Alex and Caleb in Diaper Detention

How does a person become a diaper lover? In my case, it was because of my mother. Beginning at the age of nine, she started diapering me whenever I was naughty. By the time I was 11-years old, I thoroughly enjoyed my diaper punishment. I remember vividly one summer day when my best friend and I spent most of the day together in diapers.

A Bare in the Pool

“Alex Tanner, get your naughty little fanny in the house right now!”

I knew my 11-year old butt was in serious trouble when mom called me by my first and last names. I grabbed my swimming trunks from the side of our backyard pool and slipped them on underwater. Then I scrambled out of the pool, quickly dried off and dashed.

“What’s wrong, mom?” I asked innocently, as she and Julie confronted me in the kitchen. Julie is my annoying 9-year old sister. “I was just swimming.”

Mom crossed her arms and glared at me. Not so long ago, her menacing stare might have intimidated me into a confession. I’m 11-years old now, so I’m wise to her “stare and scare” tactic. I kept my mouth shut. Why confess to something until I knew how much she had actually seen?

“I saw you naked in the pool,” said mom, breaking the silence. “I also saw your trunks alongside the pool. Don’t even try denying it! I’ve told you before not to swim like that. You’re not a little boy anymore.”

“What’s the big deal?” I argued. “You were at Julie’s soccer practice. Besides, we’re got a fence around the backyard. Nobody could see me. Why can’t I swim naked when nobody is around? The constitution says I can. It says ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ I’m pursuing happiness when I swim naked.”

SMACK! Mom swatted my seat, overriding my constitutional argument. Why bother learning about the constitution in school if you can’t use that knowledge at home?

“You know the rules, smart mouth,” said mom. “You also know the penalty. You’re in diaper detention until bedtime.”

When I’m naughty, mom makes me wear a diaper for my punishment. She calls it diaper detention. Once I’m in my diaper, I’m not allowed to wear anything else. No shirt. No shorts. I’m also not allowed to use the toilet. Instead, I have to go potty in my diaper like a toddler. I don’t mind. Mom doesn’t know it, but I enjoy romping around the housewearing onlya diaper. It’s a secret that I’ve kept for two years now.

“Take off your trunks!” said mom. “Since you like to be naked so much, you can undress right here in the kitchen. I’m sure your sister will enjoy your striptease show.”

My face blazed with shame as I slowly pulled down my trunks. BOING! My wiener bounced into view, causing Julie to get a case of the giggles. Swimming naked is fun. Stripping naked in front of mom and my giggly sister is red-faced embarrassing.

My face got redder when mom put her hand on my bare bottom—I could feel her middle finger in my butt crack—and guided me down the hallway towards her bedroom. My sister Julie tagged along, giggling at the sight of my wiener bouncing around like a conductor’s baton.

“You have the cutest little fanny,” said mom, as we walked. She squeezed my butt cheeks a couple of times. “It’s so firm and tight, just perfect for spanking.”

“That’s really funny,” I muttered, but I knew she wasn’t kidding. Twice this summer, mom has spanked me on my diaper like a naughty toddler.Diaper spankings don’t hurt very much, but they’re embarrassing, especially in front of my sister, her friends or my friends.

Legs Up

“Go lie on the bed, Alex!” said mom, after we enteredher bedroom. I hesitated briefly. SMACK! Mom swatted my bare behind, reminding me to instantly obey her.

Rubbing my butt, I marched over to the bed and lay on my back. SPRONG! Within seconds, my wiener got stiff. You try lying naked ona bed with your mother and sister staring at you. Your wiener will get stiff, too. Anyway, it was pointing straight up like a giant finger and I couldn’t make it go down. Julie was quick to notice my predicament.

“Look, mom! Alex is saluting me again.” Julie snapped to attention and gave me a mock salute in return.

“I’m not saluting you, stupid. I’m giving mom the finger because she squeezed my butt and swatted me.”

Mom chuckled and for a few seconds, I thought she might cancel my diaper punishment. Thathope quickly faded when she opened the bottom dresser drawer—my baby drawer—and fished out disposable diaper. Mom keeps my diapers in her room so my friends won’t see them when I have sleepovers.

“Lift up your legs, Alex!” said mom, as she unfolded the diaper. “It’s time to put my big boy into his baby diaper.”

My diapers are actuallyyouth diapers, but mom and Julie call them baby diapers. They look like baby diapers, too. Each diaper isembarrassingly thick andthe extra-wide padding in the back covers my entire butt. Unlike baby diapers, mine don’t have any colorful designs on them. They’re plain white except for the yellow wetness stripes, which turn blue after I wet them. Each diaper also has a plastic outer barrier. Mom believes that plastic-backed diapers are more leak proof than cloth-backed diapers.

I lifted my legs up and over my head, giving mom and Julie a bird’s-eye view of my private parts.My face burned with shame. I like wearing a diaper, but I hate surrendering my dignity in front of my little sister.

Mom slid the diaper under my butt. After I lowered my legs and spread them apart, she pulled the diaper through my legs and snugly over my wiener. She finished by fastening my diaper tapes. There are two tapes on each side. In less than a minute, I was transformed from a naked boy into a diapered baby.

After I stood up, I could feel the thick diaper padding between my legs and rubbing against my wiener. It felt strangely comfortable. I looked down and touched the front of my diaper. The thin plastic cover felt so smooth over the diaper padding. When I saw the yellow wetness stripes, I smiled slightly. Pretty soon, those strips were going to be blue, letting everyone know that I’d wet my diaper.

“You look so silly in a baby diaper,” said a giggling Julie. She patted my diapered bottom. “You’re a real diaper butt.”

“Maybe I like being a diaper butt,” I said, as I reached back and felt the plastic-covered padding on my bottom. “I’d rather be a diaper butt than a panty butt, that’s for sure. You don’t know how stupid you looked yesterday in panty detention.”

Julie’s face turned bright red. When she’s naughty,mom makesher strip down to her panties. Then she has to dopanty detention. Boy, doesJulie hate parading around the house wearing only her panties! She hates being topless, too. I don’t know why. There’s nothing up there to see yet.

“It’s almost noon,” said mom, ending our war of words. “Alex, you can go to your room and stay there until lunch. Behave yourself in there or I’ll spank your diapered fanny!”

In a diaper, I worry more about fanny warming than global warming.

The First Time

I was surprised when mom ordered me to stay in my room. Normally, I have to be in the same room as either mom or Julie at all times. I’m treated pretty much like a toddler who needs to be constantly watched. I get diaper changes like a toddler, too.

In my room, I went over to the mirror that sits on top of my dresser drawer. My white diaper stood out instunning contrast to my suntanned body. I felt silly seeing myself in a diaper, but at the same time, I found my reflection cute. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Brown hair. Blue eyes. Tan skin. White diaper. If that’s not cute, what is?

I turned around and examined my rear end. I couldn’t help but smile. Julie was right about one thing. I was a diaper butt. Still, I liked how the extra-wide padding stuck out so conspicuously on my bottom. I wiggled my diapered behind and smiled again. I looked like a diaper-butt toddler.

I remember the first time I had to wear a diaper for punishment. I had to wear a real toddler diaper then. It happened two years ago when my cousin Jacob was visiting me. For whatever reason, we decided to sleep naked one night.

The next morning, we both woke up with stiff wieners. We scrambled out of bed and had an impromptu sword fight. We’d parry and thrust with our wieners, just like they were real swords. We also ran around the room, stabbing each other in the butt with our wiener swords.

Mom heard the commotion. She came barging into my room, just in time to see Jacob stabbing me in the butt. She grabbed Jacob and spanked his bare behind until it was shiny red. Then I got a naked spanking, too. It was my first and only one.

After our spankings, we stood naked in the corner for a few minutes, showing off our red bottoms while mom scolded us. Then a light bulb went off in her head. She went next door and borrowed two toddler diapers. When she returned, she put us in those tiny diapers. They were too small to go completely around our waists, so she used white bandage tape to keep them in place.

“If you’re going to run around naked like toddlers, you’re going to wear diapers like toddlers, too,” said mom, as she angrily diapered us. What a strange experience! I was nine-years old, but I was being diapered like a helpless two-year old toddler.

Mom forced us to wear those tiny toddler diapers all morning. We eventually peed and pooped in them, but mom refused to borrow more diapers. As a result, we had to wear wet messy diapers until noon. When we sat down, poop got squashed on our butts. Jacob hated sitting in his gooey mess, but I thought it was fascinating, sort of like sitting in warm thick mud. Isn’t that strange? Two boys in messy diapers—two different reactions. I guess some people are born to like diapers, some are not.

Mom thought my behavior was much improved after my stint in a wet poopy diaper. A few days later, she went online and secretly ordered a package of boy diapers. When the package arrived, she let me open it, saying it was a special gift for me.

"Mom, these are diapers, " I said in open-mouthed surprise, after opening the package. “Why did you buy these things? I don’t need diapers and I’m not going to wear them.”

“You are going to wear them,” said mom. “From now on, I’m going to put your little fanny in a diaper whenever you’re naughty. Once you’re in your diaper, you won’t be allowed to wear anything else until your punishment is over. I won’t force you to leave the house in your diaper, but if we have visitors, you’ll have to show them your diaper and explain why you’re wearing it.”

So here I am, two years later, wearing a thick diaper on my 11-year old butt. I don’t mind. It’s fun to romp around in a diaper like a toddler. Mom doesn’t know it, butI wouldn’t mind being a toddler for a whole week.That would be so cool. Afterseven daysin diapers, mom would have to potty train me again. I’d probably have to wearpull-updiapersduring my retraining. I’ve always wondered how it would feel to wear a pull-up diaper.

“Baby, it’s time for lunch,” shouted Julie from the kitchen.

Julie’s voice interrupted my daydream. I exited my room and headed down the hallway. Swish. Swish. Swish. My diaper rustled slightly with each step, reminding me of my toddler status.

Peeky Leaky

It seemed strange to eat lunch wearing only a diaper. I felt almost naked because mom normally insists that I wear a shirt at mealtime. Now I know how Julie felt yesterday. She had to eat supper topless because she was inpanty detention.

Halfway through the meal, I needed to pee. Swimming always makes me pee. Trying not to attract any attention, I slowly moved my left hand from the table to the front of my diaper. I like to feel my diaper “grow” when I wet it for the first time.

After a false start, I finally got a steady stream going. I felt delightfully naughty as I peed into my diaper. It’s something a boy my age shouldn’t be doing, but it sure is fun.

I could feel my pee coming out and I could feel my diaper getting bigger, but I didn’t feel wet at all. My diaper just sucked it all up. I did feel a warm sensation in the front and sit-down portions of my diaper. The warmth felt really good, but I knew there would be a large wet spot—mom calls it a puddle pants ring—showing on the seat of my diaper when I stood up.

Mom and Julie were totally oblivious to my wetting “accident.” That’s the best part about wearing a diaper. I can pee whenever and wherever I want, and nobody even knows I’m wetting myself. It must be fun to be a real toddler. A toddler can squirt pee into his diaper all day. Play and squirt. Eat and squirt. Sleep and squirt. That’s probably why toddlers are called “little squirts.” After they poop in their diapers, they’re called “little stinkers.”

“Look, mom! Alex wet his diaper already,” said Julie, when I stood up after lunch. “I can see a big wet spot on his butt. He’s got pee in the front, too. What a potty pants!”

Mom came over and patted my wet diaper butt. Then she squeezed the front and crotch areas of my diaper. They were wet, too. She finished by running her finger around the insides of my elastic leg bands. I felt like a real toddler as mom checked my diaper. Someday I’d like to wet my diaper while she checks it. I’d probably get a diaper spanking, but it would be worth it.

“He’s wet, but he’s not leaking,” said mom, holding up her dry finger. “He doesn’t need changing yet.”

Big surprise! Mom rarely changes my diaper until the pee-filled crotch area is sagging noticeably between my legs. Wearing a droopy diaper is part of my punishment. My diapers are highly absorbent and have built-in leak guards, so I’m usually able to stay in the same diaper for five or six hours without leaking.

My dad, who was killed in a car accident shortly before my third birthday, used to say something silly when he checked my diaper. He’d say: “Peeky leaky.” That was his way of saying he was taking a peek to check for leaks.

“Peeky leaky.” Those two words are my only memory of my father. I think that’s why I like diapers. When I’m diapered, I feel like a toddler again. That was a happy time, a time when my dad was still alive.

Girl Power

“I’m going to the supermarket now,” said mom after lunch. “I should be home in an hour. Julie, make sure your brother stays in his diaper and behaves himself!”

“I will, mom,” said Julie, grinning from ear to ear. “Carol is coming over pretty soon to swim with me. We’ll take Alex outside with us so we can watch him. We’ll make him be a good baby. If he’s naughty, can I spank him?”

“You can spank him,” replied mom without hesitation. “Alex, behave yourself while I’m gone oryour sister will spank your diaper bottom!”

My face burned with embarrassment. I hate it when mom delegates her spanking authority. I’m probably the only boy in the world who gets spanked on his diaper by his little sister.

The doorbell rang shortly after mom left.

“Answer the door!” said Julie. “You know the rules. You have to answer the door so everyone can see your baby diaper. You made me answer the door yesterday in my panties.”

I held my breath as I opened the door. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Carol, Julie’s best friend from next door. She’s seen me in a diaper many times before, but that didn’t stop her from making some snotty comments.

“Oh! You look like Tyler in the morning.” She squeezed the front of my diaper. “Ooh! You’re wet like him, too. Naughty baby! You went pee-pee in your diaper.” WHAP! WHAP! She gave me a couple of playful spanks on my diaper-padded seat.

Tyler is Carol’s five-year old brother. He still wets his bed, so he has to wear a diaper at night. Two years ago, when Tyler was still a toddler, mom borrowed two of his diapers. Those were the toddler diapers that my cousin Jacob and I had to wear after our naughty sword fight.

“We’re going swimming now,” said Julie. “You can watch, but you can’t swim.”

The girls went into Julie’s room to change. The rules of diaper detention require that I be in the same room as mom or my sister, so I followed them in. WHAP! WHAP! Julie swatted my diapered fanny out of the room.

When the girls emerged, they were wearing bikinis. As I followed them to the pool, I could see parts of their butt cheeks peeking out of their bikini bottoms. I don’t understand girls. My sister gets embarrassed when I see her in plastic baby pants, but not when I see her butt cheeks peeking out of her bikini bottom.

The girls jumped into the pool, squealing with delight. That’s another thing about girls. They squeal a lot. It’s very annoying. I sat down on the edge of the pool in my wet diaper, dangling my feet in the water. I’m not allowed to swim when I’m diapered. Last summer, I accidentally fell into the pool while in diaper detention. Guess what? I got a wet diaper spanking and an extra day of diaper punishment.

“You look so silly sitting there in your baby diaper,” said Julie. “Don’t you wish you could swim like a big boy?”

“He doesn’t need to swim to get wet,” said Carol. “He’s already wet inside his diaper.”

Both girls cracked up laughing. So they want a war of words, huh? I brought out the heavy artillery.
“How come you girls wear tops when you swim?” I asked. “You don’t have anything up there to hide. You look just like boys. Why don’t you take off your tops and swim like boys, too?”

The girls exploded in anger. Boy, do they hate to be reminded about their flat chests! Comparing them to boys is the ultimate insult.

“You shut up, Alex,” shouted Julie. “I mean it. You shut up right now or I’ll spank you!”

“Yeah, and I’ll spank you, too,” said Carol. “I like spanking naughty boys.”

I zipped my mouth shut. The thought of two 9-year old girls spanking my 11-year old butt made me shiver. Spanking power is the ultimate girl power.

Another Bare in the Pool

My butt started to itch from sitting too long in a wet diaper, so I got up and started pacing around the side of the pool. Then it hit me. I needed to poop. I put my hands on my knees, did a little squat and let it go. It was a big one and I could feel it pushing against the back of my diaper before it spread down. I felt silly as I pooped in my diaper. It’s something a boy my age shouldn’t be doing, but it’s kind of fun, too.

“I think your brother is pooping in his diaper,” said Carol, pointing at me doing my squat.
Julie climbed out of the pool and inspected my diaper. She also pressed the seat of my diaper, squashing some poop on my butt. “Yep! He pooped in it. I can feel a big lump in the back. What a pooper pants!” Then she jumped back into the pool.

“So what? That’s what diapers are for,” I said, as I reached back and felt the lump in the back of my diaper. “I’d rather be a pooper pants than a panty butt. Carol, you should have seen Julie yesterday in her panties. She was topless and…”

Just then, the back gate opened. It was Caleb, my best friend from down the street. When he saw my diaper, a big smile spread across his face. He knows all about diaper detention because he’s been diapered several times by mom.

Our mothers have an agreement. If Caleb is naughty at my place, he has to wear a diaper. If I’m naughty at his place, I have to wear thong panties. Caleb has the misfortune of having two older sisters, both of whom occasionally wear thong panties. As the girls outgrow those panties, Caleb’s mother saves them to punish us. She figures that used thong panties are cheaper than diapers, but just as embarrassing. She’s right, too.Thong panties barely cover usin the front and in the back, our butts are completely bare except for that thin strip of cloth in our cracks.

“What did you do this time?” asked Caleb, as he patted my diapered seat. “Hey! You pooped in your diaper, didn’t you? How long have you been in this thing? Is your mom home? She needs to change your diaper.Did you get a spanking yet?”

As I answered Caleb’s rapid-fire questions, he peeled off his shirt and shorts. He was wearing his swimming trunks underneath. Then he did a cannonball into the pool, splashing the girls. They squealed and splashed him back. That started a massive water fight. I sat down to watch, squashing poop on my butt. I felt a little sorry for myself. They were having all the fun while I was forced to sit and watch in my wet messy diaper. Deep down, I knew that I deserved my diaper punishment, but that didn’t stop me from being a little bit angry with mom.

“You’ll be sorry for making me wear a diaper,” I thought to myself. I bounced up and down a couple of times, squashing more poop on my butt. “I hope you like cleaning up my messy butt when you change my diaper.”

After the water fight, Caleb gave the girls piggy-back rides. Each time they climbed on his back, they used the waistband of his trunks as a step. This caused his trunks to ride down in the back, revealing part of his butt crack. That was so funny.

“I’m tired of pulling up my trunks,” said a grinning Caleb. He reached down, untied his drawstring, pulled off his trunks and flung them out of the pool. Then he dove under the water and swam to the shallow end, enjoying his naked freedom. I knew how he felt. I was naked and free this morning until mom came home and put me in a diaper.

“I can swim a lot faster without my trunks on,” said Caleb. “Hey, girls! Take off your bikinis and we’ll have naked races.” He stood up and wiggled his bare bottom at the girls. “The losers have to get swats on their bare butts. It’ll be fun.”

The girls stared at Caleb in shocked silence. The silence was quickly broken by mom’s voice coming from the kitchen window, which overlooks the pool.

“Caleb Carlson, get your bare fanny in the house right now!”

“Gee! Your mom sounds angry,” said Caleb, as he looked at me and grinned. “She must not like naked boys today. Sorry, girls! I can’t race you now. I think I’m going to get my butt diapered.”

Caleb climbed out of the pool, dried off and flung his towel away. Then he walked naked into the house. I couldn’t believe he was so bold. I’d never go naked around his mother. The girls scrambled after Caleb, anxious to see a naked boy get put into a diaper. I followed slowly behind them. It’s hard to run in a full diaper.

“Hi, Mrs. Tanner,” said Caleb when he encountered mom in the kitchen. He made no attempt to cover up his wiener. “The reason I’m naked is because the girls took off my trunks and they wouldn’t give them back. You should take off their bikinis and spank their bare bottoms. If you want, I’ll spank them for you.”

The girls exploded in anger.

“Mom, that’s not true,” shouted Julie. “He took off his trunks himself and threw them out of the pool. I saw him do it. He tried to get us to take off our bikinis, too, but we didn’t do it.”

“It’s true, Mrs. Tanner,” said Carol. “I saw him take off his trunks. He deserves a spanking, not us.”

“I’ve been here for several minutes and saw the same thing,” said mom. “Caleb, you’re in diaper detention with Alex until bedtime. I’ll call your mother and let her know. Let’s go to the bathroom first! It smells like Alex needs a diaper change.”

Mom grabbed my upper arm and marched me down the hallway to the bathroom. It was quite a parade. One diapered bottom. One bare bottom. Two bikini-clad bottoms.

Legs Up Again

In our shower and tub, mom gingerly removed my diaper. After I bent over, she started wiping my behind with toilet paper. I’m probably the only 11-year old boy who still gets his bottom wiped by his mother. I’m used to it, but it was embarrassing in front of two giggling girls and my best friend.

Once I was mostly poop-free, mom turned on the water and washed my private parts with her hands instead of a washcloth. I like it when mom washes me like a little boy, but sometimes I get a stiff wiener. Today was one of those days. SMACK! Mom gave me a playful spank on my wet bottom for “stabbing” her. Everybody laughed except me.

After rinsing and drying me, mom put one hand on my bare butt and the other on Caleb’s, and marched us to her room. Another parade—two bare bottoms and two bikini-clad bottoms.

“Go lie on the bed, boys!” said mom, after we entered her bedroom. “It’s time for your baby diapers.”

We went over to mom’s bed and lay on our backs. After fishing out two disposable diapers from the bottom dresser drawer, she ordered us to lift our legs up and over our heads. She kept us in this position for a couple of minutes, scolding us about our behavior. What a strange situation! Here we were, naked on the bed being lectured about being naked in the pool.

Mom finally stopped talking. She diapered Caleb first, leaving me in my legs-up position. I watched as she slid the diaper under his butt, pulled it through his legs and over his wiener, and finished by fastening his diaper tapes. Caleb smiled slightly as he was diapered. I knew he was enjoying the experience. I certainly enjoyed watching him being diapered, too.

Then I went through the same diapering process. It was all so familiar. Legs up. Legs down. Spread legs. Diaper between legs and over wiener. Fasten diaper tapes. In less than two minutes, we were both transformed from naked boys into diapered toddlers.

“You’re both confined to Alex’s room until supper,” said mom. “Behave yourselves in there or I’ll let the girls spank your diapered fannies!”

Fun and Games

“I can’t believe you walked naked into the house,” I said, after we went to my room. “When you blamed the girls and offered to spank their bare bottoms, I almost wet my diaper. That was so funny. You’re lucky my mom didn’tgive you a naked spankingfor telling such a big lie.”

“Hey, your mom told me to get my bare fanny in the house, so that’s exactly what I did,” said Caleb. “Besides, I’m not afraid of spankings. My sisters spank me all the time. You know what it’s like.”

I knew what he meant. Caleb’s mother works as a pharmacist in a drugstore during the day, so his 13- and 15-year old sisters are usually in charge of his (and sometimes my) panty detention. They choose which thong panties we have to wear and how long we have to wear them. The girlsalso spankus on our thong pantiesif we’re naughty or don’t obey them. The spankings aren’t that severe—no more than five spanks—but it’s not unusual for us to get two or three spankings in a day.

“This diaper is so cool,” said Caleb, as he looked down and touched the front of it. “The plastic feels so smooth. I like the thick padding, too. It feels good between my legs and rubbing against my wiener.”

Caleb went over to the mirror and smiled at his reflection. “I look just like my little cousin Timmy. When my sisters baby-sit him, they usually let him run around the house wearing only his diaper. When I see him playing in his diaper, I always wonder if you’re doing the same thing. You’re so lucky. You get to be a toddler and play in a diaper almost every week. I wish my sisters would put me in a diaper when I’m naughty. I look stupid in thong panties.”

“You look pretty stupid in a diaper, too,” I said, as I gently patted his diapered seat. Actually, he looked cute in his diaper and I loved feeling the plastic-covered padding on his bottom. “I can’t believe how far your diaper sticks out on your butt. You’re a real diaper butt.”

“Hey, you’re a diaper butt, too,” said Caleb. He patted my seat. “When you lie on your stomach, you look like a camel with a white hump.” Then his voice turned serious. “I’ve got to pee so bad. Let’s have a wet diaper contest!”

I agreed, so we stood facing each other and started peeing in our diapers. The object of the game is to make our yellow pee stripes turn blue. The winner is the one who has the highest blue stripe in the front. We both clamped our legs together, trying to keep our pee from soaking into our crotch areas.

We giggled like naughty toddlers as we peed in our diapers and watched our pee stripes turn blue. After we finished, we compared them in the mirror. Caleb won hands down.One of hisblue stripes were was almost an inch higher than mine. Of course, he’d been swimming, so he had the advantage. Swimming always makes you pee more.

“Congratulations!” I said. “You’re the big wiener…uh, I mean winner. You win a year’s supply of Super Soaker diapers. You’ll need those diapers because you’re going to Wet Diaper World. The rides at this new amusement park are so scary that you’re guaranteed to wet your diaper during each ride.”

Caleb cracked up laughing. His laughter was contagious and I joined in.

“After that, we can take my diapers to Winnie the Poo-Poo Land,” said Caleb. “The rides at this park will scare the poop right out of us and into our diapers. We’ll need diaper changes after each ride.”
Tears of laughter started trickling down our faces.

“Believe it or not, I’ve already been to Winnie the Poo-Poo Land,” I said. “Each ride has a big warning sign: ‘Kids, your diaper must be this thick to go on this ride.’ It’s a crappy place because they make you go to bed when your diaper gets pooped out.”

Caleb laughed so hard that he actually farted in his diaper. POOT!

“It sounds like you’re getting ready for a diaper pooping contest,” I said, wiping away fresh tears. “We’ll do that after supper. Whoever has the biggest lump in the back of his diaper will be the MVP…the Most Valuable Pooper.”

We burst out laughing again.

After we stopped laughing, we flopped down on my bed and lay on our backs, silently enjoying the sensation of being in wet diapers. We felt our pee bulges. They were warm and firm, sort of like wet sponges covered in thin plastic. Then we flipped over onto our stomachs and played several games of “paper-scissors-rock.” The loser of each game had to get three spanks. Our thick diaper padding protected our butts from major damage.

“Too bad you’re not naked,” said a grinning Caleb, after I lost a game. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Hespanked my diapered bottom. “I could make your butt really red and sore, just like your mom did two years ago when you got a naked spanking.”

“Too bad you’re not in panty detention,” I said a few minutes later, after Caleb lost a game. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I spanked his diapered bottom. “I could make your butt so hot that your thong panties would catch on fire. Your sisters would have to put you in new panties after each spanking.”

After a dozen or so spankings, we flipped over onto our backs and wet our diapers “baby” style. We both giggled as we felt our warm pee trickling over our private parts. Then we did something naughty. We rubbed the fronts of our wet diapers, trying to make our wieners get stiff. This is something we do only when we’re being punished in panty or diaper detention. It’s pretty easy to make stiffies in thin panties, but not so easy in thick diapers.

“I hope my wiener doesn’t punch a hole in my diaper,” said a grinning Caleb, as he vigorously rubbed the front of his diaper. "Your mom would probably let the girls spank me for “attempted escape.”

More laughter. Of all the friends I have, only Caleb enjoys wearing diapers as much as I do. We always have fun—sometimes naughty fun—in our diapers. We’re more than best friends. We’re diaper pals, too.

The Announcement

At 5:30, mom came into my room and checked our diapers. We looked at each other and grinned as she squeezed the front and crotch areas. She finished by running her finger around the insides of our elastic leg bands. I tried to wet my diaper as she checked it, but I couldn’t get anything to come out.

“I see my big babies wet their diapers already,” said mom, as she gently patted our diapered bottoms. “I hope you like wet soggy diapers because you’re staying in them until bedtime.”

Mom took our hands like little boys and led us outside to the patio table. Carol had gotten permission to sleep over and when the girls saw our wet diapers, they teased us. They also patted our seats. Girls and women like to pat boys on their diapered bottoms.

We ate supper outside that evening—Julie and Carol in their bikinis, mom in her shorts, and Caleb and I in our wet diapers. Our diapers got wetter during the meal, too. When we stood up, we both had large wet spots showing on the seats of our diapers. Naturally, the girls teased us about our puddle pants rings and patted our bottoms again. We didn’t mind. By this time, we were rather proud of how wet our diapers were and enjoyed showing them off. We even wiggled our pee-filled crotches back and forth between our legs, causing the girls to crack up laughing.

After clearing off the table, mom slipped on her bikini and went swimming with the girls. Caleb and I sat along the edge of the pool, dangling our feet in the water. We felt a little sad. We were stuck in wet soggy diapers, missing out on the fun.

“Hey, Mrs. Tanner!” said Caleb. “You should buy Alex some swim diapers. Then we could be in diaper detention and still have fun in the pool.”

“I don’t think so,” said mom. “By the way, you’re both sleeping in diapers tonight. Caleb’s mother and I have decided to extend your diaper detention until breakfast tomorrow morning. In fact, all future detentions will end at breakfast instead of bedtime. Waking up in diapers will remind you to behave. Caleb, you’ll be treated the same way at home. You’ll be sleeping in your cute little thongpanties when you’re in panty detention.”

Caleb’s face turned bright red. The mere mention of thong panties or panty detention always embarrasses him. Mentioning those words in front of two snickering girls was the ultimate humiliation.

“You’re kidding?” I asked, trying to hide my excitement. “You’re really going to make us sleep in diapers tonight? Do we have to sleep in these wet diapers or are you going to change us?”

“You’ll get diaper changes at bedtime,” said mom. “By the way, your bedtime will be 9:00 instead of 10:00 when you’re in diapers. Babies need more sleep. You can take your shower in the morning.”

Mom kept her word. Promptly at 9:00, she marched us inside to her bedroom. Naturally, the girls followed us in. Anyone who happens to be in our house is allowed to watch mom put me in a diaper or change my diaper. Tonight was going to be a double feature for the girls. Two boys were going to get their diapers changed.

Bedtime Surprise

Once in the bedroom, mom unfastened our diaper tapes. SPLAT! Our pee-filled diapers splashed to the ground. Then she opened the bottom dresser drawer, fished out a couple of baby wipes, and gave our private parts a thorough wiping. That was embarrassing, especially in front of two snickering girls. When our wieners got stiff, our humiliation was complete. Wieners seem to have a mind of their own and get stiff at the most embarrassing times.

“OK, boys, it’s time for your baby diapers,” said mom. “Go lie on the bed and lift up your legs! Hurry up or I’ll let the girls spank your bare fannies!”

We dashed over to the bed and lay on our backs. Just as quickly, we lifted our legs up and over our heads. Mom fished out two diapers and diapered me first, leaving Caleb in his legs-up position. I felt excited. For the first time, my best friend and I were going to sleep together in diapers. After I was diapered, I watched mom slide a diaper under Caleb’s butt, pull it through his legs and over his wiener, and finish by fastening his diaper tapes. He looked so cute being diapered like a baby.

Once our diaper tapes were fastened, mom went into the kitchen and brought back some quick-drying glue. She applied the glue to the edges of our tapes. We watched in disbelief as she glued our tapes shut, sealing us in our diapers like prisoners.

“Once the glue dries, you won’t be able to take off your diapers without tearing the diaper plastic,” mom explained. “This will keep you from cheating. You won’t be able to sneak into the bathroom, take off your diapers, use the toilet and put them back on again. If you have to go potty during the night, you’ll have to do it in your diapers like babies.”

Then mom made an even more stunning announcement.

“OK, Caleb, it’s time for you to go home. I’ll put your clothes, shoes and swimming trunks in a plastic shopping bag. Your mother wants you to come home wearing only your diaper. Once you’re home, you’ll be sleeping inyour diaper like Alex.”

“You mean I’m not sleeping over with Alex?” Caleb asked in open-mouthed surprise. “Please, Mrs. Tanner, don’t send me home in a diaper! My sisters will tease me and take pictures of me. They’ve already taken pictures of me in those stupid thong panties. Please let me sleep over and I promise I’ll never swim naked again!”

“Sorry, Caleb, there won’t be any more sleepovers when you’re being punished,” said mom. “Alex, this applies to you, too. If you get panty detention at Caleb’s home, you’ll be put into a clean pair of thong panties at bedtime. Then you’ll have to come home wearing onlythosetiny panties. You’ll be sleeping in those panties, too.”

Mom turned out the light, marched me to my room, and warned me to stay in bed. Then she exited the room with the girls and a teary-eyed Caleb.

Sweet Dreams

My mind swirled with emotions as I lay on my bed. I was disappointed that Caleb and I weren’t going to sleep together, but I was happy to be in a diaper. When I thought about having to ride my bike home in thong panties, my face burned with shame. I smiled when I visualized Caleb riding his bike home in a diaper. I couldn’t wait to see him again. I had so many questions. How many people saw him? Did he get teased? Did his sisters take pictures of him? Did he go potty in his diaper before he went to sleep? Who took off his diaper and cleaned him up in the morning?

I was brought back to reality when I needed to pee. I stayed on my back and wet my diaper “baby” style. The front of my diaper absorbed some of my pee, but a lot of it splashed over my wiener and trickled down my butt cheeks before being absorbed by the padding in the back. I smiled contentedly. I love the feeling of warm pee trickling over my private parts. I wondered if Caleb was wetting his diaper like a baby, too.

Try as I might, I couldn’t fall asleep. Around 9:45, I needed to poop. My normal bedtime is 10:00 and I usually poop before I take my shower. Going to bed early didn’t change my body clock. I flipped over onto my stomach and let it go. It was a big one and I could feel it pushing against the back of my diaper before it spread downward.

After I pooped in my diaper, I flipped over onto my back, squashing some poop on my butt. I felt strangely content. I was a toddler again, a toddler who had just peed and pooped in his diaper. Within minutes, I drifted off to sleep. During the night, I had a strange dream. I dreamed that my dad was in my room. I recall him saying “peeky leaky” as he checked my diaper. Then he picked me up, hugged me, and gently patted my diapered bottom.

The dream seemed so real, but when I woke up in the morning, I was jolted back to reality. My diaper was cold, clammy and messy. Poop was everywhere—on my butt, on my balls and between my legs. It felt strange to wake up in a wet messy diaper. This must be how toddlers feel in the morning.

I put my hands behind my head and wet my diaper “baby” style again. I smiled as my warm pee trickled over my private parts. “I wish I could sleep in a diaper every night and have the same dream,” I said to myself.

I finally peeled off the covers and put my hands on my wet pee bulge. The thin plastic cover felt warm and smooth. It’s amazing how anything so thin can keep a diaper from leaking.

“I wonder what would happen if mom kept me in this diaper all day?” I thought to myself. “Would it burst like a water balloon? That would be so cool. I’m Alex Tanner, the human water balloon.”

The Inspection

Mom is a high school English and math teacher, so she’s gotten into the habit of waking up at 7:00, even during the summer. She also has the annoying habit of waking me up at 7:30 and Julie at 7:45. We’d love to sleep in, but mom thinks a regular schedule of sleep is important for “growing boys and girls.” Right on schedule, she opened my bedroom door.

“Whew! It smells like my big baby went poo-poo in his diaper. Did you go potty last night or this morning?”

“I peed and pooped in it before I went to sleep,” I said. “Then I wet it again this morning. Mom, why can’t I go to bed at my regular time? I can’t go to sleep at 9:00. That’s too early.”

“Babies need more rest than big boys,” said mom. “Even if you’re not sleeping, you’re still resting. Let’s go to the bathroom now and get you cleaned up!”

Mom took my hand and led me down the hallway. The pee- and poop-filled crotch area of my diaper was sagging shamefully between my legs, forcing me to walk with a toddler-like waddle. I was glad the girls were still asleep and didn’t see me.

Once I was in the tub, mom gingerly removed my diaper. SPLAT! It thudded to the bottom of the tub. When I looked down, I couldn’t believe how messy it was. I’ve been peeing and pooping in diapers for two years now, but none of them looked that gross.

“See, mom!” I said, pointing at my messy diaper. “That’s why I should go to bed at my regular time. Sleeping in a poopy diaper makes a bigger mess for you to clean up.”

“I don’t mind,” said mom, as she started wiping my behind. “You’re the one who should be ashamed. You’re 11-years old, you’ve been wearing nothing but a diaper since yesterday, you were completely naked in front of two girls when I changed your diaper, and now I’m wiping your bare behind like a little boy. Is this how you want to spend your summer vacation?”

“No,” I lied, as mom continued wiping my behind. Once I was mostly poop-free, she pulled the shower curtain shut and ordered me to take my shower. That was disappointing. I was hoping for another toddler-like hand washing.

“Make sure you wash yourself everywhere!” said mom. “I’m going to inspect you when you’re finished. If you don’t do a good job, I’ll give you a bath like a little boy. Then I’ll spank your bare fanny like a little boy, too.”

I washed myself thoroughly. I shampooed my hair and washed every square inch of my body with a soapy washcloth. Then I got my hands soapy and washed my private parts again. I wanted to be more than spanking clean. I wanted to be spank-free clean.

After rinsing and drying myself, I stepped out of the shower and mom began her inspection. I felt like a prisoner who was being strip-searched. She made me bend over and pull my butt cheeks apart. She ran her finger up and down my crack, pausing briefly at my butt hole. I tensed up, fearing that she might have found something.

“You passed inspection,” said mom, holding up her finger. “You can get dressed now. Next time you’re in the pool, keep those trunks on!” SMACK! Mom gave me a stinging swat on my bare butt. She always does that when my detention is over.

I breathed a sigh of relief. No spanking, just a swat! I walked naked down the hallway, rubbing my butt. In my room, I went over to the mirror and looked at my bare behind. Mom’s pinkish swat mark stood out in embarrassing contrast to my white butt cheeks. It made me smile. Better pink than red!

After I got dressed, I slipped quietly into mom’s bedroom and opened the bottom dresser drawer. My wiener tingled with excitement when I saw the neatly-stacked diapers. Before summer was over, I knew thatmost of those diapers would be on my bare behind.

I touched one of the soft plastic-backed diapers and said: “See you soon!”


My mother stopped diaper punishing me shortly after my 13th birthday. Although I wasn’t able to wear diapers during my teen years, I never lost my love for them. When I left home and went to college, I was able to convince my new girlfriend to diaper me whenever I needed motivation to finish a college paper or study for an exam.

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