as she once again fought the urge to scream and run away.

The woman looked pleased with Mary’s answer as she turned to her friends. Tossing her notepad aside once again, the woman moved past Mary to Candice and knelt down to the girl and gently patted her cheek to wake her. After a few light taps with no result the girl began slapping harder until Mary began sobbing and Candice finally woke up. The girl screamed behind her tape gag as she saw the doll mask in front of her but slowed to a whimper when the girl grabbed her cheeks between her hands and pulled the girl to her feet.

Todd, who’d been playing possum for some time, listening with ever rising rage, took his opportunity to make a stand against these women. Stealing a glance downward and behind him he saw the woman hoisting his daughter to her feet and with as much force as he could muster he kicked into the woman’s leg with both his feet causing the limb to snap with a sickening crack.

A howl of pain erupted from the woman as she immediately let go of Candice, allowing the girl to crumple to the floor. The woman dropped to her knees and slid herself away from Todd as she held her leg and writhed in pain. The girl with the wrench passed a hysterical Mary, who was being restrained by the girl with the knife, and swung low with her weapon to catch Todd in the back of the head before he had a chance to even see her coming. The girl with the wrench watched the blood trickle from the man’s head for a moment to make sure he was at the very least unconscious once again before turning her attention to her injured compatriot. After much hushed conversation the lead girl was helped to her feet and tested her injured appendage before continuing where she’d left off, leading Candice by the hair to Mary with a pained limp and pushing the girl down in front of her before pointing to Mary’s breast and then to Candice.

Mary shook her head and continued sobbing as she looked down at her terrified daughter. "I thought you-"she started to say before the girl with the knife pulled the blade out and started walking menacingly toward the mother and daughter. Mary screamed suddenly and held up her hands, urging the girl to stop. “Alright, I’m sorry, I’ll do it.” She shouted, not wanting the brutality she’d seen against her husband to spill onto her children.

Candice looked from her mother to the girl with the knife to her father as she sobbed into her tape gag and tried to comprehend what was happening.

“Candice honey, I need you to listen very carefully to me.” Mary said as she gently turned her daughter’s head so she could see her rather than her motionless and possibly dead father. “These girls want me to,” she started to explain while trying to find the best way to explain the situation to her daughter without panicking her and causing one of their psychotic captors to snap and murder the lot of them. “They want me to breastfeed you.” She finally managed to spit out.

Candice stared up at her mother in disbelief and shook her head emphatically in protest of the news she’d received.

Mary ignored her daughter’s protests and tried to calm her by stroking the top of her head. “Honey, I know you don’t want this and neither do I, but if we don’t do what these girls say then they will kill us.” Mary explained as she began to cry at the thought of further harm coming to her family, and the feeling of dread that her husband may already be dead. “I’m going to take the tape off of your mouth, and I need you to not scream after I do. Can you do that for me?” she asked.

Candice nodded her understanding and lay still while her mother gently pulled the tape from her mouth. She opened and closed her mouth slowly to try and ease the discomfort in her jaw from having her mouth taped shut and from the kick she’d taken to the face earlier. She looked up at her mother and felt calmer when she saw the smile on her face as she unbuttoned her shirt and opened it to reveal the nursing bra beneath. The small amount of calm she’d gotten from seeing her mother’s smile vanished when she saw the bra and realized that her mother was actually going to make her nurse on her breast.

Mary undid the clasp on the front of her bra cup and gathered her horrified looking daughter’s head in her hands and pulled her onto her lap and guided her to her exposed breast. She held Candice’s head firmly to her breast as the girl struggled to avoid the inevitable and relaxed when her daughter finally resigned to her fate and began sucking down the milk that flowed from her breast as she massaged it with her free hand.

The masked women watched the scene in silence; two of them merely watching while the girl that had been touching herself while watching her friend getting diapered stood with bowed legs as she reached both her hands into the front of her diaper and furiously rubbed herself.

Mary looked away in disgust and focused her attention to her daughter and looked past the circumstances that brought them to this point and focused on the blissful feeling that she was getting from nurturing her daughter in a way that she hadn’t done for numerous years. She realized it was crazy to feel happy given the situation she was in, but she couldn’t help but cherish the fact that not long ago her daughter had been fighting to be an adult and was now participating in a wholly infantile act. Maybe it was the stress of the evening, and maybe she’d snapped herself, but Mary actually began to smile and chuckle happily as she looked down at her daughter.

A shrill and blood chilling screech erupted from the smallest of the three girls as she ran over to the mother and child and pulled her knife from behind her back before lunging at Candice. Mary had a fraction of a second to react, and quickly lifted her legs and pushed herself and her daughter backward. The girl with the knife missed her target but recovered quickly and began slashing wildly at Candice as she approached the girl. Mary moved her daughter off her lap and dove at her attacker’s legs, throwing the girl off balance and bringing her crashing to the floor.

As Mary punched and kneed the thrashing girl’s midsection the leader of the three women limped to the now screaming Candice and brought her croquet mallet down on the girl’s face with such force that the handle snapped of in her hands. Mary smacked the knife away from the smaller girl and grabbed either side of her head and began bashing it repeatedly into the floor until the lead girl grabbed Mary by the hair and yanked her off of her friend. Mary was tossed backward away from the girl and staggered until she tripped over her daughter’s legs and fell to the floor.

As she struggled to sit up she saw Candice’s face and screamed. Her daughter’s once beautiful face was now a bloodied crater that still held the mallet end and some of the handle of the weapon used against her. Mary cried hysterically as she watched her daughter twitch every few seconds as her body succumbed to its injuries and she eventually made a horrible gurgling sound and lay still and silent. As she tried to process the ghastly sight she’d just witnessed the girl with the knife slowly got to her feet and retrieved her weapon. Mary’s pleas died in her throat as she watched the girl pass by her and instead go to Todd and quickly slit his throat.

With nothing left of her sanity or sense of self preservation, Mary let out a guttural scream and launched herself at the lead woman. She had her arms positioned to grab the girl by the throat and wring her neck but instead took the wrench of the masturbating girl to the side of the head and was sent tumbling to the floor. As she struggled to maintain consciousness she saw the women working to pick up the items they’d brought with them. She watched the knife happy girl ascend the stairs and return with Emma’s diaper bag while the masturbating girl plucked the still sleeping child from the playpen and made a goodbye wave with the toddler’s hand as she walked to the front door with her clutched to her chest.

“Please, please don’t take my baby.” Mary pleaded as she felt the throb in her head worsen as her brain pleaded her to pass out.

The lead girl watched Mary and looked to the knife happy girl before giving a nod and turning to head out the front door. The knife happy girl set the diaper bag on the floor and sauntered over to Mary and straddled the woman’s chest before leaning forward, the mouth of her mask hovering next to the woman’s ear. “If you hadn’t enjoyed it, we’d have let you all live.” She whispered before giggling her insanely terrifying giggle and plunging her knife into Mary’s chest. The girl watched the light fade from Mary’s eyes before removing her knife and wiping it clean on the dead woman’s shirt, placing it back in its sheath and rising from her perch on Mary’s chest before grabbing the diaper bag and skipping out the front door as she hummed a happy tune to herself.

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

I’d suggest a little more prominent warning than just “there’s violence in this story.” That was seriously dark - way too dark for my tastes, and if the warning had been more explicit I probably wouldn’t have read it.

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

Fixed the warning, sorry you got squicked out.

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

No worries. I was ok with it until the end, but that was a little much. Now to go find a happy story to read - or maybe I’ll just look at

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

Wow. That was heavy going, though well-written. I suppose a spectrum has to have two ends… There is a lot darker stuff on the net though. :-\

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

WOW! Great work. This story reminded me of some of the jacked up nightmares I have every night. You said it was dark but this… this was just disturbing to say the least. What goes on in your head!?! Good story but man! If you write something like this again, it’s gonna give my nightmares nightmares. And I dont scare easy.

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

I was promised darkness, and you did not disappoint; loved it.

Re: All Dolled Up (Halloween Short Story)

A bit gory for my tastes, but still enjoyed reading it all the same! Well written and well paced.