Ahsoka's diaper days

Hii, I also have an Apex story but a lot of this is already written so I thought I’d post it here, anyways enjoy:

Ahsoka awoke upon the Venator, lying on her cold, hard bed, with Bariss laying on the one next to her, facing away from Ahsoka like normal. Ahsoka looked over at her nightstand looking at the small clock on top. It was 2:47, Ahsoka thought about trying to fall back asleep, but after 5 minutes of restfulness, she decided to head down to the bathroom.

Ahsoka slid the covers off, as she lifted herself off the bed, trying to be as quiet as possible, trying not to wake up Bariss. Once up Ahsoka looked over to Bariss, seeing the strange bag she always carried with her. Ahsoka thought about looking in the bag, even for a split second, but she couldn’t, Bariss was a good friend to her, and she didn’t want to ruin it over a bag. Ahsoka then left the room, leaving her thoughts of the bag behind her. Ahsoka walked along to corridor, the bright white lights that shone above her being a stark contrast to the darkness of her room. Ahsoka continued to walk around, still wearing her PJs. Once she reached the toilet, she walked in, taking the middle stall. Once in Ahsoka took down her pants and panties and let the flood gates open. After 20 seconds of peeing, Ahsoka wiped herself off. She then pulled her panties and PJ bottoms back up. Ahsoka then walked along to the cafeteria, grabbing a bowl of cereal and a cup of juice before placing herself on a table in a corner of the room, on which Bariss, Obi-wan, and Anakin. She sat there alone, without the noise of clones or any sort of sound beyond her own chewing, and the subtle hum of the ship, which she could never hear before this since she was either asleep or the sounds of the day took her attention away from any sound.

Ahsoka sat eating for about ten minutes before checking the time, it was now 3.15. She had an hour and forty-five minutes to kill. Ahsoka thought about waking up Bariss but went against it, remembering how she had always went with Luminara once she woke up, before joining Ahsoka for breakfast. Ahsoka had always wondered why she went with her master, but again like the bag ignored it, not wanting to risk the friendship just to ask about where she went. Ahsoka sat for another 10 minutes trying to decide what to do. Ahsoka decided to head to the training room. Ahsoka walked back to her room, stepping casually as to not wake Bariss yet again. Ahsoka then grabbed her lightsabers from on top of her nightstand. Once she got her lightsabers Ahsoka walked to the training room, setting up a few droids to shoot at her. Ahsoka began training, trying to use her off-hand more, as Yoda suggested, still in her PJs. Ahsoka kept training, eventually increasing the difficulty. Ahsoka was interrupted when she glanced at the clock as it read 4:58. Ahsoka powered down the droids as she walked back towards the room. Ahsoka walked into the room as the blaring alarm went off, which after being as alert as she was felt like it was 10x louder. Ahsoka sat down on her bed and looked over to Bariss who stuffed something at the side of her bed before turning over, being shocked at a very awake Ahsoka, who waved towards her. Barris then sat up, Ahsoka hearing a slight crinkle coming from Bariss. Ahsoka continued to ignore all these things, trying to keep them out of her mind. Ahsoka was interrupted as luminara walked in to take Bariss, who grabbed the small black bag she carried everywhere. They both left the room as Ahsoka began to get dressed, taking out a poncho and a pair of leggings, instead of her iconic outfit. After pulling off her PJ bottoms and her panties, she began to pull up her leggings deciding to leave her panties off. Ahsoka then took off her PJ deciding to go the same as she did with her panties and leaving a bra off, putting on a long sleeve top before pulling on her poncho. Ahsoka then walked over to the door, before heading to the cafeteria, along with a whole battalion of clones. Once she reached the cafeteria she walked over to the usual table, seeing Anakin and Obi-wan already sitting down, having grabbed their food before Ahsoka had even gotten there. Ahsoka sat down as she got there, as she exchanged hellos as she waited for Bariss to get there before grabbing her breakfast. After waiting for a while Bariss walked into the cafeteria as Ahsoka got up and walked towards her.

Both went to grab breakfast, waiting in a line behind some clones.

“So, how are you?” Ahsoka asked Bariss

“I’m fine, a bit nervous though” Bariss responded

It was their first mission together alone, not with another Jedi, just both of them. It was a strange feeling for both of them, it was a mix of nerves and excitement. They both knew they had a job to do, but they knew they’d have free time, for a little while at least, and it would be good for their friendship, after all, it’ll be a chance to just talk, and properly get to know one another.

Both of them grabbed a piece of toast and a bowl of cereal before sitting down next to Anakin and Obi-wan, who had already half-finished. They began to eat as Obi-wan was giving another one of his speeches to the group, which Ahsoka and Bariss thought was more towards Anakin than either of them. Once Obi-wan was finished their breakfast was almost gone, with only a few bites of toast left on their plates.

Once they were finished they were all told to pack, with there only being less than an hour left before they would be sent down to the dusty planet’s surface. Both of them walked to their room, Ahsoka slowing her pace, with Bariss barely being able to keep up, which often annoyed Ahsoka. After what felt like hours to the impatient Ahsoka they reached their room.

Ahsoka began to pack a small bag of clothes, with Ahsoka being sure to be able to have a range of outfits for any situation, Ahsoka then looked over to Bariss, being able to see the nerves on her face. She thought about asking Bariss what was wrong but decided against it. Ahsoka didn’t want to place herself where she shouldn’t. Once Ahsoka had finished packing her bag she sat down on her bed, feeling the spring bounce her up as she did. Bariss finished packing her bag not long after Ahsoka had. Both of them sat talking, planning things they could do in this small trip, with both of them forgetting why they were actually going there, which was to destroy a factory that the separatists ran. Both of them began to act like actual teenagers than Jedis, with their room being filled with a myriad of laughter and giggles, which was loud another that one would worry the separatists would hear them coming. Both of them were relaxed, truly relaxed, for the first time in what felt like years.

Alas, their merry break was cut short by a quick jolt, followed by an announcement, calling all Jedi and troopers down to the hangers. Ahsoka grabbed her bag, effortlessly picking up her bag, it coming towards her hand with the force as she left the door. Bariss then followed behind, deciding to carry her bag herself, rather than using the force as Ahsoka did, straining to pick up her awkwardly packed bag. Ahsoka waited down the hall, near the training room door. Once Bariss reached her they both continued along to the flight deck, adopting a much more serious attitude with their giggling seeming to be left in their room.

Once they reached the flight deck, they were astonished yet again by the sight of the clones. Rows upon rows of perfectly lined clones, all looking, sounding, and dressing the same. Expect each one to show themselves by a small marking, or their style of hair. Ahsoka could tell each one apart, calling them a name rather than a number. They both moved past the lines of clones towards Anakin, Obi-wan, Luminara, Rex, and Cody, the two Generals. Once there they were all given their missions, Anakin and Obi-wan would take the 501st and take the factory on the west, with Ahsoka and Bariss would take the 212th and take the south factory, with Luminara staying on the ship, which would stay out on the orbit in case anything went wrong. Obi-wan and Anakin took their battalions and went towards a line of gunships that had been lined up for them.

Luminara passed Bariss her usual smallish bag, before walking away. Ahsoka and Bariss then walked towards their gunship. Bariss’s mood changed since the passing of the bag. Once they stepped onto the gunship, with a few clones following behind her. The gunship promptly took off, leaving the ship as it headed towards the sandy plain of Geonosis…

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Chapter 2;

Ahsoka and Bariss were now heading towards the planet’s surface, as Ahsoka and Bariss were joying about the fun they would be having, with Bariss periodically stopping the conversation in what seemed like panic, Ahsoka again tried to ignore this. She didn’t want to say anything in case she was wrong, after all, she didn’t want to make assumptions. Ahsoka carried on talking, despite a few disgruntled noises from the clones, which they unsuccessfully tried to hide. Ahsoka and Bariss continued talking, with Bariss seeming to become less and less worried with every minute. They then felt their ship hit the atmosphere, with Bariss almost falling as Ahsoka helped her up, Bariss flushing out the blemishes before resuming their conversation. Once they descended further towards the planet’s surface the clones began to ready, with all of them holding their blasters at the ready, which Ahsoka and Bariss copied with their lightsabers.

The ship began to land as the doors of their ship opened, the clones stepping out before Ahsoka and Bariss surveying the area before they had a chance to step off. Once they were off the ship, the hot, but dry weather became apparent, after all, it was a big step from the perfect climate on the ship, which they had called home for the past 3 weeks. Once they were off the clones began to settle, with Commander Cody begining to order the troops around. Ahsoka didn’t mind this however since not only was it not her usual battalion, last time she lead a group on her own she managed to kill almost all of them, so Cody taking leadership was a welcomed act. Bariss seemed eager to set up their “Quarters”, which was just a private version of the clone’s barracks that were deployed on the surface. Ahsoka walked over to the equipment tent and grabbed their tent, with Bariss picking up their beds and nightstands. Ahsoka picked a small plot of land next to a small rock since she had assumed that the planet would be windy at day, but far, far worse at night. Ahsoka began to unpack her tent, taking out the long metal rods before attempting to force them into the ground, before admitting defeat and bringing out the tool, Ahsoka then placed down the poles into the freshly dug sand, before securing them as tight as she could. Ahsoka then began to place the canvas of the tent, pinning it into the inner side, leaving the piping outside exposed. Once Ahsoka began to place the final touches of the tent, using the force to pin the roof before calling over a distracted Bariss, who seemed overjoyed at the newly built tent. Bariss went into the tent as Ahsoka followed, bringing in the bags, as well as the beds, and nightstands which were made of the same material as the tent.

That’s when Ahsoka lent down to place the bed for Bariss, her balder, without warning gave way, the warmth spreading down Ahsoka’s legs, an audible hiss sounding out further exposing the accident she had just endured, her grey leggings now turned to a black and gray pattern, showing the full extent of her accident, with a pool of yellow liquid forming on the floor beneath her, turning the dry sand to a wet and dark pile of wet sand. Ahsoka didn’t know what to do, she could feel her own urine soak into her own skin as she seen Bariss turn around to see Ahsoka go from orange to a shade of red she had never seen before. Bariss was shocked, looking at Ahsokas now soaked leggings before seeing the distressed twi’leks face, which had begun to express tears. Ahsoka had been caught having an accident, and by another Jedi, and a friend, Bariss was the only person who she could ever call a friend, and now she was staring her in the face covered in her own urine.

“J-just go away,” Ahsoka asked Bariss, a defeated sob accompanying her.

“Look, Ahsoka it’s ok,” Bariss said, trying to comfort Ahsoka, with a little effect, only causing the girl to cry more.

“It’s not ok” Ahsoka replied, this time her sob becoming more prevalent “Look at me”

Bariss didn’t know how to comfort her, she didn’t know how or what to say to make her feel better, she wanted to help her, but she felt like anything she said would just make it worse. Bariss knew how she felt, after all, she’d had many an accident while talking to Ahsoka, to Anakin, to Luminara, even to Grand Master Yoda, but it was all contained in her diaper, that’s right, Bariss was a full-time diaper wearer. She had been, as long as she was a Jedi. She’d never had control over her bladder, or her bowls for that matter.

“Look I promise it’s ok,” Bariss said, dropping her robes, showing a fully used diaper to Ahoska who stopped her crying, shocked at not only Bariss’s choice of underwear but the state of which it was in. “You’re not the only one”

Ahsoka had lost the ability to speak, she was currently looking at someone her age, another Jedi, and a friend wearing a diaper, one which looked like it had been used to its absolute limits. It was brown and yellow, and sagging below her thighs.

“A D-diaper” Ahsoka asked Bariss, only being able to speak these two words. “Why are you wearing a diaper,” Ahsoka said managing to push out a few more words

Bariss was now panicked, she never expected to be in this situation, she only managed to show Ahsoka her diaper in a flash attempt to make her feel better. And now her robes were on the floor, she felt as exposed as Ahsoka did, in her mind being seen in a diaper was as bad as being seen as having an accident, it was the same thing, just a different form.

“Ye,” Bariss said, still and somewhat successfully trying to muster the courage to talk “it’s not a choice, it never has been”

“Wait, you mean you can’t control your” Ahsoka said shocked, she didn’t expect Bariss to wear diapers.

“Nope, I have nothing,” Bariss said, now with a new sense of strange, unusual pride about her diapers. It was something she had never felt before, it was always something she was embarrassed about, “Ahsoka, I know it’s not what you want to hear but I think you should wear one of my diapers for tonight”

“NO, I don’t need a diaper, it was once an accident” Ahsoka using every bit of herself to protest Bariss’s diaper suggestion

“Ahsoka, I understand you mightn’t want to, but it’s the best option” Bariss replied, as calm as she could “What if you have another accident”

Ahsoka couldn’t speak, what if she did, what if she had another accident, was it worse to have one in a diaper, or have it in her pants, and what if it was in front of Anakin, or Obi-wan, was that a risk she wanted to take, or was it better to wear a diaper.

Ahsoka sat for about 30 seconds, it wasn’t easy. She knew a diaper would be better, but that wasn’t something she didn’t want to accept, she wanted to think that it was only one accident, but it was random, there wasn’t any reason, there wasn’t a hint it would happen. Ahsoka put her hands on her face as she thought about it more.

Bariss moved over to hug Ahsoka, now seeing the young Tortuga crying into her hands. Bariss hugged Ahsoka as she kept crying into her hands, she didn’t want to look a Bariss, or anyone for the matter, she wanted to be left alone, all she wanted to do was cry, that’s all she wanted to do. Bariss kept hugging Ahsoka, making sure her diaper didn’t touch her since she knew it would just make her cry even more. Bariss held Ahsoka tight in her arms, and Ahsoka slowly began to stop crying as Bariss eased on her hug before moving away from Ahsoka as she felt herself begin to pee again. Ahsoka lifted her hands out of her face looking towards Bariss, whose diaper became ever fuller than Ahsoka thought was possible. Ahsoka knew it would be the best option, but she couldn’t say it, she didn’t want to accept that she might need diapers or at least some type of protection. Ahsoka knew that were was protection, other than diapers, things like training pants, which she wore up until she was 6 since she had a somewhat difficult time being potty trained. Ahsoka thought about asking Bariss if she had any other type of protection to wear. Ahsoka wanted to believe that this was a one-time accident, but it was random, there wasn’t any warning.

“Is there anything else?” Ahsoka asked Bariss, hoping for the answer she wanted.

“No, I’m sorry Ahsoka” Bariss responded, looking at the defeated Ahsoka “I have some pull-ups on the ship, but I only brought diapers, just trust me”

Ahsoka nodded to Bariss, just managing to hold back her tears. Bariss leaned down as she grabbed two diapers, once covered in patterns, with unicorns and stars plastered on every inch from the top to the bottom, and fully white diaper, with only a yellow line running along the middle. Bariss laid down the patterned diaper, asking Ahsoka which one she would prefer, expecting Ahsoka to pick the white diaper.

“Which one would you prefer,” Bariss asked Ahsoka

Ahsoka pointed to the patterned diaper, shocking not only Bariss but herself, she didn’t know why she wanted the diaper plastered with unicorns, but there was something about it, something she couldn’t possibly explain. Bariss then set down the fully white diaper, picking up the patterned diaper, Ahsoka didn’t know if she had made the right choice. Looking at the diaper Ahsoka saw how much thicker it was compared to the plain one, Ahsoka looked at the thickness, knowing it would make her waddle, at least a little bit, the same as Bariss had, which caused her to be a lot slower than Ahsoka, which now she understood.

“We’ll leave your clothes in here, just in case someone sees,” Bariss said to Ahsoka, before unfolding the diaper, leaving it next to Ahsoka.

Ahsoka was surprised, after all somehow she was somewhat calm about this all, after all having someone who was so open about diapers Ahsoka felt strangely comforted after all Bariss was walking around in a full diaper, ignorant of any embarrassment. Bariss was used to showing her diaper to someone else, well only to luminara, but she trusted Ahsoka, and she had forgotten about her diaper, she was more focused on helping Ahsoka than what she was wearing. Ahsoka looked at the diaper she was about to be put into, it was much larger than Ahsoka first expected it to be, with the pattern on it confusing her, there was a large purple bit in the middle, instead of the white that was along the rest of the diaper. Ahsoka didn’t want to touch the diaper however, she didn’t have a clue what she was doing, and she was too scared to touch it, not because she was scared of the diaper, as stupid as it sounded.

Bariss then leaned back into her bag, Ahsoka being able to see how far Bariss’s mess had spread, Ahsoka had assumed the diaper was white, although the only part of the diaper that had been untouched was the sides, which Ahsoka looked back at the diaper that was lain out, seeing no padding that reached. Bariss took out a bottle of some sort along with some cream, and a small mat which she lain on her bed, before placing the cream and the strange bottle onto her nightstand.

“I’ll get you sorted in your diaper,” Bariss said, a strange feeling accompanying her, she had never diapered another adult before, but she assumed that it would be the same as putting on a baby. “Get undressed and lie on the mat”

Ahsoka slowly began to take off her top first, removing her poncho, placing it in a bunch on the floor, before hesitating to take off her top, she didn’t wear a bra, and she didn’t want Bariss to see her like that. Ahsoka mustered the courage to slide her top, sliding it off as she exposed her boobs, her nipples poking out towards Bariss, Ahsoka’s face yet again went red, it was the first time she’d been seen naked by someone, and for it to be like this felt wrong. Bariss smiled at Ahsoka, hoping to make her feel better. Ahsoka then began to take off her boots, which were soaked in the urine she had let leak only minutes before. She took off her socks, which now had a yellow tinge from her accident before, which she threw in the same pile as the rest of her clothes. Ahsoka then moved onto her soaked leggings, which took a lot more effort than a light pull, with Ahsoka using more force to rip down, which ended up with Ahsoka falling off her bed onto the floor in front of Bariss with her soaked leggings at the bottom, wrapped around her ankles. Ahsoka began to cry again, with Bariss putting a hand out to help Ahsoka, which she accept quickly, trying to keep some of her dignity. Bariss then gave Ahsoka a small hug, before guiding her towards the bed, as Ahsoka lay down on top of the diaper as Bariss pulled off Ahokas soaked leggings before placing them in the big pile in the center of Ahsoka’s clothes. Bariss pushed Ahsoka back as she lay down on top of the diaper. Ahsoka’s face went red yet again, she was embarrassed that she was about to be diapered, but there was something strange, she was looking forward to it, it didn’t make sense. A few minutes ago she was in tears at even the mention of wearing a diaper, but now, about to be diapered in what looked to be an oversized baby diaper, and was going red.

Bariss went back down to the bag on the floor, taking out a few wipes before asking Ahsoka if she was ready.

“Are you ready?” Bariss asked Ahsoka “I’ll need to wipe you first”

Ahsoka nodded to Bariss, as she grabbed a wipe and began cleaning Ahsoka. She first wiped Ahsoka’s thighs, making sure to clean all of Ahsoka’s accident off her legs, before moving to her princess parts, making sure to move as slow as she could, trying not to make Ahsoka uncomfortable. Ahsoka was fine being cleaned by Bariss, until she reached her vulva, which Ahsoka then closed her eyes, trying to ignore where Bariss’s hand was. Bariss made as good of a job as she could before moving her hand away quickly, making sure that Ahsoka was ok. Ahsoka pushed out a smile towards Bariss, who took that as a sign to continue changing Ahsoka. Bariss grabbed the bottle of cream, rubbing it over the same places she wiped, before grabbing a bottle of powder she had laid out before, sprinkling it over all of Ahsoka’s front, rubbing it in, before asking Ahsoka to lift up, as Bariss spread to along Ahsoka’s behind. Ahsoka placed her bum back down onto the padding, feeling a soft spring as she did, Bariss then began to tape up Ahsoka, which she again closed her eyes to, not wanting to look at Bariss, she was too conflicted to answer herself, let alone another person.

Ahsoka didn’t know how she felt, on one hand, she loved the feeling of being into a diaper, but on the other, she was mortified, even more, so that she was enjoying it. Ahsoka was normally sure of how she felt about things but this was different, she didn’t, she didn’t know how she felt, how she truly felt, which one of her two feelings was the right one.

Bariss then pulled up the front of the diaper, to just below her belly button, looking towards Ahsoka, whose eyes were sealed shut, with not a small glint of light being allowed in. Bariss then grabbed the left and pulled it as tight as she could, before placing it on the front of the diaper, with Ahsoka hearing the velcro join together, knowing she couldn’t go back. Bariss then grabbed the second tape, pulling it as tight as the first before she heard the same joining of the velcro as before. Bariss then smoothed out the tapes, rubbing her hands across the front of the diaper. Bariss then moved onto the top two tapes, going from left to right, Bariss pulled the tapes of Ahsoka’s diaper, making sure to pull them looser than before, and Ahsoka again heard the sound of velcro being taped twice. Ahsoka opened her eyes as she heard Bariss place the last tape on her diaper. Ahsoka sat up quickly, hearing the audible crinkle of her diaper, assessing her new diaper, Ahsoka felt the front, not having a sensation on her crotch, instead only being able to feel the outside of the diaper. Ahsoka began to wiggle and squirm, trying to get a feel of what her diaper felt like, before standing up, seeing how big the diaper was. It went to her stomach and covered most of her lower back, which Ahsoka was secretly pleased with, after her initial fear about the diaper being too big. Ahsoka heard the crinkle that was coming from her diaper at every move she made. Ahsoka spent some time feeling her diaper, sitting, lying, squatting, and just about any position, forgetting that Bariss was still in the tent, as she made eye contact on all four, looking into the giggling face of Bariss, who had watched the whole thing.

“Well, how are they then,” Bariss said sarcastically “You seem to like them”

Ahsoka’s face went red as Bariss apologized, hugging Ahsoka once more, this time being less worried about her diaper touching the young Tortuga.

Bariss and Ahsoka then both looked down simultaneously, with pee trickling down both their legs, coming from Bariss’s diaper. Bariss stepped back, her face going redder than Ahsoka’s ever had. Ahsoka told her it was ok, and that she thinks she should change. Bariss nodded and lay down the same mat that Ahsoka had moments before.

Bariss began to untape her diaper, with Ahsoka being morbidly fascinated by the state of it. Bariss undid the top tapes, which let part of the diaper fall, exposing Ahsoka to the smell that the diapered had managed to contain, Ahsoka gagged at the smell of Bariss, who seemed to be un-phased by the smell that had been exerted by her diaper. Bariss then undid the bottom two tapes, letting the defeated diaper fully fall in front of her, with another wave of the putrid smell coming towards Ahsoka, whose attempt not to gag was unsuccessful, with the smell seeming becoming worse. After about 10 seconds Ahsoka’s nose began to filter out the smell. Ahsoka then peered over to Bariss, who seemed to be a pro at changing, Ahsoka tried to have a look at the diaper, but Bariss’s legs were blocking Ahsoka from the mess that was contained in Bariss’s diaper. Ahsoka continued watching as Bariss slid the diaper from beneath her, Ahsoka gagging at the sight of the mess that Bariss’s diapered had somehow contained, there now being no white padding that Ahsoka had seen on her own diaper, with it now being a brown clumpy mess.

Bariss continued to change her diaper, grabbing multiple wipes before scrubbing herself, using a lot more wipes than she had while cleaning Ahsokas’s pitiful accident in comparison to her own. Bariss started with her thighs, rubbing the small amount of mess that had leaked out of the diaper. Once Bariss had finished she put the wipes, which lead the same way as the diaper, going from white to a similar shade of brown as the diaper which was now in a clump with the two wipes, Bariss then grabbed a few more wipes and began cleaning her princess parts. Bariss began to wipe, making sure to grab a few more wipes making sure every part of her vulva was clean, wiping it until the wipes had nothing left on it. Ahsoka looked away for most of this, not wanting to make Bariss uncomfortable, but Ahsoka took another peak, with her expression and changed from being shocked to being surprised, with it going from a cakey brown mess to a clean, yet different from her princess parts. Bariss then stood up, grabbing a few more wipes before moving onto her bum, rubbing the wipes down her bum, making sure to remove as much mess as possible, Bariss then placed down the wipes with the others, as well as the well-used diaper.

Bariss then lent down, the same as she had done to grab Ahsoka’s diaper, except this time without her one, now her surprisingly plump green behind being on the show to Ahsoka, who opted to only take a few glances before averting her gaze elsewhere. Bariss grabbed the same diaper that Ahsoka was wearing. Bariss looked down at herself as she got back onto her bed, making sure nothing had left her body while she was momentarily un-padded. Once Bariss had sat back up onto the mat she lay down again, unfolding the diaper with much less care than she had taken with Ahsoka’s, who was currently sitting amazed at not only Bariss’s proficiency in changing diapers but the padding that was between her legs, which gave her once uncomfortable bed a cushion-like feel. Bariss then placed the unfolded diaper beneath her, laying onto it before sprinkling powder upon herself, rubbing it in, before once again lifting herself to powder her behind. Bariss then pulled the front of her diaper up, before grabbing the bottom tapes, and taped them on with the same care she had given to Ahsoka, however, once she reached the top tapes she placed them significantly less carefully before standing up. Once stood up Bariss fixed the leak guards on her diaper. Bariss then re-did the top tapes on her diaper, making sure that the diaper fits correctly. Bariss then smiled at the semi-naked, and now diapered Ahsoka who had yet again gone red at being seen in her new “Underwear”.

“So, now where both freshly diapered, I suggest we cover them up before either of us get caught” Bariss cringing at herself saying “Freshly diapered”.

Ahsoka nodded to Bariss, being pleased to cover up the diaper, but still pleased to keep wearing the diaper, which Ahsoka was still undecided on her feeling. On one hand, she found it comfortable, but on the other, she was embarrassed because of why she was now wearing the diaper. She still hadn’t accepted she had one, she didn’t want anyone to know, she didn’t want to know. Ahsoka continued her inner conflict as she began to dress. Grabbing the bag of clothes she had left below her bed. Ahsoka grabbed all of the same things, making sure no one would be able to notice anything different about her. Ahsoka slipped on her leggings, which to her surprise his the diaper much better than she thought it would. Ahsoka then grabbed the top she had worn just moments before, sliding it over her top. Ahsoka then covered herself with her poncho before placing on her socks and spare pair of boots, which Ahsoka was now overjoyed at her decision to bring a second pair. Ahsoka then stood up, looking at Bariss who was now fully clothed, the diaper she was once wearing now invisible again. Ahsoka looked back at herself, trying to check if the added volume she was now wearing was noticeable.

“Can you tell?” Ahsoka asked Bariss nervously

“Not at all” Bariss responded, with only a brief seconding of checking “Now let’s grab some food, that’ll make you feel better,” Bariss said, leading Ahsoka out of the tent…

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