Adventures with Grandma: Chapter 2 posted 12/07(finally!)

So I have a different story I’m also working on(which you can find here) but I’ve also been working on something a little different. I’m very into ageplay, and I’m writing this more as a “ageplay scenario” than an actual story, hence why it’s written from a second person perspective. Hopefully this style can help people get into the characters headspace a bit.
Anyway, let me know what y’all think. I guess this is a regression story, or something like that. This isn’t too long yet, and there isn’t messing or anything like that, but there may be in the future if y’all like the story, lol. Also the title is more of a working title than an official one, but it may stick, lol.


Your Grandparents are a perfect example of the so-called “greatest generation.” They started dating in high school and got married immediately after graduation. They migrated to America together from England in the fifties, and they were together for nearly sixty years until grandpa passed away in his sleep last year. His passing was tough on everyone, especially Grandma, but he’d lived a long, fulfilling life.

Grandma has always been very social, but she’s starting to have some mild memory issues in her old age, and your parents moved her to a retirement community shortly after grandpa’s passing. She still gets on fairly well, and she has her own apartment there, but the retirement community has a clubhouse and a cafeteria, and there are even medical personnel on site 24/7. It’s a nice place, and she really seems to like it there.

You’ve always been very close with your grandparents, and you’ve spent a lot of time with them over the years. You’re in college now, but you make sure you spend lots of time with Grandma whenever you’re home, especially now that Grandpa’s gone. She always lights up whenever she sees you, and she loves baking and doing activities with you whenever you’re there.

You’re home for summer break, and one morning you call your Grandma and ask if you can come over to her house. Of course she says yes, so you tell her that you’ll be there in an hour. You ask your Mom for a ride, and of course she also says yes. Grandmother is Mom’s Mom, and Mom loves it when the two of you spend time together. She loves how close you are.

Your Mom tells you to call her when you want to get picked up, and she drops you off outside the lobby about an hour later. The retirement community is set up as a fairly large apartment complex with a lobby and a community area on the first floor. You walk through the doors and into the lobby, and you smile when you see Grandma sitting in a rocking chair.

“Good to see you, kiddo,” says Grandma in an excited voice as she gets up and wraps her arms around you.

“Hi Grandma!” you exclaim with a smile before you give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Is that your Grandson, Mary?” asks the receptionist with a smile.

“Yep! He’s visiting me for the day!” chirps Grandma with a smile.

“Aww! Well aren’t you lucky? He’s adorable!” says the receptionist as she beams at you.

You blush a bit since you’re not used to being called adorable. You’re a college aged male, and you think the compliment is a little strange, but you figure she’s just being polite, and of course you thank her.

“Such good manners,” says the receptionist with the same giant smile.

Grandma takes your hand and leads you to her apartment.

“I’ve had the ingredients to make cookies for months, but I haven’t felt like baking them by myself. Do you want to help me bake them? Does that sound fun?” asks Grandma as she ushers you down the hallway.

“Yep! I’d love to help, so long as I can have some!” you exclaim with a giant smile.

“Of course!” chuckles Grandma.

You love to help Grandma bake, and she’s always been so amazing at it. You’ve never been able to figure out how, but she makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the entire world.

Then you get inside Grandma’s apartment, and things start to take a very weird turn. You’re barely through the door when she suddenly reaches for your pants and pulls them down to your ankles.

“No nappy?” asks Grandma in a surprised voice.
“I know your Mommy wants us to work on potty training, but I think nappies are easier for both of us while you’re here. I can’t believe she didn’t at least send you in training pants, though. Oh well, I’ll get you sorted,” says Grandma with a slight sigh as she guides you to the bedroom.

You’re tongue tied and extremely embarrassed, and you desperately try to pull up your pants and underwear, but Grandma tells you to leave them off so she can diaper you.

“But Grandma, I don’t need diapers,” you insist.

“What’s up with you, kiddo? You usually love it when I let you wear nappies. I know you’re not a baby, you’re a toddler now, but lots of toddlers
wear nappies,” says Grandma as she pats her bed and tells you to lay down.

“But I’m in college,” you protest.

“College? You’re silly. How do you come up with this stuff?”

“But it’s true!” you insist.

“Sorry kiddo, but this isn’t up for debate. I let you wear undies last time you were here, and you had an accident on the couch. Now come lie on the bed so I can put your nappy on. We have cookies to bake.”

You’re not exactly sure what to do, but you’re not about to fight off your eighty year old Grandmother, so you awkwardly sit on the bed. Is Grandma experiencing memory loss? You can’t think of any other explanation, but it’s certainly never been anything like this. She recognizes you, and she seems to know who you are, but she seems to think that you’re a toddler for some reason.

“I’m sorry you’re in a bad mood today, kiddo. Do you want your pacifier?” asks Grandma as she unfolds a fresh diaper with Cookie Monster designs.

“Nooo!” you protest.

“Okay then, grumpy boy. Suit yourself,” says Grandma with a smile as she lifts your legs into the air and places a diaper underneath your bottom. She powders you and secures the diaper around your waist before she tapes the tapes, and you’re surprised at how well it fits. It looks exactly like the Pampers diapers you see in commercials, but surely those aren’t made for people your size.

“See, that isn’t so bad, is it? Alright, I think we can leave your pants off for now. It’s just us here, and it’ll make changing you easier if you need it later,” chirps Grandma with a smile as she helps you off the bed.
“Ready to go make cookies?”

Your head is spinning, and you have no idea what’s happening. You decide to call your Mom to tell her about Grandma’s memory issues, but you remember that your cell phone is in your pants pocket. Grandmas set your pants on the bed, so you reach into the pockets, and you’re surprised when you can’t find your IPhone.

“What are you looking for in your pockets? Did you bring a paci from home or something?” asks Grandma.

“No… I… my cell phone,” you mutter.

“Cell phone? Silly boy. First you’re talking about college, now it’s cell phones. You’re too little for any of that stuff. Mommy’s out running errands all day, but we can call her later if you’d like.”

You try to process what’s happening, but none of it makes any sense. Could Grandma’s memory issues really be that bad where she thinks you’re a toddler? That’s the only thing that makes sense, and yet, somehow you’re starting to doubt your theory. The receptionist in the lobby had reacted to you as though you were a toddler after all, and your Pampers fit you perfectly. They don’t look like adult diapers or anything, and they even have the little sixes on them. They look exactly like the diapers your little cousins wear, which is probably why Grandma has them in the first place.

None of this makes sense. You don’t feel any different. You hold your hands in front of your face, and they look the same, but you’re definitely starting to question your reality.


This is interesting! I think grandma has some power to shift the reality! Curious to see what gonna happen next

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I’m intrigued not really my kind of story if im honest but excited to see where it goes! Keep it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For sure! That’s why the whole “scene” is kinda weird. We probably all like diapers, but not everyone likes the ageplay and the baby stuff.
I personally really enjoy the cute, babyish side of the scene, and I like to use my pacifier and wear my Superman onesie when I’m diapered.
Different strokes I guess, lol. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

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I like the setup. Please go on

Hope there more !!

Please do more :baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle:

Hi everyone, I apologize for the insane gap between chapters. I’ve been fighting seasonal depression, which always seems to turn into writers block, but I’ve been feeling better lately.
All that being said I want to thank everyone who’s commented, it’s encouraging to know that people are reading. Chapter 3 definitely shouldn’t take so long, but sometimes work and life gets in the way.

Also, I wanted to address something “plot wise” before I get to this second part. This story is about regression through “supernatural” means, but I don’t necessarily want to get into magic or time travel or anything weird like that. There may be allusions to magic and things of that nature, but this is ultimately more of a regression story than a fantasy story, and I want to keep things simple.

As always thank you for reading, enjoy!

“All right, kiddo, it’s cookie time!” chirps Grandma with a smile as she leads the way to the kitchen. You’re still incredibly confused and disoriented, and you have no idea what’s going on, so you just nod and quietly follow her. You really don’t feel like making cookies anymore, but there’s no good way for you to explain your predicament to Grandma. She won’t take you seriously now that she thinks you’re a toddler, and you don’t know how to convince her that you aren’t one. In fact, even you’re starting to question your sanity a bit. Grandma can see you and hear you, and she’s still convinced you’re a baby, which is actually extremely worrying. Despite her memory issues you’ve never known her to have any visual or audible hallucinations, and yet she clearly sees and hears you as a little boy as opposed to someone in their late teens. Besides, the receptionist in the lobby also spoke to you as though you were a baby, and your Pampers fit you perfectly. Either Grandma’s lost her memory or you’ve lost your mind, and you’re starting to lean towards the latter option.

You begin to notice how thick your diaper feels between your legs as you trail behind Grandma on the way to the kitchen. It’s quite soft and admittedly much more comfortable than you would have expected a diaper to be, but it’s definitely a lot thicker than the boxers you usually like to wear. In fact, your diaper makes taking full strides nearly impossible, which causes you to waddle rather slowly behind Grandma, just like a toddler. It also has a noisy plastic backing that seems crinkles loudly with every step you take. You also still feel kinda weird walking around Grandma’s house without any pants on, but then you figure she’s seen it all at this point; she was the one who changed and diapered you after all.

Grandma has already prepared the kitchen for you to come over, and all of the ingredients and baking supplies are spread out on the counter.

“Okay, kiddo… Here’s how this works. I’ll measure everything out, and you can pour it into the mixing bowl,” says Grandma with a smile.

You nod and force a smile in return. You decide to look at the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips while Grandma starts to measure the flour, and you gasp as your stomach does a summersalt. You can’t read the recipe. It’s written in plain English, or you think it is, but you don’t recognize any of the words or even any of the letters or numbers. They all just look like meaningless symbols to you now.

Grandma hears you gasp, and she gives you a concerned look.

“What was that about?” she asks.

You want to tell her that you’ve forgotten your letters and how to read and that you think you’re going crazy, but as far as Grandma’s concerned you’re just a baby who never knew how to read in the first place. You hate this. You’re so confused and so overwhelmed, and you begin to tear up as you wonder what else you’ve forgotten. Nothing makes sense anymore.

“Awww, what’s wrong little guy?” Do you miss your Mommy?” Asks Grandma in a sympathetic voice.

You can’t think of anything to say, so you nod and try to fight the tears.

Then Grandma walks over to where you’re standing, and she wraps her arms around you. She seems so big as she hugs you, and you feel so small. You’re surprised at how much better you feel in her arms, and you even manage a small smile when the hug is finally over.

“Awww, it’s okay sweetheart. I think I have something that will make you feel better. You stay here for just a second and Grandma will be right back,” chirps Grandma in a reassuring voice as she gently pats your head. She leaves the room and returns a few moments later with a cute teddy bear and a sparkly blue pacifier in her hands.

“I think these will help,” says Grandma with a comforting smile.

You blush as you consider the pacifier. You feel so silly and embarrassed, but there’s also a part of you that wants to try sucking on it for some reason. You sheepishly take it from her, and you slowly put it in your mouth and start to suck on it. You instantly feel much better as you suck on your pacifier, which surprises you. Then you take your teddy from Grandma and you give it a little cuddle, and you’re even starting to smile now that you’re feeling better.

“That’s a good boy! Your Mommy always says that you’re too old for your paci, but I don’t mind you using it if it makes you happy. Same with your diapers. There’s no reason to be a big boy at Grandma’s house. Think of our time together as something of a vacation,” says Grandma with a smile and a wink.

You smile at her with your pacifier in your mouth, but you also ponder Grandma’s words. Did she do all of this somehow? Could she know some kind of strange magic spell that turned you into a toddler? You have complained to her about the stress of college and adulting in general before , so maybe this is Grandma’s way of giving you a little break from adulthood. Of course, that’s all just a theory. You still have no idea what’s happening, but you’re getting sick of worrying about things you don’t seem to have any control over, so you continue to suck on your paci and hug your teddy bear as you finally decide to embrace your babyish role.

“Alright, you can keep your paci if you’d like, but why don’t you set your teddy on a chair while we make our cookies. That way he won’t get all dirty,” suggests Grandma with a little smile.

You nod and give your teddy a final hug before you set him in a chair and turn your attention to the baking station.

“Good boy! Grandma’s already got everything measured out, but I need your help pouring the ingredients in the mixing bowl!” says Grandma in an encouraging voice.

You pour the dry ingredients into one bowl and all the wet ingredients into another bowl, and Grandma is so encouraging about everything. She praises you every time you successfully pour something in the bowl, and she even applauds you when you successfully crack an egg.”

“Good boy for being careful!” exclaims Grandma as she claps. You’ve always been a sucker for praise and attention, and you have a giant grin on your face as Grandma claps. Maybe being a toddler isn’t so bad after all; it’s even kinda fun.

“All right… do you know what comes next?” asks Grandma with a smile as she combines the wet and dry ingredients in the mixing bowl.

“What’s next?!” you ask excited

“It’s time to stir our mix into dough!” Exclaims Grandma with a smile as she hands you a wooden mixing spoon. “

“Yay!” you exclaim as you take the spoon and excitedly begin to mix the batter. You’ve always loved chocolate chip cookies, and you have a particular sweet tooth for the dough.

You do a good job, but you stir a little too quickly, and some of the batter even ends up on the outside of your diaper.

“Silly boy,” says Grandma with a smile as she wipes it off with some paper towel.

Grandma takes the finished dough out of the bowl when you’re finally stirring, and she puts it on a baking pan before she hands you a floured rolling pin.

“Okay, kiddo. You’re going to roll the dough flat, just like a pancake. Then we can cut out shapes with the cookie cutters! when you’re done” chirps Granda.

You nod and smile as you start to roll the dough.

You’re very focused on rolling your cookies when you suddenly notice an intense pressure in your bladder. You briefly consider taking a break from rolling to ask Grandma if you can use the potty, but your bladder muscles automatically relax after a few seconds, and you end up involuntarily flooding your diaper. You gasp as you feel the warm wetness soak into your diaper, and you shudder a bit as you feel the wetness spread. Grandma gives you another slightly concerned glance when you gasp, but you must be making a face as you flood your diaper, because she knows exactly what’s happening, and she even smiles a little.

“That’s a good boy. I’ll change you after we put the cookies in the oven,” says Grandma in an assuring voice as your diaper absorbs your massive wetting. It’s quite heavy when you’re finally done, but it’s not clammy or uncomfortable. It’s squishy and warm, and you’re surprised to find that it even feels kinda… pleasant. You certainly weren’t expecting that.

There’s still a small part of your brain that’s embarrassed about wetting yourself right in front of Grandma, but those thoughts are getting easier to ignore. You are a toddler after all, at least that’s what Grandma says, and you’re beginning to believe her. In fact, you’re starting to wonder whether you were ever a big boy at all.

“Alright kiddo, back to work,” chirps Grandma with a smile, which snaps you back to your babyish reality. There’s no time to ponder such complex questions when there are cookies to bake.

“That nappy looks pretty wet, but it’ll hold til I change you. Those Pampers are super absorbent, and we’re almost ready to bake,” explains Grandma as she preheats the oven.

You smile and nod as you get back to work, and you finish rolling the dough until Grandma says it’s finally ready to cut.

Grandma has fun cookie cutters in the shape of stars and moons, and you grin a giant grin as you carefully stamp out the shapes into the dough. Of course there’s still a little extra dough left over when the cookies are cut, much to your delight. Grandma unfortunately throws out some of the extra dough, but at least she gives you a few spoonfuls. She says something about how it’s not safe to eat uncooked eggs and flour, but you don’t really care about all that. You’re more than happy to take the risk for the sweet, delicious taste of cookie dough.

Grandma finally puts the finished cookie dough in the oven before she gives you an expectant look.

“We’ve got about fifteen minutes til these are done, plenty of time to change your nappy.”

Grandma washes her hands in the kitchen sink, and she has you do the same. Your hands are caked in flour and sticky dough, and they feel much cleaner after you wash them.

“We usually wash our hands after a nappy change, but we’ll do it before and after today since we’ve been baking,” explains Grandma as she dries your hands with a dish towel.

“And we’ll change you in the bedroom on my bed, just like we did when you first got here,” says Grandma with a smile as she takes your hand. Your soaking wet diaper is even thicker than it was when it was dry, and the wetness causes you to waddle even more than you already were. Luckily for you Grandma is patient, and she matches your pace as the two of you slowly walk down the hall towards her bedroom.

“Okay, now lie down on my bed and I’ll be with you in a sec,” says Grandma in a soothing voice as she pulls a fresh diaper out of the drawer. This one is decorated with Grover prints and alphabet blocks.

You lie down on the bed, and Grandma gives your diaper a little squeeze, which causes her to chuckle a little.

“It’s a good thing I changed you out of your undies. You’re absolutely soaked!” exclaims Grandma in a mischievous voice as she lifts up your T-shirt and tickles your belly button.

You giggle and squirm, and you even try to roll away, but Grandma has you pinned down. Just like before you’re amazed by how big she seems to be. She is able to resist your rolling and squirming fairly easily, and you finally calm down enough for her to start changing your diaper.

“Okay kiddo… can you lift your bottom up for me?” asks Grandma as she rips open the tapes.

You lift your bottom, and she slides your soaking wet diaper out from underneath you. Then she gets a few wipes out of the canister, and she wipes your bottom and your diaper area. She’s fairly quick about it since you’re only wet, and she pours baby powder into the fresh diaper before she places it underneath your bottom. Then she folds the diaper shut before she fastens the tapes, and she stands you up and adjusts it around your waist before she’s finally satisfied

“There you go kiddo, all nice and dry!” chirps Grandma with a smile as she pats your freshly padded bottom.

“Cookies?” You ask.

“They’re almost ready. There’s going to be a lot of them though. Too many for the two of us. Why don’t we bring some to Mr. Franklin? He lives next door to me, and he’s been complaining about how he misses his Grandson for some time now. I’m sure he’ll find you to be absolutely charming, and I’m sure you’ll like him as well. He always has a good story to tell,” says Grandma with a smile.

“Okay!” You exclaim with a smile. You’re social, and you generally enjoy meeting new people.

Then you remember your predicament from earlier, and you begin to feel a bit anxious at the prospect of meeting someone new. You assume Mr. Franklin will see you as a toddler like Grandma does, but you can’t be positive. You’re still no closer to solving the mystery of why any of this is happening in the first place, but at least you’re having fun now instead of worrying about it.

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Só happy to see a new chapter ‘ and really loved the way he is beginning to accept his new life sensing he can’t change how she see him he decides to enjoy a little being a toddler again ! Now curious to see the interaction between him and the neighbor ! Sensing he gonna be suprised and receive a present , and maybe make a present for his grandma hahahah a stink one

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