Alice's Punishment

An abdl story. Also, there are lots of “messy” descriptions and bondage-like scenes. It is far more graphic then my usual stories (as in lots of punishments), be wary. I just wanted to warn people, and apologize if it offends.

Alice sat nervously in the back of the car, a nauseating pit forming in her stomach. What the hell had she gotten herself into? Even now, she couldn’t believe she was going through with this.
She could remember how it happened. She stood in front of the judge, having been brought in after a series of minor offenses. Littering, public intoxication, fighting, a few petty thefts… Nothing really major, but it built up to a lot. Thankfully, thanks to her looks, she had managed to avoid many of the accusations. In a way, it angered her. She didn’t mind being attractive, but… she was really more cute then anything. Between large, innocent eyes, bright blond hair, a roundish face, and a short stature, it was hard to get people to take her seriously. Her street style clothes and rough attitude compensated somewhat. But when she was in the court, looking at the judge with the most pleading pout she could make, her looks helped.
So, instead of jail, this is where she found herself. She was to try a new, experimental program. She would be allowed to stay free most of the time as long as she went to weekly “disciplinary therapy.” The idea was to remove the pride some criminals gained from going to jail. Rather than using it too seem tough, they would be embarrassed by what happened. What that entailed was entirely up to the man running it for her, and he could decide to give her a harsher schedule if he choose. The stories she had heard from some of the previous indoctrinates were… weird, at best. They really could do next to anything.
The car pulled over, and a police officer helped her out. She was at a hotel. Well that was encouraging, surely he wouldn’t try anything too weird with people around.
She was lead into the lobby, crowded with travellers who longed at coffee tables and couches between the columns. Some leaned over a central fountain where children were throwing coins and making wishes. Overall, it was beautiful. But all Alice could think of was which of the dozens of people around her was the man who would take charge of her. Surly it was no one at the cashiers, probably not the people admiring the trees and plants added as decoration, or anyone in one of the shops. She doubted it was one of the more foreign looking people, who were probably there on vacation.
The officer led her toward a coffee table where a man sat reading a newspaper and sipping his drink. He was tall with brown hair, a short beard and broad shoulders barely disguised by a long coat. He looked kind, but… Alice did not want to make him angry, not with those arms. The man waved the police officer away. He did not look up from the newspaper.
“So you are Alice, hmmm?” He spoke in a cold, gruff voice.,
“Uhh…. Yes sir.”
“Let’s see… two accounts of fighting, three of graffiti, once of theft. A few more petty crimes. Quite the list here.”
“Yes sir.”
“Mhmmm. And you come to me because you think you can get out of jail time, right? But tell me, what the hell are you wearing?!” His voice rose in anger, a few people glanced over.
“What? I…” Alice looked down at her clothes. Skin tight, torn jeans, thong visible. A black tank top and several necklaces. She had to admit, not very impressive.
“You come to me dressed like that? Like some kind of slut?”
“WHAT!? NO!”
“Get over here! We will have to start early, I can see.”
To her shock, Alice felt herself get picked up right out of the air and pulled over the man’s knee. She tried to struggle, but he was far too strong. He pulled her jeans down to her ankles and tore off her underwear, throwing it away.
“What are you doing?!?” Alice squealed. The answer came a second later when the man’s huge hand landed with a loud SMACK against her bare bottom. Alice let out a squeak and tried to push away. Her efforts were futile, and it only earned her even harder smacks. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK! His hand rose and fell over and over, and her bottom was soon bright red and burning. Worse of all, she could feel the dozens of eyes staring at her, laughing and tacking pictures. They all knew why it was happening, even if they didn’t know the details they knew about the program. Some, she was sure, even knew who she was. All together it was too much, and she started to cry as the smacks continued to rain down.
“Are you crying now? Already? And to think you tried to act tough. Get up.” The man turned her over to sit her on his lap, making her jump up a bit as her bottom burned. “If you’re going to cry like a little girl I will treat you like one. Suck your thumb.”
“What? Why? Please don’t make me!” Alice pleaded.
“NOW! Unless you want another spanking!” the man replied, and Alice obeyed quickly. “You will keep that in there until I say so.”
He grabbed Alice by the hand and led her through the hotel with her pants around her ankles, bright red bottom on display, thumb in her mouth, and tears still fresh on her cheek. Her face burned almost as red as her backside. She looked down and avoided eyed contact with the crowds of laughing strangers, trying to hide as best as possible. The man took her to the elevator. He hit a button and a moment later took her into a crowded elevator. Alice pouted and then cried anew as everyone riding with her turned to stare at the girl sucking her thumb with her pants down. Mercifully, it was over quickly, and he lead her into the hallway towards a room and took her in.
It was a large sweet, seemingly set up for a family. There was a living room at the entrance followed by a spacious kitchen, a bathroom, and a bed room with two beds and a crib. The walls were turquoise and there was a huge flat screen tv. Clearly, the man had spent quite a bit of money to get it. Alice also noticed several cameras along the walls. Whatever he was planning to do to her, it would be filmed.
“Get down on the ground! And keep your thumb in your mouth” He ordered, and Alice obeyed, lying on her back as he rummaged through his bag. “For the rest of the night, you will do exactly as I say. You will only speak if I give you permission. And when you do, you will refer to me as Daddy.”
Alice looked at him confused. “Daddy? Why the hell would I call you that?”
He stopped what he was doing and glared at her. “As I was saying, any time you break a rule, you will immediately be punished. For example, you just took your thumb out of your mouth, talked without permission, and swore at me. Now what should we do about that?”
Alice immediately gulped and put her thumb back into her mouth, but it was too late. The man reached into his bag and took something out. He grabbed her by the jaw and shoved it into her mouth, moving it back and forth. A horrible, bitter taste filled her mouth, and she could feel bubbles forming. She realized that it was soap and tried to spit it out, but could not due to the force of his hands. Soon he stopped, but keep the bar in, allowing her mouth to continue filling with suds.
“Alright, I am going to dress you properly, then give you another spanking. If you can keep it in until then, I will take the soap out. If you drop the bar, we begin again with the spanking. Understood?”
Alice starred at him wide eyed, but dared not argue. She tried to ignore the taste in her mouth as the man- Daddy, she guessed- reached into his bag and took out a plastic package. He tore it open and took out a white object. He unfolded it and lay it underneath her hips. To her horror, Alice realized it was a diaper. She tried to shout out protests, but they were muffled by the bar of soap in her mouth and were ignored. She shook her head violently and try to push his hands away. In response, the man grabbed both her wrists and bound them behind her back, then smacked her bottom sharply again. That effectively silenced all protests as the man continued to diaper her, first covering her with powder then taping the humiliating garment to her hips. She looked down at it. It all white except for lines of pink rabbits dancing along it between the word “baby” written over and over. It was hot, itchy, and thick enough to force her legs apart. The man then pulled her into a sitting position, making her diaper crinkle loudly beneath her. He took off her shirt and replaced it with a yellow one with rubber duckies and smiling faces drawn on it. He then tied her hair into pigtails.
She looked down in despair at her outfit, then looked at her daddy pleadingly. Seeing her pouting up at him, he said “Don’t look like that. Given what you were wearing before, you clearly can’t be responsible enough to pick your own clothes. You try to seem all mature and tough, but end up acting like a child. This is far more appropriate for you. Anyway, I have the right to dress you however I choose. Now get up, it’s time for your spanking.”
Alice screamed through the soap, but did not struggle. She knew what that would get her. Once again, she found herself pulled over the man’s lap. Instantly, the soap began to slide out of her mouth. With her hands tied behind her back, the only way to keep the slippery object in was to continuously suck on it and clench with her teach, making the taste a hundred times worse. She supposed this was the point, and found herself having to swallow suds before the first blow even landed. When it did come, it made her jump up and squeal, almost dropping the soap again. He continued to spank her already sore bottom, his hand landing with a loud SMACK! against the plastic and padding of her diaper. She was at least a bit grateful for the extra cushioning. Not that it did that much, and after about fifteen spanks she was screaming again.
Finally the man let up, and sat her on his lap. “You kept the soap in. Good baby!” He removed the bar and replaced it with a pink pacifier. Not wanting to get in trouble again, Alice sucked on the pacifier glumly. He untied her hands. “Now you will keep that pacifier in your mouth unless I tell you to take it out. If you try to spit it out, I will find something much worse for you to have in your mouth. Understood?” She nodded, terrified of what that could entail. “Good girl. Now its supper time!”
He picked her up and carried her to the kitchen. He opened a closet and took out a piece of folded furniture, which Alice quickly realized was a bright pink high chair. He unfolded it and sat her down. He pulled the tray in front of her, locking it in place. Alice found this effectively confined her in the childish seat. She accepted her fate, blushed, put her elbows on the tray and set her face sadly into her hands as the man prepared her food.
First, he took out containers of mush, each a different colour. Alice saw “Peas”, “Onions”, “Broccoli” and “Tomato” on a few of them, and couldn’t make out the others. She guessed whatever was there wouldn’t taste very good. Daddy mixed several containers of the mush into a blender, following it up with what looked like oatmeal, and finally a few drops from a green bottle. Alice tried to ask what it was but found it almost impossible to speak with the pacifier filling her mouth. He blended the substances together, forming an unappealing, brownish goo which he poured into a bowl. He then took out an oversized baby bottle, put powdered formula milk into it, mixed it with water and put more drops from the green bottle into it. He picked up both the objects and placed them in front of her.
Alice was terrified. Surely he didn’t expect her to eat that! She had to say something. “Please don’t Daddy! At least tell me what that stuff you mixed in it was! What if I’m allergic?” In her panic, she didn’t notice the pacifier dropping from her mouth to the floor.
The man looked at her calmly. “You, sweetie, are a baby. You aren’t supposed to talk like that. And you will eat whatever I give you. The stuff from the green bottle was a powerful laxative, to help you fill your diapers. And I promise you aren’t allergic.” Alice gasped. Did he really expect her to use her diapers like that? The man continued. “As for the rule about the pacifier, I will let it slide for now, since I need to feed you anyway. But if it happens again, you can expect the punishment to be that much worse.”
Alice pouted, but was relieved she wasn’t being punished. The man picked up a spoon, scooped up the slimy mixture, and shoved some into her mouth. It was horrible, even worse than the soap. It was even worse because Alice knew that, with the laxative mixed in, it was only a matter of time before every bite found its way through her system and into her diaper. The thought almost brought her to tears. As it was, she sniffled and gagged as she chocked down spoonful after spoonful of the awful food. She blushed, humiliated at being fed from a high chair like an infant. Next she was bottle feed the formula, which was humiliating but at least cleared the taste from her mouth. When she was done, she stared at the man with tears in her eyes.
He unlocked the table on the high chair, picked her up and sat her on the ground in the bed room, in front of the crib which Alice realized was probably intended for her. He placed a series of toys around her: stuffed animals, blocks, rattles, all things one would expect a baby to play with. “Alright listen baby girl. As you probably noticed, you are being filmed.” He pointed out the cameras Alice noticed earlier. “I want a few films of you playing happily like a baby before you mess your diapers. Try to enjoy yourself and look as childish as possible, and look surprised when you fill your diapers for the camera. This is a test of your obedience, so the better you act now the better I will treat you latter.”
Alice watched him leave into the next room, and sat for a moment unsure of what to do. Remembering his warning, Alice picked up some of the stuffed animals and made them run along the ground, trying to think of how a baby might play with them. Soon she was enjoying herself, giggling and cooing as she played with her toys. A bright smile formed under her pacifier, which she sucked on happily and without noticing.
Soon a feeling in her gut brought her back to reality. The laxatives really did work quickly. Her stomach rumbled, and she realized she would soon mess herself, whether she wanted to or not. The thought of it was horrifying. After everything she had done, how could she allow herself to use diapers like a child? What if people found out? She stared at the open bathroom door, and the hallway to where the man had gone. For all she knew, he was asleep. There was already enough on the cameras to ruin her reputation for years, willingly messing her diapers would make it even worse. She at least had to try something.
She glanced again at the hallway, then began to crawl quietly toward the bathroom door. She stopped, and looked around again, listening. The man made no noise. She stood up on her feet and tip toed toward the bathroom.
“Going somewhere?” she heard his voice behind her. She screamed, then stood in place, frozen in fright.
“Planning to use the bathroom eh? Thinking I wouldn’t notice?” The man grabbed her by the wrist, turned her around, and opened up the back of her diaper. “As I though, completely clean. The only way that could happen is if you were deliberately trying not to mess. Is that what a baby would do? Well, is it?” Wide eyed, Alice shook her head. “That’s what I thought too. I’m afraid you need to be punished again sweetie. Spanking alone doesn’t seem to be cutting it, so we will try something different.”
Alice, so terrified she was almost nauseous, felt herself get picked up and laid down on the ground. The man took out her pacifier and taped her mouth shut. Next, he grabbed her ankles, pulled them towards her face, and taped them behind her head. She found herself forced into a human basket, extremely uncomfortable and a painful strain forming in her legs. The extra pressure on her stomach brought her closer and closer to messing her diapers right in front of him. With her padded rear in the air and only inches from her face, there was no way she could hide it, and the smell would be horrifyingly close to her face.
The man walked away for a second and returned with a camera and a paddle. He fixed the camera directly at her exposed bottom. “Alright, first of all, you will stay in that position for the next hour and a half. Also, I figured you did this because you didn’t want anyone to be able to see you mess yourself. Therefore, you are going to do just that right in front of the camera. And to help encourage you, I will paddle you until I am satisfied you filled your diaper properly.”
Alice began to scream immediately, but the sound was muffled by the tape. SMACK! The paddle stung even more than his hand had. SMACK! With her bottom already sore, the pain was unbearable. SMACK! But how could she use the diaper like that? SMACK! With her mouth taped and her nose so close to the diaper, the smell would be horrible and unavoidable. SMACK! Could she last an hour and a half like that? SMACK! Crying loudly now, Alice thought furiously as she struggled to hold in her mess. SMACK! Part of her just wanted the spanking to end and the pressure out of her gut, another part was horrified at the prospect of being in a messy diaper. Which she herself had messed. On camera.
Resigned to her fate and with tears running down her cheeks, Alice relaxed and instantly felt her bowels void themselves into her diaper with a loud brraaaapppp. The infantile garment quickly filled up with hot, slimy mush, and the smell filled her nostrils, making her gag. It was even worse then she thought! And it kept coming, pouring out loudly into her diaper. She even felt herself wet uncontrollably at the same time. The man kept paddling her, as if he hadn’t noticed the loud noise, her diaper inflating and turning brown, or the strong smell. His paddle mushed her mess around, spreading it all over, leaving the inside of her diaper even more uncomfortable. Finally he stopped just as the last of the mess found its way into her diaper. Alice was soaked with sweat and tears, and her diaper was soaked through with what had been her supper.
The man pushed her, still tied up, into a closet which she could barely fit into. He moved the camera and again trained it on her. “Alright, I really don’t want to have to smell that for the next hour and a half. It’s your punishment; I don’t need to suffer as well. So you will stay locked up in here until I come get you. Enjoy your messy diaper.”
He closed the door, leaving her in darkness. With no ventilation, the smell got worse and worse. As her bent over position and taped mouth made it hard to breath, she was forced to inhale deeply through her nose. As the smell got more and more unbearable, the pain in her legs from being tied behind her head and the itch on her bottom from the mess in her diaper did the same. Worse yet, she soon realized the laxative hadn’t quite finished its work, and she felt herself mess twice more while in the closet. She was certain the diaper couldn’t take any more without bursting. Silently, she vowed never to break a single rule again. Not if this was what would happen.
She lost track of time. It seemed to take days, confined sweating with the smell. Just when she thought her Daddy had forgotten about her, she saw the closet door open.
“WHEW! You really did a number on that diaper, didn’t you sweetie! That’s quite the smell.” He waved his hand mockingly in front of his nose, knowing she had been confined with the stench the entire time. “Now does the baby want a change?”
Alice nodded. The man untied her, and untapped her mouth, putting the pacifier back in its place. He lay her on the bathroom floor and untapped the diaper. Alice pouted again, realizing she was about to get a diaper change from a stranger on camera. At her age! The man took his time cleaning her with baby wipes, the entire time making a show of plugging his nose and commenting on the smell. Just as she assumed he was going to tape her into another diaper, he picked her up and pulled her bent over on the counter by the sink, taping her wrists and ankles in place. He then took out a bottle which he filled with warm water. She looked at him questioningly.
Seeing her glance, he explained what he was doing. “Since you were so reluctant to mess yourself that I had to force you, I am giving you a chance to do it more willingly. First, you are going to get an enema. Then I will put suppositories into you, followed by a plug. When you can’t bear it anymore, you will beg me to diaper you, treat you like a baby, and let you mess yourself on the camera. Understood?” He removed the pacifier so she could answer.
“Nooo! Please don’t do this! I’ll be good! Please!” Her please went ignored as he shoved a pipe into her bottom. She felt her bowels fill with water. The pressure was even worse than the laxatives! The pain built until she was certain she would burst, the continued ever further. Next she felt him shove pills in after the water, and finally a plug. He untapped her, took out a pink pull up, and put it on her. He followed this with a frilly yellow dress. It was too short to cover her thighs and had a smiling sun on it. It looked disturbingly like something a four year old would wear.
“Since you rejected being a baby, I’ll let you try to be a toddler. As soon as you’re ready to go back to your diapers, come and tell me. Oh, and since you don’t have a pacifier I expect you to suck your thumb. Try to look cute for the camera.” He left her in the bed room again, surrounded by toys and with a cartoon running on the television.
Alice looked around, and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The dress, combined with her already youthful look, the pigtails, and the thumb in her mouth really did make her look like a toddler. Or at least a little girl, waiting for her daddy to take her to kindergarten or preschool. At least it was better than the diapers.
She sat on the ground and glumly watched the cartoon Daddy left on the television. She felt a huge cramp in her stomach. The enema was bad enough, and the suppositories combined with it to make an unholy mixture barely kept in by the plug. She knew, in the back of her mind, that it was only a matter of time before she was desperately begging, on camera, to be a diapered dependent little baby. She shut the thought out of her mind and tried to concentrate on the cartoon, a musical show with little animals.
Suddenly another cramp hit. Desperate, she called out to her Daddy. “PLEASE! Take it out of me! I’m ready!”
The man walked over. “Are you telling me you want to go back into diapers?”
“YES! Please”
The man put his fingers under his chin and pondered. “Hmmm… No, I don’t think so.” Alice gaped at him in shock. “I don’t think you want it enough. Wait a bit, and try again, then maybe I’ll let you be a baby.”
Alice, shocked and dumbfounded, watched the man walk away, leaving her again with the cartoons and toys. At first, she was angry, and through the toys around her in a fit. Then she realized she just looked like a kid on camera, and sat down on the bed pouting. She watched the cartoon as the cramps built and built. Finally she could take it no more. She had to get him to help her! But how could she convince him?
After some pondering, she guessed she knew what she needed to do. He wanted her to be humiliated, she needed to do it to herself. She swallowed her pride, got down on all fours, and began to crawl. She made sure her skirt came up and revealed her pull up, childish as it was. She turned her rear toward a camera and swayed it as she crawled, stopping momentarily to suck on her thumb. She crawled into the next room and stopped in front of the man.
“Pwease Daddy,” she said, in as cute a voice as possible. “I want my diapies back and to be a baby. I need diapies. I wanna messy diaper! I can’t be a big giwl.” It was imperfect, but she hoped it had the right effect.
The man seemed happy with that. “Really? You really want to be treated like a baby that badly?” She nodded. “Alright then,” he said, taking off her dress. He handed her a diaper, powder, and a pacifier. “Diaper yourself, if that is what you want.”
This surprised Alice. She hadn’t expected to do it herself. She realized it would look like she was willingly putting it on, as if she really wanted it. Resigned to her fate, she sat on the bed. Making sure every movement was seen by the camera, she powdered and pulled the diaper up between her legs. She taped it on snugly, trying her best to smile at the man and the camera as she did. Finally she popped the pacifier in her mouth.
“Good baby! If you really want to be in stinky diapers, I’ll let you.” He turned her around and bent her over slightly, holding her in place with her diapered butt facing the camera. He reached into the back of her diaper and removed the plug.
Alice pushed as hard as she could, and her diaper quickly filled up once again. Because of the enema, the mess was much more liquidly, and it came out quickly and loudly. It quickly soaked her entire diaper, turning it brown. Alice turned back to look as her diaper expanded behind her. She pouted, having humiliated herself this way for the second time that night. The man stood behind her when she was finished, mushing and patting her diaper for a few minutes. Alice squeezed her eyes shut and pretended it wasn’t happening.
To her surprise, the man made no move to change her. Instead, he took out a role of tape and wrapped it around the waist of the diaper. Then he pulled up a pair of clear plastic panties, which he secured in place with a small lock. He then dressed her in pink footed pajamas, complete with a flap behind her for checking messy diapers. He untied her hair.
“Alright there baby, its your bedtime.” He said, patting her rear.
“WHAT!” Alice said angrily, spitting out her pacifier. “You can’t send me to bed like this! You need to change me! You can’t…” Alice was cut off as he roughly picked her up by the shoulders.
“HOW DARE YOU TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME! Have you learned nothing? You don’t get to make demands. And I already warned you about the pacifier!” Alice squealed in terror, realizing what she had done. “Wait her, I can see we are not done. I told you if you didn’t want the pacifier, I’ll get something worse.”
The man sat her down on the ground, messy diaper squishing underneath her. He returned a minute later with a white, yellow and brown object. Alice realized after a minute it was the diaper she had used earlier. What was that for? No… Surely he didn’t mean too…
In answer to her silent question, the man spoke harshly. “Open your mouth,” he demanded. Terrified and disgusted at the thought, Alice refused and locked her jaw shut. Using his strong hands, he grabbed her jaw and forced it open. He shoved the diaper into her mouth and taped it in place. Thankfully, he had wrapped the diaper around itself and none of it leaked out into her mouth. However, the smell was even more horrible and unavoidable than ever before, and it kept her aching jaw stretched out. She could even taste it through the cloth and plastic. She tried to grab at it, but the man took both her hands and put them into thick mittens which matched her pink pajamas. Her hands now useless, she realized that there was nothing to do and she was trapped inside her humiliating clothes, diaper, with her disgusting gag.
He picked her up over his shoulder and carried her to the next room. She whimpered quietly through the gag. He lay her in the crib, pulled a top over it, and locked it in place. He then turned out the lights and left.
Alice lay crying in the crib. It was still early, and she knew she would be there for a long time. There was nothing she could do. Her hands were useless, and even moving was difficult between the tight pajamas and the thick diaper. She dared not move too much lest she disturb her gag, making it even worse. She tried desperately for sleep, but it was slow in coming.
The next day she felt herself being picked up out of the crib by the man. He set her on her feet and removed her gag. Thankful for fresh, clean smelling air, she inhaled deeply. Though she could smell the diaper around her waist, it was better than the night before.
The man undid her pajamas and took them off. Then he pulled another shirt over her head, a green one with a teddy bear and “I need my Pampers” written in rainbow colours along the front. He put her hair back into their pigtails. Once again, he did nothing to remove the diaper, and it was left locked in place. Alice stared at him in confusion. She had assumed, since she was too leave in the morning, she would be allowed to dress in her normal clothes. Of course, this was not the case.
“All right, I have assed your case and determined the best course of action. First of all, you will return here every Friday until I say.” Alice tried to protest, but he continued and stuck a pacifier in her mouth. “You will be diapered at all times, even when at home. I already discussed this with your roommate and sent her the materials.” Alice grimaced, she had never gotten along with her roommate. “She will act as your babysitter, changing you and punishing you when she sees fit. Any argument, and she will contact me. I can always show up more if it is needed.” Alice gulped at the thought. “Oh, and one more thing. Come here.”
He took her by the hand and led her to a computer on the bed. To her horror, she realized it was open to her face book page. In place of her normal profile picture was one of her in a diaper and t shirt, sucking on a pacifier. A quick tour through the pages reveled more and more images from the night before, each with dozens of comments raging from “Cute!” and “hahaha you deserve it” to “what the hell is wrong with you?” A disturbingly large number asked if they could change her diapers.
The man continued. “Your password was easy enough to find. Really? AlicelovesJB? It’s like a crime on its own. I switched it to something more appropriate, and from now on you will only post with my permission. The images I posted now are only the tip of the iceberg. You ever try anything again, and I will put up the video of you begging to be diapered, not to mention your diaper changes and spankings, all over your page. From there, it’s only a matter of time before they are on youtube. Understood?”
Alice nodded in horror. To show he was serious, the man showed her a video he had edited. It began with her begging and diapering herself, followed by her messing and getting changed. To anyone watching it, it seemed like she had wanted to do everything from the start. If that got out… Well, her tough reputation was devastated as it was.
“Alright then, it’s time for you to go home. Don’t drop the pacifier; I made sure people would be watching for you. I sent the key to your plastic pants to your roommate. She will change and feed you at home if she feels like it. I want you to walk along the main roads, and don’t think of calling a cab. Not that they would pick you up anyway.” He led her out the door and locked it behind her.
Alice stared for a moment at the door, than began the long walk home. It was normally a twenty minute walk, and with her outfit, it was going to be unbearable. Her diaper was still clearly visible, and clearly used. Even if someone didn’t notice the brown stain at the back, the smell was far too strong to ignore. The t-shirt wasn’t helping much either. She suckled on her pacifier glumly as she walked, tears once again forming in her eyes. She could only imagine the jeers and laughter she would get. She had to admit, it was an effective punishment. She certainly wouldn’t break the law again.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

This story scares me a bit. I mean I understand you are going as far as you can with the humiliation aspect, and you’ve got a lot going in terms of humiliating events going in succession, but all of it seems like you rushed to as many extremes as you could in as short a bit of time as possible. The pacing to the story isn’t spread out enough to make it effective. There could be many transitions throughout this to make it flow better. It’s humiliation/bondage story diarrhea.

Nonetheless, I do like your style of writing in a lot of areas. You provide very succinct effective descriptions of each scene, making it somewhat enjoyable to read but you don’t provide enough background information to give it a realistic feel. I can’t understand why it would be normal for a girl to be walked through a hotel with her pants down. Is this an alternate reality? The setting to the story is really unclear.

Next, your formatting could use work, as this story is pretty much a wall of text, making it sort of tedious to read through for my eyes.

Between large, innocent eyes, bright blond hair, a roundish face, and a short stature, it was hard to get people to take her seriously. Her street style clothes and rough attitude compensated somewhat. But when she was in the court, looking at the judge with the most pleading pout she could make, her looks helped.
I get what you are trying to explain here, but it comes off awkward and cliche.

It’s a fun story, don’t get me wrong, but there is lots of room for improvement.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:
I appreciate the good part, as well as the advice on improving.
Also, I agree with most of what you said. Basically with this story I took all the things I had thought of but seemed to extreme or weird for other stories, and wrote them down one after another. Alice is sort of a deposit for everything which makes me say “nah, no one will want to read that, its too gross/unrealistic/ect.”
However, this also (for some reason) made it one of my more popular stories, which is why its normally the first I submit to a new forum.

I will work on formatting the next time I submit.

Again, thanks for the advice!

Re: Alice’s Punishment

Part 2: The Walk Home
The elevator began descending. Alice closed her eyes, hoping somehow the ride would last forever. Of course, this was impossible, and as the bell ringed to single the bottom floor Alice felt a gulp forming in her throat. This would be a long walk back.

The door opened. Alice stood for a moment in the doorway praying something would change. Once again, reality stayed in place. The lobby was full of people making their way from their rooms to offices or cars. People were walking between shops across the cafes and restaurants that made up the bottom floor of the hotel. Already, without even stepping out, and well out of smelling range of anyone there, Alice was attracting stares, photos, and laughter.

She walked out into the lobby. The thick, messy diaper around her waist forced her to waddle. From the front, the yellow stains underneath the pink rabbits and baby lettering proved the diaper wasnt just for show. As soon as she past people, the lumpy brown behind humiliated her further. Even worse, the smell of the diaper constantly surrounded her. She knew she would be gagging if she wasnt used to it, and she saw more than a few people around her do the same. There was very little she could do about it, given the lock on her plastic pants. The green shirt she had over it did little to cover the padding, and added to her humiliation by saying “I need my pampers” across her chest. Even her hair was tied in childish pigtails, and her feet were in mary jane shoes with knee high socks. THough she hated to admit it to herself, the pacifier in her mouth did ofer some comfort. However, as it seemed to anyone watching she was sucking on it on her own accord, it proved that she wanted to be in that outfit. Without it, some might assume she was somehow being forced. Overall, there could not have been a more embarrassing outfit to walk down a main street in.
She exited the hotel into the gasoline filled air of the street outside. At least here the smell of her diapers was less obvious. It was about a twenty minute walk home on a good day. With thick padding and mess inside her diaper forcing her to waddle, it would probably take closer to thirty or thirty five minutes, if she wasn’t stopped. She reminded herself that the bus and taxis were off limits unless she wanted another spanking.

She walked as quickly as she could, trying to avoid attention. She would duck behind buses and avoid groups of people, hoping no one would notice her. Of course, she still heard the occasional laughter, eww, or snap of a camera, but it was better than nothing. However, it was making her take longer than expected. She gritted her teeth.

New strategy. Instead of hiding, she simply began to run back. This turned out to be a huge mistake. Between the mary jane shoes and the thick padding the best she could manage was an awkward shuffle that only served to attract more attention to herself. Even worse, the mush in her diaper began spreading around even more. It slathered all over the inside of her diaper, slushing loudly as she ran. On top of it, the motion of running served to mix up the remaining laxative inside of her, and a sudden cramp hit her as her bowels demanded release.

Finally she stopped, bending over and panting to catch her breath.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” saod a voice above her. Alice instantly recognized it.

Letting out an involuntary eep, Alice tried to stand up. A hand immediately went to her back, forcing her to stay in the bent over position.

“It looks like a baby girl bent over for a spanking,” said another voice.

“Carefull! I wouldn’t stand there too long if I was you. That smell is bad enough from here, and I bet she has more to coming out soon,” added a third.

Alice moaned. With her gut feeling as it was, the voice was probably right. Worst of all, that voice belonged to Mark, her ex-boyfriend. Each of those voices belonged to a member of her gang, the Street Stalkers. She looked up. At least a dozen faces surrounded her, members of the gang she had basically owned a week ago. Where they once regarded her with fear and respect, now she only saw amusement in their eyes.

“Yes, she definitely made good use of those diapers! Pee-yew!”

“Haha its so much more fitting then what she usually wears. You look good in those diapers Alice. Really cute.”

“We saw your videos online,” Mark said “and had a bit of a re-election. Turns out you no longer run this gang. Now your more of our baby mascot. You can still come around if you want, to serve us drinks, clean the coats, and get spanked if you misbehave. Maybe someone will even change your diapers if they are feeling nice.”

Alice moaned through her paci. Cleaning coats was a job usually reserved for new entries to the gang, people who were still trying to be initiated. Alice assumed that, should she ever return, she would be even below that. To go from a position of authority to lowest of the low was… horrible.

To her surprise, Mark picked her up and sat her on his knee on a nearby bench, messy diaper squishing loudly underneath her. He took out a baby bottle of milk she assumed he had bought just for her, took the pacifier out of her mouth, and brought the bottle to her lips. Humiliated but not wanting any trouble, Alice swallowed her pride and began to drink as tears rolled down her cheeks. He really did just think of her as a baby now. Worse yet, she recognized the taste of the same laxative she had been fed the night before. Combined with what she already had… she wouldn’t last long. She hoped this ordeal would be over soon.

However, it was not to be. “There’s a good baby, drink up! Good girl!” Mark said as the other members laughed at her obedience. She drank quickly and was soon finished. Mark replaces the pacifier as he continued speaking “however, more than a few of us had problems with the way you ran out group. So, we decided, what a perfect opportunity to get some justice. Bruce?”

Alice looked up in horror. What had they planned? She saw Bruce walking toward her. Six foot five and essentially made out of muscle, he was a frightening sight. However, he wasn’t very smart, and Alice had always kept him in the lower rungs of the group, essentially acting as a bouncer. He definitely had reasons to be mad at her.

Bruce picked Alice up easily in his arms and threw her, bent over with messy diaper in the air, over his shoulder. Alice didn’t bother fighting back, even if she could escape his muscles there were a dozen others around her. He carried her to a large wooden garbage can with a lid over the top, meant for public use. He through her over it, legs hanging off and rear end facing the street. Alice whimpered, she knew what was coming. Idly she wondered if the smell of garbage was better or worse than her own diaper. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited.

The first spank landed with a loud thud and squish against her diaper. Alice gasped, he was MUCH stronger than her daddy from the night before. The second one came soon after, followed by a third and a forth. Soon Alice was wailing and crying as he peppered her backside with blows. The spanking also served to mush the mess in her diapers around further, spreading it around to the front. More and more of the smell escaped, and mixed with the odour of the garbage underneath her, making her gag again.

After around fifteen minutes the smacks slowed, and finally stopped. She turned to see Bruce backing up. She let out a sigh of relief. Then she noticed the line. Every member of the gang she had wronged was behind her, waiting for their chance to get at her smelly, padded rear. The entire thing was being filmed, not just by the gang (who she was sure would be showing it at all meetings from then on) but by bystanders around her. Many passed and stared in shock, but they recognized the gang if not her by herself, and knew to avoid them. Some took the opportunity to laugh at the former queen of the streets get humiliated.Worse yet, the pain of the spanking, combined with being bent over with the edge of the garbage can in her gut, made it harder and harder to hold back her bowels.

For what seemed like hours, men and women who used to work for her in fear spanked her diapered bottom. They called her “baby” and “stinky butt”, and commented on how such a potty pants diaper girl ever thought she could lead a gang. Even some non-
members, who she assumed were victims of her petty crimes or simply wanted to have some fun, volunteered to spank her.

Meanwhile, each smack brought her closer and closer to messing. She let out several loud, involuntarily farts, causing laughter all around her. She gritted her teeth on the pacifier and prayed she’d be able to hold it in. Just a bit longer… However, during a particularly hard spanking, she felt liquidy mush pouring out of her behind. The spanker realized what was happening, stopped, and backed up so everyone could see. With all eyes drawn to her behind, she let out a loud BRRAAAPPPT and messed her diaper even further.

“Pew Yew! As if your diapers weren’t stinky enough!”

“Again? You must really need those!”

“EWWWWWW! I don’t know how you ever got out of pampers! I don’t think you ever will again!”

Alice could only cry and suck glumly on her pacifier as the comments came at her from all around. She continued messing herself for a few minutes. When it was all over, the spanking started anew.

Eventually, it was all over. The gang said their goodbyes and left her crying on the garbage can, with the stained brown padding on her diaper still facing the street. After crying for a few minutes, Alice realized she was only making it worse, and good up. She continued, still crying, down the street. At this point, she didn’t even care who saw her or who took pictures, she just wanted to get home. She waddles glumly down the road.

Soon, she arrived at her home. Still humiliated, and dreading meeting her housemate but desperate to get inside, she almost collapsed on the ground. Then she saw her housemate standing, hands on her hips, in front of the door.

Ellen, her tall and brown haired roommate, had always disliked her. They had agreed to share the house to split the rent, but Alice had often ‘forgotten’ to pay or simply refused. Ellen had been too afraid to say anything. Her generally girly and bubbly attitude, combined with the fear, had made her a perfect target for Alice’s taunting. Alice could see in her eyes that that fear was now gone.
“Well it looks like the baby finally came home. A fair bit longer than I expected, but no matter. We have much to discuss.”
Alice knew she was in for it, but something still made her try to fight back.She gathered her courage and stood as proudly as she could. She knew it must be ridiculous, glaring while in an “I love pampers” t shirt and messy diaper, but she did her best to look intimidating. “Now you listen Ellen, I still have my gan…”

She was cut off by Ellen’s laughter. “Really? Want to tell them that? Based on the comments on your facebook, not to mention the video they posted, that isn’t going to happen. Besides, I have the law on my side.” Alice gulped, realizing what she meant. “Now, come with me, I have much to show you.”

She took Alice by the hand and led her up the stairs. She led her into her bedroom, or what had once been her bedroom. Now, it was more like a nursery.

“Isn’t it great what the law and a few workers can do in a night? Pink walls, a nice crib with locking sides and lid, changing table, TONS of diapers, and looks !” She opened the closet, once filled with leather coats and torn jeans “the CUTEST outfits you’ve ever seen! I didn’t even know they made them like this, but that guy from the justice department had tons of them!”

Alice stared in horror at the array in front of her. Cutesy dresses, onesies, footed outfits, overalls, and small t shirts each in a nauseatingly bright shade of pink, baby blue or a pastel colour were lined up before her. Everyone had its own humiliating pictures or slogan, commenting on stinky diapers or how she was a “little princess.” Her cubored was covered with ribbons, pacifiers, and bonnets, and was surrounded by babyish booties and mary jane shoes. Though she was afraid of what she would see, she forced herself to open the underwear drawer. As expected, her thongs and panties were replaced with piles of thick diapers.

"And there’s plenty more where those came from! Anything I want, cloth, disposable, plastic pants… oh, and some have the CUTEST prints! You’re going to look adorable! Not that you’ll have any say in what you wear of course, or when you’ll get changed, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you look good. Now, about what I was going to tell you. You are under my ‘protection.’ If you ever cause too many problems, I can always call 911, and the police will come to see what the issue is. If that happens, you can expect to see much more of your ‘daddy.’ But I don’t think that will be necessary, eh? He gave me plenty of paddles, ropes, and enema bottles if you get out of hand, or if I just want to have some fun. I’ll feed you baby food and oatmeal every meal from your high chair, and change you when I feel like it. Now, I can tell from that odour that you already made good use of your pampers. "She turned Alice over and patted her behind to be sure. Alice could only whimper and sulk as she did. “But I think you will be fine without a change for now. We have a few people coming over for a party later, and you are our…. Guest of honor. Not that you will find it very honorable, most of them just want to spank you and see you in different outfits. But I think a few would appreciate seeing you in messy diapers, and maybe a public change somewhere will be a fun activity.” Ellen continued on and on as she usually did, ranting quickly in a high voice. Alice barely listened any more. Party? Could this really get worse? She seemed condemned to constant humiliation and painful spankings, and now and entire party was formed around humiliating her. She knew she was supposed to be an example to other gang members who broke the law, but this was… unbearable. She should have just gone to prison.

Alice sat down on the ground, feeling the mess mush against her but not even caring, put her head in her hands and sulked. This was going to be a LONG summer.

Re: Alice’s Punishment 3

Alice pouted as she sat in the playpen. She squirmed in her full diaper, trying to ignore the itch as the mess caked her bottom.

“You better be playing with your toys when I come and che-eck!” came a sing-song voice from the kitchen. Ellen had set her in the playpen, surrounded by infantile toys, as she waited for guests to arrive. Alice shuddered. Guests. While she was in diapers. This was going to be a nightmare.

Sighing, she turned her attention to the toys around her. There were a few stuffed animals, a truck or two, some lettered blocks, rattles, plastic rings… anything you’d expect for an infant. She picked up some blocks and made them into a tower, then used a small toy fire truck to knock it over. Perhaps she could at least take some of her anger out.

The doorbell rang. Alice squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to know who was coming through to add to her humiliation.

She heard voices coming from the front door. Ellen was speaking to a group of women. Finnally a voice she recognized, Ellen’s friend Samantha, spoke up loudly. “Well enough of that! Where is the little girl?” The other voices followed, agreeing they wanted to see her.

Alice froze. They were coming her way. Already she was blushing, horrified at the thought of being seen yet again.

“Awww, would you look at that? She looks so cute! And she was pwaing with her widdle bwoks!”

“Ewww! Look! She filled her diaper! She stinks! I don’t want to go near her!”

Samantha spoke again. “Hey, you can’t complain when a baby messes her diaper! That’s what they are there for! Come here little one.” She bent over and picked up Alice, resting a hand under her diaper and mushing it around. She then sat down on a nearby couch, resting Alice on her lap with a squish. “But you are a stinky little girl, aren’t you? Hey? Who’s a tinky widdle giwl? Who’s a tinky baby?” She began to tickle Alice, forcing her to laugh. To her shame, she realized anyone would assume she was laughing at the baby voice.
“Huh? Who’s a tinky baby? I’m not going to stop tickling till I get my answer! Who’s a widdle baby wit a messy diapie?” She kept tickling Alice harder and harder.

Alice closed her eyes and tried, unsuccessfully, to refrain from laughing. She knew the Samantha wouldn’t stop until she admitted to the humiliating truth, but the idea of putting it into words was horrifying to her. It was clear she was in diapers, and that she had used them, and by now any number of people had seen her in the humiliating outfits…. But actually admitting to her new status just seemed a step to far.

The tickling continued. Samantha also began to bounce her knee up and done, mushing Alice’s own messy diaper over and over. Her position was getting more and more uncomfortable. Finally, she blurted out “I am! I am a stinky baby!”

“Oh, is that right? And why are you a stinky baby?”

“Because I used my diaper!”

“And why are you in diapers? Tell us how much you love them, and how much you love to mess. And speak properly, like a baby”

Alice whimpered but continued. “I…I wear diapies cause I is a widdle baby! And I wuv them a wot! I wove my messy diapies!” Alice shouted, on the edge of tears.

“Good baby,” Samantha said. She stopped tickling, and Alice breathed a sigh of relief. Samantha turned Alice around to face the circle of grinning women, then began bouncing her knee again. Alice grimaced as her mess was constantly squished against her.

“So, what are we going to do with our baby?” one of the other women, named Sarah, asked.

Ellen replied. “Well, first we are going to wait until a few more people show up.” Alice groaned at that. “Then I thought we would have her modal some outfits for us and decide which makes her look the cutest. Then we will take turns feeding her and see how much she can take. We will change her diapers as a group, and tuck her into her crib for an early bedtime. Also, of course, we will remember to give her lots of spankings and punishments if she is ever naughty. For now, why don’t we give the baby her bottle? Who wants to feed her?”

“Oh I do! I do!” each of the women shouted, almost in unison. They began to argue over who got to feed Alice.

“Don’t worry; there are plenty of bottles to go around. We will each get a change.”

Alice watched as Ellen walked into the kitchen and returned with a tray full of plastic baby bottles, each filled with milk or juice. A bottle of milk was handed to Samantha, who put the teat into Alice’s mouth.

“Drink up baby girl!” Samantha said. Wanting to avoid punishment, Alice obeyed. She suckled on the bottle as quickly as she could, wanting to get the ordeal over with. Samantha kept bouncing her as she drank. Soon she was finished.

“Alright, who’s next?” Ellen asked. Another one of the women, whom Alice did not recognize, volunteered first. Alice groaned as she was lifted off Samantha’s lap and placed onto the stranger’s, again getting bounced up and down as she was fed the baby bottle. She could feel her own mess getting mushier and mushier from the bouncing, and hated to think of what the state of her diaper was.

Though she tried to drink as fast as she could in the beginning, it became harder and harder as more bottles were put into her mouth. She felt her stomach fill up and bloat with each one. She knew eventually it would come out, and frankly she wasn’t sure if her diaper could handle that much more of a mess.

More people began to arrive as she was fed. Each one saw her, cooed over her outfit or gagged at her diapers, and took turns feeding her. The short ordeal quickly became a long nightmare as she lost count of the people who poured into her house for the opportunity to see her in a diaper.
Worst of all came when Mark entered the house. Her ex-boyfriend, whom she had ran into earlier, took delight in seeing her humiliated in front of all her friends and enemies. He picked her up and sat her on his lap, bottle in hand.

“Not much different from when we were dating, eh? Except this time you look a bit cuter, but smell a bit worse.” He began to feed her. Finally Alice could take it no more. Her stomach was bloated and she was full beyond belief.

She shook her head and spat the milk out. “No! Please! I can’t drink anymore god damn it! I’m full!”

Mark glared at her. “Alice, I’m warning you. You better be a good baby or you will suffer the consequences.”

“Please! I’ll be a good baby! I just can’t drink anymore!” Alice pleaded.

Mark shook his head. “Good babies don’t argue. You should know that.” With that, he picked her up.

Quickly Alice found her position on his lap changed so that she was lying over it. Not again! She squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered. She knew exactly what was coming. She began to beg, shouting “please! No spankings! Not again!” But her cries were unheeded.

The first blow landed across her messy behind with a loud WHACK! and SQUISH!- The simultaneous sounds of her bum getting smacked and her full diaper getting squished. The second one landed even harder, as did the third. It was clear he was only getting warmed up, and each blow landed with savage strength and professional precision. WHACK WHACK WHACK! Alice was soon screaming and crying as she was spanked by her former boyfriend.

Mark began to slow down, and she thought it was over. To her horror, she was simply picked up again, placed across the next lap in line, and the spanking continued. Soon she was wailing a new. It seemed like everyone she ever met wanted a chance to spank her, and they were going to get it.

She would have thought, after everything she had been through, her bottom would eventually go numb to all the spankings. However, each blow simply stung more and more as she went from lap to lap.

Finally she got to Ellen, who took her time spanking her, then stood her up on the ground. “Alright Alice, I think that’s enough spankings for now, but your punishment isn’t over. You were very naughty to argue, and you used some words babies should never use. We need to wash those naughty words out of your mouth, and give you time to think about what you did. Come with me.”

She took the sobbing diaper girl by the hand and led her out of the living room and into the kitchen. Once there, Alice saw what her next humiliation would be. One of the corners had been decorated with a sign that read “naughty girl,” and an arrow pointing down into it. The floor was covered with a mat that had “Bad baby” written all over it.

“Here, I want you to write “I am a naughty baby for arguing. I need to be spanked and have my mouth washed out.” Then sign it.” She handed Alice a piece of blank paper and a blue crayon.

Alice wrote as best she could as Ellen walked away. She returned a moment later with some tap and a bar of soap. “Her, give that to me,” she said. Alice handed her the paper. Ellen turned her around and taped the paper onto her back. “Now, into the corner! March!” She smack Alice’s bottom repeatedly until she made it to the naughty corner.

Next, Ellen took the bar of soap and lifted it to Alice’s face. “Open wide sweetie!” Alice pouted, knowing what was going to happen, but obeyed. The foul tasting bar was shoved roughly into her mouth. Ellen swished the soap back and forth, filling Alice’s mouth with disgusting bubbles. She whined as the awful flavor got stronger and stronger.

“Alright. You stand her and think about what you did. Don’t you dare look away from the corner, and don’t even thinking about taking that soap out, or we will start again with the spankings. Got it?” Alice nodded glumly.

Facing a blank wall with nothing to do did give Alice time to think, but not about her alleged crime of arguing. Each and every sensation, every horrible humiliation she was subjected to, became stronger and stronger. The horrid, itchy mess around her bottom got more and more uncomfortable. She could feel the massive load sliding around each time she so much as shivered. The smell emanating from her diapers seemed stronger, filling her nostrils with its raunchy odor. The newest sensation, the taste of the soap made her gag. Worse yet, her humiliation was all the more unbearable with nothing else to think about. She could hear the guests talking about her and giggling behind her back. Once in a while one would come up and pat her bottom, as if to make sure that she was, in fact, the source of the smell.

After a while Ellen returned. At first Alice thought the punishment was over, but she was wrong. “A few of us were talking,” Ellen said “and we decided that a simple time out isn’t enough of a punishment. I have all these contraptions to tie you up, I should use one. Bend over and touch your toes.”

Surprised and confused, Alice obeyed. Soon she found her hands tied into clasps and pulled even lower then she could bring them herself. They were attached to her ankles, leaving her stuck bent 180 degrees.

To think that just being in the corner seemed bad! Bent over as she was, her head was horribly close to her own diaper, and the smell was even more overpowering then before. She was certain she would have tasted it if it weren’t for the soap in her mouth. The bending also pulled her diaper close around her bottom, making the mess all the more uncomfortable. Her back quickly began to ache, and there was no way for her to get up to release the pain. Worse yet, her position seemed like an invitation for people to come by and play with her behind. More and more smacks, pats, and pinches landed on her, and one man had the ingenuity to write “Spank Here!” across her diaper.

After what seemed like ages she was let up. Her back was aching, her stomach was nauseated from the smell and taste, and she was humiliated beyond belief. Mark and Ellen stood in front of her. They took the soap out of her mouth, picked her up, and placed her in a large, pink, high chair. The tray was placed in front of her and locked in place, ensuring there was no escape.

“Now sweetie, I know we said we would let you model your cute outfits before we feed you, but your punishment sort of cut into that. So, it’s time for num nums! Open wide!” She placed a spoon into a bowl and brought it to Alice’s lips.

Though she still felt bloated from all the bottles earlier, Alice opened her mouth to accept the food, expecting mushed fruit or the like. To her surprise, it seemed to be chilli. Piles of meat and beans were shoved into her mouth. She wondered what Ellen was up too. Being fed adult food seemed… odd.
One thing she quickly realized about the chili was that it was hot. VERY hot. Soon she was whimpering as her tong was burned by the spicy food.

“Awww, is it too hot for da widdle baby?” Ellen asked. “Here, have some milk.” She put a bottle of milk to Alice’s mouth, and Alice drank thirstily. Immediately after, she was fed more chilli, followed by more milk, and on and on. The bowl of food was immense, and Ellen seemed determined to ensure Alice ate every last scrap.

When she was finally finished, her stomach was aching and churning. Ellen took her out of the high chair and brought her up the stairs into her humiliating bedroom turned nursery. Once there, Alice saw that all the guests had filled the room. The smiled and cheered as she entered several of them reaching to pat or pinch her diapered bottom.

“Alright baby girl, it’s time to play dress up!” Mark laughed as Alice stared at the array of outfits in front of her. He shoved a large pink pacifier into her mouth, attached a strap, and buckled it behind her head, silencing any argument.

Each guest seemed to have a different favorite outfit for her to try on. She was dressed in a dozen different costumes, each humiliating in its own way. Tight pants with “Spank Me” written across the bottom crushed her diaper. A pink dress with a frilly skirt that left her diaper almost entirely exposed. Footy pyjamas with pacifiers and bottles on them, and “Uh oh!” written on a humiliating back flap. A bright green onesie with teddy bears on it which came with a matching bear she was made to hug and cuddle. A full, hooded bunny suit, complete with a tail and paw shaped feet. She was made to pose in a dozen different positions, bending over, crawling, hugging bears and toys, sitting on people’s laps and on the floor with her toys as she tried on countless baby outfits. Each one earned her more coos, pinches, hugs, and tickles, not to mention pictures and videos.

As the “dress up game” wore on, her stomach continued to churn. The chili and litres of milk mixed into her stomach, causing it to ache and grown. She let out a loud fart, exciting laughter and diaper pats from the people around her. She winced and tried to hold it in, but more and more came out, causing more and more people to laugh or jokingly plug their noses. She realized she would soon be filling her diaper yet again, and prayed it wouldn’t overflow.

It seemed she needn’t worry about that. Ellen watched her closely, noticing her stomach grumbling and the uncontrollable gas. Just as Alice was sure she was about to explode into her diaper, Ellen spoke up.

“Ok everyone!” Ellen said “I think that is enough of that. It’s time for her diaper change. Let’s get this stinky little baby into her night time diapers and put her to bed!” The guests nodded in agreement.

Alice stared at her. Night time diapers? It was barely the afternoon! Was she meant to spend the entire time in the same diaper?

Samantha picked her up and carried her toward the bathroom. She tried to squirm and complain. She was on the verge of messing again! This was the worst possible time for a change; she would just fill her diapers immediately! She tried to voice her complaint, but the pacifier kept her arguments silent. Instead, she merely whined and whimpered as she was carried.

The guests lay her down on the counter. Ellen undid her diaper, exposing her mess and causing a chorus of ewwws and laughter. One of the women opened the window and turned a fan on. Ellen turned her until she was face down with her legs over the edge and her bottom bent 90 degrees. Ellen had had straps installed, and her hands and feet were tied in place. The diaper was removed. To her disgust and horror, it was pulled around and rested directly under her face. The guests acted as if this was perfectly natural and ignored Alice’s muffled screams and cries. The smell, that close to her nose, was horrific. She strained her neck trying to keep her face away from the overflowing diaper.

She felt a baby wipe on her bum. She couldn’t see who it was, but someone was cleaning her. The guests had filled the bathroom, and were taking turns wiping her down. She couldn’t believe it. Even after all that had happened, having all the people she knew take turns changing her diaper and cleaning her bottom… it was beyond humiliating. She simply broke down and sobbed as she was wiped. At the same time, the churning in her stomach got worse and worse. She struggled to keep from messing the ground in front of them all, though a few farts still escaped her to her utmost embarrassment.

Once they were done, she was untied and turned over. She inhaled deeply, savoring the fresh breath after what seemed like an eternity with the smell of her own diaper constantly around her. By now the pressure inside her was unbearable, and she knew the second a fresh diaper was put around her, she would be forced to fill it again.
Despite this, Ellen seemed to be moving incredibly slowly. She stopped over a pile of diapers, staring at each one as if deciding which to force Alice into. Finally she settled on a thick, pink cloth diaper. It had tiny flowers all over the front and frills along the side. The diaper was placed under Alice’s bottom, and a pair of locking plastic pants was placed beside her. Ellen sprinkled baby powder over her, and the thick padding was pulled between her legs. It was far thicker than any of the disposables, and Alice’s legs were forced almost into a split. This, Alice assumed, was why it was a “night time diaper.” She really would be spending the entire night in it. Given it was about to be filled up, this meant she was in for a very uncomfortable night.

The Velcro straps were sealed, and the plastic pants were pulled over her and locked in place. Alice could bear it no longer. As soon as the plastic pants were on, her gut emptied itself into her diaper. It quickly became apparent why Ellen had fed her chilli. The spicy food, combined with the milk, had created a mess far worse than any of the other foods Alice was forcibly feed. A stream of liquid mush poured out of her. It burned far more than her previous loads, and quickly her cheeks stung horribly. It felt like an acid was pouring out of her and filling her diaper. She knew the instant it began she would quickly get a rash, and a terrible one at that. The smell too was worse, and filled her nostrils despite the extra thick padding. Alice teared up and whimpered at the horrible, even painful mush in her diaper.

The guests quickly noticed what she was doing, and began to laugh.

“What, couldn’t you last longer than that?” Sarah asked, giggling.

“Five seconds Alice! You lasted five seconds! Is it too much to ask for you to keep your pants clean for even a minute?!” Mark added.

“HAHAH EWWW! It’s even worse than before! You were just waiting for your chance, weren’t you? I bet you like the feel! HAHAHAHA” Samantha laughed, plugging her nose.

Alice could only pout and moan through her pacifier as the uncontrollable stream of foul mush poured into her diaper. Ellen picked up the still messing diaper girl and carried her into her bedroom. She dressed Alice in a set of close fighting baby blue footed pyjamas that made her bulging diaper comically obvious. And just in case her position as a giant baby wasn’t obvious enough, pictures of animals in diapers covered the entire thing.
She undid the strap on Alice’s pacifier. “Ok baby girl” she said “It’s time for you to take a nap. I want you to go around to each guest, thank them for taking care and changing you, apologize for your stinky diapers, and say good night. Make sure to give everyone nice kisses and use your cutest baby voice. Understood?”

Alice only whimpered and nodded. She walked up to the first guest, one of Ellen’s friend’s named Chris. “Hewwo Cwis. Tank oo for changing me, an I is sowwy for being a stinky baby. Goo night!” She leaned forward and kissed Chris on the cheek.

“Goodnight little one! Be a good baby!” Chris kissed her back and patted her diaper. Alice continued on to the next guest, repeated the same routine, and went on again. After humiliating herself yet again in front of everyone, the guests waved goodbye and began to move away, going down the stairs.

“Alright, well then, let’s get you tucked in, shall we?” Ellen said, replacing the pacifier and strap in Alice’s mouth so she couldn’t argue. Alice could only sigh as she was led back into the nursery and into the oversized crib.

She had assumed she would simply be locked in. However, Ellen didn’t seem satisfied with that. She lay Alice on her stomach, then tied her hands behind her back. She pulled her feet up and attached her hands to her ankles, leaving her hog tied and squirming miserably. Alice cried and screamed at her, but the pacifier muffled her words and Ellen ignored her.

“Alright sweetie, you have fun in your crib. Get some rest, ok?” She left and flicked off the lights, though the sun shining through the blinds was almost as bright.

Alice struggled fruitlessly against her bonds. After a moment, she simply gave up. The position was just as uncomfortable as being bent forward. Being unable to move meant there was no way for Alice to sooth the itch and sting from her own mess, or block the smell from her nostrils. She felt her gut churn again, and a new wave of mess tried to force itself into her diaper. Alice began to sob, and prepared herself for a long, stinky, and uncomfortable night.

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Re: Alice’s Punishment

I couldn’t read more than the first half of the first chapter. I’m kinky as fuck but…I gotta be honest…I could not be more astonishingly uncomfortable that this ‘story’ exists.

In your intro thread on this forum…you said you wanted constructive criticism and tips to improve your writing but, I just can’t. This is gonna sound mean and I’m sorry but…this is absolutely vile.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

The story really is over the top.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

Yeah, it seems almost like an effort at one-upmanship - each segment progressively more abusive and extreme than the last.

Mr. Alex, I believe you are discovering the problem with a story that centers completely around the chosen AB mechanic, be it humiliation/forced babying like you are doing, or even a more happy-dappy AB theme - lighting the fire in chapter one leaves you nothing to do but throw more and more gas on it with every new installment, lest your readers lose interest.

Around here you’ll find that most stories (or at least the ones that receive positive feedback) have an actual plot, and the AB elements are secondary to that plot, no matter how significant they are to it.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

I have to say…. I honestly agree with you. As I have mentioned before, this is by far my most “extreme” story, and most of my others are better imo, “the Date” and “Homework With an AB” being examples. This one is sort of gross.

I started this basically as a dumping ground for all the weirdest ideas I had, the ones I figured no one would buy and couldn’t include in normal stories. However, to my surprise it ended up being extremely popular in some places (particularly Deviant Art). This is why I keep posting it on new abdl sites when I join them. If I read this I’d find it too extreme, but if people like it, I have no issue in making more.

I guess if people on this site don’t like this sort of thing I will refrain from posting more and use the more reasonable stories. I did make a warning at the top of this one, and I just modified it to be more clear. I am sorry if this story was too much for you, again, it is not how I normally write abdl stuff.

So yes, thanks for the comments, I will keep them in mind.

On a side note, WBDaddy I think I have met you before. Are you the same WBDaddy from Daily Diapers, and I believe ADISC?

Re: Alice’s Punishment

though it says something that even here this is my most popular one, both in terms of views and comments

Re: Alice’s Punishment

People love to watch other people, even imaginary ones, suffer; the traffic stops on the highway because everyone stares at the wreck.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

true, that is one of the reasons why bondage literature is a thing. Though frankly some parts of this story are gross, and I think a bit far for others.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

Perhaps I’m just a bit too squeamish. I mean I can sorta kinda handle messy diapers but…this just takes things far, far out of the left field that is my comfort zone. But…that’s my issue, not yours.

It just kind of disturbed me on an emotional level….

Re: Alice’s Punishment

Nah other people seemed to think the same, so you aren’t just too squeamish.
It seems to depend on the group. Where ever I post this, it either ends up being my most popular story, or hated.

Re: Alice’s Punishment

I could never watch her suffer. I’d be at her side, changed her and holding her protective an close. I nono care what anyone says, torture is bad, an it breaks people permanently…. I know from experience, I’ve been on the receiving end, and I can no longer even confront an angry man without running away, breaking down and hiding, crying like a terrified lil girl.

Well written story though, I’m not saying anything bad about it. I just has such a hard time with torture.