Alex's Diaper Day

Author’s note This is one of my first stories and does contain some sexual litature towards the end. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Alex looked out her bedroom window, at her neighborhoods kids playing over at the park. They didn’t have a care in the world, except play and have fun. At 17, Alex wondered what it would be like to be carefree again, with no worries of school, boys, or the future. Alex always took special note of the kids who were still in diapers full time. Alex had tried making her own diapers before but knew it was not the same as a wearing a real diaper. She got up and changed out of her pajamas and into a white t-shirt and her favorite pair of short overalls. Then she tied her hair into a ponytail and headed outside.

On her way out she passed the kids at the park as she drove off to school. It was a typical day with many test, causing Alex to stress much and lead her mind back to diapers.
Ring!!! The final bell of the day rang and it was time to head home. As Alex looked in her purse for some make up she realized that she had money as she just got her pay check the day before. Alex also remembered her mom was working late tonight so she decided she would finally get the chance to wear diapers.

Alex now had a big smile on her face, but at the same time was worried how everything would go. How was it really going to feel to wear a diaper again and with that thought it turned her on. Alex didn’t know why but diapers always had a strange sexual appeal to her as well.

Alex was really nervous about going to the store. She walked into the drug store and headed for the diaper isle. They didn’t have much choice but she found a pack of pampers cruisers which she knew would fit her after reading some blogs on the internet. She quickly headed for the checkout to make a quick transaction and leave. She carried the package back to her car and drove home.

“Okay, I did it,” thought Alex as she headed to her room.

Chapter 2

Alex laid in her bed as she started taking off her clothes. She undid the buckles of her jeans and then slid them down her legs and pulled them off. Next she undid her bra and slid it off the end of her arms. Lastly was her sexy pink thong. Alex was now laying there completely nude. She then reached down and grabbed one of her diapers out of the pack, opened it up, and slid it under her butt. Alex then took the diaper and brought up between her legs and fastened it snuggly.

Alex was now fully diapered and loved it. She didn’t know how she was going to feel once the diaper was on, since she had never worn one before, but she loved the bulky feeling. She liked the way the diaper was thick and smooth and very crinkly. It made her feel like a baby. Alex then headed over to her closet to grab a pink t-shirt. At this time she also knew she was becoming very turned on.

Chapter 3

Now that Alex was diapered and had 5 hours left to herself she decided that because she had a private back yard that she would play out side. Alex’s backyard was pretty small, but it was pretty well kept compared to the weeds and trees growing over the fences of the surrounding houses. She did have some really cool stuff back there though. There was one of those plastic playhouses that little kids could sit in. This one was shaped like a castle. There was a wooden see-saw, painted red on one side and painted blue on the other. There was a really retro tire swing hanging from a tree branch. But the place she went to first was her sandbox.

Alex sat down in the sand and felt the texture through her legs. At that moment Alex realized she forgot to use the potty when she got home but was kind of excited to be able to use her diaper. It wasn’t easy but soon she felt a warm stream of urine over flow her diaper and once again turning her on. Alex was amazed by how good it felt and ran inside to her bed.

As Alex was horny she ran her hand over her diaper and then slowly slipped it in massaging her pussy now wet with urine and then slip her fingers into her vagina as she began to masturbate. At this time all Alex could think about is how happy these diapers made her feel.


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HUH? i never saw the name tara in the 2nd chapter

Re: Alex’s Diaper Day

Yup, thanks for noticing that Guinevere. I must have been thinking about my friend Tara when I wrote that. lol

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