Alaska Triangle

Has anybody heard of The Alaska Triangle? I just got home from work and I turned on my TV to the Travel channel and I’m watching something on The Alaska Triangle.

Now I have heard of the Bermuda Triangle and not too long ago I saw a program on the Outback Triangle and I heard if you draw a line through the earth the Bermuda Triangle and the Outback Triangle line up.

Drawing a straight line between two points will always make them line up. That’s kind of how lines work. It’s the same way that if you ignore the curvature of the Earth and draw a straight line, you can connect the American senate chamber with the repile house in the London zoo. That does not, however, mean that politicians are snakes. It’s just geometry.

Now if we add a third point that it also has to intersect we can start talking about fun coincidences. (And since we’re dealing with an oblate spheroid, or a slightly squished sphere, the centre would be a natural choice.)

Oh, and based on my admittedly limited knowledge of geometry, I don’t see how a line from the Bermuda triangle, through the centre of the world would line up anywhere near Australia. If my rough calculations are correct, you should end up in the middle of the Indian Ocean, about 5000 kilometres south of the Maldives and more than 4000 kilometres from the coast of Australia.

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Well, according to the program I was watching the Bermuda triangle and the Outback triangle do line up if you draw a line through the earth but thats not what the program was about that I was watching yesterday it was on the Alaska triangle

I looked it up. Assuming I understand that people disappear in the Alaska Triangle, that is understandable. The way I saw the triangle drawn, from Barrow, to Anchorage, to Juneau, it encompasses almost all of Alaska’s transportation network, and population. If people disappear in Alaska, then yes, they’ll likely disappear within that area out of convenience, or statistical probabilty.

If a conspiracy was suggested in the program you watched, then the presenters almost whole-heartedly ignored the laws of probability.

I wished the program repeated so I could have caught it all. When I turned it on there was like 10 minutes left in the program

You might want to take a little look at