Alexa's dream

Just something made off of the top of my head…

She awoke in a dark room, a man sleeping next to her. She jumped out of the bed and screamed. The man awoke, and jumped out of the other side of the bed. Both were naked.
The man looked to the door and dashed, and before she could stop him, he was gone.
She looked at the bed. It was soaked.
Have I done this…?
She thought
No, I can’t have. Maybe it was him. Yea, it was him…
But somehow, she couldn’t believe that. She shrugged it off, and walked towards the shower to get ready for her day.

Alexa was a short, burnette, and the way her hips and ass went together made her one of the more attractive girls you see walking around in a bar. She wore tight jeans ans shorts that brought out her perfectly sized boobs. As she walked outside, out of her apartment in New York, and blended in with the crowd.
Who thought of this?
She thought to herself
Just a bunch of…. People.
And she was right. All you could see was people. Sure there were cars and planes and trains, but people. That’s one thing she hated, is all the people, all the noise, all the garbage on the roads. It made her think back to her time on the farm…

“I won’t have it.” her mother groweled.
“Mom, this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me!”
“I know, but still, I don’t like it. It’s to dangerous for a gal such as yourself.”
“But mom Peter has gone into the military and you don’t care about that!”
I do damn well care that I am going to get a letter from the military tellin me my little baby is dead!"
“Mom, they aren’t even in a war right now…”
“Ah that’s well known, but there’s little shit that you never hear about. Random rebellious groups, terrorrists, and all the good shit.”
“Yea but he’s not dead yet.”
“he’s been in for 3 weeks of course he’s not dead!”
“yea but it’s not like he’s going to get hit by a car or something is it?”
“Hes just a private the military don’t give a hoot about him.”
“you know that’s not true.”
“Leave me alone. My answer is no.”
Alexa walked back up to her room, where she layed down, frustrated, trying to calm down.

Alexa sighed at her office at the hospital. She looked at the clock.
Only 1 more hour…
She told herself in thought.
She sat back and relaxed I her chair, done her work, and thought…

“Alexa!” came her mothers voice.
“Yea?” she called back.
“Your food is ready and this is the fifth and final time I am going to call you! Get down here!”
Alexa sighed and got up. She had been playing with her horse dolls for over an hour.
"Listen, Alexa…"her mother said with regret “I think it’s great that your going to be part of a play in the city, and LIVE there, but i dot think it’s what you really want. Tell me with truth that this is your dream.”
“This is what I want, mamma.”
“Okay sweetie. But why?”
“It just seems so much more fun! More things to do, like games, sport teams, acting, and all that good stuff. Don’t worry i’ll visit often. And I’ll become famas! And then we can get rich and have maids that do everything for us!”
“Money doesn’t bring happiness, Alexa.” her mother sighed. “well, if you want this so badly, I can give you a ride there, but I won’t pick you up if needs be.”
“Okay mamma. Can we go now?”
“Tomorrow, sweetie.”
“Okay mamma.”

happiness alright.
She thought
She pulled the hem of her nurses skirt up to reveal a diaper.
I thought I stopped having this problem… I thought I was never going to wet the bed again. But I guessed wrong.
In the past, Alexa had wet her diapers at night. Sometimes she had woken up, and they had been wet and without care, just pooped in them too.

Alexa hopped in the car, knowing this was the last time she might see her.
“Mom?” she said.
“Yes sweetie?”
“I love you.”
“I love you to honey.”


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plz change ‘END PART 1’ to ‘END.’ this story can go no where. also youre riting is hard to follow with no storyline easily seen cuz there are too many gaps and it just sucks

Re: Alexa’s dream

Please don’t stop writing; you need the practice. Please just stop sharing with us until your writing improves. I couldn’t have written like you at thirteen or even twenty-four, but I kept writing until I got better. Now people like what I write and I even got paid for some short stories. Write a story we can follow just a bit better if you don’t mind.

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i agree he does but this story is ruined and would not be read if he continued it

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It’s written more like narrative poetry than prose. It’s just a style we’re not used to. I’m not quite following it yet, but perhaps that’s the point.

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Keep it in your head :wink:

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It happens sometimes. And this is the one forum where bumping old threads won’t generally get you in trouble. Not sure why your posts got caught in the modqueue though :confused: