Akbound....about me of course

I’m 26 and currently working network installation and security. I have been an AB/DL pretty much my whole life. I’m married to a wonderful wife who is fully aware of my baby side and who has a baby side herself (more of a toddler girl). We have two baby boys now, so yea the whole house is diapered!
I like to play war games like Battlefield, Call of Duty and strategy games like Sup.Com and World in Conflict.
Also I love my Wii and have posted my friend code in the off topic section if you wish to add me. (just make sure you give your code too!)
I used to go by another name on the boards back from the start of the story boards many years ago with WingZ, Vicky and Tali (what ever happend to her!) ….Wow…seems so long ago. Back then most of us were still teens ourselves and now we have families of our own! Anyways, you can reach me on my myspace site if you want: