Agent Theo Steel

Story 2

Hi, my name is Theo Steel. I’m a fifteen year old high schooler who does everything a normal kid does. Studies, hangs out with friends, plays sports, and flirts with hot girls. I don’t consider myself popular or anything, but I’m not loser. I’ve got a mom, a dad, and a brother. I bet my life seems pretty boring and normal to you, but trust me it gets better. When I was six years old I discovered I had a superpower. This isn’t some normal, boring ass superpower, like flying or super strength, no what I can do is a lot more different. I can manipulate my age. Well, not like make myself immortal or anything, but I can change my appearance to look like my younger self. I can only make myself look younger not older. Still sounds pretty lame huh? Well what if I told you I get paid by the government, that’s right the super high up important people to go on spy missions for potential threats to our country and the citizens of it. I know what you’re thinking. No, no one else has a superpower, it’s just me, well, that I know of. Tomorrow is my sixteenth birthday and I will finally be legally allowed to go on high ranked espionage missions. Yeah, I’ve never really been on an important mission, unless being younger so that I can use the kids menu at restaurants counts. But, the government promised to give me a super secret, high class mission tomorrow. It’s gonna be a long night so I guess I’ll tell you about how I discovered my age shifting abilities, or as I like to call it age fluctuation.

I was six years old, like I stated before. I had been messing around with my cousin and brother at my aunt and uncle’s house. We were in my cousin, Ethan’s room. We were all laying on his bed, bored as hell, like any other six year old after having no activity for ten minutes. I was about to suggest going on his swing set, when Ethan hopped off the bed.

“Where are you going?” My brother, Nate asked.

“I don’t know, I’m really bored.” Ethan replied. He walked over to his closet and searched through it.

“Hey, what are you trying to find?” I asked him as he moved his clothing out of the way.

“I don’t really know. Maybe a board game, or cards, or just about anything not boring.” Ethan replied.

“Hey, what’s that?” Nate asked, pointing to something in the corner of the closet.

“Oh, those are my little brother, Owen’s pull ups that he used to wear to bed.” Ethan answered, looking behind boxes in the closet.

“Hey, why don’t we put them on?” Nate suggested.

“Why?” I asked. Who would want to wear some diapers for fun I thought.

“Yeah, we can play babies.” Ethan joined in.

“No, that’s ok, I don’t really wanna.” I said. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my parents and aunt and uncle.

“Well, me and Ethan are gonna play.” Nate said, a little upset that I declined his offer. He and Ethan both took the pull ups out of the plastic case and put them on.

“Ok, fine.” I said, giving up, as I grabbed one and put it on. It felt surprisingly comfortable. I actually really liked the feeling of wearing it.

“Let’s go downstairs!” Ethan exclaimed, as he and Nate ran over to the staircase wearing nothing but a t-shirt and their pull ups.

I grabbed my pants, put them on and followed them down the stairs. They both crawled on their hands and knees making baby noises as I followed them, standing up, completely embarrassed, holding the sides of my pants tight. At one point I noticed that the pull up seems pretty large. That’s when I noticed I was shorter. I stood up next to Nate and Ethan, who were horrified. My clothes were huge.

“What the heck?” I yelled as I frantically tried to put on my clothes.

Ethan got my mom and brought her over to me. She stared at me for a while. “What the hell?” She whispered as she picked me up.

“What’s going on? Why am I so small?” I whimpered as my mom brought me to my father.

When my father saw me, he suggested to go to the hospital, but it was obvious they would have no idea what to do.

“How is this even possible?” my mom said, freaking on our car ride back home.

“Well at least he still has his memory and can control his body.” My dad said.

When we got home my dad called the government and told them about the supernatural event. Of course, they thought it was a prank call and told him not to call again.

“What’s gonna happen to me, mommy?” I asked my mom as she tucked me into bed.

“I don’t know, honey, but just know that we are all here for you and will find some way to help.” She said, trying to calm me down.

Although I was panicking and upset, I still some how fell asleep. The next day I woke up completely fine and in my regular body. I quickly ran down to my parents to go show them.

“Ok, what the hell is going on?” My dad said. He checked me out to make sure I was back to normal again. It almost seemed like it was just some type of dream.

The next couple of days were crazy. My age would shift when ever I got upset, excited, or frustrated. Some how we convinced the government to come and check me out. Two men showed up at our door a few days later.

“Alright, let’s check this little phenomena out.” One of them said as he approached me. He was very tall, and smelled like cologne. He picked me up and looked me straight the eyes.

“Theodore Steel.” He said in a loud voice. I started panicking and sweating.

“Please put me down.” I squirmed. The man brought his face closer to me and I smelled his cigarette breath. I started coughing.

“Put my baby down!” My mom yelled, as she went up to the man.

“Yes, I’m sorry ma’am, just one second.” He replied. He raised his hand as if he was going to hit me. I squealed and closed my eyes. Just as my mom was about to snatch me from the man’s hands, I became a toddler again.

“I’m truly sorry ma’am, I would never hurt your child, I was just trying to make his age shift.”

“Well, ok I guess you needed proof.” My mom said, upset.

“Very peculiar indeed.” The other man said as he stared at me.

“So what are we going to do?” My dad asked.

“We need to take him back to our base.” The man holding me explained. “There we will run harmless experiments to see what this crazy, mystical ability is. Don’t worry, you can all come along too and wait for our scientists to be done testing him.”

“As long as you don’t hurt my child.” My mom said.

The next day we took a plane to a government base where scientists proceeded to examine me. I don’t remember it too well, but I bet I was scared as hell. After days of blood tests, X-rays and other medical procedures, the scientists couldn’t conclude what was wrong with me.

“All we know is that when ever he gets emotional, he seems to lose control and cause his age to shift.” A scientist explained. “I’d keep him out of school until he either learns to control his strange ability, or it goes away.”

After spending a few more days at the facility, we all went back home. It took a while, lots of tantrums, fights and crying for me to be able to control my new founded power. When it got to the point where I would only shifted ages if I got severely upset, my parents decided to send me back to school. Of course everyone was wondering where I was for the past month, so I just said I had a bad sickness. Being naive first graders, they believed me. My mom had to write a detailed note about the supposed sickness I had to my teacher, but other than that things went pretty smoothly.

Alright, I’m pretty sure you’re all wondering “how does this have anything to do with abdl what so ever?” Well let’s just say after maturing a bit more, I was able to sneak baby diapers to my house and shift ages to fit into them. My parents haven’t caught me yet. In fact since its the night of my birthday, I thought I’d go to bed fifteen and wake up three. I’ve got my stuffed animal dog next to me and a size five pampers diaper I found in my next door neighbors stroller they left outside. I’m not gonna poop in it or anything, but I will make sure to pee. Oh, I almost forgot to change my age! Well, I know you can’t tell, but right now I’m happily cuddling my stuffed animal in a three year old body, while wearing a diaper. I can’t wait to see what type of mission I get assigned on tomorrow!

I woke up, still as a three year old at around nine o’clock. Oh, did I forget to mention I learned how to change the size of the clothing I’m wearing when I shift my age! Well that’s how I stayed warm last night. I was very surprised to see that my parents weren’t home. I got up, went downstairs and got a grocery bag. Since my parents weren’t home, I could manage to poop in the diaper too.

I went upstairs and pulled down my pants, revealing the wet diaper. I was always a little nervous about messing my diapers. I don’t want my parents to show up while I was in the middle of cleaning up. But since it’s my sixteen birthday, what the hell. I bent over and counted down from ten. At zero I let my bowels give out. I felt the warmness start to spread over the seat of my diaper. After admiring my cute self in the mirror, I noticed the smell coming from me. The problem now was I didn’t want to get changed. After calming down (if you know what I mean) I started to clean myself up. It took a little while, but I washed up and disposed of the evidence. Just in time too, because my parents showed up a minute later.

“Where were you guys?” I asked, relieved they didn’t get home sooner.

“We just got you a little something for your birthday.” My mom answered.

“Oh, yeah and there’s some man from the government here too.” Nate said.

Sometimes I wonder if Nate gets jealous of my age fluctuation ability. I mean, I’m gonna go on a classified mission today. He must sometimes get jealous. Well, sorry to say, it’s not too fun hiding your emotions so an accidental age shift won’t happen and it’s not fun getting examined by scientists.

A man wearing an all black suit walked into our house. The sent of cologne hit me and I was instantly reminded of ten years ago.

“Theodore Steel.” He said in the same booming voice as ten years ago. I swear it was like deja vu.

“It’s nice to see you again.” The man said as he shook my hand. So it was him. The guy from ten years ago.

“You too.” I replied, still a little shaken.

“Well, as promised, we have a top secret assignment for you. Oh, and happy birthday.” The man said

I started to shake with anticipation because I really wanted to know what my assignment was.

“Here it is.” The man said as he handed me a vanilla folder with the words “top secret” written on it.

I opened up the folder and read the case summery.

“Now, I know the case seems… silly, but it is critical that you investigate.” The man explained.

As I read through the case briefing I immediately thought to myself what the hell is this. The paper said that there was a preschool teacher accused of distributing illegal weapons to terrorists. A preschool teacher?! Come on, they could at least try to make it seem realistic.

“Before you say anything, yes this is a real case. We have reason to believe that Mrs. Christine A. Wiseman has been involved in the distribution of military grade, illegal weapons.” The man said.

The only evidence shown in the folder was that parents reported their children coming home with gunpowder on their hands. So the teacher makes the toddlers handle guns? This seems a little far fetched.

“Ok then…” I replied, looking down.

“Now, to prepare for this you need to learn how to properly act like a toddler.” The man explained. “If you can, may you please show me your best impression now?”

“Uh, sure.” I replied. I slowed my breathing and closed my eyes. In my head I told myself the words “three years old”. When I opened my eyes I was a toddler.

“Ok, now act like a toddler.” The man said

“How do I do that?” I asked. I know how babies act and all but I can’t just become one perfectly.

“I don’t know. Waddle around and speak loudly, I’m not gonna teach you.” The man said.

I rolled my eyes. “So what can I do?” I asked him.

“Look at videos of toddlers or something. You better have this impersonation down in three weeks. We’ll send you to a daycare for a day and see if you can fool them.” The man said.

He then left the house and drove off.
There was an awkward silence between everyone in the house.

“So… that seems like it’s gonna be a fun mission.” Nate said sarcastically.

“Well I guess you have to get practicing, Theo.” My dad chuckled.

I reverted back to my sixteen year old body. This was gonna be a fun three weeks. Nothing but watching toddlers burp, poop and throw up. Just fucking fantastic.

After what seemed like millions of baby videos later, I was finally ready to go to the daycare. The man came to our house and picked me up.

“You have fun, kiddo!” My mom said laughing as the car drove away.

In the car the man handed me clothes. He gave me a t-shirt with a design on it, a zip up sweatshirt, some jeans and a diaper.

“Get yourself changed in the back of the car while I sign in.” He said as he opened the car door.

I shifted into my three year old self and got in to my clothing. It felt so good to be in a diaper, and not have to worry about anyone thinking I’m weird for doing so. I slid my jeans over the diaper, but let the waistband stick out a little. The man came back to the car and carried me to the front desk.

“You know you don’t have to carry me.” I whispered to him.

“Just to let you know, I have zero experience with babies, let alone children. Preform well.” He said handing me a stuffed animal bear.

“What’s this for?” I asked.

“The right eye in the bear is a little camera. Keep this with you at all times.” The man explained.

“It’s not like these people are the terrorists or anything.” I whispered back.

“Yes, I know but this is a test.” The man replied.

“So this is little Theo!” The woman at the front desk said as we approached her.

“Yeah, I’ll be back here at around four o’clock.” The man said to the lady at the desk.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of him.” The woman said as she held my hand.

As we were walking to the nursery room, I turned back and looked at the man. He just walked out without even turning around. This is gonna be a “fun” few hours.

“Hi, I’m Ms. Allen, but you can call me Julia.” The lady said to me as we walked down the hall.

“Hi Julia!” I said, making the “l” sound like a “w”. “I’m Theo!”

“I know that, silly boy.” She chuckled.

I don’t know what it was but something about her voice really calmed me and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. We made our way over to the playroom where about ten other toddlers were playing.

“Remember to keep that bear with you at all times.” The man’s voice echoed in my head. I held the bear tight to my chest and pointed it’s head at Julia.

“This is the nursery, Theo. Why don’t you go make friends with some of the other boys and girls.” Julia said to me.

“Ok!” I exclaimed. I walked over to two boys playing with Legos. I may have watched a butt load of videos to prepare myself for the mission, but I had no idea how to act around other children.

“Who are you?” One of the boys asked loudly.

“I’m Theo!” I responded. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Spencer.” The kid answered.

“My name is Zack.” The other boy said.

“How old are you?” Spencer asked.

I held up three fingers. “Three!” I exclaimed. I wondered if I was acting too young or to excited. Ah, what the hell it’s not like a toddler would recognize it.

“I’m three AND a quarter.” Spencer exclaimed.

“I just turned three two days ago!” Zack said.

“Whatcha building?” I asked.

“A tower.” Zack answered.

I played with Zack and Spencer for a while. It was pretty boring. Mainly I built up the tower and they knocked it down.

Finally Julia walked over to us to check in.

“How’s my little man doing with making friends?” She asked me

“Good.” I answered. It’s kind of annoying answering with one word all the time, but from my research that’s how toddlers speak.

“Your father is going to be here in about an hour.” Julia said.

Father? She thinks that big, scary man was my father? I can’t imagine having him as a father, hell, I don’t even know his name!

“Ok.” I responded.

I suddenly felt the need to poop. Shit, not now! I can’t do that in front of a bunch of people! I mean I know that all toddlers do that, but I never ever trained for something like this! Julia noticed my squirming and picked me up.

“It’s ok, baby boy. What’s wrong?” She asked.

“No, it’s nothing I’m fine.” I responded. Shit, did I just speak like an adult?! Oh crap, what’s she gonna think?

“Nuh-uh little man, I think you’re having tummy troubles.” Julia said, patting my stomach.

I guess she didn’t notice the way I spoke before. I just giggled a little and turned away. I still held my bear tight to my chest.

“Well ok pumpkin I’ll check on you later to see if you need to be changed.” Julia said, winking at me.

“Ok.” I replied.

I went back to playing with Spencer and Zack.

“I’m gonna get potty trained in a few weeks.” Spencer announced, trying to show off. “I’ll be a big boy, and not some baby like you.” He said, looking at me and Zack.

“I already use the potty, I learned when I was two and a half.” Zack said to Spencer.

“Oh, well then I’m not gonna be a diaper baby like you.” Spencer said pointing at me.

“Hey,” I said, pretending to sound upset. “That wasn’t very nice.” I said, pouting. “Besides, I like my diapees.”

“You do?!” Spencer and Zack said shocked.

“Yeah, cause you don’t have to hold anything in ever and they’re really nice and soft.” I explained. I think I kind of let my abdl side slip out a little bit there. Oh well, that’s what happens.

“Yeah, but you’re not a big boy then.” Spencer explained.

“So?” I asked.

“Then you’re a little baby boy.” Zack said.

“Is there anything wrong with that?” I asked.

“Yeah cause you won’t grow up!” Spencer exclaimed.

“Well I don’t gotta worry about that now.” I said.

I really had to poop, but I was so hesitant. I mean, I’m not pooping in front of people! Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that all my internal organs shrink too when I age fluctuate? I can’t hold anything in for longer then thirty minutes! Eventually I sucked it up. I stood up, bent over a little, and felt the warmness start to spread over the seat of my diaper.

I continued playing with Spencer and Zack for about five minutes when Julia came over. When she started sniffing the air I began to blush and turned away.

“Theo, did you make a stinky?” She asked me. Damn, she really made me feel like a little kid.

“No…” I said, turning away and smiling. It was obvious that I did. I had to play it out like a real toddler would.

“Uh huh, I’m not sure if I believe you, little man.” She said teased back to me. She picked me up and sniffed my butt.

“Pew, stinky butt let’s go get you changed.” She said, holding her nose.

I was about to respond, but I felt more rumbling in my stomach. Julia seemed to notice my queasiness.

“What’s wrong diaper butt, need to go more?” She asked.

I just nodded and stood there. My face got even more red. Is she gonna stare at me while I take a shit? This is gonna be the most awkward experience I’ve ever had! When I realized she wouldn’t turn away, I began to release my bowels some more.

“Alright diaper boy, now let’s go get you changed.” She said, picking me up.

She placed me on a changing table and began to take off my pants. I’m not gonna let some thirty year old teacher see my junk! That’s just wrong! I knew I couldn’t change myself though. As she changed me I couldn’t stop thinking of how I was actually sixteen and how fucked up this was.

“Ok, all done!” Julia said as she pulled up my pants.

I walked away very awkwardly and tried not to look at Julia for the remainder of the time I was at the nursery.

After about another hour Julia came up to me and told me that my “daddy” was here. She walked me out to the front desk.

“How was he?” The government man asked.

“Theo was a very good boy! He made friends really quickly with the other children. Oh, and by the way does he usually lie about not needing to be changed?” Julia said.

“Uh… Yeah, he can be a handful sometimes.” The man said, fake laughing. He glared at me.“Oh, and Theo where’s your bear?”

Shit. I completely forgot about keeping the bear close to me at all times.

“Um… Let me go get it.” I said looking down.

“Oh, no it’s ok cutie I’ll go get your beary.” Julia said, walking down the hall.

“So I guess that’s one part of the mission you failed.” The man said rudely. I swear he never liked me.

“Hehe, I guess so… sorry.” I answered.

“Just don’t mess up on the real mission.” He said.

Julia walked back to the desk with the bear.

“Here you go, cutie pants.” She said as she handed it to me.

“Thank you.” I replied.

“I’m sorry miss, but we have to leave.” the man said to Julia. He took my hand and began to walk out of the place

“Goodbye Theo! I hope I’ll see you again!” Julia shouted as we left.

I got in to the car with the man. He was silent for a few minutes.

“So, I never got to ask you sir, but what’s your name?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“You can call me Agent Jacobs.” He replied. “Oh, and you can change back to normal now.”

I shifted back into my sixteen year old body. The clothes grew with me, but I decided to change out of them anyway. I kept the diaper I was wearing for later. Agent Jacobs dropped me off at my house and I walked inside.

“How’d it go?” My dad asked me.

“I think it went pretty well.” I replied

“Wait, so you acted completely like a toddler for the whole time?” Nate asked.

“Well, yeah I kinda had to.” I replied. It’s not like I could’ve acted like a teenager.

“Did you, like, cry and poop and all that stuff?” He continued.

“I didn’t cry…” I said looking down.

“Ew, you pooped in a diaper?!” Nate teased.

“Well, yeah I had too. It’s not like I could’ve gone anywhere else.” I said, blushing.

“Well I’m sure you did a great impression and will even do better on the real mission.” My mom said.

“I just hope it pays well.” I said, half-joking."

“Can you show us your impression of a toddler?” Nate asked.

“Well I can’t do it now. Gotta be in the environment, you know.” I said.

“Alright.” Nate said, seeming upset. He sometimes acts so childish even though he’s older than me. At one point I thought he might be abdl, hell, when I was twelve I thought everyone might be secretly abdl! I guess it was more of a mental coping mechanism.

Tomorrow is my big mission, the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life. I hope I’ll be a better spy than I was today. Maybe they’ll make a book or movie about me in the future! Well, I’m getting kind of ahead of myself. Besides I’ll have to keep my age fluctuation a secret all my life because I don’t want anyone kidnapping me to try and figure out the source of my power. I guess I’ll tell my future wife, but other than that my mouth’s staying shut.

The next morning Agent Jacobs came to pick me up at my house. He was wearing the same black suit, had the same black car, the same cologne, and the same attitude as usual. I swear it’s like these guys never go to sleep. He honked his horn to tell me to hurry up.

“Bye guys!” I said to my family.

“Good luck!” My mom said.

“Don’t get caught!” Nate teased.

“Remember, it’s ok to bail!” My dad teased along with Nate.

I stepped into the black car. Of course Agent Jacobs was silent and I had to spark the conversation.

“How’d I do yesterday?” I asked him.

“You did alright. Not amazing, but for your first espionage mission it was ok. Just make sure to have the bear with you at all times. We’ll be watching through the camera.” Agent Jacobs said.

“What do I do if the teacher, like, tries to kill me or something?” I asked. This psycho preschool teacher was handling military grade weapons! What if she figures me out or something?!

“Don’t worry, Theo. Take this.” Agent Jacobs responded. He handed me a small, blue sports watch with a lighting bolt symbol on it.

“Ooh, is this like a secret spy watch that shoots lasers or something?” I asked. I went though a phase a few years ago where I was really into spy gear. I had replica weapons and hidden microphones all over my room.

“I guess so. Press the button on the side. Once you do, the face of the watch emits an electrical shock, capable of knocking out an adult. Just make sure not to shock yourself. And DON’T play with it.” Agent Jacobs said.

“Ok, I won’t.” I said. I was shaking cause I was so excited.

“Oh and here’s your clothes and your bear.” He said, handing the same outfit I wore yesterday to me, along with a diaper and the bear.

I shifted to a three year old and put on all my clothes.

When we arrived at the preschool Agent Jacobs opened the car door for me and walked me over to the classroom.

“Do well out there, agent.” He said to me. He then knocked on the classroom door.

A tall, skinny women, I’d say around thirty opened the door.

“Hello, who are you?” She said very fake. I could already tell she didn’t care about her job and it wouldn’t be the same experience I had yesterday.

“Hello Mrs. Wiseman. Tell the woman your name.” Agent Jacobs said, nudging me.

“Oh, I’m…” I started. Shit! Do I have to come up with a fake name? What should it be? What do I do? I wasn’t prepared for this!

“Yeah ok cool, come with me.” Mrs. Wiseman said, taking my hand.

“Oh, and his name’s Theo.” Agent Jacobs said.

Mrs Wiseman led me into the classroom. I held on to my bear tight and pointed it’s head at her.

“Do what ever the hell you want, I don’t care.” She said. She then went over to the closet, walked in, and closed the door. She just left, like fifteen toddlers unattended! Does she even pretend to be interested in her job?

I was going to go over to the other children, but I though it would be better if I went the the closet door and eavesdropped. Since I couldn’t see through the crack, I stuck the bear’s camera eye through it.

A little boy with glasses walked over to me when he noticed me by the closet door.

“She’s not gonna come out of there for a really long time.” The boy said. He seemed to be able to speak very well.

“Why?” I asked.

“Cause she always stays in there and talks to strange men. Sometimes she makes us help her with her work.” The boy said. Even though it’s seems pretty obvious that Mrs Wiseman is distributing illegal weapons, I can’t just jump to conclusions.

“What if someone gets hur-- I mean gets a booboo?” I asked.

“She sometimes comes out, but only if it’s a really bad one.” The boy explained.

“What’s your name?” I asked the boy.

“I’m Derek. What’s yours?” The boy said.

“I’m Theo.” I responded.

“Well, it’s nice to meetcha, Theo. If you want, you can help me do the puzzle I’m working on.” Derek said.

“Nah, that’s ok, I think I’ll just stay here.” I responded. This was an important mission, I couldn’t just go and play.

“Then I guess I’ll wait with you.” Derek said.

He sat down next to me.

“Is that your bear?” He asked me.

“Uh, yeah.” I responded.

“What’s his name?” Derek asked.

I never thought about giving it a name. I guess I’ll just give it a very basic one.

“Beary.” I said.

A terrible smell hit my nose.

“Um… Derek? Did you make a stinky?” I asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Hehe I’m not potty trained yet, But I’ll start soon.” Derek responded.

“What do you do if you need to get changed?” I asked.

“Well, some kids knock on the door till the teacher comes out, but I learned how to change myself. I can see that you’re also still in diapers.” Derek said, looking at my back. The back of my diaper was sticking out of my pants.

“Yeah…” I said blushing.

“Are you gonna get potty trained soon?” He asked.

“I don’t know. To be honest I don’t really want to.” I said.

“Why’s that?” Derek asked.

“I like how they feel. Plus you can go potty where ever, whenever you want.” I said.

“I guess that’s true…” Derek said.

Suddenly I felt the need to poop too.
I knew I couldn’t hold it in, plus I needed to keep watch over the door in case Mrs Wiseman ever came out. Derek seemed to notice my fidgeting.

“Just go. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” He said

“Yeah, I know but…” I started

“Not so comfortable anymore, are they?” Derek teased.

“Yeah…” I said softly. To be honest I don’t mind the feeling of a messy diaper, unless I sat in it. I actually kind of like it. I just had to play it off.

“Well when you gotta go you gotta go.” Derek said.

Completely embarrassed, I stood up, bent over a little bit and released my bowels. I felt my butt get really warm and my diaper start to sag. Since I had to pee to, I just stood still for another minute. I sat back down against the door.

“Alright, I already can smell your stinky butt. Come with me I’ll show you how to get changed.” Derek said.

I grabbed my bear and followed him across the room to a large blanket.

“Do you know how to change yourself?” Derek asked.

“No…” I said, looking down.

“Hold on one sec, I’ll go get Annie to go get Mrs Wiseman’s attention. Just let me change myself first.” Derek said.

Derek went over to the changing table, got a new diaper, and went under the blanket. A minute later he came back out and threw the old one away.

“Alright I’ll introduce you to Annie.” He said.

What I can get my head wrapped around is how good this kid’s vocabulary is! It’s like he’s a super genius or something. Wait. Is he an age shifter too?! That would explain his vocabulary and how he knew how to change himself! I guess I’ll just wait and see.

Derek walked me over to a corner of a room. There, a small girl with her blonde hair in a bun and a black pacifier in her mouth was sitting on a chair.

“Hi Annie, this is Theo.” Derek said to her.

“Hi, nice to meetcha Theo, what do you want?” Annie asked.

Derek nudged my shoulder.

“Oh, I um… need to get Mrs. Wiseman’s attention.” I said.

Annie got out of her chair and walked over to me.

“Pew, you’re right, you really do need her.” Annie said.

I blushed.

“Alright stinky butt, pay up.” She said, holding out her hand.

This toddler wanted me to pay her money?! Just to get some dumb teacher’s attention?!

“Just give her some food or something.” Derek whispered to me.

Annie grabbed my arm and started eying my watch.

“That’s a nice watch you got there, kid.” She said, playing with it.

Derek pushed her hand away.

“Isn’t that a bit much for a diaper change? Besides you already have that ring.” He said, pointing to her hand.

“Well, yeah but I want to add more to my collection. Nah, I’m just playing. Besides I don’t charge customers on their first time.” Annie said, winking.

Annie took her chair and walked over to the closet door. She then stacked up wood bricks and stood on top of them.

“Get down from there, that’s dangerous!” I yelled. If she fell she could seriously injure herself.

“Oh, calm down kid.” She said, rolling her eyes.

She took another wood brick and started banging on the closet door. After about ten seconds, Annie jumped off the chair quickly and ran back to me and Derek.

“Just remember you asked for this.” She said to me.

Mrs. Wiseman slammed the door open and stomped over to Annie.

“What the hell do you want, you little brat!” She yelled at Annie.

Annie elbowed me.

“Oh, um… I need to be changed.” I squeaked.

Mrs. Wiseman picked me up.

"Why is it that all you little animals ever do is eat, sleep, cry, and shit yourselves?! She yelled in my face.

“I don’t know… sorry…” I said, hiding my face. I squeezed my bear tight. She was honestly the scariest woman I’ve ever met.

“Well, at least you’re cute.” She said, lowering her voice.

A man with a long beard wearing glasses, a black sweatshirt, and cargo pants stepped out of the closet.

“What’s going on?” He asked, annoyed.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just one of the kids needs to be changed.” Mrs. Wiseman said. She placed me down on the changing table and removed my pants, revealing my wet and messy diaper.

The man walked over to the changing table and stared at me. I started to sweat. Does he know I’m a spy?! No, he can possibly know.

The man snatched my bear out of my hands and held it in front of his face.

“Can I have my beary back?” I asked the man. What the hell was he doing?! Did he know it was a camera?!

“What’s wrong?” Mrs Wiseman asked the man. He took a pistol with a suppressor out of his pocket.

I grabbed my watch and held my finger on the shock button. I was debating to shift back to sixteen year old. I was about to shift, but then I noticed the other kids in the room.

All of the kids except Derek and Annie continued doing their own thing. Derek clenched a cross necklace in his hand, and Annie had her ring near her mouth, as if she was going to bite it. They both looked super focused and kept their eyes on the man with the gun.

The man held the gun up to my bear’s head and shot it off. The bullet went through the bear and hit the wall. The bear’s head flew off onto the floor.

“What the fuck was that for?!” Mrs Wiseman yelled.

The man went over to her and showed her the inside of the stuffed animal. Inside were disconnected, sparking wires.

“This was a camera, set up to spy on us. The police probably gave it to this kid as a way to sneak it in.” He explained.

“Oh God, what do we do?!” Mrs Wiseman panicked.

“Either escape now, or destroy the evidence.” The man said.

“But if we destroy the evidence the whole building would be turned to rubble!” Mrs Wiseman yelled.

“Look, all we need to do is take the detonator outside and push the button. Then we have to find some way to escape.” The man explained.

My face was drained. Wait, they were planning on blowing up the building?! With innocent children and teachers?! What the hell is wrong with these people?!

Suddenly the door burst open and a swat team busted in. They surrounded Mrs. Wiseman and the man and pointed their guns at them.

“Mrs. Christine Wiseman and her fellow associate, you are under arrest for the distribution of illegal military-grade firearms and explosives. Please step away from the closet and surrender.” One of the police said.

The man took out the detonator.

“Don’t move a muscle or I’ll blow this place into hell!” He yelled.

The whole room was chaos. Mrs Wiseman was hysterically crying, all the kids were crying and hiding, Derek and Annie stood completely still, and I was still lying on the changing table.

I suddenly got a burst of energy, jumped of the table and electrocuted the man. Thank God the shock didn’t cause the detonator to go off. The man fell to the ground and started spazzing out.

After the police arrested Mrs Wiseman and the man and evacuated the children, Agent Jacobs ran inside the classroom and picked me up. He held me close to his chest.

“Thank God you’re alright! When we lost transmission from the bear we immediately sent in a swat team. I thought we might’ve lost you!” He said, squeezing me.

He brought me out to his car. For some reason he got in the back with me and wouldn’t let go. He told the agent in the front seat my address.

“Um… Agent Jacobs? You can let go of me you know.” I said.

“No, I’m never letting you out of my sight again! These missions are way too dangerous for you. You could’ve been killed! I knew I should’ve given you the spy glasses instead of the spy bear!” He rambled on.

When I thought he’d let me out at my house, he carried me inside.

“Agent Jacobs, I need to get changed.” I said, feeling my butt.

“Yes, of course, but please let me speak to your parents.” He pleaded.

“Ok? Sure?” I responded. What was up with him? He was treating me like I was his own child.

My parents and Nate walked into the room. They were shocked to see me as a three year old, and in the arms of Agent Jacobs.

“Uh… what’s going on here?” My dad asked.

“Mr. And Mrs. Steel. Let me first apologize for sending your son on such a dangerous mission. He should never have been assigned such an important mission at a young age. Although it was very dangerous, Theo preformed perfectly and eventually helped detain the criminals.” Agent Jacobs said.

A man with brown hair and glasses along with a woman with short blonde hair both around their twenties and in agent uniforms walked into our house.

“Oh, and these are the two heads of the investigation.” Agent Jacobs said pointing to the man and woman.

“It’s nice to meet you Agent Steel, I’m Agent Hoover.” The man said shaking my hand.

“Yes, it’s a pleasure. I’m Agent
Leonhart.” The woman said. As she shook my hand, I felt a shock come from my watch and jolted my arm back.

“Oh, sorry. These damn things sometimes set each other off when they’re close.” She said, pointing to a ring on her finger.

“Can you please put me down?” I asked Agent Jacobs.

After a few seconds he placed me on the ground and I shifted back to a sixteen year old. I went upstairs to go get changed out of the diaper and back in to normal clothes. When I came back down my parents were showing the agents the way out.

“Goodbye, Theo! I hope to work with you in a few years!” Agent Jacobs shouted as he stepped out the door.

That was the last I saw of Agent Jacobs or the other two agents. It was decided that I could not go on any missions until I was legally and adult. I guess I have to wait another five years. Mrs Wiseman, along with the man were convicted and put in prison for thirty five years. Apparently Agent Jacobs became the head of his unit and is now solving investigations outside of the country. I, on the other hand, have to return back to school and start thinking about colleges. Well, I guess I can’t really talk to you anymore, I’m gonna be drowning in homework and stress. Oh well, guess that’s just the price an agent pays. This is Agent Theodore H. Steel, signing off.