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Here is the first piece of a new story idea I had. I know it kinda has some of the cliches in it but hopefully this is a new direction to take the cliches. Let me know what you think and if it’s worth continuing, I’ll write more.

Kate couldn’t believe she had gotten on the show. She had been looking for jobs and applied for the show on a whim, never in a million years thinking that she would wind up on TV. And now she stood in the house all the contestants would be staying in and analyzed the competition. They all seemed prettier than her, though she wasn’t ugly herself. Her long black hair and darker complexion made her attractive to a lot of guys, not that she had ever had a serious boyfriend.

When the station had called her they had been kind of vague about what the show was about, but the reward was a million dollars and they would be taking care of expenses along the way. So she could at least stop job-hunting for a while. She had readily signed the contract, still not sure what the show was actually about.

So far it just seemed like a “Big Brother” kind of show. And now the girls sat on a couch in the living room of the home as the crew got their cameras set up. Then, in walked Greg Thomason, the host of the show. The director signaled 5…4… 3… 2… 1.

“Welcome to Age Inappropriate, a new reality show from the Nation’s Finest Network, NFN. Age Inappropriate will put our 8 contestants through all sorts of challenges. But before we explain the game, let’s introduce the candidates,”

“Mary, a teacher from near Baltimore, currently living with her boyfriend. Uh-oh, some ones living a naughty life.” Kate glanced over at Mary, who was thin, short and had light brown hair. “Megan, a librarian just trying to make ends meet,” Megan was a little bit bigger but still attractive. “Karen, a political activist living outside of DC,” Karen was tall and thin and again had brown hair. The host went on, introducing Shelby and Chloe, Rachel and Claire. Each one was attractive and most seemed to have their life figured out.

Then the host announced, “Now we are going to announce roommates! Each girl will be paired with one other and they will go find their outfits for the day. I think they are in for a surprise.”
Kate waited and waited and finally they announced “Rachel and Kate, room 4! As the girls go change, we’ll take a commercial break and come back to explain the rules of the game!”

“Hi,” Rachel, a blonde who was obviously use to having boys do things for her, “Nice to meet you roomie.”
Kate replied, “Hi yourself,” trying to be civil, “Welcome to the show, I guess.” They opened the door to their room, painted in pink but spacious enough. Then their eyes turned to the beds, where on each bed lay a diaper and a t-shirt that said, “Age Inappropriate” in blocks.
“Um. They can’t be serious, can they?” Kate asked.
Rachel snorted and said, “No way am I wearing this!”
They both stepped out of their room and saw a couple of the other girls doing the same thing. But Greg said, “Yes girls, that’s what your wearing. You all signed the contract, so no backing out now! Now please get ready so we can film the next part.”

Kate stepped backed into the room and sat down on the bed, “I knew there had to be a catch.”
Rachel stepped back in as well and sat down on the second bed, “And on national TV too. What should we do?”
Kate paused. Surely they couldn’t force the girls to wear diapers. But they had signed a contract. If they broke it, they might have to pay a bunch of money. “I guess we have to wear the diapers.” She picked it up and said, “I’ll change in the bathroom.”
She opened the door to what she thought was a bathroom, but all it had was a sink and shower, no toilet. “Um, this is odd,” she said but Rachel was still in a daze. She closed the door and started changing. After the diaper was snug around her and the t-shirt on she stared at herself in the mirror. The diaper had prints on it, Disney princesses and fairies, obviously some kind of product placement. She couldn’t look more like a toddler if she tried. “Age Inappropriate” indeed.

She stepped out of the bathroom and Rachel just gawked, “I- I can’t believe your actually wearing that.” Kate laughed, “Neither can I, but hey, for a million bucks?”
Rachel said, “Yeah, I guess your right,” and got up with her outfit and went to the bathroom, “Still, I dunno about this.”

Soon all the girls were back on the couches, all 8 in diapers and the t-shirt. Everyone looked uncomfortable, but it made them feel better that they were all in the same situation. Then Greg came back out and the countdown came again, “And welcome back. You probably already noticed, but yes, all our ladies are back in diapers. Some may be in diapers for a while, others may get the chance to grow up before your eyes. Here’s the way the show works. Each week the contestants will be presented with a challenge. Those who do well will get promoted. Those who don’t will have to stay the same age. And one lucky contestant chosen by the audience will get stuck in an age the rest of the show. The first contestant to reach 18 will win the million dollars!”

Kate was flabbergasted. The show would be filming for 10 weeks. She could wind up in a diaper for 10 weeks? Was that worth the million bucks? Surely they just meant in a diaper while the camera was on? But no, there wasn’t even a bathroom in her room. They meant for everyone to wear the diapers all the time! That was crazy.

“And here is our first competition! Girls, together with your roommates, you must decorate and babyproof your room. My lovely assistants will bring out all sorts of supplies. The best and most creative room will win! On your mark, get set, go!”

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this really cute story so far best of luck

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Interesting premise, and possibly unique. It has potential. If you’re going to make this work, spend some time studying and deconstructing reality TV shows, and think about what it’s going to be like for the players. Are there remote control cameras installed in all the rooms that record them constantly? Or is there camera crew following them all around? Do they get any privacy at all?

I know in bad talk shows, there is a crew that “winds up” the participants beforehand so they are upset and overreact when they get on stage. Is there something like this behind-the-scenes, someone on the crew whose role is to help the girls behave in certain ways that will get ratings, presenting to the players as an adviser (or maybe the hair & make-up people), for example, but is also manipulating them?

The production methodology out of the first segment matches maybe a more traditional game-show format, and maybe that makes sense for a pilot or whenever the host is around. But if this is reality TV, production is continuous, so what’s going on the rest of the time?

Break a keyboard!

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I really like this, and I wouldn’t necessarily worry too much about reality show research over creating more of this fun plot.

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This is a very interesting concept and would love to see more.

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Would love to read more of this.

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Background, background, background. Why can no one give us some character background before they dive into the second arc of the story?

How about a little back story about who Kate is and why we should give a flipping fuck about her bad luck?

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Sick burns bro

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You are a Prodigious author who writes sprawling epics with a stunning breadth of backstory.

Not everyone has that level of talent yet.

I don’t have that talent yet. I would humbly suggest that you are more constructive with your feedback.

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I humbly suggest you don’t give feedback about feedback that wasn’t directed at you personally.

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Apologies. You are correct. I need to work on my online etiquette. Apologies to all involved.

It was inappropriate.

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My feedback is constructive. The tone may be harsh, because it belies a frustration with what I see as a chronic problem in ABDL story writing, but it still speaks to a specific opportunity for improvement. “Non” constructive feedback would be “You suck, quit writing and kill yourself!”