Advice needed

So I was approached to participate in a documentary on abdlism. I had been emailed by the company and told them I would be interested in it as long as I could remain anonymous, e.g. not show my face. So I had a skype call with them today and everything went well but at the end of the conversation the lady said that they would need me to show my face if I were to participate in the documentary.

Now I should clarify that I’m not looking for any fame or anything, the only reason I am even considering doing the documentary is because after talking with the producer I feel like they are genuinely trying to get across that we are normal people and not trying to turn us into a freak show. Also I think they want us to be more accepted by the general public, and if I can be a part of something that helps people understand us and not ask “Are you into kids” When we tell them that we are ab/dls, well that’s something I want to be apart of.

So what I need from you guys is do you think I’m fooling myself at taking them at face value when they say they don’t want to sensationalise us and turn us into a freak show. And do you think I would be a fool for not learning from the mistakes that others have made in the past.

At the moment I am on the side of not doing it, but I really believe in getting rid of the stigma associated with abdl’s and I know if my circumstances were different, like if I didn’t need to worry about getting a job and what not I would do it in a heart beat. But I’m only 25 and I don’t want to screw myself over.

So yeah what do you guys think?

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Your intentions are pure, but you never can trust someone that stands to make money from something having the same pure intentions. Even if they mean what they say and they put out a fair and accurate portrayal of us the likelihood of that changing public opinion is sadly pretty small.

I say don’t do it, if they’re serious about making a real documentary with our best interest in mind then they’ll be able to find someone else that shares your mindset. There’s no sense in you “outting” yourself when someone like Riley would be able to step in and do what’s needed.

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yeah i agree with you and thanks for the reply bro.

They say they want as many people to be on it as possible to paint a better picture of us, that there are lots of us that are normal average people and not the “Freak Shows” that other documentaries have portrayed us as in the past. But one thing that got my alarm bells ringing is that the when the producer was talking with the tv chanel that they are making the documentary for, they werent interested in using voice only as it wouldnt be interesting. Which im kinda taking like the tv company want something shocking, so they may edit it to their own ends after the original crew finish up.

I know that things wont change over night, but what has me thinking that i should do this is that it takes many people to make a change, so should i be one of the many? Like if no one who the public can relate to steps up to be heard then things arent going to change. Like at the moment if i wasnt such a coward i would definately sign up to do the documentary, especially as i wont be the main focus (I lead a very dull life) but i am just way to worried that doing it will just screw myself over later on in life.

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Keep in mind that they can edit the hell out of the raw footage and make you look any way they want. It’s all about ratings and the more freaky they make you look the higher the ratings will be.

I’m against it simply because I think it’s stupid to out yourself. Not to mention trying to change the public opinion about this fetish is completely pointless.

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Good points kita but my arguement would be that that is a very mature view to have, and it’s one that i hope we can all come to at some stage. But the reason i want to get involved is to help the people who havent reached that maturity yet and also to help kids that are struggling with this. I know when i was a kid this was really hard to deal with and granted i found out that i wasnt the only one when i was 15 it was still really hard to deal with the fact that i was a “Freak” I really wasnt mature enough to grasp that normality is subjective. So thats one reason why i want to do this, to educate parents that we are perfectly normal, to the standards of society, people and that we are not necesarilly deiviants and to help kids out aswell.

As far as outing myself, the only bit about that which bothers me is that it may stop me from getting a job in the future. I dont see this as as a being one hundread percent a fetish. To me being an ab/dl is part of my identity and locking it away i feel i’m not being true to myself. I think that i probably will come out properly at some stage in my life. For one i am not really bothered if people know about it, as long as it doesnt interfere with me finding a job. Now that doesnt mean that i am going to go the 24/7 lifestyle or in anyway being an exhibitionist, i’m not sure what i will gain or how i will change by coming out. But i feel like i need to be open about myself.

And I agree we are not prosecuted or anything like that, but i still feel there is a stigma that needs to be lifted. But as i type that i wonder is it a stigma tied to the fetish or is it that since potty training it is programmed into us that diapers are for babies and that we dont want to be babies and need to grow, the reason why people react negatively to us and see ab/dlism as weird. Because if that is the case there will be no changing that. That would just be human nature wouldnt it?

Thats definatly a thing to think about.

I looked into the company producing the show and they are fairly ethical in they way they have presented their other sensitive documentaries so maybe they do mean what they say. But i am sketchy about the tv company that its being made for.

Am i making sense at all or am i just being silly?