The unpleasant and cold wind was blowing through the countryside and leaned to the windows, shabby walls and roofs. The wind driven heavy raindrops kept hitting the windows . It was a gloomy November morning.

An old building was hidden in a forest and few people knew about it. A barrier blocked the entrance road and the label next to the barrier discouraged eventual visitors from an attempt to enter the area.

If a visitor had the courage and ignored that warning, they would find a high fence with an iron gate, cameras above the gate and the former monastery behind the fence. There was no label on the gate.

A card reader and a video intercom near the gate were the only ways to get inside or ask for it.

The monastery looked abandoned from outside but the security measures didn’t match that image. Most of the windows were grated and all doors were either locked or bricked up.

There was another surprise hidden behind the main entrance. The shabby outside look would change into a modern and well equipped mental clinic. However that clinic was quite different from all other ones. It was the final destination of those who entered it as patients. To be exact; the clients were no patients and they didn’t suffer from any mental disease. The only reason to commit someone to the clinic was an effort to get rid of them for whatever reason. The clinic was private and the fees for keeping a person there were quite high.

Despite the high taxes the clinic was profitable and the working conditions of the staff were better than in every other similar mental clinic. There were comfortable rooms for every staff member in the private wing; an everyday commute to work was uncomfortable for most of them and they also were a partially closed community.

Unlike the staff, the clients didn’t live in comfortable conditions. They were restrained almost 24 hours a day, diapered and sometimes tormented by the staff. They could spend several hours watching TV or talking together in the common rooms but it was conditioned by good behavior. Otherwise they were strapped down to their beds.

The awards for good behavior were rare but the punishments were quite often. The mildest ones were tickling or diuretics. More serious punishments were laxatives, spanking or an isolation room. However the clients were afraid of the ghost chambers in the basement.

The basement was a mysterious place and it was full of unknown entities. They looked like translucent black clouds and some people stated they had seen faces with red glaring eyes on those clouds. The entities appeared in different places but there were three rooms in the basement far corner where they appeared regularly and often. The corner probably was near a portal they passed from underground. Those three rooms were called ghost chambers.

Nobody knew exactly what happened in the chambers but a night spent there turned the victim into a wreck without their own will. The staff used to show those victims to other clients to warn them.

At rare occasions the entities appeared outside the basement. Fortunately the only consequence was fright; however both clients and staff were afraid of those events but nobody found a way to avoid them.

Our visitor probably would turn on their heel and run away from that terrible place; it didn’t have an official name but people called it Clinic of Oblivion.


Interesting start. I’m sure a few staff wished they were wearing diapers when they encountered a ghost LOL. I like it so far.

Part 1:

Ashley Norris opened her eyes and looked around in an utter surprise. She wasn’t able to understand where she was. Her last memory was a doctor consulting room in the town and a needle in her neck.

Ashley was a teenager and her only wish was a life like most girls of her age. However there were two basic obstacles that prevented her from that life.

Ashley’s father was a wealthy, strict and religious man. He was a senator candidate for the Conservative Party, he insisted on an immaculate reputation of his entire family and Ashley’s wishes sometimes didn’t match that image. Ashley did her best to convince him but he was adamant.

However, father’s requests were not Ashley’s only problem. She was born with a special gift even if she wasn’t sure if it was a curse. The girl was connected with an entity and that entity caused a lot of problems. It was able to move objects and Ashley wasn’t able to prevent it. She sometimes knew what was about to happen but her twin entity was stubborn and didn’t obey her. Ashley tried to communicate with the twin and named it Alaife. Even if she didn’t know about its gender, she considered Alaife a boy.

While Asley was growing up, she learned to control Alaife and read his thoughts. Alaife was her partner at games and her playmates liked it a lot. However her family wasn’t enthusiastic with Alaife and his actions.

“We don’t have a daughter; we have a monster,” Ashley secretly listened to her father long ago when she was about 10. Her parents were arguing and she was listening behind the door. She cried the whole night afterwards.

Her father took her to a priest and to an exorcist later but nobody didn’t find out anything; Alaife startled and didn’t do any strange action then. However Ashley felt like an outcast of her family and her younger brother called her witch several times.

Ashley’s problems climaxed when her father became the senator candidate.
“Witch, of course; you are a witch! Don’t worry; you won’t be burned at stake but I find a way to cure you; I need an obedient and religious daughter in my family! You get cured immediately and I take you to a doctor.”

Ashley didn’t understand how a witch could be cured but she couldn’t resist her father.
“Doc, I desperately need your help. My poor daughter is special; she suffers from ill imaginations about a strange entity and these imaginations don’t match our religion. Her brother considers her a witch and I have to admit I agree with him. My reputation is at danger and she really needs help.”

Ashley almost laughed at the spectacle but she didn’t have the courage to do it aloud. However she wouldn’t think of laughing if she knew about her fate.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Norris. I have the right medicine for your … daughter. Your reputation would be intact and you won’t have any witch in your family,” the doctor grinned at her father and that was her last memory. She didn’t have time to realize the true meaning of the doctor’s words. There would be neither a witch nor a daughter in the family anymore.

The first impression was the ceiling above her head. It was an arc shaped ceiling with decorations. She definitely was in an ancient building. However the next sensations were much worse. She was lying on a comfortable bed but something was wrong. When she tried to sit up, something was holding her chest down. Her arms also were trapped in some kind of shackles and so were her legs.

Ashley looked down and found out she was covered by a blanket; she didn’t see her actual clothing. When she turned her head to ehr right side, she spotted another bed and a woman strapped to that bed. She seemed to be asleep.

The room was equipped sparsely; there were two nightstands next to the beds, a chair and a dressing cabinet inside. The door on the opposite wall was a massive old wooden one. Ashley looked behind her and noticed a window; however the window was grated. She heard the raindrops hitting the glass.

The sound of rain reminded her of another sensation; her bladder was overfilled after the night and she had to pee badly.

“Hey! I need to go to the bathroom!” she yelled but nobody answered her. However the woman on the second bed woke up and turned to her:
“Don’t scream. Nobody frees you from the bed.”
“I have to go badly.”
“Don’t worry; you have a diaper on.”
“What? I’m not a baby though.”
“No but you will use the diaper anyway.”
“How can you say it that easy?”
“We don’t have any other option. Get used to it as soon as possible.”
“Where are we actually?”
“I don’t know where it is but this is a hell.”
“Why are we here?”
“This answer is easier. Somebody wanted to get rid of you.”
“Oh no!” tears appeared in Ashley’s eyes. She got the message. Her father sent her and he wouldn’t have a witch in his family anymore.
“Why are you here, miss … oh sorry. My name is Ashley.”
“Diane. Call me Diane. I was a black sheep of my family.”
“So was I,” Ashley sighed. However she was taken aback by the tone of Diane’s voice. She took it too easy. Ashley wouldn’t be able to say that in a neutral tone without tears.

Meanwhile the pressure in her bladder grew up and she started squirming on the bed. She clenched her muscles but she realized it would be vain.

‘Ash, I’m still with you,’ Alaife’s voice sounded in her mind.
‘I know but how do you help me? I’m about to pee myself like a toddler.’
‘No idea. I’m too weak to untie you.’
‘Okay but we have to think of another solution.’
‘Don’t lose hope. You are not aware of my abilities.’
‘Which abilities? Moving objects doesn’t help us though.’
‘I tell you later,’

“Hey, Ash, are you okay?” Diane’s voice interrupted the discussion. “You look absent-minded.”
“I’m okay; I’m peeing only,” Ashley answered and her muscles failed. The stream of pee soaked the diaper between her legs.

Diane looked at Ashley; she knew Ashley was lying to her but she didn’t want to ask her about it.

At that moment the door opened and a male caretaker entered the room. He was about 40, strong and muscular and Ashley could see greed in his eyes.
“Good morning Diane, good morning Ahsley. Welcome to the Clinic of oblivion. We’ll spend a lot of time together. Breakfast will be ready soon but I have to check your diapers first.”

Ashley struggled while he was approaching her but he laughed only and lifted the blanket. Now Ashley could see her clothing; it was an old fashioned plain nightshirt. The caretaker lifted the hem of the nightshirt and put his finger beneath her diaper:
“A little wet and fresh. You can wait.”

He moved to Diane and lifted her blanket:
“What the hell? Pee soaked and you have your period again. I have to deal with it over and over. Why me every month?” he sighed and pressed a button. Two orderlies untied Diane from the bed and led her away.

Ten minutes later they led her back and the caretaker strapped her tightly; she whined out of pain when he pulled the straps taut.
“Oh, Diane, what happened? Is he that mean to every female?”
“He definitely is mean and he doesn’t like the extra work with cleaning and the smell. Fortunately his shift would be over and another nurse will bring us breakfast.”

Ashley sighed heavily and relaxed. She was worried about the upcoming events. Would she ever be able to escape that terrible place? Was there anybody to help her? She didn’t have the slightest idea about the answer.


Part 2:

The door opened again and a nurse entered the room; she was pushing a cart with two trays:

“Good morning. How are you?” her voice sounded much nicer. “Welcome to the clinic, Ashley.”
“Good morning,” Ashley tried to smile at the nurse and she managed it somehow. Her stomach was growling already.

The nurse moved to Diane first and pressed a button to lift Diane into the sitting position. She noticed the straps and loosened them a little. After that she started feeding Diane.

Ashley kept watching the scene and she felt good for an unknown reason. When the nurse returned Diane’s bed to the original position and moved to Ashley, she smiled again:
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” the nurse started feeding Ahsley and the girl wasn’t sure if it was pleasant or not. It was embarrassing but, on the other hand, it reminded her of the old times when she was a little girl and didn’t worry about Alaife.

The nurse left and Ashley was alone with Diane again.
“Diane, the nurse was very nice to you.”
“Yeah, She is my favorite one. Unfortunately most of the caretakers are not that nice.”
“What happens now?”
“Basically nothing special. If you are obedient, we can spend the afternoon in the common room.”
“What if I am not?”
“Don’t be too curious, Ash. The punishments are very unpleasant.”

Meanwhile the breakfast made Ashley’s bowels move; she was used to going every morning. However she hardly could imagine going in her diaper.

“Oh no!” she started fidgeting.
“Ash, don’t try to hold it. You will be given a laxative otherwise.”
“It’s disgusting though and what about the smell?”
“Ash, I prefer your company to the smell. It was terrible to be alone here. Don’t worry; I have to go as well. It’s an everyday routine here, the nurse knows it and she will return soon.”

Diane got silent and focused on pushing the load into her diaper. Ashley watched her and shook her head. Why was Diane that content? According to her words she spent longer time at the clinic. Was it the cause of her behavior? Would Ashley become that content too?

Meanwhile Diane finished and relaxed on her bed. Ashley shrugged and pushed indeed. It was a bit difficult but the poop filled the back of her diaper and her bladder muscles failed while she was pushing.

The smell spread across the room; she hated it but Diane did the same and Ashley got amused.
“Two smelly babies,” she laughed a bit.
“Well Ash; get used to it. Now you have to face the first diaper change.”

About half an hour later the door opened and the same nurse entered the room. She felt the reek and nodded: “Well girls; you might need clean diapers now.” She pushed the call button and opened the cabinet to get two straitjackets.

Two orderlies untied Ashley first and grabbed her but she didn’t try to fight. She put her arms into the sleeves and the orderlies pulled the straps taut. Diane had to face the same treatment and both women followed the nurse. The orderlies left.

Diane and Ashley stopped in front of their cell in a long corridor. There were doors on both sides of the corridor. More men and women in straitjackets were standing there and the nurse turned to the right and stepped forward. The clients followed her slowly until she opened a door on the left side:

“The first six! Get in! We don’t have time for the whole morning.”

The first six clients walked into the room and Ashley noticed four men and two older women.

“Diane, men and women are changed in the same room?”
“Yeah; you also have to get used to it. However I still blush at that kind of change.”
“Is there another way?”
“If you are not messy, they might change you in our room.”

Ashley sighed heavily; the clients and cells probably were not separated to men and women and the queue was mixed up. There was no chance of a group of six men or women except the last group.

Diane and Ashley were in the second group along with a young man and three more women. The young man was blushing deep red.

The changing room and bathroom was a large room with six changing tables and four shower boxes. The changing tables were equipped with straps and stirrups like exam tables. Every shower box was equipped with a round turning platform and a metal pole in the middle of the platform. There was a crossbar on the top of the pole so it looked like a letter “T”. The client had to lean to the pole, their legs were locked in two shackles on the platform and their wrists were locked to the shacks on the crossbar. In this way the caretaker could access every place on the client’s body by turning the platform.

Ashley had to lie down on the table; her chest was strapped to the table and her legs were strapped to the stirrups in a spread position. To her utter shock the young man was strapped to the next table. Ashley turned her head away and blushed deep red.

“Sorry, miss but I’m as embarrassed as you are,” he whispered before the nurse yelled at them:
“SILENCE or you will be gagged!”

Ashley closed her eyes and waited patiently; she felt her diaper being removed and a warm rag cleaning her thoroughly. Despite her embarrassment she felt better when she got a clean diaper.

They were unstrapped from the tables and Ashley walked slowly out of the bathroom. She smiled at the young man and he smiled back; they weren’t blushing anymore and Ashley realized he was handsome.

While walking back towards the cells Ashley noticed a wheelchair at the end of the queue. A middle aged woman was sitting there and there was a vacant look in her eyes. A cold chill ran down Ashley’s spine.

‘Ash, should I check on that poor woman?’ Alaife’s voice surprised her.
‘Are you able to do it?’ she asked him silently in her mind.
‘Of course. I’m able to do much more.’
‘Yeah please,’ Ashley almost nodded but she stopped in time.

Before Alaife could answer, a nurse stopped Ashley: “Hey, the doctor is expecting you. Follow me!”

They passed Ashley’s cell and continued down the corridor and the nurse pushed Ashley into an examination room.

“Welcome at our clinic, Ashley. You probably have a serious issue and we do our best to cure you.” a middle aged man in doctor’s uniform grinned at Ashley. “Sit down and tell me more about your problems.”

Ashley was taken aback. She subconsciously felt the threat in his words but she wasn’t able to find the right answer. All of sudden an idea hit her:

‘Alaife, could you help me? What should I answer?’
‘Don’t worry. This man is not a doctor and he only wants to find out as much as possible. Tell him that you invented me but don’t tell him anything else. He would ask you more.’
“Doctor, I … I have invented a ghost.” Ashley tried to obey Alaife.
"Okay; you invented a ghost. When and why?”

‘You invented me when you were a little girl and felt alone’ Alaife had the reply ready.

“Doctor, it’s long ago when I was a little girl and felt lonely; I needed a friend and I invented it.”
“Well, it isn’t bad for little children to have an imaginary friend; however it is rare to keep them until the teenager age.”
“Why not? Should I abandon a friend?” this time the answer was easy.
“Well, well. Does your friend have a name?”

‘No problem. It doesn’t matter and he can’t listen to your conversation anyway.’ Alaife encouraged Ashley.

“Yeah, its name is Alaife and I imagine it’s a boy.”
“A strange name but it’s your choice after all. Let’s summarize now. You invented a ghost and named him Alaife. Is it all?”

‘Yeah, it is all. Deny any of my actions.’

“Yeah doc; it is all.”
“However your father told about some strange phenomena like moving objects.”
“What? Moving objects? How can my thoughts move objects?” Ashley shook her head.

The alleged doctor was confused; Ashley’s answers were logical and he wasn’t able to find any gap.

“Okay, we meet later. Nurse, lead her back to her cell.”


I really like where this is going. Can’t wait to see all the ways Alaife will help Ashley, and the quite confused doctors who will likely pin everything noticeable on the other supernatural phenomena going on all around for a while.

Part 3:

Ashley left and Mr. Redwood shook his head. He really wasn’t a doctor but he passed a quick health care course just like the other staff members. There were several regular nurses among them but the majority passed the same quick course.

Mr. Redwood was confused. Ashley’s father told him about strange phenomena but Ashley denied them and he wasn’t able to understand what was going on. Ashley’s father paid him generously but why the hell would he babble about moving objects? It was superfluous after all; Ashley would be admitted without any fables of moving objects or whatever else.

On the other hand Ahsley objected to the fables in a very smart way. She was a good student but the answers sounded in a more mature way than a teenager’s ones. Was it possible that she got advice from someone? How? They were alone in the room and she couldn’t have any communication device with her. They had searched her thoroughly when she was admitted.

He picked up the phone and called the security control room:
“I’ll require all video recordings of the room #8 from now on. Use the detection software to reveal all abnormalities in the room and send me everything you find.”
“Yes, sir. I do it immediately.”

Ashley was walking slowly and thinking of the recent experience. Alaife was able to reveal the possible trap and gave her advice on what to reply. She was quite surprised but she recalled his comment on more capabilities.

’Alaife, thank you for your advice; you’ve been great.’
’You’re welcome Ash. We have a lot of work ahead here. Be careful’
’I stayed in the room when you left. The man called the security and your room will be observed constantly by a video camera.’
’Wow! Are you able to move freely here?’
’Here and everywhere else. I can become your eyes and ears outside the room.’
’Thanks once more for the warning. However I have one more question. How did you find out that the man wasn’t a doctor?’
’I connected to his mind; it’s quite simple.’

Ashley was taken aback and she almost shook her head but she realized she wasn’t alone. The nurse led her back to the room. Diane was inside and she was wearing the straitjacket; her legs were free. The nurse pushed Ashley inside and locked the door.

As soon as the door was locked, Ashley looked back and she noticed the camera above the door but she was careful and didn’t look at it directly.

“How was our doctor, Ashley?” the tone of Diane’s voice revealed she was aware of his real degree or non-degree.
“He seems to be a nice man,” Ashley winked at Diane and was careful to look away from the camera. Diane got the message and replied in a neutral tone:
“That’s nice Ashley. What did he want to know?”
“Oh, he asked me about my issues.”
“What did you tell him?”
“I have invented a ghost friend and I named him Alaife.”
“That’s nice but is this a reason your family sent you here for?”
“My father allegedly saw moving objects without touching them. My brother called me a witch.”
“No, it is not possible though. How could you move objects without touching them and how could an invented ghost do it? Witches don’t exist.”

Alaife’s laughing sounded in Ashley’s mind and she smiled involuntarily.

“Of course, witches don’t exist,” Ashley laughed and managed to hide the smile. However Diane noticed the short moment but she didn’t say anything; she suspected that something strange was going on but she didn’t know how to talk about it while being observed by the security camera.

’Ash, your roommate is an interesting person. She seems to be quite curious and she is hiding some secret. As soon as I find out more, I let you know. However she doesn’t seem to have ulterior motives against you. You needn’t be afraid of her.’ Alaife’s voice interjected the talking.

“Diane, what would we do until lunch? We still have some time left.”
“I don’t know if you wouldn’t laugh at me but we can do some lessons. I could teach you something. I suppose you are a student.”
“To be honest, it sounds good; we won’t be bored at least. However we can only talk and listen.”
“I think there are subjects we can talk about anyway. What about languages or history?”
“Do you speak foreign languages?”
“Yeah I do. I can teach you German, for example.”
“Okay, we have enough time to do it after all.”

’Ash, I leave you alone for awhile and I will explore the building and its surroundings.’
‘Okay Alaife; I will be busy now. Diane’s idea is good.’

Diane started teaching Ashley and the time passed quickly. Ashley had to pee during the lesson but she relaxed her muscles and didn’t care. A strange idea hit her at that moment; diapers were a wonderful idea not to be disturbed at an activity. She blushed a bit at that thought.

Ashley was about to keep concentration for more than an hour but she needed a break then:
“Let’s make a break Diane.”
“Oh, we’ve been learning for almost two hours. That could be enough for today. Let’s continue tomorrow. Hopefully we get to the common room in the afternoon.”
“Okay. However I’d like to ask you something. I noticed a middle aged woman in the wheelchair earlier.”
“Poor Emily. She got a punishment last week and she was placed in the ghost chamber. Since then she’s been absent-minded and I’m not sure if she still is sane. She doesn’t talk and can’t move at all as if she was paralysed.”
“What happened there?”
“Nobody knows, Ash. The staff either doesn’t know anything or doesn’t want to talk about it. I’m afraid the former is true.”
“Ghost chambers? Why are they called like that?”
“There are rumors about dark ghosts in the basement but I never was there; fortunately.”

“Lunch time,” a screeching voice interrupted their talk when the door opened and an older woman entered the room; he was pushing a cart with two trays.

Diane and Ashley sat down on their respective beds and the woman fed them, one by one. Surprisingly, the food wasn’t bad but the woman was a bit clumsy and the feeding took a longer time.

As she left, Ashley turned to Diane: “I didn’t believe we’d get that good food.”
“The food is delicious; we get the same food as the staff does. However this probably is the only advantage.”

The door opened again and the nurse from morning smiled at them: “Girls, any soiled diaper to change?”
“Yes please,” Diane nodded instantly. Her weak bladder and her period made the diaper soaked and unpleasant.
“Lie down dear,” the nurse helped Diane lie down and changed her without any impertinent comments.

Ashley shook her head but the nurse checked on the diaper; however her touch was gentle and not as unpleasant as the first one in the morning.

“Okay, you can go to the common room,” the nurse took the soiled diaper and left; the door was open.

“Follow me; I show you the way and all the places we can access,” Diane stepped forward. Ashley nodded and walked out of the room.

’Hey Ash. I’ve had time to explore the building. I’ll tell you more later but I have bad news. There are dark entities in the basement and they are stronger than me. Be careful.’ Alaife’s voice sounded in Ashley’s mind again.
’I will Alaife. Diane already has told me about the basement.’
’Okay; I’ll stay with you now. You might need information on clients and patients.’
’Thanks Alaife; I’m curious.’

Diane walked towards the end of the corridor and back; they passed several open cell doors and more clients joined them. Finally Diane turned left and entered the double door to the common room.


Part 4:

The common room was a large hall divided into two parts. There was a row of pillars in the centre to support the ceiling probably. Ashley noticed two TV sets on the side walls; the clients could choose a sports channel on the left TV set or telenovelas on the right one.

The clients split into two groups in front of the TVs and one extra group sat down to the chairs around a small table in the far corner. Diane headed to that group and Ashley did the same; she wasn’t too interested in sport or telenovelas; anyway she liked the movie music in the telenovelas.

The young man joined them as well and he sat down next to Ashley:
“You are new here, isn’t you?”
“Yeah, I woke up in the morning and found myself in a cell with Diane.”
“Why were you sent to this clinic?”
“I’m kind of black sheep in our family and my brother called me a witch.”
“A witch?” he laughed a little: “Sorry but I found it funny. I’ve never met a witch … until now?”
“Well, I will be a witch as long as you are a gentleman. A gentleman would introduce himself to a lady,” Ashley laughed.
“Sorry; my name is Mike; unfortunately I can’t pass you my hand.”
“My name is Ashley; anyway you can give me a welcome kiss,” Ashley teased him a little and Mike blushed immediately. She couldn’t resist the temptation and kissed him quickly.
“I always wanted to do something crazy.”
“After all you are a witch now; hopefully I’m the gentleman you expected.”
“You are,” Ashley suddenly felt better; she might have found a friend besides her cellmate.
“Mike, what about you? Are you a black sheep too?”
“Basically yes. My family is strict and religious and I don’t match that image; I wanted to be social and have friends. However, the family friends were boring and I fled from home.”
“I can imagine this,” Ashley sighed heavily.
“Now let’s be serious, Ash. Why did your brother call you a witch?”
“My father and brother thought I could move objects without touching them.”
“And? Can you?”

Ashley was a bit afraid and she looked around. There were cameras on the walls. However an idea hit her:
’Alaife, pull his hair slightly.’
’Are you serious Ash?’
’Let’s have a little fun. The cameras won’t catch it.’

“Hey, you are a witch indeed,” Mike laughed when something pulled on his hair. “How did you do it?”
“Do you really think I can move objects?” Ashley grinned and looked at Diane.

Diane noticed what happened but she didn’t want to talk aloud. She hoped for an opportunity later. However she was confused and didn’t have any explanation of what she had noticed.

Ashley kept talking with Mike and they were getting closer. They stood up and walked over to the corridor where they could be alone. Diane smiled only and moved to the TV to watch a telenovela even if she wasn’t interested in it.

While talking Ashley felt the pressure in her bladder and almost looked around to find a toilet when she realized her diaper.
“Ash, what’s going on? Do you… ?” Mike blushed.
Ashley nodded.
“Don’t worry. We all are wearing diapers.”
“What? In front of you?”
“Walk away if you want to. I’ll wait.”
“Damn! Not necessary,” Ashley relaxed the muscles and peed in her diaper. A second later she laughed.
“Why did you laugh?”
“It’s funny; I peed standing,” Ashley laughed and blushed at the same time.
“Let’s go back to the common room; we would be suspicious otherwise.” Mike interrupted the embarrassing talk but he also was amused.

Before dinner the nurse called them and they had to return to their rooms. Two orderlies strapped them down to their beds and left:
“Hey, Ash; you are quick; Mike really is a nice boy and you got acquainted with him the very first day.”
“Yeah; we even experienced a diaper change together,” Ashley grinned at Diane.
“Well; that’s fine when you find a way to make the stay here more pleasant.”
“I think so,” Ashley nodded.
’The boy has a crush on you, Ash, and he is dreaming of you,’ Alaife’s voice made Ashley smile.
“Dinner time!” the same screeching voice interrupted them and the same woman entered the room. She fed them as clumsily as before but the dinner again was delicious.

After dinner the nurse on duty changed their diapers. She just started her night shift. That nurse was quite neutral; she didn’t smile but she also didn’t tease or mock them.

“I should learn the names of the staff members, Diane. It’s polite to address them accordingly.” Ashley turned to Diane and Diane nodded.
“You’re right. The day shift nurse is Angela and her name matches her behavior. The mean man from last night is John and the night shift nurse is Mary. There is one more nurse on duty for our rooms and her name is Ellen. She is as neutral as Mary; just like a professional caretaker.”
“What about the creature with the screeching voice?”
“Oh, our Penny is nice but clumsy. She has to feed us mostly and change diapers occasionally.”

Later in the evening Ashley got tired and almost fell asleep when she heard Alaife’s voice:
’Do you want to talk freely without being observed by the camera? I can provide you with about ten minutes.’
’Should I tell Diane the truth?’
I’d guess yes. She seems to be sincere and might help you. Maybe she also needs help. Wait until the LED on the camera goes off.’
’Okay, I do it.’

Alaife left the room and moved to the security monitoring room. It was unoccupied at night; a software was used to detect abnormalities and raise an alarm. The monitors were on and a security member would be able to watch every camera view; however there was none inside.

There was a switchyard on the back wall and Alaife got into it. Many of the wires were bitten by mice and he found the main power supply for all monitoring systems. Alaife pushed the wires towards each other until they touched. The damaged insulation caused a short-circuit and the main breaker switched off. The entire monitoring system went dead. Of course an SMS was sent to the maintenance service by the independent diagnostic system. However the service man on duty was asleep and he needed some time to get to the monitoring room and diagnose the failure. Much more than the promised ten minutes passed until the power was restored and the computers started monitoring again.

To her utter surprise Ashley noticed the LED going off:
“Hey, Diane, are you asleep?”
“Almost. What do you want?” Diane also was tired.
“The camera is off.”
“WHAT?” she looked at the camera and at Ashley. “What happened.”
“I don’t know exactly but we have ten minutes at least to talk without being observed.”
“Ashley, what are you hiding? Something tugged on Mike’s hair and now the camera is off and you know we have ten minutes.”
“Oh; you noticed the tug. It was nice, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah but what did it?”
“What or who? The entity I talked about earlier does exist and he is here in the monitoring control room. He tugged Mike’s hair and he somehow switched off the monitoring system.”
“Can you communicate with him?”
“Yeah, I can talk with him silently in my mind.”
“Well, the moving objects are not a fable.”
“No Diane. Alaife moved them indeed and he is able to do much more; he told it earlier.”
“What exactly?”
“I don’t know it yet and I have to discover his abilities. All I know is that he can pass walls, read minds of other people and move objects; however his strength is limited and he can’t move heavy objects.”
“It is enough Ashley but I’d guess he can do even more. Do you allow me to communicate with him?”
“I don’t mind it but you should ask him directly. Anyway he still protects me and he won’t obey anybody but me.”
“No Ash; I don’t want to hurt you; I only want to talk.”

The camera still was off but Ashley got tired already: “Sorry Diane; let’s continue tomorrow.”
“No problem dear; I’m tired too and I have to think of what you told me.”

Ashley closed her eyes and fell asleep almost immediately. Alaife returned to the room but he didn’t disturb Ashley and kept watching her.

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Part 5:

“WHAT? THE SECURITY SYSTEM WENT DEAD!” the angry voice of Mr. Redwood sounded across his office and it could be heard in the corridor. He read the report early in the morning and called the security boss immediately.
“I’m sorry sir but the outage lasted ten minutes only.”
“Do you have any idea what could happen during ten minutes? A client could have escaped!”

The security boss sighed heavily. He knew about the wiring condition and he repeatedly reported it before the outage.
“Sir, here you are all my reports on the wiring damage. You denied any maintenance and told me about the mice nonsense.”
Mr. Redwood took the reports and browsed them:
“Mice, mice! How can mice cause that damage?”
“I’m terribly sorry sir but this building is old and the mice get her from the nearby fields. I don’t know why but they like to eat the plastic insulation.”
“Okay, okay. Arrange the immediate revision of all wiring and every necessary maintenance. Don’t hesitate to replace all wiring if necessary. Security is more important.”
“Sir, can I recommend a special rodent-repelling paint coat?”
“Yeah, do everything necessary. However I’d like to have the system working at night.”
“It shouldn’t be a problem. The wires can be replaced one by one. The maintenance will start today. We will switch off the system and check the switchyard first.”

Mr. Redwood sighed as well; high expenses were ahead even if they could be covered easily from all the profit. A successful escape attempt would be more expensive than the entire maintenance.

Alaife was listening to the conversation and he was amused if a ghost could be amused at all. Nobody suspected anything but mice. Anyway there would be less opportunity to disable the monitoring system. Another short circuit would be suspicious and the wiring probably would be repaired soon. However there still was some time left when the system would be shut down at day.

Ashley opened her eyes and tried to stretch her limbs when she realized her condition:
“Morning, Diane.”
“Morning. How did you sleep the first night?”
“Not that good. I had to pee and wasn’t able to relax the bladder immediately; I struggled for almost an hour.”
“That’s better than me. I peed in my sleep like a toddler.”
“How so?”
“If you can’t go to the toilet every night, you get used to involuntary peeing. I’m glad I have control at all.”

Diane realized their conversation earlier and turned to Ashley: “Hey, Ash, we were talking yesterday …”
Ashley shook her head and looked at the camera. Diane got silent instantly. However an idea hit her:
“Ash, you told me about the entity you mentioned earlier. It would be nice to have one. Imagine all the possibilities.”

’Hey, Diane really is smart. You can talk about me as if I was your imagination only and it wouldn’t be suspicious … oh, good morning Ash,’ Alaife’s voice made Ashley smile a bit.
’Thanks Alaife,’ Ashley recovered from the initial surprise when Diane talked about him.

“Yeah, Diane; it would be indeed. However moving objects is fun but I could imagine more options. What about passing walls? What about talking? You’d have an invisible friend. Let’s dream of it. What would you expect?”
“An invisible friend is good,” Diane recalled her earlier wish.

’Ash, I can talk with her and arrange a direct talk between you and her. However I have to read her mind and reveal her secrets in that case. If she is ready, I do it.’

“What if the entity could read your mind and know about your secrets, Diane?”
Diane blushed a little; it would be a bit unpleasant but the offer was tempting.
“Ash, we would share our secrets,” Diane even laughed at that image. She wasn’t sure but a serious behavior would be suspicious.

“Good morning,” Mary’s cheerful voice interrupted their conversation. She was carrying clean diapers and headed to Diane first:
“You are soaked; maybe I check you in the night on my next shift,” she changed and cleaned Diane without any comments on her period.

Ashley had to pee and she tried to relax her muscles before the change but she didn’t manage it in the presence of the nurse despite her funny peeing in front of Mike the last day. Mary checked her and declared her alright.

As soon as Mary left, Ashley wanted to continue but the screeching Penny opened the door and brought breakfast. Ashley was getting used to that voice and found Penny somehow cute despite her clumsiness. After all it was a little fun in their sad condition.

After breakfast Ashley was curious if the ‘doctor’ called her again and asked her more. However he wasn’t in a mood to ask clients and hurried up to the monitoring room to look at the wiring in person. He still didn’t believe the story about mice. Anyway he changed the schedule.

Diane faced a surprise when Ellen opened the cell door and two orderlies unstrapped Ahsley and her from the beds and put straitjackets on them.
“Up and towards the common room!” it was unusual but Diane didn’t know about the monitoring system.

They left the cell and headed towards the common room when the LED on all cameras went off when the maintenance switched off the monitoring system. Diane noticed it quickly and turned to Ashley:

“Something is going on; the monitoring system is off again.”
“Yeah, maybe that’s the reason why we had to leave the cells.”

Ashley entered the common room and she noticed Mike already; he turned to her and smiled.
“Good morning Ashley,” his voice sounded cheerful.
“Morning Mike; how did you sleep?”
“Not very good; I …” he blushed.
“Hey, young man; you dreamt of her,” Diane teased him slightly and he blushed even deeper.
“I am here now,” Ashley approached Mike and leaned to him. He stepped back.
“Wait Ashley; he needs some time.” Diane was amused but she didn’t want to hurt Mike. “I have a better idea to talk of.”

Mike turned away and walked to the TV. Ashley looked around; the cameras were off and there was no nurse nearby. “Well Diane. Are you comfortable with reading your mind?”
“Yeah, it is a bit exciting even if I’m a bit scared.”
’Okay Diane. Don’t startle!’ Alaife’s voice sounded in Diane’s mind and her eyes went wide.
’Answer me silently; think about what you want to tell me.’
’Y … yeah. Your name is Alaife, right?’
’Right Diane. You are an agent and you try to gather evidence about this clinic.’
’How do you know it?’
’Do you remember? I can read your mind. Don’t worry. I can help you and Ashley.’
’Can she hear this?’
’No but I can tell her later if you are comfortable. I also can arrange talking among all three of us.’

Diane was standing and trying to recover from the initial shock; Ashley had told her about Alaife the day before but this was a different experience.

’Alaife, is this real or does it exist in my mind only? I feel like in a movie about paranormal activities.’
’It does exist in your mind and it is real.’

Ashley noticed Diane’s surprise and she walked to Mike: “Mike?”
“Sorry Ashley. I was taken aback,” Mike still was blushing.
“Mike, can I ask you if Diane was right? Don’t answer if you don’t want to.” Ashley blushed as well.
“Y … yeah. I felt that alone until you appeared.”
All of sudden Ashley laughed.
“Hey, Ash. Why are you laughing?”
“How did we get acquainted? Strapped on two changing tables with messy behinds. Isn’t it fun?”
“Yeah,” Mike laughed as well “however we would have an opportunity for another date in the changing room soon.”


Part 6:

While Ashley and Mike were talking and laughing, Diane realized she looked suspicious when she was standing alone and talking with Alaife silently. She headed to the group of women watching a stupid morning TV show and sat down on a chair. Her eyes were focused on the TV but her mind was somewhere else:

’Alaife, could you help me with my task? I have to admit I haven’t been successful so far.’
’Of course Diane, I can. You probably didn’t consider all the limitations.’
’Sure; I hardly can find something while being restricted in the straitjacket.’
’This is no problem for me. I can get everywhere and I’ve explored the building already.’
’Okay, we can arrange some action later. Excuse me …’ Diane felt the pressure in her bowels after breakfast.
’Don’t worry and do your business. Sorry Diane but I know about your urge.’

Diane blushed but she realized that Alaife’s help would be more important than the embarrassment knowing about her urges. She sighed and pushed the load into her diaper.

Ashley also felt the urge and blushed a little; after all she was standing next to a handsome young man. However she recalled the earlier experience when she peed in front of him. A crazy idea hit her:

“Hey Mike; do you have to go after breakfast?” she continued laughing.
“Sure, I do as well; fortunately it is regular for me.”
“You are talking like my grandma; she also was glad to poop regularly.”

MIke laughed even more and his face got red when he pushed. Ashley was amused and she did the same.
“Mike, we can stay together.”

About fifteen minutes later nurse Ellen asked the clients to queue in front of the bathroom. Ashley stayed close to Mike and hoped to be in the same group. This time they had to wait longer.

“I think we’ll take a shower today,” Mike turned to Ashley. She remembered the shower boxes and was overwhelmed by mixed feelings. She would be naked in front of Mike and it was both embarrassing and exciting for her. Ashley didn’t have any real experience with men except a few kisses.

Mike was right; the orderlies led them to the shower boxes. The group consisted of Ashley, Mike, an older woman and Mike’s roommate Stanley. The orderlies arranged them in a way that Ashley was out between Mike and Stanley and Mike was put between Ashley and the older woman. Their legs were shackled in a spread position. After that the orderlies removed the straitjackets and hospital gowns and secured their wrists to the crossbars. The last step was removing the soiled diapers. All four clients were naked and could watch each other.

The older woman stayed calm and she didn’t react at all even if the male orderly took a hose and cleaned her thoroughly. On the other hand Stanley turned his head to Ashley and his member got erected instantly. Ashley struggled desperately when she wanted to cover her poop smeared crotch and her young breasts but her wrists were trapped in the shackles.

Mike had to watch the scene and he also tried to struggle; surprisingly he got aroused and his member got erected, too. The orderlies were quite amused and they took hoses and started hosing all three clients with cold water. The response was quick. Both erected members dropped down seconds later Ashley screamed when the cold water hit her body and she peed on the floor. All other clients stayed silent; they knew about the cold water already.

The orderlies turned the clients around and continued cleaning them. After the first cleaning they stepped forward, got shower gel from dispensers and soaped up the four helpless bodies; they didn’t leave out any opportunity to massage Ahsley’s breasts and crotch and the crotches of both men. The older woman was lucky; a female orderly cleaned her and didn’t torment her in any way.

After shower the orderlies unstrapped all four clients and strapped them to the changing tables to diaper them. Finally Ashley was freed from the changing table, straitjacketed and she could leave the bathroom along with her three mates. Diane still was waiting outside.

As Ashley headed towards the common room, an orderly stopped her and led her back to her cell:
“Hey, do you think you can scream like a monkey and pee while we are taking care of you? You need a lesson!”

He strapped Ashley down to her bed and left for awhile to come back with a stand and a syringe. The stand was an IV pole with a big plastic bag full of a liquid. It was connected to a hose with a pacifier gag. The orderly fixed the gag in her mouth and stuck the needle into her thigh.

“You will drink all the fruit juice and the nurse brings you another one later. You can guess what the syringe is for,” he laughed and left.

Ashley pressed her lips and sucked on the pacifier; a little fruit juice from the bag flowed into her mouth. It was delicious but she wasn’t thirsty. On the other hand Ashley imagined a little girl drinking from the baby bottle and smiled involuntarily.

The cell was empty and silent and even the camera was off. Ashley tried to have a nap to pass the time quicker. She also was shocked and tired after the surprising events in the bathroom. Her eyes closed but she woke up about half an hour later; her bladder was bursting.

She was surprised how quickly her bladder filled up but she realized the syringe. It had to be a diuretic and she had to face a punishment. Ahsley looked at the bag and imagined all the juice passing her kidneys and her bladder. The orderly also had mentioned another bag.

The pressure in her bladder got unpleasant and almost painful when she relaxed the muscles and flooded the diaper. She sighed and closed her eyes again in a vain effort to fall asleep. Less than an hour later her bladder filled up again and she tried to hold her pee.

’Alaife, what is going on?’
’Ash, you were given a strong diuretic. I guess you would pee about 5 or 6 liters until it wears off.’
’However the diaper won’t hold it all.’
’I’m afraid nobody is about to change you. The nurse was given an order to wait until noon.’

Ashley sighed and she realized she was thirsty out of dehydration from the two wettings. The bag was tempting but she was afraid of the next wettings and leaking.

’I’m thirsty but I’m afraid of more wettings.’
’Ash, the diuretic makes you pee independently of your drinking. You only will feel worse if you don’t drink.’

The next wetting made the diaper leak and her pee soaked the nightshirt and bedsheet. The reek of urine spread across the room and tears appeared in Ashley’s eyes. However she had to face one more wetting and her back and legs were sitting in a pee puddle. Meanwhile she drank up the second half off the bag.

Before lunch two orderlies entered the room, unstrapped her from the bed and dragged her to the bathroom; while she was walking, the pee was dripping down her legs. They escorted her to the bathroom and fixed to the shower pole. The water was cold but she did her best not to scream or pee.

After the cleaning she was strapped down to the changing table and diapered with a thick night time diaper. As soon as the diaper was taped shut, Ahsley peed into it. The orderlies put a straitjacket on her and escorted her to the common room where Penny fed her lunch.


Part 7:

As Diane excused herself, Alaife got silent and moved away. He searched the surroundings and stopped at the woman in the wheelchair. Her mind was obscured by a strong shock. He recognized the dark entities attack.

The woman was a big chance for help. She wasn’t restricted and could move freely. Her actions wouldn’t be suspicious. However Alaife wasn’t sure if he would be able to recover her mind completely.

An orderly wheeled the woman to the bathroom and Alaife moved away towards the offices. He kept thinking of a way to help Diane even if he had to ask Ashley before doing anything. He started his tour in Mr. Redwood’s office.

Mr. Redwood was sitting at his computer and reading a document. Alaife was able to log on silently and browse the harddisk. He instantly found the evidence Diane was looking for. All contracts and payments were saved in several folders along with photos of the cells and punishment rooms. If an attorney or the police got these documents, they would be able to accuse the clinic management and close the clinic.

Meanwhile Ashley called him and asked him about her condition. He explained to her about the diuretic and moved to Diane. She was sitting in front of the TV.

’Diane, I’ve found some documents in Mr. Redwood’s computer. However we have to find a way to send them to somebody outside.’
’Thanks Alaife; I have to think of a person.’

Diane’s mood improved but she still had some tasks ahead. She didn’t have any idea of the documents and she didn’t know if they were enough to accuse the clinic management.

The morning passed slowly and Ashley didn’t appear until lunch. When she returned, Diane noticed the thick diaper and guessed what had happened. After lunch she turned to Ashley:

“I feel sorry for you, Ash. You had to face the punishment. Don’t worry; the diuretic would wear off soon.”
“Oh, Diane, did you experience it?”
“Yeah, I did and it was a very unpleasant experience.”
“Ashley,” Diane looked around to check the cameras that still were off: “Alaife spoke to me.”
“Really? How do you find the experience?”
“To be honest this is surreal for me. He even promised to enable mutual talking between us.”

’Hey, you two; are you talking about me?’ Alaife’s voice sounded in Ashley’s and Diane’s mind.
’Of course we do; hopefully you don’t feel offended that we didn’t ask you.’ Diane replied and Ashley heard the reply in her mind.
’Don’t worry Diane.’ he calmed Diane down.
’Well, it’s working. We can talk whenever we want and nobody hears us. That’s great,’ Ashley smiled a little but she was careful and the smile disappeared quickly. Somebody could watch them.
’Diane revealed me a secret. She is doing a mission here and I could help her,’ Alaife explained Diane’s role to Ashley.
’Wow, that’s exciting Diane. Alaife would help us.’ Ashley’s mood improved and she suddenly felt like a secret agent in a spy movie.
’I need some evidence of illegal activities in this clinic and Alaife has found it already. We have to think of a way to send them to the right persons.’

Meanwhile Ashley’s bladder got full again and the pressure got unpleasant. She tried to press her legs together but the thick diaper prevented her from it. Ashley relaxed her muscles and peed.

“Ash, be patient,” Diane noticed Ashley’s fidgeting and relief. “The diuretic will wear off.”
“The thick diaper is unpleasant; maybe I won’t fight the urge the next time.”
“That’s your choice Ash. However you will lose control soon in that way. I wet the bed already and I’ve almost succumbed to temptation not to control myself at all. After all, I’m still diapered.”
“Excuse me Diane.” Ashley noticed Mike and walked over to him:

“Hi, Mike; I’m glad to see you.”
“No worries, I don’t go anywhere,” he smiled. “You got a punishment, didn’t you?”
“Yeah,” Ashley nodded and looked down.
“It’s okay; I know it Ash,” Mike leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss.

Ashley blushed a bit but she returned the kiss and felt a slight arousal. The wet diaper added to her feelings and she moaned involuntarily.

Mike also got aroused by Ashley’s closeness and his member hardened beneath the diaper. His bladder was getting full and the pressure even helped him.

Ahsley winked at Mike and looked around: “The cameras are off; come with me to a corner to be undisturbed.”

Mike grinned and nodded. In the corner he pressed his crotch against Ashley and she felt the hard member. Her arousal grew and she pressed her thick diaper against Mike.

They kissed again and Ahsley got mischievous: “Mike, how long have you been here?”
“About half a year. Why are you asking me?”
“Did you consider peeing in your diaper involuntarily like a toddler?”
“No Ash. I thought about it but it is a big disadvantage for me.”
“How so?”
“A full bladder adds to my arousal feeling and I try to hold it as long as possible.”
“Really?” Ashley laughed and her mood improved even more. She suddenly felt wetness on her crotch and it wasn’t the wet diaper.

’Ash, I surprise him,’ Alaife’s voice sounded in Ashley’s mind and he looked amused.

Seconds later Mike felt a massage of his member and he climaxed. His eyes went wide and he moaned. His crotch still was trapped in the diaper package and he didn’t understand what happened. Of course, the massage was his illusion only.

“Mike, what’s going on?” Ashley asked him and he blushed.
’Ash, wait; you also deserve some pleasure,’ Alaife was laughing and Ashley suddenly felt a strong arousal. She moaned and her body cramped in a climax. She almost collapsed on the floor and moaned heavily. At the same moment she peed herself again.

“Hey, Ash; are you okay?” Mike recovered from the shock but he still was trying to catch his breath. “What happened?”
“Don’t ask and enjoy it. Consider it a secret helper,” Ashley grinned.
“Thank you, helper,” Mike reacted politely and gave Ashley another long kiss.

“Well, let’s go back and join Diane; we would be suspicious,” Ashley turned away and walked over to Diane.

Diane noticed what happened; the red faces and heavy breathing revealed her everything and she guessed who had arranged it:

’Alaife, it’s your work, isn’t it?’
’Sure. Would you like it as well?’
’I think so but not now. I’ll wait until evening.’
’Okay,’ Alaife seemed and he aroused Diane slightly. ’Here you are an appetizer. However don’t forget your mission.’

Diane grinned only and they kept talking. Mike and Ashley stayed together and leaned to each other. Ashley’s mood improved and she forgot about the punishment. Later she felt the urge to pee and let go instantly; she even didn’t tell Mike. Her diaper was heavy and soaked but she didn’t mind it at all. It was somehow pleasant.

The afternoon passed and the cameras went on again; the maintenance work was over for that day. Nurse Ellen sent the clients to their cells and they got strapped to the beds again.

Ellen changed the soaked diaper and left. Her shift was over. Penny fed them lunch and Diane with Ashley were alone.


Part 8:

Ashley was tired after the challenging day and surprising arousal. Alaife really was able to arrange much more than she was able to imagine. She was getting curious about his further abilities. However the fatigue took over and she fell asleep soon. Her bladder was full and she relaxed the muscles instinctively.

Diane watched her and smiled; she wasn’t that tired and hoped for some pleasure with Alaife.

’Hey Diane; would you like to have the pleasure now or do we start with your mission better?’ his voice sounded cheerful and Diane guessed he was smiling; of course she couldn’t see him.
’I’d prefer the pleasure first; my mood improves and I’ll be able to think clearly afterwards.’
’As you wish’, Diane suddenly felt a strong arousal and started fidgeting on the bed. Her crotch got wet and she desperately wanted to reach down between her legs. At that moment she felt like some hand was massaging her. Her moaning got louder and she clenched her fists.
’Diane, you are too loud and the camera is watching you. Fortunately this activity isn’t considered suspicious and the monitoring software will ignore it.’

Diane didn’t listen to Alaife and she enjoyed the pleasure after a long time. Alaife made her climax five minutes later. When she caught her breath, Alaife continued:

’Let’s move on. There are documents in the computer but we need to send them to somebody who uses them.’
’Could you do it on your own if I tell you the address?’
’I can get into Mr. Redwood’s mind and make him send the documents.’
’I’m not sure if the documents are sufficient to accuse the clinic management. Could you show me them?’
’Sure Diane. The computer is off but I will do it tomorrow.’
’Okay. I give you the e-mail address of the attorney that arranged my mission.’

At that moment the door opened and Angela peeked into the room:

“Good evening girls. Do you need anything before going to sleep?”
“Thanks, nurse Angela,” Diane smiled at her and Angela noticed the red face but she didn’t comment.

Ashley was asleep already and Angela closed the door. She was amused by Diane’s condition but she didn’t understand how it was possible.

’Diane, do you need more evidence than the documents?’ Alaife continued the discussion.
’That would be good. We could use a testimony of punishments and abuse. Ashley can be a witness but I’d need more.’
’What about the woman in the wheelchair? I felt an attack of dark entities.’
’Yeah; she was punished and put into the ghost chamber. However she hardly would be able to give a testimony.’
’Don’t lose hope. I’ll try to help her if Ashley agrees to it.’
’Well, let’s wait until tomorrow,’ Diane yawned. Her bladder was full and she peed in the diaper before closing her eyes.

Alaife left the cell and started searching for the woman they were talking about. He found her in a single bed cell. She was not strapped down and the wheelchair was sitting on the floor next to the bed.

He focused his powers on her mind and tried to examine her condition. The dark entities scared her to death and her mind was blocked by the fear. However Alaife found out he would be able to unblock her mind. It was a dangerous experiment but he was sure he would get a good helper. Hopefully she was intelligent enough to cooperate. In either way Alaife waited for Ashley’s approval.

He returned to Ashley’s cell and watched both women. Diane was sound asleep but Ashley started fidgeting when she had to pee. Alaife decided to help her and made her relax the muscles involuntarily. She peed in the diaper and calmed down.

In the morning Angela changed Diane and Ashley and left; her shift was over. Unfortunately, John had the day shift and he entered the cell shortly after:

“Good morning, ladies,” his voice sounded ironical and a cold chill ran down Ashley’s spine. She was right; John fed them without lifting the beds and eating was more difficult. When he finished feeding, he massaged their diapered crotches and moaned aloud.

“We have a hard day ahead,” Diane sighed and Ashley nodded only. John was about to torment them just like he did it regularly. They found it out soon when they went in their diapers after breakfast. Nobody came to take them to the changing station; John appeared about half an hour later and he was pushing the cart with cleaning utensils:

“I clean you personally,” he was watching his victims with a greed in his eyes. He untaped the diapers and took a rag to clean the crotches with ice cold water. Ashley bit her lips and stayed silent; she didn’t want to experience another punishment.

After cleaning John took two vibrators and inserted them into Ashley and Diane’s vaginas and diapered the girls again: “Have fun!” He left.

“Diane, do you have any idea about the vibrator? I’m afraid it isn’t a normal one.” Ashley already was suspicious.
“Right, Ash; it is equipped by electrodes and we get electric shocks instead of pleasure.”
Ten minutes later the vibrator in Ashley’s vagina started buzzing and she was getting aroused when a sudden electric shock made her scream and struggle in her bindings.

“AAAAAHHH …” her body convulsed and she peed herself. The vibrator stopped and Ashley had to catch her breath.

“AAAAAAHHH …”, another scream of pain emerged from Diane’s mouth and her body also convulsed on the second bed.

“How … how long, Diane?” Ashley turned to her cellmate.
“I don’t know. I’m afraid he comes at lunch.”

After another shock Ashley heard Alaife’s voice: ’Hey Ash, I’m about to help you.’
’How can you help me?’
’Wait,’ Alaife’s voice sounded amused.

The vibrator started buzzing again but to Ashley’s surprise she didn’t experience the electric shock. She was breathing heavy out of her climax and so was Diane.

’I meddled into the electric circuits on the vibrator but John doesn’t find out anything. I fix it when he pulls them out.’

John appeared two hours and three climaxes later. Ashley and Diane were exhausted and their diapers were overfilled. They had peed several times during their climaxes. John and two orderlies dragged them to the changing room and strapped down to the changing tables.

“You are witches,” John pulled out the vibrators and smelled love juices. He explored the vibrators, switched them on and held his fingers on the electrodes.
“Aww,” he screamed and dropped the vibrator he was holding in his hand. “The damn thing works but these witches are immune.”

He shook his head, changed both girls and escorted them back to the cell. Penny brought them lunch and fed them shortly after. As soon as she left, Diane and Ashley dozed off. John peeked into the cell but he shrugged only and left. The other clients were unstrapped and escorted to the common room.


Part 9:

Ashley woke up two hours later; she was relaxed already. According to the sounds outside the clients were in the common room; the client voices and TV could be heard. The warm feeling between her legs reminded her of wetting the bed … or her diaper. To her surprise Ashley didn’t mind it and recalled Diane’s words. The diapers caused the loss of control.

Diane still was asleep and Ashley didn’t want to wake her up. However she wanted to thank Alaife:

’Alaife? Are you here?’
’Of course Ash I’m here. I wanted to ask you something.’
’Thanks for your help. What would you like to know?’
’I could help the poor woman in the wheelchair. She could be a witness of the practices here.’
’Oh, I see. It’s Diane’s mission, right?’
’Yeah, it is.’
’No problem for me Alaife. Do whatever you consider useful for the mission. I’d be glad to help Diane.’
’Okay Ash. I’m about to start immediately.’ Alaife left.

He found the woman in the common room; she was sitting in her wheelchair and looked absent-minded. Her mind really was blocked. Alaife focused on the block and used his power to remove it.

Two minutes later he felt her mind working again. She looked around as if she woke up from a long sleep. Almost instantly she tried to stand up but Alaife warned her:

’Miss, don’t scream and don’t move now. My name is Alaife and I’m connected to your mind. You needn’t speak aloud, think of your answer and I’ll hear it.’

The woman looked around in an utter surprise. She tried to find the source of the voice and shook her head.

’Hey; is it magic?’
’Not exactly but it might look supernatural.’
’What do you want, Alaife?’
’Nothing special so far. However you should play the spectacle and pretend your former condition. It is difficult but important. We always can talk together in this way.’
’What should I do to pretend the former condition?’
’You are not restricted but you shouldn’t walk around or do something with your arms. You were almost paralyzed.’
’I’m afraid I don’t handle it. Could you help me?’
’I can weaken your muscles if you want it. Your mind will be clean but you won’t be able to move. I can fix your muscles later.’
’I think it’s a good idea but I’m a bit afraid. Don’t you hurt me?’
’Don’t worry, miss …’
’Oh sorry, my name is Stacy’

Stacy felt her muscles getting weak and she was paralyzed. However her mind was clear and she still could communicate with Alaife.

’Stacy, I introduce you to my Ashley and a nice woman Diane. They are in their cell now but you will be able to talk later. Diane tells you about an important mission.’

Stacy’s heart was beating fast out of excitement and she even didn’t realize she peed herself; her bladder muscles also were weak. She looked around and realized that her mind really was clear; she could watch TV and listen to the conversation. Now she got curious about the mission and recalled her former life.

Just like Ashley, Stacy was born in a strict and religious family. However she felt she was different; when she reached puberty, girls attracted her instead of boys. She was a lesbian and she was scared to death when she imagined reaction of her parents.

Later she got married when her mother found a nice boy. He was religious as well but he wasn’t as strict as her parents. Nevertheless she was unhappy and too scared to admit her preference. They even had two children.

Her life changed when she found a girlfriend. They dated secretly and her mother revealed her red handed. Cheating her husband wouldn’t be as bad as the fact she was lesbian. Her mother arranged an instant divorce and their children were given into the care of her husband. Stacy was committed to the Clinic shortly afterwards. She was desperate and rebellious; the consequence was numerous punishments until the final one in the ghost chamber.

The secret mission encouraged her a lot. What if she would be able to escape that clinic but she realized she had nowhere to go; her life had been ruined before.

Meanwhile Diane woke up and Ashley noticed it immediately: “Did you sleep well?”
“Yeah, I did Ash. I needed it after the hard morning. What about you?”
“I feel relaxed and I wouldn’t mind spending some time in the common room. Do you think John lets us do it?”
“I don’t think so, We have to wait until tomorrow.”

Ashley felt the pressure in her bladder and she peed involuntarily in her diaper.
“Hey, Diane. I think I’ve just peed myself and didn’t control it.”
“Really? I still control my bladder at day. You turn into a toddler Ash.” she smiled a little. “What if you get out of this clinic? Do you stay like this?”

Ashley was taken aback for a short moment. What would she do outside? She hardly could return to her family. She also didn’t finish her school. All of sudden she hesitated if she wanted to return to the outer world again.

“Diane, what would I do if I got out? I don’t have anywhere to go.”
“Oh, I didn’t realize it Ash” Diane also was taken aback. What would the clients do? Their families wouldn’t accept them.

’Hey ladies, don’t I disturb you?’ Alaife’s voice sounded in Ashley’s and Diane’s mind.
’Not at all,’ Diane replied ’Do you have any news?’
’Yeah, I do and we have the witness. Her name is Stacy and she probably would cooperate. I think you will encounter her tomorrow and explain everything to her. Okay. I have the approval to do all necessary. Diane, the name and e-mail address of the attorney.’

’It is Joseph Garrett and his address is He’s arranged my mission.’
’He will get the documents tonight,’ Alaife’s voice sounded cheerful. ’Excuse me ladies’

’Ash, I think my mission will be over soon. The attorney makes hell for the clinic management. They will get arrested and the clinic will be closed.’
’What will I do? I really don’t have anywhere to go. What about my school? I don’t have any single cent.’
’Don’t worry. We will speak to the attorney and he will find a solution for you and for every other client here.’

They kept smalltalk for about half an hour until Penny interrupted them with dinner. Fortunately, John didn’t appear and Ellen prepared them for the night. She changed the wet diapers and gave them juice before sleep.

Ashley almost wasn’t able to fall asleep when she kept thinking about her future. However she didn’t know about other person who would ease her fate.

Stacy was excited about the mission. She didn’t know anything exact but she had a feeling it was a chance for her. However she was sad about her own children; she probably never would see them.


Part 10:

Mr. Redwood was sitting at his computer and thinking of the broken monitoring system. He really was shocked by the condition of the wiring. The cameras were switched off for the third day in a row and the maintenance company announced two more days to fix the system completely.

“Mice! The damn mice,” he still wasn’t able to accept the actual reason for his problems. He wasn’t an engineer and didn’t understand it.

All of sudden his hands moved to the keyboard and mouse and he started searching the computer for the documents on the clinic. He found the contracts, billing documents, punishment records and photos of cells and punishment chambers. He sent all the documents to the e-mail address After that he deleted the mails from his outbox and ‘deleted messages’ folder and shut down the computer.

“Oh, it’s late, I have to go to bed; this day has been challenging,” he stood up. He apparently didn’t remember what he did minutes before.

Alaife grinned; he probably just did the most useful action. He was able to possess Mr. Redwood’s mind and forced him to send the evidence of his own criminal activity. The head of the Clinic would face the biggest surprise in his life soon.

The next morning was quiet and uneventful; after breakfast Ashley and Diane queued for the change and an orderly was pushing Stacy on her wheelchair. Ashley was standing behind Stacy and the orderly left for a short moment when they had to wait. The cameras were off; the maintenance team was working on the wiring in the corridor already.

’Stacy, the girl behind you is my Ashley. Don’t worry to speak; the cameras are off and no staff member is around.’ Alaife’s voice sounded in Stacy’s mind.

“Ashley?” Stacy looked back and noticed the teenage girl.
“How do you know my name? Is it Alaife who told you?” Ashley looked around to be sure the cameras were off.
“Yeah, he … or she … did. My name is Stacy.”
“What happened to you? You looked absent-minded yesterday.”
“Alaife did something to my mind.”

Before Ashley could continue, the orderly returned and pushed Stacy into the changing room. Ashley followed them but Diane had to wait along with Mike.

While lying on the changing table Ashley was watching Stacy and her paralyzed limbs. She wasn’t sure but Stacy could move before Alaife fixed her mind. Did Alaife do anything else?

After the change all clients were ushered into the common room because of the monitoring system. The nurse seemed to be busy and Ashley with Diane joined Stacy.

“Are you Diane?” Stacy turned to Diane. “Alaife told me about you and your …” she didn’t say the word Mission.
“Yeah, my name is Diane and he was right. I’m quite sure about a drastic change here.”
“Could you tell me more?”

’Yeah, I can but we have to continue talking not to be suspicious. We probably will get free soon and you will be an important witness.’ Diane replied in the mind talk.

“Have you read some adventure comics about superheroes?” Diane continued the talk aloud.
“Of course I did it earlier; it was exciting. I wish we had a superhero here.”
“What a pity, we don’t have any,” Diane and Ashley grinned.

’Of course you have but nobody else knows about me,’ Alaife added.

All three women almost laughed at that comment but they still were careful. Ashley changed the topic:

“Miss Stacy …”
“Call me Stacy only, dear,” Stacy smiled at Ashley.
“Why did you get here, Stacy?”
“My family is strictly religious and I found out I was a lesbian. I tried to hide it and I even got married. However my mother caught me red handed and arranged my divorce. I also lost my children forever,” a tear appeared in Stacy’s eye.
“Don’t worry. My fate is a bit similar. I’m a black sheep of the family and my parents and my brother hate me. They consider me a witch because of my Alaife. I’m alone in this world and I don’t have anywhere to go even if I got out of this damn place.”

“Hey, you two; an idea hit me,” Diane interjected “Stacy has lost her children and Ashley is alone. Could you imagine a solution if you got out of here?” she smiled.
“W … what?” Stacy stared at Diane when she got the message “I and Ashley?”
“Why not? If you accepted a witch and her ghost friend.”
“And boyfriend?” Ashley added; she also got the message “But we still are here.”

’I’d guess not for long,’ Alaife’s voice sounded prophetic.

“Can I join your interesting talk?” Mike approached the group.
“Of course, we just talked about our former lives. How did you get here?”
“I told you earlier about my life, Ashley. When I fled from home, my father arranged a search; the police found me and I was committed to this clinic afterwards.”
“Mike, what would you do if you could get out of this place?”
“No idea, Ashley. I don’t have my family anymore.”
“I know it’s a dream only but … we could become a new family,” Stacy interjected. “It is a funny image; a witch with her boyfriend and a ghost and a divorced woman.”
“What about me?” Diane laughed a bit.
“Would you like to join us too?” Stacy grinned.
“Well, there still are some obstacles here,” Diane replied “but why not?”
“First of all; where will we live?” Stacy brought up the biggest problem “and how do we earn our living?”
“That’s not the biggest problem so far.” Diane objected. “We still are clients of this clinic.”
“True; that’s a dream so far.”

The small group continued talking until the nurse called them to lunch. After lunch they again returned to the common room. The orderly wheeled Stacy to a small table in the corner; he supposed that she was absent minded and kept her away from the others.

As soon as he left, Ashley joined Stacy and sat down at the table.
“Stacy, are you serious about the family?” she looked around carefully and almost whispered.
“Ash, you can’t imagine how hard it was when my children were taken away,” a tear appeared in her eye.
“How old are they?”
“12 and 9.”
“You’d have to accept a bit older child; I’m 17.”
“It doesn’t matter, Ash.”
“What about my Alaife?”
“I have to admit it’s very strange but I accept everything and everybody if I ever get out of this hell.”

’Thanks Stacy; there are not many people who are willing to accept me,’ Alaife’s voice sounded in her mind and an invisible hand wiped the tear away.

Ashley felt a pressure in her bladder and she peed involuntarily: “Oh, I’d probably need diapers; you should change me.”
“No problem for me dear,” Stacy smiled.

At that moment a nurse entered the common room and Ashley walked away from Stacy; she didn’t want to be suspicious.

The afternoon and evening passed uneventful; the only exception was John when he started his night shift. He didn’t resist the temptation to tease all female clients as usual.


I’ve been wondering since this story began: how do you pronounce Alaife?

A life?

Kind of like “a leaf” but not “leef” and instead as I typed above “a life”?"

To be honest, I didn’t think of pronounciation. I found the name on an internet site


A group of armed police officers was approaching the Clinic. They passed the barrier and reached the fence. It was dark outside and they got to the fence unobserved. However the security cameras were active and an alarm sounded in the guard room.

The night guard was asleep; he wouldn’t expect any visitor at that time; however he woke up instantly and checked the cameras. He was taken aback and didn’t know what to do. The guards were ready to catch runaway clients or unwanted visitors but they definitely weren’t able to resist armed police officers.

Before he could react properly, Alaife appeared. Alaife was ready and vigilant and he expected an ambush. The guard’s mind was controlled by Alaife and he opened the gate instead of warning the staff. After that he proceeded to the main entrance and opened it as well.

When the first police officer approached the guard, Alaife let go of the guard and whispered to the officer:

’Hey, don’t be surprised and act quickly. Don’t ask me now, overpower the guard and go into the building silently; everyone is asleep and you can do a surprising attack.’

The officer stopped dead in his tracks and looked around to find the source of the voice. However he composed himself quickly and realized that the guard had opened the door and stood in front of him.

The guard was confused when Alaife let go of his mind; he stared at the police officer wide eyed and wasn’t able to understand how the police got in. Both men were watching each other and unable to do anything for several seconds until the police officer grabbed the guard and cuffed his wrists.

The remaining police officers entered the building silently. They easily overpowered the sleepy guards and arrested Mr. Redwood and several staff members. The cells were unlocked and all clients were freed from their bindings.

Alaife moved to Stacy’s cell and woke her up: ’Stacy, get up. The police have arrived and you are free.’

He instantly fixed her weak muscles and left. Stacy was surprised first but she realized she wasn’t paralyzed anymore. She got up carefully when the cell door was opened and a police officer peeked inside: “Madam, you are free.” he moved to Stacy’s cellmate and freed her from the bed. Stacy stood up and hurried to the corridor.

The corridor was full of clients and policemen. No staff member could be seen. Stacy found Ashley and Diane and hugged them tightly. Mike joined them seconds later.

The police unit left and Joseph Garrett arrived: “Thanks, Diane; it was a great work; I have to thank you.”
“Mr. Garrett; there is somebody else who helped me with my mission. This young girl and her invisible friend.” she pointed at Ashley.
“How so? An invisible friend? However I was taken aback when Mr. Redwood sent me evidence against himself. Did he get insane?”
“No, Mr. Garrett. Ashley’s friend controlled his mind at that time.”
“Oh, he seems to be dangerous.”
“I don’t think so. Ashley is in control and she never would do anything bad.”
“In either case we have a lot of evidence and I suppose we’ll find enough witnesses.”
“Of course, four of them are standing in front of you.”
“Yeah,” Mr. Garrett nodded “now you are free and can go home.”

At that moment Stacy, Ashley and Mike realized their condition:

“Where should we go? Our families committed us to the Clinic and they hardly accept us.”
“Right,” Mr. Garrett was taken aback. They really had nowhere to go just like all other clients. The only available place was the clinic building.

“The police team will secure all evidence and you probably could stay here. This is Mr. Redwood’s property but it is about to be confiscated by the government. An interim measure will guarantee you the right to stay here.”
“What about our livelihood?”
“I think you will find food resources and everything else necessary for you. Our company will help you later and your families will pay for it; I’m sure we arrange it easily. The honorable families would pay to avoid an accusation of serious crimes.”

’Ash, ask the lawyer about money. His services are quite expensive,’ Alaife was amused. He guessed the reply.

“Mr. Garrett; you are a private attorney. Would I be too rude if I asked you why you did this risky action?”
“Ashley, dear,” Mr. Garrett smiled at her “look for money and power behind every act. I can’t reveal the truth to you but you will find it out soon.”
“I’m a minor. My family can send me elsewhere even if this clinic will be closed.” Ashley startled.
“Don’t worry. The Social Services have been notified already and you get a legal guardian instead of your parents.”
“Who? I’ll be assigned to a stranger or sent to an orphanage?”
“What about me?” The idea hit Stacy.
“That’s a good idea but we have to arrange everything necessary, including a home and job to earn your living.”
“I could be the temporary tutor,” Diane interjected, “I have a home and job as well. They also can live with me for several days until I arrange an apartment.”

Mr. Garrett left and he promised to take all necessary measures. Stacy turned to Ashley:
“Would you like to share the room with your future legal guardian?” she almost said mother.
“Of course I would …” Ashley smiled and she realized the wet diaper “Would you take care of me?”
“Yeah, even if it’s been long since I changed diapers of my own children,” Stacy smiled back: “Let’s find the diapers and cleaning utensils.”

Diane realized she was diapered and her diaper was wet from the night. She nodded and headed towards the bathroom. There were cabinets there full of diapers and cleaning utensils.

Ashley, Mike and Stacy followed her. All four former clients decided to take a shower and get dressed. However there were only nightshirts and diapers available.

Mike instinctively got undressed despite the three women and he entered the shower. Ashley did the same and Stacy with Diane smiled only. They waited a little until Mike and Ashley finished and dried themselves. Mike wrapped Ashley into a towel and she repaid him the favor.

When they got dressed into the nightshirts, they realized there was no underwear available. However they found several pullups in the cabinets:
“I use a pullup,” Mike smiled.
“I probably need diapers,” Ashley blushed a little but the blush disappeared quickly.
“Lie down, dear,” Stacy smiled and pointed to the changing table “put your legs into the stirrups; it seems to be comfortable.”

Ashley lied down and waited; Stacy powdered and diapered her just like she had done it earlier. Ashley smiled only.
“Thanks,” she jumped down.
“Hey lovebirds. Go and find some food,” Diane laughed and started undressing.

After shower and breakfast a car could be heard. Mr. Garrett came back to take Diane home.

“Wait a little. You can stay here until we come back and arrange everything necessary.” Diane left.
The terrible fate was over. Ashley and Mike hugged each other and Stacy joined the hug.

“Would we become a family?”
“Of course,” Ashley and Mike said unisono.
’Won’t you forget me?’ Alaife’s voice sounded in their minds and an invisible hand pulled on their hair.



It would be real “good” if the two ghosts get together and harrass so they need to be committed, and when most of them are contained the federal authorities are called and the evidence is very nicely on a desk to be found and when it hits the media those who caused it go to prison or a nut house better yet a diaper prison for 30yrs no parole.